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27 July 2022


Paul Emery

George can you at least provide the names of the legislators who "want to pass a law prohibiting such blatant enabling of a favored political party."?

Your quote George.



Search "Zuck Bucks legislation"

Learn to use search engines, Paul! It's fun and easy!

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 7:50 am

I give Punchy a break. When looking up Randi Weingarten’s latest rant last night, I had to go through four pages of Google to find out what she said one day ago in my search. It don’t come easy.

It’s a lot of work, man. Probably the most honest thing Psul Emery has say in many moons is “never heard of Zuck bucks.”

The Lefties are always the last to know. At least you threw the dog a bone, but from the Daily Wire, a Not To Be Trusted source. Paul must be a hard man to shop for a Christmas present to give him.

Paul Emery

Thanks for the link Gregory. See, that was easy


Posted by: psul Emery | 06 August 2022 at 08:22 AM

Thanks for the link Gregory. See, that was easy

I guess still not easy as just whining for it. Maybe you could make up a sign and people could provide you with information while they are briefly stopped at intersections.


psfish 923a

I doubt it'll hold him very long. His modus operandi is to demand to be fed what he's thought of to ask about to derail the conversation.

Paul Emery


Thanks for reprinting my thanks to Gregory for providing a link


Posted by: psul Emery | 06 August 2022 at 10:12 AM


Thanks for reprinting my thanks to Gregory for providing a link.

No problem psul…..looking forward to hear more stories about your adventures in 🇮🇪 Ireland.


Twenty four (and counting) of the fifty states have now passed legislation to outlaw Zuck Bucks.

Punchy, I can recognize an insincere thanks when I read it.

Bill Tozer

Imagine the low life weasel who tried tried to tell us here that the economy is NOT in a recession. Imagine someone that ignorant. What a moron.
Rogan Slams Democrats For Trying To Claim Economy Is Not In A Recession: ‘What A Bunch Of Weasels’


Don Bessee

They can spin all they want but those who are suffering will be motivated voters -

This coincides with a recent Suffolk University/USA TODAY survey, which found that 4 in 10 Americans are force to cut back on basic goods like groceries due to inflation.

The results come as Americans grapple with 41-year high inflation in Biden’s recession, as the country experienced two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. In the second quarter of the year, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) shrank by 0.9 percent

This is problematic for Democrats as the midterm election moves closer, since 34 percent identify price increases and inflation as the most important issues facing the country today, followed by 29 percent who agree it is the economy and jobs. Additionally, inflation stands as the greatest concern for Americans, according to the survey.

A Rasmussen Reports survey released on Wednesday spelled further trouble for Democrats, as most believe the country is in a recession and that Democrats are to blame



Bill Tozer

Poll: Only 12% Of Americans Believe Democrat ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Will Actually Reduce Inflation

‘Inflation Hammering Rural America, 91% Of Income Used Just To Live, Study Finds’


Hmmm. Well, no wonder credit card debt has soared. People saved money during the pandemic, staying at home, going out less, learning to cook, saving on trips to the beauty salon, burning less gas, etc.
I saved money during the Corona virus. Government sending me checks, cell phone carrier and auto insurance company cutting my rates without asking. Spent less and saved more.

But now those savings are gone. Whatever I saved on one end went out the window on the other end….due solely to inflation…aka the Putin Tax. Damn that Putin with Joe Biden in his back pocket.

What do you do when the savings are gone? Paper or plastic? Plastic, have no greenback dollars.


Bill Tozer

“We Regret Any Pain”: CUNY Apologizes and Deletes Article On Depp Lawyer


Oh, the pain, the pain. Look boss, the pain, the pain.

Bill Tozer

Woke medical….the bastards.

‘The Corruption of Medicine’
Guardians of the profession discard merit in order to alter the demographics of their field.
By Heather McDonald


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joes frankenstien -



George Rebane

PaulE 739am - Paul, I have no idea why, in these discussions, you want to continue embarrassing yourself by showcasing your narrow purview of the news and your inability to do even the most basic internet research. As other commenters have pointed out, had you just googled something as basic as ‘legislators opposing Zucker Bucks’, another vail of ignorance would have been quietly lifted without your having to advertise its previous presence.

Bill Tozer

Update to Update.
Update to my ‘Whatever Boomer Groomer’ @ 27 July 2022 at 03:16, the first comment on Scattershots.

The Redcoats are coming and they are fed up with our nonsense.

‘UK's only dedicated child sex change clinic to close’

'Poor quality science': Top epidemiologist rips CDC study on kids and long COVID
Authors are "comparing apples and oranges the whole time," writes University of California San Francisco's Vinay Prasad.


**commentator’s note. This is an update to my aforementioned post:

California Democrats Move to Make State a 'Sanctuary' for Child Sex Change Surgery
'Woke' lawmakers introduce bill create safe haven for kids to go under the knife


Bill Tozer

Needless to say when I go away for more than a month, I’m going to fall behind on my semi-regular look at the world through the lens of charts and graphs.

• Let’s start with our non-recession “recession.” The jobs news last Friday—over 500,000 new jobs—virtually guarantees that we’ll be in an undeniable recession within a year. Unemployment is usually a lagging indicator of a recession, and a lot of the job market statistics these days are distorted by the peculiar rebound from COVID.

The big jobs number Friday assures that our mindless Fed will continue rate hikes until morale improves. Other current signs show the impending slowdown, such a consumer confidence, building inventories, and expectations in the crucial manufacturing sector (oh, don’t get too excited about gasoline prices starting to fall—it might not mean what you think):


Bill Tozer

re: Biden the killer President

‘Biden’s open borders betrayal’


Bill Tozer

Socialism and the Great Reset


Bill Tozer

Left-Wing Org Combines K-12 Radical Gender Theory With Anti-Cop, Anti-Capitalist Rhetoric


Roberta Crosstops

Somebody mention Double Dummies?

NPR Hates DeSantis, Smears Old Flag as Symbol of 'Dangerous Right-Wing Ideology'



Biden the Killer President

Rainbow-Colored Fentanyl Pills Pouring Over Southern Border Hit American Cities

“Some of the multi-colored pills that we’ve been testing in our labs recently, particularly a recent batch that appeared to be children’s chewable vitamins, were tested by our lab as containing both fentanyl and methamphetamine,” Lofland said.

“And so that is just an added layer of danger,” she said, adding that the agency has found an increasing number of animal tranquilizers added to the pills.


Animal tranquilizers? Angel Dust for kids with fentanyl and meth added for flavor.

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