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02 July 2022


The Estonian Fox

Another Independence Day is upon us. Here's a short review of why we broke away from England. It seems that Thomas Jefferson had a low opinion of King George III. The main problem was poor customer service. We oftentimes receive that same level of service now, but from our own members of Congress, whose job is to legislate. Go figure. George didn't listen and he had no competition. Tom understood that competition is the only cure for incompetence. We were forced to establish a competing governmental system.

Tom listed 18 examples of the poor service that soon-to-be American citizens had to put up with. He wrote them into our Declaration of Independence.

How fortuitous that it was Mr. Jefferson who wrote our Declaration. In the last two years, we've seen how easily a number of governor-kings put on their coronavirus crowns. In a matter of months, freedoms were taken from us. We experienced what it means to have just a Bill of Right. Yes, that’s a singular ‘right’. You get to choose which one of the 10 you want. The others are taken from you. With no apology.

“Why looky here Ma, I believe they just threw that pesky Constitution out the window. Ah well, it's just another piece of trash along the still pot-holed and unpaved highway to freedom.”

No government has rights. We, human beings, have rights. Governments have responsibilities to protect our rights, and the authority to carry out those responsibilities.

We should move our focus from today’s one-sided emphasis on redistributive justice. Instead, we should talk about CONTRIBUTIVE justice — that is, the individual’s right to build for the common good, based on their skills and abilities. Our Founders built what they wanted for America. How’s that remodeling going that we’ve been financing for the last 14 years or so? For example, in 2021, only 43% of taxpayers paid federal income taxes. Not very contributive. https://www.statista.com/statistics/242138/percentages-of-us-households-that-pay-no-income-tax-by-income-level/

This is still a great republic! Thank you God, for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Bill Tozer

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