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19 July 2022


The Estonian Fox

"These findings contradicted the predictions of 477 social scientists and policy makers the researchers surveyed."

And the liberal:conservative ratio for these social "scientists" is 9:1. That sure is diversity if ever I saw it.

Too bad they seem to be calling the shots for some of our bigger engineering projects as well - you know, electricity, EV cars, nat gas for heating, plastic production using nat gas/oil.


Social Science isn't.

Social scientists aren't.

Economics is the dismal science.

Bill Tozer

The Stigmatization of the Ordinary

Every matter of contemporary concern—race, sex, poverty, orientation—tries to find a way to exploit the liberal arts to push its own agenda.


Bill Tozer


“African Americans represent less than 10% of Minnesota’s population, but are 76% of the state’s murderers and 65% of its murder victims. These facts make nonsense of complaints by Black Lives Matter activists, and liberals generally, that law enforcement unfairly targets blacks, or that blacks are “over-represented” in arrests or any other metric.

On the contrary, these basic numbers explain why, when plaintiffs successfully sued the City of Minneapolis to force it to adequately staff its police department, in accordance with the requirements of the city’s charter, those plaintiffs were blacks who live in crime-infested North Minneapolis. Liberals should be ashamed of themselves for deliberately obfuscating reality and thereby imperiling the lives of many of our citizens.”


Bill Tozer


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