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27 August 2022


Bill Tozer

You may have heard that President Biden spoke at a public rally in Rockville, Maryland on Thursday to disparage “MAGA Republicans,” declare he had no respect for them, name-check President Trump, and decry the “semi-fascism” of those such as us who believe in securing the United States and our freedoms. It’s an upside down world.


Grigsby is an aficionado of Critical Theories of all sorts. A Marxist of version 4 type, post Gramsci. Frankfurt school. Derrick Bell, Kimberle Crenshaw, bell hooks, Herbert Marcuse, Angela Davis.

His "reasonable tone" is anything but. He is daring anyone to challenge him

Bill Tozer

Too bad the comment thread is turned off at the Union. All dressed up and nowhere to go, lol. Ready to fight, but folks are buying tickets and the opponent is a no show. Just lost interest in whatever he is peddling, I reckon.

Jussie Smollett spent Christmas with Angela Davis, per the actor/singer/professional entertainer himself. It was there that Jussie figured out just how unfair life is.

Scott O

"His reasonable tone withstanding..."
Nope - one lie after another.
Grigsby is just the KKK without the sheets.
He's full of hate, ignorance and racism.

Thomas O'Toole

Dr. Rebane, I appreciate and thank you for your poignant rebuttal

Scott O

It turns out Mr Grigsby does have to worry about his safety, but not quite the way he thinks.
I would say that he should hang with why-tee in Nevada County and count his blessings.
A few facts for Mr Grigsby:
Being in one of the whitest counties in CA goes a long way towards a longer life span.

The Estonian Fox

Need I be fearful of most black people?

The Equality Court in Johannesburg ruled on Thursday, Aug. 25, that singing “Kill the Boer (farmer)!” is not Hate Speech, because it “deserves to be protected under the rubric of freedom of speech,” ruled Judge Edwin Molahlehi.

Ernst Roets, Head of Policy and Action at AfriForum, says this ruling creates “a very dangerous precedent. The disturbing message sent with this judgment is that encouraging the gruesome murder of a certain group based on their identity is acceptable and carries no consequences.”

Boy, I'm glad something like that can't happen here. We don't have a lot of farmers you know.

Bill Tozer

Who can argue with that?

‘Gun Owners Are Racist, According To Academics Using Bad Science’
Two new studies advance the dangerous narrative that white people own guns because they are racist and fear black people.

Bill Tozer

KGB Documents Show the Secret History of Ibram X. Kendi’s “Antiracist” Movement

Scott O

Oh look - the Amish are in Great Britain now.
I'm sure Trump is somehow to blame.

Bill Tozer

Say Her Name

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