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14 August 2022



Posted by: Paul Emery | 29 August 2022 at 09:09 PM

…..uncontrolled emotional outbursts.

Paul Emery


It's a fact Trump trashed he economy due to his incompetence. Check the before and after Trump economies for proof.


Bill Tozer

California Moves To Allow Public Money To Pay For Out-Of-State Abortions

California is set to allocate up to $20 million to help women from other states access abortion in the Golden State


Bill Tozer

‘WasPost Op-Ed Claims Female Athletes Need to Learn to Lose to Trans Dudes’

Recycled, but true. Keep them together, ladies.



It's a fact Trump trashed he economy due to his incompetence. Check the before and after Trump economies for proof.

Yes Scott…..and remember that nothing political ever….ever is found in a document generated by the House of Representatives. Nothing…..ever.

Surprised you didn’t know that…


Posted by: Paul Emery | 30 August 2022 at 02:15 AM

Ugh…..posting right after the bars close. That’s a good look!

No wonder you fell for that nonsense from Nancy’s Political Publishing House.

Bill Tozer

The Union has run an article entitled Mind YourOwn Business. Since it’s been awhile since I bothered to look up Sierra Commons, I found one Greenpeace lawyer and one former Executive Director of the Nevada County Economic Resource Council.


Social Justice Statement:

Our thoughts and support are with all those adversely affected by the continued structural discrimination and acts of violence toward the African American community and other marginalized groups in this country. May we each examine our own conditioning and encourage others to do the same.

Land Acknowledgement - an important message from the Nevada City Nisenan tribe……

Well, the name Robert X Trent sounded familiar until I remembered some sock puppet who called himself Robert X Cross.
X? Xandria? Xaviera? Xzoria (Ukrainian), Xylona, Xiomare, Xantara (meaning protector the Earth), Xiomara?
No matter. Just another entry in the Encyclopedia of Worthless Information.
Slow news day.

I remember when HH wrote for the Union and I thought Sierra Commons was the name of an apartment building she was the manager of, lol at self. Still, Sierra Commons does sound like an apartment building name. I can visual the green place in front. Or is that Valley Commons or some other Commons?

Anyway, this is what you get on a slow news day. X marks the spot.

Roberto X Crosstops


Scott O

Paul - get some help dude. That was nothing but a hack political hit job. Everything they accused Trump of doing that was bad was in fact what the Dems did. It was Biden and the Dems that openly lied about the virus.
No one can 'contain' a pandemic. You may as well blame Trump for people catching the common cold.
Trump did not shut down our economy - governors and mayors across the land did that.
Now our economy is even worse. Biden and the Dems ARE trashing our economy with idiot maneuvers such as driving up the cost of energy on purpose.
It is a fact that blue states handled the pandemic far worse than the red states but deniers like Paul just exhibit Trump-hate.

Scott O

Bill 7:31 - Did you notice that every one of the faces on that web site were colonizers and oppressors?
What a laughable "social justice" policy statement.
If you look at their actual activities and objectives, the whole place reeks of "white oppression".
I'll bet they expect people to show up on time and take responsibility for their actions.
Aren't they ashamed of themselves?

Whole Foods

"So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn't, 'Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election,'" the former president said Monday in a Truth Social post. "This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!"

"Donald Trump’s Truth Social is in a battle with RightForge over $1.6 million the conservative internet-hosting vendor says it’s owed, according to a Fox Business report Thursday.

Three sources told Fox Business that Truth Social stopped making payments in March, just a month after launching in February. According to these sources, RightForge is threatening legal action over the money owed for setting up Truth Social’s infrastructure.

Trump founded the alternative social media platform after being banned from Twitter in January 2021. He was permanently kicked off after his tweets were deemed “likely to inspire others to replicate the violent acts that took place on January 6, 2021.”

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has refused Trump's application for a trademark for "Truth Social."

The blank check company — called Digital World Acquisition Corp. — is under investigation by the SEC for possibly negotiating their deal prior to going public, which is illegal if true.
An investor sued Digital World Acquisition Corp.'s CEO last year, claiming fraud.

There's been confusion regarding whether or not certain members of Truth Social's board are actually still on the board, including Trump himself.

Indict, convict, pardon - and forget about TFG



Ooooh...this has possibilities!

Struggling, 'Lazy' Washington Post May Cut 100 Newsroom Positions

Now do the New York Times......!


Bill Tozer

Biden proves he can't be trusted on inflation, even if saved by the Fed


Bill Tozer

fish @ 6:52 am

Best to let sleeping dogs lie. At his age and questionable health, bet it’s will take some time to sleep it off. The ladies always look better at closing time,and he probably thinks he does to.
Good. One down, hundreds to go. I hope they strip his pension, but that is just wishful thinking.


This is how totally messed up our weaponized police state (FBI) has become. Bouncing right off the eyesore that the FBI instigated, planned, and facilitated the fake kidnapping plot on get Wicken Gov Gretchen the lying c-word, the Special Agent in charge of overseeing the Wicked Gretchen kidnapping fiasco had been transferred to Washington DC to run the Jan 6 Investigation, the largest FBI investigation in the Bureau’s history. That is not even close enough for government. Bigger investigation than going after raghead terrorists walking among us after 9/11.

How messed up is dat? That’s real messed up. It takes months of Congressional pressure just to get one of those asphalt apes fired.

Bill Tozer

More on Special Agent Thibault

‘FBI special agent who opened Trump investigation reportedly escorted out of bureau’
CBS on Tuesday corroborated reports that Timothy Thibault was out at the FBI and was escorted from the premises


Yep, he could have simply retired.

Whole Foods

Stop sucking up to Donald Trump. This was the core message of what Ann Coulter told Republicans on her Unsafe podcast this week.

Posted to her Substack, Coulter titled the episode “Trump’s done,” echoing a statement she made in a column in January. Now, however, the conservative author has no doubt his influence on the Republican Party is quickly dwindling.

Coulter compared Trump’s rise in the world of politics to that of Sarah Palin, who saw her star fade significantly after John McCain’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential campaign. Coulter cited poll numbers, a Roger Stone backpedal email, and dwindling rally crowds as some of the proof Trump has become irrelevant to most Republicans.

“They’re like Deadheads,” Coulter said of those still running to MAGA rallies. “They’re following him from place to place. He sings the same songs.”

Loyalty among Trump “fanatics,” she added, is not “indicative of a movement sweeping the nation.” Coulter mentioned a pair of Stone emails she received from the Trump team. The first was an email “slamming” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), considered by many to be Trump’s biggest 2024 competition, should both men run for the Republican Party nomination. A second email, Coulter said, was Stone “backpedaling” on his criticism of DeSantis after he heard complaints from conservatives supportive of the governor.

Paul Emery

Here's one for you from the Conservative author Jonathan Last in response to Trumps ridiculous statement that he should be reinstated as President. He is the editor of The Bulwark, and previously worked as a senior writer and digital editor[3] at The Weekly Standard :

Here's Trumps statement:

"This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country," Trump wrote. "REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!"

Here's Jonathan Last's response

"If Trump is serious, then he is cognitively impaired," he argues. "There is no way to accomplish the 'remedies' he proposes. The idea that someone could simply “declare” him the rightful winner of the 2020 election is preposterous... So either Trump does not have the baseline intelligence to understand how the government and the U.S. Constitution function — or he has suffered from some mental decline which has rendered him incapable of basic deductive reasoning."



Posted by: psul "More Confused Today Than Yesterday" Emery | 30 August 2022 at 12:15 PM

The Bulwark? The Weekly Standard?

Ooooh.....bad call psul. You're more conservative than those guys are.

Bill Kristol....don't make me giggle!

...and again, why are you the only guy here talking about Trump?


Who is more cognitively impaired... Trump or Punchy?

Cue the "Final Jeopardy!" theme.

Bill Tozer


And Gorbachev came to like Reagan more than the American press corps did. The media positively slobbered over Gorbachev. In 1990 Time magazine selected Gorbachev—not Reagan—as its “Man of the Decade.” Strobe Talbott’s 5,000-word valentine to Gorbachev mentioned Reagan only once, and then only to dismiss as “smug” the central features of Reagan’s Soviet strategy. Then Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; no mention of Reagan. Time essayist Lance Morrow wrote that “Gorbachev is the Copernicus, Darwin, and Freud of communism all wrapped in one.” Gorbachev himself had a better grasp, however; when a reporter asked him whether he was moving to the right, he quipped, “Actually, I’m going round in circles.”


Paul Emery

The stampede away from Trump is just beginning. Here's Ann Coulter:

‘TRUMP’S DONE’: Ann Coulter Says Polls and More Prove Ex-President is Finished;

“Republicans, it’s not the party of Trump. It’s safe to come back, and it’s safe for Republicans to stand up and run without Donald Trump,” she said.

Here's more:


Bill Tozer

Family-Owned Bakery Falsely Labeled Racist By Woke Ohio College Gets Major Win In Court



Posted by: psul "You keep your dirty hands off my Ann Coulter doll" Emery | 30 August 2022 at 02:34 PM


Bill Tozer

fish @ 12:38 pm.

Lol. Fun times.

‘The very conservative Bill Kristall, the Very Conservative Washington Post, and I agree with 100% absolutely with Bush’s Brain. Actually, Bush’s Brain and my brain are the same.’

Gotta love it. Just post something about Biden’s inflation or Biden’s economy or Biden this or Lying Biden that or Incompetent Biden so and so and soon (vary soon) we will hear about unflattering about Trump.

As in the older vain of any discussion here about Obama or his policies was immediately interrupted with “Bush did it too! Bush did it too”, so is it when someone posts about Biden the pile of stacked shit emoj. ‘Trump had two scoops of ice cream, TWO! Disgusting.’

The above explains the answer to the question you presented to psul eMeRy.

“...and again, why are you the only guy here talking about Trump”

...and again, why are you the only guy here talking about Trump?

Cause Psul is programmed to react to certain stimui in a certain way.

Bill Kristal, the Lincoln Project, and other punchy favorites of the day are vary conservative Lincoln Logs

I would recommend not feeding the animals. They are full already.

Bill Tozer

Excellent post by The Blade of Perseus

The Strangest Thing About ‘Semi-Fascist’ Trump


Who can argue with dat?

Paul Emery

Hansen has no credibility Bill. Here's a quote from him on the Iraq war:

“The fact is, beneath the hype, Iraqis will soon appreciate American help and idealism far more than French perfidy. It is never wrong to be on the side of freedom - never.”
-- Victor Davis Hanson



psul has no credibility Bill. Here's a quote from him on the economy:

The fact is, beneath the hype, Americans will soon appreciate the Green Libertarians™ and their idealism far more than democrat perfidy. It is never wrong to be on the side of a guitar case full of Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters - never.”

-- psul "The Wonder Bot" Emery

Paul Emery

I never said that fish. If you believe so show me the source.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 30 August 2022 at 04:49 PM

What are you talking about? psul said that....It's really quite clear! It was psul!

Wait....are you now saying that you are psul? Just what kind of sick game are you playing here?

I call shenanigans.....!

Scott O

Paul 4:49 - Aha! So Paul does identify as Psul!
Although we can post quite a few little ditties from you, Paul concerning Flipper Flynn etal.
Trying to debunk Hanson's piece by going back to a quote from long ago that was more hopeful than reality proved it to be so is pretty lame.
We can quote one idiot remark after another from Paul Emery - does that leave the ex-news reader with diminished cred?
Our last little "chat" as you put it left you with a pitiful wound on your score card. I asked for facts and all you could come up with was a hack opinion piece with all sorts of completely unsubstantiated allegations and the laughable assertion that Trump had failed to stop the spread of a pandemic. That would be the definition of a pandemic. It can't be stopped. By anyone. It's a pandemic. Get it?

Scott O

psfish - Damn! Beat me to it by a minute!

Scott O

"I call shenanigans.....!"
I call malarkey!
C'mon man!
Let's Go Brandon!

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joes dead cat bounce lasted all of a week -



Scott O

So it turns out the "experts" and "science" visited the western nations with the modern version of bleeding sick people. And we laugh at the notion of doing that to cure disease and yet that's what we did during the covid hysteria.
Great. Brand lays it out:

Don Bessee

So much for the ponytail of ignorance's premature speculation, like they say the elections really start after Labor Day -



Scott O

Don 5:38 - I think by Nov most folks' credit cards will have maxed and Sloppy Joe won't "forgive" their debt.
I wonder what magic tricks the Dems will dream up this time to rig the election?
The Monkey Pox thing just hasn't got legs as it seems to travel (mostly) through a fellow's John Thomas into another's rectal cavity.
Maybe another war?

Scott O

Uh oh - "Inflation will remain high through 2024 because of ‘unprecedented growth’ in money supply since the pandemic, says economist Steve Hanke"
Imagine that - you just print money based on getting re-elected and not on any rise in actual value or productivity.
Who'd a thunk?
I'm sure that Paul thinks jailing Trump will fix everything.


10 Facts Electric Vehicle Advocates Don't Want You to Know



The Monkey Pox thing just hasn't got legs as it seems to travel (mostly) through a fellow's John Thomas into another's rectal cavity.

Thanks for the visual!


Monkey Pox can and has been be transmitted to dogs from human in New York.. Rather than call the CDC, someone should call the Humane Society.

‘Man gets shocking $30,000 quote to replace electric vehicle’s battery’


Don Bessee

Thats because he has so much material from team creepy grampa joes wokesters and new speak and there is that spokesthing who must have been hired to make creepy grampa joe sound lucid and the left is like an 8 track running the same thing over and over -



Bill Tozer

I give you my word as a Biden, ROFLMPSULO

‘Biden Tells The Tale Of When He Helped An Elderly Lady Take Down A Gang And Lower The Crime Rate’

“This is the God’s truth,” Biden remarked. “My word as a Biden.”
And yet, nearly “every detail in the story appears to be incorrect” The Post noted.
Thus, Biden’s “word as a Biden” is a load of garbage. It is worthless.
Nonetheless, the president wants you to believe that he took down Corn Pop, drove a truck, got a talking to from Big Mama, met with American military heroes deep in enemy territory, and even helped little old ladies facedown their hoodlum neighbors in Wilmington duplexes.“



.....and in keeping with your theme William.


Oh Mr. Magoo Dementia Joe, you’ve done it again.....

Bill Tozer

It’s ALL Biden’s fault.

‘Border Patrol chief says border crisis a result of Biden's 'no consequences' policy for illegal migrants’
Border Patrol head Raul Ortiz says with current policies, the border crisis is only going to get worse

‘Democrats Are Demanding An Extra $50,000,000 For Food For Illegal Immigrants.’

The funds would be “made available to the emergency food and shelter program for purposes of providing shelter and other services to families and individuals encountered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).”

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) has already received $280 million in funding for its operations throughout 2022. The sum was broken down into $130,000,000 for U.S. citizens and $150,000,000 for migrant families and individuals encountered by DHS.

Rep. Norton’s bill appears to apply specifically to migrants who come into contact with DHS as opposed to including American citizens.

Under the Biden White House, illegal immigration into the U.S. has skyrocketed, with many migrants attempting to enter the U.S. via the porous southern border. The $50,000,000 would likely go towards these individuals, who’ve already received taxpayer-funded healthcare and cross-country flights.

The decision to allocate an additional $50,000,000 to migrant services also follows shortages of common household items and food products such as baby formula plaguing U.S. citizens, with forecasts suggesting the shortages will intensify.

It also follows the rampant inflation under the Biden White House causing a considerable increase in demand for foodbanks across the U.S.


Nugget: The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) has already received $280 million in funding for its operations throughout 2022. The sum was broken down into $130,000,000 for U.S. citizens and $150,000,000 for migrant families and individuals encountered by DHS.

No Americans First!

Bill Tozer

ROFLMAO. Like the CA gig worker law, it is no big deal until it’s your ox that is being gored. Follow the science until it ends up at your doorstep.

The science guru of CNN speaks!

‘CNN Medical Analyst Says Masking Stunted Her Toddler’s Language Development—and Taught Her an Important Lesson about Tradeoffs’
A year ago, Dr. Leana Wen was arguing unvaccinated people shouldn’t be allowed to leave their homes. But now she says she’s abandoned her “extremely cautious” Covid views.


I ain’t going to send MY kids to those shit hole government run….er….teachers unions run public schools in California or Maryland or Illinois or…
Are you nuts? I love my kids, lol.
Just because

‘Kamala-Backed Bail Fund Puts Murderer on the Street’
RVice president called for donations to Minnesota Freedom Fund amid George Floyd riots

Tillman is not the first person to commit murder after being bailed out by the Freedom Fund. The group helped free a man charged with domestic abuse last year. Weeks later, he murdered another man in a road rage incident, the Free Beacon reported.

The group also shelled out $75,000 in cash to release Jaleel Stallings, who was charged in May 2020 with attempted murder after shooting at police during the Floyd riots.

Minneapolis saw the highest number of homicides last year since the mid-1990s.


Don Bessee

So his excuse is that he is too non compos mentos after his stroke to debate but how do you tell the difference from a regular anti cop, empty the jails lefty. One wonders, while i know that not too many folks saw the sci fi movie battleship but he is a dead ringer for the aliens. Google it. It looks like this race will follow the trajectory in GA. LOL Lots of video of his tuning into a younger version of creepy grampa joe.

“As I recover from this stroke and improve my auditory processing and speech, I look forward to continuing to meet with the people of Pennsylvania,” Fetterman said. “They’ll always know where I stand.”



Don Bessee

This could fit in a few places but with the trend tonight i shall park it here. The luddites in team creepy grampa joe aka folks who want to sacrifice us to the green goddess who are destroying the country from within now see allies saying keep your promises and dont screw us again as in keystone.


Twice in 1 year no less! Drill baby drill!


Don Bessee

Folks are sick to death of the global warming bankruptcies they are facing -




Bill Tozer

I found this antidotal piece interesting. While not familiar with the actor or his work (name is familiar but I always get him confused with Meathead from Archie Bunker), I found it insightful. ‘The day the music died’ kind of thang.

Rob Schneider Reveals The Moment He Knew ‘Saturday Night Live’ Was ‘Over’


Ain’t that the truth. Some, who remain ignorant to this hour, got so inspired by the Hillary double singing ‘Hallelujah’ on SNL that they did a local Leonard Cohen tribute. I confuse Leonard Cohen with Spock as well since they look so much alike.

Bill Tozer

Biden Is Winning And Lizzo Is Healthy

Contrary to what your bank and credit card statements might be telling you, did you know that your personal situation is actually in phenomenal shape, thanks to President Joe Biden’s outstanding performance?


Don Bessee

The new one is the same as the new one just with a wig -

Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) is under fire for stretching ethics rules by receiving more than $475,000 in campaign donations from state officials who were appointed by her disgraced predecessor, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

A longstanding New York executive order that Hochul reissued on her first day in office prohibits campaign donations from state officials the governor appointed.



Don Bessee

Oh YA thats gonna make a change to the behavior of the scum bags especially given the neutering of cops. Too rich!



Bill Tozer

It’s Too Late For Corrupt Media To Decide Political Violence Is Bad



‘Shoot. Me. Now’: What Obama told an aide about Biden’s ‘annoying’ rambling, as new book reveals tensions in the ‘bromance’ that got so bad Barack wanted to replace him with Hillary Clinton!

Annoyance with a rambling old man.....? Here at Rebanes Ruminations we feel your pain Barry....every single day!

All for now....so busy......busy, busy, busy, busy, bizzy!

Whole Foods

Dog's eye goo

Jared Kushner’s memoir, Breaking History review: ...his “earnest and soulless” prose, his “thoroughgoing lack of awareness,” and his persistent, absolute fealty to Donald Trump, whom Kushner served as the nation’s first-ever White House adviser-cum-son in law. “Reading this book, “reminded me of watching a cat lick a dog’s eye goo.”


Lying Joe Biden is unfit to save the ‘soul of the nation’


Bill Tozer

California Asks Residents To Avoid Charging Electric Vehicles Due To Blackout Risk Days After Unveiling New Gas Car Ban


We don’t have a climate crisis, we have a man made leadership crisis.

Bill Tozer

Column: The Media Avoid Every Biden Policy Fiasco

Michigan’s Secretary of State Fights to Keep Dead on Voter Rolls



Yeah, how come? Why, why, why?

Bill Tozer

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland street mob shoots at elderly driver, accidentally kills one of their own
In addition to the elderly man who appeared to be shot, two participants of the takeover were also injured by gunfire, leading to the death of 20-year-old Cameron Taylor.


As disturbing as the story is, it is much better to find a dead Antifa low life than a live one.

Ken Doll

Biden, his appointments, the FBI, and the groomers

FBI’s ‘Supervisory Intelligence Analyst’ Arrested for Child Sex Abuse.


Ken Doll

NBC Journalist Who Attacked Libs Of TikTok Once Took Credit For Deplatforming Pedophile Sting Groups


Bill Tozer

The Dem plan:
Trump and….and…..well, the midterms will be about Trump. They, like Punchy, ain’t got nuthin’ else. Zero. And don’t forget the Dems are now the party of law and order. Surprise, surprise.

‘Biden to frame midterm elections as war for democracy — and against Trump’



Hey…..anybody see psul? No…..?

Boy is probably desperately trying to work up a stiffy over Palins loss!

Well good for him……anything to take his mind off Trump for the afternoon.

Paul Emery

Sarah loses again. More signs that the Dems may surge:

Democrat Mary Peltola has defeated Republican Sarah Palin in the special election for Alaska’s vacant House seat, a big upset over the former governor in the state’s first election under ranked-choice voting.

Peltola, a former state legislator who will become Alaska’s first indigenous member of Congress, defeated a special election field that included Palin and another Republican, Nick Begich III. The Democrat finished first in the initial tally and then won enough second-choice votes from Begich’s supporters to see off Palin, who had former President Donald Trump’s endorsement and previously won a statewide campaign in 2006.

Palin was making her first run for elected office since resigning as Alaska’s governor in 2009, a year after she was nominated as John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate.



Posted by: psul “Proud Member of the Straight Talk Express” Emery | 31 August 2022 at 06:51 PM

Boy did I call it or what…..

Bill Tozer


“There is no excuse for blackouts in a developed country, but with regard to energy pretty much the entire West is regressing. We have ample sources of reliable energy, but are inexplicably choosing to depend on inherently unreliable, ridiculously expensive, and environmentally damaging sources instead. Eventually Western countries, including the U.S., will come to our senses, but the harm done in the meantime will be incalculable. And you know who isn’t “transitioning” away from reliable sources of power, like coal? China.”



Bill Tozer

Headline should read ‘Slapped with Tiny Fine’

EXCLUSIVE: Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaigns Slapped With Fine After Hiring Illegal Aliens


Speaking of Bernie, did you know there are currently no bread lines in Cuba. That is because they have no bread.

Bill Tozer

Anyone hear from Dougie lately? Or should I say his sock puppet Lavender.

7:20 p.m. – A reporting party at a Sutton Way business reported a suspected male subject in a lavender dress was following a female employee and when they got near the restrooms he made sexual comments about her going in the restroom with him. Contact was made with the staff and victim. Negative crime at that point, though staff is familiar with subject and will advise if they return.

Ten bucks says he is a Dem. Make that fifty bucks.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 31 August 2022 at 08:36 PM

Ten bucks says he is a Dem. Make that fifty bucks.

What say you dugsKKKi? Decide to live a Lou Reed song in Lavender ladies?

Don Bessee

Well thats one way to reduce the crime stats -



Don Bessee

Another phony claim -



Bill Tozer

Don. She figured the wrong dude. You white people look all alike.

Yep, that IS insane. We are one or the other. We can’t be both. Idiots. Wish the would make up their minds already.

‘Insane MSNBC Guest Declares GOP The Same As Nazis, Bolsheviks’

(Link with reservations and hesitations. Boring.)


Don Bessee

They got fauchied -



Bill Tozer

‘Charlie Crist Resigns from Congress to Have More Time to Prepare to Lose Florida Gubernatorial Race.’

Whole Foods

MAGA tears will keep us cool.

Mary Peltola defeats Sarah Palin in special election to become first Alaska Native elected to Congress


Sarah Palin doesn’t belong to an organized political party: she's a Republican.

Apologies to Will Rogers.

Ranked choice voting schemes favor parties that don't run multiple candidates for the same office.

Paul Emery

Looks like Oz is going to join Sarah P in the losers lounge. A recording where he said this just surfaced:

The Daily Beast has obtained audio from a campaign event this May where Oz staked out his most extreme position yet, telling voters he believes abortion at any stage of development is “still murder,” including from the moment of conception.

“I do believe life starts at conception, and I’ve said that multiple times,” Oz said during the event, a tele-town hall held a week before the Republican primary.

“If life starts at conception,” Oz added, “why do you care what age the heart starts beating at? It’s, you know, it’s still murder, if you were to terminate a child whether their heart’s beating or not.”



Posted by: psul "I like to LARP as a political pundit" Emery | 01 September 2022 at 08:19 AM


What a pity they both can't lose.

Whole Foods


Are you saying that Paul Emery marches to the beat of a different track?

PSUL Passenger Train Services Over Unusual Lines (UK)

Whole Foods

Voyager 1 is back,



Posted by: Whole Foods | 01 September 2022 at 08:39 AM

Are you saying that Paul Emery marches to the beat of a different track?

You should probably ask him what it means dugsKKKi.....he picked it.

Paul Emery

Whole foods-fish-etc

This blog is getting really silly. Nobody wants to use their real name including Bill whoever that said thats not his mei I am proud to support my opinions unlike the fish mouth and Bill who use fake names.


Posted by: psul "Likes to imagine he's on Meet the Press"l Emery | 01 September 2022 at 09:51 AM

Always such a fussy pantz.....jeez psul.....Sarah Palin even went ahead and lost for you yesterday and you're still not happy.

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