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14 August 2022



That high quality typepad software is eating comments again!

All Ears

Defender of Roberta X and his little donny jr he dropped off at the portable outhouse speaks to us.

Let it all out, bro in law.


Posted by: psul Emery | 20 August 2022 at 06:23 PM

Is it not illegal to, in Bills words, " leap on the desk (with my feet touching nothing but vacant spots on the beautiful desk without papers or minutiös), drop my drawers and baby, here is a little appreciation for your dedicated service to our country.

I suppose if he did any of those things. Do you have any evidence that he did?

Bill Tozer

Paul Emery the Court Jester.

Pull your head out for once. Gregory is under potential evac. Can’t you think of anything else besides winning a stupid argument and stop demanding Gregory drop everything in a emergency and play with you? Are you that self seeking, self centered, self absorbed that you can’t wait a day. Rhetorical question.

Maybe when the smoke clears you will be able to see past that long animal like schnozzer you take with you everywhere you go. Maybe someday you will see that far, but not today. What a ignoramus.

Truly you are a misguided narcissistic Inquisitor. Sick pup you are. Seek and obtain help. Unbelievable. Even if a county emergency….

BTW, miscellaneous mischief is a misdemeanor. No bail. Can’t even get me for trespassing cause she or her representative (staff) let me in. Permission by one in authority.

Guess the biggest crime that should require prison hard labor would be my prop microphone. But, it they charged folks for impersonating a reporter, then we would be cell mates, Paulie. How cool is that.

George Rebane

PaulE 623pm - Boy, are you ever a moving target! We were discussing the relative rectitude of crapping on Pelosi's desk and inviting readers to line up their wives to be raped. Since you couldn't handle that one, you have now switched to the illegality angle of desk crapping, claiming that I support such activities, which I do not. But I can tell the material difference between BillT's and DonnyJ's comments, which continue to evade you.

Don Bessee

The left has destroyed the quality of life in every major city and turned them into the worst kind of shit holes with no consequences for the scum bags -



Bill Tozer

Malicious Mischief. Like smashing a mailbox or throwing an egg at your house, or pissing one fine Sunday morning on some lawn on Nile St near Pioneer Park. That made the paper!
Hardly vandalism. No damage done. Artistic license, Freedom of expression, Act of Nature, medical excuse for uncontrollable bowel syndrome (another thing I have in common with the New Puritans of the ponytail 420 Brigade), and note from my doctor. Plus, I even will bring a nice shiny fresh apple to leave on Pelosi’s desk to go along with that Baby Ruth candy bar I donated to the cause.

Much ado about nothing. People relieve themselves single day. It’s a human experience, along with all creatures great and small, be they subterranean like Psul, slither in the dirt like a Punchy snake, walk upon the face of the Earth or soar like the fowl of the air.

Never in all my born days have I heard such a commotion over a movement. Only thing that came close was that time when a bear left a early morning tire sized poop on the pedestrian door front entrance to the CDF office at Ridge and Zion. Oh, the fire fighters were stuck with cleaning it up and whining like a bunch of babies making all sorts of grunts, moans, and sounds of extreme displeasure.

Me thinks Pinchy has a pinched loaf fetish. Kinda weird if you ask me. Go back to Tacoma, you stink-ass. And try showing a little respect for the new reader, pinchy

Bill Tozer

Biden and the Leftinistas’s policies come to fruition.



Paul Emery


CAn you tell me one country in the world that has a government that suits your taste, being the Conservative that you are?


Stop the violence

‘The Transgender Movement Is Not Just Intolerant. It’s Barbaric And Violent, And It’s Coming For Your Children’

Transgender ideology has infiltrated public schools, hospitals, and higher ed. Its adherents are not going to leave you alone.


Bill Tozer

More harvest from the Democrat vegetable garden.

Berkeley co-op house rules declare that 'white guests are not allowed in common spaces'


Guess not all lives matter.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Potato Head got axed, Chris Cuomo got axed, Jeffery Toobin got his walking papers, and CNN CEO Zucker got the boot and still no difference. If Discovery wants to clean up CNN, they need to bulldoze the place to the ground, take everything including any dust residue to the dump, and start over. They need a literal brain wash.

CNN Blasted For Claiming Americans Got ‘$100-A-Month Raise’ Over Slightly Lower Gas Prices: ‘Orwellian’

“Next time you read anything @CNN says, think of it as shameless propaganda for the @DNC,” Psychologist Geoffrey Miller responded.”

“Orwellian,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded. “Next, CNN is going to try to convince you that 2+2=5. In the meantime — since truth still matters — gas prices are UP nearly 65% since Biden took office.”

“CNN is state media. Even Fox News isn’t this partisan,” Ram Prasad, a behavioral science practitioner, tweeted. “They should just move one alphabet and call themselves DNN: Democrat News Network.”

Last five seconds: “we may have lost our leader this week, but CNN is not going anywhere.” True, but you are going somewhere, Brian BS Stelter. You are going back to the Democrat plantation to carry the Masta’s water in a less visible manner.



CAn you tell me one country in the world that has a government that suits your taste, being the Conservative that you are?

You’ve never written down George’s answer to this question psul? You’ve only asked it about 500 times!

Bill Tozer

In the 'can't fix stupid' category: Donny Jr., while defending Ted Cruz for abandoning his constituents, blamed all the problems on Texas' DEMOCRAT governor. Speaking of can't fix stupid: fish..

Posted by: RXCross | 19 February 2021 at 12:03 PM
trumpler challenges Biden to take a drug test before the debates after donnie Jr. snorts coke before his RNC speech. typical republican tactic. accuse others of what you are doing..


Posted by: roberto cross | 27 August 2020 at 08:53 AM

Still trying to figure out what a woman is, Bobbie?


Speaking of can't fix stupid: fish..…

Hey….no argument from me! The other thing that can’t be fixed…. morbid obesity!

George Rebane

PaulE 916pm - America, governed according to its Constitution.

Paul Emery

And exactly when was America, governed according to its Constitution. If You can express that then I wold have a good idea as to what top expect in Georges ideal America.

Beep Beep

If one wishes to hide anything from Paul Emery, but it on the front page above the fold. Or in a book.


George Rebane

PaulE 730am - Do you recall your 916pm question? That America has never perfectly followed its Constitution does not negate its goal of doing so, and therefore satisfying the "suits your taste" requirement. While not achieving perfection, America has had a constitutional government that has attracted millions from all over the world, and continues to do so to this day. I offer myself as Exhibit A.

Cerebral Paulsy

So George, when was America ever great? America was never great. It will never be great until marijuana laws are codified and made legal in every state and AK-57s are banned everywhere. America be great when the Electoral College and Senate are abolished, Trumf's Wall is torn down and we all share Frisco Values.

Paul Emery


So your inspiration is largely theoretical since it's never been totally enacted. By the way the America that your family came into was almost immediately after the 12 year Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt hardly a President you would wish to emulate.


”Cerebral Paulsy”


George Rebane

PaulE 1122am - Nothing theoretical about my assessment whatsoever. There can be no better existential confirmation of good governance than tens of millions of immigrants fighting over decades to get into our country.

And your FDR point is at best pathetic. Very little of FDR's mismanagement of the Depression remained after WW2 ended, and President Truman refused in 1946 during the brief post-war recession to reinstate FDR's alphabet soup disaster. That decision launched the greatest epoch of growth - America's golden age. At the same time it totally confirmed that the New Deal had been a raw deal for the American people.

(Paul, do you ever get the feeling that you're my perfect foil? You have no idea how I appreciate your repartees, since they illuminate pervasive errors in the progressive ideology, and give all of us an opportunity to explain the matter to you and yours - an extremely valuable contribution to breadth and depth of debate in these pages. Thank you, and keep serving them up.)

Bill Tozer




History repeats itself.

‘FBI Unit Leading Mar-a-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia Investigation’

Former FBI counterintelligence official and lawyer Mark Wauck said he is troubled by signs that the same cast of characters from the Russiagate scandal appears to be involved in the Mar-a-Lago investigation.

"If these people, who were part of a major hoax that involved criminal activity and displays of bias and seriously flawed judgment, are still involved, then that's a major scandal," he said in an interview.


Bill Tozer

Go back to Frisco, you stink-asses. They need you bigley.

Downtown areas in San Francisco and Portland more deserted than in 2019: Report



“In California, they are actually debating a post-natal abortion bill! And by the way, if you want to kill yourself, well, you know the party to turn to.”

The Democrats Have Become the Death Party (With Apologies to C.S. Lewis)


Paul Emery


No matter how you try to rearrange facts the facts are that in 1947 or when ever your family came over in the 40's we had a solid Democratic history since 1933 when Roosevelt was elected. Also the Democrats completely controlled the House and Senate from 1933 till 1947 so your family came into a country with total Democratic Congressional and Presidential majorities for over a decade. Even after that the Dems controlled the House and Senate virtually every year till 1980. The Presidential interlude was Eisenhower in the 50's and Nixon in the 60's and 70's and we know what happened to him.

So the fact is your family came to a country with a solid liberal history for over a decade before they came.

Bill Tozer

Psul Emery’s recall of history is rather suspect.

“Oh Bill, you cite as your source for your 5:53 Victor Davis Hanson who is a thoroughly discredited neo-con who along with Bush and others gave us the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. Better luck next time Bill. I have thoroughly exposed his lack of credibility in previous posts so no need for links.”

Posted by: Paul Emery | 15 August 2022 at 06:53 PM

Yes, no need for links. Lol.


New York Uses Historic Gun Bans Against Native Americans, Catholics to Justify Current Restrictions in Court Filing


Bill Tozer

Potato Head


What is astonishing to me is that Tater’s entire staff was fired. Not given jobs elsewhere, but canned. Yes, one staff member was not fired. That person being the one who complies daily headlines from media outlets and circulates the list among CNN broadcasters and producers. Unfortunately, it’s called the Reliable Sources Newsletter.

Not only did Spud Brain Brian and his staff single handedly destroy with ratings in the toilet, they killed the 30 year show. Buried it. Gone.

CNN has no plans to bringing the long running show back. Killed the show’s reputation and nobody wants to be associated with the Classic Coke debacle. Reliable Sources’s name will be put in the dust bin of history, never to be mentioned in polite society again.

Maybe the Huff-n-Puff or Teen Vogue will hire him. The bad news is without Spud Brain Brian, comedians across the country just lost more than half of their material. Oh well, you take the very very good news with the downside.

Scott O

Paul continues his parade of comedy.
He thinks the Dem control of our country is something to be proud of.
The disaster of the Dems handling of the Great Depression (by their own admission), anti-black work legislation, rounding up American citizens and putting them in camps while they lost their property and jobs.
And let us not forget the Dems were the solid party of Paul's favs - the KKK.
Then Trump came along and the participation of blacks in the USA workforce went to the highest level ever.
Paul is still steaming about that even now.
Paul now supports the Dems in their crusade to treat the non-whites as incapable imbeciles unable to control them selves as civilized humans.
Nice to see Paul coming out as the hate-monger he has always hinted at being.


Punchy 4p

FDR wrote a paper (more of a sermon) preaching how wrong it was for public employees to be unionized and covered by collective bargaining for wages and benefits.

How does that fit in with your delusions du jour?

Scott O

RT 4:50 - Thanks for posting that. It reads like the Babylon Bee. We used to enslave people in this country as well - is that going to be the next pretext for the Dems' master plan for us all?

Don Bessee

No no magnets here to fuel the invasion -



Bill Tozer

Well, the first one I know of is a victim of inflation. An older couple, one on disability one of SSI, have been barely squeaking by. Their checks are enough to pay the mortgage and nothing to speak of left after getting the lights on. Inflation has squeezed them into an easy decision. Sell the house and move out of state. With them in mind, I could fire off an e-Mail and tell them to go buy an electric car and mortgage their future even more by taking taking out car loans and solar panel loans and inflation will disappear for them. Right.

‘They Don’t Know How They Sound’: Critics Roast Energy Secretary For Telling Poor People To Buy Solar Panels


Maybe I should tell them to take public transit….but the bus does not come by or take them where they need to be. Maybe I should tell them that they both know how to survive, but it’s time to start living again.

I won’t be like the Green Moral Superior Puritans and tell them their troubles are over with the new or used EV and solar panels on the roof. That won’t fix living check to check with more days in the month than money to buy necessities.

And Biden has the gall to lie through his teeth and say the inflation rate in zero. Guess we are just too dumb to see how good things suddenly became after Jan, 2021.

Why to the D Ms hate the poor folks so much?

Bill Tozer




The Abyss; how far we have fallen

Mar-a-Lago and the Abyss
Revisiting the Russia hoax in light of the Mar-a-Lago raid.



The Biden Gaslight

“The word of the month is “gaslighting.” It’s a piece of Internet slang that pays homage to the 1944 George Cukor movie Gaslight. In the film, Charles Boyer portrays the murderer Gregory Anton, who tricks his newlywed bride, played by Ingrid Bergman, into thinking that she is slowly going insane. Accordingly, “gaslighting” means withholding information from—or presenting falsehoods to—another person in such a way that the victim begins to question reality itself. “Have you gone mad, my husband?” asks Bergman. “Or is it I who am mad?”

Americans must be asking that question a lot lately. For most people, gaslighting is a form of abuse. For the Biden administration, it’s a way of life. Since the spring of 2021, the president and his spokesmen have made statements so at odds with experience that they beggar belief.“


Bill  Tozer

New York Defies Supreme Court With Unconstitutional Gun Permit Laws


Guns for me, but not for thee.

Bill Tozer

‘The Worst and the Stupidest?’

Our elites are now viewed with the disdain they have earned on their own merits. And they are none too happy about it.
By Victor Davis Hanson


Bill Tozer

Compelling argument.

‘Not Just The FBI: Institutions Across The Board Have Forfeited America’s Trust’
The loss of trust in the agencies is not the result of conspiracy theories but a direct consequence of their actions.


Thomas Jefferson once warned, “The time to guard against corruption and tyranny, is before they shall have gotten hold on us.”


re: I never heard of Zuck bucks.

‘Montana Election Officials Conspired To Kill Legislation Banning Zuckbucks, New Report Shows’



If at all possible get your children out of the teachers union government run public education. The head of the snake.

Randi Weingarten admits to sharing fake list of 'banned' books: 'My bad'
Weingarten was re-elected to lead the AFT in July, entering her eighth term as president



DeSantis Drops Epic Ad Mirroring New Top Gun Movie Targeting ‘Corporate Media’

The media finally knows what a losing hand looks like. Finally. Blow back has gained velocity.

Longtime Political Analyst Sacked For Mocking Trump’s ‘Looming Orange Face’


Adios, loser. Long time no come see.

kenny johnston

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the ‘Reliable Sources’ Cancellation Party


Sheryl Crook

‘Roy Moore’s Defamation Victory Sends A Message About The ‘Actual Malice’ Standard’

“On Aug. 12, a federal court jury in Alabama fired off an unmistakable message to the media and the D.C. swamp: “Stop lying and stop corrupting our elections. There will be consequences if you don’t.” That message was sent in the form of an $8.2 million verdict for defamation in favor of former Alabama Supreme Court Justice and senatorial candidate Roy Moore against a major Democratic player and his allies”


Wasn’t Psul involved in spreading those lies, going as far as calling Roy Moore a pedophile? Yes he was. He was involved most passionately. No matter. Doug Jones is gone.

Paul Emery

Never took a position on that Sheryl. Show me where I did. You need to have cards in your hand before you say things like that.

Karen Chiatea-Mudd

I think it is unconscionable that the mean politicalized National Guard refuses to help out in this emergency in our nation’s Capitol. The District of Columbia is a Sanctuary City extending refuge, money and housing to single undocumented male workers who are simply trying to make a better life for their families. Congress should investigate this atrocity immediately and demand the National Guard set up tents our new residents. It’s all Trump’s fault. We never had this problem before Trump and Putin stole the election from Hillary. Send in the National Guard now and stop the racism.

‘Pentagon Rejects D.C. Mayor’s Second Request for Help with Migrant Buses’


Paul Emery

Sheryl Crook

Sorry, my error. My name is Paul Emery not Psul so I'm not him. My mistake. Use my full name if you wish to accuse me of something like this.

Bill Tozer

Is it time we talk now? 6 trillion was the magic number, Psul. You promised.


A lot of new charts and graphs have emerged such that my data folder is groaning. So here they come.



UNEXPECTEDLY! The White House Claimed It Had No Prior Knowledge of the Raid on Donald Trump’s House. The White House, Once Again, Lied.

No complaints about lying from the White House this time it seems.


Bill Tozer

‘Yelp Flags Crisis Pregnancy Centers for Not Killing Babies’

For the abortion-worshipping left, every live baby is a missed opportunity. For every unterminated pregnancy there’s a woman who can no longer have a big powerful career, carefree autonomy and meaningless casual sex. It’s a feminist nightmare.

‘Maddow Gushes Over Fauci: There's Never Been Anyone Like Him!’

‘WashPost Is Upset DeSantis Wants to Keep Murderers, Sex Criminals From Voting’


Best line: “The Post explained that their gripe derived in part from the fact that “the tiny number of cases brought so far underscores the paucity of voter fraud” and excused away the actions of the defendants due to what they speculated was some confusion:”

Hmm. “what they SPECULATED was some confusion:”

Paul Emery

Bill 12:49

Most of the debt was a combination of the debts during Trumps 4 years and financial commitments that Biden inherited from Trump' I recall when Trump came into office George and the other RR's claimed he had no responsibilities for the first years debt because it was the result of Obama's tenure.

Bill Tozer

that was a nice talk.

Don Bessee

Race to the bottom -



Barry Pruett

2020 mail in ballots just arrived in Baltimore from the post office to the voter.


But elections are secure and 2020 was the best ever. Lol.

Don Bessee

So farmers, truck drivers and amazon workers have to pay for rich folks student loans!?! -

Student loan cancellation could cost $900B and favor top earners, analysis shows
Penn Wharton: Majority of student loan debt forgiven would boost top earners



Bill Tozer

Student loans: one third of the adults in our country have a college degree. The mantra has been all my life has been to go to college and you will receive in turn higher earnings than someone with no degree.

So, that means the vast majority of adults who did not go to college are stuck with paying off the debt of the minority of Americans who are higher wage earners? WTF is that all about?

The ones who are screwed are the college dropouts who took out loans. They did not receive the benefit of higher lifetime earnings via a degree, are not eligible for student loan relief, and are stuck paying both their student loans and paying off the prep school kids’ college loans when they graduate. Ouch.

AOC drives me nuts. I wish I had a dollar for every time she has mentioned her college loan debt of $17,000. She makes $174,000 a year, bought a new Tesla (because it’s the only EV at time of purchase that old make it DC to NYC without a recharge) and still keeps talking about her $17,000 student debt. After a few years of talking about her still $17,000 student loan debt, one would think she would take a measles five grand and pay it down.

But, noooo. New car, fancy nice DC apartment, nice NY apartment, good pay, and must of taken the temporary freeze on paying back student loans cause she still owes the same amount as she did pre-pandemic.

Me thinks Congresswoman AOC does not pay off or down her Federal loan because she likes to keep it as a crutch to ail about debt forgiveness. She definitely is NOT like her mother or father.
When AOC’s father became and died, AOC’s mother went to the bank for some help. The bank worked with the widow, made some temporary payment plan, put her nose to the grindstone and in time paid off the mortgage herself…with children. That showed character and both AOC’s parents had to learn how to speak English to get ahead.

AOC certainly is an apple who fell far from the tree. Mercy. Wants the government to forgive her loans and also reroof her grandmother’s very nice upper middle class home in Puerto Rica.

At least Stacy Abrams paid off her loans in full, , which were about $170, 000. Lots of money to be made in the poverty industry. Mega money..

Bill Tozer

Some new definitions of popular lefty terms have reached us, and I thought it is high time to update the whole list, since it is such a handy reference. We’ve got new definitions for “woke” and “nationalism,” among others. Herewith:


Don Bessee

An indication that messing with folks kids is a big no way jose from parents to wokesters -



Don Bessee

So the dems say things are wonderful yet we face blackouts and these stores are suddenly proliferating. Granny eating dog food again like the peanut farmers economy writ large by creepy grampa joes destruction of our standards of living -



Bill Tozer

@ 7:43 pm

Bravo, bravo to the forgotten people.

Turn the clock back 24 hours and if you lived in NY’s 12th Congressional District, who would you vote for? The Monocle Man or The Blonde?

Carolyn Maloney rips Jerry Nadler as ‘senile’ to close nasty NY-12 primary fight

Another view:


Miss me yet?

‘No One Misses Biden or Karine Jean-Pierre’s Briefings, Huh?’


Don Bessee

OH YA, she would have had a way worse outcome if it were not for the meddling dems but OH OH -



Bill Tozer

Don @ 9:05 pm

Yes! The Dent Can store is back! For those who may not remember, stores like the Grocery Outlet in the beginning were affectionally called by my contemporaries ‘Dent Can Stores’. And GO and those other outlets that stocked canned goods and supplies involved in train wrecks (salvaged goods) certainly had a bunch of dent canned peaches . Sort of like Harbor Freight’s roots.

To be fair, the Grocery Outlet has straightened out its act and dent cans are not only no longer prevalent, they are quite hard to find. While calling the G Outlet (and other stores that have disappeared over time) ‘dent can stores’ May no longer be accurate, the Grocery Outlet will always be the dent can store to me.


All looking good for the brainstem in the White House........

"Tsunami Of Shutoffs": 20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills

....can you say coattails? I knew you could!



Chicago Mayor Lightfoot blasts ad that 'darkens' her image...

If I were Mayor Lightfoot I would be more concerned that every photo makes me look like Admiral "Its a trap" Ackbar late of Star Wars fame!



Toes 828a

Gross me outlet, barfing market

Lowest price fresh eggsies in town

Bill Tozer

Gregory @11:00 am

They don’t K-Mart ‘Come Apart” fer nuthin’. It’s a curse.
Lest We Forget….

If This FBI Spy’s Scorched-Earth Legal Strategy Backfires, He’ll Finally Pay For Russia Hoaxing’

This would be quite the turnabout given that for more than five years Halper has avoided indictment for lying to the FBI.


A theory behind the timing of the RAID is the Durham methodical target of the bigger and bigger fish. He doesn’t care about small fry convictions or Sussman walking free as a bird. No, each step along the way he is gathering more and more information on what players were involved in the Russian Collusion Hoax (Trump is a Russian spy, a traitor,)and of course SPYGATE where a current Administration spied on an opposing candidate during a Presidential election and afterwards. All to frame an innocent man.

Trump has all the goods and what he don’t have, Durham does. Trump is really for revenge and Durham is seeking Justice for harm done. Me thinks it is not Hillary that is the target, but Obama and names we are not familiar with.

With folks not believing the spin doctors in media nor trust the FBI and various government agencies and spokespuppets, it was a panic move by ‘them’ to call for the RAID because the tools in their toolbox just don’t tighten the nuts like they used to.

We are witnessing the “Deep State” running scared shitless for the first time I can remember. They are acting like panicked drowning men and they don’t have the time or luxury of doing their evil in the shadows. They are being smoked out into the daylight where more and more regular folks can’t help but notice.

Exciting times bro.


No matter how hard I try….I will never achieve the levels of snark like Iowahawk does.


Given that for over a century, the Democrats’ organizing principle has been the Moral Equivalent of War, the connection between 9/11, COVID and stiffing the taxpayers for student debt it must have seemed logical in President Klain’s mind. In any case, as Iowahawk tweets, “Thank god we’re finally addressing the plight of America’s most disadvantaged community, Harvard Law graduates.”

Bill Tozer

Iowahawk? The Hawkeye State. What about the Showme State? You show me yours and I will show you mine.

‘Radical Gender Theory Comes to the Heartland’
A Missouri school district promotes the idea that “gender is a universe.”


Bill Tozer

States rights.

Kenosha Pledges To Stop Using Ballot Drop Boxes After Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruled They’re Illegal



Macron warns 'sacrifices' ahead after 'end of abundance'

For you he means. There will be no change in his $10,000/month makeup budget. After all.....its important for a progressive man to feel pretty.



Bill Tozer

California State Water Board Tells Ranchers To Stop Taking Water For Agriculture


Bill Tozer

lol. Truer words were never spoken.

“Bring on the food trucks,” Grass Valley City Councilwoman Hilary Hodge said during Tuesday evening’s council meeting.

One is too many, one hundred is never enough.

Bill Tozer

Lol. Where do they find these wack jobs?

‘The threat to democracy is actually more of a concern than cost of living for people right now’


“I think” is were her flaw begins.

Bill Tozer

‘Will the Republicans really win back the Congress?’ Victor Davis Hansen



Many leftists tout Canada’s socialized health care system as something America should emulate, claiming government-run health care is more humane. But it seems Canadian officials are more interested in urging doctors to help patients to kill themselves than to treat them.

How does this make me feel.....? How does this make me feel?

Makes me feel great...that's how it makes me feel!

Next time psul goes on at length about how great government health care is he can take his own advice and go to Canada instead of Denmark for the euthanasia. The savings on the travel alone should pay for the drugs they use to kill him!

A win/win!



The following is not a political endorsement....

Cynthia Hren: Vote for Kevin Kiley

I was just thinking that with the comments section going away over at the Pennysaver of the Pines now might be an opportune time to invite some of the locals who were happy to work out their personal issues in a spittle flecked rage at letters like that submitted by Ms. Hren to RR's where their positions could be more closely examined. psul is sadly in reruns all the time these days with his "Orange Man Bad Flower Power Hour" and a little fresh progressive blood might liven matters up a bit. Lord knows the Jensen's M, Cooke's Cheryl, and Alfreds et al. are probably going through commenting withdrawal right about now!

Can you offer them any relief?

What say you George.....time for an open invitation for your local crazies to join your extant cast of irregulars?

Bill Tozer

Fish @9:07 AM.

re: withdraws

I know full well that the closed comment section is for my own good. Too much time wasted with the those older libs who are up here in God’s Country, miles away from the stink and everything is well and dandy. They do not even know what the Dem Party actually stands for in 2022, and seem to fall in line and agree with the new far left advocates. Anyway.

It will be rather nice not hearing Kenny Johnston and the gang bashing Jo Anne when she writes her next column. That must them hurt bad, lol. Bigley bad. Foaming at the mouth and getting even retired Mr. Howell to chime in with agreement that they can’t believe The Union wastes it time to publish such rubbish. Then they gather around Jo Anne’s or George’s head on a stair and start chanting, “Kill the Beast, Kill the Beast. Book burner!

Oh, they follow us alright. I started calling Psul and the Dems “The puritans” here and some dickhead fires a letter that it’s us science deniers who are the Puritans that want to force women to have babies with spousal abusers….who watch Faux News, not the Dems!

They are just going to have to do it the old fashioned way. Next time Manny writes his piece, they are going to sit down and fire off an angry e-Mail to Hits & Misses…or a letter to the editor.

August 17. Four comments to about Thea. Four! Usually 1 or 2. Humans adapt. I included a non-Thea ‘Miss’ as the first entry because it’s about….you know who. Just the mention of his name sets them off.

MISS (from reader Margaret Munson): To twice-impeached ex-President Donald Trump, who if he cared about the American people, or even just his cult, would issue a plea that there be no more violence and no more bloodshed. But he will not do that because his immature ego requires chaos, no matter the cost. Why did he take classified papers to Mar-a-Lago ? The answers will be: for his betterment and our detriment.

MISS (from reader Frank Williford): To Editorial Board member Thea Hood, for claiming that the Biden Administration raided former President Donald Trump’s residence. The search of Mr. Trump’s residence was conducted pursuant to a valid search warrant issued by a judge, carried out by the FBI, with the approval of the Justice Department, all without any involvement of the current administration. To suggest otherwise is to promote yet another Big Lie.

MISS (from reader from Michael Ireland): To Thea Hood. In response to a “Miss” concerning the search by the FBI at Trump’s residence, I’d like to offer the following comments. First off, I appreciate Ms. Hood’s political perspective derived from her Zimbabwe experience and her concern that the U.S. not use similar tyrannical tactics. But, come on….there is no comparison between what is suggested and the legal process with which the Justice Department deemed a search was necessary.

MISS (from reader Kim Reed-Jones): Thea Hood should take an afternoon drive to Lake Oroville and take a look. Afterward, maybe meet up with Brian Dahle and check out Lake Shasta. Seems like her “HIT” and “MISS” got mixed up.

Thank you Union for saving me from myself.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 25 August 2022 at 10:10 AM

I had forgotten about Rich “as an educator” Howell…..dang!

Despite your concerns William the opportunities for “dialogue” are intriguing!

We have any Brother Ben Emery sightings recently? He dropped by briefly after Todd passed and disappeared as quickly as he returned.

Bill Tozer

Ok, three Thea comments. Gravitational force.

fish on the TV dinner tray:

The new reader is watching us. Should we pretend to be something we are not? “Rebane’s blog? I have been to that cesspool. Cesspool.” Hmmm. And lived to tell about it. Lotta dickheads waddling around the comments section without the decency to wear a big condemn to cover their melons.

But, of course Punchy gets old and ever so boring, especially when his mind gets stuck on the endless loop playing 24/7 inside there. Sometimes the noise in Punchy’s noggin starts to bother me. Rope-a-Dipe or not, he is ending up more like Ali in the Champ’s final days than Ali when he floated like a butterfly and stung like a be. Heck, Boring Paul even told us to address him as Psul Emery, lol.

Fresh faces, new ideas are fine and welcomed. The Union is not the place to find new ideas or fresh faces.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 25 August 2022 at 10:39 AM

The new reader is watching us. Should we pretend to be something we are not? “Rebane’s blog? I have been to that cesspool. Cesspool.” Hmmm. And lived to tell about it. Lotta dickheads waddling around the comments section without the decency to wear a big condemn to cover their melons.

Ah yes.....Mr. Jones......or "Pelline Lite" as I prefer to think of him. He too would find respite on these pages.

Paul Emery

Wow !!!

Fetterman up by 8 over the Oz in Penn.

Great pick Trump...Thanks. The loser keeps on losing



punchy 1225p

The polls don't open for a couple of months, Grasshopper.

And by likely voters, the spread is about 4. Plenty of time for Oz's staff to get their act together and for Fetterman to lose more working brain cells.

George Rebane

All are always welcome in the comment streams of RR, and even as byline authors to do more serious venting of their POVs.

Paul Emery


As of now Fetterman up by 8 over the Oz in Penn in RCP consensus polls. That is a fact.


Punchy 210p

It is a fact that the RCP "consensus"polls are made up of some polls of all registered voters, and others that are choosing "likely voters". The polls of LV have the race pegged at 4.

The RV tallies are there to give you something to rave about. A blend that satisfies the customer.

Fetterman is a Bernie Bro with a stroke. I suspect the shine will be off by November.

Bill Tozer

Well, we all know the answer to that question. But I confess to being a bit shocked by this: liberals in San Francisco and Los Angeles are capitalizing on the Uvalde shootings to urge residents not to move to Texas:


Paul Emery

Those polls are what they are Gregory and show Fetterman up by eight. You can make what you will of them.


The poll that skews the blended total for Fetterman by 13 is an amateur collegiate poll from Pennsylvania... they also called the state to go for Hillary by 11 in 2016.

It went to Trump by .7%. Ooops.

This is what comes of you being blind, punch.

Paul Emery

That's one source that RCP, a conservative web site, uses as a poll in it's consensus averaging.

Paul Emery

By the way Gregory Fox has Fetterman up by 11. Here's a link for you to check out.

Paul Emery



Bill Tozer

No wonder Mark Levine has been saying for years that the NYT is full of anti-Semites. He has given tons of examples and add more to the long list.

The Time’s editors, their writers, the comments they make at other venues…..wonder why they even bother to fire them. They would lose 1/2 their writers and department heads if they fired all the anti-semites at the Old Grey Lady.

‘Two more NYT Palestinian freelancers caught praising Hitler, terrorists after paper cut ties with another’
Multiple NY Times freelancers reporting on the Israel-Gaza conflict have a history of making anti-Semitic posts


Bill Tozer

‘The Line Between Anti-Racism and Racism Keeps Getting Fainter’
How an antisemitic bigot named Laith Marouf built a lucrative career as a Canadian government-funded ‘anti-racist’



punchy 438p

So what? Fox's polls aren't anything special.

Paul Emery

What poll is "something special" Gregory? You infer there must be some.


Punchy, two of the four recent polls in the realclearpolitics blender were of Likely Voters. Both had Oz down by 4.

Go look.

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