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03 August 2022



Proud of you Chicago….other cities might have quit….not you…..you kept right on going!

Fifty-four people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, leaving eight dead and 46 wounded.

Show the world just what progressive governance is capable of!


Bill Tozer

In Germany today the number one search item on Google is ‘wood’. As in firewood. Probably the last thing the Greens want people to use to heat their homes. They would rather people freeze to death and starve than burn firewood and eat methane gas emitters like beef, pork, and chicken.

Th add to the impending winter of discontent of freezing cold in January, the river Rhine is too low due to the drought. Water level on the Rhine is too low to carry bulk carriers (bulkers) of coal desperately need to provide electricity p. The bulk carriers are just sitting there because the powers to be do not want the coal transported by truck on the roads which will harm the environment.

The German government has informed the public to prepare for five days on blackouts this coming January. Thus the search for ‘wood’—firewood. I suppose old furniture burns as well.

Firewood is Nevada County’s only renewable resource.


See….doodz are stepping up Post Roe!

Snip Snip Hooray’: Vasectomies Among the Young and Child-Free May Be Rising

If Elizabeth Warren had a penis she’d get one too!


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