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23 August 2022


Scott O

Plus one on the problem of how our tort system interacts with our medical system. Every time someone claims a Euro medical system is better, I point out that one large difference has nothing to do with how it is paid for and a lot to do with what is paid for and why. A lot of tests and procedures in our med system are purely defensive actions to ward off the possibility of lawsuits.
In other words - the insurance companies are making medical decisions. Not to mention the sometimes ridiculous amounts awarded for actual malpractice that drive up the insurance costs for all doctors.


For God's sake let's end "joint and several liability".
That is commonly known as 'deep pockets'.
The payment should be awarded according to the percent of fault. If you were 1% at fault - that is all you should have to pay.

The Estonian Fox

George, this may one of the best pieces you have displayed on RR. I have always figured that 50% of state & national politicians were lawyers, without actually taking an hour to just count them.

I should not have been surprised at the disparity between Dem & Rep. All I had to do was just count them. The disparity does result in governance differences due to the mindset of someone who manipulates carbon-based-print into letters and words, vs others who produce the pencils or printers (and all the other stuff we love to own).

Since the U.S. is built on the rule of law, maybe lawyers are the normal way to run our country. So lawyers dominate politics here, It's been in our blood since the founding of the country.

Would engineers/scientists be better at running our country? Make your own choice. Herbert Hoover & Jimmy Carter (noo kyuh ler engr) come to mind. Yeah, nice try doing that.

George Rebane

Efox 823am - And then there were George Washington, Ulysses Grant, Ike, ...


Herbert Hoover was blamed for the great depression but he did everything right by the standards of the day. The problem was money supply, and no one understood it until Uncle Milty unraveled the knot.

Hoover was moved aside for the Free Stuff Party to be run by an exceedingly rich heir to a family fortune.

Bill Tozer

FDR. The D stands for Delano. Who/what/where/were the Delanos that comprised FDR’s middle name? Why, Delano owned a shipping fleet. Best known for its role for contracting with the British government to ship opium to China. The Opium War ensued. Guess the Brits did not want thar cargo under their flagships. Delano was family, via marriage.

And now you know the rest of the story. This is Psul Harvey, good day.


I wonder if China's tacit approval of shipping millions of doses of fentanyl killing hundreds of thousands of Americans is related at all to the Delanos (and others) illegally shipping opium to China, addicting millions.

Does China have a long memory?

Don Bessee

Now about that, can you say lawsuit -

In July of 2021, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Joe Biden does not have the executive authority to issue “debt forgiveness,” arguing that such action would be illegal and that it has “to be an act of Congress.”

“People think that the President of the United States has the power for debt forgiveness. He does not. He can postpone. He can delay. But he does not have that power. That has to be an act of Congress,” Pelosi said July 28 at a press conference.

“The President can’t do it. So that’s not even a discussion. Not everybody realizes that. But the President can only postpone, delay, but not forgive,” she added.

She also mentioned how voters would be mad about student loan “forgiveness,”appearing to question whether such a policy would be “fair.”

Pelosi mentioned a scenario where “your child just decided they want to – at this time, not want to go to college, but you’re paying taxes to forgive somebody else’s obligations.”

The Department of Education agreed with Pelosi, arguing in a 2021 memo that the executive branch “does not have the statutory authority to cancel, compromise, discharge, or forgive, on a blanket or mass basis, principal balances of student loans, and/or to materially modify the repayment amounts or terms thereof.”



Bill Tozer

Don B @ 12:44 pm.

Nancy said, Nancy said. Well, whatever she said, she ain’t saying that no more. That did not take long.

‘Pelosi Agreed With DeVos: Biden Can’t Forgive Student Loans. She Just Caved.’

But on Wednesday, as Biden indicated he would proceed with his plan to “forgive” student loans, Pelosi seemingly reversed herself, tweeting Biden’s “bold action is a strong step in Democrats’ fight to expand access to higher education. By delivering historic targeted student debt relief to millions of borrowers, more working families will be able to meet their kitchen table needs as they recover from the pandemic.”


Well, a Republican female lawmaker just characterized Biden’s giveaway to the elite as “Coastal Elites To Get Their PhD In Gender Studies”. Lol.

Don Bessee

Even team 0 are not on board -



Bill Tozer




‘The Loathing of Madison—And America’


Don Bessee

Thats a nice simple way for folks to understand what is happening -



George Rebane

Gregory 1226pm - Well, now that you put it that way, it do put a bit of a dent in our complaint about China's fentanyl shipments. I guess the only solution is still to secure the border.

Don Bessee

Money well spent and now they will raise the tuition -



Don Bessee

And the ugly maw of lap dog socials opens and swallows' wrong thought -

House Republicans say Facebook censored post about Biden student loan handout plan

"If you take out a loan, you pay it back. Period." The other shows a Facebook warning saying the post "goes against our community standards."

House Republicans were blocked Wednesday from criticizing President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan by Facebook, saying such posts violate community standards, according to officials.



Don Bessee

The constitutional snare creepy grampa joe finds himself in -

Well, it is a little curious of an argument aside the Heroes Act, because they are citing a crisis that in May, they said had diminished to the point that it would change the status of Title 42 on the southern border that they cited the CDC's view of the lessening of the crisis as the basis and core for that argument. It's extremely dubious to argue that that act gives the president the right to basically toss aside $300 billion, as much as that, in student loans.

Even if the administration had some success initially, it's going to find a fairly chilly reception before the Supreme Court, which has really been demanding clarity on these issues, not the delegation of Congress to the executive branches. And what's weird is that these Democratic members are applauding their own institutional obsolescence. They are all giving these accolades to the president for circumventing Congress because he knows he couldn't get this through Congress



Don Bessee

So the scumbags who screwed us on the first give away to those terrorist mutha mullahs are getting a better deal than zero who empowered the billions to every terrorist group fomenting death in the middle east. Now they will suddenly have more than before. Blood on creppy grampa joes hands again. Does anyone think Israel and Saudis will stand by idly?



Don Bessee

Its not their call to meddle in electoral issues but they lied for the left with rancid russian dressing for fools like the ponytail of ignorance. 15% of creepy grampa joes voters would not have voted for him if they knew about the big guys dirty dealings -



Bill Tozer

Those Who Want to Destroy the Constitution


Bill Tozer

Concerning the D in FDR, the Opium Wars, and long memories like an elephant:

“I wonder if China's tacit approval of shipping millions of doses of fentanyl killing hundreds of thousands of Americans is related at all to the Delanos (and others) illegally shipping opium to China, addicting millions.

Does China have a long memory?”
Posted by: Gregory | 24 August 2022 at 12:26 PM
‘Elephant kills woman in India — then returns to trample her corpse at her funeral’

On June 10, onlookers were horrified to see the same elephant that had attacked and killed 70-year-old Maya Murmu, which grabbed her dead body from the pyre before trampling on it. The giant threw her body once more before leaving the site of the funeral.


An Asian elephant, of course. Or, is that an Asian elephant, of corpse?

Bill Tozer

Dem lawyers

‘Barr unloads on Mueller: 'He made some very serious errors'

“I asked him, when you give me the report, you have to sanitize it so I’m in a position to release it as soon as you give it to me because if there’s a delay between the time you give me the report and the time I can make it public under the law ... a lot of damage can be done to the country, the stock market, and our foreign adversaries. People are going to wonder if the president's going to jail. So you have to give it to me in a form in which I can release it," Barr said.

The former attorney general said what he got, a report with no redactions and grand jury materials that needed to be concealed, forced him to come forward with a summary while redactions were implemented for roughly three weeks. This was despite Mueller saying he understood Barr's directive to give him a report that could be release quickly, the former attorney general stressed.

"I don’t know why it was done. It was inexplicable to me," Barr said. He said in the intervening period he had to tell people "what the bottom line was: that there was going to be no indictment of the president and, therefore, there was no collusion. He didn’t reach a decision on obstruction. I took the sentence from his conclusion and said while he didn’t find obstruction, he didn’t exonerate him. I put that in the letter. And then I said, however, I am making the decision based on the report, and I don't find there was obstruction. And then I explained why I didn't find there was obstruction. So half the letter is me explaining my decision — not Mueller’s decision. And I thought that was the responsible thing to do. People who are acting in good faith can scour that letter and not see anything misleading in it."

He added: "The other thing I haven’t really understood what the thrust of this complaint is because we got the report out a couple of weeks later and if the stuff was so damaging, why didn't Congress impeach him at that point? There were crickets. So the idea that I affected the thing by summarizing the report ... was the left-wing throwing a tantrum because Mueller didn’t deliver the goods as far as they were concerned."



Toes 556a

A more original source... Barr was talking to Bari Weiss


Bill Tozer

Gregory @7:23 am.

Good morning sir. If you want to go to a much earlier source, AG Barr said the same thing about calling Mueller on the phone and saying, “Hey Bob, what’s up with the unredacted report? We talked about specially redacting Grand Jury names, classified info, national security concerns. Bob, what is this? I can’t release this in this form”. That interview was back when Barr just got the report. Then Barr was hauled before Congress and left Kamala’s mouth agape when William Barr told the televised Senate hearing that they indeed spied on Trump’s campaign.

Squelching Dems “Don’t say spied. There was no spying on Trump!”
Barr: It’s spying. Call it surveillance, call it want you want. It was spying.” Lol

Oh my. Rachel Maddcow and and the whole unhinged freak out lot of them starting saying Trump’s butt boy Barr was hiding real evidence in the report and Mueller said they could not exonerate Trump the obstructer of a criminal investigation and Congress! Yep, an innocent man would fight to say he is innocent….which happens to me the Evil Left’s proof is proof he is guilty, lol. Barr the Goon, Trump’s mafia hit man. Wr need another investigation.

What is Barr hiding? WHY why why cannot we see the report?? When o when?

“So George, why did Mueller not exonerate Trump?” -The Punch Punch Punch one (before he became the Punch Drunk One, before the current rapid decline to punch like a butterfly,

When I think of all the wasted time devote to “not exonerated” while avoiding the thrust of the Mueller conclusion that Trump, any member of his campaign, nor any single American citizen colluded with Russian plotting to steal the Presidency from Hillary.

Don’t feel like digging that Oldie but Goodie up at the moment.

Bill Tozer

Evil inbred.

CONFIRMED: FBI Colluded With Big Tech To Prevent Voters From Learning About Hunter Biden’s Laptop


Joe Rogan and Zucker Bucks. Quite the unlikely pair to do an interview., Exciting times my fellow travelers.

Bill Tozer

Bill Barr before Trump appointed him AG. 6/17/2017.

Barr, the former attorney general, said the media stories were overblown. Most of what is going on now is early, normal course investigative work that says nothing about the special counsel’s ultimate findings, Barr said.
“I suspect the Washington Post story exaggerates the maturity of the investigation,” he told The Hill. “I don’t think it has crystallized to that point.”
Barr also called the obstruction investigation “asinine” and warned that the special counsel risks “taking on the look of an entirely political operation to overthrow the president.”


Don Bessee

One of their own admitting that the imbedded revolutionary pic you ists in the intolerant faculty loves the money but does not educate but indoctrinate their favs and force group think OR ELSE! -



Don Bessee

As if we did not know what they were shipping to red states -



Don Bessee

Interesting how the harder left they are the more they hate Jews -

California, Berkeley university law school student orgs pledge to boycott Zionist, pro-Israel speakers



Bill Tozer

Victor Davis Hansen….quite the dirty laundry list.

‘The Strangest Thing About ‘Semi-Fascist’ Trump’


Bill Tozer

The "Great Reset": A Blueprint for Destroying Freedom, Innovation, and Prosperity


George Rebane

BillT 338am - Yes indeed.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. The comment section to your link is closed….otherwise my comment would have been placed……or maybe not. 🤠

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane again.

And thank you for not bringing to the readers attention that my August 29, 4:03 am included the wrong link. Oh my. Here is Victor Hansen Davis…


Bill Tozer

Lawyers, lawyers. One man’s opinion is the Dems did not win the election by fraud but rather they won (generally) by out lawyering the Right in 2020. Those moves to have the rules of the game changed with or without the State Legislatures’s involvement is how they out lawyered us. Governor declares this, State election committees declare that, and suddenly it looks like some swing states have issues with the Constitutionality of the process. Too late. So, sue me, ‘Suey, Suey, Pig, pig, pig.’

With that lead-in out of the way, how about another lead-in?

Many moons ago, an old high school classmate who grew up to be third name on the name on an established legal firm, founded and run by his grandfather and then his Dad’s name was added and now Steve’s name, Lol. Anyway, I had a problem in his speciality and ran into him out of the blue and sat down over a six pack or two and told him my quantum. I told him what the other party was doing and what their lawyer had claimed. My friend just laughed and laughed and replied, “Would a lawyer lie?” with a big shit eating grin. Oh, he that joke was hilarious. Odd guy, but pointed me in the right direction…told me to call such and such department with the State and “tell those clerks or whatever they call themselves” what’s going on and have the state call them. If not settled immediately, they will fine them $1,000/day and blah, blah, blah. Good to see ya, Biker Bill and those lovely smooth movements.” Ok, he did not say lovely or smooth, or movements.
I got a frantic call within a couple of days from the other party asking me to come on down. The first thing they did was walk over and hand me an envelope. All there, not a penny less.. Dispute evaporated. Steve is good in his field of work, but not like this guy Bowers.

‘Black Lives Matter Leader Stole $10 Million From Organization, Lawsuit Says’

Bowers and the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s board of directors claimed that those who filed the lawsuit were effectively racists.

“They would rather take the same steps of our white oppressors and utilize the criminal legal system which is propped up by white supremacy (the same system they say they want to dismantle) to solve movement disputes,” the organization said.

After Cullors stepped down, the mothers of Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, and others lashed out, accusing both BLM and Cullors of using their children’s deaths to raise money, but failing to pass the money on to black families in need.


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