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19 August 2022


Bill Tozer

If you want to clean up the CDC, Director Rochelle Walensky should resign. Oh goody, reforms next year? Hey, it’s August. How about reforms now? Opps, how silly of me.


Rochelle Walensky wants to overhaul the CDC. She should begin by firing herself


RT Policy Denier

Science and “policy deniers”

‘The green threat to the First Amendment’
Freedom of speech must include the freedom to question climate-change policy.

“But what is striking about McCarthy’s authoritarian disdain for ‘climate-change misinformation’ is that she says she wants to chase down not only those who supposedly deny ‘the science’, but also those who question government policy.

McCarthy says denialism has moved on. ‘Now it’s not so much denying the problem [of climate change]’, she says; rather, it’s ‘seeding doubt about the costs associated with [green energy] and whether they work or not’. So we’ve gone from science denialism to… what? Political denialism? Policy denialism?”


Scott O

RT 3:06 - Anyone in govt stating that there needs to be some sort of limit on what can be put forth in the public arena of ideas is a very dangerous person.
Dangerous to the very notion of what is good about America.
Shooting them does no good at all as the problem is what kind of govt puts a person like that in a prominent position? They can always find another of the same ilk and why in God's name did they allow that sort of remark to go public and not issue a serious rebuke?
And people think Trump is 'dangerous to democracy'?
When did Trump ever, ever, say anything about limiting what citizens could express in public?
Where are the protests from the left or the "centrists" Dems?
Idiots, sheep and cowards - all of them.

Don Bessee

Hey dont worry if you cannot charge your tesla and have to turn off your AC the party of science will screw you any way they can -



Scott O

Don - 8:13 - Has anyone considered the term "renewable energy"?
It seems the 'energy' might be free but the means of transferring the solar energy into electricity is not 'renewable'.
We only have so much of the completely non-renewable elements that are used up (destroyed) in the quest of 'free' energy.
But I might be in contravention of allowable speech according to the new masters of the universe.

Scott O

And it isn't just the solar panels - batteries are the really big thing to think about.
As in - Afghanistan has the world's largest known amounts of lithium. Golly - what certain Dem president just a year ago handed that country over to the CCP?
Well - he got 10% so it's all good.
Here are some things to think about if you are a thinking person.


This puts the Pollyanna spin on batteries

"Therefore, in theory, battery materials can be recycled into new batteries. Of course, this can not always be done economically."
'In theory' - sounds pretty solid.
Who cares about it being 'economic'? Just those stupid conservatives.

Don Bessee

The brits are already in sociatl melt down with the cra cra iditols following the lead of that mentally ill kiddie banshee the G5 set put out as a leader. LOL



Bill Tozer

Ben Shapiro Warns CDC Has A Bigger Motive Behind Its ‘Shake-Up’


Bill Tozer

'Mind-boggling negligence': How the feds consistently got COVID wrong
From masks and distancing to vaccines and therapeutics, federal pronouncements and actions have confidently rebuffed contrary evidence before sometimes — quietly — coming around.



Oakland Teachers Found Out The Hard Way The Social Justice Model Of Reading Is A Disaster


Bill Tozer


‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Is The Opposite Of Gender-Affirming And Caring

“But there are no guarantees of victory, in large part because many people may be in too deep to back down. Democrats in general, and the Biden administration in particular, have embraced transgender ideology. They have done everything from putting men in women’s shelters to using school lunch programs for poor children as leverage to force schools to adopt the rainbow agenda, including letting males into girls’ locker rooms. And, of course, pretty much every major left-wing group has followed the LGBT lobby into pushing a radical transgender agenda.

Nor is it only politicians and activists who have staked their credibility on the trans agenda. From education to entertainment to Big Business, a lot of people have embraced transgender ideology, including medically transitioning children. The medical industry in particular has a lot to lose, both in credibility and cash, if the transition train slows down. This may explain why pro-trans research is routinely published even though the studies are mostly low quality, with some being demonstrably terrible. The goal isn’t to publish good research, but to provide cover for an ideology that is chemically and surgically sterilizing children.

And, of course, there is pride — no, not the rainbow celebrations sponsored by big business, but actual personal pride. Will parents who bought into gender transition admit the harm they have done to their children? Will liberals admit not only that they were wrong, but that Christian conservatives were right? These and similar truths may be too hard for many to accept.“


The Party of Science? Good one. Since the Dems are all in on the mental disability of being confused about one’s gender (recent 4th Circuit ruling made it a disability), there is quite volatile reactions to those who just don’t get it.

Twitter, as other readers have pointed out, have banned the use of the word ‘groomer’. Hate speech or something. Violation of ever shifting violations. Ok fine.

Is it just me or have other readers (even the new readers with virgin ears that must be sheltered from boorish behavior in our civilization)….has any else noticed that those who object the loudest to being labeled groomers are the groomers and pedophiles and sexual predators? A deviant by any other name is still a perv.

Of course, the progressives have a different criteria for what once was know as science.

Scott O

BT 9:06 - When the Dems declare they are the "party of science" what they are really trying to say is they believe themselves to be the "party of THE truth".
The ones at the top know this for what it really is and the useful idiots that vote for them mostly are the true believers.
Increasingly, they are more open and overt about censorship and the need for 'modifying' our 1st Amendment rights.
Legislating 'hate crimes' leads to being able to regulate 'hate speech' and eventually what we think.
Science requires free inquiry and free speech - the Dems are actually the anti-science party.
Worse - a healthy society and govt always requires the free flow of information. By preventing information feedback loops of the financial and technological sort, we will/are start/starting to fall into 3rd world scenarios.

The Estonian Fox

Even MORE Science;
This from the Christian Science Monitor, not the Babylon Bee. https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Education/2022/0817/New-California-law-Let-teens-sleep-in-on-school-days

As millions of California students head back to school this month, they’ll get a bit more time before their alarms go off. Cali is the first to mandate start times in public schools –to allow teens much-needed winks. Middle schools can start no earlier than 8 a.m., and high schools no earlier than 8:30 a.m.

The law is based on studies that show teenagers aren’t getting enough sleep – and that their health and performance improve when they do.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has declared teen sleep deprivation a public health issue, calling teens “chronically sleep deprived and pathologically sleepy.” Yet no mention of gender dysphoria as a public health issue.

Unfortunately, other studies were not mentioned:
There is a hidden study, which shows teenagers aren’t studying enough – and that their long-term health and performance improve when they do. Cue the video games theme.

There is a second hidden study, which shows (black) teenagers aren’t obeying (gun) laws enough – and that their long-term health and performance improve when they do.

So many laws, so little time.

The Estonian Fox

Russian woman commentator killed with car bomb. "After a remote-controlled explosion, Vovk and her daughter fled through the Pskov Region to Estonia, the security services said."

Estonians weren't worried about retaliation. "We are so small, the Russkies don't know how to locate us after 30 years."

Bill Tozer

‘CDC Suddenly Discovers Personal Risk Assessment After Mandate Damage Is Done’

In its updated guidelines, the CDC embraces positions it once deemed misinformation, but the damage from Covid mandates is already done.


“The damage brought by the CDC cannot be so quickly forgotten”

Bill Tozer



The Estonian Fox

Science is not lost. NASA's Artemis (Apollo the Hunter's twin-sister) unmanned mission is due to launch next week (29th), go around the moon & return. I finally read the (rmg = Royal Museums Greenwich review of) NASA description and saw this, listed first amongst a number of other objectives:

Equality: a chief aim for NASA is to land the first woman and first person of colour on the lunar surface (ca 2026).

No mention of returning them. Word on the street is the woman has actually proclaimed Cherokee heritage (a two-fer). And the (half-) black-fella is said to own a $12M estate on Martha's Vineyard.


If we are lucky, the moon monster will eat it when it's on the far side. Or China's Chang'e-4 lander there will use its 100-MW UV laser. Artemis the Hunted.

Bill Tozer


“In my opinion, the responses of governments to the covid epidemic represent the worst failure of public policy since, at least, the Vietnam War. In fact, the covid responses were probably more destructive than Vietnam. You would likely have to go back to the perverse reactions of the Hoover/Roosevelt administrations to the Great Depression to find their equal.”

“Little by little the truth of lockdown is being admitted: it was a disaster.”


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