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28 August 2022


Scott O

Maybe actual emergencies will concentrate their minds?
"In Europe, energy crisis drives growing cutbacks"
Naw - the last thing they'll do is admit the Tangerine Terror was correct - they'd rather freeze in the dark.
The globe is awash with cheap energy.
BTW - how's the hurricane season going? AlGore claims it's worsest ever in all of history going back to the Pliocene era.

Scott O

Looks like the weather isn't going along with the 'narrative'.
Laughable quote:
"Somnolent August is no guarantee of calm seas and skies ahead."
I see - and there were guarantees before this?
Where are the folks telling us there would be increased hurricane activity. It was "settled science" as I recall.
Oh sorry - AlGore would love to talk but his private jet is waiting. He needs to fly somewhere to tell everyone about the increase in hurricane activity.
I'll bet all the folks drowned on the Spanish galleons would have loved to hear about these 'guarantees' of no hurricanes.

Vern Pilder

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Tony Medler

Although it is time demanding to wade through Porter Stansberry’s come on ads, the latest one, featuring Bill Bonner has one of the clearest descriptions of the train wreck that is coming at us through the efforts of climate control prophets and their efforts to do away with polluting energy sources. Try to Google “Bill Bonner”, select “4th Pediction” and view video. Try to forget that this is a feature to sell their service and stick through the first half. Well thought out presentation.

Bill Tozer

Report: No named Atlantic hurricanes through nearly all of July and August, first time since 1941


The Estonian Fox

BT @5:42

You are wrong on the no-named-storms.
You must have forgotten about that Tangerine Tornado. Didn't our storm troopers, uhhh - fighters I mean, attempt to snuff that out 3 or 4 times in the last 5 years? Why does it seem to still be in the news? Is a Tornado allowed to be in circulation (no pun intended) for that long, with maybe only 5% containment?

On a lighter note - from More-Than-Just-the-News (a really back issue)


Bill Tozer

The E Fox:

Link does not work. “No secure connection to server”. Hmmm. Shadow banned? The Empire strikes back. The election censorship has begun. Democracy dies in darkness.

The Estonian Fox

Bill, sorry.

I used to (think) that I worked for the Babylon Bee. The connection WAS secure about 49 millennia ago. What with the distaste for secure carbon-based fuels recently, link must have been disconnected for non-payment.

And it was a really back issue.

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