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16 September 2022


Bill Tozer

Karen’s, Scolds, and Shrews

Well Doc, I cannot believe there are more folks out there that believe men can get pregnant than those who believe in Bigfoot.

While 7,000 illegal immigrants pass through small poor Texas border towns each and every day……the limousine liberals still aren’t happy.

Pick a card, any card:

-‘Humanitarian Crisis’; Nets MELT DOWN Over DeSantis Flights to Martha’s Vineyard

-MSNBC Accuses Abbott And DeSantis Of 'Human Trafficking'

-KJP Rides Struggle Bus Through Basic Questions from Heinrich, Welker on the Border

-MSNBC Guest FREAKS Over 'Evil' DeSantis Migrant Shipment

-Fact Check: False! MSNBC Analyst Paints Biden As A 'Retired War Hero'

-Nets WAIL Over ‘Inhumane’, 'Attention Seeking' DeSantis Migrant Stunt

-NY Times Paints Gov. DeSantis As Right-Wing Strongman, ‘Crush[ing] Adversaries’

-Whoopi RAGES Over ‘Nasty’ Gov. DeSantis Sending Illegals to Lib Cities

-'Wet A** P***y' Rapper Goes Dry: Complains About Biden’s High Price of Living

-New California Law Will Target So-Called ‘Disinformation’ Online

‘So my wish to be with you, to search your heart and ask your God what you are doing to the black people’


Bill Tozer

The ‘MAGA Republican’ Smear Is About Turning Democrats’ Political Opponents Into The Government’s Enemy

President Joe Biden, his administration, and his allies are making clear that ‘MAGA Republicans’ are persona non grata in America.


Bill Tozer

Headline browsing


Beep Beep

DeSantis On Newsom Urging DOJ Probe Over Migrants: ‘His Hair Gel Is Interfering With His Brain Function’


Don Bessee

Looks like all that celebrating was a mite premature for creepy grampa joe -

Only 39 percent of Americans approve of President Joe Biden, while just 25 percent of independents approve of the president, a Wednesday Ipsos poll revealed.

Only nine percent of Americans say Biden’s America is headed in the right direction.



Bill Tozer

Martha’s Vineyard on social media


Don Bessee

No shit sherlock -

ABC correspondent says White House wants to be ‘talking about literally anything else’ besides immigration
'This close to the midterm election talking about immigration and the border is not their first pick'



Barry Pruett

The race between freedom and totalitarianism is a sprint to the finish line - winner take all. We are on the final stretch.

Bill Tozer

Dr Rebane. You have been sounding rather pessimistic since that long road trip back home. Well, Ann Counter said it’s over, Goodbye America, when Trump did not send troops to the border with all the aircraft we have circling overhead. Conveys of troops. Didn’t happen. It’s over. We lost CA and the nation forever. Even Mark Levine took awhile to over losing the Virginia Statehouse. But, not no more.

Yes, the Republicans have always folded like a cheap suit (for the fiftieth time). That is why the Party is now in a transitional period. Anyway, “They are many we are few. They are big, we are small. They are powerful, we are weak,” is the biggest lie of them all. Not to discount your reasoned and seasoned pessimism. We face a formidable enemy of our Republic.

“The demand for white supremacy” coming from FBI brass “vastly outstrips the supply of white supremacy,” one agent told the Washington Times. “We have more people assigned to investigate white supremacists than we can actually find.”

H/T to PJ Media
‘FBI Agents Accuse Biden of Pressuring FBI to Fabricate 'Extremist' and 'White Supremacist' Cases’

Yep, you are now under the threat of the FBI knocking on your door if you question a judge’s decision or talk about Delaware’s mail in ballot provisions (just got tossed by Delaware’s Supreme Court)…or how to hunt wild boar and dig a hole in a forest fire to survive or what to stock up on survive in a disaster or if civil order collapses…or have a Lets Go Brandon flag flying on the flagpole under Old Glory and under a POW/MIA flag. That would do it. Any IF you donated to Trump….oh boy, you are the enemy now. That have subpoenaed all Trump’s donation records….for the Jan 6 Committee.

Jordan: FBI won't answer allegation vet-led preparedness group listed as domestic violent extremists
The group, American Contingency, was founded by former Green Beret Mike Glover.

“Jordan says some violent extremists might identify with how the group, American Contingency, is cited in a leaked FBI guide. Another issue for the Ohio lawmaker, over which others have already been raising concerns, is the FBI saying such symbols as the "Betsy Ross Flag" and "2A," short for the Second Amendment, are associated with violent extremism.

The group's name did not appear in a search Thursday morning of the FBI's Domestic Terror Watch list.

Former Green Beret Mike Glover, who founded the group in July 2020, has denied the FBI's accusations of terrorism and spoken about his organization's charity work during natural disasters.

>>>>>]The same month American Contingency was founded, the FBI concluded that the group "desires to assist Americans in preparing themselves for catastrophic events and not to overthrow the United States Government," Jordan quoted an FBI report.”


Well, it looks like we are in a one party crisis for sure. But with libs walking among us anytime is crisis time. No matters what happens during the midterms, they have been smoked out for all to see….or those who care to see. The voters will decide. Let’s Go Brandon.

Remember, Custer plenty blew Big Horn.

Scott O

Barry - "...is a sprint to the finish line - winner take all."
Uh, not at all sure how that works.
The totalitarians don't have to 'race' anywhere. They just exist and do their thing. Calmly and slowly, they took over the educational system and then waited for the crops to bear fruit. Now their zombies are running most of the govt and they have moved into the sciences and medical fields. They run the boardrooms and the classrooms. They have turned the arms of govt into Dem goon squads. Eventually they will take the Supreme Court and then there will be 'competition' but it won't be a race. It will be something terrible.

Bill Tozer

A Tale of Two Donors

“This is what happens when bias meets financial illiteracy and gross incompetence: Two New York Times stories, three weeks apart, paint a liberal as a hero for executing the same transaction for which the paper’s reporters had just villainized a conservative.”


Scott O

Can you imagine - they even sent kids??!!
That hell hole?
Martha's Vineyard?
The Dems made damn sure those awful brown people were sent packing post haste!
Look, it's after Labor Day and some of them still had white clothes on. They just wouldn't be comfortable here - they need to be with 'their own kind'.
Really now - the shelter on the island didn't even have enough china and silver settings for all of them. It's for the best.


Posted by: Scott O | 17 September 2022 at 07:33 AM

Yeah….rookie mistake on DeSantis part! He gives each of his “gifts” a leaf blower and they would be perfectly camouflaged in Martha’s Vinyard. Each blending seamlessly into the background without troubling the local Wypipo.


Latest news….

AMERICA’S NEWSPAPER OF RECORD: Migrants Decline Newsom’s Offer Of Asylum In CA Since They Just Came From A Collapsing Communist Hellhole With No Electricity.


Don Bessee

It just screams what they think of the average voter's intelligence -



Bill Tozer

Don @ 12:53 pm

Biden Administration Claims It Has Taken ‘Unprecedented Action’ to Secure Border????

I’ll say. The Biden Administration has taken unprecedented action in our history to…to…to make sure there is no impediment to thousands of illegals aliens to enter without permission. To those who claim that their grandparents came in through Ellis Island as one of my grandfathers did, I would say, “ Damn straight, they came here legally.”

No wonder the Dems hate law as well as order.

Did you hear we caught a convinced murdered from Nicaragua who has been deported twice after his murder conviction in 1997. Wonder what he would have contributed to our great nation? Nothing. Absolutely nothing but more crime, more victims, and more being put up in a fancy hotel at taxpayers expense.

Speaking of fancy hotels, look what our shithole State is scheming up next. Unbelievable. The City Council rejected the idea, so now it goes on the ballot.


Bill Tozer

re update: National Conservatism.

The ‘natcons’ are here to stay

Internal fights there will be, but they will make the right stronger

How to Get through the “Nationalism” Minefield


George Rebane

DonB 1253pm - The leadership of leftwing political movements have always, always counted on the utter ignorance AND also the stupidity of those in the masses whom they hope to attract into their constituencies. This has been a constant in all the lands the Left has sought to rule since the 1789 French Revolution. America has not escaped this siren song sung today by Democrats to the dimwitted among our nation's voters.


And from the resident "Demo Agitator" on this subject??? CRICKETS! Probably because he can't think of any "TRUMP" gotcha questions by which to deflect...

Bill Tozer

Is it just me or did others notice Gov. Newsom wearing a long sleeve fleece while exhorting Californians to reduce power consumption, unplug computers, turn the AC up to 78 degrees (it not higher) and not use appliances or plug in EVs during peak hours of demand. Looks to me that Governor Newsom was the only one in CA cold enough to be wearing a long sleeve fleece jacket during our September heat wave. What a putz.

‘The Covid-Response Playbook Is Coming To An Energy Crisis Near You’


Bill Tozer

I see a few folks are still getting some mileage out of the Humanitarian Crisis.
Bad Rafael, Bad.

‘Ted Cruz Urges DeSantis, Abbott To Send Illegal Immigrants To 3 New Liberal Spots’


Don Bessee

Sharing is a basic good. LOL


Don Bessee

The lack of self-awareness or irony is stunning. So how do the border towns feel with 10s of thousands unannounced eh? -

"It's a problem because we don't know when the buses are coming, how many buses are coming.



Bill Tozer

“Sharing is a basic good. LOL”

It is better to give than to receive.
‘They Are Actually Thanking [DeSantis] for Having Brought Them to Martha’s Vineyard’


Bill Tozer

The Day Democrats Felt Personally Attacked By Having To Care For Illegal Immigrants


As a side note, besides Martha’s Vineyard being a summer playground for billionaires, James Taylor is one of its noted residents. He is so vain he probably thinks this comment is about him.

Side note #2: With the much fewer full time residents on Martha’s Vineyard (third largest island on the East Coast covering about 96 sq. miles or 55,000 acres) than the summertime jet setters, the full time residents/service workers proclaimed in a defensive posture that they do not have the means to care for the illegals ad the average income of those full time residents (workers) is $70,000/year….to which a Hispanic Mayor of a border town declared the average income in his area is $30,000/year and they care for thousands passing through…without the means to do so.

Bill Tozer

Well, I would rather live in Trump’s broken border world than in our current secure border world.

Let’s look at what’s on everyone’s mind at the moment, especially on the mean streets of Martha’s Vineyard. Vice President Harris says “the border is secure.” Maybe her best nonsense word salad ever. Here’s what “secure” looks like:



Whole Foods

I sense much desperation on this site from the host's diatribes against women, blacks, and the march toward MAGA extremism.
The hosts denigrates educated women, and assumed anyone not a rank MAGA is an idiot when in fact the QAnon prone MAGA are far more dangerously ignorant and mind controlled.


Posted by: Whole Foods | 21 September 2022 at 07:21 AM

Hi dugsKKKi!

Bill Tozer

Good Morning Whole Foods.

Your comment about educated women should be under the post, ‘The Real Threat to Our Republic’ (updated 12sep22). Over there you can really let your opinion and observations be heard and appreciated. Thank you in advance for moving your comment to the proper place. Carry on.

Glad you survived the one day Humanitarian Crisis. The next plane carrying illegal aliens flight path and itinerary were posted on-line yesterday. The plane is going to somewhere in Delaware near some beach house.

No worries, my fine fellow. Joe Biden will be safe. He had a good fence surrounding his beach property installed paid for by us taxpayers at the direction of our Homeland Security chief….so he knows walls work.

Women, women, women is over at The The Real Threat to Our Republic’ (updated 12sep22). I like women.

Scott O

Whole Fool 7:21 - "...from the host's diatribes against women, blacks, and the march toward MAGA extremism."
Well, I guess if you have no facts or reasonable argument against what George has written, then just show up with a pathetically false characterization.

Better hide under your bed and keep listening to Biden's warnings about the Ultra-MAGA and Semi-fascists!
They're everywhere now!
Booga booga!

Bill Tozer

PS to Whole Foods @ this morn.

Just kidding about the flight of immigrants to Biden’s beach house. The internet rumors abounded and DeSantis played his cards close to the vest and just when it reached its pitch, he said no, no flights to the Delaware White House by the sea. That dude is awesome. Played them like fiddle. Now the R’s have filed a FOIA to see more info of those 70 flights of illegals from New York to Forth Lauderdale. And all those AMTRAK trains going all over the USA and….let’s take a look at what the hair sniffer has been up to.

The law states clearly that illegals who come in contact with the Border Patrol SHALL BE DETAINED until the hearing.

As far as women go, Nancy will resign from Congress next year. Do you really believe she will go from third in line from the Presidency to just a back seater who just is one vote amidst 440? And I dream of the day when the FBI raids Sally Yeats’s home and make her lay down on the floor….with the Frog Team there in case she tries to escape by jumping into her pool.

Hey, you like AOC more than the average bear, so I hear where you are coming from.


Whore Fool at 721a

"I sense much desperation on this site from the host's diatribes against women, blacks, and the march toward MAGA extremism"

Did you really mean to write "blacks" and not "Blacks"? For shame, Grasshopper. For shame.

I've been married twice (never divorced) and both my wives had or have master's degrees. The first wifey had a BS in Math and an MS Electrical Engineering, neither of which are the sorts of indoctrinations that were being (correctly) denigrated by our host.

Current wife has an MBA, also not on the RR hit list.

Bill Tozer

‘Ridicule Is Man’s Most Potent Weapon’

“I think the reason for the freak-out was explained by Saul Alinsky half a century ago. The fifth of his “rules for radicals” is:

Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”


Bill Tozer

I agree with the WH press secretary. Sending anyone to Blue States does indeed put them at risk.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 September 2022 at 05:28 AM

I suppose it was inevitable that KJP would eventually stumble into making an accurate statement!


Bill Tozer

The topic of National Conservatism has been floated twice recently. Haven’t popped the hood and looked at the engine yet. With that disclaimer aside, saw a article header last week (can’t find it and didn’t read article) that went something like, ‘Dems Do Not Know How To Handle Republican Governors Welding Power.’ A tenet of National Conservatism is more legally welding power that they are invested with by the State Constitution than the usual shying away from it. De Santis came to mind.


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