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02 September 2022



His struggle is their struggle.

Scott O

All this "danger to democracy" is hyperbolic spittle-blowing. Trump was POTUS for 4 years in charge of the F-15s and nuke weapons and while he was still in power, we had an election that put the Dems in power of both Houses and the Presidency.
After Georgia passed "Jim Crow II" there was a greater turnout of blacks than ever.
It's straight down the line, complete bull shit.
I have never heard anyone even try to show how conservatives trying to have an open, honest, clean election are a "danger to democracy".
The Dems have been caught red handed using fed agencies for political gain of power and the totally uneven application of the law. Even worse is the admission that Biden's admin was working hand-in-glove with social media to stifle or even censor free speech. They know what is coming if the conservatives gain even the House. We can expect even more hysteria and mindless ranting from the brain-dead corpse the left have propped up in the Oval Office.

Barry Pruett

Rubicon was crossed by MAL raid by FBI. Democrats are Totalitarians. Period.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Ben speaks his mind.

‘Biden Says Trumpism Is America’s Sickness, But Leftist Cancer Is What’s Really Killing Us’


Bill Tozer

While we can post dozens of links about the speech, what is important is the shot has been fired over the bow. There will not be a second warning shot. There is a witch in the sky overhead writing out, “Surrend Dorothy”. Here is one link about the speech. What comes next is more important than a speech.

Byron York
‘Biden's American carnage speech’



…..and then regret.

"Whoops I did an accidental fascism and declared war on most of the country and am now going to dramatically and absurdly walk it back after my corporate media legion humiliated themselves by defending me." -- Joe Biden

To Joe’s credit he already can’t remember the other night.

Bill Tozer

When Trump first hit the scene and was the rage of 24/7 CNN All Trump All The Time and he was calling into Joe Scarborough live and folks were ordering cable tv just to see Trump……well, it was about that time when Dem starting dissing the Trump supportors and (I can’t remember exactly who, but it was a big name like Harry Reid) who watched a colleague diss the Trump supports and remarked, “it is political suicide to attack those who support Trump.” 2015 I believe. I did not get it at the time but thought that was an either very insightful from him to say it or I did not get it. Trump was blowing the doors off the rallies with arena record crowds, ad lib everything, no pollster, and I was thinking, “What’s he talking about?”

For awhile, until the newness wore off, they did try to isolate Trump from Republicans and Wal-Mart shoppers. For awhile. Besides, if Trump won, the Republicans would all in one voice block him for doing anything, and he would be forced to resign. Trump did not plan on winning anyhow. He wants to start a new cable network. That did not seem to work with the Rs confronting him and telling him to quit, so the 25 Amendment was the next confidentiality stated sure fire move. But, that did not go as planned.

Turn the page to today. Biden forgot those words of Harry Reid (or someone of that statue in the Democrat Party) from back then. We, whether we are guilty or innocent, whether a Trump die-hard to the bitter end or not, we whether we are Republicans or Conservatives or Civil Libertarians or not, we, whether we like it or not, we are the enemy.

Whether it is political suicide to attack TRUMP supporters (just about everybody who won’t condemn and denounce TRUMP cacophonous enough) are the enemy. Was it fish or scenes who used to say, “You may not be interested in them, but they are very interested in you.”

Now, exactly what do we do with that load of manure dropped in our laps Thursday night? Yes, I spoke in the Royal We tongue. Fuck Joe Biden and his supporters and TDSers near and far. We have been called out. Yes, we.



Paul Emery


I would simplify things to say Trump is unqualified to become President because of mental instability. There are so many examples of this that there is no need to document. I'm off on the road doing sound gigs till Monday so I'll catch up then. Hope you had a pleasant journey.

Paul Emery

Here's an example of Trumps wisdom and prudence.

"On Truth Social, Trump wrote, "Bill Barr had 'no guts,' and got 'no glory.' He was a weak and pathetic RINO, who was so afraid of being Impeached that he became a captive to the Radical Left Democrats - 'Please, please, please don’t impeach me,' he supposedly said. Barr never fought the way he should have for Election Integrity, and so much else. He started off OK as A.G., but faded fast - Didn’t have courage or stamina. People like that will never Make America Great Again!"


Bill Tozer


Biden’s speech was not about Trump. Biden’s speech was the 71 million Americans who voted for Trump are they enemy know. The Republicans (with a few exceptions like Liz Cheney or Mitt) are they threat to our democracy now.

It was not a President speech as we have come to know Presidential speeches or addresses to the nation.

No, it was political attack speech with the full weight of the US Government standing there on the ready as the enforcer. You got F-15’s, punks? If you are not for us, then you are to be crushed. There is more to it than ‘Trump is crazy, insane, unfit”. 71 million more parts o it.

Trump was right about one thing.

“Trump told the audience Saturday that Williams "took a hard punch in the face for all of us." Meanwhile, Williams said many conservative students face "discrimination, harassment or worse if they dare speak up on campus."”


Yep, exactly like Punchy pounding away every day here. It’s not Trump, it’s us he is after. Boy, Is if ever us they are pounding on….their fists may say ‘Trump’, but their mouths are saying, “We hate you, we hate you, we hate you!” In Nevada County, we are the enemy territory. They are pissed off and hell bent on revenge.

Fair enough. So are we. Only thing left to do is vote and not knock their heads around like they do ours. Locks in the Socks is them, not us.

Paul Emery

So Bill are you saying that Trump ne3ver engages in giving a " political attack speech "?

Bill Tozer

Not as an address to the nation, dipshit. Yes, that is what I am saying. To be clear, that is exactly what I am saying…..there is always jabs (Obama dissing the Roberts Court in the State of the Union), but not a hyped up important address to the nation by the President.

Did I make myself clear, you with the U-Lok in the sock?


Whole Foods

You might be a MAGA if,

You think Trump won the election
You believe that Democrats eat babies in the basement of a pizza parlor
You shun Bill Barr because he spoke the truth about Trump on Fox
You shun Fox because they let Bill Barr speak truth
You shun Liz Cheney
You shun Adam Kinzinger
You believe the My Pillow Guy
You believe 2000 mules
You believe Sidney Powell
You believe Rudy Guiliani
You supported the Proud Boys
You think the FBI and Deep State are out to get Trump
You don't think Trump should have been forced to return government
property he hid from the National Archives
You think Trump should be able to leave classified materials laying
around his golf club
You don't think a dozen empty folders marked Classified means anything.
You think Hunter Biden's laptop is very significant even though the
Wall Street Journal said there is nothing there.

This will complete your Phase 1 MAGA appraisal.

If you agree with any of the above statements, you might be a MAGA deplorable.


Posted by: Whole Foods | 03 September 2022 at 01:19 PM

YoU weRe MOrE FUn wHEn U ranDoMLY MiXEd iN CaPItoL lettERS dugsKKKi.

Bill Tozer

WFoods. Deplorable. Hell no, we be irredeemables. Like, store won’t take it back, irredeemable. Like, cannot be rehabilitated. Waste of time to send them to mental health. Like, what do you want on your Tombstone Pizza irredeemable. Dregs of society just does not quite capture the essence. Irredeemable. Vive les miserables.

Didn’t you bring Doing Jr along today? Guess he is still on time out. Well, he is here. He has big time mommie issues, but it comes out as daddy issues. Like Obama.

Don Bessee

All a scam -



Paul Emery

Just to make it clear the Paul who posted 12:16 is not me although it's intended to do appear to be so. Pretty sad and desperate.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 03 September 2022 at 02:40 PM

Wow…..narcissist much? Who are you to minimize the lived experiences of somebody else named Paul. You sicken me!


I suspect either "Paul" would be very comfortable with parallel lightning bolts on their epaulettes and shiny polished leather jack boots upon their collective feet...

Bill Tozer

Hey, dipshit. I am the only one who posted at 12:16 pm. WTF is wrong with you? I know musicians can’t tell their asses from a hole in the ground and are a not too bright and certainly cannot use the rarely functioning left side of the brain and all…..but what kind of drugs are you on now, music man, flim-flam man? What snake oil your are selling?

I highly recommend you quit tasting the wares and leave some for the customers. Bad business plan. Poor guy has lost the last two brain cells he had left. Now, without that pair, what’s he going to use to rub two things together.

Don Bessee

Note to zucky you are not really a master of the universe, its just an expression -



Don Bessee

So make up a lie to cover for your bad play and the video shows there was no slur as confirmed by the people in the area. What do they do act like its real and cancel games our of 'fear' ROFLOL They cannot even tell a good lie. -


Bill Tozer

It was probably Punchy posing as Paul just to get some attention. How long did he say he would be hanging around? It thought he said his goodbyes and was going to pawn off never white kids as blues musicians to a dirty white kid audience. What, are the going to do some break dancing and get funky and do the twitchen bitchen rubber chicken or the Freaky Puncjy? Do they play raggee and rastaman their hair and tell white audiences it’s authentic?

Hey Punch, you are late to your own funeral. Chop, chop. Traveling white train tramps trying to pull a scam and be hailed as blues players. You mean like Green Day or something. I hate scammers. Liars. Punchies.

Just like The Music Man. Unbelievable. Do the freaky on your back, now turn over and do the crab.


punchy 1104a

You are not qualified to pass judgement on Trump's mental stability... or anyone else's.

Biden's Mein Kampf speech was over the top. Period.

Bill Tozer

Again, Gregory does the ‘well put, sir.’

Also, Paul Eminem, when I am taking to my like minded readers concerning the Democrat Rubicon, it has nothing to do with you. You may listen, but it has nothing to you. It is an in-house discussion and you don’t see anyone of us jumping in to tell the Dems how to run their affairs or to join in on their thoughts among themselves.

The Dems Rubicon. Rubicon. The day of the RAID, Rubicon was the third most trending search after Florida and Mar-a-Lago. Rubicon and Crossing the Rubicon was number two on trending topics. Hint, hint

And, dipshit, you always go by Paul Emery as the name when posting before hitting ‘Post’. Everyone knows a Paul is not Paul Emery. Everyone but you.

Who is this Paul you speak of?


Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

The rumor that they hired here to make creepy grampa joe rings true -



Michael Kesti

Biden's priorities made clear.


Bill Tozer

Claremont calling. Any Harvey-Mudders out there.? William Allen


“A couple days ago we linked to Bill’s commentary on the ongoing Eastman controversy, and today I see he has posted a five-minute commentary on Biden’s Philadelphia speech. If you take this in carefully—and it may require more than one viewing—you’ll see how his calm analysis is totally devastating, but without a note of overt rancor. It only conveys a small hint of what Bill was like in the classroom:“


Good list, Michael Kesti @ this fine Sunday morn.


Bill Allen was born on the poor side of the tracks in Florida, with language to match... he pulled himself out of the language trap he was born into when he realized (as a young teenager?) what it told of his future. I remember Dr. Allen with his infant daughter on his knee (she's now a professor at Harvard) telling a small group of us gathered i his apartment how he talked to her in proper English.

I also remember him being quoted in the local paper telling the Clareville school board their bussing plan wouldn’t work to balance out the local schools because there weren't enough black kids for every white kid to own one.

Whole Foods

President Biden needed to do a better job of defining the radical MAGA elements but to borrow a phrase from Justice Potter Stewart, "I know it when I see it"

How many critiques Mr. Allen has provided to the public on The Former Guy?
I am going to guess it is a number less than 1.

Here are a few random search results regarding Trump's divisiveness,

 Trump stokes national divisions in Fourth of July speech
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 Analysis: Trump's legacy: A more divided America, a more unsettled ...
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 Political divisions characterize Trump's 2020 UNGA speech - CGTN
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 Trump doubles down on divisive messaging in speech to honor ...
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 Donald Trump and Fellow Republicans Highlight America’s Divisions ...
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Scott O

hole foods - "Here are a few random search results regarding Trump's divisiveness,..."
Wow - a bunch of Trump haters' opinions of Trumps speeches.
We notice there wasn't a single example or fact presented.
Of course when you have no facts to back up your BS, then just go with a bunch 'opinions'.
If a lot of people say it, it must be true?
Biden can't define who he's talking about because he has no idea of what he's saying.
The admin is already stumbling over their 'clarification'.
The entire speech was an effort to try to distract from the utter failure of the Dems to do anything positive for America. So, lets just tell a pack of lies about the opposition.
Nice try. Even lefty Dems are shaking their heads at this oratorical dumpster fire.

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ 11:16 am

With Punchy sleeping it off again and sloowly clearing the cobwebs out of his head and easing gently into the afternoon, we know which person here is divisive. With Punchy slow to arrive (and for a good excusable reason), someone sticks out like a sore divisive thumb today.. Someone. Someone going solo. A lone wolf terrorist who is trying to divide us, as the FBI warned us about. Like the San Bernardino holiday office party.

He will not divide us!

Scott O

BT - That was the first John Fahey number I heard decades ago.
Oh wait - oh, OFFICE party.
Never mind.

Bill Tozer

Scott O.

You are off-topic here and that now includes me. Bad dogs, bad. “Oh, aren’t they just the cutest things they get scolded.? Look at those eyes.” Ug, emm, errr, ‘We bad’. Let’s s discuss your taste in guitar music that put me to sleep. Yep, I nodded right off listening to the strings. To the penalty box we go. To the Sandbox. Off topic. Non compliance.

fish fingered me years ago. I do not appreciate the sounds of the gee-tar, as soothing as they can be, as must a people do. Never took an Art Appreciation 10I class or an intro to crayons course either. Did do some finger painting at a Parks and Rec summer pre-school once. Don’t think I passed that class by the look on the grownups’faces. :)

H/T to Mr. fish. I love ya, brother.


Now, off to the Sandbox to discuss cultural appropriation and tastes in music boxes. Is a Hawaiian a true sushi chef? Or just a close enough stand in for the real culture?
Last one there is a rotten…err…better not say it……ug….egg!


The Transgender Movement Isn’t Just Targeting Kids, It’s Targeting Families


Let’s go Brandon, go far away.

Bill Tozer



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