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09 September 2022


Whole Foods

Steve, Build The Wall Back Better, Bannon MAGA grifter, money launderer, fraudster did not have a good day yesterday.

Bill Tozer

Greetings Whole Foods. Nice of you to stop by. Mama said there would be days like that, there will be days like that my momma said.


Power to the people! Free Steve Bannon! Free All Political Prisoners! Your Mother wears combat boots!

Bill Tozer

Things are looking just Peachy in Georgia.

Herschel Walker closes gap with Sen. Warnock, now leads by 3 points in Georgia Senate poll


Mercy. Must be past Labor Day when people with children on their own start tuning in. You know, the Deplorables.

You got that right, sugar plumb.

Beep Beep

As adults ditch their masks, COVID mandates persist for lowest risk groups

“It's the same old, same old for low-income families in the federal Head Start program, however. Their children 2 and older, who are just learning how to speak, must continue masking despite the Department of Health and Human Services admitting its rules are inconsistent with the CDC's about-face on COVID guidance last month.

New Jersey's largest school district continues imposing masks six months after Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy ended statewide rules. Parent Anna Da Silva told Chalkbeat Newark that she would pull her 6-year-old, who has a "recurring skin infection that's triggered by rubbing from the mask," out of the district if it again denied her medical exemption.

>>>>The divergent practices continue a trend from the first round of rescinded mask mandates last year: the lower the risk from COVID, particularly by age, the more likely to be required to mask.”


Beep Beep

Lies, lies, everywhere you look, it lies and 1984. Trying to keep the power makes them do things that do not look out for others.

CDC Admits Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Concerns That Were Labeled Covid Misinformation Are Legit



He’s a tough guy as only a guy hiding behind real tough guys with guns for 50 years can be!

Watch: President Biden Calls Half Of All Americans A "Violent Threat To Democracy...Again!


Don Bessee

Looks like the ponytail of ignorance is going to have time on his hands to come entertain RR -

Due to concerns about unhealthy air quality, KVMR has made the very hard decision to cancel the Wee Celtic Festival scheduled to happen (tomorrow) Saturday September 10.


Bill Tozer

Don @ 3:52 pm

Well, they all could wear N-95/masks, adults, kids, singers, minstrels, and all the wee ones in between. No maskie, no get in. Heck, they can even mask Punchy’s sound equipment.

Momma said there would be days like this. From the weekend at the Fairgrounds in later September to Pioneer Park in earlier September, to the sounds of silence.

Fade to black.

Bill Tozer

The Celtic Show must go on! Send in the professional entertainer.


Don Bessee

More setbacks for the gun grabbers -



Michael Kesti

Bill Tozer | 09 September 2022 at 06:05 PM

I am all but absolutely certain that the sound system that was to be used for the Celtic Festival is not Paul's. He is a local performing musician and producer but does not run a sound company and is therefore unlikely to own a system capable of serving an event such as this. It is typical to hire the services of a sound company for such events.

Bill Tozer

Michael Kesti

Perhaps, perhaps not. The way I read it, when a group plays at the Miners Foundry Cultural Center or the Nevada Theater, whether Paul is involved or not, whether the venue makes money or not, Paul is happy to provide the audio equipment. ACME Concert Rents is a great idea and a good business to get into.

Plus he has a van.

Mr. Emery is a professional musician, producer and audio engineer (approx. 35 years). From 1998 to 2000, he contracted with Steve Lavere to restore vintage blues and jazz recordings. He has his own audio studio and audio production equipment (used for live sound, archiving, audio restoration, album/cd production and audio editing). He also owns a van used for equipment transport. Current clients, in addition to his own productions through Paul Emery Presents, include NC Chamber of Commerce, The Center for the Arts, Strings Concerts, KVMR, Nevada Theatre, Miners Foundry, Auburn Park and Recreation District, Alasdair Fraser, North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center, numerous bands, Legacy Productions, Oddfellows, GV Elks and others. In 2012, Emery was awarded the prestigious Dr. Leland and Sally Lewis Performing Arts award by the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce for his contribution and support of the performing arts in Nevada County.


Now, back to the Royal Tomatoes.

Bill Tozer

Michael Kesti

We will have to just and hear it from the horse’s throat. I myself and more of a classical music kind of guy and enjoy the sounds of the violin, cello, and those sounds that pull on the heartstrings in man’s quest to rise closer to God.



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 09 September 2022 at 06:41 PM

Impressive.....must have been using the infamous Double Bass case to collect enough change to afford all that gear!

“The double bass, also known simply as the bass (or by other names), is the largest and lowest-pitched bowed (or plucked) string instrument[1] in the modern symphony orchestra”

Bill Tozer

I thought this may be appropriate in the About Last Night Biden Speech post, but fish and I like stuff about the former My Gal Hillary, Whole Foods likes to read about the Deplorables, and let’s face it folks, a lot of us are getting older. Heck, I am been getting hear aid junk Mail for the last five years. How about a woman’s perspective? Jo Ann might enjoy it…or not.

Money quote: Why is the weasel word “semi” attached?

Ammo Grrrll takes note: NOT MY WORLD ANY MORE. She writes:

You begin to get a hint that the World thinks you are nearing the end of your tenure here when your mail consists largely of Hearing Aid ads, Walk-In Tubs and Cremation literature. It’s startling when you feel much younger and more alive than that. So a certain percentage of people apparently believe it’s time for you to move on, but the real shocker is when you begin to wonder if they aren’t right.

I suppose everyone who lives long enough experiences that moment when it becomes clear that it’s not their world anymore. Sometimes, it’s really BIG things – like your senescent, creepy, lying, corrupt Pedo-dent calling YOU – a righteous, elderly Jewish woman who has never done a single totalitarian or discriminatory thing in her entire very long life! — a “semi-Fascist.”

Why is the weasel word “semi” attached? It seems to me from a cursory glance at the historical record that being a “Fascist” is one of those “all-in” or “not at all” kinds of categories, like either being pregnant or not. But every single member of Team Biden is a blithering idiot – not a “semi-idiot” — so we have to make allowances. And the Team is led by a man who can’t remember for five seconds whether or not he has shaken hands with a person or how to get offstage without Dr. Mommy taking him by the hand. Who saw THIS coming?

His Mop-Top Kewpie Doll spokescretin explained that what Team Biden means by dangerous Ultra MAGA people is “if you don’t agree with the majority on any given issue, then you are an ‘extremist.’” That’s a direct quote, amigos. Sigh. In fact, “ten thousand million” sighs. Hey, you serfs, never for a moment forget that these people are our betters when most of them aren’t qualified to ask, “Would you like to see that shoe in taupe or black?”

I do not enjoy being called vile names. The last time a bitter hag called me a “Deplorable” (a terrible type of person she claimed hangs out in a basket, of all places…) and accused me of every bad thing on the “Ist List” – “racist,” “sexist,” you know the thing – I responded thusly in my third compilation book entitled Ammo Grrrll Returns Fire. I rarely quote myself, but I think this bears repeating:

“Hillary, you basket case of incompetence, lies, and incompetent lying; you burping Tupperware container of influence peddling, fee gouging and charity fraud; you rasping, coughing, plus-size pants suit of prevarication; you muffin-top of mendacity; you boring bin of dingbattery who sold a quarter of our uranium to Putin; you pathetic, insecure woman whose major claim to historic import is being born with female genitalia: SHUT UP!”

Fellow Deplorables may remember with unbridled joy that SHE LOST. And the name-calling was probably a significant part of the reason. It was one of the highlights of my life, right up there with the 1987 and 1991 Minnesota Twins’ World Series wins, my solo concert at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, and the birth of my child and marriage to my beloved, not necessarily in that order.”

Bill Tozer

Opps. The rest of the story


Don Bessee

The joys of the leftist criminal reforms aka no real consequences for the worst of the scucmbag criminals -

Suspect in Memphis Shooting Spree Previously Served Less Than One Year for Killing



Bill Tozer

CA leads, others follow.

“Authorities urged residents to charge cellphones and be ready to evacuate. Power shut-offs due to extreme fire weather, common in California, are new to the Pacific Northwest.”

Growing danger: Mosquito Fire over 29K acres


The Estonian Fox

BT @ 7:02-

Garcon, I'll have 2 dozen cello-bow-strings, por favor. And the same for my companion. Tout suite. Immediatement.

And make sure there are no heartstrings involved!

Paul Emery

How about Trumps big lies George-you know-he's goiong to balance the budget Canada is going to build the wall, he's going to pass an infrastructure bill etc..The you have the big one that he continues to spread that he actually won the election and it was stolen from him. I can go on and on, that's just a start.

By the way, no Celtic Festival today, cancelled because of smoke.

George Rebane

PaulE 955am - You're as predictable as the sunrise. Didn't think you'd attempt my question with a ten-foot-pole. In fact, you instinctively reverted back to Trump, and brought up the exact kind of 'lies' that I addressed as being gratuitous and of a completely different kind than the daily material lies that come out of Bumblebrain and Team Biden.

Bill Tozer

Biden’s economic victory lap is 58 pages of malarkey


That Joey Finger is a steel drivin’ truck driving man.

Beep Beep

“How about Trumps big lies George-you know- Canada is going to build the wall.”

Well, it is about time Canada builds a wall to keep the Canadians in and the riff-raff out.

The Schooz

Everybody do the Boogaloo!

‘California's Electric Boogaloo to Nowheresville’

“To enforce its rule . . . California would fine automakers up to $20,000 for every car that falls short of production targets. The state also could propose new amendments revising the sales targets if the market doesn’t react as state leaders hope, said Jennifer Gress, who leads the California air board’s sustainable transportation division.”


Whole Foods

Biden's Greatest Hits,


Whole Foods

Biden false statistical claims,


Whole Foods

State of the Union fact check,


Bill Tozer

GOP’s Unifying Midterm Strategy Should Treat Democrats’ Green Agenda As Culture War

As working-class voters shift away from the Democratic Party, the left’s agenda becomes increasingly entangled with the interests of elites, from environmentalism to student loan bailouts to marriage to policing.

Costly exodus: Jobs continue to flow from pro-union states to right-to-work states
Right-to-work (RTW) states have added 1.3 million jobs since 2020, while the others lost 1.1 million.


Bill Tozer

I was surprised at first by Justice Sotomayor stepping in to protect Yeshiva’s religious liberty in this case.
But OTOH, the protections of freedom of religion are pretty much Bonehead 101 looking at the first item of the 1st Amendment and the long history of case numerous precedents coming back hundreds of years. There are some things that even Sotomayor cannot overlook.

‘Supreme Court Sides With Yeshiva University In LGBTQ Club Case’


Paul Emery

George, are you saying it is not a lie when Trump claims the election was stolen and he is the rightful President? How much of a bigger lie could a President commit? He then used that lie to further his own fortunes by diverting fuunds to his own personal coffer.


Punchy, if Trump believes he wuz robbed, is it a lie when he says it?

He was targeted by FBI muckety mucks starting before he was elected, before he was even nominated, and the crap never stopped.

Bill Tozer

This Perpetrator sounds exactly like a member of Black Hebrew Israelite movement, the group that called out hateful slurs to Nick Sandmann’s high school classmates.
“They called us ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘white crackers,’ ‘faggots’ and ‘incest kids.’ They also taunted an African-American student from my school by telling him that we would ‘harvest his organs.’ I have no idea what that insult means, but it was startling to hear,” Sandmann wrote. Anyway……
‘Oh, So Here's the 'White Supremacist' Accused of Vandalizing a Gay Pride Crosswalk With Swastikas’

“After leftist activists on social media claimed that white supremacists were responsible for the vandalism, it's been revealed that Sampson has posted online content consistent with "anti-[S]emitic black identity extremism." Investigative journalist Andy Ngo was the first to find Sampson's posts expressing black nationalist views.”


Don’t tell me. He was just trying to provide a better life for himself and his family.

This dude will NEVER be charged with a hate crime despite LE saying “When you have a swastika, when you have homophobic graffiti, of course it's a hate crime," APD's interim chief Darin Schierbaum said, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Well, it was a hate crime until the perpetrator’s identify was revealed. Just like what they did to a group of high school boys at the Lincoln Memorial steps. And Louis Farrakhan. They not like the gays.

Bill Tozer


‘CNN Demands New King Address BLM, Reparations’

How silly. The Brits addressed reparations long ago when they compensated slave owners for their losses after abolishing slavery.
‘Multi-Millionaire Co-Host of 'The View' Demands 'Reparations' from US/UK’


Another lol. Who do you think will be paying for reparations? The rich like you and Michele Obama. We the people will be paying.
BTW, Michele Obama has been staying at a $30,000/night presidential suite in a hotel. She just checked out after a few days there. She and her husband have lots of money to kick down for reparations.

Bill Tozer

People will die and their deaths will be preventable.

‘The Return of The Dark Ages’


Paul Emery


Do you have documentation on the $50,000 digs that Michelle O was you claim she was staying in?

So Gregory if you believe something to be true and publicly support that belief you are not lying even when there is no factual information to verify that belief? Would Trump be lying if he says the world is round and flat?

Paul Emery



Do you have documentation on the $30,000 per night digs that you say Michelle O was staying in?

Paul Emery

Also George How about the lie that Trump was spreading that Obama was not born in this country and therefore not a legitimate President?


There's the half billion zuck bucks on the side of election shenanigans, punch.

Bill Tozer

Joe Biden applies pressure on Gavin Newsom over farmworker union bill

The bill would allow farmworkers to vote by mail in union elections and is supported by labor groups and allies. It is opposed by the California Chamber of Commerce and other business interests and Newsom's office said in a statement the governor "cannot support an untested mail-in election process that lacks critical provisions to protect the integrity of the election and is predicated on an assumption that government cannot effectively enforce laws."


Bill Tozer

Michelle Obama leaves uptown NYC hotel where 39th floor presidential suite costs $30,000 A NIGHT


EXCLUSIVE: Michelle dresses down in upmarket hotel! Former First Lady leaves Pierre Hotel in NYC... where 39th floor presidential suite costs $30,000 A NIGHT
Former First Lady Michelle Obama was seen leaving the swanky Pierre Hotel on Manhattan's Upper East Side early Saturday morning
Pierre's presidential suite the 'Tata Suite' goes for a staggering $30,000 a night
She was dressed casually in high-waisted wide leg light wash denim jeans and a short-sleeve white tee and stylish sneakers
Obama was accompanied by one of her assistants and her security team
Before she left for the tennis tournament on Friday she made a stop at an apartment on the Upper West Side and was joined by her daughter Malia 20 minutes later
Obama joined a host of other celebrities, athletes, musicians, and political figures who attended the US Open 2022 this week held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, located at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in Queens, New York

It not the first time Michele and entourage stayed at the Pierre.

‘Michelle Obama Spotted Looking Carefree While Enjoying Girls' Weekend In NYC As U.S. Economy Tanks’


George Rebane

PaulE - still waiting for you to address Team Biden's daily lies.

Bill Tozer

Why Are Journalists Hiding These Radical Democrats Who Support Abortion Up Until


Why call them “radical” Democrats? “Democrats” will suffice.
RIP Queen Elizabeth.


Don Bessee

So the defund the police dem pol had 2 guns that got stollen in shithole LA too rich -



Paul Emery

Thanks Bill for the documentation. I guess if you've got the money why not spend it.

Paul Emery

Actually Bill did you read the link you provided? There is no documentation that she stayed in the Presidential suite in that article only that they have a 30,000 Suite available. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's how I read it. They also referred to other suites available that were not $30,000 only a couple thou a night. Heck, I can afford that-ha ha


Paul Emery


CAn you provide me with directionss to the link you are referring to? I looked for it and couldn't find it although I did see it originally.

Bill Tozer

Paul @ 5:11 pm.

Odd. I thought you would have picked up on Gavin’s opposition to the Farmworkers Bill which calls for mail in unionizing balloting because he “cannot support an untested mail-in election process that lacks critical provisions to protect the integrity of the election and is predicated on an assumption that government cannot effectively enforce laws."

Never know what flies and what dies.

Paul Emery

Just a joke Bill

Bill Tozer

Imposter Alert again!

“Just a joke Bill”

We all know it is a verified fact PaulEmery was born without a sense of humor. What have you done to Paul?

Bill Tozer

Democrat Congressman Claims Republicans ‘Stole’ U.S. House Seat In Texas By Winning The Election


Flores won because the Dems were so cocky they assumed that district has always been such a shoo-in for them that Dem Congressional Caucus felt was no need to even send a dollar.

Now Schiff is down there for the first time in his life shoring up the Dem. That tells me if they sent Schiff, they are worried about another shoo-in district that hasn’t even had a Republican mayor since Texas became a state.

Bill Tozer

Senior Advisor to MoveOn.org speaks.

FLASHBACK: Biden’s Future Press Secretary on Trump ‘Defecating on Women’


Bill Tozer

‘I Need You To Stop'! Velshi Gets Mad When Historian Debunks Him

“…..Roberts declared that such opinions are “wildly overstated, frankly” at that 80-85 percent of Britons support the monarchy. A few minutes earlier, Velshi had claimed that the monarchy was represented a country that got rich through “violence, theft, and slavery” and it was this talking point that Roberts then took aim at.

Roberts wanted to know if the what the monarchy represents is so evil, why do former colonies still admire it, “if we’ve given so much pains people throughout history, why was Charles chosen by every single Commonwealth country, many of which are former imperial countries, as the head of the Commonwealth. We abolished slavery--.”

A very unhappy Velshi interrupted, “Andrew, hold on a second. Andrew, are you really denying what I just said about British colonialism? Are you really doing that, Andrew? Are you really doing that?”

As Roberts tried to explain himself, Velshi continued, “Andrew, hold on a second. Andrew, are you really denying what I just said about British colonialism? Are you really doing that, Andrew? Are you really doing that?”

When Velshi finally let him speak, Roberts explained, “I’m certainly taking issue with your remarks about slavery which we abolished 32 years before you did and we didn’t have to kill 600,000 people in a civil war over it.”

He also could’ve mentioned the Royal Navy’s West Africa Squadron role in fighting the slave trade. Still, Velshi was unwilling to admit that history may be a little more complicated, “So, you think that that's fine, that there are people all over the world who were born in colonial countries, because, when I was born the British Empire still existed. And, that's okay for everybody?”

Roberts then asked Velshi which country he was born in and after Velshi answered Kenya, Roberts returned to his earlier point that Velshi also ignored, “Right, and yet the Kenyans not only supported the appointment of Prince Charles, now King Charles, as the head of the Commonwealth.”

To tie a segment about British history back to American politics, Velshi’s politicized vision of history is why things like The 1619 Project don’t belong anywhere near schools.


Bill Tozer

Biden's lies. Exactly which planet is she from?

Janet Yellen: ‘We Have Experienced One Of The Quickest Economic Recoveries In Our Modern History’


Donny Jr.

I remember when Daddy told everybody that Mexico would pay for the wall. The Mexican president said that was a lie, they`d never pay for a wall. But, foolish people believed his lies. And he loves it when foolish folks believe whatever spews out of his lying Big Mack hole. Now, poor Stevie faces fraud charges because he diverted a whole lotta money from some stupid wall fund...and it`s not fair. It`s just not fair...

Bill Tozer

On any given Sunday.

Well, well Donnie Jr. Liquid courage speaking, eh? After closing time it must of seemed like a great idea to share your thoughts. Yep, seemed like a splendid idea at the time.

‘Lying Big Mac hole’ gets to meat of the matter. And the Wall. Is it just me or anyone noticed that the ones who fought the Wall the hardest (Steve for sure, remember the Robert Frost broken wall poem argument?) and others ARE the very ones who bitch and bitch about Trumps broken promise to Build the Wall and have Mexico pay for it. Yet, ask them if the support building The Wall. Lol.

Gregory was opposed to the Wall and to be fair to Steve, they are not running around with unbridled joy proclaiming Trump lied.
It ain’t the Wall, it’s Mickey D’s! Steve is not a grave dancer, so just who are these ones who were so opposed to the Wall and got what they wanted and keep dancing a jig that Trump lied. It ain’t Steve, so that leaves…..Donny Jr!!

Boy, have we ever sunk to new lows here. They say you can judge a man by his enemies, so that makes us look pretty bad. Like, bring on someone who is not the Jr. Varsity team’s water boy. Depressing to think that Oz and BunBun and AV Man is the best the got.

Well, Donnie Jr., sweet dreamies while sleeping it off. God bless you, Tiny Tim. Sleep.

On any given Sunday. Well, good morning gents. Time to get out there and hit it hard (or at least throw some pants and shoes on) while the weather is cool outside. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop and all that…eh jr.? I remember those days.

Bill Tozer

‘And Yet It Moves’
A top scientific journal places political correctness above the search for truth.


Bill Tozer

Title IX mess.

First, this is pretty much my position. No arbitrary discrimination, have a good life, but there are real physical differences between the sexes.

“Polling suggests the American public supports protecting transgender people from "arbitrary discrimination" while "maintaining female-only spaces in certain sports, changing rooms, and locker rooms" based on "real physical differences between the sexes," the comment says.”

‘Swim team for 'cluttergender' students? Biden told Title IX proposal creates 'absurd' results’
Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism joins groups challenging gender-identity rewrite. Rich universities accused of allowing sexual harassment would get better treatment than accused employees and students under Biden proposal, it claims.


“The proposal runs headlong into the First Amendment by potentially deeming refusal to use preferred pronouns sex-based harassment, as well as unconstitutionally preempting "state laws extending free speech rights to students at private schools," such as California's so-called Leonard Law.

School employees would be required to report sex discrimination based on no more than "vague suspicions" under the proposal, rather than any form of probable cause, the comment says.

Because the threshold is conduct that "may" violate Title IX, a teacher who sees a female "frown and walk away" from a male but doesn't hear the conversation would have to report it, FAIR says. "To safeguard their jobs, employees will err on the side of over-reporting ... Title IX coordinators will be inundated with reports and individuals will be unnecessarily tarnished with the stigma of being the subject of a Title IX report."


Coffee break over.

Donny Jr.

Daddy needs your money. Daddy covets your money. Is Daddy a billionaire? I`m not sure, but he wants your money. Please be a good sucker, er, patriot and send my could be billionaire Daddy your welfare check, OK? Daddy needs your money more than you do...and, make sure you make this a monthly donation, OK?

Michael Kesti

Donny Jr. | 11 September 2022 at 10:00 AM

Help! I'm drowning in pathos! HELP!

Donny Jr.

Thank you, Michael, for the pity that you show towards me. I deserve pity...being an offspring of Daddy is really tough. Everybody knows Daddy`s a cheater...just ask any of his three wives...er, two wives. Mommie`s dead... and Daddy`s still cheating the American Public...and that means YOU!


"Donny Jr." is a problem, not a solution. Whoever has their hand up his arse should go away.

Whole Foods

God Bless Texas!

"Yes, Texans actually pay more in taxes than Californians do"



toes 518a

I was never "against" the wall. I wasn't for it, either.

Mexico paying for it was always an honest rhetorical sleight-of-hand... other negotiations with Mexico would balance it out.

A virtual wall of killer robots would do the trick, but the optics would be suboptimal.

Whole Foods

God Love'Em!


Don Bessee

About that virtue signaling idiocy -



Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 12:52 pm

Negotiations with Mexico did do the trick. Trump told The Mexican Presidente, if they won’t work with us he (we) would levy a 5% tariff on all their new manufactured cars coming into America. And if he does not see process within three weeks, he will levy a 25% tariff on imported cars from Mexico. That did the trick. 8-10,000 Mexican troops sent to the southern border to break up the Cartel, and another 10-12 thousand Mexican troops to patrol the northern border. 20,000 Mexican troops must have cost the Mexican government plenty. Plus, apply in Mexico (closest US embassy from the triangle countries and stay in Mexico until be call ya. Worked ok.

Those days are gone. What no one is talking about is right now Mexico is collapsing. The cartels have more men and arms than the federales and the Fuerzas Armadas de México. Local police are impotent. Out gunned, out manned, and out savagery..er more brutality. Mayors to judges to higher government officials have no match for them. Now, they are everywhere, running everything, from the Sur to el Norte. Even the avocado farms.

The government of Mexico, the security state and civil control is in free fall as we speak….and no one is talking about it.

The Wall would have paid for itself in 1-3 years and reaped billions of dollars in cost to our homeland for years to come. My idea was to have desert Sidewinder and other venomous snake hatcheries along the border. Maybe throw a couple hundred thousand water moccasins in the Rio. :)


Venomous snakes are a natural, organic analogue to killer robots.

Bill Tozer

Opps. Make that 8-10,000 troops to Mexico’s southern border to break up the caravans, not cartels. The cartel run the routes, the transportation networks, and thus control the land and terrain Mexico.

Hey, wasn’t Poncho Villa from Mexico? He was a bad hombre they way he raided Texas farmers and ranchers and all. Attacking US citizens and villages on US soil is sort of bad. Well, it used to be bad. :)

Bill Tozer

Today is the 21st Anniversary of 9/11. After twenty years, it is no longer revenant.

‘Two decades later, most schools aren’t required to teach students about 9/11’

Just two decades after the worst terror attack in U.S. history, most school districts in America are not required to teach about the events for Sept. 11. And that has some prominent figures vowing to force change.


Must not hurt the ragheads feelings. I don’t think it is a bad idea to show the Twin Towers jumpers on occasion, like a few times a year, without the warning label. The Sept 11 Museum is closed.

Scott O

Hole Foods - It's always amusing to see you lefties come up with manufactured factiods. I'm sure your hard-hitting expose of taxes paid in Texas vs CA will really make a huge difference in the number of businesses and people leaving CA for Texas and other states. There's this small matter of the total cost of living and CA is at or near the top of states in the US. And CA is one of the worst offenders when it comes to the Gini coefficient. Which is something you lefties used to care about until you realized lefty politics always makes it worse.
Reality doesn't care about your feelings, dude. The "freedom" to crap on the streets and groom children is not anything civilized people care about.

Bill Tozer

‘California And New York: Do Not Back Off Your World-Beating Green Energy Schemes!’

“Today the Manhattan Contrarian formally calls upon the states of California and New York: Whatever you do, do not back down from your crash program of green energy schemes!

The full text of the Manhattan Contrarian official announcement follows:”


Bill Tozer

Friday: Chief Justice Roberts defended the Supreme Court in a quite reasoned and solid argument He must of had an advanced copy of Harris’s speech aired Sunday.

‘Roberts Defends SCOTUS After VP Harris, Democrats Attack Court’s Legitimacy’

“Roberts pointed out that the distinct purpose of the Supreme Court is to interpret the law without regard to political opinions or concerns. “That role doesn’t change simply because people disagree with this opinion or that opinion or with a particular mode of jurisprudence,” he said.”
“Roberts continued, warning about the dangers of allowing politics into the judiciary. “If the court doesn’t retain its legitimate function of interpreting the constitution, I’m not sure who would take up that mantle,” he said, via the Associated Press. “You don’t want the political branches telling you what the law is, and you don’t want public opinion to be the guide of what the appropriate decision is.””

Sunday: ‘VP Harris Attacks SCOTUS: ‘This Is An Activist Court’


Who is the threat to ‘our democracy’? And what exactly do you mean by our democracy?

Bill Tozer

re: Her Majesty's passing, aka, the artist formerly known as Prince,aka, 73 year old man finally gets a job


Don Bessee

The new newsom is the same as the old mewsom -



Bill Tozer


What does that up to, in terms of climate?

“If every country achieved its stated ambitious electric-vehicle targets by 2030, the world would save 231 million tons of CO2 emissions. Plugging these savings into the standard United Nations Climate Panel model, that comes to a reduction of 0.0002 degree Fahrenheit by the end of the century.”

On that basis alone, the left’s mania to make us all drive electric vehicles is insane. But from there on, the story is all negative:


The loons are running the asylum.

The Estonian Fox

From the Gatestone Institute today:

The Chinese company DJI controls nearly 90% of the world market for consumer and commercial grade drones. So what?

DJI is hiring folks to lobby against passage of a bill called the American Security Drone Act (ASDA), now before Congress, to outlaw federal government use of DJI products entirely. The risk is not only the data gathered by the drones themselves, but everything collected by the mobile app with which users control their drones and manage their DJI accounts. Like many other mobile applications, this includes a user's contacts, photos, GPS location, and online activities.

DJI has enlisted police officers from local jurisdictions to come to Washington and lobby congressional staffers about how great DJI drones are for their cash-strapped local forces.

Much as they are doing with products such as solar panels, the Chinese realize that cornering the market, in an area where reach equals access, is critical to their long-term plans to dominate.

It was just those sorts of concerns that led the Trump administration to create the "China Initiative" within the Justice Department in 2018. This effort generated plenty of convictions of Chinese nationals in the US for technology theft and other forms of industrial espionage. The Biden administration ended the program this year.

So - are we paranoid too much? or too little?


The Estonian Fox

Finally. Maybe the bakery can stay in business now.

Oberlin College to pay $36 million to bakery owners who said they were falsely accused of racism.

The college tried to fight the judgment but an Ohio Supreme Court in August ruled that it would not take up the school's appeal. Oberlin College said in a statement Thursday that it would not pursue the matter against Gibson's Bakery.

"We are disappointed by the Court’s decision. However, this does not diminish our respect for the law and the integrity of our legal system," the college said in a statement.

Bill Tozer

‘Neo-Marxing the College Board with AP African American Studies’

“Kelley warns that simply establishing safe spaces and renaming campus buildings does nothing to overthrow capitalism. Authentic black studies, argues Kelley, can be perfected only through revolutionary study and activism outside of the academy. In Kelley’s view, norms of objectivity that dominate the mainstream academy must be rejected in favor of Marx’s call for “a ruthless criticism of everything existing” — followed by fearless struggle against the powers thus exposed.

This pattern repeats for almost every topic in the final quarter of APAAS, which covers “movements and debates” from about the 1950s up to the present. The topic descriptions sound neutral, but the readings almost uniformly consist of neo-Marxist agitation — pleas for a socialist transformation of America, inspired by African Americans and infused with their cultural style. APAAS’s “debates,” such as they are, explore precisely what sort of leftist radical you should be.

To Kelley, for example, the writings of Ta-Nehisi Coates are too preoccupied with the personal trauma of racism to serve as inspirations for revolutionary action. And that tiny distance between Coates’s quietist repudiation of America’s core story and Kelley’s activist Marxism describes the location of APAAS on the political spectrum.“


Bill Tozer

Change of venue for Tater.

‘Failing Upwards: Harvard Hires Failed Liberal Media Janitor Brian Stelter’

Harvard explained that Stelter’s role will consist of “conven[ing] a series of discussions about threats to democracy and the range of potential responses from the news media.” In other words, it’ll consist of discussing why Fox News, conservative media, and conservative Americans are a threat to both the country and national security.

They added that Stelter’s events “will help deepen public and scholarly understanding about the current state of the information ecosystem and its impacts on democratic governance,” which sounds just as painful as John Fetterman trying to offer a complete sentence.


Don Bessee

Discriminate much -



Don Bessee

Time to kick those mutha mullahs to the curb -



Don Bessee

Failing to learn from the past sets you up to repeat the same old mistake -



Bill Tozer

Sandbox intro:

“[I wonder if anyone is counting Biden's daily lies. And I'm talking only about material lies, the kind that affect our current or future QoL because they impact policy and legislation; and not political campaign or bombast promises that have not come true or have no chance of being realized. Examples are, 'Our borders are secure', 'Taxing something does not affect its supply/availability', 'Injecting excess cash (not supported by increased production) into an economy does not cause inflation'. I would like to see these lies, including their daily repeats, be tallied somewhere, mainly because these affect the beliefs of the lightly read population, especially before an election. gjr]“

Well, it ain’t Biden, but close enough.

‘Kamala Has Lost Her Gourd: Veep Claims Border Is Secure, Yet Blames Trump For Crisis’


Bill Tozer

Karen, Karen, Karen. Karen Large Mouth Bass.


Bill Tozer

Judge Throws Soros-Backed Prosecutor Off Of Case Against Loudoun Rape Victim’s Father


Bill Tozer

Judge Throws Soros-Backed Prosecutor Off Of Case Against Loudoun Rape Victim’s Father


Nevada County Left Wing Marxist Watchers

SHEFFIELD: A Big Whopper Is Coming To The Fast Food Industry In California

“IFA CEO Matt Haller rightly asked in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Aug. 22: “Why single out the quick-service restaurant industry? The bill’s union backers, chiefly the Service Employees International Union, accuse quick-service franchisees, without evidence, of being particularly prone to labor-law violations. In reality, data from California’s Department of Industrial Relations show that the industry commits far fewer labor, wage and hour violations than other industries.”


Don Bessee

With a hand-picked audience they could not get them to applaud creepy grampa joes 'leadership' in the tone deaf hurrah for the phony inflation reduction act farce today -

Nancy Pelosi nudges audience to clap during White House lawn event: ‘That’s an applause line’
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the audience to clap while praising President Biden for 'extraordinary leadership'



Don Bessee

While emperor xi's bought and paid for creepy grampa joy destroys America they are laughing and building more coal fired electrical plants -



Don Bessee

Dumber than a bag of rocks they be -

Biden May Buy Oil Just Below $80; Democrats Stymied Trump at $24



Harold D

Americans Spent More on Taxes in 2021 Than on Food, Clothing and Health Care Combined


Don Bessee

Did hunter the crackhead biden get him the job -



Whole Foods

Another scumbag on the MAGA ticket

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — When JD Vance founded “Our Ohio Renewal” a day after the 2016 presidential election, he promoted the charity as a vehicle for helping solve the scourge of opioid addiction that he had lamented in “Hillbilly Elegy,” his bestselling memoir.

But Vance shuttered the nonprofit last year and its foundation in May, shortly after clinching the state’s Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, according to state records reviewed by The Associated Press. An AP review found that the charity’s most notable accomplishment — sending an addiction specialist to Ohio’s Appalachian region for a yearlong residency — was tainted by ties among the doctor, the institute that employed her and Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of OxyContin.

The mothballing of Our Ohio Renewal and its dearth of tangible success raise questions about Vance’s management of the organization. His decision to bring on Dr. Sally Satel is drawing particular scrutiny. She’s an American Enterprise Institute resident scholar whose writings questioning the role of prescription painkillers in the national opioid crisis were published in The New York Times and elsewhere before she began the residency in the fall of 2018.

Documents and emails obtained by ProPublica for a 2019 investigation found that Satel, a senior fellow at AEI, sometimes cited Purdue-funded studies and doctors in her articles on addiction for major news outlets and occasionally shared drafts of the pieces with Purdue officials in advance, including on occasions in 2004 and 2016. Over the years, according to the report, AEI received regular $50,000 donations and other financial support from Purdue totaling $800,000.

...But Hunter's Laptop

Bill Tozer

Byron York on shortsightedness

The Democrats’ filibuster scheme

Heritage Action Steps Up In Arizona Senate Race After McConnell Pulls $8 Million From Masters

“The McConnell super PAC is driving more money from the Arizona Senate race, where Masters is down by 4 points in the RealClearPolitics aggregate of polls, to Ohio, where polls show Vance up by more than 2. In August, polling from the most reliable pollster of recent election cycles, the Trafalgar Group, showed Masters down by 4 points with Vance up by 5.”


Lose PA and Arizona, pick up Georgia and Nevada. Maybe Ohio.

Dems pull money from Stacy Abrams’s Gov race. She is already flush with cash and more money won’t help her against Gov Brian.

Bill Tozer

‘New Durham bombshell: FBI paid Russian accused of lying as a confidential informant against Trump’
Prosecutor says Igor Danchenko, the primary source for the discredited Steele dossier, was paid by FBI as confidential human source for three years despite prior concerns he was tied to Russian intelligence services.

Techno Fog

‘Durham shocker: Danchenko was a paid FBI informant’


And his lies were material, not a process crime.

Bill Tozer

Must not talk about this.

‘Capitol Police whistleblower memo lays out Jan. 6 'intelligence failures' on Pelosi watch’

Three days after the Jan. 6 riot, a Capitol Police intelligence analyst sent a blistering email to supervisors, blowing the whistle on a failure to heed clear intelligence that right-wing rioters planned to storm the Capitol.

“Hoar's assessment is directly backed up by hundreds of pages of internal Capitol Police documents obtained by Just the News showing Hoar and other colleagues in the intelligence division receiving detailed warnings from the FBI, Homeland Security Department, the U.S. Marshals Service and D.C. Metropolitan Police that right-wing extremists were plotting to storm the Capitol and attack lawmakers.

The intelligence was processed and forwarded to department components starting on Dec. 21, 2020 up through Jan. 5, 2021, the day before the riots, the memos obtained by Just the News show.

In fact, some of the intelligence was repeatedly sent in an effort to get leaders' attention over the Christmas holidays. "I apologize if this is a double tap with the email," one of Hoar's colleagues, Matthew Hurtig wrote, in an email dated Dec. 31, 2020 where he re-forwarded information from the FBI about right-wing extremist threats on social media to "storm" the U.S. Capitol and "hang" politicians.

Hurtig, who was assigned by Capitol Police to an FBI joint terrorism task force, wrote he was concerned his first effort to forward the information a week earlier didn't appear to have gone through because he got no response.”

Despite all of the intelligence coming into Capitol Police, the department's final instructions to its front line officers made no mention of the potential warnings.

For instance, the department's Jan. 5, 2021 final Civil Disturbance Units plan for crowd and riot control contained this inexplicable language about threat assessment: "At this time there are no specific known threats related to the Joint Session of Congress - Electoral College Vote Certification."


Don Bessee

In another massive narrative fail another nail in the coffin of rancid russian dressing. Someone hand the ponytail of ignorance some smelling salts -

Durham said his team has interviewed and expects to call at trial the "then-general manager of the Ritz-Carlton Moscow, Bemd Kuhlen, a German citizen who does not speak Russian (and whom the Steele Report describe as ‘Source E,’ a senior — western — member of staff at the hotel.)"

"Mr. Kuhlen does not recall ever meeting or speaking with [Danchenko] in June 2016 or at any time," Durham states. "Mr. Kuhlen also has denied (1) having knowledge of the Ritz-Carlton Allegations at any time prior to their being reported in the media, (2) discussing such allegations with, or hearing them from, the defendant.

"Mr. Kuhlen also has confirmed to the Government and will testify at trial that he was the only ‘western’ member of management at the hotel in June 2016," Durham added. "In short, the Government intends to prove at trial that the defendant falsely sought to attribute the Ritz-Carlton Allegations to Mr. Kuhlen, and, as referenced above, to Sergei Millian as part of his work on the Steele Reports that are described in the Indictment."



Bill Tozer

The lunch boxes don’t work, as every Bob Dylan fan knows, ’cause the vandals took the handles. Kelly has much more in his deeply reported story here.

‘Over 1,300 New York Times employees pledge not to return to office’

“He added that the 4% hike the company proposed would be reduced for members who received merit-based pay increases over the past two years: “With no salary increase, it amounts to a de facto pay cut.””


What? No sandwiches inside the lunch boxes?
My experience, through rather limited, tells me that journalists and school teachers in particular, will drop everything for a free lunch.

Don Bessee

Great job creepy grampa joe on keeping that promise -

While a plurality of Democrats, 43.6 percent, believe Biden has unified the country during his time in office, that sentiment is not held by most Republicans or independents. An overwhelming majority of Republicans, 92.8 percent, believe Biden has divided the country, and 64.1 percent of independents agree.



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