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21 September 2022



Does the commenter have a definition for ‘MAGA extremism’....

From what I can gather 'MAGA Extremism' is anything that impedes, upsets, or embarrasses progressives or the the tenets of their faith.

Paul Emery


A clearer example of hate is when you threaten to shoot someone if they say the wrong thing, such as "Next time you say, “What a hoot”, I just might put a bullet between your eyes."

George Rebane

PaulE 1105am - You really do take repartees like as serious hate-backed threats don't you? People should be aware of such responses so they don't accidentally pique your ire with a loose remark or hyperbole.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Well Paul, you haven’t said, “What a hoot!” since, now have you? And while you were gone in protest and no matter how much you wished it to be, I still haven’t been voted off the island.
Have you tried the brain teaser yet?

As far as “they also have a very coarse, actually a binary, concept of ‘hate’. Their lexicon between embracing and hating is a barren desert. Once you criticize something or someone, especially one of their totems, then you are automatically accused of hate. Nuanced semantics are relegated to their never-neverland” goes, well I have witnessed the flip side of the coin here AND especially reading Gregory’s banter on the old gone Union comments.

Here it has been “Scott, you have never criticized Trump so that means you are a Trump supporter.” fish, do you agree with Trump when he said (and I quote), “fill in the blank here.” Your silence means that you agree with Trump,” or “your silence means you agree with me. Thank you for agreeing with me that Trump is insane.”

Over at the Union, they assumed our own Gregory was a Maga Man walking about the gay upscale district of Chicago at 2:00am at minus degrees below zero with a MAGA hat and a noose because he did not criticize Trump or questioned the validity of what the Dems took as fact. Diversion! No matter how hard they tried, they simply could not get Gregory the Libertarian to say he was a Republican and election denier. All based on Gregory’s lack of TDS criticism.

Now, we all know that Paul Emery advocates for post birth abortions because he does not criticize the Dem’s wet dream. Flag burner! Criticize and Denounce….now more forcibly or you are Satan incarnate and are a berry berry bad person. Like the Canadian Truckers, worse than Hitler and Stalin combined and you believe…. All for lack of criticism…and worse, all for lack of agreement. It swings between 1984 and the Jacobins and the Cultural Revolution depending on the day or current crisis.

Bill Tozer

Dems have a “woman” dilemma on their hands. A hot potato that got dumped in their lap.

‘Democrats’ Dilemma: How To Dump Kamala Harris And Not Seem Racist, Sexist


Don Bessee

One of creepy grampa joes avengers runs over kid who he says was an ultra maga -

Shannon Brandt, the 41-year-old accused of murdering 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson for being a supposed “Republican extremist,” was freed Tuesday from the Stutsman County jail in North Dakota, Breitbart News has confirmed.



Bill Tozer

@ 1111 am

“accidentally pique your ire with a loose remark or hyperbole.”

Strike the word ‘accidentally’.

The Estonian Fox

George, you probably have used a problem like that on the Middle School tests you hold in Nevada County for money prizes.

1 mile/15 mph =1/15 hour, for the uphill trip.
1 mile/(x mph) = 1/x hour, for the downhill trip.
The average speed has to be 30 mph, over 2 miles (up & back) = 2/30 hour.

So 1/15 hr + 1/x hr = 2/30 hr (and 2/30 = 1/15 hour)
Finally: 1/15 + 1/x = 1/15. It does not matter how fast you go downhill, you cannot average 30mph round-trip (RT). Even if x = 1000 mph, the left side cannot be made to equal the right side of the equation.

Now let's say the up-trip is at 20 mph, you can go 60 mph down, and average 30 mph.
1/20 + 1/x = 2/30 -->> (x+20)/20x = 2/30
30x + 600 = 40x -->> 10x =600, x = 60 mph down to average 30.

In short, the average RT speed must be LESS than 2 times the slowest speed traveled on any one-way trip to have a solution.

Note- a problem like this does NOT hold for how much money the Feds can spend (i.e. print) and still stay solvent. Even Paul Krugm... (can't say his name) would admit defeat on that.

George Rebane

DonB 447pm - Actually, there was no admission by the victim that he was a rightwing extremist. That was a presumption by the killer. Does anyone know whether any lamestream outlet covered this murder by a confirmed leftwing extremist?

Bill Tozer

The Estonian Fox @ 5:27 PM
“Now let's say the up-trip is at 20 mph, you can go 60 mph down, and average 30 mph.”

So, you have driven an 1963 Volkswagen Bus as well…or a ‘59 Bug. :).

Been saving this for you, Mr. The Estonian Fox. You gal is red hot. Sizzling. Put her on the ticket.

‘Blatantly Lying’: Tulsi Torches Kamala Over ‘Secure’ Border Claim


‘Dangerously Promoting Child Abuse’: Tulsi Gabbard Torches Biden Administration

In other female problem news

‘Melania Trump Vindicated: Ex-First Lady Destroys Former Aide, Media Over Christmas Smear’

“Not surprisingly, most left-leaning media had quite a bit of fun with the recordings, painting Melania Trump as an evil, anti-Christmas American.“

“Not surprisingly, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department dropped the lawsuit shortly after Biden entered office.”



Democrats and other neo-Jacobins have been hunting Republicans and folks they think are aligned with Republicans because they ain't aligned with the Jacobins. This must stop.

Don Bessee

Bought and paid for is creepy grampa joe, he shut down the effort to weed out the chi coms infiltration of our education and industrial base. &#(@)@& -

Scientists at America’s top nuclear lab were recruited by China to design missiles and drones, report says



Scott O

The way I looked at the puzzle was that if the car could magically do the downhill mile in zero time, it would average 30 MPH. Since I'm a conservative and try to recognize reality, that ain't happening.
I tend to work out problems visually. I.E. - I draw a map instead of simply writing down instructions for turns at intersections. And it's more fun, since you can illustrate the map.
E. Fox has his equations, and I have my drawing of a hill and a car.
I do realize when you start to engineer a structure, the equations might generate the more optimal design.

Don Bessee

POS sniveling about selfish outcomes like a good little drone who is going to have a full dance card with the bikers and skinheads in prison -

North Dakota man who ran down 'Republican' teen says he doesn't want his own life, job jeopardized
Shannon Brandt made the remarks during a court hearing to face charges for alleged hit-and-run death after 'political argument'



Bill Tozer

Biden ‘MAGA Extremists’ Speech Backfires, More Americans Worried About ‘Socialist Left’ Than ‘MAGA‘


The Estonian Fox

BT @ 5:58.
Haven't driven a '59 bug, but been in one recently. Got hungry, told the cabbie in Mexico City I was looking for a hot time. When I woke up, we were half-way up Popocatepetl. Going slowly has its benefits sometimes.

Then I find out the difference between 'caliente' and 'picante'. Need to brush up on my Espanol.

Thanks for the links to Tulsi.

The Estonian Fox

Scott O @ 06:48 PM

I drew the map too. Tried to get it onto Typepad. Yeah, that sure works out well.


I sing the praises of a VW Bug from the decade of my birth. My alma mater had a flight school that owned and operated two Cessna 172's and one Bug built before they installed fuel gauges... . It was a flat six miles from Mudd to Brackett Field, and there was a petcock near the driver's right knee that one flipped when the engine stuttered for another gallon of gasoline.

Excellent training for kiddies learning to fly airplanes that have fuel tank selectors and imperfect gauges.

George Rebane

My first car in 1957 was a used black 1956 VW bug. It had a tiny rear window, but did have a gas gauge. I loved that car and drove it from Indianapolis to LA on US66 in June 1957 following my parents in their 1954 Ford Victoria. Sadly, my bug was totaled on the Hollywood Fwy by a fraternity brother to whom I had lent it for a hot date in Orange County. With the insurance money I bought my parents' Victoria before buying my second used bug in my senior year, and then a brand new 1963 bug when I arrived at my first active duty unit in Germany. And then upon returning to the States, our first family car was a 1966 VW Microbus. We were a VW family until 1973.

Bill Tozer

59 bug had no gas gauge, but did have the petcock Gregory described. Must have not been as fancy of model as Dr. Rebane’s 56 Bug with all the extras. Did the gas gauge work?

Replay….. 14 seconds

Bill Tozer


Ah, just the thought of the good doc and his honey pie bride driving around in a 66 VW Van. The 66 was a huge improvement from the 63 micro van…er…..magic bus. Hippy bus. Just the image of the Rebane’s first family car, the two driving about in the hippy bus warms the cockles shells of me heart.


gr 1014a

The dorm parking lot where the Bates VW was parked at the ready for students to jump in for their scheduled flights was just off Route 66, in Claremont. I remember being told by Mr. C that the VW was a favorite of pilots as the aircooled pushrod engine was essentially an aircraft engine of the 1930's and not all that different from the engine in most general aviation aircraft, even now.

Both N7262Q and N7642G are still flying (my first flight in 42Golf was logged 49 years ago) and I've been told in the past decade the Bug was still flying low.

George Rebane

Great memories gentlemen, and very much worth sharing. Thanks.

(I understand that starting in 1956 VW delivered various versions of the bug into the US market, trying to satisfy differing stateside regs and TBD market demands. At the time I bought mine, I had no idea of such esoteria. All I remember was that the bug was fun to drive while rippling through all the gears to squeeze performance out of the little 36HP air-cooled engine.)


"If Ted Kennedy had driven a Volkswagen he'd be President today.

A fake advertisement in The National Lampoon, mimicking the VW adds of the day replete with a photo of a floating Bug.




Posted by: Gregory | 22 September 2022 at 12:44 PM

Back when things were funny.....!

George Rebane

re Gregory 1253pm - Ahh, the memories. On a very rainy night in the winter of 1965, Jo Ann and I were in Inglewood returning from a visit to friends when we encountered a huge intersection totally flooded even over the sidewalks. I was already going too fast to stop before going into the 'lake', so I downshifted and gunned it. We hit the water at almost 50mph and surfed across the deepest part (>100ft) until my wheels touched pavement and we powered through more than the remaining foot deep water.

What gave me the gumption to try that trick (besides being young and foolhardy) was remembering that VW bugs had flat bottoms consisting of one big thick piece of stamped sheet metal which formed the car's main strength member in lieu of a standard frame. Fun times.


fish 1259p

Not everyone thought it funny. A couple of old biddies wrote VW and told them they'd never buy a car from them after that horrible ad, and NatLampCo lost the civil suit they filed a'gin the Lampoon.

As a college student at the time, I was a regular reader.

gr 128p

I'm amazed at the stunts I pulled without damage. Yes, to be young and not too stupid, those were the days.


Not everyone thought it funny. A couple of old biddies wrote VW and told them they'd never buy a car from them after that horrible ad, and NatLampCo lost the civil suit they filed a'gin the Lampoon.

I too was a regular reader!

And yes......useful in revealing the idiots in the audience as you describe.

Wish I still had my collection!

Don Bessee

Tru dat -

“The co-founders [of Black Lives Matter] are self-described ‘trained Marxists’ who do not believe in capitalism,” Elder recalled. “They want to bring down the American system as we know it. They want to bring down capitalism. They want government ownership of property, even as they’re out buying mansions with the money that Patrice Cullors described as ‘white guilt money.'”

Elder maintained that black Americans benefited “a strong belief in the values of America” following the American Civil War, including high rates of marriage and commensurate low rates of divorce, entrepreneurship, Christian faith, and patriotism. The Black Lives Matter operation, he added, amounts to “a very assault on what made black people survive and thrive after slavery.”

Elder warned that high rates of single-parenthood among blacks in recent decades relative to earlier American history is predictive of a broader national trend of increasing familial collapse.

“Women have been incentivized to marry the government, and men have been incentivized to abandon their financial and moral responsibility, and that’s not just affecting the black community,” he observed. “Now, 25 percent of white kids are born outside of wedlock. Forty percent of all American kids are now born outside of wedlock, something that would not be possible if not for our subsidization of slovenly behavior.”



Don Bessee

Looks like my Air Force is creating wokesters instead of warriors who will shudder and flee if they hear the wrong pronoun -

FIRST ON FOX: Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican, grilled the Air Force over the diversity training that replaced "mom" and "dad" with gender-neutral terms, calling it "un-American."

Fox News Digital exclusively obtained Cotton’s letter to Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard Clark on Friday, demanding answers from him regarding the "diversity and inclusion" training exercises the academy put cadets through.

"Cadets were reportedly instructed to refrain from using terms such as ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ or ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ and instead use terms that ‘include all gender,’" Cotton noted, citing Fox News Digital's reporting.

"The training also condemns the use of the term ‘colorblind’ or the claim that someone does not ‘see color,’" the Arkansas senator continued. "Even the term ‘terrorist’ was deemed inappropriate."

"These divisive and un-American training exercises have no place in our military and demonstrate an alarming lack of focus at the Airforce (sic) Academy," Cotton wrote. "The Airforce (sic) Academy ought to teach future airmen to revere our nation’s traditions and values, not to have contempt for them."

Cotton warned that the Air Force Academy’s "increasing politicization is damaging the institution’s reputation" as well as the branch as a whole, and he asked the Air Force Academy to confirm the training happened and answer several questions regarding it.



Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ VW Bug and Hippy Bus.

Well, now you can tell those grandkids that you remember when gas gauges were options on cars. :). The 59 Bug mentioned before was my younger sister’s first very used car who had me get that thing up and running when the local gas station mechanic could not fix it after a week. Angry words were exchanged and her brother was called tocame down to the shop and got it out of there. Had a bad condenser. Forget points and plugs, check the condenser. They were only a couple of bucks it that. All the parts were cheap.

Anyway, that 59 Bug was black as well…thus the name Beetle. Or maybe not.

My 63 Dart Slant 6 I was given free for the purpose of fixing up to give to my offspring had seatbelts in front and back seats! Seatbelts were an option. I remember when emergency brakes only worked facing downhill.

I learned how to drive on an old 57 Chevy Apache 6 cylinder pick up, three in the tree and a floor starter. You had to have the long clutch pedal in or neutral, one foot on the floor starter pedal/floor button and the accelerator, one foot on brake pedal and clutch and one’s feet were busy if parked on a hill and rolling backward when starting. The parking brake was a big metal handle which kept the hands busy with that and the steering wheel and the shifter. It was a all limbs on deck effort if it died during the process and was rolling backwards down the hill…with moi. trying to shift and start and engage the clutch and hold the foot brake and give it gas simultaneously….and it rolled backwards smack dab against the school cafeteria building. Boy, those cafeteria ladies had no sense of humor. Came pouring out of the back of the school cafeteria like I had kicked a red ant hole and all upset. What got into them?
In cause the grandkids (or great grandkids) don’t know what you are talking about, say ‘fuel gauge’ instead of gas gauge and ‘accelerator’ instead of gas pedal and ‘turn indicators’ instead of blinkers.

Fuel gauges were a fancy option…like seat belts. :)

Don Bessee

Now thats funny! -



Don Bessee

Intersting -

“We really break it down into four pillars: An economy that’s strong, a nation that is safe, a future that is built on freedom, and a government that is accountable,” McCarthy told Breitbart News. “Under each pillar, we lay out what we will do. Under an economy that’s strong, we’re going to stop this runaway spending and curb that inflation. We’re going to make [the country] energy independent and lower the price of gas. We’re going to bring back the supply chain from China into America. Under a nation that’s safe, the first thing we’re going to do is secure our border and end this catch-and-release and stop this fentanyl that’s coming across. We’re going to be able to have 200,000 more police officers and the other thing we’re going to be able to do is these prosecutors and DAs that have not been enforcing the law we are going to shine light onto that and bringing out a transparency chart so everyone knows where we’re at. Of course, we’re going to defend our national security.”



Don Bessee

Just sayin -




Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 September 2022 at 07:37 PM

My 63 Dart Slant 6 I was given free for the purpose of fixing up.....

You dog......I had a 64.....pushbutton transmission and all! Good car.....took all the abuse a teenager could throw at it except for when I tried to improve things and "fix it up"! As teenaged boys are wont to do, an enthusiastic program of the installation of bolt on parts was embarked upon and by the time that had concluded I had installed a set of 3 and 3 headers (which I now wouldn't have believed would have been available for that car/engine combo) and was completely out of funds and had to scavenge two blown out Glasspac mufflers from forklifts where my father worked. It was big fun to drive down a dark street at 2:00am and push 2nd (from "D") and listen to the howls of agony from the beast! Sounded like you were being chased by a Messerschmitt!

Thanks for conjuring the memory William!

Scott O

BT 7:37 - My first was an ex-Ma Bell '55 short bed with the same arrangement. My father taught me how to hold the parking brake lever with the latch released while engaging the clutch. As the clutch took hold, you let go of the lever. After a while if you were starting on a hill, you learned how to get off the foot brake as the clutch was engaging and could dispense with the hand brake stuff. Studebakers had 'hill holders' but I never drove one.
Next, we'll all reminisce about getting a fire going to warm up the first steam powered computers.


so 755a

By your command...

An eeelectrical powered computer I had to use for a time in the '70's was an HP minicomputer with reeeel ferrite core memory. It had a row of chromium plated switches that one had to use to fire up its boiler.

You had to enter into memory, via those switches (memory address and the data/instruction code), a paper-tape loader, which made the computer smart enough to read from the paper-tape gizmo.

Then you loaded via paper tape a simple disk operating system... which made the computer smart enough (meaning it had the instructions in the only memory it had, a bunch of tiny iron disks in a mesh of read and write wires) to boot up the real operating system which put the missile through its paces in the test bay on the other side of the wall.

Those were the days my friends...


Posted by: Gregory | 23 September 2022 at 08:22 AM

Then you loaded via paper tape a simple disk operating system... which made the computer smart enough (meaning it had the instructions in the only memory it had, a bunch of tiny iron disks in a mesh of read and write wires) to boot up the real operating system which put the missile through its paces in the test bay on the other side of the wall.

Those were the days my friends...

What??? No casting of entrails to summon forth the forbidden knowledge?


It wasn't hidden, it was in the manuals, purchased from HP by Hughes Aircraft Company (my employer at the time) and delivered to the US Navy, with a markup. Boy, was there a markup.

A simple ventilating fan was discovered by the Navy Tech following maintenance instructions. He checked the local base storage, they didn't have it. It would have been $80 if they had the part number.

He then checked the Hughes parts depot under the Hughes number... they didn't have it either, but if they did, it would be $60.

He then checked with HP and they didn't have it, but if they did, it would cost $40.

The last stop was the manufacturer, Pammotor, and they couldn't sell the Navy that fan which was proprietary to HP. But they did let slip it was identical to a fan they sold under a different number, and that fan was $20.

And that, dear friends, is how much defense spending happens. Spare parts handling ends up with seemingly inflated prices.

George Rebane

Speaking of screwing with our democracy, I wonder if any of our leftwing commenters care to weigh in on the 501c3 election fraud that the Dems have been practicing for years.

Bill Tozer

Fish. 64 Dart. Push button transmission? That be Powerglide! Powerglide was state of the art. Did your 64 have that knob on a long cable you pull out to get the heater going?

Scott O @ 7:55 am

“My father taught me how to hold the parking brake lever with the latch released while engaging the clutch. As the clutch took hold, you let go of the lever. After a while if you were starting on a hill, you learned how to get off the foot brake as the clutch was engaging and could dispense with the hand brake stuff.”

Exactomundo by fine fellow. “After a while” is the operative word. The big long parking brake became one’s friend. I omitted the fact that I was just learning to drive that truck at the time, and it was only the second or third time I drove it to school. And what were the chances that someone left the gate open in the fenced area around the “upper field” after a delivery to the cafeteria. Timing is everything, lol. Did I mention it had a camper shell on the back? I learned to drive by using hemisphericals, those small round convex mirrors as the side and rear view mirrors were useless with the camper shell. Go Hilltoppers! Yes, after a while I got so good using the parking brake vertical lever that I mastered the art. Smooth as silk…after awhile.

Fish…Clarification: memory got jogged. Seatbelts in the back seat were options like the slightly bigger engine. It was brown color. There was a Plymouth Valiant around “town”about ten years ago I would see on occasion blowing everybody away on the freeway. Young driver. The Plymouth Valiant (Dodge’s cheaper version of the Dart) was a delight to see flying past me at a high rate of speed. Then I finally saw the dream car of the Darts at a gas station, probably passing through: a bright red 63-65 Dart convertible with white rag top. . Somebody wasted all that money to restore the beast, lol. The 63 Dodge Dart was considered at the time as what today we call a compact.

Looking back, I only bought one new vehicle in my life…in 1981. After that, I vowed never to make car payments again. :). 24 month loan. Seemed like I was in bondage forever.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 23 September 2022 at 09:26 AM

Fish. 64 Dart. Push button transmission? That be Powerglide! Powerglide was state of the art. Did your 64 have that knob on a long cable you pull out to get the heater going?

Heater yes. Powerglide no!

Powerglide was the 2 speed GM transmission that later became popular with drag racers. The Chrysler automatics were branded "Torqueflite".

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 10:40 am
Thanks. Must have been some other bucket of bolts that I once drove. BTW, about two months ago, for no particular reason, I gave away for free my last pride and joy to a passerby, aka, the Wonderdog. 83 Ford shortbed fleetside 4x4 with 85,000 original miles. 5.0 big 6 cyclindar. Wonderdog? Yep. In days of yore, my friend had a Wonderdog for his roofing company and towing his toys. He was out in the desert somewhere with his toys and the beast ran out of water. So, he took the only thing he had (beer), poured it into the radiator and made the long trip back home, no problem. He said that truck should be in a Ford commercial.

Anyway, some 30ish guy stopped, asked me what year was that truck, and I gave the tour of what was wrong with the Beast, still in good condition. 4 on the floor, a three speed really cause you never use first gear (too low) except for parking and he was delighted to take it off my hands. Not sure if he got the part about adjusting the carb. Not sure if he ever had a carburetor below, looked confused that it was not fuel injected, ROFLMAO. To him, it was an vintage vehicle.
Last registered in 2017, but a good ranch truck and started right up. He came back with his wife to pick it up, hopped in the Wonderdog, looked around and asked, “where is the air conditioning? I pointed to the floor vents and wind wings. He did not believe mr as the dash had the heat and cool air lever, but that did not mean it came with air conditioning, lol. He hopped in the Wonderdog and drove off, expired tags and all and made it home just fine. On the highway, it was a smooth ride. Oh, the power steering belt was missing, which also ran the water pump. No problems making it to his abode out in the boonies off the grid. Truly, a Wonderdog. My working weekends on my broken down cars days are over. Over. Rather than buy a new power steering belt, just give it away. Probably the first vehicle in years that I did not drive or tow to the junk yard. It was also the first Ford truck I owned.
My last Ford was a 65 Fairlane that I bought from a dude in the Eastern Washington State in Cougar Country for 200 bucks (he was afraid to drive it cross town) and while smashed up and all with broken leaf springs and bent frame, moi cruised in that thing all the way to Vegas, then to Portland, then back down to the Southwest and finally drove that car to a junkyard in Southern Cal.

My 2000 Toyota Avalon has all the necessary bells and whistles to drive in luxury. Even has AC and passenger climate controls. That be luxury….aka….the dog car…but no hemi under glass.

Bill Tozer

breaking now...just in. what timing!

Grass valley police doing a felony stop on hippie bus in Nevada county hwy just up from EJ school on Nevada county high way.

Don Bessee




The Estonian Fox

DB @ 9:42PM

Thank God (or maybe Allah) that the Repubs didn't come up with 5 pillars. Ilhan & Tlaib would have been all over that. I could almost feel a fatwa coming on.

Don Bessee

A most useful idiot she be for creepy grampa joe -



Don Bessee

You dont say -



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