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12 October 2022



"It has been learned that during the assault on January 6, MAGA groups guarding stockpiles of weapons including rifles and grenades were stationed in hotel rooms in nearby Alexandria, Va. They awaited the signal from the former president that the Capitol had been taken, ballots had been stolen, and they were being called to establish martial law."

Cheryl Cook going full gonzo Conspiracy in The Union today.


rom there Ms Cook’s screed goes down hill winding up with the assertion that MAGA Americans are Nazis equivalent to those of pre-WW2 fascists who brought Hitler to power. And, of course, you know who is the MAGA-Hitler.

So that's why psul dropped the Hitler reference yesterday.

Probably good that Cheryl gets it out of her system though!


" Probably good that Cheryl gets it out of her system though! "

Except it doesn't get it out of her system.


Posted by: Gregory | 12 October 2022 at 01:34 PM

I didn't say it was forever.......


Having sparred with her in the formerly (if barely) free comment section of The Union, I can say it doesn't get it out of her system for even a moment.

Bill Tozer

Speaking of the Union, did anyone catch Timothy May’s Oct 11 piece?

Timothy May: Restore order to our school boards

Totally clueless. He wants school board meeting to return to boring normal. In his long piece he never mentioned one time “parents”. Not once. He mentioned the Proud Boys, he mentioned The Oath Keepers, he mentioned fine teachers and the superior knowledge of Nevada County School District Administrators, but nary one word about parents or parent concerns. The ole ‘trust us, we know better…’.

In his piece I could not find one sentence alluding to the fact that parents (and members of our community) are not being heard nor any mention of parents have a say in the local school curriculum. Imagine parents wanting a say in the matter! How foolish. The kids belong to the school, not the parents.

Somebody should inform Mr. May that the largest teachers’ union in the USA wholeheartedly endorses Critical Race Theory to be taught to our children. The CA teachers union lobbied for, passed a resolution, and passionately endorses the DIE curriculum—diversity, inclusion, and equity….not equality.

His argument that CRT is NOT being taught here is akin to some diarrhea of the mouth and brains stating emphatically that our streets are not being run by criminals simply because he has never seen a drive by shooting on Board Street nor felt unsafe walking on Commercial Street. Hogwash. It will happen here. It spread from the urban shitholes to the suburbs to…we are next.

If only you parents stay away from school board meetings, then everything will return to normal and it’s back to nothing to see here folks, pay no attention to falling grades.

Bill Tozer

Moi @ 4:03 pm

To be clear, concise, and brief, May is clueless because parents do not feel they are being listened to nor their concerns addressed.

Scott O

from the post - “no room for debate on these issues,” and “I don’t debate climate science. It’s a poor way to get at the truth.”
All you have to do to scatter the cockroaches is shine a light.
We all notice the silence from the lefties on this issue.
Is this what is taught in schools now?
That science is mostly a matter of making sure that people are not allowed a public forum?

Scott O

BT 4:03 - Little Timmy has us all dead to rights. That is, in fact, an accurate quote from a made up story from Hollywood.
And here we are trying to argue reality from a standpoint of what has actually been said and done in public.
As the movie "Life of Pi" famously posited - "Which story do you prefer"?
It's not a matter of actual reality - it's a matter of what reality you prefer.
I feel damn sorry for the idiots that live this way.
Reality doesn't care about what you 'prefer' or what your pronouns are or your feelings.
The folks that run the world live in The Hamptons and Martha's Vineyard and the like.
Reality showed up one day in the form of one small tiny percentage of the reality the rest of America faces every day and they freaked out and called in the Natl Guard.
The latest news is that the Natl Guard can't replace the ones that are quitting.
Can you imagine poor Little Timmy when one day he can't get an order of avocado toast?

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ 6:49 pm

I did find one reference to “parents”, when I forced myself to reread the garage piece slowly. It was toward the end, so I stand self-corrected. No apologies.

“Beware of candidates who present themselves as champions of “parental choice”—a phrase that sounds attractive to mainstream voters but is a coded message to their base identifying candidates as cultural warriors, not educators; they are partisans who seek elected office not to represent our entire community but to advocate a right-wing agenda dismissive of the professionalism of our educators and destructive to our public school system.”

Hey Grunt Sandwich Timmy—our public school system is the problem and needs to be destroyed. Destructive? Yep, and there is blood 🩸 on your hands. Or, as Bill Clinton once said about Affirmative Action opposition blow back because of quotas, “Mend it, don’t end it.” (Actually that was Dick Morris advising him).
Who knows if our public school system can be salvaged after being savaged. The idiots being pooped out of teacher schools nowadays gives me zero hope. Garage in, garbage out.
‘Suppression Campaign’
The American Medical Association asks the federal government to prosecute critics of radical gender medicine.

Scott O

BT 7:32 - The AMA I belong to probably has more members than the American Quack Association.
And they are probably more honest.
None of the medical professionals I see on a regular basis belong to this once respected group.
I belong to the REAL AMA

Bill Tozer

Utter proof the FBI framed Trump and shielded Hunter

By Andrew C. McCarthy

Bill Tozer

May’s editorial rebuttal

‘The Root of Today’s Worldwide Education Problem Is Staring Us in the Face’

“If a chain of private restaurants served bad food at high prices, it would be history in a hurry. Better eateries would spring up in their place, and customers would welcome such “creative destruction” as perfectly natural and beneficial.”…
“From Israel to America and lots of places in between, government is not the answer to problems in education. It is the paramount problem itself. Government politicizes education. It foists compulsory unionism on teachers. It rewards mediocrity and frustrates innovation and success. It stifles the very forces of choice, incentive and accountability that produce progress in every other walk of life where they are employed. The answer is more freedom, not more politics and coercion. Why is such common sense so infuriatingly uncommon?
Perhaps government conveniently forgot to teach it to us.”

In 2022, school children think they are smarter than the students of fifty years ago. Whether that is true or not, it is only the kids suffering through government run public education today who think so.

Bill Tozer

re: Timmy May, member of the Board of Education.

“Beware of candidates who present themselves as champions of “parental choice”—a phrase that sounds attractive to mainstream voters but is a coded message to their base identifying candidates as cultural warriors, not educators; they are partisans who seek elected office not to represent our entire community but to advocate a right-wing agenda dismissive of the professionalism of our educators and destructive to our public school system.”

But what about ‘family friendly’ events? That would include parents, would it not? Parental choice means yanking kids out of government run public schools…or holding our superintendent and board members accountable, does it not.

Family friendly is not so family friendly in Timmy’s eyes.

Don Bessee

Gee it seems like a trend is happening, the pendulum is swinging back after a left learch -

The UK Guardian on Monday found ominous portents for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s far-left Labour party in the latest round of local elections, which looked like a grassroots taxpayer revolt against the once-popular PM and her authoritarian policies — or a “lurch to the right in most major centers,” as the Guardian put it.

The remarkable thing about these elections was that merely identifying candidates as members of Ardern’s party was apparently enough to sink them. Instead of painting mustaches or scribbling dirty words on campaign posters for Ardern’s candidates, vandals simply wrote “LABOUR” on them, as though the very name of the party had become an obscenity. Left-wing candidates who were not actually members of the Labour Party denounced the labels as a scurrilous “attack tactic,” which suggests they knew it would work.


Bill Tozer

Something weird is in the water in the Land of 1,000 Lakes.

‘Woke pledge replaces Hippocratic oath: Minnesota medical students vow to 'honor all Indigenous ways of healing historically marginalized by Western medicine' and fight 'white supremacy, colonialism, gender binary, ableism and all forms of oppression'

-Incoming medical students at the University of Minnesota gave a pledge vowing to 'honor all Indigenous ways of healing'
-They also promised to fight 'white supremacy, colonialism, gender binary, ableism and all [other] forms of oppression'
-The students committed to 'promoting a culture of antiracism' and acknowledged that the university was built on Dakota land
-The pledge was led by Dr. Robert Englander, the associate dean for undergraduate education, at the school's white coat ceremony
-It was apparently created by the students themselves, university officials say

Now who could be against 11 herbs and spices?

The Estonian Fox

In addition to the fart reduction in 'turf' that Ms. Ardern wants in NZ, the 'surf' part is in trouble too. Not because of too many crab farts, but just too many people liking to eat good food.

October 11, 2022-
"For the first time in US history, the Bering Sea snow crab harvest is closed and for the second consecutive year, so is the Bristol Bay red king Crab harvest.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game canceled all opilio snow, red king crab, and blue king crab seasons for 2022-2023, in a devastating blow to North Pacific fishermen and processors after trawl surveys showed a continuing crash in abundance."


It really is America's Paper of Record......

Jan 6 Panel Continues To Hold Hearings For Stuffed Animals And Action Figures They Arranged In Chairs

Stay tuned immediately after this post for the plaintive wails of an old man frightened by the color Orange.

fish's all that Brandon can do.....he can't make anything work. He can't even follow the basic operating instructions for the country.....nothing but grift and wheedling from The Pride of Scranton!


Bill Tozer

E Fox @ 5:01 am, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

It’s worse than tax animal farts. They are going to tax sheep and cattle belch as well. Got it covered inside and out, the front end orifice and the rear end orifice. Get ya coming and going. One can save our Orb and fix Climate Change simply by raising taxes. Problem solved.


‘The Biden Admin Has Been A Chaotic Disaster. But Will It Matter?’ That is my perennial question; are there enough Americans informed and smart enough to make it count in the voting booth? The affirming evidence is hard to find. Jared Whitley of the Daily Caller writes, “The first two years (God help us, it’s just been two years) of the Biden Administration have been an irrefutable disaster. Biden has wiped out $9 trillion in wealth from the stock market. The rate of inflation is 8.2%, four times what it was under former President Donald Trump.

I suppose the ultimate indicator will be the "depth of change in the guitar case" metric.

The Estonian Fox

For a break from the ceaseless liberal, pedantic philosophy in our colleges:

Sorry, I meant no-break from ceaseless... This is central NY state, so just think how much worse it might be in the big city schools. I know, I know, if you're a math stickler, you are already saying it cannot be worse.

The Estonian Fox

Teacher reinstated from above:

The Estonian Fox

Don't know how the time stamp was 7:13 PM, should have been 2:13 PM

The Estonian Fox

Finally, a win for the sane folks. There is sanity, and control, in numbers.

Bill Tozer


‘Biden Claims To ‘Debunk’ Myths About Oil Production — House Judiciary GOP Offers One Word Response’

And to think we are producing one million less barrels of oil today than we were in the first week of Biden’s Presidency. Blame the refiners, blame your local gas station, blame Putin. I will end with just two words: Liar.

Bill Tozer

‘CDC positioning to escape blame for school COVID vax mandates ahead of immunization schedule update’

Bill Tozer

‘Hyping the Energy Transition’
Consumption of fossil fuels is growing faster than ever.

The Estonian Fox

The Bee is prescient on occasion:

Although there may be hope in the Bee want-ads: Free - one pair of large, solid brass globes, used once from 2016-2020.

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