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15 November 2022



"give the extra back to the government"?

It wasn't the government's to begin with.


George, I'm just starting to read a book that was written for you. Me too.

It is: "COUNTER WOKECRAFT, a Field Manual for Combatting the Woke in the University and Beyond", Charles Pincort with James Lindsay.

Pincourt, a nom de plume, is an engineering professor in a large American university; and Lindsay is the well known PhD mathematician who wrote (with Helen Pluckrose) "Cynical Theories", the best deconstruction of the Woke wave to date.

The copyright is 2021, but the first printing was just 23 Oct 22, three weeks ago.

Scott O

There is no end to the folks that think they know best how to spend others' money.
The telling line is:
""The other thing about charitable giving for these super rich billionaires, and so forth, is if you’re having trouble figuring out where to give it, you could write a check to the treasury and we as a country, as a democracy could decide how to spend it," he proposed."
Yeah, I don't think the wealthy have any "trouble" figuring out how to dole out the dough.
The last time I checked, the proles mostly think that the most 'democratic' thing the govt can do with govt funds is to give it to themselves.
Gibs me da money!
I think we all need to write to Tony with helpful hints on how he can cough up his "extra" money.
And we get to decide what is "extra".


Listen to CBS anchor Tony Dokoupil come up with a new plan (here) how rich guys like Bezos should dispose of their money - give the extra back to the government where it will be spent "democratically".

Rhetorically not significantly different than when Warren Buffett complains that he isn’t paying enough taxes. No shortage of people remind him there’s nothing stopping him from writing out a check…..

Scott O

fish 10:13 - Remember when AlGore was running around telling folks all the wealthy people he knew wanted to pay more taxes?
Has to be one of the most idiot lies I've ever heard in my life.
"Oh, mercy me. I have all these millions and millions of dollars - how will I ever be able to give all this dough to the federal govt?"
- said no one ever.

Steven Frisch

"Gibs me da money!"

How revealing.


Frisch 234a

Not as revealing as the gender and racial makeup of your SBC.


How *do* you get away with it?


Posted by: Gregory | 17 November 2022 at 05:35 AM

How *do* you get away with it?

Science has a working theory….much like the survivors in televisions,The Walking Dead who slather themselves with the blood and entrails of the zombies when they need to walk undetected among them. Steve’s 20 year estrogen pickling has made him invisible to the scrutiny of the zombies from the EEOC.

Scott O

Frisch - "how revealing"

Oh, now Steve - you know I can write with better grammar then that.

Michael Kesti

Scott O 17 November 2022 at 07:22 AM

...THAN that.

Bill Tozer

Well, looking at the pic Gregory posted, onr nagging question has been answered.

Where “they” at?

Parallel Universe: East side of the summit and west side of the summit.


George Rebane

Gregory 259pm - Thank you Gregory; it's now resident on my iPad.

Scott O

Michael - yep, better proof reading is needed.

Scott O

re today's update:
"California Gov. Newsom unveils historic $97.5 billion budget surplus"

What a difference Biden's "strong as hell" economy can make in 7 months.
Exit question - is Gavin still happy to welcome all illegals and give them lots of free goodies like he promised?

Scott O

A look at the line up at SBC does show a smidgin of the proper varietal need. The first name of Brittney takes a lot of points off, though. The other possible person that might have helped is white-adjacent, so she'll have to have a MAGA-man attack her for victim points.
Otherwise it looks like Steve needs to keep off the WOKEY-radar with that crew.
If he hasn't already, I'd suggest a slew of BLM and Gay Pride banners for exterior decorations.


Posted by: Scott O | 17 November 2022 at 11:40 AM

Perhaps a little something to confuse the sensors….


Bill Tozer

Well, it was nice to see our commie bastard pinko Steve drop by. Like old times. Boy, Steve does not like to be pinned with the label ‘commie bastard.’ No siree. Did you see the way Biden exploded the other day when somebody said socialist Left. Mt Joe erupted. Whoa Nelly, the dam has busted!

Anyway…..a ‘capitalist’ like Steven despises the term “fiduciary duty to shareholders" or even fiduciary responsibility. Spoken like a commie bastard. And your solar panels are ug, as in ugly. Ug Panels. Eye sores, festering oozing ug eyesores.

re: How Communists speak:

‘Public college officials who banned anticommunism, pro-life flyers appeal judge's legal rebuff’
As campus activism returns amid COVID-19 restrictions, administrators target conservative speech.


Footnote: For reasons I cannot explain, Steve’s mug has always reminded me of John Denver. Don’t ask me why, it’s Rocky Mountain high.
So, the other day when 70,000 folks at a sporting event (Germany?) broke out in singing “Country Road, take me home, to that place I belong, West Virginia, Mountain Momma, take me home, County Road” I immediately thought of Steve. It was awesome.

He even looks like a Coloradan or a Midwest private boys school teacher. Yep, John Denver without the wrinkles. Smooth as a baby’s behind. That God I a country boy! Got cakes on the griddle…

For some strange reason

The Estonian Fox

Scott O 07:22 AM-
"you know I can write with better grammar then that."

I interpreted 'then that' as a perfect example of sarcastic grammar. Definitely acceptable.


"Oh, God, I'm an ocean buoy"

-John Denver's last lyric


"It's nice to see the GOP take the house without zip-ties." - Colbert

Bill Tozer


At least they did not use straws.


Colbert is still on?


Looks like Garland is still pissed he didn't get the Supreme's gig.

Bill Tozer

Just because it’s a beautiful morning here in God’s Country.

Topic? Oh yah, that is good to remember.

Since Dr. Rebane first posted Ruminations (How commies think and talk), one odd name in nine foot letters jumped off the page. That thought, that visual image, that name is Barry Gordy.

Barry started MoTown records…Smokey Robinson, the Supremes (not a good band name in 2022) and on and on. During the Occupy Wall Street wave, Barry, along with Smokey and other recording stars flew in and marched with the protestors. It was the interview (can’t find it now) he had that has always stuck

In the on the street interview after pleasantries were exchanged, journalist asked Barry Gordy if he believed the rich should pay their fair share, why does he not just cut a fat check to Uncle Sam to deal with income inequality. Barry didn’t go for that idea and explained that he has his foundation (18-36 mil) that he runs to help specifically targeted poor folks of his choosing.

Parlay that with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which Bill Gates pointed to when asked the same question while he was on a panel sitting next to Warren Buffet, the Oracle of Omaha. Oh, Warren was being quoted for weeks when he pointed out that something is wrong when his secretary pays more in taxes than he did.

Both Warren and Bill & Melinda Gates agreed with they could pay more in taxes, but their altruistic humanitarian billions to charity is money better spent. Then Will Smith was touting the same old mantra (in England of all places) that the filthy 1%ers should pay more like in Europe when asked by a journalist if he realized his proposal means he would be paying the government 70% of his income. Or, 90%! His eyes opened wide big time. Hey, that don’t sound so good. Whatever the number Mr. Smith had in mind when deciding how much the rich should pay in taxes, it certainly wasn’t 70%.

I submit to the reader that Warren Buffet, Bill and ‘post-Epstein’ Melinda Gates, Barry Gordy or Will Smith are communists. That is not how communists think, then say.
A true communist would not recognize the afore mention folks had a private right to anything. It’s all the state’s stuff, all their stuff is the Party’s stuff.

Kinda miss Brother Ben railing incessantly about Sam Walton’s kids. Nobody should be allowed to have that much money….while their employees go on food stamps. Nobody.

You Brother Ben, supersize this. :).

Bill Tozer

typo, grievous error.

Warren Buffet and gang are NOT commie bastards. They don't think like commies.

Bill Tozer

‘I think something we often forget as Americans is that billionaires exist as a class of people who have that much money at our collective pleasure’


Scott O

re BT 12:00 - The left have this very firm belief that the poor are poor only because the rich have the poor's money. It is easily demonstrated to be false, but the left operate on narratives, not reality. Mr Wrigley became stinking rich by selling chewing gum. And many of his customers were poor, but that wasn't why they were poor. Always fear the ones that have it in mind that they might decide how much wealth anyone should have because they have become corrupted by greed and the lust for power. Their ideas and thoughts are nothing but poisonous snakes crawling through their minds.

Bill Tozer

Scott O

The most materialist people one could ever meet are the poor. Their thoughts obsess over the material possessions of others. The cars, the homes, the vacations other people take. They talk about what they would do if they won the lottery, how much money someone has in their bank account (without knowing) and are consumed with what others have, which is more than they have. It’s the green monster envy resulting in self pity, which turns to anger. It’s unfair. They look at the world around them and do not understand how it works. Nor are they willing to do the same things the people they envy did. They are not willing to follow in the footsteps of those who made through the minefield before them.

“Their ideas and thought are nothing but poisonous snakes crawling through their minds.” Well said.
It’s more than greed. It becomes more evil when their envy turns to jealousy.
Instead of saying “I want a house, car, job, wife, family, and job like that guy has”, they say “I want your car, your house, your wife, your job.” Forever in turmoil and part of the glum lot.


In general, the left don't love the poor.
They hate the rich. There is a difference.

Sorry to hear of the new SARS-CoV-2 infections in your home, George. If you don't already have a fingertip SpO2 meter, they are readily available for on the order of $25 and less on Amazon and other shopping venues.

George Rebane

Gregory 405pm - Yeah, we've had a couple of them for some years now, ever since Jo Ann shattered her elbow.

The Estonian Fox

Scott O at 07:03 AM-

"the poor are poor only because the rich have the poor's money"

There is one group that is very rich and has the poor's money, and the rich's money too - that's the federal government. Did they become rich like Mr. Wrigley - by selling chewing gum? No no no - they became rich by STEALING the money of the rich & poor. Wait - I meant TAXING, taxing - my bad.

There is no thought to limit the feds spending, because they do not operate as a business person. They operate as if your money is their money; your wealth, their wealth. They use other folks' money. And we provide an endless supply of it.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ update Corona.

Hope you survive. My sister came back from the Northern Tribe recently. She said on the plane home from Seattle, every single person was coughing and was sick. She spent 4 days flay on her back, and he husband caught it. She said that my little sis up across the Sound had it bad, her daughter, and the kids too before she arrived but were better by the time she got there. I figured (so did my other sis who came back real sick) it was a bad bug going around. Horrible bug. Since she like me avoids doctors, it could have been COVID. Glad you both got tested. Glad you are back on your feet.

I blame Seattle. Frigging Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Chop City. Seattle has torn down every statue in town expect the Lenin Statue. Hope you are on the rebound. That bread is not going to make itself and neither is the turkey going to prepare itself. Chop, chop, break is over. :).

Scott O

re your (plural, yoose guys) CCP Flu - hang in and don't be discouraged by what seems like an over-long recovery. We've been through it twice although the second time I was fortunate to be symptom free and was able to care for my bride as she was laid low to the point of often needing assistance to go from one room to the next. Zero energy, poor thing.
The strange thing was the O2 meter consistently showed her O2 level slightly higher than mine!
Today at the grocery store a young lad went past and started to cough. Didn't cover his mouth or anything. Sounded like a barking seal. Was clearly sick and chest congested. Thanks.

Scott O

E Fox 5:50 - "They operate as if your money is their money; your wealth, their wealth. They use other folks' money. And we provide an endless supply of it."
I would slightly disagree. It is true that they feel as though our moolah is actually theirs, but "we" do not (and can not) provide an 'endless' supply of it. The Treasury's printing presses and the Fed are the providers of 'endless' money.
It is beyond my fathoming just how many in the fed govt actually understand the problem and don't care as long as the can is able to be punted down the road until they are no longer in power, and how many clearly have no concept of the connection between actual concrete things of real value and the money supply that it represents. Anytime the supply of money expands beyond our nation's ability to produce value to back it up, we have inflation.
It is so obvious and basic, yet it is rarely explained or taught. Just printing money and handing it out may buy votes but it is an evil thing that we all will pay for and the 'poor' will be hardest hit. As was pointed out in the above post, the poor are often the greediest and they never seem to learn.

Steven Frisch

I was going to post over Thanksgiving about how thankful I will be when your ideas are finally quashed in the American body politic...but now I will refrain and simply state that for all of the disagreements over policy, I wish and Joanne good health and a speedy recovery.

Steven Frisch

"The secret of a great success for which you are at a loss to account is a crime that has never been found out, because it was properly executed." Honoré de Balzac

George Rebane

Thank you all for the good wishes. We're both now at a low point with very little 'get up and go'. But the hacking cough is the worst. It sure put a dent into the family Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Steven Frisch

That should read "I wish you and Joanne good health."


Steven, I will be overjoyed when your ideas and ideals are dead and buried, and they will be. Eventually. Hopefully without the outcomes of 20th century identity politics in Europe and Asia, 100 million dead.

Enlightenment Liberalism is where America resides, not Wokeism. Jeffersonians can coexist with Hamiltonian Federalists but not followers of Marx/Engels/Lenin/Stalin/Trotsky or Gramsci without sparks flying.

So... Stevie... how do you keep your head high without having a single Penised American on staff? Sixteen women, not a single guy and the only POC who isn't Asian (one) is Nicaraguan by DNA. No blacks, no indigenous.

Have you noted yet that the shooter in Colorado is non-binary with they/them pronouns?

Bill Tozer

I got the coughing crud. No energy, about a 5 days now. But, Happy Thanksgiving to all. Puts a crimp in my cigarette smoking. One way to save money. :). And yes, I know the difference between the smoking cough and the crud hacking. And thank you Steve for showing restraint. Good health to you as well.
‘Dr. Jha Is a Worthy Successor to Fauci’

“……For deaths in particular, the vast majority have been in boosted persons. Now age is a factor in that, but it is simply a lie to stand up in a press conference and say that the vaccines prevent deaths. They don’t. And more and more boosters won’t either. The moron goes on to say that people should trust doctors not “some random dude on Twitter”. The random dudes on Twitter apparently have a far greater grasp of the actual data and research than this clown. The guy should literally be immediately thrown out of office for destroying trust in public health. (Jha Remarks)“

Kevin Roche emailed this morning:

This “gentleman,” Dr. Jha, is the new dunce in charge of the federal CV-19 response. He said today that the vaccines would literally prevent every death.


Does that make me a scientist denier? Nope. I prefer to be called a scientist denier which is more accurate than a science denier. Cue Rand Paul.

PS: The coughing hack and zero energy has hit my good buddy’s wife in Wy. She has been down on her back for almost a week.

Scott O

Stevie Baby 10:49 - "I was going to post over Thanksgiving about how thankful I will be when your ideas are finally quashed in the American body politic..."

We hear ya, bro. You fascists and authoritarians have never had much regard for the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution. Your buddies in the WEF and the lefty blogosphere are working day and night towards that very end that you speak of.

For myself, I wish everyone out there (including Stevie Baby) a very Happy Thanksgiving and the best health possible!
And that Stevie Baby and his miss-guided ilk will always have a free and open avenue to express their ideas.

Bill Tozer

Look at the bright side. It could be worse. We could be living in the Blue Northeast. Sick and shivering cold.


So Buffalo received—check notes—seven feet of lake effect snow last weekend? And it is not even Thanksgiving yet? The northeast has been hoping and praying for a mild winter because energy costs have soared to appease the climate cult, and as this charts shows, areas dependent on old-fashioned heating oil are facing and expensive winter indeed. If only there was a cheap supply of natural gas nearby. . .



George, hoping to hear good.news regarding.yoor SARS.

George Rebane

Gregory 749pm - Thanks for asking. The news is good. We're both on the mend, still coughing up phlegm (aka loogies) and clearing out the lungs. As told by our Covid forebears, we are lower on the energy level than we'd like to be, and that may take a few more days to bring up to par. Otherwise, just working at our desks, we feel fine. All chores are getting done.

Don Bessee

Wonderful news Dr R, and please extend my best to your lovely wife on your recoveries!



Good to hear.

My wife got back a week ago from a board moot (a volunteer trustee for a non-profit website and foundation) in Sydney, OZ, only to find a number of folk also in attendance were coming down with the latest strain... so we both took two covid tests on two successive days before traveling to my son's household with my grandson (14 months) and my daughter-in-law in a 'delicate condition' as it was called in the past.

We had plenty to be thankful for!

When i last saw my grandson he was not very vocal and was inefficient at crawling... now he's trotting everywhere and only crawling for a fraction of a second before getting his footing, and babbling constantly, sometimes coherently. This grandparent stuff is cool.

He's also the spitting image of his dad at the same age.

Don Bessee

Aint the continuation of life grand!




The Estonian Fox

A Handmaiden's Tale (but retold, then retold again. Maybe that makes 3 times then.)

Re: the Taylor Swift-Ticketmaster debacle (which seems to occur every time Ticketmaster is involved). A "fan" who bought 2 re-sold tix online, for $5,500, says her regrets:

"I don't feel good to have tickets anymore," she said. "It wasn't something fun, like it was supposed to be. I feel guilty. I feel like I did something impulsive in panic mode, and I am disappointed in Ticketmaster and Live Nation for letting it get to this point of just being a complete frenzy."

Then the 2nd retelling:
Biden voter regrets - "I don't feel good to have voted anymore," she said. "It wasn't something fun, like it was supposed to be. I feel guilty. I feel like I did something impulsive in panic mode, and I am disappointed in the progressives for letting it get to this point of just being a complete frenzy."

Bill Tozer

So relieved that Dr. Rebane and his bride are on the rebound.

Scott O

re update from George: Good to hear! Keep rested.

re Gregory 10:28 - "When i last saw my grandson he was not very vocal and was inefficient at crawling... now he's trotting everywhere and only crawling for a fraction of a second before getting his footing, and babbling constantly, sometimes coherently."
You do realize for the Dems, this is 'presidential timber'!


I thought the arrow of progress for modern Democrats was in the opposite direction.

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