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10 November 2022


Scott O

"The glass is refillable."
But that takes human effort and a source of energy.
An anathema to the left.

Bill Tozer

Propane came Nov 9. $2.99/gal. Told the driver “not bad.” He said, “Not bad?” as if it must have been an unusual remark by a customer lately.

Yep, not bad. I budgeted $500 and with Earth conscious conservation, they could only squeeze in 116 gallons. Conservation is the key. Time to heat the neighborhood.

Don Bessee

Another creepy grampa joe slap down -

"Whether the Program constitutes good public policy is not the role of this Court to determine. Still, no one can plausibly deny that it is either one of the largest delegations of legislative power to the executive branch, or one of the largest exercises of legislative power without congressional authority in the history of the
United States," United States District Judge Mark Pittman wrote.

"In this country, we are not ruled by an all-powerful executive with a pen and a phone. Instead, we are ruled by a Constitution that provides for three distinct and independent branches of government…The Court is not blind to the current political division in our country. But it is fundamental to the survival of our Republic that the separation of powers as outlined in our Constitution be preserved. And having interpreted the HEROES Act, the Court holds that it does not provide ‘clear congressional authorization’ for the Program proposed by the Secretary,"



Don Bessee

Awww isnt that cute a b lister goes full woke virtue signaling as if it matters. Note to soyboy, you are still not going to laid. RFLOL -

“Create a name that will bring attention to this problem. Then – and this is the important part – change your social media profile or display name to match your new ArcticRisk name,” he said. “And if enough of us do this, then maybe COP27 will be where our world leaders sit up and notice Arctic risks and introduce a solution.”

‘The Office’ Star Rainn Wilson ‘Changes’ Name for Climate Change: ‘Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson’



Bill Tozer


“WTF?! I am focused on factual information that Code Compliance won’t give me. And why would you even suggest that I would intentionally mislead the public? I’m a professional journalist. I resent the hell out of the implication that I would intentionally mislead anybody.” Tom Durkin.

I am a professional journalist!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 10 November 2022 at 09:23 PM

I am a professional journalist!

Still pretty sure that Don Rogers paid Tom with leftover pizza crusts he found in the newsroom (do they even have newsrooms any longer) so I guess that sort of makes him a "professional journalist". Some sort of compensation was involved.

Anyway Tom....step one.....LOSE THAT FUCKING PICTURE! The headband look has been dead for 60 years and was ridiculous from the beginning! The crazy "Doc Brown from Back to the Future look isn't cutting it either unless you've just invented a functioning time machine. For a professional journalist it doesn't work at all! For a still desperately rocking the 60's look to maintain the hippy cred it doesn't work either..... just stop it!


FTX Files For Bankruptcy, Sam Bankman-Fried Resigns As CEO

At least he waited until after the World Series to auger in.....it gives MLB the entire off-season to get the umpires shirts fixed.

Bill Tozer

fish @ 7:20 am.

Well, If I get paid to paint a neighbor’s fence or get paid to work on my neighbor’s lawnmower, then by definition I am a professional fence painter or a professional small engine repair mechanic.

It’s not Mr Tom’s appearance. Yes, he does look like a cross between Dennis Hooper the American Photojournalist in Apocalypse Now and Robert Downey Jr.‘s role as the journalist in Natural Born killers. But, that is not the point that made me laugh out loud.

A). “I asked Code Compliance for an in-person interview like the ones I’ve done with Gruver, Dent and Bell. Code Compliance Director Jeff Merriman flatly refused. In an email, he said, on advice of County Counsel Kit Elliott (which Elliott has confirmed with me), he could not discuss the Scarlett case and would only answer hypothetical questions by email.”

Ok fine. Like a Supreme Court Justice about a pending case. The Justice will only talk about settled cases or hypothetical cases. (Exception is Clarence Thomas who refuses to talk about even hypothetical cases….he wants real cases that have been adjudicated before him or no dice. At least that is what he has told law students when he was once allowed to come on campus and address them). Anyway…..

Tom posed a hypothetical question and got in return a hypothetical answer.

B) “I also asked hypothetically, “If a reporter wrote a story and got some important facts wrong (because you wouldn’t talk with him) that make you look bad and mislead the public, what would or could you do?”

Merriman answered, “We would hope that reporters would focus on factual information, and not intentionally mislead the public.”

WTF?! I am focused on factual information that Code Compliance won’t give me. And why would you even suggest that I would intentionally mislead the public? I’m a professional journalist. I resent the hell out of the implication that I would intentionally mislead anybody.”

LOL! Mr Tom took it personally and blamed Merriman IF he got anything wrong in his story and was outraged at the mere hypothetical suggestion that Merriman hoped that the reporters would really focus on reporting factual information accurately and not Intentionally mislead the public.

Who does not hope that reporters focus on accuracy and not connect their biased dots and mislead the public. Anyone here against accuracy in media, even in general terms besides Punchy? Anyone?

“I am a professional journalist and it’s all about me!


toes 812a

A journalist paid in leftover pizza crusts and living in a travel trailer that doesn't go anywhere is at the top of their profession in the Sierra foothills.

TD only misleads the folk who think his ravings are valid.


”Biden says his plan to reduce inflation is ‘showing results’”

Yes…..it’s making it worse.



Is anyone at all surprised......

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER WORD ABOUT GLENN REYNOLDS’ CARBON FOOTPRINT: Four hundred private jets arrived in Egypt during COP27 as climate delegates are accused of ‘hypocrisy.’

...anyone, anyone at all?!


Don Bessee

Sad times for vets watching our military going woke -

This Veterans Day, let’s listen to what our veterans say is wrong with our woke military
Military now values identity over competence as woke mandates chase veterans from service



Bill Tozer

‘The Left Wants Parents Out of the Schools, BUT Do Want Farting Teachers’


Don Bessee

Watching the wokesters destroy the Disney legacy is painful but get WOKE AND GO BROKE destroyed the star wars franchise and now it indiana jones -




Don Bessee

Its all turning to spoiled borscht just like the rancid ussian dressing emery obsession -

Vladimir Putin’s infamous submarine, dubbed the Belgorod, is reportedly headed back to port after a series of failed tests in the Artic Sea, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The development comes just years after the submarine was first put into service in 2019 and its return to port marks just the latest loss for the already struggling Russian leader.

Even more startling is the fact that the nuclear-powered torpedo launched from the Belgorod, named the “Poseidon” and put into service in July, failed to launch from the submarine during a series of test launches.

According to an intelligence source who recently spoke to CNN, the Poseidon is now back on the Belgorod and headed back to Russia by way of the Barents Sea.

“This can be seen as part of the bigger picture and Russia's recent military practice, sending ill-trained and under-equipped troops to Ukraine,” the Western diplomat told the outlet, comparing Russia’s failure to properly launch the Poseidon to the country’s ongoing failure to take Ukraine.



Bill Tozer

“TDS only misleads the folk who think his ravings are valid.” Edited.

Posted by: Gregory | 11 November 2022 at 09:51 AM
It’s frustration. It’s fighting city Hall. I remember the day looking up to my Dad, watched him grit his teeth, looking skyward and blurted out, “They say you can’t fight City Hall” and shook his head in amazement. I feel TDS’s pain. He won’t be the first, and he won’t be the last.

The same frustration Tomas expressed when he walked into the Nevada city council meeting asking if they support helping the homeless…..which Reinette on down did not fall for that trap. If you say ‘Nevada City Council supports helping the homeless’, that means turn Seaman’s Lodge into an emergency shelter with expensive insurance liability to purchase now, like immediately, and hand over the keys to place. And let’s look at other city properties.

When I first moved to God’s Country, out off the grid was a school bus with a family and chicken wire for the chickens, and they were living there right on the road practically with no services. Absentee owner, New York address, bought the parcel decades ago. Property in some trust by now.

Later, a guy bought the parcel (again, undeveloped) next to the yellow school bus folks, where the bus never moved. He got rid of them real quick. He didn’t waste his time. He called the Health Department. No septic. Not sanitary for habitation. Red flags.

‘Does the county support helping the homeless?’ If so, why do homeless have to leave cottages deemed not suitable for human habitation by the County inspector just looking at the premises. Walls so thin you can throw a cat through them. Water heater inside next to kitchen stove, inadequate ventilation.
It’s for the common good. Safety first. Just bring the place up to code and problem solved. But, but, but why? And the County told the tenants they don’t have to pay rent for six months. Sounds like a landowner problem, not a homeless problem. Can’t they bent the rules for the poor lady who is already renting sheds to guys who can’t pay $200 or even $100 a month. And some woman just gave birth.

Waiting for Part 3. Might take 10 days for his FOIA to come back. Good generic response by the County. We all hope no one, intentionality or unintentionally, misleads the public. The County does hope no one intentionally misleads the public, duh.

He is making the story about himself. A common trap when one is on a cruscade.


It is said that every time a new living space is built, two more angels get evicted. Homelessness is epidemic and it is only going to get worse. At least Tom is nudging the powers that be to consider the consequences of adding to the problem.


The consequences of ignoring code compliance is that we can lay off the code compliance folk at the Rude Center and cancel our pension obligations.

Good idea, Earl.

The newly laid off employees will either find another local job, find a job elsewhere or start competing for shelter spots here.

George Rebane

rlcrabb 1047am - I understand that there are no tent cities on the sidewalks of Oslo, Tallinn, Berlin, Prague, Moscow, Budapest, Beijing, Teheran, Jerusalem, … . They can’t have solved their homeless problems in the same way, so there must be several effective policies by which city governments can keep the cardboard condos, human feces, and needles off their streets and sidewalks. Maybe there is an affordable ‘best practice’ policy out there that we can copy.


In the “this is going to ruin your day” category

Shocking Video Shows Plane Collides With B-17 Bomber At Dallas Airshow



For Gregory…..


Scott O

Crabb 10:47 - "At least Tom is nudging the powers that be to consider the consequences of adding to the problem."

Old news, Crabb. This has been going on for decades. We could have way cheaper vehicles if we got rid of safety and emission standards. We could have way cheaper housing if we got rid of all those silly energy rules. Every time the left pounds the table for bundles of new regs and rules thousands of 'angels' lose their livelihoods.
Tough shit - learn to code - right, Crabb?


Posted by: Scott O | 12 November 2022 at 06:50 PM

Probably better if you don’t look like a 5150 candidate while doing the “nudging”.

Scott O

Crabb - "Homelessness is epidemic and it is only going to get worse."
Great news for the "homeless advocate" industry!
They've been making a swell living at it for years and are making sure it's a growing field.
Why doesn't Nevada County just do what Gavin did in Frisco? He said he'd take care of the problem when he was mayor and he must have done a bang up job because he got promoted to governor.


You have the empathy of a goat turd, Scottie. Unfortunately there are too many NIMBY Democrats and Republicans who believe the answer to the problem is to just push it off to someone else's neighborhood. Or do you have a realistic solution? Eh?


Invite the houseless into your home, Earl. It's the solution.

Going where the climate suits your clothes is a time honored path.

Bill Tozer

Well, Mr. Crabb was none too happy when homeless addicts and insane folks were bathing behind his abode. Those homeless done got pushed out of his backyard. NSJ is a great place to put our homeless. Especially those who are not quite ready for housing….yet. Maybe someday.


Posted by: rlcrabb | 13 November 2022 at 06:37 AM

Or do you have a realistic solution?

I think thousands of those 800K/unit apartments (Fun Fact: this was the topic where we discovered that Emery, after his incessant caterwauling for sources and documentation doesn’t read the links provided. Something about being simply too busy) that LA and San Diego county have proposed are a good place to start. Paying for them won’t be a problem with Pelosi returning to the Speakers Chair and already talking about eliminating the debt ceiling it shouldn’t be a problem.

You will probably want to polish up your grant writing skills though I’m not sure three panel cartoons are an acceptable format.

Scott O

Crabb - "You have the empathy of a goat turd, Scottie."
Yep, that's me. I point out facts and live in the actual real world. At least Crabby didn't say pig turd. I hear they have even less empathy.

Crabb is falling into the usual pattern of "If you don't agree with me about a problem, then you are a bad person".

I might point out that he himself said the problem is getting worse. And it is I who have pointed out on more than one occasion that lefty politicians and public officials are famous for "solutions" that involve pushing the issue to a location far away from where they live. The cause of chronic, long term homelessness is clearly rooted in the individual. This is not the popular idea and is shunned not because it is wrong, but because it doesn't provide the opportunities for left-wing virtue signalling, socialist posturing and the vast expenditures of public funds.
Do I feel sorry for the hordes of vacant-eyed zombies that could have been productive and happy healthy human beings? Of course. They need and deserve public help. But Crabb and the left slap away the help I would prescribe, and then claim that I have no "empathy".
Then there is the problem of the cost of housing climbing quite steeply of late in many areas.
I am sympathetic to the working poor trying to find an affordable roof over their heads. The public decided years ago they wanted all manner regulations concerning the construction and maintenance of housing and consequently the cost of housing went up. Many areas became crowded and land costs went up. The public applauded the rise in costs to hire the people to build the houses. And the cost of housing went up even more. Shanty towns were forbidden. Now we have the result. Trying to solve the problem by providing low cost or 'free' housing at the public's expense has been a proven disaster, both economically and in social outcomes. Yet it is the only solution offered by the left. If I notice that people banging their heads against the wall end up with brain damage, please excuse me if I don't join in.
Maybe I'm just not empathetic enough, right?

Scott O

fish 8:16 - "I’m not sure three panel cartoons are an acceptable format."
Are you kidding?
It might soon be the only format that the authorities in charge have the attention span and language skills to understand.


Posted by: Scott O | 13 November 2022 at 09:39 AM

Are you kidding?

It might soon be the only format that the authorities in charge have the attention span and language skills to understand.

I didn’t say it would always be so but as someone who sees a fair amount of government generated paperwork I can tell you that they are still using letters and words with real life punctuation and everything. Give it a couple of years for the “Pronoun Sciences” majors diffuse into the workforce and Crabb might find his work in great demand.


Tubby 6:49 - As a matter o' fact I did take in two homeless friends, fed and housed them for five months during the Great Recession. After they found jobs and moved on they got back in touch and paid me some back rent for my effort.
I suppose everyone here has a similar story, right?


Posted by: rlcrabb | 13 November 2022 at 10:28 AM

So you took in two friends? Why were they homeless?


Cripple 1028a

So... you've room for two and not doing your part anymore? For shame!


You guys are too much. It's no wonder your friends in Congress got whupped by an old man with poll numbers just above measles who can't even remember what country he's in. Have a nice day.


Crip, continued...

The problem is generally not friends or family being houseless (in fact, no one I know is) but total strangers, generally with substance abuse and anger management problems.

So, can we put you down for two?

Scott O

Crabb - "I suppose everyone here has a similar story, right?"
Helping out friends? Do it all the time.
But that hardly is a typical scenario of the "homeless problem".
Suggest you spend time with the hard core homeless or check out the many, many Ytube vids of street scenes in major cities in this country.


Cripple 1138a

There was no "whupping". The Senate was a virtual draw and the House will be led by the GOP, who will have subpoena powers come January.


.....hmmmm.....I guess we’re not going to find out.

Bill Tozer

Well, looks like I started this with my critique of Tom D’s visits (internet contracts?) with the Rood Center.

First, the story:

“So, when Tanya Scarlett came to me to report Code Compliance is evicting almost a dozen people from her property and forcing her to destroy their housing, I felt obligated to investigate. (See “Bad optics at Rood Center,” Oct. 12/13.)”

-Now, his efforts to save the dwellings that the County ordered destroyed/removed/bull dozed down, flattened, loaded up and hauled away.

“I also asked hypothetically, “If a reporter wrote a story and got some important facts wrong (because you wouldn’t talk with him) that make you look bad and mislead the public, what would or could you do?”

Merriman answered, “We would hope that reporters would focus on factual information, and not intentionally mislead the public.””

-Now Tom blowing his top:

“WTF?! I am focused on factual information that Code Compliance won’t give me. And why would you even suggest that I would intentionally mislead the public? I’m a professional journalist. I resent the hell out of the implication that I would intentionally mislead anybody.”

-Ego got involved. I see nowhere in the Code office’s response that insinuated (or suggested) Tom was intentionally misleading the public. I don’t see it. I just don’t see it.

-Additional information: “Apparently, Code Compliance doesn’t have to answer to the press, but according to the guidelines, Code Compliance must respond to the Board of Supervisors.”….

“….I don’t dispute that Code Compliance has the authority, and perhaps the obligation, to force the four families to leave their homes.

What I am disputing is whether this is the best course of action in the face of this homeless/housing crisis.”

-Tom does not dispute the obligation for the County to order the inhabitable structures to be removed, but is upset he was not treated more with the respect a professional journalist deserves.

Seems to me that the burden lies with Tanya Scarlett. Structures on Scarlette’s property have been ordered removed for code Compliance reasons—usually health, safety, sanitation, and squalor. Hopefully there is no toxic mold for the little one to breath and running hot water to bath the child.

One has to admit that a dozen people camped on her property is a rather high number for helping a person (or couple) down on their luck. That is a bunch more than letting some crazy woman stay in the trailer out back. Or sleep in the garage.

Paul Emery


This was predicted to be a Red wave and the House history in that election cycle in recent history is a big win for the opposing party with the exception of 2002 when the nation was unified behind Bush after 9/11. Here's a link with details:


Bill Tozer

Scott. Once you see it, you can never unsee it.



Yes, Punch, everyone knows the historical trends.

But generally, a winning presidential campaign results in a lot more seats in Congress for the president's party. Not in 2020. Biden's coattails were short.

But that notwithstanding, in 2022 there was no great victory sweep by Democrats in the Senate and there was a loss in the House.

Bill Tozer

How true.

“You guys are too much. It's no wonder your friends in Congress got whupped by an old man with poll numbers just above measles who can't even remember what country he's in. Have a nice day.”

With Biden oversees attending the various Climate Crisis Conferences and com-fads, our President thanked Colombia today for hosting the gathering. It is Cambodia who is the host. Oh, that’s just Uncle Joe.

Paul Emery


Can you remind readers who will have control of the Senate as a result of the election? Also can you remind them who had the smallest gain in the House first term midterms in the last 40 years with the exception of '02 for a party that was not in the majority?

Beep Beep

Past performance does not guarantee future results.


Punchy keeps punching.

Paul Emery


As a sparring partner you are disappointing. You have no defense and your offense consists only of light jabs and clumsy footwork. Might have to look for a replacement. Fishmouth is too dumb and Besse is boring. Biker Bill has potential but he runs for cover if confronted with a challenge. Oh well...

Scott O

"Can you remind readers who will have control of the Senate as a result of the election?"

Can someone remind Paul how legislation is passed? Appropriations have to originate in the House. Hopefully we will have 2 years of nothing being passed. A mercy for us all.


Posted by: Psul Emery | 14 November 2022 at 07:25 AM

....and I love that you run this line of bullshit a couple times a year.....usually when you’ve had some recent good news politically (you make yourself scarce hippy style when the press is bad or someone...usually me, pins your wrinkled weaselly ass down on some topic) and you’re feeling bold.

Hate to break this to you psul but you’re the dimmest bulb here now that Todd has passed. You do nothing but “Headline Spat” and I guess it must be the Baby Boomer naïveté in you that is responsible for your all consuming poll fetish. I’ve been told to leave you alone by people hanging out over my shoulder while I was typing because they thought, from the repetitive, frantic nature and barely coherent nature of your posts that you might be headed towards some sort of breakdown.

You are a sad little man psul.......

Bill Tozer

“ Biker Bill has potential but he runs for cover if confronted with a challenge. Oh well...”—
Emerytoad Licker.

Au contraire, Punchy Emery. While I do appreciate you seeing the potential and recognize the genius of BB and his Smooth Movements, Biker Bill does wish to confront you on any topic that is not under the proper thread, aka, ‘Election 2022 – America’s Voters Tested (updated 9nov22)’. The Sandbox is for other discussions of interest to the reader. Election results and commentary of said elections go in one place, your TDS goes in another. It’s my OCD flaring up again, my birder to bare.

Bill Tozer

We have now, since Biden took office, the lowest diesel reserves in 41 years. Please confront.

Bill Tozer

Former Bernie Press Secretary Accuses Biden of Using ‘Faulty’ Student-Loan Forgiveness Order for Votes


The last sentence is a howler.

“In December 2021 she claimed in a series of tweets that Biden “absolutely does have the power to cancel all student debt by executive order. No congressional involvement required.”

What is it with the Dem’s complete inability to know the law, the Constitution…..and economics?

Meanwhile, Texas is sending another bus load of illegal alien lawbreakers to Philly. Serves PA right. Just deserts.

Paul Emery

Once again Biker Bill runs for cover citing technicalities proving my point.


Posted by: psul Emery | 14 November 2022 at 08:53 AM




Bill Tozer

Punch Emery.

Paul, Paul, Paul. Disciple is needed here, which is in short supply with me and with you. How could I in good consciouses on this gorgeous morning in God’s Country take up your challenger to hop in the ring with you after lecturing you to put your comments under the proper Dr. Rebane post. Election results go under elections, not Sandbox. Have some respect for our host.

I would be a hypocrite if I were to accept your challenge after telling you to do as I say, not as I do. The rules apply to me and you….unless you believe rules no not apply to you. A two-tier Justice system rationalized away because somebody did it too. Then one has to justify their actions under some guise of a ‘technicality’, in this case.

I choose to exercise some self discipline today. But, as a bone tossed your way, you were more surprised by the mid-terms than any person here.

BTW Paul, you would be happy to hear that the guy who sat in Pelosi’s chair with his feet up on her desk on Jan. 6 got four years. That dude took nothing, destroyed nothing, had no priors and did no damage. 4 years. That’s over twice the length murders serve in our Blue Cities. Imagine how much time I would have received for leaving a nice libturd on her desk.

A technically.


Punchy keeps punching. Punchy is also a dumb palooka devoid of reason.

I'll see him in town soon for a "talking to" about those recent defamations.

Bill Tozer

In our entertainment news today, a Broadway acclaimed mime got fired because he ‘was white.’ Probably why we haven’t heard from the Frisco Value mimes lately, now known as the Bay City Bombers. Or stink-asses. White people are the worse.

Elon likes his money

Scott O 7:34

You so conveniently forget that it is the senate who appoints the judges. Two more years to fill the seats with progressive thinkers. Sorry to put a crinkle in your dumb ass smile.

Bill Tozer

Haters going to hate.

“The day is coming–rather soon, I think–when the current mania for drugging adolescents and carving up their bodies will be viewed with horror as one of the great crimes of our century. The costs of the “trans” fad have already become evident, to the point where the New York Times wants to position itself somewhere in the middle.

The Times story is headlined: “They Paused Puberty, but Is There a Cost?” Good question! The subhed: “Puberty blockers can ease transgender youths’ anguish and buy time to weigh options. But concerns are growing about long-term physical effects and other consequences.”

Here is one paragraph from the long article:

In a 2020 paper, 31 psychologists, neuroscientists and hormone experts from around the world urged more study of the effects of blockers on the brain. “If the brain is expecting to receive those hormones at a certain time and doesn’t, what happens?” said Dr. Sheri Berenbaum, head of a gender research lab at Penn State, and one of the authors of the paper. “We don’t know.”

In one sense, puberty blockers are the least of it. We certainly do know what happens when doctors slice off a boy’s penis or scrape away a teenage girl’s breasts and mangle her genitals. Do we have any idea what the long-term psychological and physical consequences of these surgeries will be? I think so, actually.”


Aren’t progressive ideas grand? Kill the baby up to the second of birth (CA new law, viable or not) and if they survive a botched abortion, then mutilate and deform the genitalia of the kids. Children don’t have a chance in Progressive Thinking Hell. Must be a self loathing thing. Definitely a mental disorder.

Haters going to hate.

Scott O

"You so conveniently forget that it is the senate who appoints the judges."

Paul shows up with another lie.
Is that all you're left with, Paul?
Is that that all you have to offer?
What a pathetic figure you've reduced yourself to be. Is an honest debate too difficult for you?
Go on Paul - show us the proof you had before you wrote that lie that I had "forgotten" that judges could be nominated from the Senate.

Scott O

"nominated from the Senate."
Meant to say "confirmed by the Senate".

Scott O

BT 6:51 - You've left out the left's desire that people should be able to have the state kill them because they don't want to live anymore for whatever reason.
They call it "assisted suicide" but that's mostly bull shit. Plenty of people that have the state kill them are perfectly capable of killing themselves, but instead have the tax payers pay a "doctor" to kill them.
Those aren't doctors - they're executioners.

Scott O

Hilarious - "The EU continues to serve as a model to the world on advancing sustainability with its many ambitious climate and environmental goals..."

Not plans, or systems, or accomplishments - just "goals".
The reality is that Europe has it's energy tits in a wringer. This is going to be a swell winter.

Scott O

Glad to see Germany has that energy stuff all figured out - they gots their "goals"!
Reality has it's goals.

Wanna guess who wins?

Bill Tozer

Defund the Wa Compost

‘WashPost Touts Alleged UVA Shooter Cleaning Up Life Before Massacre’


In reaction to the university shooting, Joe Biden called for banning assault weapons. That would have not saved the three murdered victim. The shooter used a hand gun.

Paul Emery

re: Scott O | 14 November 2022 at 08:52 PM

Never said that Scott. Check your source and apologize


Punchy is demanding an apology.

Scott O

Paul - you are correct sir!
And I do apologize for for it twasn't you, but a canny imposter.

Now - where oh where, is the apology from Paul for the lies he HAS told about me?
Not holding my breath.

Scott O

BT 5:19 - "In reaction to the university shooting, Joe Biden called for banning assault weapons."

Of course. The Dem voters are too stupid to think about what actual weapon was used in the murders.
Never let a tragedy go to waste.
The only let down for the Dems is that the shooter wasn't a Trumper.

paul emery

Specifically what "lies " are you referring to Scott. Name a couple.


Punch 831a

And faced with evidence of your "lies", you imagine you would do ... what?

paul emery

Who knows till I see then Gregory


We all know what we'd see... a rationalization of your bad behavior.


Finally some good news….the Republicans are going to raise the voting age to 28.

About time…..

Bill Tozer

Cryptocurrency billionaire broke the bank for Dems


paul emery

All I'm asking for is a couple of examples. Why is that so difficult


Posted by: psul emery | 15 November 2022 at 09:43 AM

Why is that so difficult?

Probably because there are so many it becomes impossible to just pick “a couple of examples”.

Why is this so difficult for you psul you were a member of the media (albeit a tiny, tiny member) for a number of years which means you were serving in the propaganda arm of the democrat party.

Just own it for once you f’ing weasel.

paul emery

Still can't come up with specific examples fish?

Bill Tozer

Imposter Alert! Imposter Alert.

Punchy Emery always signs his name with a Capital ‘P’ and a Capital ‘E’. Whoever this “paul emery” is, he/she/don’t know is not Punchy. Besides, Punchy rather not talk about mistakes, judging from mere observation for years. Lying is such a non-inclusive term.

Imposter! Or maybe, just maybe, Psul Emery is getting old. And to think he wants to joist. I was going to recommend he uses his sweetie as a soaring partner, but someone out there would say I support domestic violence. I said sparing partner, not punching bag. Besides, she/he would probably be too rough on the rope a dope, with Punchy getting punch drunk waiting to wear him/her out.

Gregory called Psul on his invitation to confront in clear concise complete terms. Punchy was yet to accept the challenge Gregory so graciously proposed. Careful what you wish for, but in this case your wants are your needs.

Who is this paul emery of whom you speak?


Posted by: psul emery | 15 November 2022 at 10:02 AM

Ladies and gentlemen…..I give you lying, disingenuous weasel……psul Emery.

Give him a big hand…

Awww…..what the hell…..I’ll throw you a bone. That Green Libertarian nonsense…..that was clearly a lie.

Scott O

Yeah, I've called out Paul when he comes up with whoppers about me, but he just goes quiet for a while.
He is getting old - maybe has the problem Biden has where he just babbles on with complete nonsense. Could be Paul isn't lying when he comes up with things that are "at variance with the truth" (hat tip to Tricky Dick). There are so many odd little scenarios that float around in his head and if he ignores reality long enough, he actually starts believing them.
Ah, well.

Scott O

BT 9:13 - A lot is already out on that story. And I think a lot more is to come. Let's see how the Dems squeak out of this one.
We already know Paul's take: "but Trump...".

Scott O

And so it starts.
Remember - this is only a 'test'.
Digital funny money gets rid of the problem of how to print all those paper bills when the hyper-inflation begins.


Posted by: Scott O | 15 November 2022 at 11:49 AM

C’mon Scott…..they only have your best interest at heart.

Bill Tozer

Oh no.

‘Two Critical Companies Will Lay Off, Furlough Employees During Holiday Shopping Season’


Critical Companies is right.
Uh no.

Paul Emery

Well Scott you supported Trump when he claimed the 2020 election was stolen. You can't dispute that.

Bill Tozer

And the guy who has all that traffic starting around mid-afternoon everyday at his drug den flop house is an unlicensed pharmacist.

Rantz: Seattle councilmember defends gang graffiti as ‘unsolicited creative expression’



Punchy 1246p

You got a link for that?

Bill Tozer

6 Reasons It’s Always a Mistake to Think of Yourself as a Victim



" CON Proposition 1 is an extreme law that allows late-term abortions at taxpayer expense up to the moment of birth—even if the baby is healthy and the mother’s health is not threatened. Current California law already guarantees a woman’s right to choose, making this extreme and costly proposal unnecessary. "

"allows late-term abortions at taxpayer expense up to the moment of birth—even if the baby is healthy and the mother’s health is not threatened"

From the ballot info from the SoS orifice. Would have been blocked by a judge if it was false.

Just part of the scare tactics meant to drive scared young unmarried women steeped in Critical Gender Theory to voting Democratic. Again.


Let’s play the psul game……

Awww…..what the hell…..I’ll throw you a bone. That Green Libertarian nonsense…..that was clearly a lie.

No refutation after four hours…..I guess that means I was right about it being a lie.

Paul Emery

All Scott has to say is no, I didn't support Trumps contention that the election was stolen. I will then either put up or shut up. Scotts a big boy Gregory. He can speak for himself.


You can speak for yourself but you don't.

Your answer to my question is no, you don't.

Bill Tozer

Haters gonna hate.

The View: DeSantis 'Looked Like the Devil,' Kari Lake Has Ugly Face

Who’s Gonna Wear More Makeup?’: Ana Navarro Mocks Kari Lake’s Appearance


Navarro hates normal women, especially fit women.

Ben Emery

Ignorance or Denial, I'm not sure which it is with the regulars on this blog.

I've had this conversation in person with some influential people in America. At one point, I had a folder/ paper written with academia in mind. When diagnosed and I walked away from my community positions, I got rid of a couple of decades of records and notes. One of those documents was shared with me when running against McClintock by a retired journalist that covered the Capitol for much of their career, water was their primary issue. It outlined how to set a trap and remove McClintock from CA politics. The key was having him address it in a public forum/ debate. When the CA Democrats brought in a candidate from Florida a few weeks of pulling papers and then left back to Florida within a few weeks of getting routed, it created a scenario where McClintock did not need to participate in any public forum/ debate in front of his "constituents". I was assured this trap had to be in an official setting otherwise it would not work. McClintock is a coward no doubt about it and also a bully, which generally goes hand in hand. He failed to show up to a single forum/ debate over that entire campaign season. Would it have worked, if it were to have happened by early September, I think it would have made his reelection campaign very vulnerable from this no name, no money, and no party challenger. Instead, we had a recent Republican convert from Florida flown in to pretend he had progressive ideas. I spent most of the time correcting his mischaracterization of a progressive position on issues. The Democratic candidate support for CAFOs at the Plumas LWV debate is a perfect example. McClintock's empty water glass just sat there pooling sweat from the untouched glass, which was a great metaphor for what type of elected official he is, a no show representative to his district.

Another document outlined dates, committee votes, floor votes, campaign donations to a public official and their political party, and how these hot button issues seem to fail depending on what D or R sat in power either of their chamber of government or as the executive of the government. Being a civil libertarian, social justice, peace, environmentalist, public/ open lands, and anti-corruption activist the groups I have participated in over the years run the political spectrum. I've dealt with both Republican and Democratic offices of elected officials dozens of times.
Through personal experiences and firsthand stories given to me from registered Democratic, Republican, Peace & Freedom, Green, Libertarian, Constitutional, etc. about the obstructions to our issues despite having overwhelming support when polled, a distinct pattern emerged. The pattern wasn’t surprising if we understand how our major parties function. What was surprising is when super majorities or veto proof legislatures failed to pass votes in committees when these same bills flew through the process in previous legislative sessions. In other words, when the real potential of becoming law through a Governor or President who was sympathetic to the cause or the party campaign rhetoric promotes such policies, the legislature could not allow the bill to make it through to the desk of the executive.
When laying all the information out in front a very clear picture is presented. The unelected unaccountable funders of the two major parties are the establishment that gives the marching orders to the leadership of those parties. The first time I noticed is when Ross Perot has been the last Presidential Candidate allowed on stage outside the two major parties. I voted for Perot solely on opposition against NAFTA and left the Democratic Party within Clinton’s first administration.

I have had multiple firsthand experiences with this happening and many others from people whom I trust. Where it first became crystal clear in California and Jerry Brown on several issues, primarily health care for all, fracking, and his water plan. Democrats could override any veto, so whatever the assembly and senate wanted to vote on was in their control. The way Brown handled it was to warn CC members and organizations to not bring those types of bills to his desk, they will not be signed and will have to be brought back up next session. At a CA Disclose Act meeting, I spoke with a former Democratic Party CC member who sat in on a meeting with Jerry Brown about Single Payer, which had passed twice before only to be vetoed. This former DPCC members wrote an Op Ed on what they were told in that meeting by Governor Brown. He was kicked out of his CC position and the Democratic Party altogether.
It was the Obama administration and the supermajorities in both US House and Senate they weren’t expecting. They were prepared for large majorities but not supermajorities. What this exposed was there is only one party when it comes to War. Obama continued and expanded Bush’s occupations/ drone bombing campaigns. There is only one party when it comes to energy. Obama extracted more fossil fuels than any other administration in US history while opening the Artic for deepwater drilling. There is only one party when it comes to civil liberties. Obama continued and expanded on the violations of our human and constitutional rights. There is only one party when it comes to gun control. Obama didn’t restrict gun laws and expanded carry laws onto trains and national parks.

“In his first month in office, Obama overturned a 20-year ban on loaded guns in national parks and wildlife refuges. Licensed gun owners from any state can now carry concealed, loaded weapons on federal land.
Ten months later, as part of an omnibus spending bill, Obama reversed a decade-long ban on transporting firearms by train. Amtrak travelers can now carry unloaded, locked weapons in their checked baggage.” – ABC News

There is only one party when it comes to finance/ economics. Obama appointed his Attorney General Eric Holder a Wall St. Lawyer who never lost his position at Covington & Burling (the darling law firm of Wall St executives) of Wall St despite being gone for 6 years. Covington & Burling held his position for him upon his return. If I remember correctly, it came with a $3 million annual salary plus other benefits. Holder redirected investigations into the actions of Wall St and banking institutions but also helped tamp down the scope of the Sanders/ Paul Audit of the Federal Reserve. The USDA, FDA, etc. all were headed up by industry representatives. Obama administration fully embrace “Free Trade Agreements” and was the biggest cheerleader for TPP.

Not only did Obama’s Attorney General not go after Wall St he gave final immunity for the war crimes within the Bush administration in 2012.

You guys spend day after day ripping the Democrats new assholes while defending your precious Republican’s actions, when in fact they playing their voters just as the Democrats do with their voter base.
I have no illusion my refusal to play their game makes my votes and activism fruitless but at the end of the day, I know my principles and convictions were not compromised. That in itself is a victory. Not having to defend Biden, Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush, etc. is a great solace for me to be able to speak truth to power without being a total hypocrite, which you guys seem to have no problem with doing.
From what I can tell you guys are just as bad as party line Democrats in acting, speaking, and voting ala cart. One “principled” issue has massive conflicts with another “principled” issue but it “wins” the day and we’ll deal with the fallout later. Bad laws stacked atop previous bad laws don’t ever create a good law or policy.
Do you guys ever wonder why an unprecedented leak out of SCOTUS happened? Why after 50 years of stare decisis did SCOTUS reverse Roe v Wade?

There was going to be a Republican Tidal Wave in 2022, which would have put the Republican Party in the hot seat to follow through with their rhetoric.
2022 was going to be a rebuttal or revolt for the Pandemic Response, which I landed on the Republican point of view in the violations of our civil liberties by decree not “democratically” passed law. In a public emergency, we can accept decree’s but a two week to flatten the curve turned into months, mandates, and absolute power grab.
What the establishment learned during that first session after the 2008 Obama/ Democratic Blue Tidal Wave was super majorities and an active critical thinking electorate is hard to control. The closer to 50/50 US House and Senate the more disillusioned independents get, and the more rabid the two bases become, making the theft of US assets and siphoning of wealth into the unelected unaccountable establishment control, that much easier. That wealth is then kept offshore sinking our ability to maintain functional infrastructure without more debt is impossible.

Watching CBS coverage of the 2022 election night in a throwaway sentence, a woman said; “with large voter turnouts it is much harder to predict the outcomes”. BINGO!

A huge chunk of the American population has now been silenced once again. This time it isn’t about military actions but a different kind of war and shift of power. This time it is about Tech Industry growing tentacles much like the financial sector and inserting itself into every other industry. With this power they are now focusing on political influence. The ability to not only manipulate profits from customers in concentrated industries, but an even more sinister and disgusting form of oppression that will most definitely turn into tyranny. Transhumanist moving everything into a digital world instead of a physical world is the greatest threat homo sapiens have face in tens of thousands of years. Massive Centralization and State Super Capitalism is the goal.

I remember Steve Frisch using the terminology of Public/ Private Cooperation over and over again, and also remember opposing this ideology at every turn when it comes to the commons or public infrastructure.

Welcoming Remarks and Special Address | Davos | #WEF22



Ben, you didn't have to do a thing to allow McClintock to skip any debate... you're a lightweight and no one would fault him for not sharing a stage with you. In the end, you didn't even beat the Democratic Party carpetbagger whose home folk (a free press rag in FL) referred to him as being D-Uranus.

Scott O

Paul - "All Scott has to say is no"
I don't have to do shit.
This is just getting more amusing - I call Paul out for lying about me and he comes up with the dodge of making another statement about me. It doesn't matter whether I "supported Trump" or not on the election issue - Paul's lie about me stands.
I realize he won't apologize and I don't really care. But this response from him is telling.


Scotto 509p

Well done, sir!

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