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10 November 2022


Don Bessee

Why dont they just say it does not work in cold, dont use the heater, dont use the heater when charging, drive slow, charge it all the time to keep the battery charged. LOL -



Don Bessee

Ya gotta love the congressional review act especially when the rule is so unpopular -

Now, Marshall has introduced a Congressional Review Act to ensure that Biden’s reopening of welfare-dependent immigration to the U.S. is blocked. Marshall said in a statement:

Granting citizenship to illegal aliens who would be dependent on federal benefits is a burden that American taxpayers and our national debt cannot afford. … We need to get back to policies like this if our country is going to have any hope at stopping the invasion at our southern border that started when President Biden took office

When Trump first issued the Public Charge rule in 2019, polls found that the policy was overwhelmingly popular with Americans. About 6-in-10 Americans said they supported ending welfare-dependent legal immigration, including 56 percent of Hispanics and 71 percent of black Americans.



Don Bessee

Here is wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Bill Tozer


CBS has “independently verified” that Pilgrims have, in fact, landed at Plymouth Rock.--Larry Elder

Paul Emery

Kari Lake now joins Trumps Pathetic Losers by refusing to accept defeat.

"Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey met with his Democratic successor Katie Hobbs on Wednesday, offering his congratulations for her win and pledging to work with her to ensure a smooth transition. Hobbs defeated her Republican challenger, right-wing election denier Kari Lake, who had secured the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.
Lake has so far refused to accept defeat, calling the race a “botched election.”


Scott O

re Paul 2:34 - Can't go one single frikken day.
The TDS worm has eaten right through his skull.

Happy Thanksgiving, Paul!


All Punchy can do is punch.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Even Punchy.

Bill Tozer


Bill Tozer

Meanwhile in London

Bill Tozer

Typical lefty news directors. So typical is almost boring.

‘Musk Takes New Media Outlet To School After Failed Bankman-Fried Exposé’



In typical Joe “I’ve been hiding behind rough men with guns for fifty years” Biden fashion....

Biden Pushes To Ban ‘Semi-Automatic’ Firearms: ‘No Social Redeeming Value’

....now that there is no way that he’ll ever get it passed. I must say though that I agree that Joe has “no socially redeeming value”!

Psul Krugg

Two years ago today. When inflation wasn’t 7-plus percent, and 250,000 people a month weren’t illegally crossing our border.

Don Bessee

Fauchi the fraud -

"Another tidbit from Fauci depo: In Feb ‘20 he emailed a friend advising her masks were ineffective. Confirmed again on Mar 31. On Apr 3 he’s adamant masks should be worn even though he couldn’t cite a single study to prove it. Mandates followed—Lives ruined."

"Defendant Dr. Anthony Fauci, a senior federal government official, coordinating with others, orchestrated a campaign to discredit the lab-leak hypothesis in early 2020," Landry and Schmitt said in their brief. "As director of [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] NIAID, Dr. Fauci had funded risky 'gain-of-function' research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through intermediaries such as EcoHealth Alliance, headed by Dr. Peter Daszak."

"Thus, if the lab-leak theory were established, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Daszak could be potentially implicated in funding the research on viruses that caused the COVID19 pandemic and killed millions of people worldwide," they said.

According to a Wednesday tweet following the deposition, Schmitt said Fauci "knew the Lab Leak theory had merit but it'd come back to him & sought to immediately discredit it."



Bill Tozer

McCoy: “Damn it Jim, I am a bureaucrat, not a scientist!”


Don @ 3:43 pm, follow up.


Finally. Biden Administration to allow Chevron to drill…..in Venezuela.

Bill Tozer

this clip can across my feed. No wonder Dick Howell and Kenny Johnston and Mr. Crooss and Bobbie Cross and little Earl always go nuts at the name Tucker Carlson. Once you see it, you can NEVER unsee it. Most disturbing thing I have seen in years. I can neverlook at our local Lefties the same because they are 100% behind this. All of them. Even little Tom. Silence is child violence. sick fucks the Left is .


Paul Emery

Do you agree with Trump that those convicted in the Jan 6 break in at the Capital should be pardoned?

Don Bessee

Not everyone is ok with the ad agency who made ads for themselves not the public and that was the lamest attempt at a deflection @625 but what are ya gonna do with terminal TDS -



Scott O

I can see it now - "Massive asteroid set to demolish earth in 4 days!"

Paul Emery: "Well, Trump..."

Scott O

Don 7:05 - I've never heard of a company that would hire another company to do publicity of any kind for them and not want to review the material or ad or whatever first. I guess filing a lawsuit is the best they can do to try to take the heat off. We'll see how this shakes out.
Another question is what media did these ads appear in?

Paul Emery

Do you agree with Trump that those convicted in the Jan 6 break in at the Capital should be pardoned?


Posted by: psul Emery | 25 November 2022 at 07:39 PM

Do you agree with Trump that those convicted in the Jan 6 break in at the Capital should be pardoned?

Do you agree with Trump that those convicted in the Jan 6 break in at the Capital should be pardoned?

Scott O

Today's comedy update:
"By the way, to be able to go out and buy a semiautomatic pistol the very same day that you intend to shoot somebody is absolutely crazy. You have to wait a month to buy a couch."
So - it would be OK if they waited a month before they shot some one?
It hasn't been that long since I left Krazy-fornia - now y'all have a one month waiting period to buy a couch?
Here's a pro tip for you anti-2A types: Make sure the person on your side has something better than a room temperature IQ.

Scott O

Do YOU agree with Paul that Don and Bill should be pardoned for the Jan 6th break in?

Paul Parody

"California first banned gas-powered cars. Now it's targeting diesel-powered semi-trucks. And the charging stations needed for the electric trucks that would replace diesel trucks will require about the same amount of power as a small town. ...California state officials, according to the Wall Street Journal, estimate the state will need 157,000 semi truck chargers by 2030 to support their proposed rules for electric semis. The average cost of a high-level passenger charging station is about $500,000 each. At that rate, the state will need $78.5 billion to cover the cost of the chargers. Since large rigs will need a lot more power, it's likely the stations will cost more. "


Posted by: Scott O | 25 November 2022 at 08:02 PM

Something happened on the 6th......?

Don Bessee

Nothing to see here, move along, move along no grooming happening you cis gendered pieces of shit so stop asking and call me mx or i will sue you and report you! -



Bill Tozer

Do YOU agree with Paul that Don and Bill should be pardoned for the Jan 6th break in?”

I heard a fly buzz when I died. —Emily Dickerson

But Trump, but Trump, Trump but, Trumpbut, Trump Bud, ButTrump, But Trump, Trump But


Fade to black.

Paul Emery

No I don't agree they should be pardoned fish. Do you?

Paul Parody

No I don't agree they should be pardoned fish. Do you? And if so, why?

Must be open mic night at the historic Busboys and Poets, a safe place to dine.

‘Trans Ideologues Who Cheer Cutting Off Healthy Genitals Shouldn’t Set Federal Medical Standards’


Scott O

Paul 9:00 - Who are 'they'?
And what is a 'pardoned fish'?
Is that short for a par-broiled fish that is done?

Scott O

re PP 8:07: As I recall, Gov Moonbeam had set lofty goals for mandating a certain percentage of cars to be sold in Kali that HAD to be electric.
The deadline came and went and almost no electric cars were sold.
Just treat it as a Soviet Union style 5 year plan.
It's all bluff and puffery and absolutely no one actually believes it will happen.
They have already caved over closing Diablo Canyon.

Bill Tozer

Oh, Punchy gets a little cranky on American Holidays. He is not alone with his many soul mates on the Left. Imagine sitting next to her at the table with family and loved ones gathering together for share the attitude of gratitude.

‘Hanoi Joy Reid: America Was Founded on Violence, Smears Thanksgiving’

UN-HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Why Do Journos Hate This Holiday So Much?

Hmmm. Pardoned fish tastes like tofu! Or Chicken Kiev. Or ripe banana. Or roasted Winter Squash or Kabocha Squash, or the one that got away. Swim fish, swim! Swim away little buddy.

Sheriff 'Pardons' Turkey for Breaking Into Home

American Holidays gets their blood boiling. Like Roberta Crosstops on the 4th of July. Sometimes the Court Jesters are not funny nor entertaining no mo.

Bill Tozer

The best thing about Twitter is it’s “their” playground. Their turf. Or was. Project Veritas has been pardoned….er….re-platformed. They are being smoked out….of their own sandbox. Mercy.

‘Elon Musk promises 'all internal discussions' over censorship of NY Post's Hunter Biden story will be made transparent’


So that’s why Don Lemon was going on about Ferguson lately. Elon is like Trump. Elon the Chief Twitter tweets, and the rats go what the rats do. He is leading them around by the nose. Don Lemon: 'Hands Up Don't Shoot'—Fake But Accurate!

I know. You can listen to the facts, or listen to a journalist.

“Okay, facts first here on CNN. Musk said that "hands up, don't shoot" was made up -- the whole thing was a fiction. This needs some context.”


#Elongate is for transparency. What civil libertarian could oppose that?

Elon Musk Announces ‘General Amnesty’ for Suspended Twitter Accounts and the Left Has Another Meltdown


Bill Tozer

H/T to Matt Taibbi for exposing News Directors and their pedo-sympathetic talking head mouthpiece friends.


More from the pedo-sympathetic media….they all are cartoon caricatures. All village idiots.





but Hunter Biden's laptop, Hunter Biden's laptop, Hunter Biden's laptop

Bill Tozer

What’s that? 4 suicides in the last 2 weeks?

‘Border Patrol suicides spike as frustration with Biden immigration policy mounts’


Bill Tozer

Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson: "We Are Truly In A Crisis" On Southern Border
March 29, 2019

“When I was in office in Kirstjen Nielsen's job, at her desk, I'd get to work around 6:30 in the morning and there'd be my intelligence book sitting on my desk, the PDB, and also the apprehension numbers from the day before," Johnson said. "And I'd look at them every morning, it'd be the first thing I'd look at. And I probably got too close to the problem, and my staff will tell you if it was under 1,000 apprehensions the day before that was a relatively good number, and if it was above 1,000 it was a relatively bad number, and I was gonna be in a bad mood the whole day."

"On Tuesday, there were 4,000 apprehensions. I know that a thousand overwhelms the system. I cannot begin to imagine what 4,000 a day looks like, so we are truly in a crisis," Johnson explained.

Wonder what 17,000 a day looks like. Actually, I know. I follow the facts, not the journalists.

April 19, years ago.

Obama DHS Secretary: Border Is in ‘Crisis by Any Measure’

Did you know that in the first 9 months of this year we sent more money to protect Ukraine’s border than the US spent in entirety for ALL the bridges and roads and tunnels here in the good ole USA. Roads and bridges, roads and bridges…..

Bill Tozer


Speaking of Biden’s laptop, I have a nagging question. It’s a question that is too hot for the press to handle and not even rumor sites will touch it. Apparently, Hunter was whining and whining on his e-mails about everyone taking a cut of his action (especially the Big Guy who Hunter had to pay the utilities for at some house in DE) and Hunter was pissed off. He went off on a dude he called Pedo Pete.

I will not even hazard a guess who Pedo Pete is in the Biden circle of corruption. But we can rest assured that the Chinese and Russians have followed closely Joe Biden’s crackhead son and acquaintances and all Pedo Pete adds to the mix is more hard core blackmail of our President. Man, those Corrupt Dems sure are sympathetic to the pedos,
Chinese and the Russians have the blackmail goods on our Chief Executive. Most disturbing and a National Security threat for sure.

Anyway Bump, do you know who Pedo Pete is? Guess we will find out in a couple of years. That Pedo Pete sure is a greedy bastard from Hunter’s rants. Time will or will not tell
Hate Crime Alert! Hate Crime Alert!

Narrative Busted: Man Throwing Bricks At NYC Gay Bar Was Actually A Gay Man Enacting ‘Revenge,’ Police Say

“The epidemic of anti-LGBTQ+ violence is national,” Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine tweeted. “A well-known gay bar on Manhattan’s west side has been attacked repeatedly in recent weeks. We can not stand for this.””

“New York City Councilmember Erik Bottcher, who represents the area, said definitively, “These are hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community.””

“As it stands, Bottcher and Levine’s tweets about the matter are still posted. So, as far as their followers are concerned, VERS was attacked due to homophobia and bigotry — which doesn’t appear to be true.
Don’t expect them to retract their statements either. The Left never lets the truth get in the way of a good story that advances their cause.“


Paul Emery


What are your ideas about how we should have handled the situation in the Ukraine and what we should do in the future?

Don Bessee

Plus sized model? Those words dont seem to fit together. -

Qatar Airways tells plus-size model to upgrade to first class because she didn't fit in economy seat: report




Yes Bill what’s your take…..on the whole geopolitical thing.

Stalwart man about town psul Emery demands answers.

Don Bessee

And no one went to see it in another quarter of a billion disaster -



Don Bessee

Kissing up to commies and of course drop the bomb on a holiday weekend. They really do hate Americans -



Bill Tozer

For you science lubbers out there in cyperspace. Here is a big juicy cheery red kiss from my wet lips for you.

‘The rise of scientific racism in palaeoanthropology’
A forensic anthropologist unmasks insidious interpretations of fossil finds.

.. . “The delays in recognizing how racism damages and paralyses science remind us how much stamina is required to become anti-racist. White privilege and presumed superiority in all matters of importance have been the norm for so long that it has become a fundamental construct of Western societies. To counter this deeply embedded narrative . . . requires courage, especially when you have been a beneficiary of these prejudicial practices. To recognize, expose and call out the racism in science is not easy, particularly in the hallowed halls of academia.”


Gosh, I never pondered how much courage it must take to denounce racism on a college campus these days. Who knew. —Steven Hayward.
‘Astrobiologists concerned about imperialistic consequences of galactic exploration’

“[B]ecause some subset of these and other questions considered by those in his field are going to have societal implications, they are also going to lead to some amount of activism.

Rooted in DEI ideology and an anti-colonialist framework, much of this activism is carried out in the popular press among well-credentialed academics who emphasize the supposed need to rethink the language of their fields and make vocal exhortations to decolonize space.

“[S]pace exploration is…an extension of our imperial and colonial histories,” said science historian and U.S. National Radio Astronomy Observatory fellow Rebecca Charbonneau in an August 2022 interview with Scientific American.”

Time to nuke academia from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure
"You have a device in your pocket that can
communicate with satellites so that you can
order tacos in your undies but we can't
count ballots."

Don Bessee

Sounds like Rebecca thinks star wars movies are documentaries, and the force is non-existent in this one @708


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe gives maduro a pass and now the eu is just virtue signaling with an oil cap that is below market rates. They really do think you are all so stupid not to notice. But no relief in sight for American energy companies. Its a jobs program for the commies and screw the American working class as well-fixed income folks suffering.




Sounds about right for Senile Joey.......

HOW IT STARTED: Presumed President-elect Joe Biden lays out Main Street recovery plan for small businesses.

How it’s going: Bidenomics: 41% of small businesses can’t pay rent this month, report warns.




Yes.....for The Worlds Wrinkliest Teenaged Girl that certainly seems to be the case......

“The Memo: Democrats pine for Trump as GOP nominee”


Don Bessee

Screw the permian basin states and American workers just kiss some commie ass says creepy grampa joe and the socialists. -

Chevron can resume key role in Venezuela's oil output, exports



If buulfrogs could fly they wouldn't Bump their Rumps on stumps.

Fauci still thinks that your kids should be locked out of school if there are regional Covid spikes, despite the fact they’re at no risk and lockdowns do nothing to stop the virus.

He’s a psychopath, and people who believed in him should be ashamed

Paul Emery

Trumps pal Nick Fuentes is really a nut case and a weirdo and Trump invited him over to his house for dinner. In a recent episode of his show, America First, Fuentes said:

“Gay people do date girls all the time. All these gay people are coming out and saying, ‘I’ve had more girlfriends than Nick. I’ve had sex with more girls than Nick.’

“That actually makes me really more heterosexual than anyone.”

“If we’re really being honest, never having a girlfriend, never having sex with a woman really makes you more heterosexual,” Fuentes said, “because honestly, dating women is gay, having sex with women is gay. And having sex with men is gay.”

“Really it’s all gay.”

“The only really straight heterosexual position is to be an asexual incel. That’s it. That’s all there is.”

“Having sex in itself is gay, I think. I think that it’s really a gay act. Think about it this way: What’s gayer than being like ‘I need cuddles. I need kisses I need to spend time with a woman.’ That’s a little sus.

“I think, really, I’m like the straightest guy.”


Don Bessee

Looks like the ponytail of ignorance missed the articles about kanya bring that guy without Trumps knowledge and he had no idea who the guy was and when he learned he blasted kim k's ex. Narrative fail.


Scott O

Paul - "Trump invited him over to his house for dinner."

Got any proof of that, Paul?
Is your Jones for Trump-hate so out of control you have to make up shit to post here?

Bill Tozer

re:Colorado shooter.

The alleged shooter comes out as non-binary and the news just vanished off the front pages. The media does not want to cover 'they/them' shooter no more.

I figure they/them is sharp enough or knows the rules to set up the inanity defense.

Coming out as neither a male or female, neither a man or woman, not knowing what he...they/them is proves he is insane. The non-binary inanity defense.
Don @ 4:43 pm

Its not what Trump said about Nick Fuentes, its what he hasn't said is the horror of horrors. Deja Vu. He hasn't condemned Nick F who none of us (including Trump)strong enough or in the right words after the fact nor has Trump thrown himself to the wolves and donated mega money to Rev Al or BLM or go on an apology tour. Condemn Nick harder! And use the right words written on the script.

yep, Trump got played. Happens to the best of 'em one time or another. Myself included. But, it doesn't seem to hapoen to those who are smart/wise/quick enough to learn from the lesson. Kinda like our former professional entertainer who is still getting played year after year by the same folks.
"I am afraid Putin will blackmail Trump!" lol. Elon appears to be a quick learner.



punchy 341p

"Trumps pal Nick Fuentes is really a nut case..."

What makes Fuentes a pal of Trump, Paul?

Don Bessee

You would think this was the b bee but it is a mentally ill creepy grampa joe appointee -

Brinton — who serves as the DOE's deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition — allegedly took a Vera Bradley suitcase worth $2,325 from the luggage carousel at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport (MSP) on Sept. 16, according to a criminal complaint filed on Oct. 26 in Minnesota state court and obtained by Fox News Digital. Brinton had traveled from Washington, D.C., to MSP that day.

After the suitcase's owner alerted police, officers reviewed video surveillance of the carousel and identified Brinton taking the luggage before removing its tag identifying the owner, the court filings stated. Law enforcement observed Brinton using the luggage during at least two other trips to Washington, D.C., on Sept. 18 and Oct. 9.



Bill Tozer

@ 6:38 pm

the insanity defense market is gearing up. Money to be made for legal consultants. And why would a non-binary carry women's luggage? Proof of insanity, I reckon.
Speaking of gearing up, The Wa Compost headline read something like this:

'Edible Insect industry gearing up, expects to be 3 Billion Dollar Industry by 2030.'

Buck sez: "They want you to eat bugs, because their religion tells them it will save the world from climate change, but none of them will be eating bugs. The whole point is that the peasants comply so the overlords can feel virtuous doing whatever they want."

Paul Emery

If you get included in a casual dinner party you are usually a pal Gregory. How could Trump not have been informed about him? Everybody else knew.

Once again you're defending Trump. Thats what you usually do.

Scott O

re Brinton 6:38 - "Brinton was ultimately charged with felony theft of a movable property without consent, a charge that could result in a five-year sentence, $10,000 fine or both."

Did you see his portrait? He is far too pretty for prison!

I'm surprised Biden picked him - no hair to sniff.
Paul votes for the guy that showers with his young daughter and then he shows up here talking about nut cases and weirdos.

Don Bessee

Reality check for the ponytail of ignorance -

The event came on the heels of West announcing that he's running for president in 2024. Writing in the Washington Examiner, conservative Byron York says the whole thing was a "publicity coup for West, Fuentes, and Yiannopoulos."

According to York, Trump was "played by a trio of clever publicity hounds"



Bill Tozer

Repeat after me: "Follow the facts, not the former news director."

Haters going to hate. Sick people do sick things. Liars going to lie. Do not bear false witness.

Paul Emery

So Don if Trump was ""played by a trio of clever publicity hounds" what does that say about his intelligence?


punchy 701p

"Once again you're defending Trump. Thats what you usually do"

Pointing out your variations on the truth, what you usually do, are not defenses of Trump.

Paul Emery

So Gregory you disagree with me when I said "How could Trump not have been informed about him? Everybody else knew." From my 7:01 you referred to.

Also when Don posts a quote that Trump was "played by a trio of clever publicity hounds" does that not reflect on Trumps intelligence?

Don Bessee

So they think a billion will drop homeless numbers by 2 percent which means they think 50 billion would solve it ignoring the lawlessness and open border fentanyl flood and yet ...

The WSJ also noted that under Newsom, the state saw a roughly 15 percent increase in the homeless population since 2019, despite having the most significant funding increase to fight the problem. In fact, since the start of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, the state has committed around $15 billion towards homelessness, according to reports. Additionally, some majority cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco also raised taxes to help combat the problem as well.





punchy 846p

You just make stuff up. And you get testy when it's pointed out.

Don Bessee

Reality check for the crazed PC set -

Issued under President Obama, and passed over to the Biden administration, the Health and Human Services (HHS) transgender mandate required doctors and hospitals to performance gender reassignment surgeries on any patient – including children – even if it was against a doctor’s conscience or medical judgment.



Scott O

re Don 8:59 - Spending money on the homeless is just chumming the water. The more you spend, the more the homeless show up to get in on the goodies. They're not all entirely stupid. If you were a hobo or a bum, you go where the getting is good.
There are a very small percentage of 'homeless' that do deserve our financial help. Unfortunately once you start a govt entitlement racket, it's just too good a scam to limit it to a handful of people. The idea of a govt program actually solving a problem is career suicide for a whole lotta folks.
Remember the 'war' on poverty? We might be losing the war, but at least we feel better about ourselves and isn't that what it was really all about?

Don Bessee

You would have thought they would have figured that our but dems. lol


Don Bessee

Looks like they needed to bring in a better liar after the fauchi debacle but did not get a better outcome. Nothing to see here move along giving money to the commie maduro in venezuala as if he will stop emptying the prisons of criminals to make room for freedom advocates. While creepy grampa joe keeps telling the truth, NO NEW DRILLING IN THE US BITCHES! -

The Hill
Watch live: Kirby joins Jean-Pierre for White House press briefing



Bill Tozer

Scary Mary Poppins never left.


Barbara Boxer had to register as an foreign agent of China after she left elected office and started making the big bucks.

Bill Tozer

Merriam-Webster dictionary reveals 2022 word of the year



Posted by: Scott O | 28 November 2022 at 07:05 PM

Did you see his portrait? He is far too pretty for prison!

??? Too pretty?!

Brinton looks like the inbred banjo playing kid from Deliverance all growed up. Looks like he’s been sleeping on piles of the same radioactive waste he was ostensibly hired to manage….

It is of course no surprise that he was selected by the Biden Administration though.

Another first rate hire.

Bill Tozer

for those who a little time. Erickson on the CO shooter, Twitter, the media, free press, and Paul. Nothing to add.


Bill Tozer

They come in threes.

'Russian Crypto Billionaire Dies In Helicopter Crash'

The billionaire is the third cryptocurrency entrepreneur to die unexpectedly in recent weeks.


Paul Emery


In your 9:05 exactly what did I "make up" that you are referring to ?


Here's one, Punchy (1043a):

"If you get included in a casual dinner party you are usually a pal Gregory"

How many were there? How many had invites from Trump?

This is just your 2 minute Hate du jour, and you'll get over it as soon as a new one presents itself.

Paul Emery

All would have to have had approval from Trump Gregory. Just a casual google to the name Nick Fuentes reveals this from Wiki.

"Nicholas Joseph Fuentes is an American white supremacist political commentator and live streamer. A former YouTuber, his channel was permanently suspended in February 2020 for violating YouTube's hate speech policy. He holds antisemitic views and denies the Holocaust. "

Certainly that would raise flags before would be allowed to attend and where was the Secret Service during all this?

Paul Emery

Try it yourself Gregory Google this:


Don Bessee

Isn't that cute the ponytail of ignorance thinks Trump handles his minutia for a big dinner party. LOL



Senile Joey....friend to the "working man"....

Unions Furious As Biden, Pelosi Push Bill To Avert Rail Strike



punchy just keeps punching.

Funny guy... for how long is an ex-president under the care and authority of the Secret Service?

For how many years will the two-minute hates be convened?

Bill Tozer


Its the old Nanxy Pelosi playbook she used against Jim Jordan concerning his assistant wrestling coach days: "He did not kbow but he should have!"

Paul Emery


I'm amazed you don't know the answer to your 1:26 question. The answer is the rest of their lives. It's profound how ignorant you are. Here's a quote and a link:

" The Former Presidents Protection Act of 2012, reverses a previous law that limited Secret Service protection for former presidents and their families to 10 years if they served after 1997. Former President George W. Bush and future former presidents will receive Secret Service protection for the rest of their lives. Children of former presidents up to the age of 16 are assured protection under the new law. "


Barry Pruett

If ex-presidents are forever under the security of the secret service and documents were secured in trumps residence under the security of secret service, what is the big deal about trump having documents which are secured? Oh yeah. Trump bad. Got it.


Blow it out your blow-hole, Punchy... the lack of profundity is all yours.

I am never surprised at your lack of sense. After they leave the Presidency, the protection they get is less than what they would get as president. Ex-Presidents can say NO to the SS suggestions.

The current president has less power to refuse protection they really don't want.

Bill Tozer

Ex-Preaident Bubba Clinton refused his SS security detail on many of his flights on the Lolita Express to Epstein's Pedo Fantasy Island.

Bow-Wow. No wonder Musk-less Twitter banned Libs of TikToc. Its where our school teachers play.


Paul Emery


So why didn't Trump have any curiosity about this guy Fuentes and why didn't he ask for help in doing a simple background check on him as an uninvited guest? ?It could have been done with a cell phone google search for a start.


Are you saying the classified information trump possessed was secure because of the secret service assigned to him? How about when Trump was elsewhere? Were they told to stay behind and secure the classified documents?

do you have evidence the SS was specifically tole about the documents?

Paul Emery


specifically told about the documents


Who is worse in your mind... Emmanuel Goldstein, or Donald Trump?

Punchy, I don't know what Trump did or did not do to vet Fuentes, and neither do you. Also, I don't care who Trump talks to or who his staff at Mar-a-lago serves rubber chicken to.

Trump is an adult citizen of the USA and I ain't his daddy.

Bill Tozer

"So why didn't Trump have any curiosity about this guy Fluentes...?"

Paul, you tell us and we will all know. You expect anyone to know the answer to your question? We, like you, are all on the sidelines. Didn't you have any curiosity when you recently voted for Prop 1 that enshined in our State Constitution the killing of babies up to the minisecond of birth?

Well, you have gone from "Trump's pal Fluentes"...'his good bubby o buddy o pal' to why did Trump not have any curiosity about this dude you and Trump never heard of before. The artist formerly as Kenyan West was invited and Ye brought along his guests. Don't know about your sheltered bubble, but I have received invitations to private affairs addressed to Biker Bill and Guest.

I reject your premise...again and again. Yes, I am saying that 17 Intel Agencies are wrong, I do disagree with them and they are lying sacks of punchy. And yes, I do disagree with 52 former CIA officals and intel operatives that the Hunter Laptop is a Russian (dis)information operation and they are full of punchy.

Why did not Trump have any curiousity and why did he not seek help with background checks? Why? Usually a background check in the private is for wants, warrants, and prior criminal history/convictions.

Since you have made it abundantly clear for six years straight you know every inner thoughts and motives and moves by former President Trump and have assigned nefarious motives to everything from Trump having two scoops of ice cream to pouring out too much Koa fish food in Tokyo, please tell us why Trump did not have any curiosity about his pal FUEntes? Sounds like a Spanish surname to me.

Paul Emery


You're assessment of Prop 1 is completely wrong. It has been determined that it must follow the timelines and procedures set up by State law.

Does your concerns about Prop 1 mean you support abortion with time limits that are already defined by state law?

Paul Emery

Gregory, Bill

Here's another quote from Trumps dinner guest Nick Fuentes who Trump haS yet to condemn.

"It sucks, and it is what it is, but that’s why we need a dictatorship. That’s unironically why we need to get rid of all that. We need to take control of the media or take control of the government and force the people to believe what we believe or force them to play by our rules and reshape the society."


Scott O

Paul 3:41 - "Trumps pal Nick Fuentes is really a nut case and a weirdo and Trump invited him over to his house for dinner."

Still waiting for Paul Emery to retract and apologize for this lie.
Fuentes was not invited and Trump said he didn't know who he was. Ye brought him and to be polite, Trump let him have dinner at his house.
If this is all Paul has to yell at Trump now, God help him.
ANYTHING to take Paul's mind off the CCP puppet pervert he voted for for POTUS.

Bill Tozer

Punchy, you are wrong again. Prop 1 removes all time frames by removing the words viable and unviable, so the 2003 law you are about to link to is null and void. But, you know that, baby killer and pedo sympathizer. You support human trafficking and child sexual explotion and 38,000 to 60,000 fentanyl overdoses a year because you are for open borders. Those young men and women who are only seeking a better life for their families are now mules and sex slaves for the cartels.

You are quite the piece of work. Ignorance is bless. And you know nothing about how the Secret Service works. Nothing.
I could go on with much detail, but my internet has been down since Saturday at 4:30 pm and like the Ghost of Hind Tit, only 10 subscribers are affected. otherwise I would flood you with facts but since the information is down, I cannot. Besides, I have instructed not to throw pearls before swine less they trample them asunder..

I reject you premises on a daily basis. And here you were saving 13 weeks, then 15 weeks, then 17 weeks was enough time for a biological female (real women) have to decide to kill that life in their (her) womb. Guess you changed your mind again. Why your mother did not abort you is between her and her conscience. Got any kids that survived? later, waiting for the internet to come back on
Oh, Punchy, Trump did not erode our trust in our institutions or media. They did it to themselves and you get played year in and year out..every since time. old dog, no new tricks thang.

For everyone who cares about trust in our in our institutions: 3 minutes with ex-Secret Service Dan. Did you know he had a higher clearance that the President of the US?


Paul Emery


Can you show me a legal determination that supports your contention or is it only your opinion. Everything I have found is quite the opposite.

what does open borders have to do with this conversation Bill? Show me a legal decision that supports your contention on Prop 1.

Scott O

"It has been determined that it must follow the timelines and procedures set up by State law."

Determined by what court?

If prop 1 wanted to continue the timelines and procedures set up by state law, it would have been a simple matter of adding one single sentence.
That it did not is telling. 'State law' is meaningless in the face of an over-riding court opinion. This proposition has opened up a can of worms. Time will tell.

Bill Tozer

open borders has to do with your support of child sex trafficking and your sympathy to pedos. You no longer hold the mic and this interview is over. You support people mostly 18-54 ODing on fentanyl, a corrupt DOJ. Your silence is violence. You stand the murder of US citizens. That is what you stand for.

Again, Paul Emery, did you have any kids that survived your bloodlust?
Paul, just like you said you don't give a fuck about what Biden says or what our VP does, I believe you. Just like you don't give a fuck what Biden says (uncharacteristic of you to say fuck), I have taken an interest in Musk. I don't give a fuck about the atendees at one of Trump's countless rubber chicken dinners. You are a baby killer and an America hater. Your silence speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say. Did you kill all your children? Why do you give a fuck what us Circle of Jerks have to say, Psul? Why do you give a fuck what us Circle of Jerks have to say? I am interviewing you know, old man. I have to ask twice to make sure you heard it. Why do you care what us Circle of Jerks have to say since you don't give a hoot about human trafficking or sex slaves or erasing women.
Ben Shapiro on Twitter. Punchy Emerytoad's fellow airheads sure gives a fuck about Elongate. Broad Brush.


To be continued if and when internet is restored

Scott O

BT 5:40 - The news about the evidence being lost is actually old news. It turns out they got a warrant to search the house but they "forgot" to get a warrant to seize the evidence. How does that happen? Did they leave an agent at the residence to safeguard what they found? Nah.
They let one of Epstein's lawyers go through the place overnight and when they came back the next day it seems a lot of what they had previously found the day before was mysteriously gone. Quite the odd thing, doncha know. Do you think the Fibbies are ever going to be asked to explain all of this?

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