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30 November 2022



"First, a brief history of the greatest show on earth. From buying a massive stake of Twitter to joining the board, to leaving the board, to buying the company, to perhaps not buying the company, to no wait yes I am definitely buying this company… the story of Elon Musk and the internet’s most beloved toxic waste dump social media platform has captured the hearts and minds of America...."


Scott O

I see the Biden admin is coming out of the closet.

"Prelogar also shocked justices across the judicial spectrum by arguing that Section 706 of the APA did not give courts the power to vacate agency actions, despite the fact that there have been thousands of cases doing so over the past 80 years, many of which have been affirmed by the Supreme Court over that lengthy period."

If anyone had any doubts about those little authoritarian tendencies, the arguments made in court removes them once and for all.
If fed govt agency actions cannot be over ruled, then we have a dictatorship.
And these are the clowns who love to yammer about the "danger to democracy"!



"Proposition 1 is an
extreme law that
allows late-term abortions at
taxpayer expense up to the
moment of birth—even if the
baby is healthy and the
mother’s health is not
threatened. Current California
law already guarantees a
woman’s right to choose,
making this extreme and costly
proposal unnecessary."

Bill Tozer

From a Fluetes quote I have been gnawing on:

"It sucks, and it is what it is, but that’s why we need a dictatorship. That’s unironically why we need to get rid of all that. We need to take control of the media or take control of the government and force the people to believe what we believe or force them to play by our rules and reshape the society."

What comes immediately to mind is an old Pat Caddell quote from when he was advising the Gary Hart or the Ross Perot campaign. Not when he was running Joe Biden's ill fated '88 campaign when he dropped out on disgrace for lying and plagiarizing JFK and RFK.

The quote that has always stuck was Caddell commented on the rising star of a relatively unknown Jewish Socialist Senator from Vermont and the emerging David Duke. Caddell said Bernie Sanders and David Duke both "sup from the same cup."

That is speaking truth to power. Sanders, Biden, the Left and Fluetes all sup from the same cup.

Topics of controlling the media, controlling (weaponizing) the government, and "force the people to believe what we believe or force them to play by our rules and reshape the society."

Its taken the Dems a long time to soften up their base to the idea of authoritarianism and kiddy porn, but here we are. Proof? The Left's meltdown over Musk and free speech.

When you classify agrumentive speech as 'hate speech' (which even hate speech is protected under numerous SCOTUS rulings), then you are against free speech. All authoritarians...or dictatorships to use Fluenes' term, hate free speech.

Saying a biological male can never become a female is now 'hate speech' and the current Administration is not oy open but proud of squashing free speech as evidenced by declaring the Biden WH is "monitoring the situation."...aka, Twitter under Elongate.

Bernie Sanders and David Duke sup from the same cup

Scott O

re BT 11:16 - This is the major reason I try to be careful to call them 'leftists' and not liberals. They are in no way liberal.

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ 11:57 am.

Another of the Fueles quote posted in the previous episode of the Sandbox jumped out even more. Nine foot letters. The last line. The last three words.

"....and force the people to believe what we believe or force them to play by our rules and reshape the society."

"Reshape the society" sounds familiar. Sounds like "fundamentally transform America " That was also the day the sea levels receded. :)

I miss the libs, the civil libertarians and all. Stood talland was the voice of our national conscience. Thats why I was shocked that anti-war, anti-colonialism AOC scubbed her 2018 campaign page and has voted in lock step for unlimitrd funding of the war in Ukraine without audits...as did every member of the Squad.

Moi may occasionally refer to the Left as 'libs for briefity and old habits, but Leftinistas is more accurate....is accurate, period. From the Jacobins to the Cultural Revolution to the Soviet State--all went after religion and family ties first. Leftinistas cannot tolerate competition. Tie that in with getting Apple and Goggle to do their bidding and we have a fascist state....the new God they worship.

Hear about China sending in tanks to trample peaceful protestors? If you read Punchy's sources of information or mainstream Dem Party news, you would have missed the story.

The peaceful crowd was chanting the old Patrick Henry quote, "Give me liberty or give me death." That yearning for freedom burns in the hearts of every freedom loving man and woman across the ages.

Apple cut off the Airdrop feature in China to prevent the peasants from comminicating with each other directly with using State Sponsored internet or email. Some might call that facism. i call it fundamentally transforming America and what we believe in.
Or Leftinistas.

Don Bessee

The truth will set you free, someone get the ponytail of ignorance to his fainting couch -



Bill Tozer

re: The Border

Well, all pretense is gone. The Leftists do not want any controls at the border. Zero. No negotiations, no promises, no maybes. Full open borders. The only solution palatable to the Leftinistas.

The Dems after the mid-terms are more unhinged than ever. They are not calling for amnesty for all illegal aliens, they are calling for US Citizenship for all who entered the US without permission.

When I think of what a precious gift US citizenship is and how so many worked for years and years following all the rules to achieve such a blessed gift, I makes me ill to think such a sacred privilege is being offered to the line jumpers instead of those in line.
Do not throw your pearls before swine else they trample them asunder and turn on you.


Its all out in the open know. The USA is the only country in Earth that has no right to defend its borders. We cannot even recognize our borders, thus we are no longer a country. Fuck the Leftinistas and their child sex trafficking.

Paul Emery


Thanks for spreading the word about Trumps dinner guest Nick Fuentus who is advocating a dictatorship to spread his Christian theocracy. Check this out from two days ago where he praises Hitler, spews bigotry, and promotes a Christian nationalist dictatorship. Again Thanks Bill for helping spread the word about this guy. Here's a link to his spew.


Don Bessee

Insult Americans check, lie and pretend they wont notice -

Biden slammed for claiming public didn't know 'what the hell a supply chain was': 'Insulting Americans'
One frustrated Twitter user asked, 'Instead of insulting Americans why doesn’t Biden apologize to them for ruining their economy and then resign?'




Paul Emery

Here's another quote from Trumps dinner Guest Nick Fuentes showing support for Putin in the"liberation" of Ukraine. Amazing that Bill and Scott refuse to chastise Trump for inviting him to dinner and for being so ignorant as to not know who he was. .

"We continue to support czar Putin in the war effort," Fuentes said, adding: "We want to keep our brave soldiers in the white, blue, and red in our prayers and in our thoughts as they continue to liberate Ukraine from the Great Satan and from the evil empire in the world, which is the United States."



Here's another quote from Trumps dinner Guest Nick Fuentes .....

Nice.....after 7 or so posts botching the name “Fuentes” differently each time you finally blind squirrel into the correct spelling.

Well done!

Paul Emery

How about you fish. What is your view of the fact that Trump had this person over for dinner? Who is the "Great Satan" that Fuentes refers to?


Posted by: psul Emery | 30 November 2022 at 04:12 PM

Don’t know psul but you have to remember I don’t play the Trump game with you.

Paul Emery

Fish is a Trump supporter through and through and this is just another example. He supports him no matter what he does. Thanks for verifying this to RR readers once again fish


Posted by: psul Emery | 30 November 2022 at 04:21 PM

Sick burn 🔥 psul. You’re really on your game today.

Scott O

"Amazing that Bill and Scott refuse to chastise Trump for inviting him to dinner..."

Another day - another lie from Paul.

Is that really all you have left, Paul?

Paul Emery

Did Trump have Fuentes over for dinner Scott? Yes or no or don't know?

Don Bessee

So cute when he stomps his little feet and yells YES OR NO over and over what a precious lill ponytail of ignorance! LOL

Here is one just for you, they admit their thumb was on the scale -

Ex-Twitter Exec Concedes It Was Wrong to Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story



Don Bessee

Let them eat bugs -

Netherlands reportedly set to forcibly close 3,000 farms to comply with EU mandate



Paul Emery


What is your opinion of Nick Fuentes? Do you or don't you support him? Softball question even you can handle.

Paul Emery


What is your opinion of Nick Fuentes? Do you or don't you support him? Softball question even you can handle.

Bill Tozer

Evening Gentlemen and scumbag.

Nick Fuentes; Day 3.





Don Bessee




Don Bessee

Not sure what auto correct meant @630 HALARIOUS.



There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every move he makes, another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow’s answer

Secret Question man, Secret Question man
They've given you a number and taken away your name

Beware of orange faces that you find
An orange face can hide an evil mind
Ah, be careful what you say
Or you'll give yourself away
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow’s answer

Secret Question man, Secret Question man
They've given you a number and taken away your name

Secret Question man, Secret Question man
They've given you a number and taken away your name

Swingin' on the Yuba one day
And then layin' in an alley next day
Oh no, you let the wrong word pass
While kissing pervasive ass
The odds are you won't live to see tomorrow’s answer

Secret Question man, Secret Question man
They've given you a number and taken away your name

Secret Question man

Apologies to Johnny Rivers


Oh Castreaux......such a proglodyte weasel!


Bill Tozer

Stan 'not the man' Britin
Fentanyl deaths skyrocket in Los Angeles over past five years


Bill Tozer

From the Chop Clinic

'The Most Passionate Science Deniers Are Pro-Trans ‘Experts’ Who Profit From Carving Up Kids'

More from the Chop Clinic

Admiral Rachel Levine's e-mails show NO EVIDENCE that Gender Reassignment/Child Multilation Works.

Impeach the cunt. Rachel Levine and Earl sup from the same cup. Fuck you, Crabbnan.
Studies show Suicide Rates higher among minors AFTER Genser Reassignment Therapy.

Impeach the cunt and again, FUCK YOU CRABBMAN. Fuck off and die You and Rachel sup from the same cup.

Bill Tozer
Bill Tozer

lol. Too sweet

Dems select election denier to replace Pelosi.

CNN begins massive layoffs.

Dems push last minute funding for media companies

The Estonian Fox

fish 06:38 PM-

Here I always thought it was a song about Mao Tse-tung or Xi Jin-ping, disguising themselves as caring, European, free-market capitalists:
"Secret Asian Man".

And unfortunately for him, Jiang Zemin didn't live to see tomorrow.

The Estonian Fox

EF @ 4:30AM-

On second thought, it was probably a song about Joe & Hunter Biden, disguising themselves as caring, European, free-market capitalists, but each one being a:
"Secret Asian Man".

Yeah, I know, pretty pathetic to reference your own comment.


Toz 11/30 9pm - ??? I looked through this thread for some link that puts me in the pro-mutilation camp without success. For the record, I'm not. But fuck you anyway.


Posted by: The Estonian Fox | 01 December 2022 at 04:30 AM

And unfortunately for him, Jiang Zemin didn't live to see tomorrow.

He made it to 96……that’s a lot of tomorrows.

Bill Tozer

Dr Rebane Reference to your opening post comments:

Why don't the Dems talk about open borders, fentanyl killing 50,000of our citizens a year, the crime wave, etc?

Mystery solved. Its Occam's Razor.

Why the Dems and Psul cannot agree with the R's. Short clip of Gutfeld's opening monologue. start at 3:00 minutes if you are so inclined.


Bill Tozer

Wyoming oil producer Diemer True says it's absolute "madness 'that President Biden eased sanctions against socialist Venezuela while continuing restrictions against U.S. oil production. The United States has much stricter environmental controls and can produce this energy in a much cleaner and safer manner than places like Venezuela,'”
-China has 1,109 gigawatts of coal-fired capacity and is rapidly building more. The U.S. has 196 gigawatts of coal capacity in its entire fleet, and the Biden Administration is trying to get rid of all of it. It's just lunacy. https://cowboystatedaily.com/2022/11/28/china-doubles-down-on-coal-europe-returning-to-coal-while-the-u-s-kills-coal/

Well, WY does have the cleanest burning coal on the planet. And Venezuela does not have the technology to produce oil like the USA does, making homegrown oil the most environmentally safe and clean process of extraction on the planet as well.

go figure

Bill Tozer

Its all our fault! To much consuming going on.

'Janet Yellen blames Americans' 'splurging' for record-high inflation'

Stephen Colbert notes Biden administration dismissed inflation as 'small risk' last year


Scott O

Doncha' love it?
"Swiss look to ban use of electric cars over the winter to save energy"
Those smarties that run the govt sure know what's best for us.

You will own nothing and be happy!

Bill Tozer

Government sponsored groomers.


Bill Tozer

re fentanyl, open borders, and Dem groomers


Punchy's pals.

Bill Tozer

Even when the media gets it wrong, they somehow get it right.
30 seconds or less.


rickshaw mama

Special Master go bye bye. No one here wants to comment. Trumpy fuck is swirling.
Hope you all enjoy the flu season. Seems Type A influenza is bringing old people to their knees. I expect a culling of the herd here. Anti vaxxers to get their due.

Bill Tozer

Are dems in denial about fentanyl, or they just don't care?



Yes, yes, "Trumpy fuck" is swirling the john. That's like the walls are closing in, yes?

Scott O

Rick Shaw's mama 6:50 - "Anti vaxxers to get their due."

What a maroon! Type A influenza is not covid.
Old folks die from influenza every year.
The annual flu shot is not the same as the clot shot. Try to get some education and some sanity and then get back to us.

Bill Tozer

its a said state of affairs when the President of France speaks better English than our President does at the WH.
Disney Absolutely STUNNED No One Wanted to See New Animated Gay Romance Movie for Kids

Gosh, I wonder why. A great mystery

Scott O

Here's one for Rickety Shaw - "Statistics that show the majority of deaths from COVID-19 are among vaccinated people reflect the fact most people are vaccinated, not that the vaccines are ineffective..."
Hey, just cause you died from covid even though you were vaxxed doesn't mean the vax is 'ineffective'!

We have small pox and polio vaccines.
How many get those diseases or die from them now?
The clot shot is not a vaccine.
When you get the flu shot every year - who calls those shots "vaccines"? No one.
Ah, reality - it's a wonderful way to live.

Paul Emery


The gift that keeps on giving. This time ripping off donor money and not spending a dime on his choice for Georgia Senator, Hershel Walker

WASHINGTON ― Donald Trump saddled Republicans with a clearly flawed Herschel Walker as their Senate nominee in Georgia, but in the final weeks before the runoff election, the ex-president has not spent a single dime to help Walker — despite the nearly $100 million of donor money he is sitting on.



Posted by: rickshaw mama | 01 December 2022 at 06:50 PM

No one here wants to comment.

Well if you want to talk Trump you’re in luck! The world’s wrinkliest teenaged girl will comment your ass off.


Punchy... no donor money was "ripped off". You invented that yourself.

Did you intend to lie? I suspect you were just overly, ummm, excited. As usual.

Scott O

Paul 7:25 - " This time ripping off donor money..."
Got any proof of that, Paul?
Trump has stolen donor money?

Once again, we see Paul lying.
Trump-hate has eaten clear through his brain and gone straight through what little soul he had ever possessed.

Paul - would you like to see folks here claiming (without proof) that you steal money from the shows you produce?
Is there some sort of difference?


Scotto 725p

"If When you get the flu shot every year - who calls those shots "vaccines"? No one."

I do. Been getting them for years. When available. Got mine a few weeks ago.

The o so superior fucks like ricketty hoping old folks here will drop like flies... very telling. Sorry ricketts... the only vaxx I've avoided is the mRNA SARS vaxx... because i had the disease already.

Scott O

"I do."
You are absolutely the only one I know on earth that calls them that.
I have never heard the annual flu shot called a 'vaccine' by any PSA, doctor, or even the person giving me the shot.
All my life, I have only heard them called 'the flu shot'.
It wasn't until covid did they start to claim it was a "vaccine".
Some vaccine.

Bump Rump Ranger

Scott O @ 7:22 pm

Yes, COVID deaths and hospitalizations are now the virus anf death of the vaccinated, according to the CDC. Things have changed.

According to the CDC, 2,900 folks have died from the flu this year, a low number below average. Zero infants.

2,900 sounds like a lot until one considers that number for the whole season this year is less that a fifth of the unvaccinated illegal aliens that cross into our country on a DAILY basis.

I got a shingles shot a few years ago. Does that make me an anti-vaxer? Asking for a friend.

The WHO has just changed the name of Monkey Pox to MPox because of the emarrassment to primates.


Of course Paul Emery rips off his partners and customers.

Bump Rump Ranger

The pandemic of the vaccinated.


Paul Emery

What partners and what customers Gregory did I rip off?

Rump Bump Saddle Sore

Anyone who went to a Ponytail of Ignorance Production got ripped off.
NY Democrats want taxpayers to shell out $300M to help illegal migrants avoid deportation: ‘We have a moral obligation’


Don Bessee

What legal evidence do you have that you did not @857?


Bump Rump Ranger

COVID is the pandenic of the vaccinated--CDC

Paul Emery


Trump raised 100 million in campaign contributions and did not spend a penny supporting Hershel Walker who will most likely lose on Tues. Total rip off for those who thought they were supporting Republican candidates.

Once again Gregory shows he's a total Trump supporter backing him totally in this situation where he raises money to support his candidate Walker and does not spend a penny on him. Your guy Gregory.

What legal evidence do you have Don that you didn't throw puppies off the Broad Street Bridge which rumor says you've done? Prove that you didn't.

Exactly how did I rip people off Don? I sold them tickets, they came to the shows and not one person asked for their money back

Bill Tozer

lol. Remember that Socialist member of the Seattle City Council who demanded that the SPD catch the person or persons who kept throwing bags of human fecez on her front yard?

Well, first it is a non-violent crime. Second, now that the election is over, can you say gaslighting? Hopes she has Sheriff Royal on speed dial.

'Rantz: Seattle Council permanently defunds 80 cops in already understaffed police department'

Anyone who has plunked down money to see a Pony Tail of Ignorance Production leaves feeling they got ripped off.

Scott O

Paul Emery 9:36:

Scott O

Paul 9:36:
"Once again Gregory shows he's a total Trump supporter backing him totally in this situation where he raises money to support his candidate Walker and does not spend a penny on him. Your guy Gregory."

Stop lying, Paul. It's unbecoming to the elder population of Nevada County.
Others in that category have their dignity to uphold.

And really Paul, I'm shocked to learn that you steal money from the gate at the shows at the Nevada City Theater.

Bill Tozer

Well, kiss the D listers like Paul goodbye and good riddance. King of the 40 acre mole hill.

Candace Torches D-List Exodus From Twitter


Bill Tozer

Goodnight y'all...even the Sterile Coo-Coo Punchy.


Don Bessee

So the ponytail of ignorance confirms there is no legal evidence that he did not @936


Don Bessee

So lets see, shut down clean energy in massive virtue signaling with no deep thought, unfettered illegal isis goat header immigration that will never assimilate, tell farmers they cannot farm then get screwed by vlad and your country is crumbling around you and you are going broke. But hey you got all your woke points right? LOL


Scott O

Paul 9:36 - "not one person asked for their money back"

So - more than one person has asked for their money back!
And was their hard earned money refunded?
Shocking, just shocking.

Bill Tozer

Obama lets it slip and speaks his Truth to Power. Meanwhile his wife Michelle is doing robocalls for for Warnock. I miss our Wookie.

BARACK BURN: ‘We All Have a Crazy Uncle Joe, Part of the Family But You Don’t Give them Serious Responsibilities’


Bill Tozer

Pedo CA State Senator attacks himself.

The disturbing trend is that pedos and groomers are hiding behind the legit LBG movement. By hijacking the Womens Movement by attaching the T to LBG movement, these charlatans are erasing women.

Case in point is Stan not a man Brinton, the Department of Energy dude bustrd for stealing a woman's clothes and luggage. Obviously a brillant person with a MIT degree, Stan is one of those who we can say, Thank goodness for the Way Back Machine." Posts of Stan since remove has him as the spokesperson/founder/defender of Boys4Rent. His justication for Boys4Rent? Stan said it gives teenagers the opportunity to "make somr money." All posts have been removed. One sick mother fucker.

I wish pedos would quit hiding behind the LBG organizations, defending their actions as an attack on the LBGTQAAXYZ. To normize pedophilia (kiddy porn) is the goal of many grade school teachers as evidenced by their own words they post on TicToc...then play the victim.

Bump Rump Ranger

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who got elected with financial support from George Soros, has been impeached. He now faces a trial in the state Senate. He’s accused of not prosecuting homicide cases and of soft-on-crime policies that allow #criminals to escape #justice and plague innocent victims.


Yeah…..we’ll probably need to stop talking about it in polite company now…..

THAT’S DIFFERENT BECAUSE SHUT UP: McConnell: By the Way, House Democrats Have Chosen a Conspiratorial Election Denier As Their New Leader.

Mr Jefferies do you deny the results of……

Yes or No? YES OR NO??

Paul Emery

No one asked for their money back Scott that attended a show. Where did you get that idea? This year was my best ever.

Bill Tozer

'Biden Goes on Slurred Rant, Says He Is Going to Georgia, Then Not to Georgia, Then Confuses Senator Warren With Senator Warnockby'


No wonder Punch "does not give a f@@k what Biden says."

Paul Emery

Meanwhile Trump the loser keeps right on losing. The RR loyalists -all five of them-are all he has left. Sorry Bill, your guy loses again.

"WASHINGTON—An appeals court has ordered an end to the “special master” process for reviewing documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, delivering a major boost to the Justice Department’s continuing criminal investigation."



Posted by: psul Emery | 02 December 2022 at 10:35 AM

Morning “Lefty Todd”.

Paul Emery

Good morning to you fishmouth. Sorry the new day brought you such bad news about your guy Trump. Must be sad to be so attatched to such a loser.

Bill Tozer

fish @ 10:06 am

There is blood on my hands. I posted here awhile back a (that) montage of 2016 election deniers from Matt T's Substack pos....without knowing is was banned on YouTube, ROFLMAO. Me bad. Yes, its disinformation or hate speech or a threat to our Democracy to post people's (Dem Polticans and Dem Lamestream Parrots) own words they uttered.


Rolling on the floor laughing my NPR off.
With all of Twitter's fact checkers and years of censoring folks for violations of community standards, Musk steps in and within days rids the Twitter of child porn, pedo sites,and graphic images of children in sexualized poses and pics....just like that. Easy peasy.

That tells me that the Left truly supports child porn, man-boy love, sex trafficing...its the Leftists bad. No wonder they all hate Musk.

So, again, fuck you Crabbman and Duck you Paul, and Fuck you Kenny Jonsey, and fuck you Ms. Cooke and fuck all of you dems. fuck off and die you Tranny supporting pueces of shit.

Of, Musk banned Antifa for promoting violence and a Wa Po "journalist" for doxxing those who posted Libs own words on Tic Toc. I know, Antifa is just an idea and does not exist, ROFLMNPRO.

its for the children.


Posted by: psul Emery | 02 December 2022 at 11:06 AM

Sorry the new day brought you such bad news about your guy Trump. Must be sad to be so attatched to such a loser.

It’s OK psul.......I already got everything I needed from Trump.....he kept Hillary out of the White House and turned you into a spastic idiot.

I can ask nothing more of him.

Paul Emery

Antifa Bill? That's so 2010's. Is that the best you can do? It's 2022 you know and the Repubs have had the worst 1st midterm in recent history, Trump is done and is about to split the Republican Party and the Dems about to win another seat in the Senate and all you can write about is Antifa and send a death wish to those who disagree with you. Kinda sad and lonely that our host George has the only outlet to express yourself. I try my best to entertain you but quite frankly it's getting a little borng so you may be on your won soon leaving only you ahd three or four of the remaining circle of jerks to keep going round and round digging up tasty tidbits to suit your twisted passions.

Antifa-really Bill. What's next Hillary?


Posted by: psul Emery | 02 December 2022 at 11:34 AM

I try my best to entertain you but quite frankly it's getting a little borng so you may be on your won soon

I’ll say .....you’ve been “borng” from the very beginning.

Scott O

Paul - "This year was my best ever."

I'll bet it was. Especially after I had heard you were stealing money from the theater.

Paul Emery

Stealing money from the Nevada Theatre Scott? Where did you hear that? I'm going to tell the Theater you've been spreading that false rumor.


punchy, The Rocky Horror Show (with Tim Curry) dates to 1973. The Movie was released (based on the Los Angeles cast with Tim Curry) in 1975. Not '77.

I've never attended a screening with folks from the audience acting out the parts in costume. On purpose.

Bill Tozer

Republicans denounce new House Dem leader Hakeem Jeffries as an ‘election denier’


Bill Tozer



Paul Emery. Antifa is soooo 2020, 2021. In 2021 the FBI busted up a ring in San Diego for conspicacy to commit violence. In 2022, Antifa in Portland has threatened to blow up Telsa dealships...3 days ago. Ever here a Telsa or 100 straight days of rioting and arson and trying repeatedly to burn down the Federal Court House in 2010? Me neither. That was sooo 2020, the Summer of Love. OWS is what you are probably thinking of....if you think at all.

Paul Emery, I have never heard you condemn sexualizing of kindergarten kids. Never. Not once. You have supported school teachers here.

Using Punchy Pretzel Logic, that means YOU and all your friends at KVMR support butt fucking children. The Left supports Multilation of children under the age of consent, you that means YOU support castration of boys in Tth and 6TH GRADE and grooming children. You have once condemned it, you that means by your own agruments that yoj support grooming and sodomizing young children.

And Paul, don't give me this crap that there are good people on both sides. You and your kind condone these sick brutalization of children and should never me allowed any minor again. You sicken me. Your silence IS violence...perpetrated on the most vulunerable among us. You are o e sick mofro and all you talk about is how much money you make.

You should be rotting in jail with murderers. Even murderers have enough morality to kill pedos and pedo supporters like you in jail.
soap on a rope a d dope on a rope. Never once have you condemned that unspeakable things your ilk does to the minds, bodies, and soul to children. Never once have you condembed your buddies the pedos and child mutilationers.
Your silence speaks volumes. i hope for your sake we never meet. At least their will not be any children at your funeral to spit on your grave.

Paul Emery


Thanks for correcting me on the date. You ought to see the show sometime. It's a hoot. I'll comp you with two tickets next year.

Scott O

Paul 11:49 - "I'm going to tell the Theater you've been spreading that false rumor."

So - wouldn't that actually be you that's spreading a false rumor as well?

How do we know it's false? Do you have any proof, Paul? Why are you getting so excited about it if it's false? And why do you want the rumor to spread?

My, my, my.


exuse the typos. Paul Emery has never once condemed child mutilation or sexualizating of kindergarteners Ever.

We know where his sympathies lies and that is with his pedo buddies.

Don Bessee

Looks like dementia has set in for the ponytail of ignorance. Antifa is so 2010 HUH?!?

There was no antifa in 2010 sad ol' man.



Child gender vivisectioning is so chic.

Bill Tozer

Gotta like this guy, aka, the Truth Teller. re: Climate Crisis


Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 1:03 pm

'vivisectioning' is definitely the apt word for today. Didn't the Nazi's do a how much of vivisectioning on men, women, and sadly, children?
I don't always agree with Pauli Halstead, but lately I have been agreeing with her more and more. This one is spot on....as well as her research into Faucci's now discredited 'science'. You go girl.


After reading her article (and my one time dealing with a nearby county for a conditional use permit), I would say that the project will go down in flames. No way will the BOS approve such a measure at that location despite the need and good intentions.

First, H Hall is on the BOS. Her former empoyer was the State Water Resources Board and EPA. Wetlands are protected, no ifs, ands, or butts about it. State and Fed law rules. Heck, if you piss off the back deck, then your muddle becomes a navigational waterway. If I throw a paper cup or a plastic bottle into a wetlands, they would fine the hell out of me and I would do time--unless I was an illegal alien, of course. Then I could leave trash in our protected wetlands with impunity. No dice. And to parlay this with Tom D's latest crusade against City Hall, its a legal vs moral thang. What would the econuts say? What would Syrcl or the Sunshine girls say? Enviroment first, people second. Thats the way it is.

Consider this: Today in Nevada County, you cannot install a new water heater without a PERMIT...even if you call the hot water professional dude to bring a new H20 over.

Also consider the illegal alien who shot that young lady who died in her father's arms down on a SF wharf. He said he was shooting at seals before he changed his story. If he had shot and killed a seal in the marine sanctuary there, the fine is $200,000.

So, the only way to build/expand a mental health residential facility there is to fill it with illegals, not citizens. Heidi Hall will not budge on the environmental laws and its a non-starter unless the BOS is circumvented as it appears the conditional use permit is currently being done.

How many pedestrians have died at the intersection of 49 and Newtown (the Willow) just in the past few years? Too many.

Paul Emery


It was referred to as the 10's Don-much like referring to the 20's with no specific dates. Antifa has been largely inactive since 2020 but desperate Trumpers keep blaming them for things they had nothing to do with such as the Jan 6 insurrection.

Bill Tozer

Antifa way back to last night.


Scott O

"desperate Trumpers keep blaming them for things they had nothing to do with such as the Jan 6 insurrection."

OK, Paul - other than the Jan 6th riot at the capitol, when have 'desperate Trumpers' blamed Antifa for something they didn't do?

And BTW - there is no proof that there were not Antifa at the capitol on the 6th.

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