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30 November 2022


Scott O

"Today in Nevada County, you cannot install a new water heater without a PERMIT."

Well, not legally - but I managed it. Amazingly no one died and the house never caught on fire and no arctic seal pups were harmed.


Punchy, thanks so much for the offer of 2 comp tickets for a show I am not interested in, but I'll send them off to Fuentes and Milo (or a reasonable facsimile of them) for a good time for all.

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ 4:06 pm.

That is what a county building inspector told me to my face (voluntarily) when we were having a one on one. Nice man. Very nice man. Great representative. He was explaining some of the new rules the County Building Department has implemented. He was here for a site inspection before new AG building (no services) went up and we got talking about the old days when photos were accepted, lol. I can see why nowadays people just build outbuildings, but I choose to follow the rules and sleep better at night. Like driving in a foreign country. Don’t give the Federales or Policia no lip and no problem. Give them a twenty or a hundred and keep on my merry way.

Now, if I was putting up an out building on the back forty…….yes, it’s tempting. But, nowadays the inspector told me they do fly overs every four years so it’s a mute point in the end. Property taxes will go up…when I bother to get the final. :). Peace of mind is priceless, but comes with a price. My water heater is fine, but someday Imwill make the trip down the hill and face another moral dilemma.

Which brings me to Tom D’s advocacy for the poor woman who rents out shacks to the homeless to help her pay the bills….or property taxes. Top of my head to have the permits for four small new units, water, septic inspections, drainage, trenching, slabs, is probably 120k before one wall goes up. Based on nothing but a guess. And watch the property taxes go up, up, and away.

Knew a great nice couple a few years back who bought a place in Rough and Ready and poured all their retirement into a business that failed. Chasing the American dream and it cleaned them out. No time to recoup, to old to start over.
He had to sell his home (with a shack he rented out to the proverbial “homeless vet”. Why, I asked, does he have to sell. Business is gone, why sell his and his lovely bride’s home?
Answer: He could not afford the property tax. Sad but true. Someday that might be me.

Tom D.’s friend just don’t have the money to bring it up to code. He said she has a house in Roseville (or some place). Sooner or later one will have to go….to pay the property taxes in our county. Maybe she can sell and move to Camptonville or Pike and pay much lower Yuba County/Sierra County taxes. Or even Placer County taxes. Living the dream in Blue Nevada County….postcard communities are not cheap.

Paul Emery

And there was no proof they were there Scott.

Bill Tozer

Re: Musk, free speech, and the Threat to Our Democracy.

Why is Musk such a threat? Why is a free speech platform getting the Biden Administration scared shitless? Why are foreign governments (our Western Allies) and the EU on the phone to the White House to stop Twitter under Elon? Why, why, why? Why is the Western World civilized world up on high alert over a free speech platform? What possible threat is it to them and the Leftinistas?

The only answer I can come up with is Twitter under Musk is a threat to Group Think. Global Group Think, the Global ‘and US deep State’, the Great Reset, whatever you call it.

Consider this: The day a few days ago when Elon announced he was going to release Twitter’s internal e-mails and docs as to the decision to ban the breaking news about Hunter’s Laptop was the exact day that Apple said it was going to ban Twitter under Musk from the Apple Store. No Apple app, no Twitter. DOA. Why?
Why are all the Leftinistas demanding The Biden Administration to do something? Why is the WH monitoring “the situation”? Why is simple free speech a possible Threat to National Security? Why? Because you cannot have free speech without free thought. And free thought is a direct and ever present danger to GROUP THINK.

DEMOCRAT Senate Leader Chuck Schimmer say to Trump that if you mess with these guys, they have ‘six ways to Sunday to get back at you. For a businessman, that is not a smart move.”

Prediction: I predict that the entire Leftinista Media, Politicial and Intelligence Complex will after Elon with everything they got. Everything they got. They will crush him. He is just one guy, a lone billionaire with a Twitter Machine. Soon Punchy and his parrots will be equating the name Elon Musk to the name of Donald Trump, if not worse. I don’t think Elon has a chance looking at the odds. The Entire Global Deep State Media-Entertainment-Weaponized Surveillance Complex will turn against Musk with a vengeance not seen before in the annuals of history.

I feel so naive, so foolish. Here I am thinking “who could ever in my country be against Free Speech?” The answer is unfolding before my eyes. Free speech is The Threat to Group Think. Punchy and his fellows will simply play the roles they are assigned.

Bill Tozer

Paul Emery @ 5:22 pm.

FBI Director Wray said under testimony that Antifa is just an idea. There you go, that’s all the proof you need. And you and your fellow pedos believed him, along with 17 Intel Agencies to back him up.

Who can argue with dat? Just mostly peaceful protestors…..until the sun goes down and Antifa appears out of the darkness. The children of the Dark Side do their deeds in darkness.


Remember when they torched UC Berkeley to the tune of $600,000 damage when Milo was to appear? All dressed in black, all wearing black hoods. All white kids hiding beneath the black garb. All children of the Dark Side. That was their first major salvo. Made Occupty Oakland look like ametier night. I don’t remember any of the Summer of Love either. Nope, it was just ‘an idea’.

Bill Tozer

MUSK did it. Transparency is his protection. Free speech is our safeguard against the Authoritarians.

‘Elon Musk reveals what led to Twitter suppressing Hunter Biden story in 2020’


First he got rid of the Pedo sites and then Antifa and now……heck, it’s a private company.

Bill Tozer

Matt Taibbi to the rescue! From the Rolling Stone to this. What a strange trip it has been. Crabbmann can now be proud.

‘Twitter docs released by Musk and journalist suggest Democrats could manipulate speech on platform’
Taibbi posted a lengthy series of threats, which Musk retweeted, detailing the operation.


Bill Tozer

‘California’s Reparations Plan Would Spend Almost Double The State’s Entire Budget On Race-Based Handouts’


Bill Tozer

Thank Sam Bankman-Fried For Democrats’ 2022 Ground Game


Bill Tozer

‘Portland Antifa fugitive wanted on felony charges arrested and released again without bail’
23-year-old Jarred Huber was arrested on November 30, for a litany of charges including felonious criminal mischief, arson, and rioting. He was released that day without bail.

“According to The Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo, Huber had been targeting the office of Rene Gonzales, who won his election for a seat of the city council over the far-left incumbent Jo Ann Hardesty.

This arrest marked Huber's third related to Antifa rioting over a span of three years. According to Ngo, "The 23-year-old self-identified journalist uses Twitter to organize and promote riots, and has open cases for multiple felonies related to arson and rioting last year."

Huber, a far-left journalist, was also behind the account that posted a video threatening Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in 2021, displaying the official’s home address.

"We are not just challenging the idea of having Ted as a mayor. We are challenging the idea of having mayors at all. We want abolition. Abolition is absolute," the masked person in the video, who had their voice masked, stated.

The narrator rejected peaceful protests and voting, stating that violence is needed when "those in power have proven they are unwilling to listen and have made the choice to ignore you."

"Ted, we are asking for the last time that you resign. If you ignore this message outright, the destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate. Blood is already on your hands, Ted. And next time it may just be your own."

blah, blah, blah. Nothing to see here folks. It’s just an idea…..floating around in the air.


Hey Punchy. Do you have any documentation that I exist? Prove it or quit addressing “Bill”

Bump Bump

“[All the evidence for impeaching that lying SOS Alejandro Mayorkas applies doubly against Bumblebrain. It was he who directed his DHS to open the border, let in millions of illegals, including criminals and terrorists of every stripe, fentanyl that has killed hundreds of thousands, and devastated our border cities. Typically, the Republicans will be blowing it again if they ignore the main event and focus on the low grade ore instead. Better yet, impeach them both - Mayorkas for following an unconstitutional and illegal order from the President to keep the border open while lying to the American people. gjr]”

‘If You Really Wanted to Destroy the U.S., Then...’. VDH


prickshaw mama

CNN bloodbath: Network fires Chris Cillizza and correspondents Alison Kosik, Alex Field, host Martin Savidge and Robin Meade - AND scraps HLN's live programming in ruthless round of layoffs


prickshaw mama

Rigorous international study of N95 masks upends federal COVID narrative

“Biden's former COVID adviser tries to discredit randomized controlled trial that found no statistically significant real-world performance difference between surgical masks, N95s. Fauci reportedly can't cite any evidence masks work in deposition.”


prickshaw mama

EU Pedophiles threatens to ban Twitter

“Disinformation is and always has been rampant on Twitter. As I have noted tons of times the governments of Iran, Russia, North Korea, the Taliban, and vast numbers of disinformation spreaders are allowed on and have been “verified” by Twitter. None of that has made a single Leftist blink. The only “disinformation” they care about is speech by conservatives. Actual child porn was exchanged on Twitter and that was totally OK. Musk bans that and now is threatened because he doesn’t censor enough.

COVID has been one of the main excuses for censorship, but again the most pervasive disinformation has come from government sources, not conspiracy theorists. Prominent and widely respected epidemiologists have been censored, speculation on the man-made origin of COVID was banned until Tony Fauci openly admitted it was possible after years. Twitter and Facebook unbanned mention of the gain-of-function theory only after given a green light.

The White House has been attacking Twitter, the MSM as well. Google and Apple are threatening to kick the app of its platforms. None of this happened while Twitter was being actively used to distribute child porn. It only started once Musk said he bought Twitter and announced he was going to vote Republican.


Don Bessee

Another instance of the leftists suddenly realizing it was true and let the chi coms have years to do mayhem with tick tock -

Years after former President Donald Trump raised national security issues over the social media app TikTok, which is uniquely popular among younger users, the FBI now admits the app operates on behalf of the Chinese government, which "doesn’t share our [American] values."

FBI Director Christopher Wray warned on Friday that Chinese officials have the ability to control TikTok’s recommendation algorithm "which allows them to manipulate content, and if they want to, to use it for influence operations."



Scott O

re Paul 5:22 - That isn't responsive to my question to you, Paul.
I asked you to back up your bullshit and you caved.
No wonder there are people complaining about you stealing money in Nevada City at various venues.
You are shown to be dishonest here on George's blog - why wouldn't folks think you are capable of worse? You brag about voting for a pervert who tells lies - sounds like you and Biden are kinda the same sort of characters.
You have yet to denounce the perverts the Biden admin hires. Now one of them has been caught stealing and you still support the Biden admin.
You refuse to denounce the perversion, lies and stealing going on with the current admin, so naturally when they see you lying here - what else should they think of you?

Bill Tozer

Don @ 9:31 pm

At least someone sees the National Security threat. You go girl! You are a real woman.

Gov. Kristi Noem bans TikTok for South Dakota gov't workers: 'We will have no part in intelligence gathering for China'


Meanwhile over on Tic Toc, public school teachers are learning how to groom small children. They be the Poppinjay’s buddies.

With a wack wack here and a cut and cut there, here a chop, there a chop, everywhere a genitalia chop, old man Punchy had some friends, e-i-e-I-ooooo.

Bill Tozer

Spank me harder, the Dems love ❤️ me to the moon and back. I am the face of the New Democrat Party!

‘Biden Official Sam Brinton Hosted ‘Spanking’ Seminar Weeks after ‘Luggage Theft’

“The seminar was held at Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles, where Brinton stayed on Friday and Saturday night,” it added. “The event was titled: ‘LA Leather Getaway’ and was sponsored by CLAW Corp., a national leather charity.”

According to the bio provided for Brinton at the seminar, he has been “active in the kink world since 2013” and hosts “monthly kink parties” in his “dungeon.”

Sam Brinton has also “spanked over 2,000 cute butts,” according to his bio.

In one workshop, Brinton wore a dress while standing next to three men in leather dog masks in what is known as “pup play.”

Brinton said:

“One of the hardest things about being a handler is that I’ve honestly had people ask, ‘Wait, you have sex with animals?’ They believe it’s abusive, that it’s taking advantage of someone who may not be acting up to a level of human responsibility …“


On of the important facts missing in the Democrat Party’s protected star’s case is that Stan Not The Man departed his flight at the Minneapolis Airport without and checked in luggage. Thus he/it had no business being in the luggage pickup in the first place. He wasn’t after the expensive suitcase, he was after what he assumed was fine womens clothing, perhaps some nice silk panties and used Honeypot Lingerie.

They never found the women’s clothing…..he probably is still wearing the outfits.

The Department of Energy refuses to say if he/it is still on payroll during his current leave of absence…..he/it/pup trainer is currently pulling down $174,000 with top security clearance. Talk about State secrets. All the lefties at our local FM radio station support the Pup Trainer. To do otherwise would open them up to charges of attacking the LBGTAAXYZ community and excommunication from the moral superior class.

I have seen Punchy’s audiences. Pup handlers, braided armpits, and mom jeans. The Enlighted.

Bill Tozer

Typo. Stan not the Man departed his flight at the Minneapolis Airport without ANY (not and) checked in luggage. He had NO checked in luggage on the flight, thus he had NO business being in luggage pickup area in the first place..

Bill Tozer

Study: Offshore wind farms hyped by Biden administration have 'substantial impact' on ecosystem, marine life — not in a good way


Bill Tozer

‘Balenciaga drops $25 million lawsuit against company that worked on pedo campaign’
The fashion house is still allowing creative director Denma, the man responsible for a separate controversial photoshoot involving children holding teddy bears wearing bondage gear, to stay on in his role.


Bull Pucky. My experience on professional photo shoots is very limited but enough to know everything single item in a commercial photo shoot is placed exactly where it is and nothing, and I mean nothing, happens by mistake. My only experience was helping my girlfriend’s mom (the set/creative director) run and get stuff for the shoot. It was a simple Ritz Crackers photo with Andy Griffith. She sent me out as a runner to buy stuff for her.

I scoured stores for just the right kind of bowl for chili/stew with Ritz crackers on the plate. Very difficult to come up with just the right kind of bowl…..a bowl like they sell made by local artisans here for a aHospitality House fundraiser.
The fireplace in the background, the custom fire pokers, the lighting, the warm glow….everything to convey Andy Griffith enjoying eating Ritz crackers and a bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day back home. The ad agency directors, the clients, the discussions, the framing, the placement of each and the very item (some rejected) in the photo was placed exactly and no mistakes. A major still shot would have dozens of folks from the ad agency and big wigs executives from the product client milling around after days of discussions leading up to the photo day.

There is no doubt in my foggy brain that the Balenciago was a shoot designed specially targeted to the younger wealthy woke educated parents who are absolutely ok with child pedo for the sake of inclusion and diversity. Probably done in New York.

It also tells me that the Left and our local Lefties in particular are hell bent on normalizing Pedophilia (alternatively spelt paedophilia)——a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual toward prepubescent children. For adolescences, it’s called sexual abuse.

‘Normalize it! Quit being a bigot and a homophobe! Quit attacking out community, hate speech spreader!’ —The Left

Exit question: Would any sane parent allow anyone who refuses to public ally condemn this practice (like Punchy and all his Lefty buddies be they male and female) to babysit your kids or grandkids for an hour? Operative word here is ‘sane’.

“Mutilate and disfigure our children! Normalize it! Do it without the parents consent or knowledge.” Lefty school teachers and administrators.

“Fuck off and die you freaks”—Biker Bill

Bill Tozer

Bye-Bye Splash Mountain…see ya in the old bye and bye with Amos and Andy

Disney Announces Closing Date for Splash Mountain over ‘Racial Stereotypes’



Buffalo Bison

Too stupid to know.

Scott O: I have never heard the annual flu shot called a 'vaccine' by any PSA, doctor, . . ."

CDC: Recent studies show flu vaccine can reduce the risk of flu illness by between 40% and 60%

I guess Scott has officially taken dead Todd's position as the stupid anchor here.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 December 2022 at 12:52 PM

Just another reason not to give The Rodent of Anaheim any of your money.


Posted by: Buffalo Bison | 03 December 2022 at 12:55 PM

I guess Scott has officially taken dead Todd's position as the stupid anchor here.

Oh no.....Right Wing Todd’s role (and I did like the man but even I was only on those most rare of occasions swayed by his arguments) was picked up seamlessly by Left Wing Todd (psul, Paul Emery, or even just Emery).

Scott O

BB 12:55 - Just pointing a fact, dude. Care to let us know when I heard my doctor tell me to get a flu vaccine? Never - he always said 'flu shot'. The folks that administer the shot always just say 'shot'. Never ever heard them say vaccine.
It wasn't until the Woo Hoo Flu that they suddenly started calling it a vaccine. I get a flu shot every year but not the clot shot - that's a different animal. One of those shots was so bad they pulled it:
Most folks dying from covid now are vaxxed, so clearly it doesn't work very well.
We have polio vaccines and we don't have polio.
We have small pox vaccines and we don't have small pox.
My wife and I have had covid twice and I'm sorry to disappoint the haters, but we're fine. 20 years ago after getting my annual flu shot I still got the flu that year and was damn near ready to call for an ambulance. It's a disease but the politicians managed to turn it into a swell way to control the mindless proles into shutting their lives down for over a year. You can go get all the shots you want, it won't prevent you from getting or transmitting the flu, unlike the lie from Biden that it would.


Posted by: Scott O | 03 December 2022 at 01:19 PM

You could also mention the overall shoddiness of medical research (on the order of a 50% reproducibility failure rate) or the fact that they’ve changed the definition of vaccine three times in the last five years.

But hey.....when a guy is rocking the Greek Fisherman’s cap evidence is for the other guy.

Bill  Tozer


‘Just another reason not to give The Rodent of Anaheim any of your money.’ Yep, I do not extend to. In fact, with the family ties to Walt Disney and my Grandpappy the pacifist writing the script and animating and whose name appearing on the opening credits…..I done sold all my Disney stock and will get reamed on next year’s taxes. Capital Gains over years and years, stock splits, dividends buying more fractions of Disney on autopilot…..I pulled the plug last week. Will take the poop chute big time…but solved a moral dilemma. No mas! Time to stand up and be counted.

VP Joe Biden said shortly upon entering office with Barrack in 2009 during the Bond Market Mortgage/Housing/Brokerage Bank Collapse Crisis that, “It’s your patriotic duty to pay your taxes.” Joe Biden, feel my pain.

Good bye Walt Disney Co. I remember the day they bought ABC (yuck!) and all the folks at the ABC news division in NY were walking around with Mickey Ears. Or was that some other company I had the physical paper stock issues in my hands. Like, reading the hard copy of the Union as opposed to going on-line. Like rolling gold nuggets in your hand instead of buying gold shares.


My wife and I have had covid twice and I'm sorry to disappoint the haters, but we're fine.

Number three for me this weekend. The flu a week before Thanksgiving (COVID negative but who the hell really knows), felt good over the holiday and then this past Thursday ...wham...layed me out flat (COVID positive this time but on one of those cheesy desktop home test that we trusted for some inexplicable reason to determine the fate of the world)! If only I’d taken the “Vaxx” that apparently does nothing other than fatten Pfizers, Moderna’s, and J&Js coffers I might be in exactly the same mess that I’m in now without having done so.

Serendipity Serine Bill

Well fish, that explains the less frequent postings last week. Home Test? Screw that crap.

The only ones I know who have what I got (everyone it seems) who are am through what I am still in it but not as bad…..and you are coming off of now….the only ones I know who have pulled out the old home questionable COVID test and blew off the dust have all tested positive.

For 7 days almost to the hour (Sat 4:30 pm -Friday 3:00 pm) y Internet was DOA. No energy here, dial up speeds only, our Popinjay looking for a cracker, and my dog died. The wolf. The good girl. The one the County made me put up a sign in front that read, ‘Dangerous Dog on Premises”.. oh, she was a handful as a teenager, but settled down to be my most faithful companion. So, I got pedos and child disfigurers in my sights. Got that off my chest, lol. Doc says “we are all better now.”

Good health to you and the better half, fish. Test? Sure, can’t hurt I suppose. Got me some fish tank cleaner just in case.
Getting off the death bed to help fish with his Sunday chores. Mystery memes and pics. It’s all good my brother. Got your back.



Paul Emery

Scott writes about me:

"No wonder there are people complaining about you stealing money in Nevada City at various venues."
Can you tell me what venues in Nevada City you are referring to? If it's true what you say that people are complaining and you know the venues I would appreciate you share that information with me since I've never been told of any complaints.

Also how could I be "stealing money" from the venues because I'm paying rent to use the venues and have always paid what my contracts require. I never possess any of their money so it's kinda weird

I would appreciate the information I request so I can follow up with them that Scott O, a contributor to Rebanes Ruminations has informed me that "people are complaining" about me stealing money from the venues. There are some legal issues here that need looking at.

Thanks in advance


Posted by: Serendipity Serine Bill | 03 December 2022 at 02:33 PM

....and my dog died. The wolf. The good girl. The one the County made me put up a sign in front that read, ‘Dangerous Dog on Premises”

Well my friend you have my sincerest sympathies! And I say that only as a guy sitting in the recliner and currently buried under three of his canine “betters” can say that!

Buffalo Bison

Scott: "BB 12:55 Care to let us know when I heard my doctor tell me to get a flu vaccine? Never - he always said 'flu shot'. The folks that administer the shot always just say 'shot'. Never ever heard them say vaccine."

When talking to half wits and children, speak slowly and use small words. Doctors know this. That's why they tell people like you it is only a "flu shot" instead of the influenza vaccine.

Name?  I don’t need no stinkin Name,

I’m telling! I’m telling! I’m telling on Scott! I am telling everyone at the Theater and KVMR on you. —The Bully Bird Brain with Beak
I have never asked for a refund myself, but I have walked out of a few stage productions, music venues, or managed to sit through the whole production to the end. How I did made it to the end required great disciple. Never asked for a refund. Buyer beware….false advertising brings them in.
Gregory: Sweet. Sailed right over his head. Are you feeling lucky, well are you punk? I don’t get it.


How does this post of yours relate to Georges topics?

"Just listing my options for some needed target practice, off the top of my head...
.22 Short
.22 Long Rifle
380 Auto/9mm Kurtz
9mm Parabellum
.45 Auto
—————Laughter is the best medicine———-


Posted by: Buffalo Bison | 03 December 2022 at 03:15 PM

When talking to half wits and children, speak slowly and use small words.

Indeed……it’s worked wonders for the democrat party.

Paul Emery


Trump just put this up on Truth Social. He's calling for the termination of the Constitution. What do you propose the Republicans should do about him? :

“Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote in a post on the social network Truth Social and accused “Big Tech” of working closely with Democrats. “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”


Buffalo Bob

Hey Buffalo Biden. Where have you been? Care to talk about it? Been thinking about ya, lately. Odd. Must be the flu.



Posted by: psul Emery | 03 December 2022 at 03:35 PM

Jesus….did it ever occur to you to not go full “Brokeback Mountain” over the guy who is no longer the president. You with your arms wrapped around the Tangerine Tornado, whispering into his ear, “I wish I could quit you” before entering the tent to commit well…..something.


Paul Emery

Looks to me like Trump is about ready to dump the Repubs and split with his 25% hard core followers. If so that's great news for the Dems since the Repubs will be done for now. Trump will make million's out of bilking his 25% of the Repubs for campaign cash. That's a great path for a loser to become a winner and Trump's totally capable of doing it.


Posted by: psul Emery | 03 December 2022 at 03:53 PM

Well at least you’re admitting you’re a democrat instead of running that Green Libertarian nonsense that you stuck with for so long.

Paul Emery


Boy you're getting desperate . What is your opinion of Trump saying " A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,”


Posted by: psul Emery | 03 December 2022 at 04:20 PM

Yes….truly desperate! As opposed to the pearl clutching geriatric frenzy that you go into every time Trump says something that he has no power to make happen.

…….”I wish I could quit you”!

An enterprising mental health provider could make a career out of your unrequited Trump lust.



NOW: Biden’s married, non-binary nuclear waste guru who stole woman’s $2,325 bag from airport hosted SPANKING seminar at kink conference just weeks later – under ‘NuclearNerd’ nickname that’s still in use on fetish hookup website.

Only the best of the best will do!


Buffalo Bump Rump de Bump

An enterprising menstrual health provider could make a career out of your unrequited Trump lust.

Paul Emery


Why can't you answer this question? What is your opinion of Trump saying: " A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Is Trump not saying we should dump the Constitution and install him as President?


Why? Why? Why?

Ours is not to question why, but do or die.

Paulie want a cracker?


Posted by: psul Emery | 03 December 2022 at 04:42 PM

Look psul…..and I say this with love….the love that a guy feels for his retarded older brother…..! Nothing Trump says makes any difference! He’s not the President. He’s not going to be the president! So why are you always so spun up about him?

Is it because the four years he was in office were the most exciting four years of your life? Your own personal Vietnam? psul’s struggle as it were? You have to let him go and be satisfied knocking a few back with JoKe, Michael, and Roberta…. brave resistance fighters all…..and telling war stories about being in the shit against the deplorables!

You have to move on.


Barry Pruett

If the media is going to advocate for one side and the government seeks to censor folks, we don’t have free elections. That’s not controversial.

Scott O


"There are some legal issues here that need looking at."

Sez the guy that lies about folks here on George's blog along with assorted lies about folks he doesn't like such as Trump.
Let's see - Paul (without proof) claims that Trump stole money and now he's complaining when I let him know that there are complaints about him.
Ya know what Paul? It seems you don't like the smell of what you post here when you get your nose rubbed in it.
Catch on?


fish and Don:

What riffs are going on now in the R Party is small potatoes in comparison to what the Dems are going through. “Looks like “ Biden was moved far Left enough for the Leftinistas to warm up to him being a viable candidate in 2024, something none of the Dems or Far Left Extremists were saying until now. That will tear up the Party and the Dems will continue bleed the working class stiffs, married women, minorities, blacks and Brown and Indian legal immigrants. Punchy’s side keeps losing the middle class but hangs on to the SINGLE unhappy perma-sealed victim card carrying unfulfilled women. A choice the Dems have made.

The only think yet undecided is what to do with Kamala. The Dems don’t her, the Libs don’t like her, the Left really does not like her, nobody likes her. The only Left demographic that likes her is a small sliver of the Party Base, single unfulfilled WOKE educated black women. Midterms: 6 million more R’s voted than D’s.

******Point Of This Post?****** First time Newsmax ever came up on in my feed. Never watched it before. Listened to it laying in the sick bay. Sebastian Gorka was some very WISE words and thoughts to consider before jumping on the DeSantis bandwagon. Something to bear in mind as we sit here in the peanut gallery. Let’s not let the Dems decide again for us who the R nominee will be.

Food for thought….recommended. Oh yeah, it’s for only the R audience, not forPunchy. He has no say in the matter.


Paul Emery

If there are complaints about my producing at various venues and that I'm stealing money meant to go the the venues can you give me more details? Simple

Once more can you tell me what venues were you referring to so I can find out more. I'm going to personally contact the Miners Foundry, Nevada Theatre, Odd Fellows Hall and the Golden Era and tell them about your post and ask them if there is any truth to your contentions. That about covers Nevada City Venues. tThey are all very good friends of mine ane I'll tell them some guy named Scott has been posting things on Rebanes blog that he has been told I'm stealing money from the venues and I'll show them copies of what you wrote. You can avoid all of this by responding directly to me on the question. If you like George has my email address so you can ask him for my email address. I'll tell George it's ok to do so. Also you can respond here.

Looking forward to chatting with you

Paul Emery

You can also go to my website and find my business email there. paulemerymusic.com


I'm going to personally contact the Miners Foundry, Nevada Theatre, Odd Fellows Hall and the Golden Era and tell them about your post and ask them if there is any truth to your contentions. That about covers Nevada City Venues.

Well Scott…. If nothing else this should distract him from his Trump obsession for a while.

You’ve done the lords work today.

Bill Tozer

fish and Don.

Mea cuppa. Wrong link. Oh, it was the right link, but the good home hitting points were cut out. Sorry. Gone with the wind.

What Gorka said is before we do anything, keep in mind that those who have written or stated their support for DeSantis include Bill Kristol and “ his pedo led” Lincoln Project Never Trumpers, Morning Joe’s wife Mika Brzezinski, Karl Rove and on more.

That was the whole purpose of 2016….to throw those Republicans out and gut the Party and focus on the people. Do all Trump is beholden to none of them. He owes nobody nothing.

Key line from memory: “If you want to see DeSantis playing golf with Mitt Romney”, then we are back to where we were before 2016.”

Something to consider. This ain’t to dismiss DeSantis in the least. I sure as hell ain’t going to let Bill Kystol and his ‘pedo lead Lincoln Project’ or Mika Brzezinski or Fox Liz Cheney or the old Bush gang tell us who is going to be the nominee. Something to consider before we get on any bandwagon. Let’s see. Is DeSantis Trump-lite or will he spend some time with Mitt Romney on the golf course.

File those thoughts.

Scott O

fish 3:33 - I wouldn't bother with Buffalo Bullshit. Notice that he can't do any better than to call me names. He thinks I'm stupid for some reason but can't seem to articulate why. Probably I upset him and he disagrees with me but the best he can do is name calling.
It's a strange thing about the covid shot. My attitude is that if you want to get it, then go for it. It doesn't change my mind about you or make me want to call you names or think less of you. But there's a large number of folk out there that have some sort of weird take on the whole thing. It strikes me that they are highly insecure about it and have this pathological need for validation from society. When they encounter folks that declare they don't wish to get the shot, they feel as if they are being attacked and they lash out with anger and ire. "Why aren't you as scared as I am?"
Sorry, I'm not.
"You could die!"
We'll all die.
Or - didn't you know that?

Scott O

Paul 5:48 - "can you give me more details? Simple "

Just as simple as you providing 'details' when you post bullshit and I ask for proof.

I got my info about you from the internet, Paul.
Same place that let people like you claim all manner of lies about Trump for years without a shred of evidence.
The folks that claim you stole money might be just exactly like you when you claimed that Trump stole money. I didn't want to believe it at first, but then I thought about all the lies you tell here and the fact that you bragged about how you wanted to vote for a lying perv scumbag like Biden.
That got me to thinking maybe these folks are onto something.
Kinda like the big name intelligence experts that claimed the story about Hunter's laptop was suspect because it smacked of Russian dis-info.
They didn't say it was Russian dis-info - did they?
They just claimed it had the same look and feel.
So the stuff I heard about you, Paul - it had the same look and feel.
It could all be a bunch of crap.
I dunno.

Scott O

fish 6:00 - I'm surprised he hasn't said he's going to take out a full page ad in the Union to let everyone know that he's being accused of something.

Wasn't there some guy that said:
"methinks thou dost protest too much"

Bill Tozer

Did someone say Sue sue sue Suey?



Punchy 548p

Why are you in a huff about things wr>tten about you here?

I'm pissed at your false and defamatory statements you've been making about me. Why the double standards?

I do accept your desire to blow donkeys... who am i to judge?

Don Bessee

Brazil too! -



Scott O

But Don - that's GOOD interference.
That's different!

Bump in the Rump

“I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it—unless, of course, you voted for Trump.”


Bad news

Colorado marijuana industry experiencing 'largest downturn that we’ve ever seen'


Paul Emery

Scott writes

"I got my info about you from the internet, Paul."

Thats good news Scott because you should be able to cut and paste details about the information you got that accused me of stealing money from Nevada City Venues or just send me a few links. thanks for your help and for letting me know about this situation. I can pass this info on to the venues when I talk to them if I need to.


Posted by: psul Emery | 03 December 2022 at 10:48 PM

Or you could do that which Scott claims he did to find the information……

Bill Tozer

Well, you know its gone too far when a trans ally has to resort to this.

'Transgender Psychologist Joins
Lawsuit Against Maryland School District For Hiding ‘Social Transition’ From Parents

No wonder our school teachers in Nevada City all have scissors in their decks. These are Punchy's buddies.

Bill Tozer

Mean o Trump attacking NATO. Stop him!

Trump was right. Spot on.


Bill Tozer

From the rumor mill. Apple does fall far from the tree.

No wonder the Lefties here bend over backwards to defend pedos, minimize paedophilia, deflect, attack, or simply look away.

Silence IS violemce. And no wonder the Lefties, even in the lamestream, put their support behind the "conservative" Lincoln Project headed by a bone-e-fried Pedo. Those are the kind of Republicans even Punchy and his pedo buddies can agree with.

The Left has a glaring anti-semitic problem, a child mutilation problem, and, of course, a big pedo problem. Carlos Danger.
Scrath a Lefty and you find a fascist....and a pedo sympathizer.


Bill Tozer

shout it from the mountain tops.
highly recommend...a view into the minds of Paul's pals. Best one yet.

Defending our children:

Been seeing clips and interviews with our Native American Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren (D).

Warren is furious. Never have I seen her this angry. She is so besides herself she can barely speak. Beyond fuming.

what has got Sen Warren (D-Mass) out of her ever loving mind with pure unadulterated rage is Elon Musk and his free speech thang. Elizabeth says she is for Free Speech...just as long as its fair to both sides. (Sure, nothing wrong with that, IMHO)

But keep this. She was fuming and foaming at the mouth because Musk was banning people on the Left and those who disagreed with him! Musk is selectivity banning her buddies on the Left!!!!! Thats not free speech, thats a one way street! Oh my.

"Hmmm," me thought, who has Elongate kicked off Twitter? Antifa for threats of violence, promoting criminal behavior, and releasing private info of folks (home addresses, home phone numbers, where they work, where the doxxing targets' kids go to school,etc)...ok, that is a violation of Twitter's rules and affects only a few dozen. That cannot be what has Lizzy in a tizzy.

Do you know what Elon was banned on Twitter?? Child porn sites.
Sex trafficking sites. SICK SHIT like posting pics of children in sexual poses....that is what Musk cleaned up after years of Twitter not suspending those sic fuck child porn sites and the sexualization of children.

No wonder Lizzy has popped her cork. Those are the Left's allies, Lefty sites! How dare Musk ban free speech which disapportionily affects Lefties sympathies and proquivities.

The Dems have a pedo problem and Lizzy's phone is burning off the hook and Punchy dare not mention what is pals are doing.

Paul Emery


Show me one time you have spoken out against Trump. You even believe the 20 or so woman who claim Trump sexually abused them are all liars. Just an example of your obedience to him and anything he says or believes in. Show me a few examples to prove me wrong.


Show me one time you have spoken out against Trump.

I thought that was your job......well hobby at least.

How’s that new “pussy grabbing” free set list coming along? I imagine your first concert is up to 6 maybe 7 minutes long ....with encores.


Punchy 858a

That's not how it works... I generally don't takee sides in he says/she says/they sez situations.

I find it funny that you focus on *unverifiable* personal affronts and nothing that the man did in office.

Paul, you are a lightweight.

Now, the russia collusion hoax has been definitively pinned on the Hillary Clinton campaign... what say you about the corruption of the 2016 election and the hounding of the Trump presidency?

That, by the way, isn't "support" of Trump; that's support of truth, justice and the American Way. Support for a politician is measured by one's vote, and I chose not to vote for him.

Bill Tozer

Why why why? Why has Joe Biden only uttered the most tepid response to support the Chinese citizens protesting in the cities against the tyrannical authoritarian regime who is cracking down on its citizens seeking freedom, liberty, civil liberties, and those values we Americans hold so dear?? Why is Biden so silent? Why, why, why?

Silly me. It’s because the Chinese citizens are protesting the fascist regime’s COVID lockdowns. Birds of a feather. Man, did Justin Trudeau ever show the CCP how it’s done or what. Scratch a Lefty and you will find a fascist.


A question posed to me here like a broken record (broken thinker?) is “Bill, what would Trump have done different in Ukraine that Joe Biden is doing”….paraphrase.

Well, what would have Trump done differently that what Biden is currently doing in Ukraine? Apparantely my answer is not satisfactory to the child disfigurement crowd. So, I will try again as foolish as this futile attempt may be.

Why, why, why has the nation’s leading newspaper, ‘the paper of record’ as of yesterday still has not written one single article on #Elongate? Why, why, why?



“I have not see the Democrats this angry since Linchpin on freed the slaves.”—Larry Elder @ #Elonfiles.

Bill Tozer

Just prior to Elon leaking a few Twitter files to Independent reporter Matt Taibbi, what was Matt doing and what was he up to??



Matt Taibbi will be busy busy busy for months as long has he has the exclusive stuff on his breaking story about #Twitterfiles. Matt has only seen a select few files. There are thousands upon thousands of Twitter internal docs to be revealed. A boatload of thousands upon thousands of files.

Glad Biden is keeping a close eye on ‘the situation”. Hey, Twitter is a private company, right? Not even a public ally traded company.

Bill Tozer

Apologies to Dr. Rebane.

My thoughts on the Chinese COVID lockdowns should have been posted under Scattershots under the heading, ‘China’s nationwide Covid lockdowns.’ Again, my error, sir.
Has any of the Circle of Jerks here know how Dr. Rebane and Jo Ann are fairing? The good doc’s absence is becoming alarming. Walt went silent after posting about his illness and emergency room and we. Ever heard from Brother Walt again.

Kinda disrespectful when you think about it. Yes, there is blood on my hands as well. Disrespectful cause all Punchy in his narcissistic ways can post about is how this has been the best financial year of his adult life and shamelessly posting about his music venues.

We are guests of Dr. Rebane here. I am concerned. It don’t seem right to disrespect our host and his wishes that way. Yes, there is blood on my hands.

Anybody heard anything? Barry, Don Bessee? Anybody?

To our gracious and long suffering fore bearing host, I wish you good health to you and your lovely bride.

Narcissists do what narcissists do. It is not all about Psul Emery, his silly petty grievances and controller of the ‘topic’, which is always him. Sad.

Bill Tozer

Musk unbans video that Twitter has blocked for a year.


Hmm. If Twitter had banned everything a politician or politico said or did that did not fit into the DNC/Biden WH/Lefty talking points, then the logical conclusion is the former operators of Twitter should have banned CSPAN.

James Woods got banned for 8 months for posting a Ralph Waldo Emerson poem. 8 months.

When a hater troller claimed that James Woods was having wild cocaine binges and wild drug parties in his home, Mr. Woods asked Twitter why that fake news poster was not blocked for spreading rumors. (James Woods never has touched cocaine once in his entire life).

The Twitter disinformation police replied to Mr. Woods that they deemed the cocaine rumor monger’s post was “hyperbole”.

When former Union editor Don Rogers wrote a column again firearms, he ended his column by saying it is easier to get a gun than to buy some cough syrup at the store. BTW, that was the exact same line spoken a few days before by David Hogg…plagerism!

Anyway, when Biker Bill challenged Don on his contention that it is easier to buy a firearm than to buy some cough syrup, Mr. Rogers did the CYA for himself by stating that easier to buy a gun than a bottle of cough syrup was just “hyperbole.”

I enjoyed Don’s hyperbole last night. :)

Bump Bump Buffalo Bison


“I enjoyed Don’s hyperbole last night. :)”

Did you mean ‘Scott’s hyperbole” last night? I rather enjoyed it myself. Wind them up and watch them spin like a top.

Some can dish it out but certainly cannot take it.


Has any of the Circle of Jerks here know how Dr. Rebane and Jo Ann are fairing? The good doc’s absence is becoming alarming. Walt went silent after posting about his illness and emergency room and we. Ever heard from Brother Walt again.

Well wherever they are may they both recover fully and quickly....I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! I just got winded and drenched in sweat cutting up stew 🥩 meat and my ribs feel like I’ve gone 8 with Tyson in his prime from the coughing.

Take the starch right out of a guy!

Buffalo Bison

Scott O 6:22
Never said I hated you, I just said you were a stupid shit or something to that effect. You've spent seven decades in a first world country and still can't wrap you head around the fact that a "flu shot" is an influenza vaccination. Ignorant fuck indeed. But, I don't hate you. You simply aren't that important.


Posted by: Buffalo Bison | 04 December 2022 at 01:06 PM

Never said I hated you….

And nowhere in Scotts 6:22 is hate mentioned once.

Scott O

Buffalo Buffoon - "still can't wrap you head around the fact that a "flu shot" is an influenza vaccination."

I merely said I had never heard a flu shot called that until the covid shot came out. That is an actual fact. And you have zero evidence of the contrary.

But have a nice day - you sound kinda angry about something.

Bill Tozer

Should have thought about before your dirty deeds were exposed. Yes, I know. It was your safe place and it will never feel safe again! My condolences, fascists.

‘Ex-Twitter Executive: Elon Musk Is Putting Us ‘In Harm’s Way’ By Showing How We Censored Content’

Come on in, the water is warm. The invitation has been sent. Lawyering in DC and being represented before a Congressional hearing runs about $50k a day, usually total lawyer costs for the appearance and prep is around 250k….if things go smoothly. Come, let us reason together. All means all.

‘Incoming GOP Chairman Sends Warning Shot To All Twitter Employees Tied To Hunter Biden Laptop Controversy’

“House Republicans will work to bring in “every” single employee involved in efforts to restrict the spread of reporting about the Hunter Biden laptop ahead of the 2020 election, an incoming chairman for a powerful committee vowed on Friday.”


Bill Tozer

Yes indeed. That name does sound familiar.

‘Six Degrees from James Baker: A Familiar Figure Reemerges With the Release of the Twitter Files’

‘FBI, Big Tech, Big Media: Partners in collusion’

“The people who did that are not threats to democracy. They are its destroyers.”

‘Liberal dose of denial to guard Dems’


Bill Tozer

So many issues of concern, so little time.

The Manhattan Contrarian Energy Storage Paper Has Arrived!

The 'Energy Transition' Will Be Delayed a Bit


Don Bessee

Good stuff BT @ 436 here is more reality check for the global warming cult -



Don Bessee

Leave it to the frogs to want to surrender for someone else!



Bill Tozer

The real 'Paper of Record'.

Elon Musk Vows To Reveal Government And Media Collusion Once He Figures Out Where These Red Dots Are Coming From

Musk seemed undeterred. "I understand that there are very powerful forces in this world who very much do not want this information made public. But I bought Twitter to stir the pot, and this really is quite fun."


Scott O

"The FBI warned Twitter during “weekly” meetings before the 2020 election to expect “hack-and-leak operations’’ by “state actors” involving Hunter Biden, and “likely” in October, according to a sworn declaration by Twitter’s former head of site integrity, Yoel Roth."

The FBI had weekly meetings with Twitter?
The FBI knew the laptop was legit and they told Twitter to censor the story.

Bill Tozer

Elon is a funny guy. Clear, concise, complete….and rich.



“ Really says a lot about Current Year when the most prominent communists are Ivy legacy Chapo trust fund kids and the most prominent white nationalists are a black schizophrenic, a Jewish homosexual FBI informant, and an autistic Mexican(who’s also homosexual).”

Bill Tozer

Andrew McCarthy

‘How the FBI’s nod and a wink got social media to censor The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting’

On another topic……

‘The Right to Stay Silent’


Scott O

re BT 9:54 - 'The Right To Stay Silent'

Here's an interesting article on the issue from a NYTs opinion piece.
The left, per usual, has it ass-backwards.
"The Supreme Court Is About to Ask the Wrong Question About the First Amendment"
It doesn't work like that. The 'question' is brought to the court.
The question is whether or not we are free to express ourselves or not express ourselves without compulsion by the govt.
The answer is quite obviously yes.
But since that obvious answer would make a certain group unhappy, the opinion piece has decided that there needs to be a different question asked. And of course, it will involve racism against blacks. The person being charged didn't deny their artistic services to anyone based on their ethnicity or skin color, but in order to 'win' the argument, we're told to play "let's pretend". This line of reasoning shows how wack the left has become. We convict you on stuff we freely admit we have just made up in order to get the correct decision from the court.
And of course it bangs the drum of "gay rights" which exist only in some folks heads. There are human rights and they are spelled out in the Bill Of Rights. Different groups don't get different rights.

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