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13 November 2022


Scott O

I found the book online and it landed in my mailbox yesterday. Thanks for the post.

George Rebane

ScottO 705am - Great. I hope that you'll share your take on Byrnes outlook into the coming Cold War in 1947. We may be entering Cold War 2.0.

Scott O

Finally started into Byrne's book. It's slow going as there are so many rabbit trails I find myself wandering down as different places and people are named. I spent 2 hours alone on one spur line when I became curious as to how Churchill got to Malta and that led to a whole examination of the different aircraft used by Churchill just before and during the war.
So far the book simply provides the details of what I mostly knew about the negotiations towards the end of the war. Stalin would present himself as a friendly, reasonable statesman all the while planning his takeover of as much of Europe as possible after the war. Our side was hampered by a somewhat naive view of the situation, Roosevelt's health failing and Truman needing time to come up to speed as he was thrust into leadership at a time of great flux in world affairs.
To be the fly on the wall at the different meetings and conferences is the most intriguing part of the book.

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