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29 November 2022



George, I've not yet seen the Elias column, and paraphrasing Dr. McCoy, Boardman's words are unimportant and I do not hear them.

That said, I think there are times to act and times to strike. The Democratic Party in California has a robust money conveyor from folks with money to folks desperate to spend it... property taxes to Party coffers through public employee labor unions being number one. That's a tough stream to swim against.

I blame Governor Moonbeam v.1 for that.

Delusional "Progressives" have granted themselves the top rung on intelligence and knowledge, and until the Global Warming Crisis comes to an end, they'll have that imaginary top rung. I'm ready for when it comes crashing down. So should be the GOP.

Bill Tozer

I am glad Boardman clarified his comment (later in his column) that Nevada County is the only Blue Spot in the Eastern State. Mono County is Blue as well as Alpine Co.

The Climate Crisis will never end....at least in CA. Noticed that one of those on Steve's payroll is a Mono County supervisor, probably another graduate from Pelosi's Leadership Conference for woomen, just like Heidi Hall. The gravey train will keep on rolling in CA for sure.

Scott O

Here's a look at what the Dems have accomplished after decades of rule in the once Golden State:
I'm sure just a few billion more and it will all be good.
Keep up the happy talk, Dems - we all see the results of what you've done.
As long as it isn't in front of your house, you lefties don't give a damn.

Don Bessee

She has that right and its why the left heads are exploding about twitter getting back into balance. It does sound like this is exactly the goal of the PC police -

In a BBC lecture on freedom of speech, the writer said young people were growing up "afraid to ask questions for fear of asking the wrong questions".

Such a climate could lead to "the death of curiosity, the death of learning and the death of creativity", the award-winning Nigerian author warned.

"No human endeavour requires freedom as much as creativity does," she added.



Don Bessee

The groomers and soros da's just love them some pedophiles who are not reformable -


Can we say finally but you can name the pointy headed legal folks who will fight in spite of the innocent victims -



Scott O

I realize the article is about NY but CA went through this in the 60s. And why Reagan closed the CA mental health hospitals. Judges ruled that the state couldn't hold people involuntarily unless they posed a danger to the public. So the hospitals became expensive lounges for the mentally ill to come and go as they liked without having to take meds or receive treatment. Let's see what happens in NY.
Sending people to the mental hospital for heavy tranqs is a favorite way for the Russian govt to deal with their dissidents.
The need for govt intervention into an addict's life is a two edged sword.
Those in favor might give pause if the govt agents showed up at their door to haul them away for "treatment".


Toes 818p

"The Climate Crisis will never end....at least in CA."

No, combine a definitive cooling with a state done gone bankrupt and late night comix using Warmistas for the punchlines, it will be over.

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