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08 December 2022



The way to the nomination runs through the GOP primaries. If in 2024 he can still dominate pressers and other GOP hopefuls, he can get the nomination.

A big maybe.

Does anyone remember H. Ross Perot's promise to get under the hood of the country to fix it? Meaning stop the Constitution long enough for him to fiddle with a few bits that are the problem... just trust him? Enough folk did to throw the 3-way election to Clinton.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane

Farewell to the old gunslinger….the right tool for the right job at the right time. Some of the writers I follow are done with Trump…..some. Get ready for the Bull Moose Party? I am just watching it all unfold.

Bill Tozer

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Does Trump Really Want To Be President Again?


Paul Emery

Re Trump 2024

George, My guess is he will scam it to the max just like he did with Save America and MAGA, Here's an example:

"The website of Save America's Joint Fundraising Committee - which contributes both to Save America and a second Trump PAC, Make America Great Again - makes no mention of legal bills, saying only that "the future of our Country [sic] is at stake and President Trump is calling on all Patriots to join his fight to Save America".

Of the $1.12m spent, more than $942,000 has gone to the firm of Alina Habba, a New Jersey-based attorney who has doubled as a Trump spokeswoman.


He is a big problem for the Repubs but hey they created him and support him to this day so there is no one else to blame. He's not exactly a good boy turned bad he has always been a scammer and it's all coming home to haunt them. I mean most of the contributors on your blog are still with Trump.

Bill Tozer

Took you long enough to find the TRUMP post. All Trump All The Time. Knock yourself out. It’s only took 10-11 nice serine days here for you to find it. That should put a bounce in your step again, after the best financial year of your life, a glowing….and I mean glowing spread of you in The Union (written by the professional journalist and man of the music scene Tom Dunking Booth) celebrating your 50 years of your victorious quest to make Nevada County Blue. Actually, it was an incredibly nice piece Tom wrote to be fair and balanced.

But, it you want to hide something from Paul, put it on the top of the page as the first post (Dec. 8). The old hound dog will sniff it out sooner or later.

So, you got a jingle in your pocket, bashing in the glow of just being showered with prestige amount your fellows (applause, applause), the mid-terms turned how much better than you feared, life is good, never been better……..and yet here you are. That one worm eating it’s way through your brain. It’s got you, you don’t have it.

TDS. Imagine how everything would be perfect and add to the even more spring to your step if if if if for not for the TDS squirming like a toad in your melon. The chain stronger than the laws of gravity ties you here. Your are the prisoner here, not the gaoler.

Scott O

BT - You have to remember there are actually 2 worms eating through Paul's brain.
The other is Paul's certain knowledge that after bashing Trump for all sorts of crimes (real and imagined) - Paul finds he has voted for a senile old crooked perv who is measurably worse on every count than Trump.
And so all Paul can do is main-line the Trump-hate in his veins to try to forget the other worm.
But as all junkies find out - the high wears off way too fast and the dosage needs to be upped on a constant basis.

Bill Tozer

At least Paul will be vary pleased that this post is not so much all about Trump, but rather it is all about him. Applause, applause. I just saved Paul the effort to get it back on his favorite target…..now, which one is the narcissist? Paul or Trump?

So Scott, you agree with Trump when he said……sound of exploding head wafts in the morning air.

Confession: I did like those Bikers at the WH wearing leather vests embossed with Daisy Mae(s) and her lovely exposed pomegranates on their vests, each Daisy Mae had little pistola hanging from on one of their nipples. The outrage was marvelous. A good time was had by all. Punchy was yelling, ‘George!’

The forgotten person was forgotten no more. :). Later, gator. Chomp, chomp.

Paul Emery

Biden got us out of Afghanistan something Trump promised but never did. Why do you think he didn't do what he promised? Also Biden inherited a trashed by Trump economy. Also Trump promised Mexico would build the Wall and Mexico would pay for it. what happened there? Trump inherited a stable economy from Obama and left it trashed for Biden. Also Trump promised a balanced budget instead he increased the debt by 7 Trillion what happened there. What did Trump do Scott that makes him better on every count than Biden? (using your words)

Paul Emery


You write "None of this says that Trump won’t run as a splinter party candidate. For a prayer that he won’t, we should all light a candle."

I contend that Trumps is the Republicans Frankenstein. Just like in the movie they created a monster they can't control.

Scott O

Paul - "What did Trump do Scott that makes him better on every count than Biden?"

Already been through this twice, Paul. But you refuse to accept facts. Everyone in the world was better off when Trump was pres.
The stupid idiots in Europe should have listened to him, but no - they'd rather have a major war and fuel shortages than listen to the bad orange man.

Paul Emery


So you contend Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump would have been President. How would he have done that?

By the way well done Dems and Biden with this. Trump would never hase supported this bill. Another example why we are better off with Biden and the Dems.

House passes bill to protect same-sex marriage, sending it to Biden's desk
The legislation, which would also ensure federal protections for interracial marriages, has already passed the Senate. President Joe Biden is expected to sign it into law.


Scott O

Paul - "How would he have done that?"
Been through this twice, Paul - if you can't retain knowledge then there is no point in me wasting my time.
Gay and interracial marriage wasn't under any threat, Paul.
Are you so frickin stupid you think Thomas will vote to outlaw his own marriage?
A meaningless law that fails to address how F'd up our fed govt has become. We now know for a fact that the IRS and the FBI have become willing tools of the Dems to illegally suppress opposition party challenge to the Dems. The Dems are outright begging for armed revolution. I pray they don't get it.

Scott O

"Just like in the movie they created a monster they can't control. "

You really are stupid, Paul. The Dems and the RINO Rs created him. The Dems wanted him to get the nomination way more than any establishment R. The Dems helped him where they could in the primaries.
Then - when he faced Hilda-Beast, the Dems realized the monster they created couldn't be controlled because he wasn't beholden to anyone but the voters.
Trump has shown the way and there are other Rs that look promising if they will just stick with the basics.
Control the borders
Clean the swamp (good luck)
Drill, baby, drill.

Paul Emery

You were not convincing Scott. You inferred Trump had some kind of secret deal with Putin which is total Bull Shit and you know it. You have no answer to that very simple question.

You could have said the same thing about legal abortion Schott but look what happenneed with this Supreme Court. Thomas even inferr3d that gay marriage may be next when he said

In his concurring opinion in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe vs. Wade, enabling states to ban abortion, Thomas wrote that the high court has a “duty to ‘correct the error” established in Obergefell vs. Hodges (2015), which legalized same-sex marriage, Lawrence vs. Texas (2003), which protects same-sex relations, and Griswold vs. Connecticut (1965), which protects married couples’ access to contraception."


Paul Emery


I mean it Trump couldn't pull us out of Afghanistan as he promised what makes you think he could deal with Putin and Ukraine?

Scott O

Paul 7:16 - You're hilarious, Paul. You mean if Trump can't hand over billions of dollars of arms to our sworn enemy then how would he handle Putin?
He WAS handling Putin. He was starving him of funds he needed for war as well as the leverage over Europe that Putin wanted. Putin knew Trump was a strong leader not afraid to use American force if needed and being the cowardly bully he is, Putin bided his time for a weak sock puppet that helped to push up petro prices that would provide the funds for war. Once Biden OK'ed the pipeline that Trump had stopped, Putin knew he had his patsy.
Now the American taxpayers are sending billions to a country run by corrupt people and the Dems won't allow an audit of where the money is going. Gee - I wonder why that is? And our buddies in Europe are sending billions to Putin for energy instead of paying the money to us.
Trump predicted exactly what would happen and why.
He was correct on Putin and energy and Biden failed. Just ask a Ukranian with a bombed out house if he was better off with Trump or Biden.

Paul Emery

If Trump was such A good leader why didn't he pull us out of Afghanistan where we had been for 20 years starting with the Bush administration. He was a weak and ineffective leader. Besides Trump supported Russia's invasion and annexation of Crimea because they spoke Russian.


Scott O

Hilarious! "why didn't he pull us out of Afghanistan where we had been for 20 years"
Ya mean why didn't Trump just hand over billions of dollars of arms to our enemy and turn tail and run like a bunch of frightened women abandoning our friends and having our soldiers slaughtered for no reason?
You have to ask why, Paul?
Maybe if he had another term that he was denied because of fraud and treason by the Dems he would have made an orderly pull-out at a time advantageous to the Afghan govt instead of a time that turned out to be great for the Taliban.
The Taliban have taken time out from raping and torturing women to thank Biden for the arms, BTW.
Good job, Brandon!


Punchy be punching. Mindlessly punching.

Don Bessee

If creepy grampa joe is so great, then why this -

Poll: 70 percent of voters don’t want Biden to run for a second term




Punchy be punching. Mindlessly punching.


Paul Emery

So Gregory do you have any concern about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claiming she would have "won" the Jan 6 mob insurrection if she would have been in charge and she would have armed the rioters?


Posted by: psul Emery | 12 December 2022 at 08:41 AM

Mindlessly punching.

Paul Emery

So fishmouth you have no concerns about a House member making that statement.


Posted by: psul Emery | 12 December 2022 at 08:57 AM

Not terribly…..! Everything politicians say seem to send you to your fainting couch.

Why is that?

Paul Emery

So fishmouth you have no concerns when a member of the House says if she would have staged an armed insurrection on the Capital to stop the election on Jan 6 and she would have won.


Posted by: psul Emery | 12 December 2022 at 09:29 AM

Maybe a sedative would help?


Mindlessly punching.

MTG isn't on my radar, Punch, and I don't trust you or the media you pay attention to for talking points.

Paul Peyote Poet

I don’t give a f**k what Biden says
I don’t give a hoot what Harris did
I don’t care what words Pelosi spreads
I don’t care what some Representative bleats

What does it have to do with Trump?
The topic is Trump
The topic is always Trump




Bump Bump

I do not trust your sources

Reachard Cross

Elon Musk Fires: ‘The Trump Mind Virus Is Either Defeated Or Nothing Else Matters’


Kenny Jonesy

NBC's Todd Worries: Can Dems Win Without Demonizing Trump?


Paul Emery

What sources specifically are you referring to Bump?

Paul Emery

So Gregory has succumbed to enforced ignorance. Shows the sad state of Libertarian intellect. If you don't like the news judt ignore it.

Judt Judt

I do not trust your sources.

Scott O

"So Gregory has succumbed to enforced ignorance."

Stop it, Paul - I'm trying eat my lunch here.
I just about blew my mouthful of sandwich all over the keyboard.


Posted by: psul Emery | 12 December 2022 at 11:17 AM

Maybe you'd be happier playing "Downward Dog" with Nory?

Psul Krugg

No great brain but a big smile


Paul Emery

So apparently according to the RR's direct quotes based on recordings, speeches or intervies are not reliable sources. Can you tell me what are reliable sources?

Psul Kruggman

Q: Reliable Sources? A: Brian Selter

Cerebral Paulsy and his 17 Intel Agencies

I do not trust your sources

Paul Emery

Yep enforced ignprance fishmouth. It's a version of see no evil to reject any information that may be contrary to your preordained narrow beliefs. Thats what Gregory ant other members of the Circle of Jerks do on this blog.

The Branch Covidians

I do not trust your sources


Posted by: psull Emery | 12 December 2022 at 02:40 PM

Yep enforced ignprance fishmouth.

You are the gift that just keeps on giving......

51 Intel Agents Who Dismissed Hunter Biden Laptop Story

I trust your sources

Bill Tozer

MTG responds

Marjorie Taylor Greene Responds To Outrage Over January 6 Remarks: ‘Learn How Sarcasm Works’

“The White House and Psul Emery issued a strong rebuke of Greene on Monday.”


Punchy does not, under any circumstances, do sarcasm. No filter to turn off. Born that way, it’s not his fault.

Gregory ant?

I do not trust your sources.

The Estonian Fox

Psul K at 01:36 PM-
Please, you can't say or misspell his name. The guy, even though he won an ersatz quasi-Nobel Prize in Economics (and I didn't), he is so anti-capitalist and anti U.S., he does not deserve a mention in English.

You can mention it in Swedish though, a la "Sverige skitbit".

Paul Emery

Who is Gregory ant? Thats a new one. Gregory always uses his real name.

Hunter Biden's Laptop

Team Trump crash lands again. So sad. Dems anxiously await Trump to run as a 3rd party loser. MAGA!

"These judges, who were all appointed by former President George H. W. Bush, a Republican, and Trump himself, showed they were unwilling to throw Trump a lifeline.

“The case ends in what should be humiliation for Judge Cannon,” said Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson. “She was resoundingly slapped down by her conservative colleagues who explained that it’s not just that she had a creative interpretation of the law. It’s that she inserted herself into a case where she didn’t belong—and essentially acted as another advocate for the former president of the United States.”

Don Bessee

The party of hate and insanity -

Biden invites anti-police nonbinary drag queen to White House: 'F--- the police'



Biden directed offstage by child after Toys for Tots remarks
Biden, who turned 80 in November, led away from podium by young girl after his remarks concluded


Joe Biden Struggles, Fails to Put Handlebars on Bike at Charity Event



Scott O

Paul 2:40 - "It's a version of see no evil to reject any information that may be contrary to your preordained narrow beliefs."

OK Paul - where is your evidence I have ever done that? Oh - that's right, you have none.

You can't just make up stuff and post it here without push back.

It seems that Paul is once again projecting his own sins onto others rather than admit his rejection of information because it comes from sources that provide info he doesn't like to hear.

Phossilized Phaul

“The story ends in what should be humiliation for Dunking Booth,” said Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson. “She was resoundingly slapped down by her colleagues who explained that it’s not just that she had a creative interpretation of journalism. It’s that she inserted herself into a story where she didn’t belong—and essentially acted as another advocate for subject the story.

Don Bessee

Pussies LOL -



Don Bessee

The fix was always in -



Don Bessee

The crazed fiend has been too much even for creepy grampa joe. It would be interesting to see his security clearance check file -

Biden's Nuclear Waste Guru Out of a Job After Alleged Luggage Theft



Hunter Biden's Laptop

What will VDH say about MAGA hero Trump's new digital trading cards at $99 a pop for some sad Photoshop art?
Just in time for Christmas!


Posted by: Hunter Biden's Laptop | 16 December 2022 at 07:09 AM

You should get a set......trade them with all the kids in the neighborhood!

Hunter's Hard Drive

Elon buys Twitter, the Right cheers the anti-cancelling Twitter chief Musk.

Elon cancels accounts of journalists who follow him.

Elon suspends account of guy who follows Elon's jet.

Elon cancels free speech but supports lying trolls like Trump, Roger Stone,..

The new corporate woke fascism.


Posted by: Hunter's Hard Drive | 16 December 2022 at 01:10 PM

No objection from you when the shoe was on the other foot and it was conservatives who were being banned!



Your tax dollars at work.



Sweet, sweet hypocritical progressive tears.......! Glorious.....simply glorious!

The Next Day: Media In Hysterics Over Twitter-Journo Bans


Hunter Biden's Hard Drive

The self righteous Right loses any righteousness it may have had.

Trump NFT trading cards = MAGA crypto.


Posted by: Hunter Biden's Hard Drive | 17 December 2022 at 10:48 AM

Trump NFT trading cards = MAGA crypto.

So how many sets can we put you down for…….?

Bill Tozer

fish. They sold out in 12 hours. 42,000 digital trading cards….whatever digital trading cards are.
Trumps suspends six accounts of folks most never heard of before and the Lamestream went into a delicious full blown Jussie Smollett meltdowm. Had me laughing so hard I thought I bruised some ribs. They lost their ever loving minds. It was marvelous.

Media loses its mind after Elon Musk bars reporters from Twitter — years after shrugging about Post ban


‘You Absolute Drama Queens’: Dana Loesch Takes Axios Apart For Attack On Elon Musk’


Bill Tozer

I thought Twitter was a private company. You know, the 1st Amendment applies to government, not private companies. Or so we were told ad nassem.

My favorite was Keith Obermanns total unhinged freak out.

Did somebody violate the community standards?

Bill Tozer

Corporate Media Can Stomp And Cry All It Wants, Its Special Twitter Privileges Are Ending


Bill Tozer

10 Steps to Save America by VDH


Bill Tozer

What Will the FBI Not Do?

Who watches the watchers?


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