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05 December 2022


Bill Tozer

Good news, Dr. Rebane!

The question I have been wanting to ask you….waiting to ask you directly….. dying to ask you actually…. is with the lack of energy you have been experiencing in this current inclement weather is HOW in the Sam Hill did you manage to bring in the firewood….the one job you actually have to do. A lesser man would have have absconded his duties. A lesser man would have sent his lovely bride with a bad elbow out into the cold dark night in her slippers to bring in the organic firewood in. H/T to you, sir.

Grandpa still has it!

Oh, BTW, I looked at the clock the other morning. It was only 9:45 am and I had only been up for a couple of hours. I felt I needed to lay down and told myself that it is too early for nappy-poo time. That thought was quickly supplanted with an overriding thought. “Screw that, anytime is nappy-poo time . Where is it written in stone that you have to wait until the afternoon for a nappy-poo? Anytime is siesta time when the Wuhan Wonton Flu comes a’knocking. Chop Fluey.

Like you, I ventured out yesterday out of necessity (empty cupboards and not just food insecurity, but hunger pains. I came back wiped out and it was nappy-poo time. I can’t imagine rising like Mr. fish to chop up a slab of meat into little pieces to make stew meat. Getting there, but ain’t there yet.

Need someone to come over for fun and for free to bring a few armloads of firewood in? Don’t call me. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. :).

The Estonian Fox

from the Wash Post:

"Rufai is not the only case of pandemic government fraud; the United States has spent more than $5 trillion on the pandemic — helping families and businesses. “But billions of dollars were stolen, and no one is sure, even now, exactly how much has disappeared,” the authors write."

The fraud is just normal government incompetence - who cares? But the $5T is a vast overspend for a not-so-terrible of a pandemic. I don't believe that any of the "experts" even bothered to read the notes about the 1918 Spanish flu. Oops, sorry- the SARS-H0N0-18 virus. Mustn't be disrespectful to the country of origin. That virology lab in Seville sure got off easy.

Just think of the amount of 'free' money that we will print when we have a REAL epidemic that is more lethal. Can't wait for the wet market in Harare to get the blame for that one.

Don Bessee

Did they put must be bottom of the barrel communicator when they hired her? OR is it the second story about the english teacher who says grammar is racist to blame for the new fail to communicator? -




Don Bessee

They cannot even spin well, the headline is refuted by the content. They say Trump had a lone from a N Korea related company. But, but, but the company is Dawoo industries the South Korean conglomerate that was allowed to do a little business in NK in the 1990's. Oh and the loan was to one of the Trump companies for a NYC project.

But we the ilk that will run with the headline without reading. Ponytail of ignorance in 3, 2

Donald Trump failed to disclose a $19.8 million loan from a company with ties to North Korea while he was president, Forbes reported Sunday, citing documents uncovered by the New York attorney general’s office.

The loan was paid off just over five months into his presidency. Forbes said the documents don’t specify who satisfied it.

Trump may have skirted disclosure laws and not committed an outright violation because the loan was on the books of his company, the Trump Organization, and not identified as a personal loan, Forbes noted.



Don Bessee

But we know the ilk.....


Bill Tozer

Don B.
Con’t from yesterday…..grid battery storage. Powerline picked up on it. With visual aids! Just the facts, ma’am.


“The whole green energy project is a gigantic fraud. A handful of shysters are getting rich, along with some activists and politicians, while the rest of us will be left holding the bag. In the dark.”


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and the luddites breaking the law, again. -

"The Mineral Leasing Act is clear: the Interior Secretary must hold at least quarterly lease sales in every state where there is interest, as reflected by nominations," Kathleen Sgamma, the president of the Western Energy Alliance, said in a statement.

"Oil and natural gas companies have nominated millions of acres in Wyoming and across the West that have yet to be offered for sale. Not only has this administration held only one set of lease sales in its first two years, but has now signaled that there will be no sales until second quarter 2023, a full year later," she continued. "Once a year does not equal ‘quarterly.'"



Don Bessee

You might think it was a vast luddite conspiracy -



Bill Tozer

Piling on! You did not think such a inconvenient story could just be neatly avoid and left to die an unnoticed dead in Scattershots, did you? Time to spike the ball and get flagged for unsportsmanlike celebrating. Maybe jump into the stands!

(H/T to the ‘obedient Follower of Trump’ Gregory and his partner in crime, the one ‘who is to afraid to post his real name here…our own fish mouth.)

1) breaking news!!!
michael avenatti has been sentenced an additional 14 years in the hoosegow for theft and fraud.
Posted by: Gregory | 05 December 2022 at 12:44 PM
LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN with guest appearance by Linda Lovelace, star of longest running movie of all time.


“ABC recalls Avenatti’s salad days:

For a time, the brash lawyer was a fixture on cable news shows and the topic of flattering magazine pieces. Reporters asked him about his skin-care routine and Tom Ford suits while he and Daniels posed for photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Avenatti also briefly dipped his toe into the presidential candidacy pool, dining with potential donors and forming a political action group to accept donations.

But Avenatti perpetrated theft of the worst kind:

An indictment against Avenatti stated that he stole millions of dollars from clients after they received settlements in various cases. Those funds were supposed to only flow through Avenatti but stayed with him instead, according to prosecutors.

One of the clients who said he was never paid was Geoffrey Johnson, who is paraplegic. Johnson won a $4 million settlement against Los Angeles County in 2015. Prosecutors said that money was paid to Avenatti but was never given to Johnson.

This is such a crude crime that one wonders how Avenatti could possibly have hoped to get away with it. Likely he thought his Democratic Party connections would shield him. But the Democrats’ infatuation with a media star does not last beyond his or her useful life. Just ask Cindy Sheehan.“

In a lighter note, I am getting old. I am stunned (shocked, embarrassed, dumbfounded) to say I remember that news event clearly and laughing about it at the time. That was when Congresspersons were pranksters. That’s ancient news! Heck, that’s getting old.

I even remember the supermarket checkout tabloids picking up on it and splashing pictures and headlines about giant sewer rats in NYC eating people alive.
Oh, and I remember watching the Rat Patrol on the ole B&W television set too.

There baaaaacccccccckkkkk!


“New York Mayor Eric Adams is looking for a leader in the city’s war on rats, and wants someone who is “somewhat bloodthirsty” and committed to the “wholesale slaughter” of vermin. Formally known as the director of rodent mitigation, the new job will pay $120,000 to $170,000 a year and report to the deputy mayor for operations.

In his first year as mayor, Adams has been escalating his rhetoric against rats. . . “There’s NOTHING I hate more than rats,” Adams said in a statement posted on Twitter on Thursday. “If you have the drive, determination, and killer instinct needed to fight New York City’s relentless rat population — then your dream job awaits.””


Peter Janes

Under Joe Biden, Threat Of Nuclear War Has Gone Up



Oh noes…….I wanna play Indians and Indians too!

Professor admits no Native American tribal affiliation after decades of claiming otherwise

Although to her credit she pulls it of far more convincingly than “Goody” Warren ever did!


Scott O

re BT 8:59 - "One of the clients who said he was never paid was Geoffrey Johnson, who is paraplegic."

So Avenatti stole money from a cripple!!

Paul Emery sure knows who to believe when it's Trump-Hate time!

Bill Tozer

fish @ 7:20 am

“Professor admits no Native American tribal affiliation after decades of claiming otherwise”

The Last of the Michigan’s, right? Don’t tell me. Hired at UC Berkeley, right?

The Last of the Mohicans is not a true story. First, there was no tribe of indigenous people in the Americas who were called the 'Mohicans.‘.

At least the fraud professor did distinguish themselves as Mohawk, using the British English language and spelling for the word.

The professor has about the same Native American blood in themselves as a New Mexico mosquito.

Well, what can I say? UC Berkeley hired Robert Reich and Dr. Angela Davis. No one else would.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 06 December 2022 at 10:06 AM

UC Berkeley hired Robert Reich and Dr. Angela Davis.

Nothing more need be said I suppose.

Bill Tozer

ROFLMAO. The Punchy Argument: “It’s old news.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday called the decision [blocking the Hunter laptop story] a “distraction” and “old news”.

Antifa? Old News. Summer of Love riots? Old News. Violent and dangerous mobs of mostly peaceful protestors setting ablaze the historic 200 year old St John’s Church near Lafayette Square and almost burning it down while throwing dangerous projectiles at the DC Police and setting ablaze the WH guard shack (on the WH grounds), forcing the President to be rushed to the bunker for his own safety? It’s old news!

What difference does it make at this point anywho? It’s old news. Sweet.

Bill Tozer

“Taking the Clinton administration approach to the Big Tech and liberal media censorship that, based on our poll after the 2020 election, gave Joe Biden the win, Jean-Pierre shamelessly engaged in censorship denialism by saying it was “interesting or a coincidence...that [Musk] would so haphazardly — Twitter would so haphazardly push this distraction that is a — that is a — full of old news, if you think about it.”

Jean-Pierre then leveled the false claims about Musk and illustrated how the administration is indeed dead set on surveilling Musk:

And at the same time, Twitter is facing very real and very serious questions about the rising volume of anger, hate, and anti-Semitism on their platform and how they're letting it happen. And you know, the President said last week more leaders need to speak out and reject this and it's a very alarming and very dangerous.
Instead, she argued, Biden is focused on “helping...American families” and job creation since talking about censorship is (allegedly) “not healthy” and “won't do anything to help a single American improve their lives.”

Before this, Heinrich and her Fox colleague Edward Lawrence of Fox Business Network attempted to pin Jean-Pierre down on the border crisis as Biden will be spending Tuesday at a microchips factory in Arizona.

Lawrence went first and wondered if Biden will “go to the border and see the situation for himself,” but Jean-Pierre wasn't interested because Biden's “trip tomorrow is about the American manufacturing boom we're seeing all across the country thanks to, again, his economic policies” while seeing the border crisis would mean engaging in one of the “political stunts” Republicans have employed instead of acquiescing to Biden's immigration proposals.

Bill Tozer

‘More Important Things Going On’: Biden Spits In The Face Of Every American With Latest Excuse For Not Visiting Border

Justice Department probed Tara Reade's Twitter after she alleged Biden assault, report
"Other than coming forward about Joe Biden, there would be no reason for" the subpoena, Reade said.


Bill Tozer

ACLU Threatens Hospital If It Doesn’t Perform Transgender Surgeries


Didn’t Patti Smith who used to engage here go off to join the ACLU? She was good as a single issue advocate. Should have stuck with Medical MJ.
Then she went off the rails over the 2A and PP selling aborted fetus’s body parts to the highest bidder, which incidentally after vehement public denials, Planned Parenthood stated in Court under oath that the allegations were true indeed. Yep, they were selling aborted baby parts to make some cold cash.
It was AG Kamala Harris herself who went after Project Veritas for illegal recording of PP personal selling the aborted baby parts while neatly avoiding the substance of the claims.

Ain’t your Daddy’s ACLU no more. Permanently disfigure that child under the age of consent of we will ruin you and force you to chop up a minor’s genitalia whether you like it or not, whether that child can legally consent to sex, see a PG-13 movie without a parent or not.

The Lefties are some sick mothafuckers. Like Hickman and Punchy and Darm near every one involved in KVMR and Amy Goodman and Tom Dunking. Sick fuks.


Someone mentioned Tara Reade...

She supposedly lives in Nevada County

Anyone here ever meet her face to face?

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 11:47 am

Not me. AP or Rueters had one of their local reports do a spread on her in her Nevada City home.

The local mob filled the comment sections of the Union and not one single Enlighted Open Minded Progressive nor Green Libertarian uttered once, "I believe her." Never followed closely the story and she was screwed, blued, and tattooed at the speed of light.

Now we know where all that dirt came from. :)

old news. 2020 is ancient stuff.

Bill Tozer

Top FBI offical in charge if DC office steps down just as incoming Republicans are opening nvestigstion of the FBI.

Better lawyer up.




Jeeez, Michael P. Anderson really doesn't like Mr. Toes.
At Earl's:
"George knows very well that if you run a public comment space it has to be moderated. But he rarely moderates because the vile comments serve his purpose. George understands that poor moderation reflects on the blog owner, not the whacko commenter, but he doesn’t care. Sock puppet Biker Bill’s comments are about 50% of the total words posted over there these days; apparently that’s just fine in George’s opinion. As the number of RR commenters decreases the remaining commenter’s tone gets darker and the threats grow more troubling. This spiraling deadender cybernuts journey is nothing new, unfortunately. It does, however, deserve to be closely watched and absorbed by a concerned community."

Yes, Michael P. Anderson, you do deserve to be closely watched.

Don Bessee

This is getting more fun by the minute -

Before joining Twitter, Baker worked as general counsel at the FBI, where he was involved in the bureau's investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

"The news that Baker was reviewing the 'Twitter files' surprised everyone involved, to say the least," Taibbi tweeted.

Elon Musk said that Twitter's former Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker was "exited" from the company on Tuesday after revelations about his role in the platform's handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story.



Bill Tozer

gregory. lol.

At least I got Earl to volunteer that he does not condone child disfigurement and body mutilation of children in the guise of gende therapy. so, Earl is ok in my book.

Even if he does support castration and chopping young girls' (real girls) breasts off, at least he voiced his opinion on the scientific experiments previously done in the Nazi concentration camps.

silence is violence.

Sky pilot still around? Book your flight to Burning Man here in advance. Whatever floats your boat...children are a different story.


"It does, however, deserve to be closely watched and absorbed by a concerned community."

Scratch a 'concerned citizen' and you always find a commissar. Twas ever thus.

Bill Tozer

scenes…I am stealing your link and including it in my next post under Twitter Blackout. H/T
moi at 3:31 pm

I forgot to add I am against irreversible medical procedures of children under the legal age of consent and oppose the sterilization of children without their parents’ consent. The frontal lobes of the kids do not even fully develop until 22 years of age.

Another reason I oppose the irreversible disfigurement and sterilization of children and adolescents is because is 90% of those minors who think/feel they are born in the wrong body (given the wrong biological body at birth) change their minds by the age of 21.

The suicide rate of the transgender community is way too high. The suicide rate of transgender youth is way, way too high. BUT, research now shows that the suicide rate of minors who have gone through the gender therapy meds and knife (transition) is EVEN Higher that the suicide rate of transgender youth who have not undergone the transition.

For an adult, that’s is none of by business. Whatever floats your boat. If you want to cut off your dick to make you feel like a woman, be my guest. I will loan ya my favorite pocket knife. If I slice of my pecker, that don’t make me a woman. It just makes be another dickless dude.
If an adult woman wants to slice off her tits, do your thang to your heart’s content. Dress anyway you want, do your thing.

But what about 2nd graders? What about the children who are so mentally and emotionally advance that they are eating Tide-Pods and tattooing the names on a local band on their faces?


Mr. Toes,

I disagree. Someone over 18 carving up their body is mentally ill and need to be in a safe place far from sharp knives.

Paul Emery

Warnock up by 13 with approx 33% of the vote counted. Looks like Trumps losing streak is likely to continue.

Scott O

BT - "For an adult, that’s is none of by business."

Ah, but they want to make it your business. They want it considered a health care need. Join the army and get your junk cut off on the tax payer. Folks in prison demand and get a free nip and tuck. I wish we could just say do whatever you want on your time and dime, but like all lefty loons, they demand you pay for it and BTW - if you don't celebrate it, you're a hater.

Don Bessee

The creepy grampa joe crime family is bought and paid for by the chi coms -

The DOE announced in October that it would give the $200 million award to Microvast Holdings to build a battery separator facility in Tennessee, using funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. At the time, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the grant would "supercharge the private sector to ensure our clean energy future is American-made."

While the DOE described Microvast as a "majority U.S.-owned company, traded on NASDAQ" and "headquartered in Stafford, Texas," financial records show the company operates primarily out of China. Microvast itself says the Chinese government "exerts substantial influence over the manner in which we must conduct our business activities and may intervene, at any time and with no notice." The company was also recently added to a Securities and Exchange Commission watchlist of Chinese companies that are on track to be delisted from NASDAQ for failing to comply with U.S. auditing requirements.

The grant is also drawing calls for additional oversight from Congress. The infrastructure law, as written by lawmakers, states that the DOE should avoid funding projects that "use battery material supplied by or originating from a foreign entity of concern," which includes companies "subject to the jurisdiction or direction" of China.



Buffalo Bison

Tozer: there was no tribe of indigenous people in the Americas who were called the 'Mohicans.‘

Despite the fact that Mohicans were one of the first federally recognized tribes. The Mohicans have a reservation in Wisconsin. I fish on their land every year. I've been to the tribal libraryand museum and it is vast. Of course Tozer would deny all of this because . . . I don't know why the fuck "because". There is a reason that there are no "Trumpers for Truth" hats on the market.

Scott O

Don 5:47 - "the DOE should avoid..."

Any lawyer (hell, anyone with a brain) can tell you that's a loophole big enough for a supertanker to sail through. Did it say "shall not"? Nah, that would kinda be too explicit.
The whole AGM/climate change scam is nothing more than Americans being sold down the river to the CCP. The only enjoyable aspect of watching the ChiComs take over will be seeing the green weenies freaking out when they find out something called reality.

Scott O

"I've been to the tribal libraryand museum and it is vast."
Not as 'vast' as a certain physical attribute you possess.

Scott O

"There is a reason that there are no "Trumpers for Truth" hats on the market."
Ah, go on and tell us - we're all ears.


punchy 447p

What a simple creature.

Patience, Grasshopper.

Don Bessee

Dodged that bullet -

Severe Blowback on Effort to Include Media Cartel Bill JCPA in Defense Bill Forces Congressional Leaders to Remove from Bill



Scott O

Here's the last part of the initial story of the Mohicans on wiki:
"In the late twentieth century, the Mohican joined other former New York tribes, including the Oneida and some other Iroquois nations, in filing land claims against New York for what were considered unconstitutional purchases of their lands after the Revolutionary War. Only the federal government had constitutional authority to deal with the Indian nations. In 2010, outgoing governor David Paterson announced a land exchange with the Stockbridge-Munsee that would enable them to build a large casino on 330 acres (130 ha) in Sullivan County in the Catskills, as a settlement in exchange for dropping their larger claim in Madison County. The deal had many opponents."
Sound like a bunch of anti-govt types. The very idea that the democratically-elected govt would be challenged by some malcontents!
Seems they were quickly bought off with a deal made with a handful of so-called leaders who raked in millions while their pitiful charges were left with bupkis. How are the average members of tribe doing financially now, vs the few who signed the deal with the governor?
Most AmerIndians were a sorry deal. They sat on an actual gold mine of riches beyond anything else on earth for centuries but were too absorbed with fighting each other and torturing and enslaving their neighbors along with subjugating their squaws to be bothered with developing any kind of written language and scientific skills.
They were a screaming 100 foot tall warning sign to us that we need to always be at the cutting edge of defense if we are to keep folks from across the waters at bay.

Bill Tozer

Moi again (my favorite topic!!)

The reason no one from KVMR or Punchy or the “The Union lefty posters) or the libs, or the “in-crowd” cannot utter Onr so nglr unflattering word against or deviate ONE millimeter from the Tranny movement….I did NOT say gay or lesbian or Bi-sexual (bi means two genders)…..the reason Punchy or his gang or the Nevada City Leftinistas CANNOT utter a word about gender dysphasia is because they would be ostracized by the group….kicked out of the safe room……tossed out among the wolves.

Any “progressive” is locked into going along with the DEI or whatever they changed the acronym to (Equity something, something PC ?) whether they have some doubts or not.

So, yes, I have been playing a silly immature game here of repeating the same non-critical thinking back at the Leftinistas. When a opinion column was written in the Union about coming together and putting our differences aside, the ah so Enlighted Progressives ganged up and through in a trip clause. First before The Royal We can even entertain the idea of unity, you must condemn Trump and condemn the Big Lie FIRST. Grovel, confess, and use the right words of condemnation of Trump or the Right…..then we can talk.

What we have here constantly is Pubchy demanding that Gregory, Scott O, fish, and others RENOUNCE the Republicans in the correct way he demands....otherwise we agree with Trump 100% and because someone won’t take the bait, that is PROOF that we really are Putin loving White Supremists Nazi followers whose only desire is to gather y’all up and march all you Lefties off to the gulag with our goose stepping Deplorables leading the procession.

So, I am demanding that you Lefties DENOUNCE child and sex trafficking by illegal criminal aliens crossing our border. Denounce it in the terms I lay out or….or….or…that means you are FOR sex trafficking children, support pedophilia, enslaving women, and bringing in Fentanyl which is killing 50k- 100,00 Americans a year, mostly folks aged 18-45. So, you support that because you DO NOT condemn it in the way I (me, me, me, me) DEMAND you to.

We all know the difference between a demand and a request. The difference between critical thinking and nuances on complex issues and Black and White thinking. I demand you condemn certain things or…or….or….connecting the dots….or you support hideous things! Your silence is violence and you’re killing people.

Silly me, I thought what was good for the goose was good for the gander. Just joking. It’s always a one way street. Just because I do not like ham sandwiches does not mean I need to condemn ham sandwiches and dox those who do.

So, how does it taste? Kinda makes me look dangerous, doesn’t it.

I know you can’t condemn anything on the Party talking points. Some of you will lose your jobs, or prestige and privileges if you did.

It is also an unreasonable request for me to feel the way you do on any given subject….be it my dog dying or my outrage against erasing women. I do have a sister who once was a up respected Feminist author and Cal State Long Beach Feminist Study associate professor….until the day she said she does not hate all men and would love to raise a child.

She was driven out of town on a rail, fired, and ostracized. There was no place in the Feminist Movement for someone who wanted a loving husband and to be a mother back then. No place for a non-man hater. No quarter for that kind of evil thoughts. “Abort it! You are a traitor to the Sisterhood!” You must seek a career and have unfulfilling casual sex, you troll of the patriarchy!” they screamed at her. “You don’t need a man! You must be driven my hate and career and independence.”

When she pointed out that the Feminist Movement was based on women’s strength and independence to chart their own course in life and follow what they want to do and become….and going what she, as an liberated independent WANTED to do, well….that went out the window because she….well, she became independent of the Woman’s Liberation Movement. She was liberated from Group Think and she could not condemn her little brother or live of her life in the exact words they demanded her to. Hear, hear.

The Transgender Movement results in erasing women. They are called birthing people. Men can get pregnant? Well, there is a hell of a lot more organs and parts in giving birth than just having a vagina.

And there is a hell of a lot more to a woman that a man can never possess or imitate. Ever. There is a mystic about a woman that is awe inspiring and evolves adoration and breath taking awe and mystic that makes up the fairer sex. The way their voice sounds like a bubbling Brooke, the way their hair bounces off the side of their heads, the way of a ship in the sea crossing a distant sunset…..there is a mystic that a wig and makeup can never replicate…..and the way of a young maiden with a child is beyond that I am capable of describing.

The Big Lie is no matter what cosmetic surgery is preformed, not matter what puberty blockers and hormone therapy is dispensed, I will never be a woman and capture the way of a sailing ship on the sea at sunset. Never. The Big Lie peddled to young boys and girls is they can be one the opposite sex. And that is the big letdown, the promise that cannot be fulfilled for the kids.
And to demand that I validate how ANOTHER sees themselves via pronouns..maybe, maybe not depending on my mood or the person on a one-to-one.

Not one of us can truly see ourselves as others see us, myself included. But now I am a homophobe or misogynistic bigot if I do not valid how someone else sees themselves? You demand what? How about y’all valid how I see myself? Go kick gravel.

That is just my opinion.

Bill Tozer

Buffalo Bison.

Concerning the UC Berkeley professor and the Last of the Mohicans, both and you seem to be confusing the Mohawks with the Mohicans of the 1600s. Yes, follow the early tribes, the names the Dutch called them, the tribal fracturing into subsets (splintering tribes off the Mohawks (a British English pronounciation) of the tribe, the joining together of two tribes, the move/migration from the upper NE America-Canada to Wisconsin, spelling changes and yes, yes, yes, you have the Mohicans of today in WI.

My point is there was no native tribe known as the Mohicans when the Last of the Mohicans was written. The Mohicans then did not exist or ever did as such as a Native American tribe….it was a compilation of Native Tribes….like the movie ‘Patriot’ starring Mel Gibson was a compilation of Revolutionary War skirmishes, battles, and characters.

The Mohawks splintered and one fraction then mixed (joined) with another tribe and over time you have what is now called The Mohicans.

But, Buffalo Bison, I will say whatever you say is correct because this particular hill is not worth defending.

FYI. Get this Buffalo Bison: I knew Gerry and her husband Bud for many years when I first settled down permanent like here in Nevada County. Gerry was the mother of Norton Buffalo, a member of the Steve Miller band before he went solo.
Anyway, Norton Buffalo was coming to town to do a gig at the ‘St Joesph’s Cultural Center in GV where the old NCTV or GVTV (?) was. After the performance, a nice local young lady came up to Gerry and introduced herself.
The young woman said, “I hear you are Norton’s mother. Is his name really Buffalo?” Gerry replied, “No, it’s Bison.” Funny sharp wit Norton Buffalo’s mom had.

No, his real name is not Norton Buffalo. It’s Norton Bison. Later, Buffalo Bob. Say it, don’t spray it. :)

Scott O

Bill 7:16 - Great rant! Good to get it off your chest. It's the constant hypocrisy. All movements, causes, etc have their hypocrites, but the left is ALL about hypocrisy. It thrives on it. Don't have a Gulf Stream V to jet to the next global warming conference? Well - it's clear YOU don't care about climate change!
It just goes on and on with every topic the left brings up.
Paul Emery is such a perfect example.
He claims that Trump has stolen money from people and provides no proof, but when I point out that possibly some folks have claimed that Paul has stolen money, holey cow, THAT'S different!
Pounds the table! I want proof! I want names!
Give me the links!
Did Paul want proof from Reid when he lied and claimed that Romney hadn't paid taxes he owed?
Of course not. Paul thinks smearing honest folk is Okie Dokie when it's HIS side.
Look at all the crap he posted about Trump. What fun! Let's lie about people we don't like and abuse them. Can you imagine if Trump said the same exact things about Paul?
Oh yes - That's different.
No - it's not.
The left can dish it out 24/7 but don't you ever, ever, ever criticize them for one moment about anything.

Bill Tozer

Steve. I never knew you fished. The pandemic put a crimp in your trip to WI in 2020, but Wisconsin flipped your way anywho. See, it all worked out.

Thank God I am a country boy!
Whether Herschel wins or loses, I got myself a great finely crafted camo ball cap. Herschel for Senate. Discret. Not like my first generation Orginal very well made MAGA cap. My old genetic cheap caps are all getting dirty, (except the Orginal MAGA cap I never wear to keep in mint condition, so a new cap is just what I needed. Never had a camo ball cap before and it looks marvelous.

A winner every time.

Scott O

Bill - Love the Norton Buffalo reference.
Bought his first LP. He played with the best. He played with Bill Kirchen and Commander Cody and Steve Miler and others.
Cut down way too soon in life by cancer.

Paul Emery

Just finished hearing Senator Raphael Warnock give his victory speech. He's a good man and will be a great senator for the State of Georgia.


It wasn't magic, Walker was outspent.



You heard it here first...aspiring slumlord Raphael Warnock is “a good man” *.

*psul’s time to first suck up noted for the official record


Warnock can be expected to do what he's told by his party's bosses.

It might be interesting reading to see where the money came from.

Don Bessee

The long-term rot is showing the truth about vlads misadventure, if they had oame at us it would absolutely have gone to nukes as they would be getting their ass kicked worse than now.

According to Koffler, the problem Russia now faces can be traced back to the military's transition from the Soviet-era, pointing out that Yudashkin actually used to be a designer for former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s wife Raisa Gorbacheva.

"Russian soldiers dying from hyperthermia in winter is nothing new," Koffler said. "Unlike the Soviet Army uniforms that were designed for severe Russian winters, modern Russian military uniform is not optimized for freezing temperatures."

Instead, the 1994 rebranding of the Russian military caused "dismay" among the troops, with designs that "prioritized style and low cost rather than pragmatism and functionality."

"Instead of using natural textiles like cotton, linen, and heavy and coarse wool, synthetic materials were used, which kept the soldiers cold in winter and hot in summer," Koffler said. "Bulky and baggy style was replaced with fitted styles. Traditional Russian footwear made of felt, valenki, which was worn by military and civilians for hundreds of years was banned by the post-Soviet military leadership."

The winter conditions could also be hindering Russia's ability to use drones the country's military recently purchased from Iran, with The Express reporting Monday that Russia has stopped deploying the Iranian-built Shahed-136 drone in Ukraine because the parts are inadequate to function in the winter temperatures



Bill Tozer

I did not bother to post all the stuff about who the players are in the company who actually owns the Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, spiritual home of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

Bottomline. All big pushers of CRT. It’s a business. Just because it’s senior pastor and slum lord is one of the partners of the ownership…..well, it’s a nice business. Loved how they were going to evict a Vietnam Vet over $37 or $67 bucks behind in his rent boot his ass out….until the light was shone that way by those misinformation spewing urban street gorilla conservatives with cell phones. After the cat got out of the bag, the Company quickly said they would not kick the man out….silly…..where you hear that fake news…..and will now let him pay the next months rent and accept his 37 dollars and….

CRT, WOKE, SOROS, usual thugs….smooth operators…….and who said the runoff system was a racist construct from the prior days to keep a black man from winning.

The WOKE is right! The run-off system in Georgia did keep a Black man from winning.
Billy Carter country. The WOKE COMETH.

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 8:59 pm

‘might be interesting reading to see where the money came from.’

Funny you should think that. It came from us!

‘Sen. Raphael Warnock Gets 73% More Campaign Contributions From California Donors Than Georgia’
October 18, 2022

The Georgia senator also leads the pack in donations from the entertainment industry, with nearly $1 million raised this cycle


The Entertainment Business is a sleazy business. Oh, not the looney actors and singers and good-balls celebrities. We expect that from artists. No, the more you more up to producers, the Executive Producers, then to that guy that comes around now and then and stays in the background and then whispers something in the Executive Producer’s ear….no, the real sleaze in the business not the talent….although they are just can’t live without applause….narcissists.

The Big Sleaze is…..us Californians…among others. We flooded the zone. I never did donate to Walker’s run-off. I give all my money to Trump. :). A some to Omar’s opponent.

Bill Tozer

Did you know…..

The Mohicans (Mohawks) sided with the British army against the Revolutionaries. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Kind of tribe that had great sympathies for the Grey Coats fighting the Great White Father in Washington. Really, tell us more. Add the Lakota, Dakota, the Sioux tribes and assorted allies, oh yeah the Iroquois big influence. and we got ourselves the Last of the Mohicans. Then came the Pocatwatalots.

Paul Emery

Gregory writes

"Warnock can be expected to do what he's told by his party's bosses."

Duh what else in new, Welcome to the two party system Gregory. How would Walker been any different. One difference is that you shouldn't have posted that statement if Walker would have won.


Punchy 835a

If Walker had won I wouldn't have written he "will be a great senator for the State of Georgia". Why? Because I'd never written anything about Walker.

He would have been a better Senator for the country as we don't need more Woke Senators, and Warnock is neo-Marxist Woke.


Here ya go, Tozer. Right wingers aren't the only ones with concerns about the gender blending fad.

Bill Tozer

This story was posted a few days ago by one of the fine Irredeemables that frequents here. It’s the place our wack job public school teachers hang out. Wonder what Michael K would say?

“As a former educator…..as a Educator I am a professional in being an expert dumb shit. As an educator…..you are definitely a huge part of the problem.

‘As an educator, I am constantly worried if I am a part of the problem’ [hint: you are]

No wonder all the public school teachers follow TicTok. It’s their how-to manual. Garbage in, garbage out.

‘Another Governor Bans TikTok From State Devices’

Oh my, this really gets my blood boiling. I am ready to go full Nuclear on the xenophobes. Bigots! Haters! This link should be banned. It’s a threat to our democracy.
How dare they use the racist term ‘illegal immigrants’. How dare they!

We need a investigation into the Daily Wire. They used an racist bigoted xenophobic term BECAUSE they do not like people who do not look like us here in Nevada County.

I am outraged beyond words. They used a term that is designed to separate us and divide us. They used frigging ‘illegal immigrants’!!!!! I feel dirty just repeating that bitter clinger term. I am contacting the DOJ immediately. Those Conservatives are fascists! No one is illegal! How dare they. How dare they.

‘Border Patrol Agent Killed During High-Speed Chase With Illegal Immigrants’


How dare they say ‘illegal immigrants’!

Bill Tozer

Crabby Paddy @ 10:37 am

I cannot respond to you unless you address me by my preferred pronoun. Call me they because we are many. Or Legion.


Bill Tozer

Well, this should make Brother Ben and Hickman happy, happy, happy.

‘Walmart CEO says company may hike prices, close stores if wave of shoplifting continues
Lack of prosecution of shoplifters could drive business decisions, executive claims.’


Rechard Cross

Nolte: Woman Claims NYC Shelter Fired Her for Warnings About Transgender Serial Killer


Paul Emery

So if Trump cant manage his own businesses how come the RR's expect him to be able to run the country as President?
" Trump Org. guilty on all counts in New York criminal tax fraud trial

The conviction could lead to up to $1.6 million in fines for the former president's company."



Posted by: psul Emery | 07 December 2022 at 11:55 AM

So if Trump cant manage his own businesses how come the RR's expect him to be able to run the country as President?
" Trump Org. guilty on all counts in New York criminal tax fraud trial

Another of those boldly stated idiocies that we've all come to appreciate from The Worlds Wrinkliest 13 Year Old Girl. The RR's didn't ever expect him to "run the country" that wouldn't be in alignment with the political beliefs that most hold here. Progressives expect the president to "run the country", wipe the nations collective runny nose, tend to every boo boo, and in your case I'm sure that one of your highest remaining aspirations is for the snappily attired federal attendant to wipe your old man bottom when that time comes.

Paul Emery

So fishmouth here are the duties of the President. Do you think Trump is capable of fulfilling the job especially "enforce the laws that Congress passes." when he cannot even manage his own businesses.

make treaties with the approval of the Senate.
veto bills and sign bills.
represent our nation in talks with foreign countries.
enforce the laws that Congress passes.
act as Commander-in-Chief during a war.
call out troops to protect our nation against an attack.
make suggestions about things that should be new laws.
lead his political party.
entertain foreign guests.
recognize foreign countries.
grant pardons.
nominate Cabinet members and Supreme Court Justices and other high officials.
appoint ambassadors.
talk directly to the people about problems.
represent the best interest of all the people


Posted by: psul Emery | 07 December 2022 at 12:45 PM

I think he did all those things just fine psul. So did a sizable fraction of the electorate. Not enough for him to win but still significant.

PS: none of those things individually or collectively is “running the country”.

Paul Emery

I accept your nuance fishmouth. How about law enforcement? Here's a quote from Trump:

"The commander in chief is, in his words, “actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country.” President Donald Trump made that comment on Tuesday from the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews when discussing high-profile pardons and commutations.

“I’m actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country,” Trump said, once again asserting his “legal right” to interfere in criminal cases.




Posted by: psul Emery | 07 December 2022 at 01:35 PM

I’m done playing the Trumpy Game for today psul.



Manchin v. Browning, 170 W. Va. 779, 786-87 (W. Va. 1982):

"Nor has the Attorney General of West Virginia the same place in the law enforcement chain of command as does the Attorney General of the United States who, after the President, is the chief law enforcement officer of the federal system."

Paul Emery

So Gregory does the President have the ability to pardon himself or pre pardon those the Pres may wish to assist because of what they did for him?


I'll be happy to ship this question to my lawyer, Paul. Just give me a check for $5000 for a retainer and we'll get started on it.

As far as I am concerned, I don't know and I don't care, but if you care enough to cough up the cash, I'll ask someone who should know.


psfish 1255p

"act as Commander-in-Chief during a war"

Trump didn't do this adequately, mainly, because unlike Biden, he didn't goad an old enemy into starting one.

Don Bessee

The only limit on the presidential pardon authority in the constitution is that he cannot pardon an impeachment which means he could pardon himself from federal crimes not state or civil.


Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 4:48 pm

The DOJ Office of Legal Affairs issues legal opinions (analysis) to POTUS on such matters that Punch Pie raises. Their job at the Office of Legal Affairs to to advise POTUS on Constitutional matters. One of the most sought after jobs in the Department. The Office of Legal Affairs’s opinions become the Department (DOJ) policy.

On occasion, the Office will reach out to the most brilliant legal Constitutional minds to issue an opinion on Constitution matters such has is it possible for a sitting President to pardon himself of criminal accusations in advance of leaving office and the like.

Richard Nixon’s woes brought up some legal hypothetical dilemmas but became a moot point when he resigned from office. Later, Bill Clinton’s lying to a grand jury brought up more questions for the Office of Legal Affairs in the aftermath of the such questions, including the Constitutionality of a Special Counsel making public It’s report as required by directive that Ken Starr was required to do. We called them Special Prosecutors back then.

The Office of Legal Affairs, despite its vast knowledge of SCOTUS case precedent, the historical precedent (some pre-Constitution) in crafting behind and debate behind each Constitutional matter had to reach out to the one person qualified to issue a DOJ opinion on matters of “President pardoning himself, charging a sitting President for crimes, etc.

That distinguished Constitutional Authority and unmatched legal mind brought in the OLA in aftermath of Bill Clinton’s presidency to craft the DOJ’s opinion to advise future POTUSs was one Robert Bork.

Robert Bork.

Thought you would like that. Oh, that horrible Trump henchman goon Bill Barr also from the DOJ’s Office of Legal Affairs…..which also issues the handbook of guidelines, conduct, and does and don’ts for the entire DOJ.

Don Bessee

I thought this was from the bb at first -



Paul Emery

Gosh and Golly Gregory I thought you knew everything. This is an issue because Trump, if elected has inferred that he would pardon hundreds of rioters on Jan 6. Here's a quote:

Former president Donald Trump said he would issue full pardons and a government apology to rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and violently attacked law enforcement to stop the democratic transfer of power.

“I mean full pardons with an apology to many,” he told conservative radio host Wendy Bell on Thursday morning. Such a move would be contingent on Trump running and winning the 2024 presidential election.

He went on to also say:

“I am financially supporting people that are incredible and they were in my office actually two days ago, so they’re very much in my mind,” Trump said. “It’s a disgrace what they’ve done to them. What they’ve done to these people is disgraceful.”



Punchy just keeps punching. Have you no shame?

Don Bessee

Sounds like something the ponytail of ignorance would say -

Biden Quotes Scripture, Vows to ‘Limit the Number of Bullets That Can Be in a Cartridge’



Bill Tozer

Punchy Pie’s 12:45 pm list of Presidential duties.

I am more interested in the Constitution requirements of the President than “duties” such as wining and dining foreign leaders in the WH, addressing the nation and telling us he feels our pain, etc. The President is required to issue a ‘State of the Union’ report to Congress and in the days since George Washington for decades, the report was simply delivered to Congress in paper form without speeches and addresses.

So, what are the stated requirements of a President per the Constitution? Defend and uphold (enforce) the Laws of the US…that kind of thing.

So, what happens when a POTUS refuses to defend e federal law passed by Congress and signed by a sitting President. What is the penalty for a POTUS for rather than than doing something but NOT doing his required task of enforcing (defending and upholding Federal law passed by both chambers of Congress and signed into law? I see no remedy other than impeachment. Interesting Constitutional question. What do we do when a sitting POTUS refuses to take action? Refuses to execute faithfully his* Constitutional duties and Constitutional requirements? *I say ‘he’ solely because we have not had a female POTUS yet.

Which brings us to current immigration law. We have laws on the books crated and passed by Congress and signed into law by different Presidents over time, aka, Federal Law

What can we the people do and what is the remedy when the Executive Office refuses to take action (and blocks his Administration from faithfully defending and upholding Federal Law passed by our elected representatives and signed into law by a former President. Interesting questions.

Hopefully, we all can remember that Humongous outcry reaching the stratosphere over Trump putting kids in Obama cages. ‘Kids in Cages, Kids in Cages, Kids in Cages!!!!!’ went on and on and on. Back in 2017 if one needs to look it up.

What struck me most at the time of the KIDS IN CAGES mass hysteria was the total meltdown and moral outrage not just from the national press and Dem politicians, but the locals here in God’s County. Letter to the editor, columns in the Union, a private message to me a Union editor/writer (not Don Rogers) telling me how wrong I am to immediately and ease and desist with my arguments)…….and all those great authoritative comments on the Union comment section by the Cracked Cheryl the former Social Worker and on and on it went. Ceaseless. Think even Crabbman made references to the Emma Lazarus’s famous 1883 sonnet and I never heard that sonnet referenced so much and so frequently in my entire life. It was big deal for those who can still remember way back to 2017.

Finally in the midst of it all, a former educator of elementary school children spoke up and hit the nail on the head. “This never happened until Trump started enforcing the law!!! Then the big piling on as to the motives and cruelty of Trump enforcing the Law that his predecessors like Obama did not do. The problem here is not a failure to communicate, but a failure to NOT enforce federal law. It’s all Trump’s fault! Kids in Cages and little babies separated from their momasitas never existed before…until Trump started enforcing the law. Fun times, Maynard. The local former educator articulated the real problem.

So, Punchy Pie, what should we do and what is the legal remedy when we have a POTUS who refuses to uphold and defend and enforce the Federal laws of the land?
Impeach Biden? Impeach Biden for dereliction of his Constitutional requirements? Impeach for inaction as opposed to action? Interesting times.

This never happened until Trump starting enforcing the Law!!!! Bigot! Hitler! Steve really recoiled from the ‘right’s obsession with law and order.’ Lol. Fun times.

‘Time’s crying girl photo controversy, explained’


Paul Emery

Once again Gregory refuses to be critical of Trump even when he threatens the Constitution and says he intends to pardon hundreds of rioters from Jan 6 if elected President.


“Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” Trump wrote in a post on the social network Truth Social and accused “Big Tech” of working closely with Democrats. “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”



Bill Tozer

Aha. Paul nails it. Paul zeros in on ‘the problem.’

‘Once again Gregory refuses to be critical of Trump even when he threatens the Constitution and says he intends to pardon hundreds of rioters from Jan……”

‘The Gregory Problem ‘is he once again refuses to agree with Punchy. For the 900th time.
Wonder what s Punchy’s final solution to the ‘Gregory Problem?’

To tell you all the truth, I disagreed at the time when the Peanut Farmer pardoned all the draft dodgers who fled to Canada. To clarify (as if I really need to), that was my feelings at the time. Took a long time to pardon Jesse Winchester in my heart. Their separation from home and family and the many nights the draft dodgers sent longing for Grandma’s cooking and the girl back home and going with Dad to Candlestick Park (he had season tickets!)……those stories I heard from draft dodgers when I was thumbing my way across our northern neighbor as a vagabond….well, I figured that was punishment enough.

At night, Jesse Winchester would close his eyes and dream of Grandma’s cabin, at place he could not come back….until Carter pardoned the draft dodgers.

Paul Emery

I was a huge Jesse Winchester fan Bill. I must have produced 4 or 5 shows with throughout the years. I T
he last was at the Center for the Arts July 30 2009 when I was Artistic Director. He passed in 2014. Did you attend any of the shows he did here Bill?


Punchy just punches.

Bill Tozer

No Paul, I did not, but I did buy one of records after I can back from the road. Never saw him again in the States. In America. Even when he was in town.

There is a thing about pardons. It’s not Justice as Justice would require a fair and just accountability for injury or harm done. Balance the books if you prefer.

Justice would also seek the truth first and foremost. If guilty, the punishment must match the crime and Justice requires accountability.

But mercy is different. It’s not Lady Justice. Pardons are mercy extended to the undeserving, the guilty, not the innocent.. Grace as theologians would coin it.

Paul, excuse me for repeating an old story that I have posted twice before. When the story is fact or fiction, it matters not. There is room for mercy in our nation ruled by laws, not of men. The tale goes like this:

A deserter from the French Army was caught and thrown in the prison. Penalty was death. The deserter’s mother went and made a tearful plea before Napoleon to spare her son’s life. Napoleon told the woman the he, the Emperor, would personally guarantee her son would receive a just fair trail.
The mother cried out, “I am not seeking Justice! I am seeking mercy!”
Napoleon answered back to the woman, “If it’s mercy you seek, then it’s mercy you will receive.”
That’s how I see pardons.
Ode to all the Vietnam era draft dodgers. That hole that was left in your guts that nothing in Canada should ever fill, that hole that the wind blew right through ya that only one thing could fill….the hole was back home in America, with pops at Candlestick….that hole Jesse Winchester longed with a deep ache when nobody was around and he was alone with his thoughts….knowing FULL they themselves and NOBODY else burned the bridge behind them….that bridge that would let them sit and the family dinner table if just for one day again…….the hole in the Draft Dodgers’ soul and hole in mothers’ tears and Pops at Candlestick sitting there with an empty seat next to him….that hole was filled by mercy, not Justice. I was pissed at Carter’s pardons at the time.

Ole to the Draft Dodger. Just change the name ‘Detroit City’ to Canada or Alberta and there you have it. Oh, America, my home.


Biker Bill

Re: Dr. Rebane and JoAnn’s health.

“This morning I tried a turn on the treadmill at half speed; could only last 15 minutes. But we do sense that day by day we’re getting better; if we could only pick up the pace a little. gjr]”

Well, good Doc, it looks like the Rebane Family are not the only ones. Sure, they have been waiting for us Dinosaurs to die off since the first day I found this site…and did not comment for about a year. I got it, fish has it, Gregory got through it, and now her story is like reading my mail. Don’t this this lady is an ant-vax er, but you never know. Her two trips to get a COVID test (negative) is why I don’t bother to get a test, be it positive or negative. If the test is positive, what can I go that I am not already doing? If the test is negative, then what can I do about it except what I am currently doing?

Anyway, whatever is going around, it is not just affecting us old angry white men Dinosaurs that the tolerate Left is waiting in delicious eager anticipation for us to just die off.

Hollie Grimaldi Flores: Here’s to your health



Toes 917p

I recall Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon, sans an indictment or impeachment. That was Ford's power granted him by the Constitution. So I voted for the peanut farmer with the family reminiscent of the Clampetts when Ford ran for a full term of office

Taught me a lesson.

Bill Tozer

Gregory: Common ground! I too voted for the Peanut Farmer (the first time) solely for my anger at Richard M. Nixon and no other reason. Heck, he ended the draft, lowered the voting age to 18 and I can’t even tell you why I wanted revenge on Tricky Dick other than uncontrollable desire to stick it Da Man. Burn it down, man.

Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nixon ordered Watergate. Jail to the Chief, Jail to the Chief! Then the Secret Service guys walked up to me with their old box cameras and snapped by pic.

I muse myself over the thought that somewhere in some archive somewhere there exists and old black and white photo of moi….in the Nixon’s Enemies List file. But, I probably just ain’t that important. Ok, I ain’t that important.

My sister is a recovering Women’s Libber and I am a recovering Lib…(now days its not a recovering Liberal but a recovering Lefty.

Every so often I caught myself with this sick desire to stick it to the man, the system, and burn baby burn. Those thoughts are few and farther between. Today’s Antifa is yesterday’s Youth International Party.

So, all I am left with today is chants of “Lock her up, lick her up, lock her up!” and my that, I am sticking it to Da Man. Punchy, that free spirit of the protest song era is now The Man. Funny how things change and yet remain the same. Only the roles and aging faces have changed. Rebels without a cause and rebels without a job, lol

“Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!” I figure when Pelosi steps down and becomes just one member out of 436 members in the House and losing her physical nice office for one down the Hall….well, that would present a more opportune window to leave a Boneless Brown on her desk. (I just poked Punchy The Man in the eye again).

Off the reservation and harbor sympathies for the Johnny Rebs. Truly deplorable. Truly I am a drug of society. No Malarkey Joe was right! Go Brandon go.
Gerald R Ford was handed a bad hand to play with. Inflation, divided (torn apart country), hostile press and he tripped coming down the stairs of AF-1.

Well, do you know the only person in US history who became an unelected VP AND went on to be an unelected President was Gerald R Ford, the All American Lineman from the University of MIchigan. All he ever desired in life was to become the House Majority Speaker. His longs desired goal. his dream was denied. Gerald never because Speaker of the House, but his son Steve was the first known member of the First Family to fire up a joint at the Presidential Residence. :)

You don’t change dicks in the middle of a screw..so vote for Nixon in 72.

Bump Bump.

On a much lighter note, kudos to The Union’s Hits and Misses for such positivity and unity of our community and a general spirit of gratitude and appreciation. Quite refreshing all in all. Ok, there is always one belly acher, one naysayer, one party-pooper, one ‘glass is half empty’ in every crowd. Beside that one comment, kudos to The Union’s Hits and Misses.

Miss: (from columnist Tom Durkin) Nevada County Media for a bait-and-switch announcement promising free video recording sessions to musicians but only to reveal deep in the announcement that the free sessions were only for musicians who are NCM members. Non-members must pay $350.


Bill Tozer

If nothing else, the 55 second clip at the bottom of the article worth viewing. They must have confused Cotton for a ‘Republican’ or a spokesman for the Chamber of Commerce.

It’s not fair! It’s not fair! I was not joking when I said that if I went down to our protected wetlands and dumped big piles of plastic water jugs and purposely strewn trash about, my name would be splashed across the internet (and the Union’s front page) with big fines and doing time well exceeding that of a poacher on National Forest Land. But if I was an illegal, I can leave huge piles of plastic jugs and even plastic straws until the cows come home without penalty or even giving it a second thought.

Well, life ain’t fair. So, I will just have to suck it up, buttercup. Where are the Greenies when we need them the most? What abouym out the birds and fishies and froggies? What about them? As Kermit the Frog lamented, it is not easy being green. I know, they are just trying to get a bigger paycheck and earn more money than they could make back home. An economic refugee, simply trying to provide a better life for their families.

It is against Federal Law for a illegal foreign national to possess, carry, hold, transport, purchase, put on little finger on a gun. No firearm charges, no deportation. And NO showing up to PAROLE BOARD hearings to object.

‘Leftist L.A. DA Tells Prosecutors To Give Illegals Under Criminal Investigation A Way To Avoid Deportation’
Better treatment than U.S. citizens get, angry deputies charge


Bill Tozer

Mixed feeling on this one. First, we never leave any American behind…in principle. Glad she is now safe. I do find it troublesome that we traded this guy….

“Bout, a Russian national with ties to President Vladimir Putin, was arrested on terrorism charges in 2008 by Thai police working with U.S. authorities and Interpol. He was extradited to the U.S. in 2010 and later convicted in Manhattan federal court of smuggling arms including anti-aircraft missiles to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for use against U.S. forces. He was serving a minimum of 25 years in prison at the federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois.”

….for a person (American woman) who took a knee and refuses to stand before the National Anthem. Well. I just got to suck it up. No one left behind….we are still to hour searching for the crew of lost subs (still on patrol) that went missing 75 years ago.

‘WNBA Star Brittney Griner Freed From Russian Prison In Swap For Arms Dealer’

But, but, but what about the US Marine held by the Russians? Never mind. I was not thinking correctly. No one left behind. Except Afghanistan.
No one left behind…even deserters that cost the lives of our servicemen going out to find him…opps….not deserters, but “heros”. He served with honor and distinction and we only swapped 5 Tenorist Leaders for him. A hero!…..

Obama cited a “sacred rule” in attempting to rescue American servicemen and -women, no matter the circumstances surrounding their capture.

“We still get an American soldier back if he’s held in captivity. Period. Full stop. We don’t condition that,” he said at the time.

“Some members of Bergdahl’s unit have accused him of purposely abandoning his post before being taken captive in remote Afghanistan. Some suggested the U.S. effort to rescue him was misguided.

Allegations that he abandoned his post were well known before his rescue became public, though they hadn’t yet been subject to the type of Army investigation that followed his return.

Defending Obama’s decision to rescue Bergdahl shortly after his return, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said during an interview that Bergdahl had served in the military “with honor and distinction.”

And he retained his Veterans Health benefits. The argument at the time was Bergbahi has mental health problems and we would not to take away the mental health care that our distinguished deserter who served his country with honor so desperately needs.

I just gotta suck it up. Susan Rice is quite the piece of work. Always has been.

Bill Tozer

Another take on the prisoner swap. One family’s joy is another family’s sorrow.

Biden Leaves Marine Paul Whelan Behind in Russia in Brittney Griner Swap; Family: ‘Catastrophe’

“The family of retired Marine Paul Whelan said Thursday that a prisoner swap for WNBA star Brittney Griner that left Whelan in Russia was a “catastrophe” because the U.S. would no longer have leverage to free him.”


I certainly hope that this is not true, but the Biden Administration’s ‘Wokeness’ and equity has left the door open for such speculation:

“The choice of Griner over Whelan may reflect the preferences of Biden’s political base. The WNBA star and celebrity is also a black lesbian, who protested the U.S. national anthem. Whelan is a middle-aged white man.”

At least some of us can carry two conflicts thoughts simultaneously in our noggins. It’s not all black and white

Bill Tozer

A Union columnist’s opinion piece. Still trying to win it in the court of public opinion. To quote AOC, it is possible to be factually incorrect but morally right.

‘In the belly of the beast’


Ok, let’s break it down. What I consider SAFE HOUSING may not be what another considers SAFE HOUSING. I assume (never assume) that the County Health and Safety codes are what the County considers SAFE HOUSING. What I consider SAFE HOUSING includes a place where I do not have to worry about my car in front being rifled through, trespasses breaking in, strong walls and doors to protect my home as my castle and keep the elements out, proper ventilation and sewage disposal, clean water to drink from the tap, no toxic mold, proper drainage to prevent water seepage under the abode and eroding the foundations, free of worry of gas/propane appliances blowing up, no carbon monoxide build up, no dangerous decks or porches that could give way any second due to rot….hazards. BTW, I do not consider putting a bucket on the kitchen floor to catch leaks from the roof as “unsafe”.

So what is SAFE HOUSING?

“As I’ve reported in my three previous columns, Nevada County Code Compliance is evicting four families – mostly low-income, single mothers and children — from safe housing when there is no housing to go. Furthermore, Code Compliance is requiring Tanya Scarlett, the property owner, to destroy the housing, which is causing her severe financial hardship.”

So IF the structures in question are indeed SAFE HOUSING, why is the Health and Safety Code enforcement folks ordering the SAFE HOUSING destroyed? Moving on…

More from the professional journalist:

“This non-answer leads me to speculate on why they’re not responding to legitimate questions from the news media.

1. Maybe they approve of the eviction of four families into likely homelessness and the destruction of safe housing.”

Again, what is SAFE HOUSING? The professional journalist states the term ‘SAFE HOUSING’ as a matter of fact and so definite that ism the reader is to left to assume that the structures in question are indeed SAFE HOUSING, period?

Me thinks the professional journalist would be better served in his crusade against City Hall IF he were to define what safe housing is.
If the County Health and Safety Code Compliance are ordering the SAFE HOUSING destroyed, I would be outraged. Imagine the county coming to anyone’s humble, yet SAFE, abode and ordering it destroyed!!!
I would hunt down those scoundrels at their home to give them a piece of my mind and yell at them (no violence) or at least entertain that thought in a moment of weakness where the better angels are put on hold. I would knock on their doors at home and yell at them. Now, how safe would they feel in their housing, um? Then that thought would be supplanted by my better angels…per usual.

More than one home builder in our County has run for the BOS after dealing with the County.

But before I can join the crusade, I need to know what the professional journalist means by SAFE HOUSING. Never knew that our county went around ordering the demolition of SAFE HOUSING….and one would probably need to pay out of pocket formdemo permit as well, lol. Talk about adding insult to injury.

“I’m here to change the system. Join me, but be civil about it.”

Ok, was I civil about it?

Scott O

Joe claims the economy is "strong as hell" as he prints another 36 billion (for now - billions more to follow) to bail out union pension plans. For those of you trying to retire on your own investments that some how don't seem to reflect that strong economy - well, F you.
What little is left of our economy is jacked up on debt. Next year could be pretty rough.
Maybe a few million more illegals coming in will help.

The Estonian Fox

Here is a link to a paper trying to estimate the size/cost of backup power for a full non-fossil-fuel electric grid - from local to California to Germany-size. Author is a lawyer, but he copies the math from others. There are 22 references.


The author complains that no one has built a functioning prototype of a solar+wind+storage-facility. (Now who would think of that, when everyone knows "green" means go?) Of the 2 small examples that he gives, neither is capable of providing continuous power for months on end without having a hydrocarbon-fueled backup. One is wind+solar+pumped-storage on a small Canary island (El Hierro). The other is a smaller island near Tasmania (wind+solar+battery). Full back-up (diesel) was required for both places.

Don Bessee

We knew it was true despite of the mountain of denials, scumbagery -



Bill Tozer

THE DAILY CHART: THE SUPER-BLOB (growth of Administration State in public schools.)


Once upon a time I researched the ratio of pupils (students) to administrative personnel/staff/non-teaching positions of our area schools. Numbers were provided by the office of the County Superintendent of schools. and NUJSD. Have forgotten what the ratio of administrative staff to pupil was, but there was sudden and abrupt shift in the ratio of non-teaching administrators to pupils that correlated exactly when a former County SofS took over the position. His name was Dr. Terrence something.

From memory, the ratio went from 17:1 (pupil to non-teaching personnel /County School staff/administrators to 8 to 1. It was eye opening. Didn’t take long once Dr. T arrived and made changes to long standing student to overseer ratios. The growth in school districts was the growth of administrators and non-teaching staff, not enrollment.

The link above tells the same story. In higher education there may be more several administrators for every professor and many college campuses nowadays have more personnel than students…many, not all.

Bill Tozer

Here’s How The CDC Used A Backchannel With Twitter To Control The COVID-19 Narrative

Avalanche of Media Outlets are Firing Staff or Shutting Down Completely

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane

Farewell to the old gunslinger….the right tool for the right job at the right time. Some of the writers I follow are done with Trump…..some. Get ready for the Bull Moose Party? I am just watching it all unfold.

Bill Tozer

Sure, why not.

Washington Post: Shark Week is Racist and Overrepresents Men Named Mike


Hunter Biden's Laptop

How much of an f-up do you have to be to get blacklisted by New Twitter Charlie Kirk and Dan Bongino?

Don Bessee

WTF @837?

Creepy grampa joe is pushing our strategic gulf allies who are cooperating with Israel against those mutha mullas into the chi coms arms.



Bill Tozer

First time is a mistake, second time is a habit. What happened in Vegas should have stayed in Vegas.

‘Felony Arrest Warrant Issued For Biden Official Sam Brinton For Another Alleged Theft, Report Says’


Bill Tozer

Don @ 8:56 pm

Don’t worry about about the shit for brains @ 8:37 pm

Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk and the Stanford professor (who was one of three who penned the Great Barrington Declaration) were all black listed, placed under do not amplify ( so it’s impossible to trend) shadow banned, censored…..all these names and more internal docs are currently being dropped by Bari Weiss revealing how they were X’ed by the OLD Twitter . NEW Twitter??? What a reflection of the mental illness which is known as the Lefty Mind.

New Twitter? ROFLMAO. Another spooey blop hits the floor. Pss. He/it/mangina meant Old Twitter. Sounds like K Jonsey,

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