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05 December 2022


Reachard Cross

Now we have confirmation on why the right keeps losing the argument. The left never even HEARS the argument.


The Estonian Fox

from the 2nd Twitter release:

"The practice of limiting the access or reach of users’ content, commonly referred to as “shadow banning,” is something that Twitter has denied doing in the past, and is referred to internally as Visibility Filtering”.

We've been ignoring how Joe Biden's exposure is undergoing the same banning and filtering. He is rarely visible; the words he uses are generally hidden from the public and the news folks; and his press secretary denies everything that is asked of her.


Stop the presses!

sen kyrsten sinema is now I-AZ


Sinema has declared she won't caucus with the Republicans.

Am thinking she wouldn't caucus with me either, even after a couple rounds of stiff drinks.


Biden’s pup.....at it again.

Biden's Kinky They/Them Nuke Official Charged With Another Airport Luggage Theft

Who said that Brinton’s “choice” in clothing was a pretty good tip off that he was stealing luggage?



I think this young man has a bright future in congress.....

First Gen Z congressman-elect says he was denied DC apartment, noting ‘really bad’ credit


Bill Tozer


At least they caught the person who stole my clothes and has been wearing them.

Bill Tozer

Headline surfing:

‘Biden Admin’s Airport Panty Raider Strikes Again’

Bill Tozer

Fallen idols: 7 darlings of the liberal press who fell from grace


Oh Michael Avenatti, you were such a cute child.


Bill Tozer

Democrat Claims Any Desire to Track Money Sent to Ukraine is Evil Russian Propaganda


Don Bessee

You know its bad when gay journalist are mad at creepy grampa joe for not vetting the crazy head of nuke waste at DOE. Now its worse, he stole another expensive bag and has a federal arrest warrant now. -

Sam Brinton, a non-binary nuclear waste official in the Biden administration, is once again facing charges for attempting to steal luggage from an airport, raising doubts about Brinton’s insistence that the first incident was the result of a mix-up.

Brinton, the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition at the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy, allegedly stole luggage from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada on an unknown date. There is a federal warrant out for Brinton’s arrest on grand larceny charges for stealing property worth between $1,200 and $5,000, 8 News Now reported.

The Biden administration official, whose appointment was widely touted as a historic accomplishment for the LGBT community, was placed on leave in November after being charged with stealing luggage from a Minneapolis airport. In that incident, Brinton allegedly grabbed a woman’s Vera Bradley suitcase, worth $2,325 with its contents, from baggage claim at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on September 16.

Brinton has bragged about participating in kink relationships as a “pup handler” — a person, typically a gay man, who enjoys interacting with other typically gay men as they pretend to be dogs.

Potential punishment for the crimes Brinton has been accused could be up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.



Bill Tozer

Jim Jordan surprises activist with evidence to squash his credibility after activist claimed Justice Alito leaked court ruling


Next batter please

jon smith

Appeals court rules Catholic medical centers can't be forced to perform transgender surgeries


How Democrats erase women


Don Bessee

Now with the world knowing how bad the collusion between leftists in gubment especially the cross pollination between fbi, cia and twitter hires the fight is not over. But a win is a win and we need many more -




PGE failed to keep the power on at Casa de Gregory.

On batteries.

Paul Emery

Trump is now openly applauding QANON at Mar-a-logo.

 He posed for photos on Tuesday with a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist Liz Cronkin who was speaking out about Pizzagate which is a conspiracy theory that believes the Clinton family and other prominent Democrats ran a sex trafficking ring through a Washington, DC, pizza joint.

“President Trump made a surprise appearance and spoke,” Crokin said in a post, which contained a video showing Trump delivering these remarks at the event.

“You are incredible people, you are doing unbelievable work and we just appreciate you being here and we hope you’re going to be back,”

How low can he go and he's still the Repub fave for President in '24



George Rebane

Gregory 1003am - Bummer. What's the charged usable capacity of your battery pack? Same as advertised?

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 10:03 am

Doing the Lithium Shuffle? :). It does appear that the Casa de Gregory has an inequitable amount of power outages. Its a burden that the privileged has to bear. Stay warm and dry and be grateful you have plenty of propane.
‘Decolonize the Green Movement!’



re lies, damn lies and advertised Watt-hours, it's close enough. Not large enough but it never is. One makes do.

Got 1500 and 500, the latter being very portable and the 1500 being luggable. Yes, my area of Eden gets more outages than most.

Bill Tozer

Not about the Twitter Blackout, but about ‘Old’ Twitter.

Twitter has had a problem with child porn on its site for the past ten years. Common knowledge, not really up for dispute….unless you choose to make it a hill worth defending.

What amazes me is that Elon Musk has removed more child porn sites on Twitter in less that a month than Jack Dorsey’s Twitter removed in ten years. Guess old Twitter simply lacked the will. Musk has already blocked 1.5 billion computer generated bots. He makes it look easy-peasy

‘Elon Musk Torches Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Over Alleged Lack Of Action Against Child Porn On The Site’


Musk fights Child Porn while others fight for Child Porn.


Batteries are charging once again.
Life is good.

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 11:20 pm

Background check. If you do not recognize this, you probably did not go to middle school in the west. My thoughts are with you.



Toes, they even sold that design at my high school.

Didn't have middle schools then. Jr high 7-9 and sr high 10-12.

power off agin. off. on. off.


Punchy keeps going about the Great Orange Whale.
I hope he manages to keep up with his chores and has two or three squares a day.

Bill Tozer

Gregory passed the background test, including the trick question about 'middle' schools. Jr High is the correct response. Prize tba. Wonder if they were sold at Jr. Colleges as well.

The Lithium Shuffle continues


The original power failure was cleared only to be one-upped by a larger outage just minutes later. This one has 7200+ customers off, stretching from Englebright to southeast of Penn Valley, from west of Lake Wildwood to short of the Willo.

I got off my arse to make a pot of coffee which finished brewing before the larger failure started. Good! because while I can make coffee off the battery, it is not well matched ;)

Bill Tozer

Punchy’s pal whom he voted for makes the news again.

“De León also suggested that the incident was an attack on democracy.”

‘Democrat Los Angeles Official Involved In Fight At Toy Giveaway’


George Rebane

Gregory 1120am - I take it that the 1500 and 500 are W-hrs?? If I recall, it takes about 1.3Kw to make toast. So a 3min toast requires 0.05hr*1.3Kw = 65 watt-hrs. For what do you mostly use the battery power?


I don't make much toast. Don't have a toaster.

Paul Emery


You're losing it. Can you explain how I could vote for an LA Councilman? Is that the best you can do?

By the way speaking of voting. You voted for Trump twice right Bill

Paul Emery

I mean Bill you voted twice for candidate Trump that is applauding QANON crusaders who were at Mar-a-logo. by saying “You are incredible people, you are doing unbelievable work and we just appreciate you being here and we hope you’re going to be back ”


Now without a toaster or the power to run it, if I wanted toast there's always my four burner cooktop driven by propane.

And if I want a beverage that can be called coffee in a pinch, I can boil water and make some instant.

I've camped out in my home on occasion over the last 30 years, discourtesy of PG&E. Don't need much to be happy. Light to read by. Room temperature uisge and clean well water can make do in a pinch.

Now the Starlink terminal takes about 75 watts more or less continuous for the datalink and Starlink router. DSL sipped fewer electrons but Mean Ma Bell couldn't be bothered.

The only must have is about 15watts at night for CPAP, the off switch for my industrial-strength snoring. For years I've just run an extension cord out a window to the car where a cheap inverter would be run from what used to be called a cigarette lighter socket.

Bill Tozer

So, PAUL, did you vote for Leon for Senate when the racist ran against Di-Wi? If not, I assumed wrongly when you were upset that I voted for Di-Fi instead of sending a message by voting for Leon. There were only two on the ballot to choose from….unless you voted for someone on the America Independent Party ticke in CA…
George Wallace’s Party in CA.

I could have been wrong and if so, I will gladly promptly admit it. But, you could have voted for Kevin Leon, the racist who hates blacks and limp wristed whites.

Even Gavin has asked him to resign.



Punchy, your people are responsible for Hillary Clinton.

Enough said.

Bill Tozer

Leon carried Nevada County, so it’s probably ‘fact’ that Punchy voted for him.

Nevada County. Di-Fi: 22,198 48.1%. Leon the Racist: 23,911 51.9%

Bill Tozer

Darn, Gregory. I too have not a toaster, haven’t had one in years. Have not felt the need or desire. Boil water for instant coffee? Well, I just take ground coffee and a filter, tie it up into a little bomb with twist tie (resembling a tea bag), and drop that baby into boiling water on the propane stove. In real emergencies, one can recycle coffee grounds from the trash, throw them in a frying pan, add water, bring to a simmer, filter through a sock of nylon, and viola! Where there is a will, there is a way.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Or as Ben Shapiro would say, “Humans are adaptable.”

‘LA City Council members walk out as embattled colleague tries to return amid outrage over leaked audio’
Council member Kevin de León has been absent from meetings, hiding from protesters as colleagues call for resignation.


Punchy’s buddy. I have long held that Black people make the cutest babies, hands down…..never once thought of them as a fancy handbag…unlike Punchy’s good buddy.

Bump Bump

Robert Reichhhhh.




With the band




Bill Tozer

From the entertainment scene

‘The New York Times: Being Woke and White Comes Back to Bite’

The chickens at the woke New York Times have come home to roost.

“After a forever of accusing this or that Republican of being racist, the white-owned Times is now facing its woke employees who are accusing the paper’s owner of, you guessed it, being racist.

As Fox’s Jesse Watters noted this week, there is an open “revolt” going on inside The Times. And ohhh the irony.

Over 1,000 Times employees stormed out of the paper for a “24 hour strike” over what they called “insulting” contract negotiations. At issue is a ten percent hike in pay -- which The Times owner, A.G. Sulzburger, has been unwilling to grant.”

More entertainment. Oh, she was the liberal darling for sure

‘Rebekah Jones Avoids Trial, Admits Guilt in Plea Deal with Prosecutors’


Paul Emery

Didn't vote for him Bill. Also Gregory didn't vote for Hillary. That year I voted Libertarian.


prove it, paul.

Bill Tozer

Paul. I stand corrected and I was wrong to say you voted for Kevin Leon in the 2018 CA Senate race. Since there were only two choices for Senator in the general that year and both of them Democrat and you did not vote for The Greaser Racist, then you either did not vote for Senator at all that year or you voted for the former Mayor of SF, Di-Fi.


I do recall both you and Gregory voting for Gov. Gary in 2016 and you asking me, “ Are you saying Imam throwing away my vote, Bill.” I answered, “Yes!” Protest votes are votes thrown on the editing room floor. Do you think for one minute that anyone looks at protest votes after they are basking in victory on election night?

Brother Ben voted for Dr. Jill. So we had a split in the independent candidates in 2016. As George Boardman pointed out in a recent column, ‘a guy who spent the election season in jail got 15% of the vote for GV City Council.’

Brother Ben, Gregory, and Paul Emery are to be commended. None of these fine gentleman should bring themselves to vote for Hillary, despite the corrupt crack carrying our Blue Nevada County. Kudos gentlemen. Well done.

Paul Emery

Prove what Gregory?

Bill Tozer

Correction, typo

“Brother Ben, Gregory, and Paul Emery are to be commended. None of these fine gentleman should bring themselves to vote for Hillary, despite the corrupt crack carrying our Blue Nevada County. Kudos gentlemen. Well done”

Could, not Should

“Brother Ben, Gregory, and Paul Emery are to be commended. None of these fine gentleman COULD BRING themselves to vote for Hillary the despicable twat despite the corrupt crack carrying our Blue Nevada County. Kudos gentlemen. Well done

And apologies once again for accusing Paul Emery for voting for that Racist Leon for Senator in the 2018 midterms.

Don Bessee

The chi coms are not even good liars, too used to internal suppression and telling people what they should think - LOL

BEIJING, Dec. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- As many as 85 percent of respondents in a global survey have praised the concept of "a community with a shared future for mankind" while 94.2 percent of them appreciated China-proposed values of "peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy and freedom" for all mankind.



Don Bessee

About time! -

Woke corporations are collectively adopting and imposing progressive policy goals that American consumers do not want or do not need. An individual company’s use of corporate resources for progressive aims might violate fiduciary duties or other laws, harming its viability and alienating consumers. But when companies agree to work together to punish disfavored views or industries, or to otherwise advance environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, this coordinated behavior may violate the antitrust laws and harm American consumers.



Don Bessee

Thanks a lot creepy grampa joe -



Don Bessee

This is not anything new but the details of the who's names keep popping up are a confirmation to the scheme. DA -

Twitter files: James Baker exemplifies revolving door between government, liberal groups and Big Tech



Bill Tozer

Rebekah Jones Signs Deferred Prosecution Agreement, Admits Guilt, Lies about It, Raises More Money


Well, at least they are forcing her to see a shrink once a month, pay for random drug testing, obtain and hold a job, and pay and pay some mula to the People. She is a sick pup, but at least she has been down this road before so it’s nothing new to her.

Liars going to lie.

Hunter Biden's Laptop

The usual yak birds are crying about trading Dr. Death for BG.
Dr. Death sold weapons to bad people. The US sells weapons to bad people. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Dr. Death is pretty much like every country with arms manufacturers that exports weapons.

Scott O

HBL - You omit the real problem. She shits on the flag, but as soon as she's in the pokey for stupid behavior in a foreign country she suddenly wants Uncle Sugar to bail her ass out.
They should have made her kiss the ground when she landed on American soil and if she ever disrespects the flag again, ship her back to Russia.

"Dr. Death is pretty much like every country with arms manufacturers that exports weapons."
Yeah, you keep telling yourself that - you might even begin to believe it.

And of course, the innocent white male still rots in Russian prison. This was another epic fail by team Brandon.


Posted by: Scott O | 11 December 2022 at 09:21 AM

This was another epic fail by team Brandon.

Not at all.....more evidence that as long as the empty shell remains upright he can still be used to effect “policy”.

Team Joey just let you know he’s running again.

Bill Tozer

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Dancer

Good morning. Not difficult to see what you woke up thinking about.

First, I am the only one here that brought up the swap. Said I was holding two conflicting thoughts simultaneously on the event. I still hold to the ‘No one left behind’ in principle’ and our military still does….until the cosmic abortion known as the Afghanistan Withdraw.

Perhaps you are railing against various sites that are playing the old 6O Minute interview calling the MERCHANT OF DEATH the most dangerous man in the plantet. I dunno, KJ.

She is back home. The WH calls her the embodiment of everything good about America. The WH press Secretary said that she qualified to be chosen over the Marine because she is Black and a female and a lesbian. I think the press secretary was repeating her own qualification she laid out herself why she is qualified to be the WH press secretary.

The woman’s basketball player (Brittney) did announce that she NEVER wanted to heard the National Anthem again, and for 10 short months she got her wish. I wasn’t her first go around in Russia so she knew the rules.

What raises eyebrows is that Brittney is home, the Merchant of Death is free, and the only one true ‘hero’ in the scenario was left behind.

That one ‘hero’ left behind is a U.S. Marine ON ACTIVE DUTY, and probably took on the dangerous job behind enemy line to serve as a defense intelligence asset.

So, yeah, one can hold conflicting views on the matter. It’s a done deal now, but I suppose you, Laptop Dancer, being a Hillary the Super Twat supporter and Lefty, now want to squelch all discussion of the matter. Do not go there!!

Go kick gravel. I was hoping she did her time, come home, kiss the ground upon the plane’s touching American soil, and……well, she still probably does not want to hear the National Anthem again. Meanwhile, a 61 year old white dude still on active duty rots away.

You sound like the guy who hates Blue Loves Matter hats.


"What raises eyebrows is that Brittney is home, the Merchant of Death is free, and the only one true ‘hero’ in the scenario was left behind."

Yes, indeed.

Bill Tozer

Hunters Laptop Dancer. Howdy again, partner.

At least the deserter in combat Beaudry Robert "Bowe" Bergdahl, the American hero who served his country “with Distinction and Honor” according to Susan Rice went softly away into that still cool night. He, like the story, just faded away.

Brittney G is another story. They will probably enshrine her at the Smithsonian’s Black Hero Museum in DC along side the Shrine of Anita Hill.
There might be parades in her honor and appearances at the White House and glowing words uttered about the professional basketball player from all Lamestream outlets. Meanwhile, there is a trigger warning at the Declaration of Independence exhibit for those who never have read the document. Trigger Warning.

Blue Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. A soldier sacrifices his life to defend those who spit in his face….like you. Now, back to kissing Crazy Sheryl Cooked’s behind. Or, just pull out the old leather man’s jacket and cruise Broad Street in the restored car you drove in high school.

Hey, Hunter Biden has moved to Malibu! California, love it or leave it.


Love this from Elon Musk "My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci"

Don Bessee

You go girl! -

“As a freshman, Hening averaged 76 minutes of playing time; as a sophomore, nearly 88,” the judge continued. “But during the Clemson game [the next game after the kneeling incident], Hening only played 29 minutes, and, at the UNC game, just 5.”



Don Bessee

Groomer scum -

Baltimore teacher brags about 'indoctrinating' students with taxpayer money: 'Put the taxes in the bag'
The Maryland teacher claimed that 'professionalism is a... White supremacist myth'



Paul Emery


The repubs are advocating armed rebellion. From a Republican House member no less:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is making it clear that she would have "won" the Jan. 6 attack on Congress and the attempt to overthrow the election.

“I want to tell you something, if Steve Bannon and I had organized that, we would have won. Not to mention, we would’ve been armed,” Greene told a group of New York Republicans over the weekend," said the New York Post.

What could she mean by "winning" other than disrubting the transfer of the Presidency by an armed rebellion on the Capital.

then there's this:

While Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) promised that if she were in charge of Jan. 6, people would have been more armed and dangerous, other speakers at the Young Republicans gala in New York City talked about the next civil war.

Here's from a speech speech from the Young republican president Gavin Wax, who told the Upper East side gala, “We want to cross the Rubicon. We want total war. We must be prepared to do battle in every arena. In the media. In the courtroom. At the ballot box. And in the streets."

“This is the only language the left understands. The language of pure and unadulterated power,” Wax also said.


Don Bessee

That will be fun to watch them squrim -

McCarthy says GOP will subpoena intel officials who signed Hunter Biden letter



Scott O

Paul - "The repubs are advocating armed rebellion."

So - where are the quotes of Rs advocating armed rebellion?
Greene was talking (bullshit) about a past tense hypothetical and Wax merely said we must be 'prepared' to do battle in the streets.
That possible battle would be against the anarchist forces of violence and destruction the Dems cheer on and encourage.
I ask again, Paul - what Republican is advocating armed rebellion?
Where are the quotes?

Scott O

Don 7:43 - Squirm?
If they even bother to show up, they'll be filing their nails and watching kiddie porn on their phones.
They'll just shrug and say it looked like Russian dis-info to them. "So, I signed a letter - so sue me. I don't know nuthin."

They aren't the ones that need grilling. There is absolutely nothing that a cong committee can do to them and they know it.

Paul Emery

She was talking about the insurrection on Jan 6 and if they were in charge they would have carried arms and won. Can't you read Scott? Did you follow the links I provided?

Scott O

She was talking about a past event hypothetical, Paul. Really, Paul - you need to take some lessons in remedial reading skills. Where are the quotes of Rs now advocating armed rebellion against the govt?

Scott O

If McCarthy wants to pretend he has balls, let's see him drag the Fibbies into hearings. Go after Baker and the agents that had these secret meetings with Twitter. Go after the agents that lied to the FISA court about the "evidence" against Trump that was total BS. Go after the 'Ministry Of Truth' actors and Fauci and Mayorkas for all of their lies under oath.
I realize Biden will pardon anyone that the Just-Us Dept might have to actually slap on the wrist, but as long they're taking a salary, it would be the best they can waste their time with for our amusement.

Scott O

Poor Paul. He was so excited!
"The repubs are advocating armed rebellion."
Let's parse that sentence.
"The repubs... (Republicans, plural)
Common and most true usage would indicate every single registered Republican.
But we can also allow a 'majority of Republicans' or possibly a major contingent of Republican leaders.
But Paul can only quote a single Republican.
(Wax is out of the running as he was clearly not advocating any action of any kind against the govt.)
So - "...are advocating..."
That would have to be present and ongoing advocacy which clearly Greene is not doing.
Greene clearly used the conditional 'if' that indicates a hypothetical situation that never existed and was also in the past, so is clearly not a present and ongoing action.
In conclusion:
Paul gets a 'T' for try but an 'F' for an understanding of the English language.
This isn't Daily Kos, Paul.
But accept our offer of a free pass to try to play the game again at "Rebane's Ruminations".

Scott O

Just when I think Paul has the most outrageous statements we get this:
"As inflation hovers at a 40-year high, the pandemic lingers, and the war in Ukraine rages, a growing number of economists and CEO's are saying the U.S. is headed for a recession.
The secretary of the treasury, Janet Yellen, essentially the nation's chief financial officer, says she's doing everything in her power to avoid one. Yellen is an economist with over 50 years of experience and the former chair of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Central Bank in charge of setting American interest rates. She knows better than most about the delicate balance of trying to engineer an economy that keeps inflation at bay without causing widespread layoffs and a downturn.

"She knows better than most..."
This was the stupid twat that told us inflation was "transitory" but she knows better than most!
Most - what? Most women with an IQ of under 80 that have last names that start with Y?
We have inflation for the very reasons that (actual) economists have told us cause inflation. Too many dollars chasing too few things of actual value. It's textbook. But hey, we need votes and they don't come cheap! Bail out the banks - bail out the union pension funds - bail out the bankrupt states - bail out the student loan deadbeats - bail out our friends in the news media - who's next?
Last time I saw Yellen under oath, she was shaking like a frightened rabbit. The only thing she is good at and has a skill set for is staying in power.
Since it's the Christmas season - cue Tiny Tim (with apologies):
"God Help Us, Everyone!"


VDH hits another one outta da' pahk!


Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 5:32 am

Agreed. Outta da’ ! And the early bird gets the worm.


$36 Billion Biden Bail-Out Rescues Pensions Of Truckers And Other Union Workers

Buying votes with tax dollars…..it’s the Green Libertarian thing to do!


Bill Tozer

Go son go!

Hunter Biden’s Strategy To Go On The Offensive Further Indicts The Feds


Bill Tozer

A Rush to Judgement in Psychological Science


Bill Tozer

That would be in the butt, Bob

Elite Chicago prep school dean brags about kids handling sex toys in class


Bill Tozer

I am old enough to remember when a thousand of them was called a caravan.

WATCH: More Than 1,000 Migrants Cross Border Into El Paso Overnight

‘Biden administration removed 71% fewer criminal aliens compared to comparable period under Trump’
A new study found that 51 jurisdictions "experienced acute declines" with criminal removals down more than 90%.

J.K. Rowling On Why She Chose To Stand Up To Trans Activists: ‘A Phenomenally Privileged Position’


Bill Tozer

‘Loudoun Superintendent, Spokesman Criminally Indicted In Rape Coverup’


“The school board fired Ziegler on Tuesday, a day after the grand jury report–but fired him “without cause,” apparently giving him a $350,000 golden parachute.”

Bill Tozer

You don't work for the Red Cross.

Twitter Is Auctioning Off Espresso Machines, Lounge Chairs, Other Employee Toys. Here’s What Else Is For Sale.



Oh well……now he can spend more time with his “family”…..

Biden Fires Kinky They/Them Luggage-Stealing Nuke Official


Bill Tozer



This story is so eerily familiar to the story of the “journalist” Jamal Khashoggi. Hanging out and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous in Saudi Arabia. Then Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud took offer, seized assets of the rich, famous, and corrupt and the party life was over for Khashoggi. Then Qatar stepped in, Saudia Arabia’s enemy.

Every article Khashoggi submitted to the Wa Compost had to be first approved by the Qatar Embassy in DC. The Qatar Embassy even wrote some of the articles that Khashoggi submitted under his name….bashing Saudi Arabia. After his death, both the Turkish police abroad searching his hotel room and the local cops searching his DC apartment found records of hundreds of thousands of dollars of checks cashed by Khashoggi written by the Sovereign bank of Qatar. Even found an uncashed check for two hundred thousand dollars from Qatar. The “journalist was a agent of Qatar.

Anyway, as Sweden has soared to the Rape Capital of the World with 90% of the rape increase and rapes perpetrated by the ‘immigrant community’, the EP VP rolls in suitcases of cash.

Don Bessee

@611 and people wonder why the GCC bitch slapped Qatar...


Bill Tozer

Retired Navy SEAL Made Famous By Becoming Trans Reveals He Has Detransitioned: ‘Destroyed My Life’


Back from the dead naming.
No way. Really?

‘Buttigieg Took Taxpayer-Funded Private Jets. Trump’s HHS Sec Was Forced To Resign For Doing That.’


Don Bessee

@ but but but he is a failed mayor of a failed city but he checks boxes no one else can claim, that being a doppelganger to alfred e newman!


Bill Tozer

‘Nature Is Healing’: Elon Musk Responds As Silicon Valley CEOs Follow His Lead And Dismiss Surplus Employees

“Beyond the dismissals, Musk told remaining employees that they should expect “extremely hardcore” working hours if they desire to stay at the company. He added that the firm would become “much more engineering-driven,” implying a pivot away from “design and product management” emphases.

“It is a poorly kept secret in Silicon Valley that companies ranging from Google to Meta to Twitter to Uber could achieve similar levels of revenue with far fewer people,” Altimeter Capital Management CEO Brad Gerstner wrote in a recent letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “I would take it a step further and argue that these incredible companies would run even better and more efficiently without the layers and lethargy that comes with this extreme rate of employee expansion.”“


Under the general assumption what men are object oriented and women are subject oriented, then I can see women being more affected as the firm would become “much more engineering-driven,” implying a pivot away from “design and product management” emphases.

Generally men are also more likely to go for the hardcore all work no nonsense 12-16 hour days as opposed to women who prefer to balance more the work-life relationship.

Women, generally, like to nest and nourish. Men are more apt to scale the cliffs of Normandy and deal with things, not people. Nature is healing….sexist or not.

Don Bessee

Vlad has self impaled himself and his people inadvertently and didn't have the guts to do his notorious hours long brag fest this year for obvious reasons. Lets hope they have his personal level of hell ready soon!



Bill Tozer

Don @ 6:28 pm

Yep. More important than Qatar is “Eva Kaili, a Greek Socialist and vice-president of the parliament. The European Union is a liberal’s dream: no pesky national sovereignty, an attenuated democracy, a government of, by, and for self-appointed elites. Just what America’s liberals aspire to. How could it go wrong?”

Fish @ 5:59 pm

Ya, a G-Man called and told me they are keeping my panties as evidence until the trial is over and offered to send me the forms to get them back from the evidence locker post-trail. I told them to go ahead and keep the panties. Don’t want them back away after Pup Handler got his sweaty junk all over the fine soft material. I shudder to think where they have been. :).

Don Bessee

OH lookie all the snowflake snivellers got kicked to the curb! LOL


Don Bessee

DOH! likalicous -



Bill Tozer

Surprisingly excellent article on Stan and culture at large. Dovetails with my observations through the years. When public bathhouses went away, acceptance of the gay community grew…in my interaction with marginalized communities.

‘Is it bigotry to focus on Sam Brinton's thefts?’


Don Bessee

Parents have spoken again and the wokesters at what used to be disney are paying the price by being crushed at the box office. Who could have imagined that the new masters of the imaginarium have killed the Star Wars franchise, the Toy Story franchise and cerate movies no one wants their little kids to see what with all the grooming. No the mouse house's stock price cratered and fell more with the same as before igor. Perhaps Universal will end up buying the mouse house in a couple of years given the income disparity. Lets not even look at the billions lost on streaming shitty content. ROFLOL -



Bill Tozer

Oh my. A moral dilemma for the Lefties. And how come those who bail from Musk’s social platform announce their righteous indignation departure…..on Twitter?

‘NBC News Reports on Liberal Angst Due to Unwillingness to Leave Twitter’

Haters going to hate Big Time. Spare me the “You are killing people!”, aka, the normal Lefty hysterical drama.

‘Human rights commissioner in MA quits after mocking God, blasting 'trash' Christians amid Christmas tree spat’

“Diane Loud, who was appointed to the Human Rights Commission in Dedham, Massachusetts, by the town's Commission on Disability, reportedly called Desmond "a selfish f---ing b----" in a subsequent Facebook post that accused her of endangering lives by raising the issue.

"For a tree? For a motherf---ing tree? You have put people's lives in a lot of danger. A LOT of danger," Loud wrote to Desmond.

Addressing others she speculated might also have been responsible for bringing the controversy to wider attention, Loud continued in part: "I hope [you know] the fact that you – who claim to believe in Christ and Christmas or whatever happy horses--- you're trying to hide behind – are the least gracious, most hateful, most disgusting trash in the world.”

"In closing, I would like to add a F--- YOU, YOU PIECES OF TRASH. I hate each and every one of you and I do wish great suffering on you. You are terrible, terrible people. And you did it all because you didn't get your way. You are despicable," Loud concluded.



According to its website, Dedham's Human Rights Commission was founded in 2017 and "ensures that residents of the Town enjoy equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy life in the Town regardless of their race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, marital, family or military status, socio-economic status, ex-offender status, or disability."

Guess they forgot the “religion” part of their mission statement above. All over a Christmas Tree in the library? Bah Humbug.

Bill Tozer

Biden: Screw going through Congress and screw fiduciary responsibility.

The Biden Administration’s Retirement Heist


The Estonian Fox

Great news overnight.

DOJ and Bahamian authorities agree to an even-up swap of SBF for Hunter Biden's laptop. "The deal's a natural" Merrick Garland was heard saying on his private line to the White House. "This way we can kill two birds with one stoner. Figuratively, of course."

Bill Tozer

Illegal immigration, British style. No line jumpers. It’s not fair, it’s not fair!

‘You Will Be Detained And Swiftly Returned’: British Prime Minister Announces Crackdown On Illegal Immigration

Sunak remarked in a speech before the House of Commons that illegal immigration is “unfair” to those who enter the country legally.
“It is unfair on those with a genuine case for asylum when our capacity to help is taken up by people coming through, and from, countries that are perfectly safe,” he said. “It is unfair on those who come here legally when others come here by cheating the system. And above all, it is unfair on the British people who play by the rules when others come here illegally and benefit from breaking those rules.”

Illegal Immigration, American style: Line jumpers go to the head of the line. It’s not fair, it’s not fair.

‘The border crisis will only get worse after Title 42 ends’

Most of the media will describe this rush as “asylum seekers” and it may be strictly true that they say they mean to ask for asylum. But economic opportunity cannot be the basis for an asylum claim. Most of the people crossing should not qualify for it, but Biden lets them in anyway.

Does Biden care? Fat chance. Eric Adams and other mayors are still begging for aid to no avail. By Dec. 21, when Title 42 ends, Biden will be in Delaware drinking eggnog. Don’t build a wall, don’t enforce the law, and it’s up to us to figure out how we’ll pay for it all. “

Bill Tozer

Propaganda Czar: Soros Bankrolls 253 Groups to Influence Global Media

“NPR Is Soros’ Taxpayer-Funded Radio Propaganda Mill. National Public Radio has proven to be a propaganda mill for Soros’ anti-American agenda. NPR received $600,000 from Soros’ foundations in 2016. NPR currently exploits a weekly audience of 48 million, according to NPR network exclusive sponsorship representative National Public Media. During the Aug. 1, 2022, edition of All Things Considered, NPR reporter Sergio Martinez-Beltran compared "hardline Republicans" pushing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to be stricter on immigration to the mass shooter at the El Paso Walmart in 2019.”


Bill Tozer

Bye bye American pie



Past 48 Hours...
- Over 16,000 Encounters
- Over $97 Million in Narcotics
- 4 Firearms (1 Stolen)
- 3 Gang Members
- 2 Sex Offenders
- 2 Murderers
- 2 Warrants
- 1 Injury to a Child

Ann Coulter was right.

Paul Emery

Big day today

President Biden will sign into law a bipartisan bill that will codify same-sex and interracial marriages. Well done Biden and the Congress.


Posted by: psul Emery | 13 December 2022 at 10:00 AM

So when do you and your guy tie the knot psul? I assume you'll be wearing white?

Scott O

Paul 10:00 - Hilarious! What an achievement! The law makes legal what is already legal.

Is it double-plus-good, now?


DECEMBER 13, 2022

SLEEP TIGHT TONIGHT, FOLKS, YOUR CONGRESS IS ON THE JOB: Illegal immigrants are flooding across the border, China is kicking our butt around the world, the government faces a $31 trillion debt and today Congress is working getting rid of gendered pronouns from the U.S. Code.

Bill Tozer


Psul does not seem to be the kind of guy who is the marrying kind. Besides, he would/could take a financial lost in SS income if he ties the knot. A lot of old people shack up and prefer to live in sin rather than get hitched because of the marriage penalty imposed on SS benefits.
Two individuals drawing SSI (can) bring in more $ than the same two individuals who have made a commitment to each other by holy matrimony. Penalized for making an honest woman (or man) out of her. Also, some ladies have been fortunate enough to receive a goodly sum on monthly alimony, which would end upon remarriage.

Yes, it sound very unromantic…..what’s love have to do with it anyhow. :).
Two old folks met, had much in common, and talked about getting
hitched. Sounded good. But things needed to be resolved first.
“But what about finances?” the bride to be asked?
No problem replied the elderly groom to be. “You and I are both independently wealthy. What’s your is yours to keep and what’s mine is mine. Finances should not be a problem.”

“But what about our children?”
No problem. “My children are all grown up and live in Florida. Your adult children all live Upstate New York. We should not have any issues with our adult children out here in California. They are busy living their own lives and rarely visit anyway.”

“But what about sex?”
No problem the groom to be answered. “That will be infrequently.”

Then the bride to be asked, “Is that one word or two?”

George Rebane

Administrivia - Please continue your excellent comments on immigration, illegal aliens, and borders under 'Enduring Impact of Imported Cultures' - many thanks.

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