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01 December 2022


Paul Emery

So what you are saying is that the Black communities should vote for white Republicans for Mayor to insure positive change.


Paul, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result. That's what is stated in George's comments. But, way to play the racist card right out of the chute


punchy 1034a

"So what you are saying is that..."

Followed by a statement unrelated to anything that had been said.

Paul Emery

Another thing George, 9 of the 10 of the States with the highest murder rates are solid Republican in leadership. How do you explain that? California by the way is around 30th. Here are the top 10 highest murder rate states.

Mississippi Louisiana Alabama Missouri Arkansas South Carolina Tennessee Maryland Illinois



Posted by: Gregory | 01 December 2022 at 10:43 AM

Followed by a statement unrelated to anything that had been said

It’s how mommy used to argue with him when he was young. He should be careful ......he’s dangerously ⚠️ close in his 10:44a to stumbling onto “hatefacts”.


The League of Lady Voters of Nevada County are a non-partisan organization of intensely partisan womyn. None of their positions would be given a thought outside of "Progressive" circles.

Fran Cole is not listed as an orificer of the group at their website:

Paul Emery


It's an obvious conclusion that if voting for Black Democrats results in a high crime rate as George alleges then the logical option is White Republicans for elected offices. Duh

Bill Tozer


What Dr. Rrbane clearly stated is MAYORS...but you jump to STATES. Clearly there are Blue Cities in Red States.

Deja Vu all over again. You have done your typical deflection again and again the last time(s) the exact topic came up. Govenors versus Mayors, skins vs shirts. Delution is the solution.

Keep digging Punchy. You have made it half way to China!

Read the black on the page, not the white stuff. Lets do the timewzrp again.

Paul Emery

OK Gregory let me rewrite that to your specs:

It's an obvious conclusion that if voting for Black Democrats Mayors results in a high crime rate as George alleges then the logical option is White Republicans mayors.


Punchy, you should stop trying to think; you just don't have the knack.

Bill Tozer


Second verse same as the first.

Must be hot down there at the core of the Earth, but keep digging through the heat until you break through at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Go Punchy Go!

Bill Tozer

Oh Punch. Perhaps we should stop talking about crime because you do notive in a high crime area.

Liberal media say we should stop covering crime, because it’s hurting Dems


Bill Tozer

Might be on topic. Is it a crime to shoot the messager?


Paul Emery


So to be a Trump supporter like you is evidence of having the knack of being a thinker


Punchy, you just punch. It takes no intelligence at all to falsely identify me as a "Trump supporter", which is what you intend.

See you in town.

Paul Emery

So Kayane West, one of Trumps pals that he invited to dinner now id singing the praises of Hitler. Direct quote:

"Every human being has something of value that they bring to the table, especially Hitler."


Also show me one time you didn't support Trump in our many discussions Gregory.


Just listing my options for some needed target practice, off the top of my head...
.22 Short
.22 Long Rifle
380 Auto/9mm Kurtz
9mm Parabellum
.45 Auto

.38/.357 Magnum

5.56 NATO
7.7mm Arisaka

12 gauge

Decisions, decisions. No to the 12 gauge, no to the .38/.357, no to the .22 Short. No to the 7.7Arisaka and the .30-06. No to the .45 Auto.

Mr. Nine Millimeter remains my sentimental favorite.

Bill Tozer

Try to say on topic Punch. Try. Paul is getting old and senile. Perhaps you should by an EV van to save planet or sumthang.

Paul Emery, take those two brain cells you have left, rub them together, and focus on the topic, baby killer pedo lubber.


Paul Emery


Topic has been Trump and his Nazi and Dictator loving pals. Why is that so hard for you to focus on? Of course being the Trump lover that you are it may be difficult to talk about.

By the way trying to brand me a senile neglects the fact that I recently produced 15 shows at the Nevada Theatre that were an artistic as well as financial success for all involved. Taking that on as your method of responding to my intellect is a pretty pathetic personal attack.


"Topic has been Trump and his Nazi and Dictator loving pals"

No, it has not. That is what you keep trying to make it into. It seems from the NY Post story that Ye West was invited and drug along his trouble maker friends, and West is now assumed to be persona non grata at Mar-a-lago.

You hate Trump. I don't. And despite not hating him, I've never given him my vote.

Say, Paul, you want to go target shooting?


Posted by: psul Emery | 01 December 2022 at 03:44 PM

That was a pretty decent response! You should thank whoever wrote it for you.


punchy 344p

I expect the audience for those 15 shows of yours to have been heavy on the senile side of life.

T't'talkin' 'bout your generation.

Bummer about Fleetwood Mac's loss yesterday. She was only 79.


7.7mm Arisaka

I had no idea you could get this…..

After searching I stand corrected!

Paul Emery

Naw Gregory

Can't say that about any of the Rocky Horror shows or Golden Shoulders or certainly Dalrumple or the Heiffer Belles. Also the Be-Bop Jazz show. Try again Gregory.

Re fishbreath 3:57
Funny that comes from you who won't even use your real name because you don't want to be personally embarrassed to your friends and family when they realize what an idiot Trump lover you are.


Posted by: psul Emery | 01 December 2022 at 04:31 PM

Re fishbreath 3:57
Funny that comes from you who won't even use your real name because you don't want to be personally embarrassed to your friends and family when they realize what an idiot Trump lover you are.

Ahh.....there’s the well crafted riposte that we’ve all come to expect from Lefty Todd.

Scott O

Gregory 3:56 - Of course it's Paul's topic - it's his only topic.


Anything to not have to talk about the fact that Paul bragged about voting for a senile, lying, corrupt, CCP kowtowing pervert.

Paul Emery

Also Gregory my shows included Elena Rayo, Paul Kamm and Eleanore Macdonald, a Bluegrass Grateful Dead Band of young players in their 40's. also Poetry by Doc Dachtler, songs by Sands Hall You are so ignorant of the community you live in you should keep your mouth shut rather than embarass yourself publicly as you did in your 4:11

Don Bessee

G was referring to the geriatric crowd not the performers oh great ponytail of ignorance.


Bill Tozer

Paul Emery, you fucking idiot

Topic has been Trump and his Nazi and Dictator loving pals. Why is that so hard for you to focus on? Of course being the Trump lover that you are it may be difficult to talk about."

Am I missing something here? This is Scattershots. There are three laid out topics by Dr. Rebane, none of which are about Trump or his pals. None.

This is Scattershots not the Sandbox. Did you forget where you are at, again? Not again. oh my.

I realize you are old and senile, but show me anywhere on this Dec 1 edition of Scatterschots where Trump or his pals are mentioned.

I just checked. No updates. Truly, the best thing about you ran dowb your momma's leg. You are an idiot, a total complete idiot. Geeze Louise.

Paul Emery

No way they were geriatric Don. What evidence do you or Gregory have to support that?

Gregory and Don

This is fun. I get to promote my shows in response to your stupid responses. By the way I've got a KVMR variety show coming up Dec 13, a co-production New Years Eve show at the Foundry and three weeks of shows at the Nevada Theatre last week of Jan first two weeks of Feb including A thousand Kisses Deep-the songs of Leonard Cohen which I personally arranged and produced that has been performed for over 10 years including performances at the Crest Theater in Sacramento as well as outdoors for Music in the Mountains.

Scott O

George - re your lead topic:
It could be that the repressive lockdowns are being used to smoke out the most vocal and brave among those protesting. After 20 or 30 thousand of this type are gotten rid of, the rest are more malleable and compliant. They did this in Hong Kong and the push back against the loss of freedoms and rights has ended as far as I can tell.
It appears that Xi has decided to rein in a lot of the "excessive" freedoms that the citizens of China were starting to get used to. Of course it could go too far and backfire and cause trouble (or worse) for Xi, but so far his paid off lackeys in this country are helping him and the riots are being contained.
Time will tell.



i've seen your audiences.

Paul Emery


Did you come to some of my shows Gregory or were you lurking outside? What particular shows are you referring to?

Paul Emery


How does this post of yours relate to Georges topics?

"Just listing my options for some needed target practice, off the top of my head...
.22 Short
.22 Long Rifle
380 Auto/9mm Kurtz
9mm Parabellum
.45 Auto


That would be telling.

Oh, and Rocky Horror is coming up 50 years.


i've seen your audiences. Mom jeans

5:54 p.m. – A caller from Broad Street reported transients loitering next to the theater. The caller was mad that two of them were making fun of his jeans. The caller wanted them to be removed because he had more shopping to do.

Paul Emery

True Gregory, the film came out in '77 but the audience is 90% under 35 and weren't even born when the film came out. The shadow cast is also in their 20's and 30's. Virtually everyone attending is under 40. It's actually a unique thing constantly being rediscovered by young generations. Have you ever seen it?

Yes, lots of transients and homeless hang out between the Nevada Theatre and Bonanza. It's been that way for years. Mostly lost souls but they seldom cause problems except to themselves. Sad indeed

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and co are bought and paid for by emperor xi -



Bill Tozer

Democrats can’t seem to figure out whether their most effective propaganda response on the crime wave is pretending it doesn’t exist, or blaming Republicans for it

Equally dishonest, pathetic arguments

Paul Emery

Well how about the Republican States which comprise of 8 out of the 10 States with the highest violent crime rates. What are those state goverments doing about it.


Scott O

re Paul 2:45 - We've been all over this before, Paul. The high crime rates mostly all come from Dem run areas inside the states.
Maybe the Republican run states could just outlaw the Dem party in their state and install appointed mayors and local govts? Is that acceptable to you, Paul?
And how much of that violent crime is from illegals that the Dems in the fed govt won't deport? That isn't the responsibility of the Rs.
Face it, Paul - the Dems are soft on crime and when there is Dem leadership in power, there is a high crime rate. Theft, vandalism, car-jacking, rape, shoplifting and murder are hallmarks of Dem-run areas.

Paul Emery

CAn you show me documentation about your contention Scott? What cities specifically in each state are you referring to. Also documentation as to whether they are Dem or Repub cities and what percentage of the total State population that they represent. . That's just a start. My documentation was for total violent crime in States and the Repubs are the undisputed champs of that dubious distinction.

Bill Tozer

Stats of violent crime are one things, stats of murder rates are another. SF has a relatively low murder rate, but has the highest car breaking ins in the USA. Strong armed robberies without a firearm are now not a ‘violent crime’ in CA so illegals won’t get deported. Rape is a violent crime. Burglary and car jacking (depending on locale) is not.

As they say on Democrat Party Left Wing Mainstream Media, the crime rate is a made up Republican talking point. ‘A conspiracy theory’ if you will. Another one of those Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Theories, lol.

Everyone has a role to play. The Poppinjay plays his role to perfection.

Paul Emery

So are you saying Bill that you or possibly Scott cannot provide documentation to support the contention that the stats are high because of Dem Mayors and governments in cities.

Scott O

Yeah Bill, ARE YOU SAYING...

followed by a new set of demands that must be met.

Paul, on the other hand comes up with one statement after another with zero facts or 'documentation'!
Where is Paul's document that Trump screwed a porn star at the exact same time his wife held a baby in her arms?
Paul makes up all sorts of stuff but we must provide documents.
Picture Paul in his fav NAZI uniform - "your documents please, gentlemen"!

Bill Tozer

Philadelphia to Impose Curfew for Minors amid Crime Surge


Paul Emery


You mean stormy Daniels? Why else would he have paid her $130,000 other than to keep her mouth shut. My goodness you've got the worst case of Trump worship of anyone I've heard of. To you he can do no wrong-even screwing a porn star while his wife is at home with a babe in arms.

From the Wall Street Journal none the less, one of Georges recommended news sources

"Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Star’s Silence
Agreement just before election required woman to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump in 2006, people familiar with the matter say."


Bill Tozer


2006? What’s next? BDS? Then Obama who you could not vote for the second time?Please focus and try to stay on topic. This is Scattershots. Come on old senile man, try to focus. Continue your ravings under the proper topic. I believe you can do it. Hope burns eternal. Rub those two brain cells together, down some Geritol for your iron poor blood, forget that woman you left at the alter, and focus. I believe in you.

Thank you in advance.

Paul Emery


Scott is the one who brought up the Stormy Daniels story Bill. Don't you actually read this blog?

"Where is Paul's document that Trump screwed a porn star at the exact same time his wife held a baby in her arms?"

Scott O | 02 December 2022 at 06:08 PM



And where are they now?


Bill Tozer

re: China’s COVID lockdowns

LA Health Officials Won’t Move On From Covid Because They Can’t

“Within a year of the pandemic’s inception, public masking became no different than the type of passive activism embedded in gender pronoun bios: pointless in reality, but central to the user’s identity. But while a refusal to list one’s obvious pronouns might spoil a promotion or sever relationships with colleagues, refusal to muzzle could cost thousands of dollars in government fines.

Like pronoun bios or pink genitalia hats, face coverings became the latest and most aggressive form of ritual symbolism adopted by activists who were too concerned about broadcasting their supposed virtue to care about masks’ utility. Even as the rest of the country moves on from the Faucian Covid regime that exploited public anxiety to lock people at home, California health officials aren’t ready for a post-pandemic future.”


Bill Tozer

Rigorous international study of N95 masks upends federal COVID narrative


Bill Tozer

Lockdowns aged teens' brains, caused severe mental health problems, new study finds


Scott O

Paul - You do realize all of the people involved in accusing Trump of sex with Daniels are crooks and liars. Like in prison. There is no document signed by Trump.

So, you have nothing but tittle tattle by known liars to go on.
With Biden we have his daughter's own word he took showers with her. We have video of Biden fondling a young girl's breast. We have multiple secret service female agents saying that Joe liked to walk around his house naked in front of them. He's a known pervert and you voted for him.

It's hilarious that you spout BS almost every day here with zero proof and then demand that we provide 'documentation'.

Trying to be factual about allegations against Trump is not the same as worshiping him or even liking him. That's an idea that is probably beyond your limited intelligence.

Paul Emery

You don't know "where are they now" Gregory?

Stormy Daniels is still being Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump has become the biggest political loser since the 1800's. His affair with Daniels is still being examined by Manhattan Prosecutors. This just out last week:

"Prosecutors working under Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Jr are reportedly re-examining whether criminal charges can be brought against former president Donald Trump as a result of $130,000 payment his company made to cover up his affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels."



Posted by: psul Emery | 03 December 2022 at 10:00 AM

Couldn’t manage to work in “with a babe in her arms” into your usual Trump related bleat psul?

You’re slipping.

Paul Emery


So you actually believe Trump did not have sex with Stormy Daniels and she is a liar.

How about the other 20 or more women that have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Are they are liars as well?


He is a confessed pussy grabber you know. In his own words: “They let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy.”


Or ”……bonking a porn star”

Was that what you called it in the commune/flop house?


How far Avenatti has fallen!

Scott O

"He is a confessed pussy grabber you know."

Ah, we're back to that one.
He never said he grabbed anything.
Try to learn English, Paul.

"How about the other 20 or more women..."
20 or more?
I'm sure there are scores of women who just now are pretty sure that Trump was close enough to them at some point so they can suddenly remember something awful that he did like kiss them on the lips.

Maybe he did, maybe he didn't.
The only proof you have is from known liars and crooks - if that's the best you can do, then have fun.


Posted by: Scott O | 03 December 2022 at 10:32 AM

I’ve never understood why psul got so worked up about this particular offense. If this really is an ethical problem for him he should probably eliminate 75-80% of the musicians he covers from his repertoire who have committed similar but frequently far worse transgressions against women.

”But that’s different because…..SHUT UP”!


Punchy has forgotten Avenatti was being floated as a contender for the 2020 Democratic Party Presidential nomination, only because of his ability to punch out Trump.

Avenatti will be in jail until 2025.

Bill Tozer

Ah, Billy Bush time again. The Access Hollywood tapes where the BIG October surprise back in October, 2016. They held it for months and laid it out on the table with glee. But, Hillary was so bad as a candidate, so utterly corrupt that Trump won anyway. Go figure.

I remember at the time reading crazy surveys and one I particularly liked was that more people believed in Big Foot (9-11%?) that thought Hillary was an honest person(7%). And Trump’s favorables were worse than Hillary’s, lol. It was quite a shock when the Blue Wall came crashing down just 3 weeks after the Access Hollywood tapes hit.

Human nature is human nature. There will NEVER be the perfect candidate who is perfect in all areas on his/her life. Impossible.

What we have here is selective moral outrage. No one is screaming about JFK habitually slamming his salami into Jackie’s own press spokesperson lady in the WH pool. No one. Screwing your wife’s press secretary, her personal aide, is a new one. There have been others. The President of the US getting the chrome sucked off his trailer hitch ball in the Oval Office on a Sunday morning after leaving the First Lady and his teen daughter at a church service he had to leave to stick cigars up an Intern’s vagina. Duty calls, stay here Hillary, love ya Chelsea. Bubba (a married man) told one of his squeezes that Monica’s tits were too small so he did not like them. Oh my.

I have always been amused with RFK. When his brother the Prez slept with an East German spy, Bobbie the AG went out and bonked a fine Soviet Union spy. Sibling ribaldry, lol.

The naïve that Punchy has displayed here is mind boggling. Totally blows my mind.

Yo Paul. Here is a tidbit for you of which I have remained silent on since the Bill Bush tapes came out. TRUMP WAS RIGHT. 100% right on. I know and I am just a tiny small fry not in the Entertainment Business.

I can tell you for a fact that when I paled around with some actors back in the day, girls would come up to me and rub their tits against my arm or push their pelvis against my knee or open their legs to give me a beaver shot as I was just sitting there. Why, why, why. ??
I was and am not attractive, not smooth or debonaire, not a player, dressed like a bum, not rich, not God’s give to women, a nobody and still am. So why are these hot knock out women, the kind one rarely if never meets in daily affairs of life, coming over to me, asking if they could go bring me a drink or coffee and….well, I could grabbed those pussies all day long and they never would say a word in protest. I did not take such liberties, but the tang was there for the taking. Why, why why?

Because I was close to a star, an actor. Those ladies wanted to close to the actor, close to the roving eye of fame, to be under the Hollywood lights and…be a star. They tried to use me to get close to them. I have watched many women hang around celebrities for years and to catch a break, they would let Billy Bush or Trump grab their pussies to their hearts content. It was not sexual assault of sexual predatory stuff, it was ladies trying to move on up.
Many an actor can grab a handful of tang all day long because ‘they let you and will even spread their legs a bit to accommodate filthy dirty hands. TRUMP was right. It’s true.

I have seen a lot and there is one thing that applies to you, Paul Emery. The movie business is a sleazy business filled with neurotic people. But the music business is twice as big as the movie business and twice as sleazy, filled with neurotic people. Twice as sleazy and that brings this all back to you, my outraged Puritan. How naive can one be?


fishy 1043a

I remember Johnny M, a Los Angeles area musician I knew in high school. Johnny died of AIDS in 1990. Speaking with a band director at NU who played in a group with Johnny before he died, I mused that Johnny was dating the statuesque older sister of my high school girl friend and that I didn't even know what high risk for AIDS group Johnny was in.

The answer was he was an LA musician. All of them.


Posted by: Gregory | 03 December 2022 at 11:32 AM

Maybe not quite so soon as that. psul probably has some time before needing to have the Avenatti for Prez-2040 lawn signs made up.


Bump Bump

Avenatti is a “loyal, loving, supportive and fun father” of his two teenage daughters and 8-year-old son, Steward wrote.

Good Time Sally

LWV shills for Democrats. It is plain to see considering they don’t support Herschel.

Since announcing his candidacy for US Senate in August 2021, Herschel Walker has given the people of Georgia an extremely long list of reasons to cast their ballot for his opponent, Raphael Warnock. Those reasons include but are in no way limited to:

Being so staunchly antiabortion that he wants the medical procedure outlawed without exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother
Allegedly pressuring at least two women he’d impregnated to undergo abortions despite the above and the fact that he’s said he’d vote for a national ban on the procedure
Demonizing trans people
Not believing in evolution
Admitting he nearly killed his wife, and having a protective order taken out against him for threatening to do so
Caring more about guns than people
Seemingly exhibiting the signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a brain condition caused by repeated blows to the head, possibly from his time playing football
Being, in the words of his own campaign staff, a “pathological liar” who lies “like he’s breathing”
Lying about owning businesses that do not actually exist
Lying about graduating in the top 1% of his college class when he did not actually graduate from college
Being endorsed by the worst president in modern history
Spending election night talking about horse shit
Dedicating a large chunk of a recent speech to tangent about why he wants to be a werewolf (as opposed to a vampire)
And now, with his runoff set for next week, they have another reason: that Walker, who, again, is running to represent Georgia, does not actually…live in Georgia. Oops!


Posted by: Good Time Sally | 03 December 2022 at 12:37 PM

Hi .......Lavender!

Those are all strikes against Walker of course.....with so many obvious character flaws I confess to being surprised that he didn’t run as a progressive democrat. Seems like a much more natural fit for him.


Wonder where psul went.....probably lying low until the smoke from all that hypocrisy clears. Hopefully he’s putting his time to good use eliminating all the “pussy grabbers” from his set list....

Let’s look in.

psul: Hmmm....anyone from the sixties have “clean hands”....no.....the seventies.....ugh....Motown... hah......you’re yanking me! Rap...Hip Hop? Don’t make me laugh! Leonard Cohen? Nope! He was a scumbag too!

Alright.....next years summer music series will consist exclusively of The Osmonds followed by a stirring rendition of Polly Wolly Doodle to close! In the fall....The Magic that is the Wiggles.

A bold new direction for the new and now ethical, non hypocritical Psul Emery Music.

Paul Emery


Here's my experience with the LWW. They used to organize and moderate the debates held at the Supervisors chambers.The routine would be this:

The LWW would ask no questions of their own. The questions would alternate between submitted questions from the audience and questions from the media alternating between KVMR, KNCO, The Union and Yubanet. The questions had to be for all candidates and they enforced that. Anyway they had no questions of their own and gathered questions from the audience. Based on that experience I had they were entirely neutral and did a good job of organizing the debates.



"questions from the media alternating between KVMR, KNCO, The Union and Yubanet"

So, they'd alternate between questions from the left, the left, the left and the left... does that sound right to you?



LWW…..oh I got it …..League of White Women. Yes, much more appropriate for where you guys live.

Paul Emery


This was a few years ago. Are you saying that KNCO was left leaning? That's a new one for me. They used to air Rush Linbaugh for three hours a day in those days as well as a variety of shrillbillies from 6PM throughout the night.

Scott O

Paul 10:23 - "Scott
So you actually believe Trump did not have sex with Stormy Daniels and she is a liar."

Once again we have a failure of Paul's ability to read and understand the English language.


And once again Paul positions 2 separate questions as to be answered as one.
I have no idea whether or not Trump screwed a whore nor do I particularly care. I don't have any photos of the alleged event and neither do you, Paul.
I simply pointed out that you have no proof beyond that of people who are liars and crooks.
And yes - Daniels is a liar. She claims she accepted money to not talk about the very thing she is claiming to have happened between herself and Trump. Her public claim makes her a liar.
But if you want to believe liars and crooks, then I can't stop you.

Scott O

So Paul is now claiming that if it is 3 to 1 left wing, then that's all fair and even.
Yeah - they had on the biggest money maker in AM radio so they must be right wing.
A mind like a steel trap.


Punchy 908p

I vaguely recall knco dumping Limbaugh because of their politics.

I don’t know if management got invitations to the soirees they felt excluded from afterwards.


Now, which is editorially harder to the Hard Left... KVMR or Yubanet?

Bill Tozer

Now the French citizens are believing that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Theory about the non-existent crime wave. The Righties have brainwashed the masses.

Two-Thirds of French Concerned For Their Own Safety In Their Everyday Lives

Why don't they just move if they don't like it. They should all move to Alabama. California, Love It or Leave It, you bigots!
Opps, sorry. Try again: France: Love It or Leave It you uneducated bitter clingers.

Scott Hickman

George, I'm not a Democrat, but I am a "leftist." I agree with a few choice opinions of yours, but overall, you and your political ilk claim to work toward people's freedom, but you mostly serve as shills for the very class of people in our nation who are actually the ones attempting to overthrow our democratic form of republic, and enslaving the common people, such as you or me. Before you get offended, consider that BOTH parties are complicit, one aggressive (GOP) and the other passive-aggressive. The Democrats are mostly pathetically in the thrall of the wealthy corporate un-democratic interests, or at least their money. However, to align oneself with the GOP is to line up in abetting the forces AGAINST the American way.

George Rebane

ScottH -1153am – Welcome ScottH. First, thank you for that perspective. Among the various allegations you make against the Right in being the primary ideology that is attempting to overthrow our Republic, you might want to consider the evidence that supports that allegation, specifically among which we have a party that supports the literalist and/or strict constructionist form of the Constitution, and counters a party which believes the Constitution is a “living document” to be grossly redefined/ignored at the convenience of any policy du jour. But really, in the end one like you must most of all come to grips with accusing a party with such comprehensive national insurrection intents of how they will attempt to pull it off. Remember, it’s always been the Republicans who want to reduce the size of the government and the monies flowing through the federal coffers. Would be autocrats always have known that exactly the opposite is required, and have always implemented such a road to absolute power, kinda like what the Democrats have been doing for the last several years, even calling for the abolition of the Republican Party.

And not to worry about my getting offended by your remarks. I very much welcome them; such has been the sum and stuff of RR for the last 15 years.


scotth 1153a

"However, to align oneself with the GOP is to line up in abetting the forces AGAINST the American way."

How so?

I've NEVER registered GOP over 50 years of being a voter. Came close a couple of times. But I never thought they were "abetting the forces AGAINST the American way". Not even a little bit.

So... you are a Progressive?

Paul Emery


Dems calling for abolition of the Republican Party ? Can you document that contention George. How do they propose to do that? That's a new one for me.

Paul Emery


Also what is your response to Trump wanting to toss out the Constitution and void the election and either install him as President or have a new election. these are Trumps words.

“Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,”


Why do I find this not surprising.

'That's a new one for me'.

Don Bessee

Someone needs to remind emperor xi that pride goeth befor the fall -

Although China's daily COVID cases are near all-time highs, some cities are taking steps to loosen testing and quarantine rules after Xi's zero-COVID policy triggered a sharp economic slowdown and public unrest.

Haines, speaking at the annual Reagan National Defense Forum in California, said that despite the social and economic impact of the virus, Xi "is unwilling to take a better vaccine from the West, and is instead relying on a vaccine in China that's just not nearly as effective against Omicron."

"Seeing protests and the response to it is countering the narrative that he likes to put forward, which is that China is so much more effective at government," Haines said.



Scott O

Another Scott! But of a different sort.
"you and your political ilk claim to work toward people's freedom, but you mostly serve as shills for the very class of people in our nation who are actually the ones attempting to overthrow our democratic form of republic, and enslaving the common people, such as you or me."

Once again, we see absolutely no actual examples or facts to back up the blather.
By upholding the Constitution, we are 'shills' for the blue meanies.
Would love to read what Scott H has to say about the WEF or the ongoing expose of the govt, the Dems, the FBI, the MSP, and the large social media companies in censoring and burying the truth about the Biden family corruption.
All of the conservatives here are for free and fair and open elections. Show up on election day, present your ID and have a paper trail of your vote.
Does that sound like an attempt to overthrow our Republic?
We welcome all who will lend a productive and interesting voice to the ongoing debate.


Doncha guys want to talk about Trump? C’mon guys…..let’s talk about Trump…..guys. It’s been like two whole hours since we talked about him…guys.

Scott O

re fish 8:21 - Nah, I wanna hear more about how I want to shill for folks that want to 'enslave' me.
It must be Colt and Winchester, right?
Or maybe Turning Point USA?
I thought I heard the rattle of chains...

Bill Tozer

Welcome Scott Hickman.

“However, to align oneself with the GOP is to line up in abetting the forces AGAINST the American way.”
Posted by: Scott Hickman | 04 December 2022 at 11:53 AM

It’s often the last sentence of a posting where we get off track. And that is where derailment is. Scott said it best with the two different views of COTUS. Marl Levine said it best as well once by saying he is NOT a Republican, he a NOT Conservative, he is a NOT any left or right wing, he is not Natural Law, “I am not any of those things. I am a Constitutionalist.” (forget the exact adjective/adverb he used before the word ‘Constitutionalist.’ Levin went on to say, “ That’s (COTUS) my how to manual.

Indeed, it’s our how to manual.

No need for finger pointing and going down the Dem list of attempts to stack the Supreme Court, Change the electoral college (and Senate), dump the filibuster…..etc. No need to call anybody names or labels. My bottom line is:

We are a nation of laws. Period. That is my steadfast opinion. We are nation of laws, not of men. Anything else is as you say, AGAINST the American way.

And…. because of how OUR how-to manual is rooted and grounded in a higher morality, following the ‘Nation ruled by the Law, not by men’ solves the moral vs legal dilemma that haunts those who are Against the American way.

Bill Tozer

re: China’s nationwide Covid lockdowns.

Everything China wants us to know from the new stage production of the China Vagina Monologues:

This page is intentionally left blank


breaking news!!!

michael avenatti has been sentenced an additional 14 years in the hoosegow for theft and fraud.


Posted by: Gregory | 05 December 2022 at 12:44 PM

Ok then not president until 2036 at the earliest. Has Punch been informed?

Bill Tozer

More on the China Vagina Monologues….

‘NY Times Spent Two Years Boasting How China Beat Covid by Squashing Freedom’



Scott Hickman...

You've not circled back, but here is public info about you courtesy of Facebook:
"Born in Taft, CA - grew up in Bakersfield; ran away to S.F. went crazy; woke up one day and I could play the harmonica - (wow!); College degree; carpenter and contractor20 years; during which time married divorced married; teaching credential; taught elementary school 16 years; wife Jolane and I moved to Nevada City; play & sing in group Grease, Grit, and Grime; taught middle school a few years; retired; we grow vegetables on 1/2 acre; music poetry art crafts enjoy whew."

And you're a KVMR DJ.

It seems safe to say that, like another lurker here who is also a retired elementary school teacher, you are not a Democrat because the major party of the Left isn't far left enough for you.

I'm going to guess your quip, "However, to align oneself with the GOP is to line up in abetting the forces AGAINST the American way", you'd claim that among those forces AGAINST the American Way includes includes the recent SCOTUS rulings affirming the 2nd Amendment, and striking down Roe v Wade (not making abortions illegal, but returning it to the states).


Posted by: Gregory | 05 December 2022 at 01:40 PM

And you're a KVMR DJ...

I hadn't thought it possible for an entire webpage of people to be "straight from "Central Casting"!



"Indeed, it’s our how to manual."

you have the constitution, they have "1984"

Bill Tozer

1:40 pm— Mr. Gregory.

Well, since Scott Hickman, a nice person, has yet to circle back and his comment was directed to Dr Rebane (whom he flippantly called “George”) and to not you or me…..
I will circle back for Scott H for you and the readers.
Remember, I too once thought exactly like Mr. Hickman so I feel qualified to circle back for him….even though his remarks were addressed to George, not us Russian Bots or blind obedient brain washed followers of Donald Trump here on The Circle of Jerks forum.

Drumroll please…….and a one, and a two, and hit it boys! (clue the Lawrence Welk bubble machine)

Ode to KVMR


Michael K: Did I use ‘whom’ in the right context and correct grammar above? I publicly apologize to you Michael K for deriding you as a spelling Nazi control freak. I was wrong. I realize now more than ever we do need keepers of the English language. Feel free to correct my grammar anytime you feel it is necessary. Our language and meaning of words is under assault and we as an English speaking nation need our watchmen on the towers.
I appreciate your efforts. Our nation needs people like you willing to stand up for what is right. I was wrong. You were correct.

Did you see what the Lefties did to the would ‘recession’? ‘Who’ and ‘whom’ and ‘that which’ I have butchered. I am now prepared to learn.

“When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.”—unknown metaphysical author

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 1:40 pm

Levin rises off COVID death bed. He talkes about Scott Hickman.


Yep, thats Punchy and KVRM and Cooked Cheryl and Jonesy Kenneth to tee.

My they all fuck off and die.

Hunter Biden's Laptop

Paul says KVMR, KNCO, Yubanet, and The Union provided balance at LWV debates.

Gosar, Andy Biggs, Gym Jordan, and "Independent" Sean Hannity would be more like it?

Or maybe Scott O, Bill T, George R, withGregory G providing the "Independent" viewpoint would be much more credible...right?

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