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05 December 2022


Bill Tozer

Indulge me, Dr. Rebane, for posting this here. The link is not specifically about #Elongatefiles, but the topic mentioned….as part of the whole. I just can’t bring myself to bury this at the bottom of a long Sandbox.

‘How Corrupt is a Corrupt Media?’

The media has ceased to exist, and the public plods on by assuming as true whatever the media suppresses and as false whatever the media covers.
By Victor Davis Hanson


George Rebane

BillT 1216pm - Proper post Mr Tozer, thank you.

Bill Tozer

First, a few minutes with Dan.

Twitter scandal exposes Arizona's Hobbs for 'election misinformation'


Quote of the Day: ‘If A Legitimate Free Press Existed, The Twitter Files Wouldn’t’
In reference to the bombshell story, Brian Stelter called it “a classic example of the right-wing media machine.” The story is a “manufactured scandal,” the former host of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” said. Yochai Benkler, a Harvard Law School professor, agreed with Stelter, telling him approvingly, “The media world has largely ignored the Post’s Hunter Biden story.” Trump’s team is “so confident that the story’s just going to be too much fun for serious journalists not to pick up,” Benkler added. “They’re trying to produce it now, but the media at the moment — major professional media — doesn’t seem to be falling for it.”

PolitiFact likewise celebrated the media’s refusal to cover the Biden family scandal story, writing that “no credible news outlets have reported any wrongdoing or role held by Joe Biden…” And NPR announced it was not covering the story because it didn’t “want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories,” and didn’t “want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”


Bill Tozer

They have not learned a single thing. It’s true. You can not shame sociopaths.

‘Twitter's former head of Trust & Safety claims Babylon Bee, Libs of TikTok make 'people unsafe in the world'
"Not only is it not funny, but it is dangerous, and it does contribute to an environment that makes people unsafe in the world," Yoel Roth told Kara Swisher.

WATCH: Twitter's former head of Trust & Safety claims Babylon Bee, Libs of TikTok make 'people unsafe in the world'
"Not only is it not funny, but it is dangerous, and it does contribute to an environment that makes people unsafe in the world," Yoel Roth told Kara Swisher.

“For Lorenz, allowing The Babylon Bee and Libs of TikTok, which has been locked or suspended 8 times, on the platform will result in the "targeting" of "public health officials, election officials, journalists and teachers."”

Misgendering someone is now “violence”. Dead naming is….OMG, murder of something. Ok, I will commit murder or something. Bruce Jenner, the Men’s Olympic Decathlon Champion prominently displayed on the back of and millions of millions of cereal boxes.

Don Bessee

Apparently someone needs an education on the difference between the recent measures V and M. LOL



Bill Tozer

Calls for investigations grow over Katie Hobbs' alleged use of Twitter censorship, 1A issues


And thousands upon thousands of documents to go….

Scott O

It sure is jolly to finally have the proof of what has been obvious for years. Remember what Harry Reid said after getting caught lying about Romney:
“he didn’t win, did he?”
Really sounds like he was anguished, huh?
They know only how to get power, but have no knowledge of how to rule.
We'll let Al Davis speak for them: "just win, baby!"


Posted by: Scott O | 06 December 2022 at 08:38 AM

As loathsome as Harry Reid was it's impossible for me to be made upset by the thought of Pierre Delecto being denied any political office for any reason!

Scott O

"Musk’s Neuralink faces federal probe, employee backlash over animal tests"

And so it starts. By the time the feds get through with him, Musk will be in the company of the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss. Probably Satan and Hitler as well.

Anyone who seriously threatens the swamp will find out how large a morass they are dealing with.

Bill Tozer

Twitter fallout.
First, Twitter is a smal social media platform, not as big as FB/YouTube/Zuck Bucks by any means. With that sais, Apple announced it is pulling out of China. Apple will assemble its products in India, Vietnam, any various places across the globe except in Coummunist Red China.

The light shown little Twitter has sent shockways throught the Oligarchy Leftinisa Authoritarians. Klaus and Schwab are not happy.

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

Latest 'Twitter Files' release shows secret 'blacklist' label on conservative accounts


As you were saying, Jonesy Johnston. Flush twice. It’s a long way to Oxnardo.

Bump Rump

Now then, where are whistleblowers to out @Meta and @instagram? After years of steadily increasing followers, I suddenly began losing followers on IG—and the percentage of views per post has declined nearly 90%. Is it my aftershave? Should I play the race card?--Larry Elder


Bill Tozer

Twitter 'shadowbanned' political candidates under old ownership, Musk says


Bill Tozer

Twitter — and Democrats — lied, lied and lied again about censorship

Old news…..way back to 4-5 days ago.




Don Rogers assured us at the now defunct The Union comments that the deletions weren't "censorship" but good ol' fashioned editing.

George Rebane

Gregory 1135am - and DonR is a good man who sincerely believes that bullshit. He joins millions of others with similar sentiments, all who believe they are thinking the right thoughts and doing the right thing. There simply is no road back.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane @ 11:39 am

“and DonR is a good man who sincerely believes that bullshit. He joins millions of others with similar sentiments, all who believe they are thinking the right thoughts and doing the right thing. There simply is no road back.”

I used to hold on to such beliefs. I used to think that Dems were just people with bad ideas while those same Dems looked at us as bad people with bad ideas.

Not no more. I look at Dems as evil people, thus they usher forth evil ideas.
Don Rogers was simply following the science which yanked free records now prove our “scientist” was vehemently following the CCP. Lockdowns are the key. Follow China’s lead.

As you yourself have said, “Being a lib means never having to say you are sorry.”
Because you said Jo Ann said that a former Union editor under Don Rogers was a ‘nice guy’, I never publicly criticized him. After Don left, he too departed with a single column stating he was doing to do something else in life. Nice guy. That very same nice guy was sending me private messages….proving to at least moi that the said nice guy was not so nice.

I have known only two Hot Shots in my life….both I met here, both were former Santa Barbara HOT SHOTS, both were “wife beaters”, both recognized as nice guys. Enough said. Oh yeah, they probably are nice guys.


George, that nice guy had really bad double standards.

Sincerely believing that much bullshiite limits his "nice".

Bill Tozer

re: Twitter Blackout.

I commend those who understand this topic. It is not the contents of Hunter’s laptop, nor does Twitter Blackout has anything to do with the R’s like looking a nude photos of Hunter, which is the attempt by the Lefties in media to dismiss the whole notion, while covering for the pedo problem Dems have.

No, the Twitter Blackout is about the US Government farming out (contracting out) censorship of free speech to private companies to do the government’s bidding.

The Twitter BLACKOUT which we have not even scratched the surface of yet reveals that the FBI via social media platforms was busy removing any criticism of the FBI AND any posts no matter how factual and proven by released court documents to be true….and posts that shed unfavorable light on the FBI was disappeared.

The Twitter Blackout reveals at this early hour of many to come internal doc dumps that Twitter uses such as Don Bongino and Libs of TicToc and Charlie Kirk were blacklisted and never posted anything that was not factual or not readily available public information…or violations of terms of usage.
They were blacklisted not for misinformation, but rather for factual information that did not shed favorable light on Joe Biden, the players comprising his current Administration, the Leftinista narrative and talking points….any words that ran counter to the Group Think.
Factual true words.

The Twitter Blackout has moved so far beyond THE LAPTOP which the FBI has had in its possession for years now.

This is absolutely nothing that is new to “us”. Nothing new to me. Just now when Punchy or our fine former mid school and grammar school educators say, “PROVE IT OR YOU ARE A LIAR”, we can prove it…but it won’t change a thing. Proving it does not amount to a hill of beans…because we are dealing with EVIl (personified).

Our government has interfered with TWO presidential elections in a row now. Big deal that we can proof it.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane 11:39 am. On second thought……and to clarify….

Yes, I am glad that you are listening to your better angels. Don R and Co are mostly likely nice people. Most are…..or once were or still are. But, with the research coming out lately, 1/3 of us have mental illness….just saying. Kidding aside, probably more nice guys around these parts than the average place…outside of Wy. :).

Redo of line used in moi 12:51pm.

Our beliefs, using the ROYAL WE:
‘The R’s used to look at the D’s as people with bad ideas. The D’s have always look at the R’s as bad people.’

I hate it when I sink to their level. Something I vowed never to become….to become like them. A vow of youth. Miles to go before I sleep, miles to go.

Bill Tozer

recommend. Sure its just Bongino, but like it or not, he is part of The Story. Been therr.


Bill Tozer

Weasels and Weasel words.

“Steve wrote earlier today about the stunning second round of Twitter disclosures, this time curated by Bari Weiss. Like me, you probably have long suspected that Twitter was boosting liberal opinion and suppressing conservative tweets. (Twitter went so far as to delete my account, while denying that it did any such thing: they said they had never heard of me.)
But I never expected it to be proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, as happened today. We are now familiar with a whole new vocabulary: “Trends Blacklist,” “Do Not Amplify,” and “Search Blacklist.” All of which apparently applied to conservative tweeters, but not liberals.

The algorithms may or may not discriminate, but Twitter employees certainly did. If Twitter employees lied to Congress, as seems probable, they should be criminally prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ house organ, the New York Times, has published all sorts of articles over the last couple of days: on Brazil’s “shocking” soccer defeat, on sea slugs, on France’s making condoms available for free to young people, on the new Harry and Meghan documentary, and God knows what else. But the Times has not written a word about the fact that Twitter, the platform that its own “journalists” obsessed over for years, and used to spread their ideology, was rigged from the beginning.

Seems like it should have been a news story. But then, I am not a liberal reporter.”

Bill Tozer

scenes: check FBI agent out.

FBI Agent Testimony: Warnings of a "hack and leak" ahead of the Hunter Biden revelations'
Analyzing the deposition of FBI Agent Francis Chan


prickshaw bison

DAVID MARCUS: So now we know: Twitter secretly erased conservative voices - and let terrorists and vile vermin tweet freely. It's savage proof the left fears ideas more than actual killers


Scott O

Don't forget all the kiddie porn that was allowed on Twitter that Elon has uncovered to the public. Why had Twitter allowed all of that previous to Elon?

Bill Tozer

Twitter, headquartered in San Francisco, shares its Frisco Values. Boy does it ever.

worth watching a few minutes of this podcast. I watched a few minutes as well, not the whole thing.


San Fransico Lefty Values.

Hunter Biden's Laptop

Where to start? If someone can refuse to bake a cake for some vague reason, or design a webpage because the client is gay, Twitter can dump whatever they want from their site.
Conservatives are just pissed because it happened to a few of their own who were running propaganda platforms spewing lies.

My laptop provides proof of nothing. The "Big Guy"?

Bill Tozer

Not really on topic…..or is it?

‘Elon Musk has even trumped Trump as America's foremost culture warrior’


“This is all playing out in the battle for the soul of Twitter, assuming it has one. The platform had become a progressive playpen. Woke writers and activists expected it to be run according to their worldview and by rules favorable to their interests — for good reason.

Not anymore. The fearless, shoot-from-the-hip Musk is, like Trump before him, a barbarian at the gate and a heretic. His takeover of Twitter is like the Vikings sacking the famous English monastery of Wearmouth-Jarrow in the eighth century. Questioning Fauci is like the Albigensians challenging monotheism in the 13th century. Mocking pronouns is like questioning divine-right kingship in the age of absolute monarchies.

This is why the fight over Twitter, which is itself not that important — "Twitter is not real life," as the cliché has it — is so heated and bitter. It's ultimately over whether progressive ideology will maintain its default status in elite precincts of America and whether a high-profile dissenter can survive and thrive.”


Bill Tozer

‘UPenn deletes disgraced Twitter exec Yoel Roth’s PhD dissertation arguing minors should have access to sex apps’

"Yet, absent from these discussions is even a cursory recognition that the new medium of gay-targeted social networking may be a crucial social outlet for gay, bisexual, and questioning youth," Roth wrote, arguing for the consideration of allowing minors on Grindr.


It would work if all the adults and pedos were kicked of sex apps and leave the questioning youth alone. But Roth simply cannot not leave them alone.

I ain’t worried about The Babylon Bee endangering lives. I worry about the old Twitter execs endangering the lives of questioning lives.

Bill Tozer

Twitter staff quickly pivoted to censoring 'medical misinformation' after banning Trump

"Yes," one employee wrote, "we absolutely plan to do this in 2021 - with the timeline being 'as soon as possible."


Bill Tozer

Twitter files dump #5 and #6 show more FBI control, treating Twitter as one of its farm league teams. The Twitterfiles just confirm what we all knew anyway. Control the narrative, make it look like a consensus when there is not anything close to consensus in fact or reality. Take the COVID playbook and apply it to the 2022 elections. To backtrack, take the Russiagate Hoax playbook and apply it to lockdowns.

“One name at the centre of the story about Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” is that of Jay Bhattacharya. A professor at Stanford’s medical school, he rose to prominence as a co-author of the “Great Barrington Declaration”, which opposed Covid lockdown measures. Last week it emerged that Twitter had placed him on a “trends blacklist” to secretly limit the popularity of his tweets. Following that, Elon Musk contacted Professor Bhattacharya, and invited him in to Twitter HQ to discuss the matter — and view the evidence of his censorship for himself.”


The day Dr. Bhattacharya finally signed up for Twitter he was already blacklisted.

Bill Tozer


‘There is really almost nothing more disturbing than that’


Bill Tozer

Maria is a sharp cookie. The liars are thr threat to our Constitutional Republic.


Bill Tozer

BREAKING: FBI pressured Twitter to find non-existent evidence of foreign influence: Twitter Files
"The questionnaire authors seem displeased with Twitter for implying, in a July 20th 'DHS/ODNI/FBI/Industry briefing,' that 'you indicated you had not observed much recent activity from official propaganda actors on your platform.'"


Bill Tozer

More on Bad Elvis



Bill Tozer

BREAKING: FBI pressured Twitter to find non-existent evidence of foreign influence: Twitter Files
"The questionnaire authors seem displeased with Twitter for implying, in a July 20th 'DHS/ODNI/FBI/Industry briefing,' that 'you indicated you had not observed much recent activity from official propaganda actors on your platform.'"


Bill Tozer

techno fog

More Twitter Files: Intelligence Community Pressure Campaign against TwitterAnd - FBI paid millions to Twitter for its cooperation



good rundown.


Smoke Screens

The Twitter Files show us that a private corporate person can do whatever they want in the name of free speech.

This site is often all atwitter over such "revelations" that are merely trumped up narratives designed to own the libs.

Those who disagree with the above should look in the mirror and remember that they said the same exact thing about every Trump impeachment (it was a perfect call), January 6th. (peacefully march to the Capitol), and the Jan 6 hearings (Democratic witch hunt).

"Added Taibbi, "There's no evidence — that I've seen — of any government involvement in the laptop story." Well, there goes that corruption theory.

The Big Guy? How much did he make off Hunter?

Hunter and Co. was just some private folks trying to make money. You know, like Mike Flynn, Ollie North, Steve Bannon, Alex Jones and Trump.

Bill Tozer

Smoke Screens @ 12:33 pm

“Added Taibbi, "There's no evidence — that I've seen — of any government involvement in the laptop story." Well, there goes that corruption theory.”

Well, well, well. Mr Smokescreens, you omitted one critical piece of fact to your tale. Matt Taibbi wrote your quote after he examined the FIRST batch of Twitterfiles. That was when former FBI top lawyer Jim Baker read, deleted, and buried said files BEFORE handling off the first batch to Taibbi. Jim Baker was the Twitter screener, ROFLMAO.

Baker was quickly fired by Musk when evidence showed Baker deleted files that implicated The FBI or showed the FBI in an unflattering light. Talk about the Fox guarding the henhouse!

I did like how the esteemed James Baker was escorted out of the Twitter HQ and pushed onto the street.

Yes, it was a bit puzzling that Taibbi found no evidence of government interference at the time and know we know why. Baker deleted the files that showed government interference.

What’s Taibbi saying now with Baker gone????

Smoke Screens is an apt name for you. If I wanted last weeks’ news,I would have asked you for it then.

Bill Tozer

scenes. Hope you are well.

Matt Taibbi.


There is no truth to the slim misinformation rumor machine that Matt Taibbi or Bari Weiss are “conservative”.

E tu, Matt and Bari? The Night of the Long Knives


"scenes. Hope you are well."

Very. Spending all my useless time on Twitter lately since that's where the action is.

Naturally, the issue isn't a highly-biased media company filled with crazy people nudging an election like a Hearst newspaper, but that the feds were directly, I mean directly, involved. Dunno if any of this hits the courts in the final days of empire.

Besides the sheer joy of the Twitter uproar, it's not a bad place to get the mood of the people. If nothing else, I'm trying to assess personal risk given that Biden and his nomenklatura seem dead set on a simultaneous financial collapse, nuclear war, and invasion from the south. When they reset the currency, hopefully Grand Admiral Levine ends up on the billion dollar bill.

Bill Tozer

6 Huge Takeaways From The Sixth Dump Of ‘Twitter Files’


A Republic if you can keep it.

Bill Tozer

Democrats like Adam Schiff are scrambling to save censorship



Snowden: "This thread is a remarkable case study on how the FBI overcame a major tech company's resistance to running favors for the Feds by basically running an influence operation against key staffers—and paying to rent others—until they had the censorship crew eating out of their hands."


Bill Tozer

‘Nunes accuses DOJ of seeking blackmail material during Russia probe after bombshell revelation’
Legal expert Alan Dershowitz says DOJ use of subpoenas to target House Intelligence Committee staff phone and email records is likely unconstitutional.


Bill Tozer

More. Thank goodness for Patriots like Devin Nunes, a fine Hispanic-American

‘DOJ snooped on House Intelligence Committee investigators during Russia probe, subpoenas show’
Officials used grand jury to obtain Google email, phone data for at least two top investigators for panel's Republican chairman, Devin Nunes.


Bill Tozer

Are FBI And CIA Agents ‘Sheep Dipped’ At Twitter And Other Tech Companies?



'cuz you just can't have too much Deep State News.



*How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign*

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

‘Is there a conspiracy theory didn’t turn out to be true?’


Bill Tozer

Understanding the FBI’s response

‘FBI Gaslights America Over Twitter Files’


Bill Tozer

Matt Taibbi has reviewed additional sets of Twitter Files and will post threads summarizing his findings just in time to disrupt my holiday weekend. At his TK News site on Substack, he previews his findings with a focus on the government-related issues that have been the subject of my interest.


I remember after the 2016 election Mark Zuckerberg was hauled before Congress and beat up pretty bad for allowing the Trump campaign to use some FB algorithm. Most of the pics of Zuck looking like a deer in the headlights come from that Congressional appearance.

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