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01 January 2023



Thanks for considering the notion, although it may well take a bit of editorial work before the dogs are trained.

On another note, it's interesting watching the unfurling of EV tax credits on Twitter (which is concerned with all things Musk). The whole deal is a wonderful example of the craziness of using .gov to manage an economy, the whole notion of giving them all the money and then they dole it out as needed.


Naturally, there's payoffs to special friends, no real concern as to total environmental hit of a vehicle, you gotta pay taxes to get the taxes back. Utter madness, the result of adding together the good ideas of a batch of congressional staff members.

Just wait until all cars have the magic cut-off switch and the magic camera to make sure you're OK to drive.


It's for the children after all.


Has anyone seen or heard the FUE?

He hasn't made a blog post in nearly three months.

There ain't been an issue of his flagship publication Sierra Rude!Whine!Farts for a couple years.

Nor has he bragged about the fruit of his loins.


re: Gregory@9:44PM

I would guess that the magazine business, especially the free variety, is as impossible as it looks. Especially so as they go down the inevitable path of writing/layout that looks more like the internet, going full internet, insufficient or no ad revenue, demise. The value of a printed word, musical note, or second of video just ain't what it used to be.

Speaking of demise, I'm not seeing an obit anywhere either, you'd expect some news on the 10+ pall bearers if that was the case.

People fade away, which is just as well. We can't all be George Floyd or Hitler.


lol. Even the name is perfect.



..and in the interest of seeding the sandbox, just one of those things you run into.

"Age-stratified infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in the non-elderly population"



Posted by: scenes | 02 January 2023 at 08:38 AM

A fitting end to Perfidous Albion….

Paul Emery

Note to RR Readers:

I'll be back soon. Had a great New Years show and celebreation at the Miners Foundry despite being a bit under the weather. Look for my posts later today or tomorrow. And yes, happy New Year.

Bill Tozer

“In the 19dec22 Sandbox Mr scenes offered an intriguing suggestion (830am) in an attempt to eliminate the detritus of TDS and things gratuitously Trump from continually contaminating practically every other topic with yet another boring lap around the Trump barn. He suggested that RR add a Trump category and restrict posting of Trump-centric comments to that category.”

detritus: In biology, detritus is dead particulate organic material, as distinguished from dissolved organic material. Detritus typically includes the bodies or fragments of bodies of dead organisms, and fecal material. Detritus typically hosts communities of microorganisms that colonize and decompose it.

My ideas: Won’t work without a community effort of nudges and reminders. It’s been tried here before in unofficial capacities a couple of months ago where the All Things Trump post did not stay in the All Things Trump post. When a few commentators moved on and gathered under a different topic, they were followed by the Trump Derangement One. The One does not like to be alone. The One cannot be alone. The One cannot be irrelevant. A narcissist trait. We all have traits, but some more than others. It’s the degree (and depth) of said trait which makes me pessimistic about Romper Room staying within the classroom and not infecting the entire corridor….without hallway monitors. Tying a reminder thread of yarn around a finger will not work either.

Bill Tozer

Andrew C McCarthy

‘Impeach Biden over the Security Catastrophe He’s Caused at the Border’



Posted by: psul Emery | 02 January 2023 at 10:14 AM

As always the only metric of interest is the depth of the change in the guitar case.

Paul Emery


As posted by fishmouth a contributor to RR that is too embarrassed to use his real name.


Posted by: psul Emery | 02 January 2023 at 11:46 AM

So not the best haul on New Years then…..

Maybe you should add a monkey to your act. People like monkeys!


Punchy (xe/xem/xirs), you promised not to be back until tomorrow!


Gun Control Groups Got CDC To Scrub ‘Good Guys With Guns’ Study, Emails Show

“[T]hat 2.5 Million number needs to be killed, buried, dug up, killed again and buried again,” Mark Bryant, head of the Gun Violence Archive, wrote to CDC officials after a meeting. “It is highly misleading, is used out of context and I honestly believe it has zero value – even as an outlier point in honest DGU discussions.”

People like monkeys! Psuboscis monkeys.



re: CDC

Idea du jour.

We get them to start pushing for prostate cancer screening at womens' health centers.

Time to start printing up the protest signs.

I did learn one thing today..


You're not supposed to say 'smoker', it's 'people who smoke'. Oddly, it means something different in Standard English ('people who smoke' nudges towards 'people who are on fire'), but remember, this is Crazytown.


The birth of AGI continues.



and in other news, what's the likely response?



Paul Emery

Changed my mind Gregory. Is that problem for you. Meanwhile your guy Trump needs help. Likely headed for the slam.


"Meanwhile your guy Trump needs help."

lol. ...and there you go George.

Paul Emery

Yeah he does need help scenes Working class people are pissed that they pay more income tax in most years than he does. Just another example of the privileged wealthy class ripping off the American people in this tough economic time especially. No wonder why he didn't want to release his taxes.

Donald j. Bessee jr

Let the TDS do your talking oh great ponytail of ignorance. Do you have a source for you contention @441 or is just more fevered TDS erruptions? LOL



If he was my guy, Punch, I'd be using his name nearly as often as you.

To have been a lawful disclosure of a tax return, it had to have been related to discussion of tax law, not a series of gotcha political smears.

Trump lost a bunch of money of his own being in office... Pelosi and biden got really, really rich. We need to see their returns including the big guy's subchapter S filings.


Posted by: psul Emery | 02 January 2023 at 04:41 PM

Oooh….it was bad then…..I mean for you to drop a “working class” reference.

Guitar music by itself can be pretty insipid…..think the staircase scene from Animal House! Maybe you should consider some percussion….


Just spitballing here!


re: Gregory@5:05PM

I assume that most (all?) pro politicians have clean-as-a-whistle tax returns. The time honored ways of paying people off, the really big money, seem to be off the books. Payoffs and jobs to relatives, speaking engagements & board memberships & sweetheart stock offerings after leaving office. God knows who the truly crooked congresspeople are, although my gut says that Maxine Waters or Zoe Lofgren have the best opportunities.

I don't get too worked up about it since it's always been the case. The rapacious behavior surrounding the Lincoln administration must have been a real sight to see. Problem is that there so *much* more money at stake, the feds didn't amount to much until, I think, FDR.

Why anyone thinks that the gubmint is anything besides a really really big company is beyond me, a monopoly in some fields. The best and worst of humanity is to be found, and I'm rarely surprised by their actions.

as a side note: it's also hard to get worked up by rich people who don't pay income tax when, well, they don't have income. Merely having an asset go up in value doesn't count I'm afraid. It makes for good clickbait though.

psul: "they pay more income tax in most years than he does. "

lol. 'He'. And we know who 'He' is. Hopefully George has his special 'He' place in the works.

People should probably save their anger for that jackwagon that runs BlackRock.

Paul Emery

Here you go Donald Bessee

It's all in here:


Let me know when you read it


psulorama @5:15PM Now you're just making me think of Ernie Kovacs.

Scott O

Paul 4:41 - "...another example of the privileged wealthy class ripping off the American people"

Poor comrade Paul. Please tell us - how much did they steal from you this year?


Posted by: Scott O | 02 January 2023 at 06:19 PM

Please tell us - how much did they steal from you this year?

Don’t trivialize this…..I personally saw Bill Gates reach into psul’s guitar case and pull out a fistful of change! It looked like mostly quarters too…. not just nickels and pennys!

Paul Emery

What is your justification for a multi-billionaire (according to trump himself) not paying any taxes for those years?

I paid taxes last year Scott, Trump paid none. Millions od other low income Americans paid their taxes Trump paid none. Is that alright by you?


Losing a shitload of money on a real estate deal isn't a great tax dodge, Punchy.

Trump apparently paid everything the tax law required.

Bill Tozer

Trump donated his salary to charity. Didn’t make a dime. Lost money.

Yabut, yabut, shoot the rwybit.

Don Bessee

The i am so ignorant of tax law and how making and losing money works in the real world. So provide your federal tax returns to prove you actually paid something other than sales tax oh great ponytail of ignorance.



This is how you make money from government.


I guess that psul is making the case that people should pay taxes even if they are losing money. Naturally property developers pay a boatload of money in taxes, it just ain't income tax.

Bill Tozer

You know, Trump might qualify for food stamps. Food stamps goes by projected INCOME, not any assets like big house(s) and fancy foreign cars you might have in the garage. Thing Trump likes that public housing on Pennsylvania Ave as well.

Image 200 companies, once as high as 500. Every 6-8 companies are under another managing company that trades assets or money between the sub-companies to go where it’s needed. From raising beef to fourteen dollar long sliced flaming piece of bacon cover in brown sugar syrup. The man from Queens. Working stiff. Thinks in three dimensions.

As I have said to Punchy before…..”I have twenty seconds. That should be more than enough time for you to explain how to run 200 companies in a myriad of fields with a 3% bankruptcy rate. Ask Joe.

Paul Emery

So then Trump is actually a money loser according to Gregory. Add this quote to his cavalcade of lies.

"“I have total net worth of $8.73bn,” he said. “I’m not doing that to brag. I’m doing that to show that’s the kind of thinking our country needs.”



It occurs to me that Trump paid quite a lot in taxes in the last year and a half.

Bidenflation (I mean, we are really screwed here folks) took a pretty pretty hefty chunk of old Donald's net worth...and mine. Joey Fingers loves to grab a piece of your assets.


Posted by: psul Emery | 02 January 2023 at 07:25 PM

I can’t wait to see you and Trump working the same corner!

Maybe you guys should rehearse by playing “Dueling Banjos”?! He can play the Ronny Cox character and you can be that poor inbred kid…

Bill Tozer

That poor inbred kid turned out to be Michael Avenatti. Paul could be the bastard red headed step child version of that poor inbred kid. Blue bloods. Ewe bloods.

Man, I Wonder if Trump’s tax lawyer has an opening. He would be a great tax dude.

Bill Tozer

Ok Paul. 40 seconds. Not corporate tax law. 40-45 seconds should be enough time for you to tells us how to run 200 businesses simultaneously with a 3% bankruptcy rate and add some filler. :)

Where are the thousands upon thousands of employee suits? Not even Rosa the maid?

Paul Emery

So Trump runs up 7.5 trillion in debt whild President and paid no taxes for several years. He's your guy Gregory, you never waver in your support nof this con man.


Posted by: psul Emery | 02 January 2023 at 07:56 PM

You didn’t care about deficits when it was Barry O’Dummy who was running up his and you don’t care about Senile Joey’s now.


Punchy, you don't love and cherish the poor... you just hate the rich. He has good accountants who knew the tax law as well or better than the room temperature IRS employees who audit the returns.

I don't hate the rich, and I don't love the poor. And because I don't hate Trump, whenever you have something you hate about him, I don't bite.

Bill Tozer

Ok Paul. Let’s sweeten the pot. I will give you the ample time of 47 seconds to tell us everything you know about corporate tax law, and/or more importantly, everything you know about General Accounting Principles, which happen to be stricter rules than the IRS.

A one, and a two, now hit it boys. Trump, Trump, Manly Man Trump



Paul, seriously, consider this chart.


To tell you the truth, I had no idea that it actually changed so much under Joey Fingers.

Seriously, a person needs to think a bit about how to survive this. Not as a profit-making opportunity but simply how to make it through the Time of Troubles this might imply. Maybe the upcoming simultaneous Bidenwar with China and Russia will help the economy.


"You didn’t care about deficits when it was Barry O’Dummy"

I really doubt he cares about Trump's deficits.

It's mostly just the fun of taking over George's Blog. Make the same six 'points' over and over, everyone responds, essentially no moderation at all. Ridiculous.

Bill Tozer

Blame OCD: Make that Generally Accepted Accounting Rules. Enron cleaned a lot of old ways out and they upped the license fees for CPA $128.00 to pay for it. Arthur Anderson loss 35,000 employees, took the hit, never to rise again. Framed and treated the Enron corporate executive like a rabid animal, literally dragging him out of his house in front of his kids. He was found innocent after all the smoke died down.

Anyway, corporate accounting is a whole ball of wax. Reverse entries, shares and shareholder laws, obscure carve outs for certain years on depreciation. 7 page footnotes for one entry line. Some page and a half footnotes, a lot of 2-3 paragraph notes, but public accounting thinks too weird. It’s not Generally Accepted Accounting Principles for sure . Plus and minus all mixed up.

NY Times Now Loves the FBI: SWAT Teams, Surveillance, Pressuring Social Media All Cool


WORST OF 2022: Celebrity Freak-Out Award


Don Bessee

So oh great ponytail of ignorance, should an elected official who gets busted for DUI drugs and alcohol resign given the failure of self-control and judgement? The world wonders.


Bill Tozer

On a more interesting note, you don’t see this one every day.

Walrus Wanders Into Harbor, Masturbates, Falls Asleep, Ruins New Year’s Fireworks


Must have found a barrel of rum floating out there.

Paul Emery

So in conclusion for today the RR regulars once again stand by their man Donald Trump. The Regulars include the fake Libertarian Gregory who is truly a Trump loyalist.


I heard a fly buzz when I died.


The former self-described Green Libertarian is delusional.

Paul, assuming you think there may be a valid measure of intelligence called IQ... what's yours? Is it less than 85?

Or is it your honesty and ethics that are broken?

Scott O

Paul - Income tax is based on income.
Please get some help, Paul.


A most excellent piece, all save Punch should read this unsigned editorial:


VDH may have had a hand in its creation.


George, a post of mine made this morning kicked the typepad bit bucket... might it be resurrected?


Liberalism as understood by Raymond Aron:

“The liberal believes in the permanence of humanity’s imperfection, he resigns himself to a regime in which the good will be the result of numberless actions, and never the object of a conscious choice. Finally, he subscribes to the pessimism that sees in politics the art of creating the conditions in which the vices of men will contribute to the good of society.”

Bill Tozer

I once thought this article might be premature. Not no more. Everyday is a day I have to plan for the man’s arrival.

The Tax Man Cometh


Paul Emery

Great fun watching the Republicans self destruct. Very entertaining. I wonder who their script writer is?

Bill Tozer

Nevada City Leftists:



George Rebane

Gregory 655am - Done.

Bill Tozer

National Park In Florida Keys Closes Indefinitely After 300 Migrants Land On Shores



re: BillT@9:48AM

Is this mentioned in there? (got tired of the paywallish thing)

"Jeffrey Younger has lost his court case to prevent his ex-wife from taking their son to California, where he could be medically transitioned. Younger has been trying to stop this from happening for years, and said that he has now reached the end of the line.

He wanted the courts to stop his ex-wife from taking the children to California and to protect his boys from medical mutilation at the hands of their mother, who is a pediatrician. The courts prevented him from forcing the mother to bring the boys back from California. Younger has accused her of using the children to help advertise her "inclusive," "gender affirming" practice."

Seriously, who was to know that turning kids into a lifestyle device to raise your own status would become the prime directive of Democrats. It wasn't enough to have all those buildings burn down during the Summer of Love.

re: Slavery.

I'm still looking for reparations for the Protestant galley slaves held by the French until just before the Revolution.


The Baleful Cargo of Woke Diversity Worship


Bill Tozer

Mr. scenes @ 10:31 am

“Is this mentioned in there?” No, but I was looking for your Jeffery Younger heartbreak earlier. State sanctioned irreversible sterilization and genitalia mutilation of those under the age of consent is a crime against humanity and to be thrown upon the pile of the Lefty sins against Nature, Nature’s God, and Mankind.
‘Affirming Deception’
An unexpected concession by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health reveals dishonesty in the American gender-medicine establishment.

Majority of Content on Twitter Competitor Mastodon Is Child Porn, Report Finds


Paul Emery

What a hoot to watch the pathetic Republicans trying to pick a House leader. The Dems are enjoying every moment of it.


Posted by: psul Emery | 03 January 2023 at 12:40 PM

Get back to me after you get your monkey......after that we can discuss correcting the course of your career. And as I've sure you noted based on the response to your first stab at Republican Leadership chat nobody here seems to give a crap.

So....monkey first ......then we'll see if we can find a way to get more change tossed into the case!


Punch prefers the spectacle of congresscritters goose stepping to the oldies that the House under Pelosi was soooo good at.

This can go 5 or 10 times or more. There will be a resolution eventually and I don't care too much what the resolution looks like.

Bill Tozer

Correlation vs causation vs coincidence.

Joe Biden goes to Ukraine, prosecutor investigating bank fraud, bribery, and corruption fired. Joe Biden goes to the US Virgin Islands…..

‘Virgin Islands Prosecutor Fired Days After Suing Major Bank Over Jeffrey Epstein Ties’


Barry Pruett

Shoot Paul. I am enjoying it too! Lol.


Barry... you think a Speaker will be chosen by February?

March would be ok... there's plenty of money waiting to be spent . No hurry.

Barry Pruett

Depends how much of a narcissist Kevin McCarthy is. Lol.


...balanced by the collective narcissism of the "freedom caucus" and offset by the absolute megalomania of the House Democrats.

Barry Wade Pruett

McCarthy paid the nickel to the establishment for years. Now he has to ride the ride.


Barry, much as a I'd like to see someone else, McC is probably the best your party will get, but please, do continue sawing off the nose to spite the face. For a few days.

Dems can hang together to pass huge bills and get them passed without anyone able to read them... you don't have the margin to make that kind of call.

Don Bessee

Here is one for the ponytail of ignorance, the final nail in the coffin of the rancid russian dressing lies -

Twitter deliberately exaggerated the extent of Russian influence on its platform in an attempt to appease the media and Democrats, even after internal investigations into the matter proved a “dud,” according to journalist Matt Taibbi, who released another batch of the Twitter Files today.

Twitter initially tried to stay out of the spotlight on the Russia issue in 2017, hoping Facebook would remain the main target of scrutiny from the media and Democrats. Twitter’s PR department even agreed on a media strategy to “keep the focus on FB.”

But the task force found little evidence of significant Russian involvement on the platform. In October 2017, the task force reported that it had found “no evidence of a coordinated approach, all of the accounts found seem to be lone-wolf type activity (different timing, spend, targeting, <$10k in ad spend).”

After reviewing 2,500 accounts manually, the task force could only find “32 suspicious accounts and only 17 of those are connected with Russia, only 2 of those have significant spend one of which is Russia Today…remaining <$10k in spend.”

“We think this is exhaustive,” concluded the task force.

What followed was a torrent of pressure from the media, liberal academics, and politicians. In a quote to Politico, one “intelligence expert” — Johns Hopkins professor Thomas Rid — said “were Twitter a contractor for the FSB… they could not have built a more effective disinformation platform.” Politico claimed that Twitter had “deleted data potentially crucial to Russia probes.”

In November, Buzzfeed released a report based on findings from the University of Sheffield in the UK, alleging a “new network” on Twitter that had “close connections to… Russian-linked bot accounts.”

Internally, Twitter concluded that while the accounts were linked to Russia, there was no evidence of them being linked to Russian intelligence. Moreover, the platform concluded that they were primarily German-language, and not active in the U.S. election.



Barry Pruett

I will tell you what is happening right now. Congressmen are hearing from their base. In fact, I gave my ex-wife who starts her 15th year working for Comgressman McClintock, a piece of my kind this morning. Lol. And the base hates Kevin McCarthy. They know who he is. They know that he has always been an establishment, used car salesman who will do whatever is popular. The base wants principled government and principal leadership. Consequently, McCarthy will start losing votes. He won’t be speaker without major concessions.


Barry, it takes a real big tail to wag the dog from the rear.

Good luck with that.


"Barry, it takes a real big tail to wag the dog from the rear."

What are the odds he starts passing out deals to Democrats for votes?

Lotsa handwaving about 'bipartisanship' and all that, as if the uniparty didn't exist already.

My favorite fantasy football is Trump as Speaker, but obviously the votes aren't there.

Paul Emery


Who would you like to see be Speaker of the House?


Sweet. The Future is Now.



re: Psul@6:52PM

I asked ChatGPT for an answer.

"It's a tough choice, but if I had to pick one of the current members, I would say that [candidate's name] would make an excellent Speaker of the House. [He/She] has a proven track record of standing up for Republican principles and fighting for what is best for our country. [He/She] has the experience and leadership skills necessary to effectively lead the House and push back against the Democrats' agenda. I have no doubt that [he/she] would be a strong and effective Speaker."


In general, I see the GOP base is upset that their legislators are not able to make home runs with the hands voters vote them.

After all, the power made Democrats do very well with that their voters give them, what with the help the deep state gives them and the cash that falls into their pockets public employee unions and non-public employee unions give them. SEIU, anyone?

Dems don't fight fair. Don't throw away the good because the perfect would be better.

Paul Emery


The biggest advantage the Dems have over the Repubs is that they're smarter, much smarter.

Don Bessee

Just like you oh great ponytail of ignorance? LOL



Punch, and your smarts saw you through the 12th grade?

They're not smarter, Punch. Sneakier. Better cheats.

Barry Pruett

The Dems are totalitarians. Plain and simple. If you don’t see that by now Paul you never will. The federal government needs to be dismantled. I am for that speaker.


Barry, that Speaker wasn't nominated and if they were, wouldn't get to the magic 218.

If the choice is the socialist from New York and a shitekicker from Bakersfield, who would you choose?

Btw I do like Scalise as a purple heart winner having survived being hunted by a bernie bro.

Paul Emery

Where do you start when you "dismantle" the Government Barry-How would that process work?


A different view:

"I'm personally not all that shaken. We had nine ballots to pick a Speaker in 1923. We had 133 ballots to pick a Speaker in 1855. So this is not unprecedented."

Newt Gingrich


Punchy 1040p

Low hanging fruit... can you list the kids the Department of Education is responsible for educating?

That's a trick question, as the D of E doesn’t educate anyone.

Cereal Liar

I take it this blog has Trump PTSD because of their desire to make their former guiding light and hero disappear from the airwaves.
But it is not to be. Trump is a media mogul and keeping his name in the news is his stock in trade. Sorry to say it but MAGA, like COVID, is endemic now.
Have you tried Psilocybin?


"Cereal Liar" (Keachie?) is the only poster mentioning that former president at this moment.


Are there any 'Progressives' who aren't grifters?

"Co-founder of queer Indigenous artists' collective in Wisconsin is unmasked as a WHITE woman - after claiming she was Native American and two-spirit"


"Kay LeClaire, who went by Nibiiwakamigkwe has claimed to be Native American"

Barry Pruett

You limit budgets and get rid of entities that are redundant at the state level. Dept of education. Dept of energy. FBI. CIA. DHS. DNI. We have like 17 intelligence agencies. How about we just have one? The money isn’t being used to help anyone for real. The money mainly goes to nonprofits and other entities in order to maintain control of the dialogue and control of the narrative. We have an expensive government that can’t solve problems. So let’s save money and get rid of it.


Barry, there is now less than 5% of the house-elect wanting a hard GOP line.

This might not be the time to dig in your heels.

The 8th ballot might be a good point to surrender and declare victory.


"We have like 17 intelligence agencies. How about we just have one? "

How about a privacy agency? Fund something at the level of the NSA that makes sure that people can't have their keyholes peeped through?

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's for the children.

There's probably a political rule of thumb here. Any intelligence service given sufficient time, people, money, comes to own the country they 'serve'.


This really is the best timeline.



Scenes 949a

There is no right to privacy in the Constitution.

Bill Tozer

scenes @ 10:43

Man o man, mind went immediately to Morticia Addams and Uncle Fester, with little Eddie Munster with his arms crossed.


Or perhaps Lily Munster and Uncle Fester. Shrek goes to Washington. Awesome, man.


"There is no right to privacy in the Constitution."

Is the implication that only things spelled out in the Constitution are in the domain of government?

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