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01 January 2023


Bill Tozer

They really do hate American citizens.


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Maybe the marijuana dispensaries will save us all.

Don Bessee

Tree huggers scuttle ev minerals in US -

However, Twin Metals' mining project contained about 88% of the nation's cobalt reserves in addition to vast copper, nickel and platinum-group elements. Such critical minerals are vital for various green energy technologies like electric vehicle batteries, battery storage facilities, solar panels and wind turbines, which the Biden administration has aggressively pushed.

For example, an electric vehicle requires 500% more mineral resources than a traditional gas-powered car, while a single onshore wind turbine plant requires 800% more minerals than a typical fossil fuel plant, according to the International Energy Agency.

"If Democrats were serious about developing renewable energy sources and breaking China's stranglehold on the global market, they would be flinging open the doors to responsible mineral development here in the U.S.," House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Ark., said Thursday in a statement. "We cannot have a future of renewable energy without minerals, period — not to mention their necessity to our defense systems, satellites, cellphones and virtually every other advanced technology."

"While Democrats play political ping pong with American industries, China and Russia are laughing straight to the bank," he continued. "The administration's decision to withdraw this mineral-rich area — blatantly targeting one of our country’s most promising mines — is short-sighted, foolish and completely unscientific.

"Unfortunately, President Biden doesn't seem to mind if Minnesota mining communities and the entire American economy pay the price."




"WATCH: Man discovers it will take 6 days for his Hummer EV to fully charge"

I was thinking about that one. 9k lbs of road-hugging, Civic-smashing weight. 250kWh of battery (!!!).

Good Lord. My envelope back sez that you need to double the power consumption in an average CA house to drive the average Bay Area commute. Imagine the fun with a typical drop to a house (200 amp?). I'd love to see an appropriate solar array.

Then add in the upcoming death of gas heat/water heater/stoves.

Exciting times.

Bill Tozer

From older Scattershots


[15oct22 update] ‘How EVs Can Power the Grid’ Well, they can’t really do that today, but governments are keenly interested in using the increasing number of EV batteries as a distributed storage cache for electricity. These EVs will have bidirectional inverters that let you plug in and charge your EV or, when the utility decides, then to drain your battery for the greater good of the grid users. Utrecht in Holland is leading the way in studying this possibility with the city’s EV charging stations. Implementing this V2G capability will give someone else the ultimate control of your EV - whether you can drive it or not, when and how far. No grousing allowed; it’s for the common good you see. (more here and here)



Bill Tozer

‘Brits yank back COVID vaccination program as US plunges forward with one-size-fits-all strategy’
Undercover video of purported Pfizer executive discussing how to mutate SARS-CoV-2 to keep vaccine "cash cow" going prompts investigative demand by Sen. Ron Johnson.


Don Bessee

Stupid congresscitters like swawel and others are tools of the chi coms and creepy grampa joe shut down the LE investigations of the chi coms malign actions -

Just months after Chu became an “honorary president” at AACYF in October 2012, the group began advertising a recruitment drive on behalf of the “Thousand Talents Plan” in March 2013, according to an archived version of the Chinese-language website.

The Thousand Talents Plan is a Chinese government program originally designed to recruit “high-quality overseas experts” and allegedly incentivize them to transfer U.S. intellectual property to China, according to Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman, ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

An archived version of the Thousand Talents Plan’s website states the program is managed by the Western Returned Scholars Association, which is a UFWD front group, according to the USCC. The Thousand Talents Plan is also a means of economic espionage, FBI Director Christopher Wray said during a 2020 event held at the Washington, D.C., Hudson Institute concerning Chinese government influence operations.



Beep Beep

@ 10:41 pm

Breitbart News reported this month that the House had a widely bipartisan vote (365 to 65) to create the Select Committee on Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party. Notably, even though some members did not vote, all 65 lawmakers who voted against the committee’s creation were Democrats, including Chu

Bill Evans

Melania Accuses Biden’s White House of Rearranging the Way She Decorated Private Quarters and She’s LIVID

Well, if there was ever a first-world problem, this is it.

Melania Trump is angry and has slammed the White House Historical Association for its new guidebook on the executive mansion, claiming it shows only a small amount of her restoration work and that “her deliberate styling of the furniture and accessories was significantly rearranged.”

Bill Tozer

Savages, unspeakable evil savages. You can’t mess with Mother Nature and expect no consequences.

Ten years out from having a "sex-affirming" surgery has resulted in a 34% suicide rate.
-22% to 45% of transgenders have attempted suicide. https://www.suicideinfo.ca/local_resource/transgender-people-suicide/


re: Bill Evans@6:38AM

The real first world problem is that that is even considered news-worthy. Everyone's mind lives in a combination of The National Enquirer and the WWF.

re: BillT@10:15PM

I've run into that business of using EVs as grid batteries before. It's usually (on Reddit especially) combined with a great deal of handwaving about the elegance of the solution, usually from the piehole of some computer programmer who writes code furthest from the metal.

It's likely I've mentioned this before (mea culpa and all that), but poking through the freshest California building code leads me to the conclusion that was is going on is that the power companies are attempting to push off the huge investment in solar and batteries onto the consumers. If everyone's new house has a clump of this stuff required, there's that much less from PG&E and their brethren to actually invest. Active management of your house's power usage and storage is some jiggery pokery to lower their need for more peak load capacity. Naturally, it's cheaper per kWh to do something on an industrial scale in the right area, but that costs money.

Generally, just think of all the fun the IoT will introduce. In your future is a surveillance refrigerator which warms up a bit when your neighbor's TV wall is showing Dear Leader in some fantastically complicated subgrid.


BillT: "Savages, unspeakable evil savages. You can’t mess with Mother Nature and expect no consequences. "

In an age of mentally-ill people doing unimportant things for a living, why would you expect anything different.

I just assume that the 'gender-affirming' medical establishment is as crazy as their patients.

Thinking about where it came from is an interesting problem, but I've got no satisfactory answer. Things can get strange in a hurry (the French Revolution or Rise of the Nazis being examples) so perhaps it's just part of the human condition. Something in factory-farmed foods or corn syrup? Hyper-sociality combined with electronics communications? Dunno.

Bill Spudnut

You would be upset too! Jill Biden had all the furniture reupholstered in the same patterns as her personal wardrobe!


Who wore it better....Jill or the sofa?

Bill Tozer

Scenes. I was just about to get some solar panels installed for free now that my permitted storage/shop/ag building is by one of these outfits…..until I read that the State of California is going to TAX you for having solar panels. Yep, they are going to do flyovers and count your panels from above. State of Californication.
That put the crimps on that idea. Tax me for panels???? As they say in the drug world, ‘the first one is free.’
As far as permanently and irreversibly mutilating and deforming CHILDREN under the age of consent, a fucked up thing is happening. For example, a 66 year old California dude with a penis who transitioned six years ago walks into the girls shower room and a 17 year old girl instantly becomes frightened and hides in the shower behind the curtain until the dude leaves. What is so upsetting to me is that radical trans community and San Diego City Council blamed the minor girl for feeling uneasy and it’s her fault!!!! If you say you are a woman, then you are, “end of discussion”. California. Like shaming a rape victim for wearing tight jeans. Unbelievable.

In today’s crazy mixed up and fucked up world, it you ain’t Woke then you are to the far right, no matter your liberal credentials. There is no middle ground with these folks. Either you are WOKE or you are a right wing extremist. If you are a shy girl who the only man in your life to ever see you naked was your Papa changing your diapers and some bald headed dude walks in, drops his towel and shows trout, then it is the girl’s fault for feeling uneasy. San Diego YMCA case. Talk about intolerant self centered bastards.

FUCK THE WOKE. Men telling women how they should feel or else. Rather misogynistic. Strike that. Very misogynistic. They are trying to erase women!

Bill Evans

AG Barr's inquiry into deep state weaponization surrounding the Russia inquiry breathed its last breath without finding anything because it was based on chasing after conspiracy theories.

Now the House wants to really get to the bottom of a lot of deep state weaponizations with their new weaponization and oversight committees. The oversight committee includes the usual suspects, Bobert, Taylor Greene, Jordan and Perry.

Will Marjorie Taylor Green discover the location of the Jew-ish space laser station hidden in deep space?

Bill Tozer

Build it in Idaho, destroy the land and send all the juice to CA.

Climate Extremists’ Hideous Wind Farms Are Coming To Your Backyard


Bill Wilson, have you had your top surgery yet? Get WOKE.


re: solar panels.

Isn't there some sort of new rule set that happens in April? New rate systems that make the selling-solar-to-the-power-folks less practical? Gotta love how gubmint subsidies and rules can distort a market. I'll bet there's lots of high speed paperwork going on right now from the solar salesmen.

Home solar strikes me as brilliant if your alternative is $50k worth of hookup, or you just want to be free of The Man. My favorites are simply lying the panels on the ground and avoid the other half of the expense (mounting). Perfect for Las Vegas or Phoenix.

Rather than simply cranking up property or income tax, the Great State of California will have to get money wherever it can in order to do more Good Deeds. My favorite is all the gushes of cash flow that were going to erupt from legal marijuana that naturally will never happen. We need to thank the Old Gods that it isn't practical for state government to simply borrow money to infinity and beyond.


Posted by: BBBill Evans | 27 January 2023 at 08:05 AM

I can't wait for you to start throwing around the racial epithets like you did during your unfortunate "Chink" period from a couple of years ago.

Are the other Greek Fishermans cap wearing nitwits comfortable letting you sit at the intellectuals table given your sordid racist history?

Bill Tozer

Why bother. I came across a name that sounded familiar. Then I realized it was that WOKE chick on the Union commenting pages before that went away. Holy smokes.

The topic is 4th of July fire works and how us knucklehead knuckle draggers like that stuff. And they WOKE have no tolerance for it.

“agreeing with those who are not fans (of firework displays).. the thing is, for many in these parts and in the country- this stuff is religion... and old paradigms of patriarchal, colonial and imperialistic mentalities control. these folks are in denial about climate change, the drought and numerous social issues that impact the health and well being of all. until these folks get untied from their outdated views, this stuff will be hard to change. it's a religion, common sense has no role.”

Well, that’s why carpet muchers don’t breed.


Bada bump bump bump da dump dump dump duh dump........Thank god Queen penned "Another One Bites the Dust" for all of the Moments of Progressive Fail such as this!

High school ‘White Power’ graffiti came from Hispanic gangs: police. “Detectives believe that the ‘white power’ tagging was a diversion tactic used by the gang to avoid law enforcement detection and was possibly done to exploit the recent protest at Caldwell High School. It is common for gang members to vandalize property in their attempt to create fear and intimidation within the community.”

Hispanic gangs......is there nothing they can't do?


"a 66 year old California dude with a penis who transitioned six years ago"

You have to wonder what the 'transition' part is. Wearing a pretty dress and size 15 heels? Truth is, no one wants to see a 66 year-old man in the shower room.

Given that so much of the economic 'activity' of the area consists of non-profits filled with white wimmen, there's probably a good case for this 'transition' concept of which you speak. A man's gotta eat after all.

I don't mind that adults want to display their kinks in public, simply reserve me the right to laugh at them and keep them away from the children. Regardless of what advances are made in this era in terms of science or the arts, my best guess is that we'll be most remembered for a generation of mutilated children with manipulated hormones. A society-wide experiment in debasement.

No telling what our robot lords and masters will make of it all. They'll probably have to pick a Year Zero (2010?) and train the learning models on nothing prior to that.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 27 January 2023 at 08:24 AM

Then I realized it was that WOKE chick on the Union commenting pages before that went away.....

Which "carpet muncher" ....Dick Howell, JoKe, some other sad sack NPC desperate to fit in up there.....? Gotta be specific!

C'mon man!


Posted by: scenes | 27 January 2023 at 08:30 AM

You have to wonder what the 'transition' part is.

I don't....!

....and these guys always seem to get there just in time for menopause....such as it is! The Grand Admiral, that horrible Pritzker creature, even poor Caitlyn!

Autogynephila stalks the land!


Mooch's streak continues.....

Scaramucci's Skybridge Suffers Massive Redemptions, Gates Investors After Losing 39% In 2022

-39%....ehhh that's not so bad!


Bill Evans


are you embarrassed by your fellow partisan wokees?

you seem angry.

Bill Tozer

fish @ 8:34 am

Sorry buddy, but I ain’t giving it up. Milo was right. He said SOJs stick together because nobody else likes to be around them….or invite them to parties.

Speaking of the self declared progressive, me thinks he sounds a wee bit frustrated. Ain’t easy living in a Red District. Imagine gerrymandering in a blue single party state.

Miss (from reader Rich Howell): To Republican rhetoric. Just this morning Congressman Kiley, in his blog, and Ted Gaines, in The Union, demonstrated an insulting contempt for local voters with inflammatory attempts to nail everything but the crucifixion of Jesus on Democrats without a shred of actual proof. In both cases, their messages were divisive pandering to the hardcore anti-government bases that they’ve helped create. We are not going to solve any of the problems that they so gleefully identify until we replace them with candidates, likely Republicans in our gerrymandered districts, that place problem-solving above non-stop campaigning.


"our gerrymandered districts"

I've always liked that theory. In order to include independents, I'll base this on Biden v. Trump voters (although the numbers cook out similarly to simply using party affiliation).

2020 Presidential Election (D) 63%

California Governor (D) 100%
California Senators (D) 100%
California Representatives (D) 77%
California State Senate (D) 80%
California State Assembly (D) 78%

Hey wait, maybe gerrymandering does exist. As usual, it's two wolves and a lamb.

Cereal Liar

Black Blue Lives Matter!
Or is is Blue Black Lives Matter!


Posted by: BBBill Evans | 27 January 2023 at 09:29 AM

I am angry...intensely angry..... at trying to keep all your sock puppets straight!


And now hungry....toodles!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 27 January 2023 at 09:38 AM

....without a shred of actual proof.

Yeah...there's a phrase that's aged badly coming out of the mouth of a senile progressive.


" Or is is Blue Black Lives Matter!"

Given the size of the Racial Industrial Complex, I'd say it's all about the Green.

Bill Tozer

SOJs? Milo said SJWs stick together cause nobody wants to be around them. Mega Cappa. I certainly don’t want anything to do with them, especially on the 4th of July.

Beep Beep

Black blue black blue black blue black blue blue…sounds like kicking an Antifa down the stairs.

Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

That takes diversity hire to a whole new low level. -




fish at 9 02
zero hedge.com is owned by Krassimer Ivandjiiski, former KGB from Bulgaria.
Simple search on whois shows him as the registrant.
When you quote Russian sponsored websites that are obvious propaganda outlets,
are you actually expecting credibility?


Posted by: S.Butler | 27 January 2023 at 01:33 PM

Hi Roberta! How you been baby?


Hey....? Where'd Robutler go?

Bill Tozer

‘Russian bot tracker implicating 644 accounts as disinformation was a 'scam': Twitter Files’
"Instead of tracking how 'Russia' influenced American attitudes, Hamilton 68 simply collected a handful of mostly real, mostly American accounts, and described their organic conversations as Russian scheming."


50 dollars for deck screws?!?!?!?!? Nope, $57 for deck screws. Thanks a lot Biden.

Brought to you by Bulter Amusements.

Yo fish, I think Lavender is sweet on you.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 27 January 2023 at 02:18 PM

Yo fish, I think Lavender is sweet on you.

Who could blame xer?

Bill Tozer

Offensive to who? Not to me. Screw the French.

"The poor, the mentally ill, the French"

AP Apologizes For ‘The French’ Tweet That Triggered Viral Backlash

Kinda French related

WARMINGTON: Decoy plan only partially works as Justin Trudeau gets rude heckling in Hamilton



Posted by: S.Butler | 27 January 2023 at 01:33 PM

So, I guess you failed geography... Bulgaria isn't Russia. It isn't now and it never was.

And the old Soviet Union wasn't Libertarian, was it? Not even a bit?

Bill Tozer

They will never stop. Dr. Rebane concluded that they are evil. I have concluded the same.

‘Critics Say Latest Lawsuit Against Beleaguered Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker Inevitable After Weak SCOTUS Ruling’

Back to @ 2:18 pm

“The latter’s advisory panel includes former acting CIA chief Michael Morell, former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, former Hillary for America chair John Podesta, and onetime Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol," Taibbi wrote.”

Bill Kristol, John Podesta……nice cast of characters.

Bill Tozer

More? More secret codes? They just keep finding more and the codes keep popping up.
Rubin goes to Frisco for two days. Elon still working at midnight. Pull out one toothpick and the whole thing could crash.

‘Elon Musk reveals ‘secret’ Twitter labels causing shadowbans on conservatives
Musk made the revelation to Dave Rubin during a late-night pow-wow.’


Kinda groovy how much the Left hates Musk now. Welcome to the Extreme Right Wing, Elon.

Bill Tozer

You know, I am gobsmacked how fast things are moving in the last 18 months. Like the ole Q&A, “How did you go bankrupt?” “First slowly, then quickly.” When I look back five years, then two years, and now the last year, things have greatly accelerated. Seemingly in a blink of an eye, we have gone from biological sex to biological sex is tossed aside and it’s all about gender identity with biological not even a consideration. Amazing. Same with the Deep State. They no longer try to hide the Deep State or deny it, but rather they are acting out the open like the Deep State would.

‘Are You a Boy, or Are You a Girl?’



Ivandjiiski Sr. was a member of the Bulgarian Committee For State Security, DS for short.
The Bulgarian DS was the USSR KGB’s most reliable allied service during the Cold War.
The DS carried out wet work for the KGB in the western countries, a notable example would be Georgi Markov in London.


Posted by: Robutler | 27 January 2023 at 03:39 PM

UR funny


Bulgaria is Bulgaria, not Russia. Yes? Member of the EU and of NATO?

"bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east"

Don Bessee

Lets end something we dont have a replacement for and kill thousands of jobs -

Because of this, the California Air Resources Board is proposing a ban of chromium or chrome-6 by 2027 and a ban on the use of the compound for industrial durability by 2039. But the board may have a fight on its hands as both the automotive restoration industry and many of the state’s industries that rely on the compound are up in arms. The board knows that this ban would have huge implications across industries statewide, acknowledging that several thousand jobs could be lost.

If the ban is approved, state officials are allocating $10 million per year for the first three years of the ban to help the industry transition. That transition into what exactly isn’t clear. Bryan Leiker, executive director of the Metal Finishing Assn. of California said that the industry isn’t ready. “California is trying to force something to happen that’s not ready to happen. The consequences are going to be disastrous because you can lose an entire industry,” he said.



S. Butler

What would Bulgaria’s borders have to do with the KGB’ s and it’s allies operations ?

Most of the alt right leaners on this sight wouldn’t be curious enough to question the backgrounds of some of their sourcing,
but for those that are curious, Krassimer Ivandjiiski Sr.’s history would likely raise an eyebrow or two.

zero hedge routinely prints story’s favorable to the Kremlin, dissing the Mueller report for one, also the Malaysian jet that went down in Ukraine. 3-4 Russians were implicated by a Dutch investigation, zero hedge immediately comes out with some other explanation.


Those "operations" ended 32 years ago.

"Most of the alt right leaners on this sight(sic) wouldn’t be curious enough to question the backgrounds of some of their sourcing"

No one here leans "ALT-right", and the word you were searching for was "site".

What a maroon! What an ignoranimus!

Bill Tozer

The KBJ does not exist.
Interesting take. Moi more focused on the end. What’s a Dick Howeller to do? What’s an old time Dem to do? Hillary Clinton made the deliberate choice to leave the middle class moderate working stiff behind. So has Sloppy Joe.

Jonathan Tobin
‘Ron Klain and the demise of moderate Democrats’


Bill Tozer

that little congresslady with a gun knows how to ger er done. packs a bunch in a NY minute. Get er done!


Bill Tozer

Judge, tell me what Article V of the Constitution does. Article II?
30 seconds of jaw dropping confirmation hearing.


Don Bessee

Why work or stop being a leach -

“About three-quarters of those respondents (72 percent) plan to take on these bills themselves within the next two years, but 30 percent admit they will be riding the wave until they’re told otherwise,” according to the report.



Don Bessee

Ya gotta love the underdogs! LOL Defense wins Superbowl's!

49ers shirt appears on Rocky Balboa statue ahead of NFC title game vs. Eagles




No alt right leaners...?
Maybe more like alt lite, less filling with less white supremacy?
Still anti immigrant, anti feminism, anti globalism.

Breitbart is a pretty regular source for content on this sight.
Steve Bannon described Breitbart as “the platform for the alt right.”

zero hedge is classified as alt right. Bannon is a big fan of zerohedge.

Don Bessee

The scaredy cat krauts demanded we give tanks to unlock the flow of leopard 2s older models sitting in warehouses and in a lot of NATO countries. The brits sending a dozen of theirs is a logistical nightmare as they are not NATO standard tank rounds. They could free up tanks from the Belarusian line though.

The Abrams is a jet engine they have no experience with and will take a lot of time to train up. The kraut tanks are big diesels like the tanks the Ukrainians are used to. That engine is also a logistical nightmare.

The fact that rineametal is massively expanding ammunition production capability and the brits talking about building a tank round facility in Poland is a must for NATO to really be ready given the lesson we have learned about combat in the 21st century is that you can stop them but it takes a ton of anti-tank shoulder fired and 155s and tank shells. The US is also getting real about ammo production for tanks and 155s from 14k a year to 200k a year. -

Germany’s Scholz, Instrumental in Securing U.S. Tanks for Ukraine, Emerges With Little Credit



Scott O

S Butt-head 9:23 - "Still anti immigrant, anti feminism, anti globalism."

Ah, name calling. The go-to for the intellectual left.
Beats having to do the hard lifting of facts, reason and logic.

Don Bessee

The pussies in creepy grampa joes woke admin are letting those mutha mullahs get away with murder and dont strike back! -



Don Bessee

Well that would make sense -

NATO and the US should be giving the Ukrainians Challenger 1’s and avoid the logistics nightmare - Why is NATO not offering to purchase some 200-400 recently retired Challenger 1 tanks from the Kingdom of Jordan, with all the spare parts that will come with them, and supply those to Ukraine, avoiding the logistics mess?

While the Challenger 1's are not front-line technology, they are still pretty damn good. They are vastly superior to the T-72 – pretty much the equivalent of the M1A1 Abrams – have the record for the longest tank-to-tank kill, 4700 meters, and the Challenger’s that took part in the first Iraqi war acquitted themselves well by destroying 300 Iraqi tanks without incurring a single loss.

No, they aren’t today’s technology, but their fire control systems, night vision, and armor are still superior to almost anything the Russians can throw at them (they have already proven they can have a field day with the T-72).



Bill Tozer

Soy Bulter @ 9:23 pm.
Yes! I am still anti-illegal immigrant. Illegal alien bad, legal immigrant good. Everyone who came in through Ellis Island (or numerous designated points of entry) was/is a legal immigrant. With permission vs without permission. As recent as 2006, Senator Joe Biden said he will be bucking some Democrats by voting for 700 miles of border fence. Legal immigration good, illegal entry bad. I ain’t going to change my views.
I, as a US citizen, cannot enter this country anywhere I choose. It’s against the law for me to walk across the border, northern or southern, anywhere except a legal point of entry. We are a nation of laws, not by men.
Perhaps too provocative for the Lefties to grasp and definitely too provocative for the WOKE and SJWs to touch with a ten foot Tiki Torch, but definitely in line with the ‘old’ true liberals, civil libertarians, Libertarians, and Constitutionalist to gladly embrace.

My, my, how off track and derailed the ACLU has fallen. And the Lamestream Media. And the Progressives. Liking it is not an option or requirement.

‘Why we must fight for the right to hate’
Every struggle for civil rights and equality has depended on freedom of speech



Mr Toes, thank's for the link...
... a piece by the great Ira Glasser, head of the ACLU back in the days when it was worth being a part of. I've seen little from him lately.

Yes, I am also proudly anti-illegal-alien.
And proudly anti-critical-feminist.
Anti-Marxist, in other words. Pro logic, pro reason, pro Enlightenment, pro John Locke and pro Jefferson. What used to be called "Liberal".

"Breitbart is a pretty regular source for content on this sight(sic)"
The Butler isn't going to rise above his low station in life if he can't learn the difference between "site" and "sight". A second correction, harsher than the first.

Scott O

re the essay by Ira Glasser - It's sad to me that this sort of idea has to be constantly repeated, but I suppose it's a new idea to some and a reminder to those whose proclivities run to the authoritarian side of politics.
The main thrust of the piece was one I've heard since the 60's.

"I'd better support my enemies' right to express ideas because it ensures I'll always be able to express mine."

There's actually a better reason than that. Or at least just as important. I like to know what the heck is going on in the world around me. I can't know everything and I can't trust a lot of what I do pick up, so it's vital I have as broad and as open a conduit to everyone's ideas and thoughts as possible to have the best handle on reality. It is important that I am able to opine openly, but even more important that I am able to hear others' opinions.
I can pick one nit in his essay:

"In a democracy, the majority rules. I support that, of course. But I don’t want the majority to rule everything."

Sorry, Ira - we're not a democracy. We're a republic.
The last thing I'd want is to be ruled by the majority. Have you noticed over the decades the drek on TV the 'majority' wants?
We are to be ruled by the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. We democratically elect humans to carry out the duties of the govt. The reason we had slavery was because enough people in power wanted to use other humans as animals and it took decades even after the Civil War until our country finally started to actually follow the Constitution fully.
We stray from our origins when we elevate those in political power to the status of lords who rule as ones who are above the law. Have you noticed all the rules and laws those in office don't have to follow? And the common rabble so worshiped by the left keep letting this go on. No wonder I have no desire to be ruled by the majority.


So when the executive chairman and founding board member of Breitbart describes his website as “the platform for the alt right”,
your not an alt right or alt lite leaner when you consistently gravitate to it and frequently reference it?

Another characteristic of alt right/alt light is the belief that the left is destroying American culture. Pretty common theme that gets repeated. They are not one size fits all terms but when you have a few characteristics it establishes a pattern

Bill Tozer

Without my commentary…..

‘The administration routinely disregards the Constitution, federal statutes, and republican norms.’


Bill Tozer

Without my commentary…..

‘The administration routinely disregards the Constitution, federal statutes, and republican norms.’


 Bill Tozer



Repost….from another source and easier format.




CNN Just Suffered Its Worst Ratings Week in 9 Years

But how can that be? It’s an approved source.....vetted, endorsed, and gatekept by all the right people.

Goodthinkers all!


CNN Just Suffered Its Worst Ratings Week in 9 Years

But how can that be? It’s an approved source.....vetted, endorsed, and gatekept by all the right people.

Goodthinkers all!

Bill Tozer

'Results are changing quickly': Media, Big Tech take pains to bury Pfizer 'mutate' video


Bill Tozer

Results are changing quickly': Media, Big Tech take pains to bury Pfizer 'mutate' video


Bill Tozer

Results are changing quickly': Media, Big Tech take pains to bury Pfizer 'mutate' video


Bill Tozer

CNN sucks, CNN sucks, CNN sucks, CNN sucks. What say you, Cheryl DeepFried Cooked

Bill T

Before we all roll our eyes and say #Filegate is old news and getting stale, consider that the #Filegate is like a diamond. There are soooo many aspects to the story, so many angles……the table facet, star facets, main facets, and break facets and yet to be connecting the dots, if you prefer targeted to my evil sojourners.

Like, if I was kind of Twitter, I would be hiring a bunch of the best techies and creative programmers and Gregory types. But no. Twitter hired a laundry list of former Foreign Security experts, former FBI top dogs, former DHS, CIA, and Intel folks. Why do former government Intelligent honchos gravitate to Twitter, FB, Google….social media? And why did Twitter fill the top spots with former government (and foreign government) intel and NSA and government enforcement types? Well, that is another angel and those question of why, why, why can wait for another day.

Meanwhile, the facet of the day: The Hamilton 68 Dashboard.




People like the Fat Fuck Morbidly Obese Jeff the FUE have been putting people into one of two buckets for many years: you're either a "moderate" like him, or on the Hard Right. Bullpucky.

Butler, you are giving the folks you know you hate a choice between Alt-right or Alt-lite. Sorry, you don't get the right to choose which bucket.

Most of the folks here have chosen a Republican bucket. George Rebane further chooses a "conservatarian" bucket.

I once choose a Democratic label, until it became clear DEMS were becoming woke many years ago. So I chose to jump into the Libertarian bucket as the only group that I could reliably vote for without holding my nose.

I don't fit any of the ugly names you want to pin on me. Fuck you, "Butler".

Scott O

"the belief that the left is destroying American culture."

Nah - kids getting their bodies mutilated is a wonderful development. It works so well, their suicide rate goes way up!
And sexualizing 2nd graders! Why didn't we go with that a long time ago?
Gee - what a wacky, odd belief.

Bill Tozer

Not the best article on the subject, but does contain some nuggets. Human nature.

‘Socialism: A Grab-Bag of Superstitions’
Superstitionism is no basis for a system of government.

“Socialism was never great and its colossal failures and deadly repressions have been carefully documented. Even so, current “progressives” judge socialist regimes by their rhetoric and nations such as the United States on their records. This is empowered by willful ignorance and dogma. The ersatz religion of socialism is best understood as a grab-bag of superstitions

Consider the notion that when people gain election to office or get a government job, they automatically lose all human vices. For all but the willfully blind, they don’t. It is also pure superstition that politicians and bureaucrats never use their power against political dissenters or to the detriment of the people in general. As a matter of fact, ruling class types do it all the time.

According to popular belief, politicians and bureaucrats have the ability to plan an entire economy for the benefit of all, with no downside. F.A. Hayek refuted that superstition in The Road to Serfdom, fully endorsed by John Maynard Keynes. Ruling-class types show little familiarity with Hayek, and little evidence that they read much of anything beyond the scripts penned by their handlers.

The Left contends that governments can keep printing money and continue lavish spending forever, with no downside to future generations. That is one of the most active superstitions on the current scene, along with the notion that expertise in one academic discipline automatically transfers to economics and political wisdom. For a refutation of that superstition, see Albert Einstein’s letters to Sidney Hook in Out of Step, a book rich in revelations.”

Bill Tozer

An Idiot’s Guide to Glowing Coverage in the New York Times


It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish from the Leftinista narrative, the WH narrative, the MSM narrative, and the DNC narrative. Strike that. It’s not getting harder, it has become carved in stone. The Industrial Democrat Media Complex. They all look, smell, and feel alike to me.

Bill Tozer

Just out of curiosity…..the FBI has been up the Google’s ass for awhile. 2013. One decade ago.

‘Justice Department tries to force Google to hand over user data’


Don Bessee

Who the hell hired this rot from within and wtf does this mean -

He discussed in the first part of the lecture how "Black, Latin*, and Asian QT students’ narratives of experience reflect forms of intersectionality, or instances of oppression and resistance at intersecting systems of white supremacy and cisheteropatriarchy (or white cisheteropatriarchy)."

He also explained how he used his analytical framework, "STEM Education as a White, Cisheteropatriarchal Space,” to show how intersectional oppression among undergraduate QT students of color "unfolds across three interconnected levels of influence in undergraduate STEM: ideological, institutional, and relational."

The second part of the lecture focused on applying Leva's framework and research findings to contend that undergraduate mathematics education "operates as a white, cisheteropatriarchal space that limits learning opportunities affirming of queer of color identities and experiences."




"Leyva based his argument on research that examined the educational experiences of 39 undergraduate students of color majoring in STEM fields who identify as queer or transgender (QT)"

Don, what it means is that the 39 undergraduates of color who were Queer or Trans were in over their heads in math, science and engineering and therefore it was due to them being discriminated against.

Unstated is that a professor of math education can't do the math at that level.

Don Bessee

@628 Sounds like they are tearing down meritocracy and replace it idiocracy!


Bill Tozer

This fine day would not be complete without a link from Breitbart. Breitbart, Breitbart, Breitbart. Did I mention Breitbart? If not, Breitbart, Breitbart, Breitbart, Bannon, Bannon, Bannon, Breitbart.
“That’s a fine mess the WOKE has gotten us into now, Ollie.”

‘Violent Child-Stalking Transgender Prisoner Set for Transfer into Scottish Women’s Prison: Report’

I don’t trust the source. So…..

‘Trans ideology has robbed us of our humanity’
The chilling case of rapist ‘Isla Bryson’ shows us how wokeness has deranged us.

“Rest In Power!” : Drag Queen Story Hour UK Founder Fundraising For Convicted Child Sex Offender’s Funeral


Gender Identity now has trumped sex. Biological sex now off the table. Age is just a social construct and is fluid. The Dems have hitched their wagon to a fine shooting star.

Don Bessee

People have periods? really -



Scott O

BT - "The Dems have hitched their wagon to a fine shooting star."

S Butler says it's great! He finds it silly that some weird, odd, screw-ball alt-rightists think that the left is destroying our culture.
Men can get pregnant and a SCOTUS pick from the left that has no idea what a woman is.
Don't forget the need for sanitary napkins in the boys' bathrooms in 7th grade.
The police are the cause of crime and torching a building isn't violence! Words are violence now.
It's a brave new world and you old conservatives had better toss out your dictionaries as they contain hate speech and out of date meanings.

Bill Tozer


Thar she blows! Another one pops their cork. Quick men, to the fainting couch. I am horrified I tell you, HORRIFIED!! Stand back, the dam is busting.

Such an angry lot.

“I’m horrified by the blatant disregard for adhering to basic ethics requirements shown by Kevin Kiley and the new MAGA House leadership. For all their talk of draining the swamp, their actions have been swampy in the extreme: gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics, creating sham committees to undermine investigations into the January 6 insurrection, and using their very first vote to make it easier for the ultra-rich to cheat on their taxes. Kevin McCarthy even became speaker thanks to secret back-room deals, handing inordinate power to the worst people in Congress, like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, in exchange for their support. With their actions, they’ve shown us that their first and only priority is their own power, not helping regular Americans or strengthening our country.

Pat Ferguson

Meadow Vista

Well, PF must be referring to the going nowhere Consumption Tax that Mc Carthage floated to appease the Insurrectionist Gang of 20. Like, when Congress passes a resolution that goes nowhere just to get on record. Like the Dems Congresscritters putting forth a bill to impeach Trump on his first day in office for…for….for being a bigot.p! Spare me. But, it did pacify the unhinged among ‘the base’. Like Capsizing Hank.

If you really want to get an eyeful. what “the first and only priority is their own power” looks like, may I suggest you purchase a mirror, dearest Pat.

S. Butler

Anti immigrant, anti feminism, anti globalism, and the belief that the left/ liberals are actively working to destroy American culture are shared characteristics of alt right and the alt lite, according to the Anti Defamation League.
Up to individuals to evaluate if they’re included in that or not.

The Breitbart question remains, “what do call a regular Breitbart user considering its co founder declared it “a platform for the alt right”.


Posted by: Robutler | 28 January 2023 at 08:15 PM

Anti immigrant, anti feminism, anti globalism, and the belief that the left/ liberals are actively working to destroy American culture are shared characteristics of alt right and the alt lite, according to the Anti Defamation League.
Up to individuals to evaluate if they’re included in that or not.

Who needs Breitbart to think any of that......yes(illegal), yes, yes and yes.

Don Bessee

They sure love labels but have no argument or logic. What web sight do you follow? LOL


Don Bessee

Here is one for the sock puppet and their hypocrisy -



Bill Tozer

Anti- feminist? Which wave. First, second or current wave? New feminism is cancer.
Correction! I made a grievous error! I said the YMCA shower kerfuffle was played out at the San Diego City Council. Me bad. It was a city in the San Diego area. To error is human, to forgive is DEVINE. She’s the one with the big tits.

Megan Kelly must be one of those anti-feminist TERFS (Transphobic Extreme Radical Feminist) and misogynist just like JR Rowlings. TERF, TERF, anti-woman fucking TERFS! Misogynist! Extremist! Radical! Alt-right!!

‘No F***ing Man Is Ever Going To Have’: Megyn Kelly Speaks Out Against Trans Person Claiming To Have OB-GYN In YMCA Locker Room Defense

“Why is it making my blood boil that Christynne claims to have a gynecologist?” Kelly shared. “It’s making my blood boil … Part of it is, I just actually went to the gynecologist. Actual women have to go to the gynecologist once a year. When you just delivered a baby, you spend your life with your gynecologist and your OB-GYN.”

“There are things that are particular to that exam and that relationship that no f***ing man is ever going to have,” Kelly blasted. “So that guy doesn’t have a gynecologist. That guy has a hole that a surgeon created at best. I’m sorry, it’s like infuriating because there are things that make women special.”
“And there are things that we’ve overcome and that we must overcome as women in order to thrive in this life,” she added. “Whether it’s the threat of sexual violence, or, you know, being attacked as we walk home from college bars to our dorms, or the fears that you have when you go to the gynecologist or when you are pregnant with a baby.”
“All those things, they’re baked in,” the host continued. “And it’s part of what makes women so incredible and strong and you can’t just become one and take all of our things because you did or did not have a surgery or you put on a dress. It doesn’t work like that…”


Best they can do is a surgical wound, which by definition tries to close itself up during the healing process. I got an gynecologist, but ain’t got no birth canal.


Scott O

Butler - You're just repeating yourself. A sure sign of inebriation.
Maybe you could actually come up with some proof of all of your BS?
Like, maybe point out actual things we conservatives have posted that would indicate what you are claiming we are?
Nah - we didn't think you could.
This isn't DK or Slate or Salon where you can just lob lies at us - you have to have facts and proof.
Maybe you could get an adult to help you.


Again sadly topical:
"Everybody knows, if the police have to come get you they're bringing an ass kicking with them"


"How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police", a public service announcement by The Chris Rock Show.

Don Bessee

Hey look the eu moving to enforce the rule of law -

The letter stated that Ms von der Leyen wants the EU to create a list of safe countries for immediate deportations and invited member states to sign up for a scheme in the first six months of 2023 to increase the speed of asylum procedures and process immediate deportations for those who do not meet asylum requirements.

Thursday’s meeting comes after comments from EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, who stated on Wednesday, “Of course, those that are not eligible to stay in the European Union have to be returned to their country of origin,” and added that the number of successful deportations “needs to be increased.”

Last year, the European Union saw the largest number of illegal entries since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015 and 2016, with the border agency Frontex reporting around 330,000 illegal entries in 2022.



Don Bessee

Choice is a good thing when the kids have to run the gauntlet of groomers and marxist indoctrinators. -

Iowa just latest government-school domino to fall, and there's nothing teachers' unions can do about it
More states are empowering more parents with the freedom to choose the education that works best for their kids



Cereal Liar

Don Bessee, "Krauts"? Someone didn't get over world war II yet?


"Anti immigrant, anti feminism, anti globalism, and the belief that the left/ liberals are actively working to destroy American culture are shared characteristics of alt right and the alt lite, according to the Anti Defamation League."

You can argue that feminism, globalism and immigrantism (xenophilia?) destroy American culture, so maybe it's a fair cop. Perhaps that butcher's bill was always due after the frontier disappeared and the move away from self-employment and self-sufficiency was largely complete.

I think the mistake is blaming some famous public figure or the other. Donald Trump and JFK are blood brothers in terms of nearly insane amounts of ambition combined with a lack of moral compass. Hillary would have been no better. These people come and go, the water closes over their head and they've been around since Ur.

I'd say that the big difference is a slower and more difficult to quantify one. I was watching a youtube video on objects held by the British Museum, almost always formerly owned by some wealthy family who fell on hard times (or the stuff was snagged via statute). Drinking vessels that went from being a prized possession in the drawing room to being one of 500 on a dark shelf somewhere.

The curators look almost identical to all of our local 'non-profit' employees, county employees, HR departments, the bureaucracy generally. Typically women in their 30s or 40s who are in charge, uniquely, of the great ship of state for this first time. Ownership of nice things follows power.

The thing is, you can expect the world to more reflect those peoples' prejudices, fears, desires over time. If that has the side effect of destroying 5000 years of additive human culture, well that's tough. These people only have the power you give them.

Jon Smith

Is GR still in the hospital leaching off of socialized Medicare? The guy doesn't walk his talk. He should hold his head in shame.


'Luis Leyva, assistant professor of mathematics education at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, described it (undergraduate math education) as a "white, cisheteropatriarchal space"'

I do like that phrase, although it's too long for a band name.

Seriously, you can't blame the guy for clawing his way up the status ladder by latching onto the Latest Thing.

Someone is missing a bet, perhaps it's already happened, by not putting together a machine learning model that generates BS sociology papers. We could automate the study of rape culture at dog parks. Everyone gets tenure.

Next up is the formation of civil engineering departments based on a one,two,many system of numbering.

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