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01 February 2023


D. Pecker, Enquirer


Are you saying you don't think all the election denying, Jan. 6 whatever you want to call it, claims of stolen elections are grievances?

Let's not forget the exploitation of unfounded angst, the fanning of false narratives, and the suppression of democracy.


peckerwood 1106a

Had this piece run in December instead of February


there'd have been a real insurrection stopping the elector count.

Don Bessee

So many still have the stench of rancid russian dressing. -



Bill Tozer

NBC Shock Report: Feds Could've Stopped Jan. 6 Riots From Happening


Bill Tozer

CBS Treats College Board With Kid Gloves Over Woke AP Course, Ducks DeSantis Scoring K.O.


What does Queer Theory have to do with AP African American Studies?

Who is they victim today?


Posted by: D. Pecker, Enquirer | 01 February 2023 at 11:06 AM


Are you saying....

Gee.....which of the regulars who always insists posting with his real name starts 90% of his tantrums with an, "Are you saying...", or a "So -insert name here-"?

Wonder, wonder, wonder?


"scenes, Are you saying you don't think all the election denying, Jan. 6 whatever you want to call it, claims of stolen elections are grievances?"

Any complaint is a grievance, so you could argue that any political movement is fraught with them. The primary difference is that Team Red has the occasional outburst (very occasional) while Team Blue has made public demonstrations, mostly peaceful, a near constant feature of modern times. I can see how Jan 6. or the Dudes With Torches at Charlottesville (along with the Challenger of Peace) really stick out as it's so darned rare.

Turning the US in a giant version of London (universal surveillance, mostly POC, lots and lots of rules, whackin' big welfare state) is a tricky matter mostly due to angry white men, so I see the problem. You are dealing with the most competent portion of the electorate, in terms of both everyday and war-fighting skills, and I don't know if they'll go gentle into that good night. Re-imagining a society requires a lot of egg breaking and I'm not sure whose eggs will be broken.

" the suppression of democracy."

I'd say that came mostly as the result of absolutely brilliant, and legal (mostly), moves by the DNC. The fasttracking of mail-in ballots with questionable ID requirements due to COVID, the turning of internet communications oligopolies into paid-up members of the Democratic party complete with propaganda and censorship, etc. Add in the winning of a candidate who hid in a basement vs. one with huge retail crowds, and it's pretty obvious that something hinky happened in 2020.

To be fair, you should see how much sketchiness went into an FDR or Lincoln campaign.

D.Pecker, Enquirer


See Gregory's post above. Plenty of sketchiness back in Lincoln's day too.

The sketchy part was the disinformation campaign led by Individual One and his shadow groups of grievance influencers.

D.Pecker, Enquirer

Lincoln distributed counterfeit tickets for the 1860 Republican National Convention to his supporters to help successfully win the nomination, among other things.


D.Pecker, Enquirer

Who were the original "woke".

I am leaning toward religious groups.


"Plenty of sketchiness back in Lincoln's day too."

Exactly as I said. A lot of ugly stuff happens in government.

Currently reading a book on the death of Detroit as an automotive power. The amount of chicanery, political grandstanding, etc. from people like Moynihan, R. Kennedy, Ribicoff, is pretty remarkable.

I can think of several ways in which this is worse than larger private organizations (corporations for one).
. Your membership in government, as a subject, is non-negotiable. You don't have to buy a car from GM or a computer from Apple.
. Government has the ability to kill, torture, imprison, depending on the whims of those running the levers.
. Government's reach grows over time. A larger percentage of the economy in tax dollars, to redirect to it's friends. Direct and indirect control of those things it doesn't outright do.

All this to deal with the issue of village commons, badly behaved neighbors, the occasional bit of standardization.

They always seem to grow until they break.

D. Pecker, Enquirer

Detroit is not exactly dead. But it has morphed. It had to. I really enjoyed the Ford v. Ferrari movie. Sometimes the corporate world eats its own.
Some chicanery illustrated there in the various levels of management.
Japan dealt a major blow to Detroit in the aftermath of the 70s gas crunch.


Who were the original "woke".

I am leaning toward religious groups.

Depends on the restrictions to the definition. 'Woke' originally came from those who were 'alert to racial prejudice and discrimination'. An independent observer would notice that the alert was either trivial, bi-directional, or imagined most of the time. I'd have to say that the average white person (which is what this is all about) is indifferent to black people rather than disfavorably inclined. Hang out with someone from India or Singapore if you want to watch the real deal.

If it means 'people who act aggressively in a like-minded fashion in an emotional manner', Abrahamic religions all excel at it fer shure. It can be a social glue that transcends nationality or state.

A weird thing happened a couple of hundred years ago though. The French Revolution, pan-European Nazis, Marxism, and their variants in the Third World pop into existence as true believers found a new way to achieve social status and kill the neighbors. The fervor of religion without the deity but containing saints, group zeal, symbology. I really doubt that the modern equivalent, containing xenophilia, love of gender dysfunction, and hatred for tradition will last as long as these. The main problem is that modern revolutionary movements all seem to require constant expansion and continuous revolution.

So what is wokeism behond it's roots? I'd say that it's a form of expansionistic creed at this point.


I'll present this as an example of how the freedom lovin' people can deal with the religious.


Bill Tozer

Liberals want to electrify everything, from your car to your stove. But they also don’t want to mine copper. Like so many things liberals do, this makes no sense. You might as well believe in fairy dust as in “green” energy


Bill Tozer

Court Slaps Down California’s Attempt To Muzzle Doctors Who Dissent From Covid Groupthink


Scott O

DPE 1:46 - "Lincoln distributed counterfeit tickets for the 1860 Republican National Convention to his supporters to help successfully win the nomination, among other things."

So? Does this make the Dems weaponizing the fed govt acceptable?
People go around murdering other people all the time. Dictators start wars.
Just what is your point or is this just babbling to try to distract from the dumpster fire our country is turning into?

Don Bessee

Why its an invasion -




Scott O

DPE 3:00 - "I really enjoyed the Ford v. Ferrari movie."
Half the movie was bull shit. But it's Hollywood.
Hollywood types love made up reality - that's why most of them are lefties.

Bill Tozer

‘It’s Far Too Late For A ‘Reckoning’ Of The Trump Years. The Corrupted News Media Are Irredeemable’
No amount of ‘painful road of introspection’ can fix what the media did to this country and to American democracy.

“As horrid as the media was pre-Trump, its shortcomings were mostly recognized as “liberal bias.” What they did beginning in 2017 and ever since isn’t bias. It’s dishonest. It’s malicious. It’s evil.”


Don Bessee

Woke = racists



Scott O

BT 4:37 - "Liberals want to electrify everything, from your car to your stove."
Actually, it's the WEF types that are behind this. The useful idiots on the left just go along with whatever they're told without much, if any, questioning.
I was a subscriber to Solar Age back in the 70's when it first came out. After a few years, I could see the original idea was being co-opted and morphed into a religion. The original idea was to free yourself from the corp/govt run energy system and live a truly independent life. Look what that turned into.
Even now there are the few intelligent lefties waking up to the fact that the "green revolution" isn't green. And they are finding out a few things about the lack of free speech that conservatives have been trying to tell them about for years.

Scott O

Total hilarity:
"[T]his lady actually had the CAUdacity to say that black people can be racist too… I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS… [W]e are not the majority, we don't have power," she continued."

So - who was running the class? Who had the power to stop the class and give a white person "the business"?

"We don't have power" says the person with power.


Bill Tozer

Not one, but it’s now TWO hotels the illegal ingrates have closed.

‘This Is A Free-For-All’: NYC Hotel Worker Describes Chaos As Migrants Have Trashed Rooms, Brought In Drugs


Scott O

re BT 6:34 - "...Describes Chaos As Migrants Have Trashed Rooms, Brought In Drugs".

Remember, these wonderfully diverse and colorful folk are our nation's future!
Oh boy!

Don Bessee


'Socialist' Bernie Sanders incinerated for embracing capitalism ahead of book tour: 'Full of crap'
Sanders is charging up to $95 per ticket to attend his anti-capitalism event



Bill Tozer

Woke: Erase Women

God Supports’ Abortion? Planned Parenthood Vermont Erases ‘Women,’ Blasts ‘White Women’

The Planned Parenthood political arm in Vermont has refined its terminology … this time to be even more woke, if you can believe it.

The Vermont branch recently called for the term “women” to be eliminated from its “healthcare advocacy,” as Fox News Digital reported.

Looking through the Vermont Planned Parenthood social media pages, it's clear somebody has drunk the woke Kool Aid -- lots of it. And it was high-test stuff. Whether it be calling abortion access an “intersectional issue,” blasting “white women,” pushing for “gender-neutral language” or calling women, “people with uteruses,” its extremely evident that this particular Planned Parenthood branch has gone around Moon Bat Bend.

On TikTok, the page has over 44,000 followers and over 665,000 likes on its videos. It has massive influence to young users online but pushes blatant lies to them. But when you advocate the mass slaughter of human beings, truth just isn't that important.

One video claimed that the phrase “late term abortion” is just a “political term” while another video claimed that abortion rights are for “people of ALL gender identities.” A different video presented a Planned Parenthood employee flicking off the camera at people who don’t support gender mutilation surgeries for transgender people.” One video also presented the idea that “my version of God supports reproductive liberty.”

Its no surprise that the group is advocating for the removal of the term “women.” Planned Parenthood, like most of the left, cares more about pandering to a progressive, pro-abortion, anti-science rhetoric than professing anything even remotely accurate.

This isn’t the first time Planned Parenthood tried erasing women. Previously, numerous Planned Parenthood chapters urged for the elimination of “women” in K-12 sex education curriculum. As Fox News Digital pointed out, pregnancy and fertilization would not be allowed to be discussed with female or male specific terms, simply by using body parts.

“The new phrasing is inclusive of gender and body diversity; it does not assume all females have vaginas and all males have penises, and acknowledges that some people’s genders are non-binary and they may not identify as male OR female,” it said.

Yes, because a man with a vagina can get pregnant. Glad that what our kids are learning is scientifically accurate information.

Women have a unique role in creating life. It's a small step from interfering with that role to erasing women altogether.

Bill Tozer

‘The Whole Transgender Industry Is Founded On Two Faulty Studies’
Two studies that formed the foundation of the transgender industry in the U.S. should never have been accepted by the professional community.

“Though the Dutch studies were found to have selection bias and multiple, uncontrolled variables, they were broadly applied in the U.S.

“The Dutch study researchers only took healthy kids from supportive and reasonably healthy families,” Levine said. “They carefully screened kids, so if they had major developmental problems they were not included in the studies. But in the U.S. … the vast majority of these kids have a history of psychiatric issues before they developed gender dysphoria. The Dutch rejected these kids from their research.”

The Dutch study had 196 participants initially and only put 70 in the protocol. Only 55 then completed the protocol.

As well as having selection bias, the study was uncontrolled“


Bill Evans

Twitter is, in Musk's analysis, "a flaming dumpster rolling down the street."

Elon describes Papi to a tee.

Bill Tozer

And so it continues. Closed loop. Once you have memorized the names, they pop right up into your head and it’s the same players. No need to look up. Cambridge, Richard Dearlove, Stefan Halper…..

Any ‘Journalist’ Relying On A Russia Hoaxer To Attack Barr And Durham Should Be Tuned Out

The NYT’s reliance on a quote from Stefan Halper’s attorney to make its case is so laughable, Americans should disregard the entire article.


Don Bessee

The head of the congressional jihadi caucus is no longer on the foreign affairs committee. -




Posted by: Don Bessee | 02 February 2023 at 10:01 AM

Wonderful.....that'll give her more to to spend with her husband....err...brother!

Bill Tozer

Just no pleasing some people

‘Antifa claims responsibility for attack on far-left Portland bar in retaliation for them 'spreading Covid' by staying open’

The bar advertised for a January 29 event held in "solidarity" with the "Atlanta forest defenders," a group of militants that have created an autonomous zone south of Atlanta.

“The group said that phrases and symbols like the anarchist "A," and "161" which calls out "that it was fascists forces whom originally paved the path of COVID as a genocide since April 2020 through the blood of primarily Black and Indigenous disabled people, a road of bones which now many liberals and ableist anarchists goose-stomp on in collaboration with the fascists to maintain a “normal” for keeping bars and other viral-friendly entertainment operating at the expense of disabled lives."”

The Worker’s Tap, the bar targeted by the vandalism, is a worker-owned and operated beer bar in Portland, Oregon. The bar required proof of vaccination to enter the establishment.

According to its website, "Our business is run democratically and profits are split amongst our members."

The bar has held other fundraisers in the past for worker’s unions, sex worker organizations, and organizations providing medical care to the homeless.


Bill Tozer

Biden's Top Economic Advisor Is Out

Oh my
‘Biden's new adviser is a climate alarmist who claimed to have suffered an 'acute mental health crisis' as a result of Trump's 2016 victory’

Outside her past role as ADVANCE professor for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Cobb has made a show of her ideological bona fides on Twitter, where she has underscored her support for BLM; her belief that "racial justice and equity are inseparable from climate action"; and her support for hiring on the basis of skin pigmentation or sexual preference.

Don B @ 10:01 am

Some people do something


re: Kim Cobb.

Georgia Institute of Technology?

Isn't that the same school as Judith Curry?

I'll bet their staff meetings are a sight to behold.


hah...Judith Curry actually hired Cobb to begin with.

Hopefully there's lots of talk about climate equity.


Curry retired 5 or 6 years ago, is Emeritus now.

"Curry felt that although she was still able to publish professionally, she had become a victim of mainstream climate science's overreaction to criticism; she believed the climate community had adopted a fortress mentality, defending insiders and refusing access to outsiders"

Bill Tozer

Transgender Inmate Who Committed Kidnapping, Murder Transferred to Women’s Prison



A new-to-me thing.

Just more proof that MSM mostly consists of utter bullshit.

what it is:

what it really is:


"Transgender Inmate Who Committed Kidnapping, Murder Transferred to Women’s Prison"

Sounds like a Roger Corman movie.

Bill Tozer

“Sounds like a Roger Corman movie.” Living in a B Movie.

‘What’s Wrong with Hunter Biden’s Legal Team?’


The Estonian Fox

Steve Sailer has another first-come column. He has written some inappropriate thoughts on the Memphis police problem with blacks - black officers, that is. And on the increase of blacks killed in auto accidents in the last 3 years - due to the George Floyd Effect.

He uses Occam's Razor in the 2nd paragraph - though he doesn't call it by that name.

He introduces an argument that will make it difficult to correct the lack of competent blacks on the Memphis force, and ends with:

"Second, tolerate less black representation in other careers. Mathematically, that’s the only way it can work."
Good times a-comin'.


Scott O

re Hunter's latest legal move. You have heard the saying that the best defense is a good offense?
Unfortunately - this isn't a good offense.
It is, like most of what is on the lap top - offensive, but not the sort of way that will help him.
If he tries to go after folks like Tucker Carlson in civil court, there is that little detail of 'discovery'.
I would think the last thing Hunter and his legal team would find helpful is prying open that which is not already known. We remember what happened when his baby-mama had to sue for support and Hunter cried poverty and they called his bluff and told him to bring everything to court. Oops!
"Ha ha ha - just kidding, sweet cakes - how many millions do you want?"
It was hushed up and she got plenty. From a 'broke' Hunter Biden.
If Hunter wants daddy to sic his legal goon squad on the folks spreading the contents of his lap top around, it looks bad - very bad. And - this still leads back to a court of law and a lot of nasty facts becoming totally legitimized in public.
Right now it looks like a desperate and stupid ploy as the last gasp of some one caught with their pants down (literally) trying to come up with a plausible explanation to the public and the DOJ.
I can't see at this point why they don't just charge him with some trifling crime and have Biden pardon him claiming he had to as the MAGA Rs were mercilessly hounding him and his family into financial ruin and some made up mental malady. It will go down well with the faithful and from there the DOJ can continue their radio silence as there is "an ongoing investigation" that will be covered up and shredded some years hence.

Bill Tozer

Scott O

For your consideration.

Hunter has been holed up in Malibu for a month with his defense team working on his defense strategy. On the small potatoes front, we now their is and active investigation into tax evasion. Someone in the shadows (Joe Biden donor) stepped up and paid Hunter’s back taxes, but Hunter still faces charges for the crime of tax evasion, and some wrist slapping stuff.

With that out of the way….Hunter has raked up millions in legal fees. The bogus threats to Tucker and others MAY be a ploy to get some donors to step up out of the shadows and pony up to cover those legal fees. He got half a million for his last painting and the rent in Malibu ain’t cheap….neither is his legal team. Its a fundraising ploy to pay off his debts.

Bill Tozer

Hispanic Democrats In Connecticut Introduce Bill To Ban Woke Term ‘Latinx’


No to the WOKE, no to erasing Hispanic culture.

Don Bessee

The pussies are bought and paid for what do you think the chi coms if we tried to pull this shit?!

US government monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon over northern states
Senior U.S. defense official said government closely monitoring suspected Chinese spy balloon


Montana Sen. Daines 'alarmed' at Chinese spy balloon, says 'significant concern' that ICBM fields targeted
Montana Rep. Rosendale denounces spy balloon as 'clear example of Chinese aggression'



Don Bessee

OH damn he actually said it out loud! =

Hakeem Jeffries: Resolution Condemning Socialism Is ‘Fraudulent,’ Would ‘Undermine’ Democrat Agenda

The text of the resolution notes that “many of the greatest crimes in history” were committed by socialist ideologues like Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Hugo Chavez.

“Whereas socialist ideology necessitates a concentration of power that has time and time again collapsed into Communist regimes, totalitarian rule, and brutal dictatorships,” the resolution states.

However, Jeffries argued the anti-socialism resolution would “undermine” House Democrats’ agenda.



Scott O

BT 6:48 - I suppose the well is going dry at this point. Now - who can Hunter put the touch on to rustle up a few more millions?
Maybe now the answer is no one?
With daddy's power weakened badly, it'll be hard to sell influence as he has been doing for years, so I think leaning on some body with money and something to hide is all Hunter has left.
The paintings only represent:
A - grease my palm and I get you into the oval office. But that wouldn't seem to be of much value now.
B - grease my palm and I'll keep your name out of all of this. Trouble with this is that names are spilling out all over. You know, the poor lad IS a druggie and that stuff from China IS awful deadly.

Brandon needs to get a closure on this shit with his kid ASAP.

Don Bessee

There are no such things as coincidences. -

Balloon drama is the worst possible lead up to expected Blinken visit to China



Scott O

Well - here's one reason Paul won't be around here much anymore:

Apparently there's a Hunter Laptop Wiki.

Hunter is the smartest man Joe Biden knows.

Follow the money.

Bill Tozer

Report says Americans own 46% of the world’s guns. Congresswoman reacts:

‘MAGA Rep Lauren Boebert Is Upset – Says Americans Owning 46% of All Guns is Way Too Low!’

“The Second Amendment is absolute and it’s here to stay. A recent report states that Americans own 46% of the world’s guns,” she said. “I think we need to get our numbers up, boys and girls.”

“Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms,” she said. “In western Colorado, we call that a fun weekend.”


Bill Tozer

The Climate Alarmist’s Greatest Fear


Well, at least we can boil our lobsters in the ocean.


More from the "Fat Girl Gazette".....haven't read it of course.

Why must we wait for the next death of another unarmed Black man to finally act? | Opinion

....but I can guess.

PS: Hey, where'd jeffy Ploughjogger go? So chatty these past few days. I do confess to being miffed about his blog handle (hi psul)....as "The fattest lil cowpoke in Nevada City" has neither plowed nor jogged in the last 50 years.

Blatant misrepresentation!

Bill Tozer

Humphrey Ploughjogger to the Boston Evening-Post, 20 June 1763

“What I’me ater is, to get some great larnt gentleman, who has been to Old Ingland, and knows how they raise Hemp there, and can read books about it, and understand um, to print in your News, some direckshon, about it, that we may go to trying, for we cant afford to run venters, by working, may be, a month and then have nothing come of it for want of working right.2—I’le affirm it, a little short piece in the print, no bigger than these few lines I send you at this present riting, if it did but tell us how to raise Hemp, how to fitt our land and feed, how and when to sow it, how to gather the crop and when, and how to dress it, and suck like would do a thousand pounds worth of good.”
“I do say it would be a nice thing if we could raise enuff Hemp to pay our rates, and bye a little rum and shuger, which we cant well do without, and a little Tea, which our Wifes wont let us have any peace without.”


P.S. Seems to me if grate Men dont leeve off writing Pollyticks, breaking Heads, boxing Ears, ringing Noses and kicking Breeches, we shall by and by want a world of Hemp more for our own consumshon

Bill Tozer

So Humphrey Ploughjogger is really a young satirical John Adams. He looks older than that.

John Adams's Earliest Essays:
The Humphrey Ploughjogger Letters

MONG the many admirable qualities of the recent editions of The
Adams Papers is the inclusion of material that presents a less pomp-
ous portrait of Adams than the one in Charles Francis Adams's
edition of 185I. John Adams's detailed account of his early years re-
veals a passionate young man who desired recognition, a man with a
keen love of nature, a discerning sense of human nature, and a fine sense
of humor. His nineteenth-century editor had deleted not only diary en-
tries but also numerous drafts for essays that displayed Adams's youthful
political concerns. Among these is a draft of 1767 in which Adams em-
ployed the incongruous pseudonym of "Humphrey Ploughjogger,
uneducated, down-to-earth farmer. The editors of the Diary and Autobiog-
raphy have recognized Adams's authorship of this document. Com-
menting on a draft of one of four essays that he signed
"U." thev explain
that it was evoked by a piece signed 'Humphrey Ploughjogger in the
Boston Evening Post, 20 June 1763,
and assert that "there is the strongest
ground for believing that JA himself wrote this and the other Ploughjog-
serlieces, cha marcarcordinbe, Rapwas his geraz o7 & diataguel whit aim°
self in the two leading Boston papers," the Evening-Post and the Gazette.'
o Beginningia Marcs and 3 o Adiamore um dah Pacersona of Rinuehingece
later created the well-educated gentleman who signed his essay
provide directions for its cultivation and use. Adams's rustic mask, as well
as the topic of hemp, was probably not in keeping with the dignified image
that Charles Francis Adams wanted to maintain for the second president of
the United States. He omitted the first "U" letter and renamed the re-
mining three, claiming that they…..


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 03 February 2023 at 07:42 AM

Oh no Bill.....I get it....but we know who has most recently decided to help himself to the pseudonym.

Bill Tozer

Let sleeping fat tubs of lard lie. Or take the giant tortoise and put it on his back.

Hemphrey Podunk, what a hoot. Tee hee tee hee hee. Like a fluff in church.

Bill Tozer

Revealing the New York Times’ Deceitful Russiagate Coverage

The FBI as Intelligence Unit for the Administrative State

Today, the heroes are few and outnumbered as the FBI has become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, which is the party of government.


The Atlanta Bomber, Boston FBI Office, Anthrax…….

Bill Tozer

A few minutes with Dan. Ukraine and Joe Biden, corruption, and Ukraine.
big stinkbomb.



BillT: "Hispanic Democrats In Connecticut Introduce Bill To Ban Woke Term ‘Latinx’


No to the WOKE, no to erasing Hispanic culture."

Well, how boring is that?

If I were them, I'd introduce a bill forcing the state to standardize on Negrx and Asixn.

It would give tons of opportunities for outrage, maybe a mostly peaceful protest or three.


re: BillT@7:59

I did like this line:

“the FBI is an indispensable weapon for the permanent government, which now constitutes the most powerful faction in American society.”

and while it sounds true, the interesting part is defining the 'faction'. A big ol' hivemind of people who know each other, went to the same schools, give each other jobs, move in and out of government is a hard thing to pin down. Of course, these groups have always existed, will always exist. Where they get troublesome is when the resources available to them grow too large. The only reason that ridiculous figures like Ilhan Omar exist is that they can send the cops to your door, their ability to organize and build from scratch is nonexistent.

The US seems to have escaped that plague for it's first couple of hundred years as an English colony and then it's own country, but that successful a situation will always attract new generations of Lords and Masters. It's for the children after all.

When there's no frontier left, dunno how you correct this aside from the occasional do-over. Of course, you usually end up with Stalin or Napoleon.


Childish asides from our most incontinant readers aside, it is expected that the ranks of "Independent" voters will continue to swell as the embarrassed MAGA-lite voters squirm away from the behaviorally challenged GOP Freedom Caucus recruits making their power plays and turning the House into a circus sideshow.

Pledges of allegiance at the beginning of every Congressional meeting?

Why not the Star Spangled Banner during every intermission and in every hallway?

Scott O

"Why not the Star Spangled Banner during every intermission and in every hallway?"

Why not?

It burns the Dems' commie ears like a vampire seeing a cross.

Like the convenience stores playing classical music to drive away the drug addicts.
Works like a charm!


To The Colors is an acceptable substitution to the SSB. Face flag. Doff hat, hand over heart. When over go aboot your business.


re: Misanthrope

Yup. I'd sure hate to see a Congressman say anything patriotic. Best to stick to the real powers-that-be.






That pro-'murica stuff is sooo 20th century.

Actually I do agree with you that it's silly. The United States of America is finished. Best to have an amicable divorce.

Bill Tozer

The View Denounces Pledge of Allegiance, American Exceptionalism

‘It’s a distraction from getting anything actually done’

Bill Tozer

‘Split Vote to Condemn 'Horrors of Socialism' Shows Democrats Have a Socialism Problem’

“A recent vote on the House floor to condemn the “Horrors of Socialism” proved what many people already knew about the Democrat Party; it is infested with socialists.
According to Fox News, the vote was used as a litmus test by Republicans to have proud socialists step forward and declare themselves. Sure enough, 86 out of 109 Democrats did:”



I hate it when I’m “incontinant”!



Biden Says He’ll Shoot Down Chinese Spy Balloon As Soon As He’s Done Letting It Spy

“Listen folks, that balloon came a long way to do a little spyin'," said Biden in a meeting with military leaders. "Would be a shame to shoot the poor thing down before it even gets a chance to take some pictures! I remember when me and the boys used to spy on Suzie Anne McGillicutty through her bedroom window after a long day of protesting the civil rights movement. It's all in good fun, folks!"

Oh Joe…..you’ve done it again….!

Bill Tozer

fish @ 12:46 pm


What is the correct spelling for INCONTINANT?
This word (Incontinant) may be misspelled.

Yesterday the University of Wisconsin released the results of a student survey on campus free expression issues taken on all of its campuses, and many of the results demonstrate that the censoriousness to typical of campuses today is driven largely by students who classify themselves as “very liberal.” Here are a few of the charts displaying this problem most vividly:



I was just musing about Biden Family Values for a second, saw an article where 5 of his family members have been to rehab, and ran into this picture.


I like Hunter Biden. He makes me laugh. Everyone knows utter wastrels like this, it's just that they usually don't get rich from influence peddling.

You do have to wonder how far you have to go back to run into a President as stupid as Joe Biden, aside from the creeping dementia. His hand grabbiness doesn't hold a candle to JFK or LBJ, but the man ain't no genius. Calvin Coolidge is supposed to have been a dullard, but I don't know enough about him to judge. Before that, they had to be able stand there for an hour or two and speechify at crowds with maybe a few notes, so the selection process was a little keener.

Bill Tozer

The laptop





That's all you got?

Sad pedantic malorthographobes.



Hah. I like that one. Actually had to look it up.

And I always thought I was eddicated for knowing what a lullyprigger is.


from https://kunstler.com/clusterfuck-nation/lose-lose/

"There’s another difference between the fall of the USSR and the collapse underway in the USA. Underneath all the economic perversities of Soviet life, Russia still had a national identity and a coherent culture. The USA has tossed its national identity on the garbage barge of “diversity, equity, and inclusion,” which is actually just a hustle aimed at extracting what remains from the diminishing stock of productive activity showering the plunder on a mob of “intersectional” complainers "

D.Pecker, Enquirer


Yes. Silly to be sure.

The idea is the pledge will own the libs, act like garlic to vampires.

Reminds me of the old jokes, "Have you stopped beating your wife", or "do you think your contempt for America might influence your judgement?"

They hope that they will be able to judge anyone who votes against such an Uber- American idea as Un- American.

Welcome to the New McCarthyism, just like the 1950s McCarthyism.


"The idea is the pledge will own the libs, act like garlic to vampires."

When you form up teams, you need special code phrases to identify who is who.

Kneeling vs. Stars 'n Stripes. Pride flags vs. the national anthem. Drag queens whippin' out their stuff vs. Civilians in Camouflage (Meal Team Six).

It's all good.

In any local Nevada County group, it doesn't take long to figure out that someone is nudging you to find out your voting patterns. Gotta figure out who is first for the scaffolds ya know.

For a lot of this stuff, it isn't so much garlic to vampires as it is a kind of subtle programming. When you make people pretend that Admiral Levine is a woman, make corporate drones and college professors write wonkin' big DEI statements to keep their jobs, claim that mathematics is white privilege and hound out of a job anyone who disagrees, there's a kind of enforced shame that goes on. Make people do ridiculous or perverse things and you have power over them. The techniques of the Cultural Revolution are a thing.


Mr. President, we must not allow... a balloon gap!"
- General Buck Turgidson


Posted by: Miss Anthrope | 03 February 2023 at 01:34 PM

Once again.....Moron!


Posted by: scenes | 03 February 2023 at 01:49 PM


Actually had to look it up.

Don't feel bad. So did he.

...all 500 lbs. of him,


re: Buck Turgidson.

Good one, but it led me down the time-wasting rabbit hole of how high countries go.

The Vertical Limit of State Sovereignty (2007)

Don Bessee

Consistently incredibly so bad even reading from the book. Must have been hired to make creepy grampa joe look not so bad. LOL -

White House press secretary defends false statements at the podium: 'I have been consistent'



Bill Tozer

Agree 100%

Wind Farms Don’t Just Hurt The Environment And Boost China, They’re Ugly As Sin


Scott O

scenes 2:18 - "Kneeling vs. Stars 'n Stripes. Pride flags vs. the national anthem."

Kneeling for a drug addict who had shoved a gun in a pregnant woman's belly while committing theft and later ODed after passing a phony bill?
Honoring the symbol of our nation and paying respect for those who died so we can sit on our asses and type witty stuff on a keyboard?

You usually have to put a gun to folks' heads to get them to do the former. The Dems did it like a 2 dollar whore kneeling for their money (or in this case, their woke act) for the adulation of their base. Said base will turn on them like a rabid dog turning on its owner.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and his crime family are bought and paid for by the chi coms. I suspect they will have to take it down as soon as it crosses the coast. -



Bill Tozer

San Diego Declares Housing A ‘Human Right’ Without A Plan To End Homelessness

“Protecting something of value, regardless of “human right” status, differs greatly from providing that object of value. When the government protects human rights such as life, speech, and marriage, it prevents those rights from being wrongfully stripped from us. It does not provide them for us.”



- Chief Wild Eagle

So what is it? Stray weather package that the Chinese are too embarrassed to admit? Sooper-secret military thingie to spy on all of our top secrets? At least the ones the lunch lady at Groom Lake doesn't write down. Tricky Communist trick propagandizing borders like all the fighting over territorial waters? Shipment of hookers to Hunter Biden? Dunno, but I'm tired of it. Either shoot it down or ignore it.

re: Joe Biden and the Chinese.

I just assume that members of his family make money wherever they can. Lots of irons in the fire. The Chinese are just one feed trough.

More crooked than Lyndon Johnson? The Kennedys? How did the Bush family get so darned wealthy?

The problem isn't politicians working the system, but that the system has so much to give. The incredible wealth disparities and corruption in the Soviet Union is the obvious endgame for constant growth in government.

Grifters grifters everywhere.

Don Bessee

Tru dat and a good reason to squash it -



D.Pecker, Enquirer


Why all the hysteria over a balloon? I am sure the Gov can block any device up there from transmitting back to China.

By the time the balloon reaches the Atlantic it will be slowly deflated and captured by the Defense Dept. or CIA and reverse engineered to determine the device's capabilities.

I would like to see the balloon continue its journey to see if it will make it back to China.

Another balloon was spotted over Latin America.

Lawnchair Larry, where are you?


It *is* just like Mao's Cultural Revolution. Same ideology... Antonio Gramsci, founder of Italy's Communist Party, was released from prison with his notebooks in the mid-30's. The long march through our institutions took longer.

It also is far from being over.

Don Bessee

Another low information voter @1142


Bill Tozer

Ballon. Don’t say China. That is racist.


If no workie, try this


Balloon shot down over Atlantic, another one spotted over Canada.

D.Pecker, Enquirer


Trump/Taylor Greene 2024?

Bill Tozer

‘By Exposing Hamilton 68, The ‘Twitter Files’ Proved The Deep State Is A Weapon Aimed Directly At You’

What else is the U.S. government using to monitor its citizens while mobilizing against domestic targets who have done nothing wrong?

“They wanted [Russian collusion] to be true so badly,” she said. “They felt like they were freedom fighters. In their minds, every Trump appointee was probably a Russian plant because, in their minds, Trump was a Russian plant.”

“The whole media pretended that this Russaigate thing was real. It didn’t just affect citizens. It affected everyone who worked in Washington, D.C., which includes everybody that worked with the [State] Department, the CIA, and more,” she continued. “These people were going home at night being told Trump and his people were Russian agents and then would come into work with the idea that they were going to save America from us.””


Bill Tozer

Favorite short clip of the week.


Bill Tozer

Pro-life Catholic students kicked out of Smithsonian Museum

Youngkin Slams VA Dems for Blocking Bill Requiring Schools to Promptly Inform Families of Academic Honors

Shoot the messenger

Nearly 600,000 Migrants Released Into US Without Court Date


Bill Tozer

Canada says it's tracking a second 'surveillance balloon' in its airspace
China says first balloon spotted over U.S. is weather surveillance craft.


Bill Tozer

Mystery solved as to why Hunter Biden’s lawyers filed the much ridiculed lawsuit against Ruby, Tucker, and more characters. Follow the timeline. Why would Hunter’s lawyers call for such preposterous actions from Hunter’s $20,000/month Malibu digs? Mystery solved, to repeat myself.

‘Hunter Biden served defamation lawsuit by computer repair shop owner days before his lawyer called for criminal probes’

‘That Didn’t Age Well! Read The Most Clownish Takes About The Laptop Hunter Biden Admits Was His’


Double lol.

Bill Tozer

Ben Shapiro on Florida Man


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