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07 February 2023



"At its core, however, the newspaper and my presence here is to make Nevada County better."

Well.....thank god for you!


I'm confused... before it was granted "right wing dog whistle" status by some on the left, "woke" was used freely by the "progressive" hard left to describe themselves.

Might "race Marxists" do?


"At its core, however, the newspaper and my presence here is to make XXX County better."

I suppose that the main point of buying up small newspapers is to utterly standardize the format, make the websites identical, add a small amount of local news, look for free writers, sell your subscribers list, put slightly-profitable spy gizmos on the webpage, do a single buy of crosswords, comics, advice columns, horoscope, for all the papers.

The endgame is probably a manager, some ad salesmen, and a group of volunteer locals. Make the paper a bit less wide every few years to save some bucks.

Having said that, there's no reason a person couldn't do their own online newspaper on the cheap...maybe even go to a city council or school board meeting now and again.

Without seeing the emails, my outrage is 100% contained. I figger that local newspaper people aren't any smarter than they need to be.


Wokeism hysteria, CRT hysteria, Twitter hysteria, balloon hysteria, FBI hysteria, Hunter Biden hysteria, and so on are all examples of rally cries sweeping the land because of right wing echo chambers. The Union opinion pages have enough writer submissions so they do not need to become yet another echo chamber for these trivial pursuits which is probably why the editor cut those letters.

These type of rally-cry hysterias are so overblown they are blasé except maybe on Twitter. There you can see the crows like Jim Jordan, Taylor Greene, Boebert and other attention-seeking hyper-partisans trying to educate influence their poorly educated Twitter base.

Perhaps you can get those folks to open a Congressional hearing on the suppression of free speech at The Union, good luck.

The Twitter hearings are a good example of stupid in residence.
Taylor Greene and Boebert made it all about themselves and why they were bannned or had their own tweets scrubbed.
Then we found out that Trump, you know, the President of the United States, tried to have Twitter scrub tweets.


Posted by: Miss Anthrope | 09 February 2023 at 09:39 AM

Hi Jeffy!

George Rebane

Misanthrope 939am – Unfortunately, you have missed the point of my commentary. It has nothing to do with free speech since The Union is a private enterprise, and clearly not dedicated to preserving the First Amendment. They have an agenda to pursue, and are using their own 1A rights to pursue it. That they claim otherwise is a glaring lie. My observations were about the newspaper’s purportedly lead journalist, and how dismally ignorant he is about the major currents of ideas and ideologies that so obviously circulate in America’s public forum, have done so for years, and have an important historical provenance in the now 2+ century debate between collectivist and open-market capitalist organizations of society.

Scott O

Missy Anne's Rope 9:39 - "...and so on are all examples of rally cries sweeping the land because of right wing echo chambers."

Yep - that's apparently the ONLY reason.
Totally manufactured.
Is that a box of un-eaten Twinkies I spot under your couch?
Go git'em, Tiger!


"Wokeism hysteria, CRT hysteria, Twitter hysteria, balloon hysteria, FBI hysteria, Hunter Biden hysteria, and so on are all examples of rally cries sweeping the land because of leftist overreach."

Fixed it for you, Jeff.

Bill Tozer

Misanthrope @ 9:39 am

The true crisis in our country is the obesity crisis. A national security threat. A national health care threat. A threat to our future. The Education Crisis is a threat to our children and future generations.

You can minimize the CRT/ DEI threat, the Chinese spy ballon threat, the House investigations threat (hysteria to use your description),til the cows come home. Opps, strike that. You WILL minimize all unfavorable light shone on the Dems and Biden. You must. No choice. You have been programmed that way. You have lost your choice, water carrier. You must react to certain stimuli with a knee jerk reaction.

It’s true because you say it’s true. Must not look that way. It’s a nothing burger because you say it’s a nothing burger. Thus, in your melon, it is true.

Fine. You can believe any thing you want. Minimize the Dem’s gross violations and exaggerate the mole hills of the other side. Got it.

Don T

Would be helpful to print some of these censored readers letters minus their names, so people could come to their own conclusions.

Maybe a consensus would be built from that, maybe not.

Scott O

"...so people could come to their own conclusions."

Looks like they already have.
The content of the letters aren't the issue. It's the fact that the editor doesn't even want them allowed in HIS public space.
It's for the children.


Could you possibly, with the writers' permission, provide us the copies you have received regarding the refusal to print from the Union. Perhaps, a new line like the TDS line son we can see exactly what this gentleman is doing, if in fact, he is suppressing opinion and speech.

Scott O

George did post a partial quote and I'm sure it portrays an accurate idea of what the situation is.

"...disingenuous arguments that lead to violence."

Arguments do not lead to violence. They may precede violence, but they are not the cause of violence.
That one statement alone is the hallmark of the intellectual coward.

Don T

Partial quotes present more questions than answers.

Context is important

Scott O

re Don T - Maybe.
But this is a standard statement from the left when they simply want to shut down the other side.
They can't win the argument on facts and reason, so they do what they can to silence the folks they don't like. It's their media outlet and they can do as they wish.

Barry Pruett

Alternative local media is in the works.


Not soon enough...


Barry 733

The CABPRO Gazette? The COVID Times?


Natural gas prices drops, and now border encounters drops reported. Time for a new narrative? How about the Trump aid who was copying classified docks onto a laptop?

"CBP Southwest Border Enforcement Numbers for January 2023

U.S. Border Patrol encounters of individuals who entered the country between Ports of Entry at the southwest border in January 2023 totaled 128,410, down 42% from 221,675 in December 2022. This is the lowest month of Border Patrol encounters since February 2021 when encounters began to increase after the most severe impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on migration.

CBP total encounters in January 2023 were 156,274, down nearly 40% from 251,978 in December 2022. This total includes Border Patrol encounters and noncitizens processed at Ports of Entry including individuals who sought an exception to Title 42 based on certain vulnerabilities and scheduled an appointment to present in advance via the CBP One Application."


Posted by: Misanthrope | 11 February 2023 at 09:14 AM

I'd suggest the "Fat Girl Gazette" but that's taken (Sac Bee). Since the naming was at your urging how bout credit where credit is due and we go with the "Fat Boy Gazette.....(now with more Masters Degree)"

Bill Tozer

Missandhope @ 9:18 am

And what exactly does your comment have to do with the topic at hand? Take it to the Sandbox.

George Rebane

BarryP 733am - Keep us apprised.

Don T

Topic enforcement surfaces as the right’s talking points are deflated.

Funding and staffing levels for border enforcement have remained consistent through both Trump and Biden administrations.

Don Bessee

Talk about lame deflection about the creepy grampa joe admins failure to enforce the laws on the books @1039 LOL


Bill Tozer

Dante @ 10:39 am

“Topic enforcement surfaces as the right’s talking points are deflated.”

Whatever. The contents of Ms Aunt Dope’s comment, be it valid or not, belongs in the Sandbox. Putting her comment in the proper post (Sandbox in this case) does not invalidate the right’s “talking points are deflated.” Her comment is not negated by moving it under the correct post, nor does it dimmish her comment in anyway.

The topic is Stupid In Residence. I suppose Miss Dope on the Ropes could fit under Stupid in Residence. I know, I know. The rules do not apply to you! Nobody is going to tell you what to do. Got it.

Focus, little pilgrimette, focus. It’s easy if you try. Keep trying until you get it right. And two sock puppets don’t make a right.

Don T

Don Bessee
It’s not deflection, it’s a statement of fact and if you can show otherwise proceed with that.

creepy is an adult male using what looks to symbolize a smile in communication with others

The topic appears to be name calling without substantiation of any point. It’s a good fit with most of the regular posters.
Those not so regular realize once the convo devolves into name calling there likely isn’t anything of substance to discuss.

When the facts are on your side you argue the facts.
Without facts, you pound the table, which is what we are witnessing here.

Don Bessee

Ah the tell, its the dark lord of liberal lament land!

;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

George Rebane

Don T - "Funding and staffing levels for border enforcement have remained consistent through both Trump and Biden administrations."

Were that even true, the policy would be totally inadequate when illegal alien traffic increases multi-fold. Then it's time to increase resources or quit inviting them.

Bill Tozer

Dante says:

“Don Bessee
It’s not deflection, it’s a statement of fact and if you can show otherwise proceed with that.”

Bill sez: true dat, but over in the Sandbox, not here on a post about the Union. And why do you care what I communicate to Ms. Auntie on Dope? II was not talking to you, Dante. You act like you are one and the same.

And Ms. Auntie Anthrax did move her comment (copy and paste) to the Sandbox whence it belongs. Try it, you might like it. Be like Miss Adopolopolopolopolopolus.

Hugs and kisses. Try to color within the lines, your Assholiness.

Barry Pruett

Will do, George. Investigative journalism. Thought pieces. Local news. Next level stuff.

Don T

George Rebane
For fiscal 2022 the democratic controlled congress appropriated 16.5 billion to the CBP budget , up from the Trump years of 15.5 billion average over four years.
For 2023 the Senate is proposing 16.5 billion again, while the Republican led house is suggesting 15.7 billion.
Staffing under trump ranged from 19,430- 19,560
Staffing under biden ranged from 19,338- 19,536

CBP has long struggled with hiring and retention.
Biden has requested 95 million from congress for 300 more agents.
Biden has paused new wall building, but has diverted appropriated funds to repair existing barriers and add cameras and detection technology.
The infrastructure investment and jobs act appropriated 430 million to CBP for modernizing land ports of entry
and 3 billion for “critical investments” to Border Patrol Stations.

Don T


Source for above info.

Also, 2.2 million CBP encounters in 2022 doesn’t equal 2.2 million individuals.
The data counts events, not individuals.
For example, the CBP could have encountered the same person three times.
Many of the people encountered are quickly expelled, either under immigration law
or title 42.

Scott O

Don T - "Many of the people encountered are quickly expelled, either under immigration law
or title 42."

Many? What percentage?

Don T


I didn’t see a percentage listed in that wral report, but this CBP monthly update dated 1/20/23 has it a lot more broken down by nationalities,
how some are increasing and decreasing, and mentions unique encounters.

Don’t want to derail this thread any further, but was responding to George from earlier.


Posted by: Scott O | 12 February 2023 at 09:10 AM

Many? What percentage?

Ahhh Scott.....meet "Don T" he works in marketing for the Party™.

His job is to very calmly and rationally lie to you about what is going on at the border. Using the word "expelled" as normally understood would mean that these people would either be returned to their home countries or at least not the United (horselaugh) States. But we know that plane loads of them are distributed all over the US nightly on chartered jets and buses (making it next to impossible to catch them later).....a practice leading to much carping by guys like Eric Adams for more money. It's okay though Eric really doesn't mind them....just not on his dime! As soon as Joey Shakes whomps up a couple billion in "shut up" money for NY, Eric will be as happy as a retard with a flamethrower.

Bad news is one of the areas that both TEAM EVIL and TEAM STUPID are in agreement.....were going to import as many are as necessary to provide reliable voters for EVIL and new internal markets for STUPID....products to be paid for in large measure by federal programs.

EVIL and STUPID both win.

George Rebane

DonT 845am - None of that matters when alien traffic goes multi-fold, Biden removes airborne detection technology, and reassigns field agents who actually interdict aliens to desk jobs registering those who are not gotaways. That's why our illegal alien numbers are going through the roof. Your interpretation of border happenings is indeed jaundiced.

Don T

Could you point out the parts of my above posts that are interpretations?
It’s all publicly available information from fact checking sites and the CBP itself.
If you can find inaccuracies in any of that please share those because I’d like to be kept up to date.

Biden requesting 300 more agents doesn’t matter?
430 million dollars to modernize CBP ports of entry doesn’t matter ?
3 billion for critical investments in Border patrol stations doesn’t matter?
It’s all extra stuff trump never did but it doesn’t matter?

Ask yourself the question if the border is so important to Republicans, why is the Republican led House asking for less money (15.7 Billion) than the Democratic led senate (16.5 billion)?

Looks to me like one party is making an effort and the other wants to continue to exploit a perennial talking point.
How would you interpret that proposed decrease in CBP budget by Republicans?

Humphrey Ploughjigger

“Biden requesting 300 more agents doesn’t matter?
430 million dollars to modernize CBP ports of entry doesn’t matter ?
3 billion for critical investments in Border patrol stations doesn’t matter?
It’s all extra stuff trump never did but it doesn’t matter?”

The Republicans asked for 8,500 more agents. Shot down. 80,000 new IRS agent instead.

Remain in Mexico was gone with the wind on Biden’s first day in office by EO.

The money to finish the Wall left behind by Trump was a waste. Biden halted all new construction and paid the contractors to sit on their asses until their contractual funding ran out.

The billions for upgrades/ critical investments is for bigger and bigger detention centers. Not for Border Control to stop illegals from touching one inch of sacred US soil, but to house them.

All of the effective means to control our border as erased by Joe Biden himself in the first 12 hours of his Presidency.

Comparing a one month drop in apprehensions is like Biden saying inflation is going down…when compared to one month over the next. No, the rate of increased inflation has decreased, but still rising, compared to year over year.

The number of apprehensions at the Border has decreased for one month….off its record highs, year over year. Look at the number of apprehensions of Trumps last year in office and look what has changed since Biden took office. Skyrocketed to heights never seen before. Just like inflation. Look where inflation was when Trump left office and look where it is now under Joey Biden.

Scott O

Don T 10:24 - Typical Dem. Money always equals results.
Sorry -
The increased number of agents is simply to enable even more illegals to pour over the border. They will be able to "process" them faster. And send them into the US to live at taxpayer expense.

"How would you interpret that proposed decrease in CBP budget by Republicans?"

I would say it's a feeble attempt to try to save some money.
They should just forget the extra money and start having our military patrol the border and repel illegals.

Don T

Humphrey @10:54 am
If the border is important, why is the Republican House asking for less money in 2023 (15.7 billion) ?
It was 16.5 billion in 2022.


"Robert Summa, the new minder and regional editor of The Union, is a functional idiot."

I was considering that this morning.

Whoever set up the whole thing is a genius I think.

Consider this morning's (Woden's Day) paper. Front page is a couple of articles by the newspaper employees. Decent size, good topics. The typical handwringing over the courthouse, where to put it, the lack of clear thinking about re-use of an unsafe code-noncompliant building (assuming it so dangerous that an earthquake will knock 'er down and it lacks ADA conveyor belts and cranes for the People Who Identify As Men Restroom). So far so good.

The rest is so simple to knock out. Bought articles, bought comics/etc, freely-supplied pics from high school students, the Emily Litella Page (ie. the useless 'Other Voices' section). WHAT'S THIS I HEAR ABOUT A PRESIDENTIAL ERECTION?!!

Simply outsource the layout to India or the Philippines, and you got yourself a paper.

tl;dr Newspaper = Garfield + a local article + a bunch of ridiculous editorials by locals. Wash rinse repeat.

Bill Tozer

1221 Broad St? Truck rolls back into building on Nile St, Grass Valley hitting gas line?
Sounds like someone is getting sloppy with the proof reading. Well, I ain’t the one to throw stones or nitpick about typos or proof reading (the last person on Earth to do so), but I ain’t no newspaper man nor copy editor.

Sounds like the editing is done from someone unfamiliar with these parts.

Bill Tozer

Stupid in residence @ the Union for sure.

“Miss (from Durkin): To Herb Lindberg’s Feb. 21 Other Voices column making sophomoric claims that there’s really nothing to worry about climate change because an unidentified tinyurl.com series of videos says so. Lindberg doesn’t even attempt to identify the source, which it turns out is PragerU (not to be confused with a real university). It’s a very well-financed, far-right propaganda machine named after conservative radio talk-show host Dennis Prager. What is most insidious about PragerU is its attempt to insinuate itself into educational institutions and indoctrinate youth and dupe gullible adults into believing its unsubstantiated denials of factual evidence.”

Don Bessee

Gee @553 That mizou or evergreen or berzerkly or so on and so on. ROFLOL


Don Bessee

If the citizens wont submit to slavery no problema say team creepy grampa joe, just import them -

Hundreds of thousands of migrant teenagers are working “brutal jobs” to pay off their smuggling debts amid President Joe Biden’s loose border rules, the New York Times admitted in a February 25 article.

“Cristian works a construction job instead of going to school. He is 14 … Carolina packages Cheerios at night in a factory. She is 15 … Wander starts looking for day-labor jobs before sunrise. He is 13,” are the newspaper’s captions of photographs showing young teenagers admitted via the “Unaccompanied Alien Child” border loophole.



Don Bessee

Looks like team 0 is throwing creepy grampa joe overbaord -

A former Obama administration economist is warning that the economy is "overheated" and that there has been ‘little if any progress" made on tackling inflation during the Biden administration.

Jason Furman, who served as chairman of President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers, described the economy as "very overheated."

The consumer price index (CPI) rose 6.4% in January on an annual basis, hotter than expected, but remained steady compared to last month

Inflation is expected to remain roughly three times higher than the pre-pandemic average on an annualized basis, underscoring the persistent financial burden placed on millions of U.S. households by high prices.

In a tweet thread, Furman noted that some analysts had predicted that supply chains unfreezing were supposed to bring down inflation, but didn’t.




Jordan Peterson speaking with Chris Rufo...

I didn't know just how much of an Apostate Rufo *is*. His upbringing was Leftist, his education was leftist and was working at PBS making documentaries for the left... of course the left hates him now.

This chat is viral... 300k views in a half day.



"Looks like team 0 is throwing creepy grampa joe overboard -"

Oh jeez, who knows? No doubt there are a scad of street gangs fighting over the carcass of the country, and some of them back specific talking heads. Bribes will be sought and bribes paid. A politician in 1st C. Rome would exactly recognize Washington DC.


I've decided that the new management at The Union are geniuses.

Just for fun I poked through archive.org to see what the deal is. Just in time for the biggish storms, they've paywalled the bejeepers out of the site (sometime between early Jan and now), even stuff like police blotter that is freely available elsewhere. Need some information on the storm so you can go out and buy your infant some food? Sucks to be you. Pay up.

It occurs to me that this should all be more market-based. There's money to be made by upping the cost of access to news when exiting things are at hand. Big-ass forest fire near town? That'll be five bucks per view bucko.

lol. Naturally, KNCO appears to be broken (again), although it's always fun listening to the County Super Emergency Team talk about how they're on top of everything.


moi: "stuff like police blotter that is freely available elsewhere"

In case anyone doesn't know about 'elsewhere'.


It can be useful sometimes although typically it's just horrid miscreants screeching near the Northern Queen or depositing a payload at a business entrance on Broad Street.

It is funny how the Newspaper of the Future is basically full of as much free stuff as they can gather, including all those ridiculous local editorials about national politics, and packages of bought dross like The Daily Horoscope. Not much need for story writers really.

Scott O

re child labor:
"The article may crack the bipartisan establishment’s shameful silence about its wealth-shifting policy of extracting teenagers — and millions of foreign migrants — to replace sidelined U.S. workers."
R U kidding?
snork, snork...
This childish statement would imply that the left actually cares about child labor.
The left cares about one thing - power.
And they are very good about obtaining it.
Child labor to extract the necessaries for your electric car are of no consequence whatever.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9:19 am

1) I have been reading the Daily dispatch logs ever since the aunion stopped publishing the daily police blotter. It comes out at 6:00 am the following day, so it’s always a day behind. I like it cause it’s just the dispatch reports of calls coming in, but if you read it a few times a week you get a taste for what is happening in this county. And by the time the Union gets around to publishing the Police Blotter, it’s old news.

What strikes me about the Daily Dispatch report is certain addresses are reoccurring. Some might come up 3 times in a week or 3 times in a two week period. A house with trouble going on. Also what strikes me is how many parents, brothers, sisters, Moms and Dads out there are at wits end with a son or brother who is out of control, on drugs, Fentanyl, suicidal, abusive, violent, etc. These are real problems real people are having with their kids on drugs and are at such wits end they have no choice but to call 911….as most folks would rather handle this themselves but cannot. I mention this cause there are some like Missinfornationthroat who prefer to Pooh-Pooh the idea of what a crisis this really is….in Our Town, USA. Oh course, you have the crazy cat ladies and the reoccurring calls from those having hallucinations that neighbors put bugs in their walls….

2). My source to find out just the what is going on as far as emergency vehicles goes is Nevada County Happening Now. No politics, no snark, no repeated comments on the same event….just folks with scanners and cops and dispatchers following the calls. And a place to ask if Ridge Road is open or can they make it to DeMartinis pharmacy to pick up meds for Grandma.

Nevada County Happening Now is definitely not Nevada County Peeps, a site I personally refuse to sign up to read because of all the assholes and asshats.
Nevada County Happening Now is more informative than the other sites like KNCO, Yuba Net, KVMR.
Easy to sign up with and I have probably left one comment in 3 years. Just a place to follow what is going on in a snowstorm to read.


3). It could always be worse. My elderly couple friends up about 3,400 feet are still without power and can’t get out. Yesterday the lady got the automated call from PG&E. She was so excited thinking it was to inform them that power would be finally coming back on. The call said there estimated time of power restoration would be at 10pm, March 6. Disappointment. Neither can walk very well on flat dry surfaces as it is, so getting out is not in the cards. The husband has been shoveling snow off the back deck every day (several times a day on some days) to dig a path to the wood pile. Yesterday he fell and sprained his ankle. There are 129 homes on that hill that is no priority and without power until next week….maybe. And it does not even make the news. Pioneers on the frontier in 2023, lol. Her words, not mine.

Thank goodness for their old wood stove they she can cook on (kind of according to her) and melt snow and ice to have drinking water. Imagine having an all electric home up there! I got a propane stove so if power goes out I can always have a heat from the oven and make coffee in a pan or grub on the stove top….and they are still trying their hardest to put gas stoves out of business with new regs that will make it darn near impossible and cost prohibitive to own or manufacture a gas stove. Our bettors no what is best, right.


...and...Dilbert appears to be gone. Can't have them racist Nazi theocratic transphobic evil people sullying up the local paper.


Scenes, yes, Dilbert be dead.

I've been listening to Coffee With Scott Adams for some time and my take is he expected to get cancelled but not so thoroughly and swiftly.

He has his FU money but his books and comics are no more. For now.


I was checking out Scott Adams on twitter and ran into this article.


"Columbia University will no longer require SAT or ACT scores in undergraduate admissions, making it the first Ivy League college to implement the pandemic emergency measure as its official policy.

The Morningside Heights institution first dropped its test score requirement at the beginning of the pandemic when testing sites shuttered, and the measure had been extended through next school year’s admissions cycle, the college newspaper Columbia Spectator reported.

The decision was “rooted in the belief that students are dynamic, multi-faceted individuals who cannot be defined by any single factor,” read the university website.

“Our review is purposeful and nuanced — respecting varied backgrounds, voices and experiences — in order to best determine an applicant’s suitability for admission and ability to thrive in our curriculum and our community, and to advance access to our educational opportunities.”"

Naturally, they'll either make graduation requirements/classes easier, or they'll have a massive drop-out rate. I have to wonder what this'll do to the value of an existing degree, kind of like the inflation in SAT scores.

Maybe it would be cheaper to automatically award an Ivy League degree based on Pantone color when you graduate from high school.

Of course, what's really going on here is that by avoiding actual test scores, a number and all, you can choose the *right* people with utterly arbitrary rules. Kinda like the way they used to avoid too many Jewish applicants.


Let me rephrase my last dropping... Adams WAÑTED to get cancelled and was stunned by the Furies at work.

Bill Tozer

We've officially sold more than 200,000 Jeremy's Chocolate bars and it's still climbing. Let's keep it going.

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