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22 March 2023


Don Bessee

Ahhhh fresh kitty litter!


Two sources familiar told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that the grand jury was canceled amid "major dissension" within the district attorney's office. One source claimed the district attorney is having trouble convincing the grand jury on potential charges due to the "weakness" of the case.



Don Bessee




Don Bessee

Riddle me this creepy grampa joe, what is a woman? -

Jill Biden: It's time for men to step up for women's rights



Beep Beep




"Jill Biden: It's time for men to step up for women's rights"

Oh jeez, a prominent member of the Karenocracy sez some things to help her husband politically. Big surprise.

You can always energize the base by yelling something about HANDMAIDSTALEOURBODIESTAKINGOURRIGHTS, without mentioning a thing about the rights of the unborn.

Thing is, there's always going to be someone who think of a microscopic clump of cells as 'human' because it had a soul stuck into it from a pile somewhere...and there's always going to be someone who thinks it should be legal to hit a baby on the head and remove it a day before birth. There's no reconciling these people so the argument keeps on keepin' on.

The Estonian Fox

DB @ 7:49PM

Gee, I wonder if it's OK for men to protest the abortion of pre-born baby girls? Wouldn't that be standing up for a (soon-to-be) woman's rights? Should satisfy Jill Biden.


Whiny democrat whines about Bad Orange Man being mean......

Manhattan DA: Trump created false expectation of arrest, Republicans interfered



re: Estonian Fox@8:43AM

Only if they identify as females.


Just thinking about the Decay of America.

I was watching this for a moment this morning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UwR07I3WoI&t=12m10s (actually, the whole video isn't bad) and dealing with my second super aggressive panhandler in a couple of days, I had a couple of tiny thoughts.

. That it would be funny to fill up my pockets with Jack Chick tracts to hand out when accosted.
. That it's a bummer to live in environments where cultural pressure has disappeared and lower level crimes made legal.
. It's an unsaid part of the move towards online shopping and away from the public space.
. Something changed as this was essentially unknown when I was younger. You had to live in specific places to get crazy beggars.
. Law enforcement has disappeared from this kind of thing, the homeless-industrial complex will keep it going as 'champions'.
. People will end up staying at home more and more, perhaps we could revive the concept of dinner and cocktail parties and steer clear of downtowns.
. To some extent, the homeless are a street army protected by the Far Left. Not a bad way to bring down the evil capitalists and get some lolz in the meantime.

Truth is, you can't have nice things, at least the public variety. A person does well to build up their home library, visit each other's houses, improve their skills/hobbies to be done in areas they completely control, wall yourself off from the mess. Unless the robot overlords do something, it's guaranteed that none of this will get better in your lifetime.

Scott O

"Thing is, there's always going to be someone who think of a microscopic clump of cells as 'human' because it had a soul stuck into it from a pile somewhere..."

There's also folks that think once the double helix is formed, it's human life.
It's human - it's alive.
After that, the argument gets pretty tangled up in how cute it looks as medical waste.

Pro tip - we're all just a clump of cells.

Scott O

fish 9:37 - Yeah - I had to laugh at that one.
All on his own, Trump came up with this wild theory he was going to be arrested last Tuesday. He must have had his henchmen force all the major news media during the week end to run with that headline.


Posted by: Scott O | 23 March 2023 at 10:02 AM

You'll know Al is really upset if he slips into "Black Preacher" voice.

I guess we'll see.....


"After that, the argument gets pretty tangled up in how cute it looks as medical waste."

Not dissimilar to the good press that baby harp seals get as opposed to rare reptiles.

I'd prefer to think of it as a combination of 'how viable it is' and 'how intelligent it is', but then no one asks me to write abortion law.

The intelligence argument could be applied to life forms generally. What are the rights of a chimpanzee or a dolphin compared to a newborn human? Is it a matter of potential or current agency?

More subtle forms exist. Do you spend limited public health money on newborns or young adults or the elderly? Are cow leather boots (legal in California) less moral than snakeskin boots (illegal in California)? Upcoming...the rights of machine intelligence.

In any case, it's great fodder for a bar stool and useless when dealing with idiots with signs whatever their feelings on the matter. No one is as stupid as a group of us together, particularly activist harpies.

Scott O

"The intelligence argument could be applied to life forms generally. What are the rights of a chimpanzee or a dolphin compared to a newborn human? Is it a matter of potential or current agency?"

Ha - I saw the other day that some are asking about the need for "AI rights". There's an hilarious rabbit hole to follow. We could end up endowing our refrigerators with "rights". How much AI? How autonomous does it need to be?
So many questions to answer. Maybe we can start funding a Federal Task Force to look into these new rights. The SPLC needs to start looking into hate crimes against sentient machines.


"We have a very strong economy......and robust currency!"

We are clearly the envy of the world!

Of course that's why gold officially cracked 2K denominated in dollars about 9 minutes ago!

Shotgun Joey....is there nothing he can't do?


Take that Gov. Perry!

"U.S. authorities have been flying migrants caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Canada border to Texas as part of a deterrence effort to tackle a rise in crossings, according to authorities, flight records and a Reuters witness.

U.S. Border Patrol has quietly transported about 100 migrants this month on two charter flights from Plattsburgh, New York, near the border with Canada, to the Texas cities of Harlingen and El Paso."



You don't say,

"GAINESVILLE, Fla. (AP) — The former Florida lawmaker who sponsored the controversial law critics call “Don’t Say Gay” pleaded guilty Tuesday to committing $150,000 in COVID-19 relief fraud.

Joseph Harding, a 35-year-old Republican, pleaded guilty in Gainesville federal court to wire fraud, money laundering, and making false statements in connection with COVID-19 relief fraud, according to court records. He faces up to 35 years in prison at a hearing scheduled for July 25.

Harding resigned from the Florida House in December, a day after federal prosecutors announced his indictment."

Bill Tozer




"The former Florida lawmaker who sponsored the controversial law critics "

An odd looking man I admit. I wonder how many people took advantage of that same crazy cash flow from the gubmint.

That's a cool example of misleading headline though. 'lawmaker who sponsored' is phrased as if he was responsible for the law rather than one of 32 co-sponsors.

In addition, I'll bet ONE MILLION DOLLARS (in the words of a certain movie badguy) that you haven't read the law and just know it as a slogan. I know I haven't, so I don't have an opinion on it.


I'll be happy to look through it and have an opinion if Misanthrope actually has any interest in it.



The word "gay" does not appear in the text, LoL!

"The bill would ban discussing these issues in primary schools and restrict how they are discussed in other grades if they are deemed “not age-appropriate.” However, it does not specify what would be considered age-appropriate, or who decides. Any parent could sue their child’s school for compensation for alleged harm if they believe those discussions have occurred. The likely outcome of the bill would be to deter teachers from addressing these issues and to chill open discussions and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students.

The bill would also require school personnel to notify parents of changes in a student’s physical, mental, or emotional health. It would significantly limit the ability of counselors and teachers to be a confidential resource for students, including LGBT students who may not feel safe or comfortable asking questions about sexual orientation or gender identity to family members.

Human Rights Watch has documented how curricular restrictions harm LGBT youth in US schools. These restrictions not only prevent students from accessing information that’s essential to their health and well-being, but send a discriminatory message that being LGBT is inappropriate or wrong. That message not only stigmatizes LGBT children but can tacitly encourage intolerance and bullying from peers from a young age.

In recent years, states like Alabama, Arizona, South Carolina, and Utah all repealed laws that limited discussions of LGBT issues in schools. Similar laws remain in place in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Texas, while five other states allow parents to opt their children out of curricula in which LGBT issues are being discussed.

By introducing new laws to this effect, Florida is moving in the wrong direction – and at least seven other states are poised to do so as well. Teachers should not fear punishment if they celebrate diversity or let kids know that it’s okay to be LGBT, and students should not be cut off from affirming information and support."



Can you say "gay"?

Facebook post from infamously homophobic televangelist Rick Palermo of the Assembly of Leviticus has gone viral because in it he apologizes for “accidentally doing a sodomy.”

"But there must have been some gay sperm on the floor or something because I slipped, grabbed a toilet lid for balance where a rolled up dollar bill somehow got wedged in between my fingers, and I accidentally snorted a few lines of cocaine that someone had irresponsibly left on the seat. The shock disoriented me because everything was happening so fast, but I guess I stepped on my pant leg which pulled down my trousers, I got my shirt collar stuck on the door’s coat hook which ripped it off, and I guess the centrifugal force of my spinning made my underwear fall to my ankles leaving me naked, and then I fell onto another man’s erect penis.”



Scott O

"Teachers should not fear punishment if they celebrate diversity..."
OK groomer.

Scott O

"Facebook post from infamously homophobic televangelist Rick Palermo of the Assembly of Leviticus has gone viral because in it he apologizes for “accidentally doing a sodomy.”"

Boy, Missy - you follow some screwed up people on facebook.
But it's a free country, so whatever floats your boat.


Scotto: "Ha - I saw the other day that some are asking about the need for "AI rights". There's an hilarious rabbit hole to follow."

Maybe not such a funny thing in a decade or two. Dunno. It depends on how anthropocentric you are.

One of the most interesting angles to it I've heard is the potential for communications with cetaceans. To at least give it a shot I imagine they need to accumulate a boatload (so to speak) more data, but it seems worth the dosh to spread microphones around in the oceans.

Misanthrope: https://dashmacintyre.medium.com/a-homophobic-televangelist-claims-his-gay-sex-tape-is-all-a-big-misunderstanding-7e64d73b8bd4

The funny thing is that, given the new-found freedom for the hypersexualized corners of society to strut their stuff, it's hard to write parody. Everything sounds true and becomes true with the retelling.

When the newly-minted luggage-stealin' Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy was busy posting pics of the young-men-in-dog-suits that he so dearly loved to sodomize, everyone cheered. Hopefully GPT-10 has more taste than the current ruling classes.


A sussinct definition of "woke":
”Woke describes the ongoing cultural revolution which defines reality by its usefulness in achieving left-wing goals.”


Don Bessee

Gee i wonder why the crackhead has not been prosecuted for gun violations yet? NOT! -



Don Bessee

It seems a little sanity is getting into the equation just not here -

World Athletics bans transgender women from competing in female world ranking events


U.S. cyclocross champion Hannah Arensman says she is leaving the sport after recently finishing fourth between transgender “women” despite her 35 championship wins.

The decision by the 25-year-old Arensman was revealed in a brief filed by the state of West Virginia to the Supreme Court in support of its ave Women’s Sports law, which limits transgender athletes to playing school sports in categories that correspond to their birth gender, not the gender they “identify” as, according to Fox News.

Radical transgender activists are suing West Virginia to have the law repealed, claiming that it violates federal Title IX rules. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently reinstated a preliminary injunction blocking the law while the court case continues.

Arensman joined 66 other athletes in calling on the Supreme Court to vacate the injunctions and to rule that West Virginia’s law is constitutional. In the brief, she said she retired from her sport in December because of the invasion of trans “women” into the sport of cycling.



Don Bessee

Time to get the chi coms out of peoples phones -

“That means they have access to your passwords, all your data, they have access to your health records, your bank records, they have access to your geopolitical information or your geospatial information,” Krach said. “That means that they can track where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.”

“Look at it as a digital virus,” he added. “And the only cure for this; the only vaccine for this is a total ban.



Bill Tozer

USA Today Gives Woman of the Year Award to a Dude.

‘USA Today Gives ‘Woman of the Year’ Honor to Transgender Democrat’


Now white liberal women must cheer.

Bill Tozer

A little pushback. No is a complete statement.

‘Georgia, Iowa Overcome Near-Unanimous Democrat Opposition To Ban Child Mutilation Surgeries’

Critics React After Biological Man Wins NY Women’s Bicycling Race


One eye trouser trout wins again. Hail to the patriarchy.
Speaking of the one eye zipper snake….

‘Hunter Biden used FBI mole named ‘One-Eye’ to tip him off to China probes: tipster’


Don Bessee

Team creepy grampa joe is bought and paid for by the chi coms -




Lots more pictures of the Harridan Patrol in Burger Basin in the paper this morning. So brave. So powerful.

A quick look at BofA's annual report shows that the energy biz (let's assume that it's 100% fossil fuel, which you know it isn't) is 2% of their commercial credit exposure, plus I don't see any energy companies in their top holdings as investors.

and, of course, like any Modern Major Company, they're chockablock full of good deeds and minority outreach and alternative energy talk and whatnot.

What exactly are these sign-wavers about? My best guess is that they feel a strong need for community and hanging out together and with the decline in church attendance and bridge clubs being an 'activist' is all that is left. I wonder sometimes if there isn't a DNA angle since these people tend to look alike.


re: Chinese TikTok and phones and the like. You have to wonder if you aren't better off having China spy on you than Psul's beloved 17 intelligence agencies. It isn't like China is going to send a SWAT team to your house for wrongthink.

Bill Tozer

‘Effort to squash Biden family stories long predated Hunter laptop, newly released emails reveal’
Aide to VP Biden in 2015 bragged she got reporter to admit she would "only use" negative information on Hunter Biden "if her editors hold a gun to her head."



re: BillT@9:18AM

Cool. The article actually has a link to the docs.


from Kate Bedingfield to one Eric Schwerin:

"Absolutely -- we have had two conversations about it -- she will only use if her editors hold a gun to her head."


who appears to run this:

" https://web.archive.org/web/20190102224148/https://www.instituteforethicalawareness.org/">https://www.instituteforethicalawareness.org/">https://web.archive.org/web/20190102224148/https://www.instituteforethicalawareness.org/ "

(you might have to fool with the link if any interest in the website. It's gone now of course.)

Why mention any of this? "Institute for Ethical Awareness". roflmao. This whole country is run by activist grifter MF'ers who cycle in 'n out of government, non-profits, corporate boards. If the government hadn't metastasized into leviathan, none of this would matter much except for the occasional Civil War era military supply scandal.


Tune o' the day.



Why is everyone so worked up over transgenders in sports?

Sports, in general, are overrated.

Food is much more satisfying.

Scott O

Lil' Missy 12:01 - "Why is everyone so worked up over transgenders in sports?"

Really? You want to advertise to the world you are that friggin' clueless?

No wonder you're a lefty.


How long before we find out that Alvin mailed it to himself....?

Package with suspicious powder delivered to Manhattan DA's office amid Trump probe: 'Alvin, I'll kill you'



Misandjeffie 1201p

Critical Gender theory, like all Critical Theories, is intended to stir up trouble. Traditional Theory are the stories we used to tell.


"Why is everyone so worked up over transgenders in sports?"

It would be a life simplifier to remove any restrictions I admit. Answer: get rid of all gender requirements for sports.

No LPGA, just PGA. No WNBA, just NBA. You not only wouldn't have any women in sports, but no transgenders either. Same goes for college sports.

The few remaining women would be superstars. A few shooters, gymnasts maybe?. Ultra-marathons? Maybe some time could be spent designing sports that women really succeed at.

Step 2 will be designing sports that men with gigantic prosthetic breasts do well.

I could live with that.

While we're at it, base all hiring purely on ability to do the job. Base all college admissions on likelihood that student will excel. Worry about unbiased hiring practices like blind orchestra auditions.

I'm glad we found common ground on this.


”The few remaining women would be superstars"

Superstar Vanessa Williams was estimated about equivalent to the 700th seed on the men's side in tennis... which is why women's tennis was separate from men's.


Serena, not Vanessa


Godspeed Gordon Moore…..

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, author of ‘Moore’s Law’ that helped drive computer revolution, dies at 94


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe has poop come out of his mouth again -



Don Bessee

So move your dumb ass to a dem shithole like SF or NY and see how happy you are!

Ana Navarro says she's miserable in Florida, 'you'd be upset 24 hours a day, too'



Bill Tozer

Don Bessee @ O9:13 in the PM

If you want to watch Drag Queen Story Hour, just tune into The View

Read somewhere Finland is experiencing 16% inflation. Makes it harder to pour money into Ukraine or have it a top priority. Just saying.
A worthless poll heading into a banking crisis, deficit spending crisis, recession, and inflation before a Presidential election year.


Scott O

Electric motor vehicles have been around for over 130 years. Ford Motor Co has been around for 120 years.

"Ford Motor Company says its electric vehicle (EV) unit, “Ford Model e,” is losing billions of dollars, and should be viewed as a startup company."

Ah, don't worry, little buddy - Uncle Sugar'll bail you out!
We're bailing out the Chinese investors and Hollywood know-nothings. We're printin' money for darn near everyone with the proper pronouns and political leanin's.
Golly - I can remember maybe an hour or so ago 'bout how Ford had all these whiz-bang ee-lectric cars and trucks and how much better they were than those old fashioned evil smoke wagons and wha' happened?
Now James Farley is crawling on his knees all pathetic and broke-like.
Won't you help?
Well - ya, we called y'all a bunch of names and how y'all are Hitler-like and stuff - but gee whiz. We need your money to keep the Lord's work goin' and we know y'all get paid back in the sweet bye n' bye.

You're watching it in real-time, folks.
This is how a collection of morons piss away the greatest country ever on earth.
Ah well - the founders were worried about exactly what is occurring.
They had every right to be concerned.

Scott O

Oh yeah - the gory details:

Don Bessee

Global warmingnistas in creepy grampa joes circus are in fact ruining the country on the altar of global warming and lining their pockets at the same time build back better indeed -

“Well, we know where she’s been,” Carney interjected. “They’ve been sitting there worried about climate change the whole time. Climate change risk all the way. Interest rate risk, the basics of banking—they weren’t paying any attention to.”

“Larry Summers said this—he said instead of worrying about inflation and interest rates, they are worried about climate change. And that’s not the role of central bankers,” Kudlow added.

“By the way, the Financial Stability Oversight Council—which met today, I guess, because they actually realized they have a problem on their hands—in the February meeting, read the readout. It’s available on their website. They were talking about climate. Their ’22 annual report was about climate. I mean, you really can’t make this up. That’s what they were worried about,” Peek noted.



Don Bessee

Says lerch who has had every prognostication proven wrong for how long? ROFLOL let them eat bugs and stop farming then force them into the metaverse stupidity -



Don Bessee

Now thats funny -

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz., said she stopped attending the Democrat's "dumb luncheons" because "old dudes are eating Jell-O" and "everyone is talking about how great they are," according to a recent Politico report.

While speaking with GOP lobbyists in Washington D.C., the Democrat-turned-independent senator reportedly said that caucus "lunches were ridiculous… Old dudes are eating Jell-O, everyone is talking about how great they are. I don’t really need to be there for that. That’s an hour and a half twice a week that I can get back."

"The Northerners and the Westerners put cool whip on their Jell-O, and the Southerners put cottage cheese," Sinema said poking fun at the Democratic Senators.




""Ford Motor Company says its electric vehicle (EV) unit, “Ford Model e,” is losing billions of dollars, and should be viewed as a startup company."

Ah, don't worry, little buddy - Uncle Sugar'll bail you out!"

I was thinking about that this morning. I wonder how many car companies will survive electrification. The whole thing is bound to be a dog's dinner given the push by governments before it's ready, the huge capital investment, the dragging chain of unions/old plants/dealerships to be dealt with.

Plus, as if that's not enough, it'll be a switch-over where a lot of people will lose brand loyalty...excepting perhaps Toyota.

Plus+, cars, a $50-$100k 'investment, are now moving to the product cycles and obsolescence of a cell phone. Too much software, too much software interconnection, too many company-specific designs. Hell, they can't even standardize on a couple of wheel hole patterns.

Losing the will to live this morning. Read the large school insert in Der Union this morning. More acronyms than you can shake a stick at (SASA). More self-congratulatory doggerel than you can handle. More feature creep than you can imagine.

So far as I can tell, this has gone nowhere:

But I expect they are running into the fact that, unlike 100 years ago, it's hard to get people with money to cough up a bit for civic institutions. That's why there's so many late 19th C. buildings with peoples' names on them. Meetings and good intentions are insufficient for real projects in real life.

No doubt any failure in putting together a traditional/classical school is viewed with glee by the Left as it proves the evilness and lack of value of The Old Ways.

Bill Tozer

“It is true: liberals are trying to make your life worse, in every way they can get away with.”



🐜🐞🐛🪳🦗🦟🪲🕷️ does not taste like chicken.

Bill Tozer

No naked links




The Estonian Fox

BT @2:53PM from Powerline:

"The EU has already authorised foods made from crickets, locusts and the darkling beetle larva. In January mealworm larvae was added to the list."

Yet they still ban GMO foods!! Go figure. It'll be interesting to see folks in the next generation with 6 legs, but fortunately NOT due to GMO foods.

Don Bessee

Thank God that we dont get another ignorant ass like alfred e newman at transportation -

Republicans were united in opposition to Washington, calling him unqualified because of limited aviation experience. Democrats and allied independents still might have pushed the nomination through, but key senators on their side balked at supporting Biden’s pick.

Washington’s fate appeared settled when Senate Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., abruptly called off a scheduled vote last Wednesday — a sign that she lacked enough votes to move the nomination out of committee. She said some senators wanted more information about Washington.

The FAA has lacked a Senate-confirmed administrator since March 2022. The agency is trying to reassure Americans that air travel is safe despite a surge in close calls between planes this year. It is also struggling with aging technology that failed in January, briefly canceling all takeoffs around the country. And it is still trying to repair its reputation after approving Boeing planes that crashed in 2018 and 2019.

Washington ran transit agencies in Denver and Los Angeles, but his only aviation-related experience is serving as CEO of the Denver airport for less than two years. He has strong ties to the administration, however — he led Biden’s 2020 transition team for the Transportation Department, which includes the FAA.

Biden nominated Washington last July, but he didn’t get a committee hearing for eight months. Republicans attacked his resume and seized on disclosures that his name appeared in search warrants related to a corruption investigation in Los Angeles.



Bill Tozer


‘NPR lays off 100 employees as company faces $30 million decline in revenue
The employee layoffs mark one the most significant staff reductions in the company's 53 years of operation.’
Men dominating Woman of the Year lists.

‘You’ve Probably Never Been ‘Woman Of The Year,’ But These Men Have’
We know where Biden and far Left extremists firmly stand on your pension returns. You don’t need no stinkin’ fiduciary responsibilities.

‘House Fails to Override Biden’s First Presidential Veto Amid Dispute Over ESG Investment Rule‘
More from Drag Queens Story Hour:

The View Wants Americans to Live With ‘Less’ Like Prison ‘Monks’

Fake Republican David Jolly wasn't very jolly on MSNBC last night, saying the GOP's embrace of parental rights in education is going back to the days when the party was allegedly "rooted culturally and white nationalism."

Bottomline: Let Missy Throat run interference

‘Biden scandal strategy — ignore, and let liberal media run defense’


Bill Tozer

13-year-old drag queen performs at an event as adults cheer him on


And to think, dear reader, there is not one person to publicly denounce this debauchery at KVMR, Yubanet.com, The Miners Foundry, or any of our local lefties. They defend such grooming of our children by Men Attracted to Minors (pedos), groomers, all the Teachers Unions….none dare object to this. Not one.
It is truly evil and Missy Throat of a Rope minimizes the whole impact on our children. “Why should you care?” Nothing to see here….except Sodom and Gomorrah.

Let this sink in: TikTok is the go to social media outlet choice for our young teachers. They must be stopped.

Don Bessee

Groomers are now looking to grab custody of your kids -




"And to think, dear reader, there is not one person to publicly denounce this debauchery at..."

It's like the wokeism takeover in the education system, those persons will simply claim that it doesn't exist...and then claim that it's overstated...and then claim that it really doesn't matter even if it's not overstated...and then say something about Jerry Falwell or some other 1970s TV evangelist. It's the politics of not believing your lyin' eyes.

The modern progressive is a strange mix of self-hate, normalization of mental illness, status grabbing. They're claiming to build a new consensus, but it's really just scrabbling over limited resources and there's more opportunities when you play 52 card pickup with civilization.

Bill Tozer

scenes @ 7:33 am. Good morning.

“The modern progressive is a strange mix of self-hate, normalization of mental illness, status grabbing. They're claiming to build a new consensus, but it's really just scrabbling over limited resources and there's more opportunities when you play 52 card pickup with civilization.”

For several years now, we have been trying to put the neat labels on the unmooring our our civilization from the past. Burn it all down. The oppressor vs everybody else (the opposed). The self hate. I like the phrase playing “52 card pickup with civilization.” Works for me.

Bill Tozer

‘California governor wants Medicaid to pay rent for homeless, cost $100 million’
Newsom proposed using federal funds to cover at least six months of rent for homeless residents and those close to losing housing.


Bill Tozer

You are kidding me, right? Nobody is that dumb except Kenny J and his ilk. Unbelievable. NPR is spreading misinformation and junk science.

‘NPR Laughably Claims 'Limited Scientific Evidence' That Men Beat Women at Sports’


Jolly Good Scoundrel

Pentagon Pulls Radical Anti-White DEI Official From Key Post


Excellent.....this should hasten the process of their extinction.

Politics are increasingly a dating dealbreaker — especially for women

Then politics came up. As Nadia drove her date back home, he revealed he had not voted during the 2016 presidential election because he had not liked either candidate, former President Trump or the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“And I was like ‘I’m never speaking to him again,” she said. “I almost kicked him out of my car.”

I look forward to hearing that you were eaten by your cats.


Don Bessee

The white house is run by especially stupid woke interns -

"MAGA House Republican proposals would slash funding for border security – a move that could allow nearly 900 pounds of fentanyl into our country," the president tweeted. "We need more resources to secure the border. Not less."




” Nobody likes getting punched in the balls... especially if you're a woman..”

Okay……this one threw me…..I thought for sure this was a Pelline quote. Apparently not. It looks like a pseudo-woman took a fist to the balls…..sprinted to Twitter to complain publicly.


Don Bessee

Its 1984 in snowflake land -



Jolly Good Scoundrel

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg just had a profanity laced meltdown!

He must be feeling the heat!

Don Bessee

Will the last person out turn off the lights -

Cracker Barrel becomes latest company to flee Portland amid rising crime, retail theft
Walmart announced earlier this month it is closing all of its Portland, Oregon, locations



Don Bessee

Ya got that right -

Thomas "Drago" Dzieran escaped socialism after fleeing Soviet-occupied Poland and coming to America, but he hasn't forgotten the struggles and political persecution that brought him here.

Now he's sounding the alarm for others who are becoming complacent with what he views is the wrong trajectory for the nation, warning that socialism has already begun to infiltrate the U.S. by citing attacks on traditional values and a consequential moral decay wreaking havoc on culture.

"People need to ask themselves, ‘How can somebody bring the United States down?’ Definitely not by force," he told Fox News' Dan Bongino on Saturday. "There won't be Chinese soldiers landing on our beaches. It can only be done from within."



Don Bessee

The reality contagion is spreading -

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova recently praised the decision by World Athletics to ban males from competing against natural-born female athletes, calling it a “step in the right direction.”

Last week, the World Athletics Council moved to ban male athletes who identify as women from competing against biological females at international events. Lord Coe, head of World Athletics, said the new rules were set to kick in on March 31.

“Decisions are always difficult when they involve conflicting needs and rights between different groups, but we continue to take the view that we must maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations,” Lord Coe continued.



Scott O

Good ol' American Justice.
This just stinks more and more every day.

Bill Tozer

Ah. I remember the liar imposter Littlefeather. The Anita Hill of fake accusations, the Elizabeth Warren of culture appropriation….the Rachael Dozel of mental illness. And they Left apologized to her!!! And the Left made Anita Hill a saint in the Smithsonian Black History shrine. Anyway…now it’s Sundance, lol.

‘Native activists accuse Hollywood producer of faking Cherokee background’

Heather Rae previously headed up the Sundance Institute’s Native American program.

Native American watchdog group the Tribal Alliance Against Frauds (TAAF) recently demanded an apology from Hollywood producer Heather Rae over lying about her background.

Littlefeather, the lying Mexican.

Prior to this accusation, the Native American community was rocked by another scandal in Oct. 2022. Activist Sacheen Littlefeather, who gained notoriety after rejecting Marlon Brando's Best Actor award for "The Godfather" in his stead at the 1973 Academy Awards, was revealed to, in fact, have no Native American heritage.

After her death earlier that month, Littlefeather’s sisters Trudy Orlandi and Rosalind Cruz revealed that the activist, born Marie Louise Cruz, was not ethnically Native American. According to Orlandi and Cruz, Littlefeather had changed her name after believing to find Native American heritage and became more active in protests.

"It's a lie. … My father was who he was. His family came from Mexico, and my dad was born in Oxnard," Orlandi said.

In September, before Littlefeather’s death, Rae helped Academy members to construct an apology to the activist for "blacklisting" her after her demonstration at the awards ceremony.


re: DonB@3:56 and the Agatha Christie rewrites, which happened slightly in the past,


A thing to keep in mind. Every time some jackwagon stops by to bitch about Trump or jeer gleefully about some (R) state assemblyman in legal trouble, remember that this is one of the things they represent:


There's really no point in compromise or politeness. The problem is that they are building a giant HOA for everyone.


re: Sensitivity Readers

ran into this:


So, you buy a Kindle ebook, later on, someone at the publishing house or Amazon changes it to suit their liking.

"We, the Party, control all records, and we control all memories. Then we control the past, do we not?'"

Don Bessee

And we wonder why the kids go crazy in universities -





Not being one to habitually graze the op-ed sites, here's the guy's actual post. The original source (Facebook?) is deleted of course.


Bill Tozer

Someday I will burn out on posting about the Woke, but not today. Hint: Woke, in two words, means Leftist Hypocrisy. That’s the whole ball of wax. Leftist Hypocrisy is the answer to all Woke questions and meaning of the word. I take extreme pleasure in the Howelling Dicks of the world decrying that the Right has hijacked the meaning of the word Woke. Extreme pleasure with extreme prejudice. Another example of Leftist Hypocrisy. Anywho…

‘ESPN ‘Celebrates’ Women By Denying Their Existence’

Instead of celebrating the hard work and skill of female athletes, ESPN is dead set on erasing them and replacing them with men


Gays against Trans is a hate group, lol.

Scott O

re Don B 1:58
The good per-fessor, Steven Shaviro, was suspended with pay. And the authorities will investigate.
So - a nice long paid vacay and a visit from the local PD for a chat and then when it blows over back to work spreading this poison.
Let me just guess - he has an Ivy League degree?
And of course the lefties will defend him citing "free speech" and rail against his detractors as "anti-Semitic".


Almost, Mr. Toes.

In two words, Woke is hard left, arriving here by way of The New Left of the 1960's.

There are plenty of leftists that aren't woke.

Don Bessee

How senile is he -



Bill Tozer

Legacy Media Scramble To Recover, Claim Police ‘Misidentified’ Gender Of Nashville Shooter


Like to see the manifesto. That will tell us the motive…..as if it is a big mystery.

Scott O

So we have 3 dead adults and 3 dead children and the big crime is that the shooter used politically incorrect firearms and the police ID'd the dude as a dude.
Out of all the school shootings so far in the last two centuries - how many took place at schools where the politicos and Hollywood elites send their kiddos?
There's a reason...

Don Bessee

The propaganda bureau could not keep the lie going -

NPR Issues Correction, Admits There Is Evidence Proving Male Athletes Have Advantage over Females



Bill Tozer

Same ole same ole.

A Covid Postmortem
Though well positioned to weather the pandemic, California instead pursued disastrous restrictions and cracked down on dissent.

As Paulie Halstead is being raked over the coals in The Union with no opportunity to respond (yet), I have two observations:

1) The similarity in “burn her at the stake” responses between nurses and public school teachers are not just similar, they are one and the same. Just following the scientist, not the science. Just following orders…if you catch my drift. Nurses and teachers are cut from the same cloth.

2) If the ‘burn her at the stake’ and ‘shoot the messenger’ sheeple are so damn certain that they have the one true science and facts, then why have we gone from the pandemic of the unvaccinated to the current proven pandemic of the vaccinated? Riddle me that, Batman.

The wolf does not care what the sheep think nor does it care a hoot about the sheep’s feelings. Who cares if they, like Tom The Grifter, are offended? Not me.

Don Bessee

You know how far the wokesters have gone when the punch lines become reality -

When satire becomes reality: Nearly 100 Babylon Bee joke stories have come true



Don Bessee

WTF! Whats next cancel red flags and the aggressor squadrons in the name of equity so the shitty pilots dont feel bad? -

Air Force says ‘inclusive and equitable culture’ part of strategy to ‘fly, fight and win’ against China



Bill Tozer

Democrats vs. Parents


The Estonian Fox

Good op-ed in the WSJ on 3/26, by Paul Kupiec, on how the Fed itself has been losing money over the last 7 months due to the interest-rate risk they themselves brought into the world. And that they will continue losing money for 'x' more months. In an email reply to me he said that this is too difficult or obscure to get Congressional attention yet.

The Fed was a money-maker from 1916 up to 2021. "The Fed did generate profits, which it sent to the Treasury, every year from 1916 on — until last fall. In a development previously unheard of, the Federal Reserve has suffered operating losses of about $42 billion since September 2022." Whew - for a minute there I thought it was $42T. Only billion.



Remember when mass shootings like the one at the Tennessee Elementary school yesterday was about guns?


Scotto: "So we have 3 dead adults and 3 dead children and the big crime is that the shooter used politically incorrect firearms and the police ID'd the dude as a dude."

It's just bound to have more exotic political side effects.

The anti-gun people have to double down on their efforts, more so than usual, because it's too easy to turn this into CRAZY TRANSGENDERS ARE ATTACKING CHRISTIAN CHILDREN!!.

Given what appears to be national normalization of mental illness, whether it's men-in-dresses or insane homeless, it's even an argument that can be made in good faith. It could well be that 'conservatives' (ie. normal people who think what everyone used to think in the 20th C.) need to start physically protecting themselves more robustly. After you watch your 100th black-clad group screaming at some speaker somewhere, or the occasional burning strip mall, it's natural to look at your own surroundings.


"Air Force says ‘inclusive and equitable culture’ part of strategy to ‘fly, fight and win’ against China"

Oh well. If you base advancement through the officer ranks to the Komissar's official 'OK', that's what you get.

Maybe the hope is that there's just a small amount of time where manned offensive aircraft are still a thing, and we can just sneak through it. In the meantime, the really big programs like the F-35 can provide an iron rice bowl for a scad of people.


Posted by: scenes | 28 March 2023 at 08:16 AM

The anti-gun people have to double down on their efforts, more so than usual, because it's too easy to turn this into CRAZY TRANSGENDERS ARE ATTACKING CHRISTIAN CHILDREN!!

Maybe but both sides have been (with the exception of President Brainstem).....restrained.....in making public statements to this point. Probably too much downside politically this soon after given that yesterdays "Mistress of Ceremonies" was a dues fully paid member of the "Coalition of the Fringes" for Proglodyte America to go their standard batshit crazy!


"Maybe but both sides have been (with the exception of President Brainstem).....restrained.....in making public statements to this point."

It depends on where you look. I don't doubt that the nomenklatura is easing off, but The Voice of the People, crazy people that is, is found elsewhere.

The bit of political jiu-jitsu going on right now, so far as I can tell, is to get out in front of the outrage. The terrible terrible thing isn't that someone shot children with militarystyleassaultrifles, or that some crazy transgender shot children, but that someone noticed that the perp is transgender and that maybe those people have mental issues. Anyone thinking that is, of course, transphobic and has committed the ultimate Thought Crime.

At this point, I'd say that the Left has placed men-in-dresses at the very tippy top of the grievance pyramid, surprisingly even outpacing use of the 'word that shall not be uttered', the word beginning with 'N' that is the most hateful terrible unsayable word in the English language, worthy of a de-personing.

Just wait until we combine the current ruling class, and it's need to own your mind, with the increasing physical ability to actually infer what you are thinking. The crime of 'hate thoughts' may well be both measurable and punishable in your lifetime.


"The crime of 'hate thoughts' may well be both measurable and punishable in your lifetime."

as a side note, this may well explain part of the current political landscape. It's not 100% cyclical public uproar.

It could be that everyone has an uneasy feeling that the next round of technology, centralization/control of finance, utilities, surveillance at both work and home, instant mobs, control of social media, means that whoever gets the chair when the music stops will get to sit forever.

Some kind of perpetual authoritarianism will take place at some point, and you want your seat in the ruling class.

As that day draws closer, you could expect the fight to become more fierce.

Bill Tozer

We're making teen girls depressed --- and trans

The motive behind the trans shooter is simple. Mental illness. You have to be mentally ill to think a dude can become a girl. The mentally ill shooter’s friend said he had high levels of autism. High levels of autism are usually found in depressed girls who think they can become dudes. but mental illness nonetheless. Wackos. Crazies. A very sad state of affairs.

And to think the shooter was on track to become Nashville’s Woman of the Year.

Don Bessee

The truth behind the hoopla -




it's snowing at 2300'

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