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05 March 2023


Bill Tozer

Well, this should make grave dance Ben Emery quite happy.

‘Walmart Set to Close All Stores in Portland amid Record-Breaking Retail Theft’



George, good to hear from you!

Am guessing you meant to write February, not March. Dialysis is rough.


There's something I like about the location:

Cross Streets: DALTON ST and TEMBY ST
Disposition:Assist Date/Time: 03/05/2023 09:41 PM
Beat:8 Primary Unit:2S2
[CAD11/3988 03/05/23 20:26:40] ADD'L 911 RPT'G SEVERAL SUBJS IN 415 AND SHE HEARD A LOUD GUNSHOT


another good location:

Hopefully no one is throwing rocks on Boulder St.

Bill Tozer

Damn Scenes, you are checking ALL of the dispatch logs. Or at least the GV and Nirvana City dispatch logs of calls. I can only do Nevada County cause, due to lack of strength and curiosity, County is where my interests lie. You follow the municipalities and I will do the county…..from Combie to PV to NSJ to the place where the Women are Rough and the men are Ready to little town of Washing Machine and all non three digit addresses. Screw the Nirvana City and GV. Too many of those calls are Karens and Punchy calling in about someone put a ‘Go Back To Berkeley You Stink Ass’ sign on a stop sign near the Miners Foundry. I like the Kabooms!, not the duds.

When the current snow emergency is over, then all those calls about crazy neighbors and punks on dope will filter in. In a middle of a snowstorm with roads shut down, do you really think the cops are going to go out and arrest someone without a shirt on walking down the road screaming at lampposts. I notice the actually arrests are currently at a minimum, as it should be. Someone strange car parked in front of some paranoid Karen’s house for 5 minutes with the engine running? Sorry Karen, deal with it. Lol.

Bill Tozer

'Oops! ... I did it again!' Establishment media forced into major recent retractions
NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Rolling Stone have all issued major corrections over the past week.



"do you really think the cops are going to go out and arrest someone without a shirt on walking down the road screaming at lampposts. "

It's highly likely they would immediately be seated on the city council. The mentally ill are first among equals in the Crazy States of America.


"You follow the municipalities and I will do the county"

It's a tough gig sometimes.


Why is it always the ex-wife's sister? Why? Something in the water?

At CVS. Anyone who deals with doctors and insurance and drug stores has felt the need.

Grass Valley Terrace Apartments. There's nothing new in this world.

Veterans Building. Also no surprise.

Honestly, a set of stocks in the public square would go a long way to solving this.

Bill Tozer

‘Honestly, a set of stocks in the public square would go a long way to solving this.’

It is my solution for many of our problems, starting with half the teachers in this county, certain school board members, and 90% of College Presidents….
“It's highly likely they would immediately be seated on the city council. The mentally ill are first among equals in the Crazy States of America.”

Funny you should mention that. The dude with restraining orders out the wazoo that ran and lost on his recent bid for the GV city council was collared again sitting a Wayne C Brown Correctional Facility….IF I got his name correctly in me nogin.

Bill Tozer

Too much information, Joe.

‘They had to take the top of my head off a couple times to see if I had a brain’


Well, he never gets brain freezes when he gobbles down ice cream quickly.

Bill Tozer

Hmmm. Speaking of stocks in the public square.


SPLC Lawyer among the Dozens Arrested for Attacking Cops at Atlanta Training Facility


Hmmm. Why kill a tree to build stocks? This calls for more civilized punishment like hind and quarter them between four horses, then reach in and toss their entails to the fowl of the air while they are still breathing and alive. Then start with the fun stuff. Save a tree!


"IF I got his name correctly in me nogin."

Oh, that would be him.

He's a wonderful news reporter though. He was on KNCO now and agin' and, unlike the folks at the local papers and radio, he actually knew the details on local government shenanigans.

I noticed that the trick was to cut his audio every time he got wound up, wait a minute, and continue on with the discussion. Worked a charm.


Biden on the economy:

"Growth has its season. There are spring and summer, but there are also fall and winter. And then spring and summer again. As long as the roots are not severed, all is well and all be well.”"


on stocks in the public square:

"It is my solution for many of our problems, starting with half the teachers in this county, certain school board members, and 90% of College Presidents…."

Just give it a science name, let's say 'operant conditioning', and watch the amazing results.

Even a chicken can be trained after all.

Don Bessee

The southern poverty law center is just a grifting tool of antifa and other leftist city ruining scum -

Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer arrested, charged with domestic terrorism amid Atlanta 'Cop City' attack
Jurgens is one of only two Georgians arrested Sunday



Don Bessee

Why your kids get screwed over instead of getting a useful education -

Weingarten, the head of America's Federation of Teachers, the nation's second-biggest teacher's union, also received numerous responses that pointed out the missing letters and poor use of commas in her tweet.

"My teachers always called me out for not proof reading my spelling and grammar and they were right in doing so. Below is from the president of the national teacher's union," Carlos Lopez-Cantera, the first Hispanic lieutenant governor of Florida, tweeted.

Others called Weingarten out for barring Twitter users from replying to her tweets.

"Notice how this brave public servant disables the ability to replay to her tweets? She knows it is all lies and doesn't want to be challenged," author and podcast host Dr. Mark Young wrote.



Don Bessee

Why emperor gavin will never be prez, french kitchen, teen girlfriend pics and now this imbecility -



Bill Tozer

Three days later, we have already sold over 400,000 chocolate bars. That's roughly 17 tons of chocolate.

Bill Evans


"Montana Republican says he was unaware he was taking photo with neo-Nazis.

A photo taken March 1 in front of the Capitol shows Rosendale posing with Ryan Sanchez, who was part of a white supremacist group, and Greyson Arnold, a pro-Nazi podcaster and blogger who was at the Jan. 6, 2021

Rosendale has faced scrutiny in the past for his connections to fringe groups on the right.

In 2014, a photo was taken of him speaking at an Oath Keepers rally in Montana. The leader of that group, Stewart Rhodes, was convicted last year of seditious conspiracy for his role in the Capitol riot; he has yet to be sentenced.

Rosendale voted to oppose the certification of election results from a number of states, amid pressure from then-President Trump to overturn the 2020 election because of baseless claims that the contest was stolen from him."

MAGA Clownshow

Bill Evans

MAGA frontrunner closes CPAC with enlightening speech. The leader of the party of Insurrectionists, Weirdos, and Freaks complained that "We had a Republican Party that was ruled by freaks, neocons, globalists, open borders zealots and fools but we are never going back to the party of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove and Jeb Bush".
He is partly right.


Scott O

Golly Bill - sounds pretty dangerous. As I recall, when the freaks, clowns and weirdos were in office Russia didn't invade Ukraine, the stock market wasn't tanking and inflation was almost non-existent. Black employment was at record levels and the US had lowered it's carbon footprint more than any other nation.
But if a rep from Montana getting his picture taken with some people that you don't like scares you so much - I'd advise you to hide under your bed.

Bill Tozer

And so it begins

‘Jan. 6 footage shows Capitol cops escorting QAnon Shaman to Senate floor’

Yep, those Dems sure make a lot of claims.

‘New J6 Tapes Show Brian Sicknick Walking Around After Dems Claimed He Was Murdered’


Bill Tozer

Time to mass produce the public stocks. The punishment will not even get close to matching the crime, but a wholesale cleansing of the destructive dead weight is in order.


CNN, the most trusted name in news. ROFLMAO.

Well, at least CNN is getting it’s just desserts. Like the fat fuck FUE, they just won’t be around as long as the rest of us:

Fox: CNN Boss Jeff Zucker Banned Chasing the Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory, a Trump 'Talking Point'

“Fox News media reporter Joseph Wulfsohn found an anonymous "well-placed insider" at CNN who said in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, then-CNN president Jeff Zucker would not allow his network to chase down the Wuhan lab-leak story because he believed it was a "Trump talking point."”



"‘Jan. 6 footage shows Capitol cops escorting QAnon Shaman to Senate floor’"

lol. Yeah, I was checking that out. I'm not sure how I ran into it.

It's easy to be angry at Democrats, and the bureaucracy generally, for being such huge f'ing liars, but honestly it's just business as usual. People will say any old thing to hang onto the gold and the good lookin' chicks. Anyone in government, business execs, non-profit execs, media, who isn't looking out for The Main Chance is a rare bird.

My favorite organizations are the ones who are drenched in righteousness while being crooked as all get-out. Something like the SPLC ends up acting like the worst sort of Mercedes-driving tent-revivalist. Maybe worse. Rather than selling indulgences they grub for protection money from real-word threats. Feh.

Bill Tozer

scenes @ 9:04 am

“It's easy to be angry at Democrats, and the bureaucracy generally, for being such huge f'ing liars, but honestly it's just business as usual. People will say any old thing to hang onto the gold and the good lookin' chicks.”

True, it’s easy to get angry at the lying sacks of Lefty American Socialist Marxist shits here and nationally. Very easy to get mad and demand accountability. Agree. But, when I survey what the Lefties pass off as their ‘good looking chicks’, I have to say, “No thanks, I use toilet paper.”

“John wrote yesterday about the CDC findings showing that young liberal women in particular are prone to depression, and who can blame them when you survey what they are taught in school. Turns out that smarter liberals (both of them) are…….”

Research shows…



Depressed and most depressing to be around. Stay away from liberal chicks.

Bill Tozer

On a more palatable topic than liberal SJWs…….

British Lockdown Official Wanted To ‘Frighten The Pants’ Off Nation And Asked When To ‘Deploy The New Variant,’ Leaked Messages Show



Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again

My propane order was fulfilled this morning.

Bill Tozer

@10:43 am


PG&E lied! Liars! They told my friend power would be restored today at 10 pm. Power came back on yesterday at 4:30 pm.



"Stay away from liberal chicks."

I figure that they're just harder to pretend to listen to.


re: https://www.dailywire.com/news/british-lockdown-official-wanted-to-frighten-the-pants-off-nation-and-asked-when-to-deploy-the-new-variant-leaked-messages-show

You can tell how screwed The West is when the British Health Minister looks like Gilbert Gottfried.

Bill Tozer

Antifa is just an idea. It does not exist—Dumbfucks like Burp Burp and Bill Wilson and, of course, Howelling Dick Howeller….and Cartman and….heck, all the Libs at KVMR and the whack jobs at the Miner’s Foundry and everything on and off Broad St.

‘ABC, CBS Downplay Antifa Terror as Just ‘Foolishness,’ Spin Shooting’


“Remember Lefties, if you criticize Fauci, you are criticizing Science.”—The Gods of Kenny Jonsey.

Scott O

As predicted - "Rick DeSantis’ Turning Himself Into ‘Local Mussolini,’ Goes ‘Beyond’ Trump"

Now I am confused - Since Trump was "literally" Hitler and DeSantis has 'gone beyond' Trump - wouldn't Il Duce be inapt? If you go beyond Hitler, you're in Stalin or Mao territory, not that dego guy.

Bill Tozer


If nothing else, the Enemy of the People are consistent.

‘Searching For Tucker Carlson’s Bombshell J6 Videos? YouTube Censors Will Direct You To Fake Fact Checks Instead’


Scott O

Oh, the hysteria and paranoia never ceases:

"Geraldo Warns of ‘Danger to America’ if Trump Loses 2024 Bid: ‘What Mischief Would He Be Capable of Inflicting?’"

He's got a point - Trump has magical powers beyond the ken of the average human.
He might make a chair fly into Geraldo's face!


Bill Tozer

Jonesy, Cheryl Fried Cooked, Alfie, and Punchy.

But, what about all those glowing letters to the Editor about how brave Liz Cheney was. A regular Profile in Lying Sack of Shit.


Bill Tozer

‘Southern Poverty Law Center Has Long History of Carrying Water for Antifa Extremists’



"‘Southern Poverty Law Center Has Long History of Carrying Water for Antifa Extremists’"

It always struck me that, beginning sometime in the late 19th C., the most genuinely dangerous people in the world have been activist lawyers. There's something about the combination of true believer and remoteness from real life that makes them capable of the most egregious things. They work with tools that are real force multipliers.

Bill Evans

Local bloggers here have shown they are aligned with Fox, Taylor Greene, Tucker Carlson, and the party of Lies and Misinformation.

They have lost all credibility.


Posted by: Bill Evans | 08 March 2023 at 06:00 A

Jeff, is that you?


re: Bill Evans@6:00AM

lol. Man, that is really phoning it in.

I do like Marjorie Taylor Green though, she makes me laugh. Maybe she's useful in showing the emotional side of Team Red for when American Civil War II breaks out. It'll be suburban Christian moms vs. diversity counselors, the Facebook censorship department beta males, and street criminals. Place yer bets.

There's a heartening drop-off in Welfare Checks in Der Blotter. No one spotted yelling at lampposts in NC. Jail check-ins are as per usual. Miscreant men and the occasional husband-beatin' GF or wife. Life trundles on.


Confusion for me on twitter. According to the ADL:

"Former President Trump also delivered remarks that were in character but still dangerous. His claims about expelling warmongers, driving out globalists, casting out communists, and throwing off those who hate our country echo classic #antisemitic rhetoric."

The inference is that Jews are warmongers, globalists, and communists (I guess, being globalists, they are the Trotsky variety of communist).

It's Fight Club every day on Twitter



Just heard on KNCO.


roflmao. How do I get that job?

Maybe better that they go out and buy another road plow or something.


This is the world we live in.

"This father transitioned his son into a girl at 3 years old

“My daughter will never go through male puberty”"


According to: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32345113/
"Fifty six percent of youth reported a previous suicide attempt and 86% reported suicidality."

This time around, the Democrats are riding to power on a road of bones.

Bill Tozer

scenes @ 6:47 am

What Special Emergency. The Grifter’s special emergency? The Grifter is pushing for his special emergency. What a mental midget. Best thing about the grifter ran down his momma’s leg. What a piece of crap.


Two replies:

Bill Tozer
So, if Tom Jurkin goes not get money to make his video to encourage the County to adopt emergency measures about him living in a trailer or old bus or RV, then he will continue to live in FEAR about getting red tagged and forced to move on. It is apparent that despite all his pontification about the homelessness, it is Tom himself who has a very vested personal interest in getting new emergency regs passed so that he can continue to flaunt the law. Quite a large personal stake our esteemed journalist has in “helping the homeles.s” The one with the most to lose and most to win is none other that our esteemed Union freelancer himself. Follow the money.
Bill Tozer
If I can get a nonprofit to sponsor me, I can apply for a $100K grant to do a documentary on alternative housing and conduct a public awareness campaign to encourage the Board of Supervisors to write emergency housing regulations.
Those regs would allow unhoused and underhoused people (like me) to live safely and without fear of forced relocation in alternative dwelling units (AltDUs) such as trailers, yurts, RVs, tiny homes, and self-managed homeless camps."………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..…………..what the hay is underhoused? You repeatedly and most unequivocally declared that the five abodes people were being evicted off some lady’s 10 acres were SAFE, yet they were red tagged (or should have been on the spot) and deemed unsafe from the get-go. Good thing you never made it as a home builder here IF that is your messed up idea of SAFE. So now your safe abode is under constant threat because it is underhoused? Your are under the the existing threat of forced relocation?? What the hay is going on here? Somehow, we only get half the story from you, Tom. And you resent the heck out of people talking trash about your abode? I wonder why. They say God created whiskey to keep he Irish from ruling anything. How true, how true. It’s ALWAYS about you. Now if you can find some fools to sponsor you, you could squeeze the taxpayers to make a $100,000 documentary with moving pictures and sounds. Sounds about right.

Scott O

Bill E - "They have lost all credibility."

And here I was thinking we could be friends.
Ah, well.


"The Grifter’s special emergency?"

I expect that it's a Double Secret Special Emergency.

Gotta wonder what Trailer Building Code is going to look like after a number of roof failures happen. Maybe they're not that bad given the lack of long spans, I have to look it up.

New product idea for places with beaucoup snow. Some sort of weight-measuring gizmo for roofs, measure deflection?, to see when you need to panic and hire up a crew mit shovels.

"Gov. Newsom and the state legislature have established the California Creatives Corps to hire artists to address social issues. "

Lord have mercy. Maybe I'll apply for the Haiku Battalion. Maybe what you are seeing is a nascent Kommissar Korps. Maybe if you don't pay these people they'll wander out in front of a bus and cost us real money. Mysteries mysteries.

Bill Tozer

Excellent reply Scott O. First good laugh of the day….with hopefully many more to come. “I thought we could become friends.” Classic.
Bill E - "They have lost all credibility."

And here I was thinking we could be friends.
Ah, well.

Posted by: Scott O | 08 March 2023 at 07:06 AM
You know fellars of the Circle of Jerks, the ONLY one who talked about us losing all credibility is former KVMR news director. Just saying. It was one of his desperate wild swings in the air.

Personally (and this is just me and nobody else) but I find it impossible to take seriously anyone like Punch who murdered or had murdered every child he ever had. He sure gets triggered when called “baby killer.” If the shoe fits……

To be fair, the Ponytail of Complete Ignorance could be shooting blanks all his life, aka, The Sterile Cuckoo.

Talk about losing all credibility.


"You know fellars of the Circle of Jerks, the ONLY one who talked about us losing all credibility is former KVMR news director."

Huh. That's a good point. With a decent search feature on typepad (which it doesn't) and a bit of consideration, most anyone could be identified by phraseology. An AI would be super good at it.

As a side note, 'Bill Evans' is the name of a couple of prominent bonafide musicians.

Paul Emery:
10/21: "Scenes You've already cancelled any credibility you might have on this issue so give it up."
8/22: "Who cares what you "doubt" fishmouth. You have no credibility because you won't even use your..."
11/19: "The poll you refer to is a vanity poll Gregory and has no credibility. People..."
8/22: "He has no credibility and was one of those that led us into those costly and tragic wars..."

'credible' is another tell.

Since being a modern News Editor implies that you poke around the internet and repeat any old thing you see that you agree with, and then feed it to the public as if you have personal knowledge, this 'credible' thing is good arrow in your quiver. It all becomes a war over who has the most 'credible' (ie. I agree with it) sources.


Speaking of education, which nobody was but what the heck, this guy started appearing in my google searches on related matters.


Jason Arday. He's bound to be in the 'Sociology' Department and have one of those silly modern specialties. There was a time, believe it or not, when Sociology aspired to something real rather than as a jobs program.

So, here you go...the anti-James Lindsay.(hopefully the link works). Behold:

"Dismantling power and privilege through
reflexivity: negotiating normative Whiteness,
the Eurocentric curriculum and racial microaggressions within the Academy"

Basically a few pages of word salad about MY EXPERIENCES and how I FEEL. Gack.

Pretty much more of this: https://www.politico.com/pdf/080222_MOPrincetonThesis_1-251.pdf

Damn it, why can't I get one of these jobs? College campuses are wonderful places to live and I could always chatter nonsense for a couple of hours a week.

Bill Tozer

scenes: Nevada County building codes.

I remember reading in the local rag a few years back about a couple of metal building that blew over in high winds. Read something about the County’s new codes for metal garages, sheds, shops. Did not have much interest to me until…..until…..until……until….I wanted a metal storage building. Oh my.

A simple detached 600 sq. ft metal AG building/storage shed/shop with no services. No power, no water, no toilet. A stand alone 20’x 30’ metal shed. Easy Peary, right? NOT!

First, Nevada County is only one of four counties in all of Northern California that does not accept the manufactures’ engineered plans, which come with the purchase and install for everyone else. Nope, I had to get an engineering architect to submit the plans, 3 copies of blue signed. That added $1,100 plus to the cost. Add permit fees (about 2k), school fees (only $65) and now I am really to get started, right? Nope.

The cement guy in Yuba City came highly recommended but refused to do any more work in Nevada County. Why? Because everywhere else you apply for pre-work inspection, get the ok to start, and then dig the forms and lay the rebar in, send pics to the inspector, and then pour. Not in Nevada County. First, the ready to start inspection. Then you dig the forms, compact soil, lay the rebar and everything stops. You have to have the building inspector come out pre-pour cause Nevada County does not accept photos with tape measures from the contractor. So, the contractor instead of digging the forms, compacting the soil, send in the job site pics and get ready to do the pour, has to make two trips minimum to Nevada County, wait for inspector for ok. A one day job for a small slab with a good experienced cement guy is now two-three days and dealing with the county. Small stuff, but he no longer deals with Nevada County. But, that’s small potatoes.

For my steel shed, I needed (again engineered) a one foot wide and one foot deep minimum foundation. WTH? My humble abode is less that 20 years old and rests on a six INCH wide foundation and they require a one foot foundation now for a detached metal building with or without slab! Yes, one can put a nice steel building on dirt or asphalt without the slab and I won’t get into those anchor requirements here. My anchors alone cost about 700 bucks.

So, that is to make it safe cause one or two do it yourselves put up crappy metal buildings. The manufacture sent two great guys and they did great, great, great clean profession work.

Anyway, my zoning is AG, not even AR or RA. And had to submit elevation reports, snow level reports, strength of steel and anchor reports, etc. And where I live, there has been no accumulated record of snowfall since 1960.

So, imagine what the structural requirements would be for an open sided carport tall enough to park an RV or trailer under up around Tom Jurkin’s self directed homelessness camp would be. To Residential zoning, Nevada County let you live on site in a trailer for one year….once you pull construction permits to build a legal abode with septic, power, etc.

My 3 bed 2 bath abode with vaulted ceilings sits on a six inch wide raised foundation…..yet a detached steel building requires a one foot wide foundation in 2023.

Tom’s underhoused abode is zoned R. Residential has different, tighter requirements. :).

One complaint, one health department/inspector truck roll.

Bill Tozer

From a horrid fly-over state: That’s one born and raised Californian who ain’t ever coming back.

-FYI. WY has a volunteer legislature. This year's legislative session was 37 days. One of the most significant bills passed during the session was the state’s supplemental budget, where $1.4 billion was placed into savings. For every dollar spent in the budget, $3.50 was put into savings.
Comparing California's debt of $152,772,292.00 or $12,823 per capita (SLG). Wyoming has a surplus of $3.8 billion available after bills have been paid, which is a credit of over $19,000 per capita. Here is a question. Which State is fiscally responsible?
-More lies while speaking half-truths by the present administration.

‘Why Biden’s Claim That Oil Companies Are Sitting On Drilling Permits Is Misleading’



I'm surprised that a tin shed in NC doesn't require solar, battery system, sprinkler system, low income housing unit attached.

I'd say that the way to go is to buy a place with a shed, replace it one wall at a time, replace the roof. Shack of Theseus.

At this point, I'm surprised that there's any new construction, aside from those guys who are wizards at working the system for some of that sweet gubmint grant money.

Bill Tozer

Elon Musk Responds After FTC Reportedly Makes 350+ Demands For ‘Specific’ Internal Company Information


What does Twitter firing of the lying sack of shit former FBI General Counsel and Russian Collusion Hoax pusher have anything to do with the FTC???

Information relating to journalists’ work protected by the First Amendment, including their work to expose abuses by Big Tech and the federal government;
Every single internal communication “relating to Elon Musk,” by any Twitter personnel — including communications sent or received by Musk — not limited by subject matter, since the day Musk bought the company;
Information about whether Twitter is “selling its office equipment”;
All of the reasons why Twitter terminated former Twitter employee and FBI official Jim Baker;
When Twitter “first conceived of the concept for Twitter Blue,” Twitter’s new $8/month verified account subscription; and
Information disaggregated by “each department, division, and/or team,” regardless of whether the work done by these units had anything to do with privacy or information security.
“There is no logical reason, for example, why the FTC needs to know the identities of journalists engaging with Twitter,” the statement from the House Judiciary concluded. “There is no logical reason why the FTC, on the basis of user privacy, needs to analyze all of Twitter’s personnel decisions. And there is no logical reason why the FTC needs every single internal Twitter communication about Elon Musk.”


"Tom Jurkin’s self directed homelessness camp would be."

I can imagine the setup, since it's all about letting Tom live fer free in the woods.

Gifted RV, extension cord to somebody's house, garden hose to somebody's house, communal pit toilet, sing-alongs by the trash fire, carpool to the country to see the eligibility worker, gubmint hotspot to check out the Food Bank schedule on the website, spirited conversations 'bout how things'll be when The People take over.

It's tough being a Creative, but someone has to do it.

Don Bessee

Not even 'dr' jill can save them but then again not even lefties care what she says-

The "CNN Primetime" special, branded "Jill Biden Abroad," featured an interview with CNN White House correspondent Arlette Saenz that shed a staggering 43% of viewers of CNN’s average 2023 9 p.m. ET viewership.



Bill Tozer

2hrs ago
Scanner: 🚨 Save Mart. Report from the manager of a possible building collapse. Brand new incident. 9:45am
2060 Nevada City Highway
UPDATE: first unit on scene confirming partial collapse.
UPDATE: Save Mart appears fine. It's the roofs next door on Blue Moon and Verizon that are having problems
Fire and police being dispatched to yubadocs for roof issues.
County of Nevada, CA
⚠️ Many structures are under a large amount of stress from snow load. Please check for cracks in walls, sagging floors, displaced columns, cracking or dropping arches, bulging walls, or water/smoke that pushes through masonry. Structures with low-sloped or flat roofs, manufactured homes, carports, trellises, and patio covers may be more susceptible to increased snow loads. Call 911 if there is a life-threatening emergency. Check out our press release for more information: https://www.nevadacountyca.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=6493.


Save Mart.
US Community Bank. (per yubanet).

It would be interesting to see the similarities in construction.

History. Good list at end.


Bill Tozer

scenes, the Credit Union was yesterday. First to go. All those have flat metal roofs. I remember watching them build the Fowler Center back in the day….my last days of drinking. Lived in a tiny home/shack next to the motorcycle shop which was next to a flower shop on Nevada City Hwy across the street. The shack was owned by Meeks and only cost $150/month. I saw them build those places and now, via the internet, I see them coming down. Memory lane. Flat metal roofs behind the facade. If you can get on Nevada County Happening now, they have a great pic of a collapsed building (hanger) somewhere.

On metal buildings, the more pitch of the roof, the stronger (thicker) the steel and steel walls and supports have to be. I went with a 4-12 roof down here in the Inferno Zone because I know I can get some tornado like winds down here that never make the news. Also, a 4-12 pitch looks better IMHO. My humble abode has a 6-12 pitch of all things. Not for snow load (zero…rated 33lbs I believe) but for aesthetics. I dunno. Bought it that way when the housing market fell out in the Great Recession.

What needs to happen is my very humble abode needs to be moved up the hill and all those flat to 2-12 pitch roofs need to be moved down here. Simple solution. Simple but not easy.

Bill Tozer

Told you so, told you so. The Wall would have paid for itself in just a year.

Taxpayers Shell Out $151 Billion Each Year Due To Illegal Immigration, Analysis Says


Don Bessee

Now thats funny -

Twitter laughs, groans as Jill Biden gives biological male Women of Courage award: 'Up your game, ladies'
Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted, 'It’s International Women’s Day – a good time to remember that Democrats can’t even tell you what a woman is'

First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken were slammed Wednesday for presenting a biological male from Argentina with an award for women on International Women's Day.

"Nice of FLOTUS to encourage the diminishment of women on ‘international women's day.’ Erasing women is abusive," host of The Dana Show, Dana Loesch, tweeted.

"International Women's Day: Not just for women anymore," conservative Twitter personality Andrea Katherine wrote in reply.

"Apparently men are a lot better at being women than women are. Step up your game, ladies," Townhall columnist and radio personality Derek Hunter joked.

"We are not a serious country," Common Sense Society's Christopher Bedford responded.

Claremont Institute president Ryan P. Williams tweeted, "The jokes write themselves…"

"Nothing screams ‘International Women of Courage Award’ like a dude."

"This is disgraceful and unacceptable!" Republican National Hispanic Assembly national editorial board member and podcaster Jennifer Barreto-Leyva tweeted.



Bill Ivans

Don @ 6:02 pm


Remember when Bruce Jenner was named Women of the Year? That was awesome.

Bill Tozer

FBI Director Wray: Communist China Can Take Control Of ‘Millions’ Of Americans’ Phones With TikTok


As State governments across the land are beginning to ban TikTok from state devices and there is currently a push to ban TikTok from all Federally issued devices, researchers are now saying that deleting the TikTok app from the devices is not enough. The phones must be destroyed.

Yet TikTok remains the preferred app/site of the most reprehensible among us—our unionized public school teachers and lefty journalists. No surprise. Dumb and dumber. Commie bastards and sympathizers.

Bill Tozer

‘Feds extorted social media to censor by threatening lucrative 'hidden subsidy': AGs lawsuit’

New filings feature evidence related to interagency Global Engagement Center, which partnered with private consortium to mass-report purported election misinformation.


Ok, I can say, “See, we were right. I knew it all the time, I have the receipts, I (we) have been vindicated.”
Yet, nothing will change, no one will be held accountable. As I sit here in my easy chair, I am trying to think of two things the Control State Lefties have gotten right in the past 6 years, but I cannot.

The Lefty misinformation and disinformation and proven lies are a long list.
They (the Kenny Jonseys and Cherry Cookeds and Bobbie Crosstops and Fat Fuk FUEs of the world have been proven full of shit and dead ass wrong on over and over again.
The Russian Collusion Hoax
Science…just off the top of my head, and yet it don’t matter one lick. The consolidation of power under ‘special circumstances’ began and continues unabated. Bragging rights don’t count for squat. Liars going to liar and you cannot shame a sociopath nor the young crop of psychopaths. Impossible. Defense mechanisms cannot be overridden.

Programmed to react to certain stimuli……

On a lesser scale, Scott Adams was right. It’s been a waste of time this whole time. In fact, it’s been counterproductive, well past the point of diminishing returns. They are going to hate you anyway.
Parlay that into bigger issues and bigger real threats to our democracy, and there is no use getting on their good side because they do not have a good side. What good side they might have possessed (like old fashioned liberals) is long gone.
No use trying to fool ourselves. The Evildoers call evil good and good evil.

Bill Tozer

The Jan 6 affair was mostly peaceful protestors. Mostly peaceful protestors. Mostly peaceful protestors. BOOM!

It was a brilliant move by Tucker Carlson to go out of his way to purposely insert the words “mostly peaceful protestors” into his release of the J-6 tapes. It was not a mistake, he said it on purpose. Exposed the Lefty Media-Politician Complex for exactly what they were doing and exactly what they exactly they have done, lol.


Schumer: To Protect Democracy, I Need The One Network I Don’t Control To Stop Airing Raw Footage Of Congress

Don Lemon’s Fit Over Tucker Carlson’s Access To The J6 Tapes Is Pathetic


Mostly peaceful protestors, mostly peaceful protestors. Smell familiar? Mostly peaceful protestors.


Woman of the Year should have been the shop teacher.

The beautiful part of that situation is how the Canadian government was so afraid of offending 'her', just in case 'she' was serious, that they let it go on so long. They should put Kayla Lemieux on the US $20 bill as a symbol of our era, a genuine hero.

I think that the Democratic Donkey needs gigantic prosthetic breasts in editorial cartoons. It's the new way of things.


"Why the Mental Health of Liberal Girls Sank First and Fastest
Evidence for Lukianoff’s reverse CBT hypothesis"


Bill Tozer

“The supplementary hypothesis is that there is an inverse correlation between attractiveness and reports of sexual harassment”

More on the Moron, Chuckie the Clown Meltdown.





Bill Wilfhson

The Ongoing Campaign to Shame You Out of Using the Word ‘Woke’

‘Woke’ does not describe a persnickety busybody who cannot abide your verbal miscues. It describes a revolutionary…


from twitter.

@BennieGThompson, former chair of the Jan. 6 committee, said lawmakers were never given that type of access to the footage last Congress. “It’s strictly a new policy that the new speaker has put in place," he told CNN.

Thompson said he doesn’t think any of the Jan. 6 members themselves ever had access to the footage — they let only staff view it. "I'm actually not aware of any member of the committee who had access. We had a team of employees who kind of went through the video."


Bill Tozer

Greta Thunberg Is Right, Wind Turbines Are The Absolute Worst

“Indigenous rights, human rights, must go hand-in-hand with climate protection and climate action. That can’t happen at the expense of some people. Then it is not climate justice,” Thunberg told Reuters.

This time, she’s right. When environmental policy becomes anti-human and anti-nature, it should be resisted


Bill Tozer

scenes @ 7:16 am

“Woman of the Year should have been the shop teacher”

Saw a headline that read “Women of the Year Given to Some Dude”.

That must be a typo. Here, let me fix that ASAP.

“Women of the Year Given to Some Douche”

All better now. No thanks necessary.

Gregory Goodnight


Trump 2020 Lawyer Admits Misrepresenting Stolen Election Claims

Jenna Ellis, an attorney for Donald Trump who helped drive his false claims about the 2020
election results, has admitted in a Colorado disciplinary proceeding that she misrepresented evidence
at least ten times during Trumps frantic bid to subvert his defeat.

Scott O

GG 10:10 - Hilarious! You realize by the standards of this disciplinary proceeding, we should get rid of most all politicians in DC?
And the Dems are the worst offenders.
None of what she has said alters the fact that the Dems illegally changed voting laws prior to the election or any other of the many proven lies and misrepresentations by the Dems.
The entire Jan 6th committee should be at the very least censored for their shameful activity.

Bill Tozer

Large noted that Ellis wasn’t Trump’s counsel of record in any lawsuits challenging the election. But he also noted that Ellis admitted her actions violated “her duty of candor to the public.“ ROFLMAO

Yep, Lanny Davis (Bill Clinton’s PR man and fixer)making wild claims on CNN while representing his client, Michael Cohen. Unbelievable.


Posted by: Gregory Goodnight | 09 March 2023 at 10:10 AM

An imposter; please remove their comment.

I think it interesting that the lawyer who was bitch slapped never was Trump's lawyer of record in anything.


Posted by: Gregory Goodnight | 09 March 2023 at 10:10 AM

Smells like Jeff Pellini

Gregory Goodnight

Ellis is the latest Trump attorney involved in the former president’s post election efforts to face discipline. Rudy Giuliani had his license temporarily suspended and is awaiting a final ruling from a bar discipline proceedings in Washington DC. John Eastman is preparing for disciplinary proceedings in California. Jeffrey Clark has temporarily delayed bar proceedings in Washington DC while attempting to bring his fight to a federal court.

Jenna Ellis is the first attorney of the group to acknowledge she misrepresented the evidence of fraud.

Gregory Goodnight

Among Jenna Ellis’s admitted misrepresentations:

-Ellis claimed on Nov. 23, 2020 that Hillary Clinton didn’t concede the 2016 election

-On November 20, 2020 Ellis claimed Trumps team had evidence of “a coordinated effort in all these states to transfer votes from Trump to Biden, to manipulate the ballots, to count them in secret.

-On November 30, 2020, Ellis said on Fox that “Trump won in a landslide”

-On December 4, 2020, Ellis claimed the trump team found that 500,000 illegal votes had been cast in Arizona


Jeff, stop it.

Scott O

"an effort to aid a sitting president’s bid to undermine confidence in the American election system."
Actually, that's not what was happening.
Trump was trying to get an honest clean election.
Trump was trying to bolster confidence in the election system.
Pretty amusing that only R lawyers are considered fair game for lying about an election.
She wasn't under oath, her words had no effect on any election, she didn't change anyone's mind...
The Dems have had a field day going after anyone they can to make sure the corruption in our country stays as hidden as possible.


"Ellis was publicly censured, but the action will not have any effect on her ability to practice law.

She also agreed to pay $224 in fees related to the disciplinary action.

In a statement after the judge's opinion, Colorado's Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel said it wasn't pursuing any other charges against Ellis."

Petty bs.


"An imposter; please remove their comment."

I think that George has access to their IP address, it would be fun to know who it is. Even VPN use is probably a tell.

Failing that, the pie stains are a dead giveaway.


re: Ellis "Petty bs."

Whole lotta lawfare going on.

It's like the Jan 6th INSURRECTION! people. Some federal attorney explains that they'll go to jail for a million years, maybe for 'lying' in the interview process. They admit to a lesser and known charge. Team Blue crows about how the evil bad people were guilty doncha see.

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime" - NKVD Guy


How many unbillable hours were invested pursuing this Pyhrric victory?

Bill Tozer

The price of eliminating consequences
By Victor Davis Hanson

“When our state and federal governments allow criminals and foreign nations to injure with impunity their own law-abiding citizens, is it any wonder the civilized world we once knew has vanished — replaced by the Hobbesian rule of the wild?.

Imagine That: NYC Learns That Enforcing the Law Reduces Criminal Activity

‘Young New York Rapscallions Get A Hankering For Seafood, Cause 20k In Damages In Less Than A Minute’

Yet as highlighted by Fox 5 New York, “there are plenty within this community who are wondering, even when those who are responsible are found, what sort of consequences they will actually face?”
Indeed, thanks to a 2019 bail reform law, shoplifters and other ne’er-do-wells like the ones featured in the video often go unpunished or are given a slap on the wrist before returning to the streets. Now, even Democratic lawmakers are calling for changes to state law.

“It’s utterly ridiculous that a small subset of career criminals make up 30% of shoplifting arrests in 2022,” City Councilman Robert Holden (D-Queens) recently told the New York Post. The paper noted that Holden cited statistics that the New York Police Department which showed “that 327 career crooks were busted a total of about 6,600 times.””


It is true. It is friggin TRUE! There is a thin Blue Line separating society from anarchy. Blue Lives Matter! Black Rifles Matter! Black Labs Matter A Lot.

Blue Lives Matter.

Bill Tozer

How about No!

'Twitter Files' hearing erupts as Matt Taibbi refuses to reveal sources in heated exchange with Democrat

"I can’t give it to you, unfortunately, because this is a question of sourcing, and I’m a journalist. I don’t reveal my sources," Taibbi said.



Don Bessee

Complaining about a problem you created -

Harris mocked for stating that kids are facing ‘climate mental health’ issues: ‘Fundamentally unserious'
One user accused the VP of 'just making stuff up' with the claim

Harris said the young woman gave her an example to help her understand, saying, "One example is you know whether, when they’re ready, could they start a family – worried about what that would mean and the stress of it."

The vice president continued, saying, "They were talking about in terms of their peers trying to figure out, you know, they’re going to have to get a job and they’re gonna have to make a living – but what they can do and how can they adapt the education that they are having now to their activism?"

Twitter mocked the speech, with some stating that if kids are stressing about climate change, it’s because politicians like Harris have made alarmist claims about it.



Bill Tozer

Jan 6 liars. Pieces of shit. Lying pieces of shit. Democrat Party and Enemy of the People media pieces of lying shit. Just the tip of the ICEBERG.


Don Bessee

Another loss for the gun grabbers -



Scott O

If GG is actually worried about lying - check this out:
The Just-Us Dept head Garland is still repeating the lie that 5 officers died on Jan 6th.

Scott O

Well this is interesting. If this turns out to be true, people from the top down in the Justice Dept should go to prison.
Jacob Chansley's lawyer is openly claiming on FOX that exculpatory evidence was withheld from him.
We'll see what happens now.

Bill Tozer

No surprise here.

House passes bill to protect free speech from government interference, 206 Democrats oppose


Bill Tozer

“It seems obvious that the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats hate free speech and are doing everything they can to try to squelch it.”


“In any event, the Democrats’ childish display made clear how desperate they are to discredit the facts relating to the FBI’s collaboration with social media platforms to suppress free speech. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was especially absurd:

“Being a Republican witness today certainly casts a cloud over your objectivity,” she said, before attacking the “Twitter Files” as a story “spoon-fed” by Musk to further the billionaire’s priorities.”


Why is the Democrats knee jerk reaction to everything they do not like is to censor????

Bill Tozer

No surprise here either. Peddling a Schedule 1 drug would be a deportable offense.

House Democrats Vote Against Bill To Classify Fentanyl As Schedule I Drug While Thousands Die From Overdoses


Make America Last


re: BillT@7:30PM

Huh. Maybe it's just that Team Blue is expected to vote 100% against any Team Red legislation.

Isn't marijuana Schedule 1? How about take it off and add fentanyl?

A list seems kind of silly in any case. Someone will always invent some magic new chemical. It's like gun legislation that lists specific brands/models. Stupid.

Bill Tozer


Chg # Agency Officer Agency Case Arrest Location Statute Statute Description Bail Court Case # Type End of Sentence Cleared Date
1 CHP- TKE/ PLACER 16812 PCCHP NORTHSTAR DR/SR-267 23152(A)/23152(B) DUI:ALCOHOL/DRUGS $15,000.00 M Thursday, March 9, 2023


Scotto 446p

Bison Boi must be released from prison. Now. The judge in the case should be tearing a new one from the prosecution.

"Why is the Democrats knee jerk reaction to everything they do not like is to censor????
Posted by: Bill Tozer | 09 March 2023 at 06:37 PM

That's what Authoritarians *do*.

Scott O

Gregory - "The judge in the case should be tearing a new one from the prosecution."

Don't hold your breath.

Humphrey Ploughjogger

Easy math everyone can get behind?

House Republicans want to cut discretionary spending by 45% that would affect Defense, Head Start (included in Housing & Community), public housing and homeless programs (Housing & Community), federal aid for public K-12 education (Education), Pell grants for low-income college students (Education), food assistance for Women, Infants and Children (or WIC, in Food and Agriculture), job training and placement for unemployed people (in Social Security, Unemployment and Labor), and scientific research through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF), among many others.

The Fed thinks that raising interest rates will eventually cause up to 2 million layoffs.

Would two million jobs be affected by cuts in the discretionary spending area?


re: HP@6:54AM

Is this the same news articles that say: "House Republicans’ Pledge to Cut Appropriated Programs to 2022 Level"?

I guess it depends on how you phrase the action.

The only 45% I'm running into is "The outline includes a 45 percent cut to foreign aid;" (NYT). I don't know if The State's goal of fighting to the last Ukrainian is included in this number.

Naturally, any cut of any size will be framed as THIS DISPROPORTIONATELY IMPACTS BLACK WIMMEN! since the fedgov has become something of a jobs program.

You could argue that we should simply spend more and more. It pushes the excitement of a bond apocalypse closer and gives me something to gaze in wonderment at. It'll be like having a lawnchair and a drink to watch the Yellowstone Caldera go Tango Uniform, there's a certain joy in destruction and it's damned hard to keep a culture from committing suicide once it's set it's mind to it.


Forgot the link...


I can see it, so hopefully everyone else can.

It does make me wonder about a form of soft propaganda/censorship. News sites can selectively choose which articles to paywall (or not) to push a narrative.

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