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30 April 2023


Bill Tozer

Mexican National Wanted For Allegedly Murdering 5 Neighbors In Texas Is Thrice-Deported Illegal Alien: Reports


Bill Tozer

It’s about time.

‘Local Hoosier Rep. Changes His Identity To ‘Woman Of Color,’ Liberal Outrage Ensues’

“The thing is, under Leftist rules, you are not allowed to question the sincerity — or sanity — of somebody who claims that they are a member of the opposite sex..”


Don Bessee

Barnny Frank is calling and wants his 2008 disaster back -

Biden’s plan was outlined just a few weeks ago by the Federal Housing Agency (FHFA) and is set to take effect today. The plan is aimed at helping lower-income borrowers afford their monthly mortgage payments – it would do so by forcing people with good credit scores to pay more each month for their mortgages, extra payments that would be credited to the loans of higher-risk borrowers.

The controversial policy has been attacked by both Republicans and Democrats, including President Obama’s former Federal Housing Administrator. On Monday, financial officers from 27 states weighed in and said it was clear the policy was a mistake even before it takes effect

"It is already clear that this new policy will be a disaster," they wrote in a letter led by Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity that was sent to Biden and FHFA Director Sandra Thompson. "It amounts to a middle-class tax hike that will unfairly cost American families millions upon millions of dollars. And – at a time when the real estate market has already slowed considerably due to high interest rates – it will further depress home sales."

"We urge you to take immediate action to end this unconscionable policy," they wrote.

The state finance officers blasted the plan for turning the normal system of home buying incentives "upside down" by hurting people who make sound financial decisions.

"[T]the policy will take money away from the people who played by the rules and did things right – including millions of hardworking, middle-class Americans who built a good credit score and saved enough to make a strong down payment," they wrote. "Incredibly, those who make down payments of 20 percent or more on their homes will pay the highest fees – one of the most backward incentives imaginable."

It noted that the forced extra payments will be used to hand out "better mortgage rates to people with lower credit ratings. Others have said the plan would make it easier for people with shaky credit histories to afford more expensive mortgages, a move that could put more people at financial risk.



Scott O

Don B 6:57 - The Local Yokel news here weighed in on the new mortgage fiasco plan:
The bottom line is they obfuscate and twist the issue in a vain attempt to mislead the public. The question is simple: are folks with good credit going to subsidize those with bad credit? And the answer is yes. But you wouldn't get that kind of clear answer from these bozos. They assure you that the good credit folks will still be paying less fees than the bad credit folks, but that clearly wasn't the question.
Even an ABC affiliate admits the simple truth:
"First-time homebuyers with high credit scores would pay more under this new rule."
Of course they (KTVB) claim they have the TRUE answer. Total misinformation scam. No wonder the public hasn't a clue.

Scott O

BT 5:29 - Sorry. The "rules" are straight down the line Alinsky. So the guy claiming to be a black woman actually didn't read the rules after all. For him, there are NEW rules.
That's how it works - those are the rules the left actually operates under.

Now - if I could just get my hands on that right-wing dog-whistle code book...

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ 7:53 PM

Oh contraire, my good fellow and biological man. The councilman in question identifies as a Native American woman who is a lesbian. He is going full Lizzy Warren plus homosexual. How cool is dat? He does not even identify as trans, so he ain’t no transphobe either. Just a Native American lesbian.

Scott O

Sorry Bill - no can do. The councilman in question is not allowed to do anything but proclaim his evilness as a WYTEE male and try to start on the road to repentance of anti-racism. He is not allowed to try to escape his complicity in every single bad thing that ever came down the pike to happen to folks that can't ever have perfect porcelain skin. He needs to read the rule book.
Now - if he wants to denounce Trump and dress in a tutu and act like a brain dead 10 year old, we might be able to rehabilitate him to victim status. But he can't change skin color. You can't just randomly go down the list checking every damn box fer Gawds sake! That's just gauche. That's what hillbillys do.


Right on Hoosier Rep! He she it also needs to claim they were abducted by aliens.

I think this whole thing started when people started changing their name to things Song, Feather, River, MoonFlower...

I always joked that my new age name would be fender, shaft, pumpkin, rod, hubcap.


"‘Local Hoosier Rep. Changes His Identity To ‘Woman Of Color,’ Liberal Outrage Ensues’"

Oh well. His haircuts and shoes just doubled in price.


Good interview with Enon Musk on Bill Mahar last Friday on the Woke Mind Virus.


The progressive Vanguard.....

"CHATGPT, HOW DO MORONS ACT? Mike Pence appearance at UNC causes some to leave campus: ‘scared for their safety.’

If the presence of a boring former veep on campus frightens you, you shouldn’t be in college. In fact, you should be in a mental institution."



IMPOSSIBLE.....the Euro Zone has strict gun control.....this clearly did not happen and those dirty right wingers faked it.

I call shenanigans!

WORLD: Man shoots three rivals dead in pigeon-racing dispute, Portugal police say

Again ....prefer to not link to the Fat Girl Gazette whenever I can avoid it.

Bill Tozer

E tu Beetlejuice? When you lose Lori Lightfoot…..

‘Learning Loss Is Real’: Lori Lightfoot Slams Randi Weingarten’s Teachers’ Union for Delaying School Reopening



Overseeing that much fraud makes Su a natural fit for the Biden Administration.


"So now outfits that collect and search internet content want to start charging AI companies that make chatbots for the data they use to train their LLMs."

Not just search, but anyone with data can see a little value from it. Reddit wants to charge for access, Google now looks more brilliant than usual for inventing things they spy on (Gmail) and made unavailable to the general public (scanned books, all the data the google cars picked up when mapping).

The IoT companies (appliances, home security cameras) have a new market besides surveillance advertising and the car companies are bound to sell telemetry and eavesdropping.

I wonder if you can build a usable LLM by simply scanning every book/magazine written before, say, 1950? I'm not sure that I want an AI partly fueled by the insanity of Redditors.

Don Bessee

Ya sure unarmed dorks who want to relive crossing guard from grammar school the only problem is the scumbags dont give a shit -

Residents of Los Angeles are sounding the alarm after a video showed a pair of Los Angeles' "security ambassadors" standing idly by as an apparent road rage assault unfolded in the West Hollywood area.

"This is exactly the results of the Defund the Police movement," he said. "It has taken away trained, armed law enforcement and replaced them with kids with reflector vests, and criminals know it."

The "security ambassador" program took aim at deputies by replacing them with the unarmed law enforcement support after West Hollywood City Council members voted to make the change and cut funding amid skyrocketing crime last year.



Bill Tozer

‘California school district curriculum now includes: How Americans appropriated Native American food’


Next up. How white chicks appropriated loop earrings.

Bill Tozer

Shareholders vs Stakeholders. Democracy at work.

‘Coca-Cola Shareholders Reject Proposal to Stop Selling Products in Pro-Life States’


Bill Tozer

‘Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... Now Oregon looks to DECRIMINALIZE encampments and let homeless SUE for $1,000 if they're harassed or told to leave: Furious Portland residents say they're being terrorized in their own neighborhoods’


Now, back to Tom.

Bill Tozer

But of course. Science is racist and has no feelings.




re: BillT@9:11PM

I like the idea. It made me laugh. I'll bet that the local counties could buy scads of bus tickets to Oregon.


Given the Progressives' genius in using lawfare against sanity, I wonder what the smart countermove is. A town could start by selling all 'public' space to some kind of private entity and use it under contract.

I guess what you are left with is streets and the people in control of the Democrats would simply move their street army there. Step two is to make it harder to live in rural areas, pressure on the ownership of private cars is a good start, so that you have the homeless in your lap outside your high density apartment.

Watching a country burn is a tricky business and best done from afar. Dunno if Skynet will save the day, a plot twist fer shure.


tiktok Rachel Dolezal clone: ‘A WHITE SUPREMACIST TALKING POINT’

I cut 'n pasted the tiktoker video title to get more a sense of the thing.

Naturally, the interwebz is full of such matters, and they gave me a thought.

"White Women and White Supremacy: How and Why White Women
Contribute to White Supremacy "
example: https://cupola.gettysburg.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1900&context=student_scholarship

who, naturally, is "looking for opportunities with the federal government."

With the typical qualifications of 'barista' and 'writing papers about my feelz'.

I got to thinking about a)how common the madness is and b)the need for jobs programs.

My conclusion is that we have those folks write infinite nonsense papers using GPT-4, which could churn 'em out, and give them jobs in the new federal Department of Feelz. It'll allow the crazy people to earn a living and help keep them from being run over by cars. A welfare program for the silly. They could post youtube videos documenting their important meetings and lunch choices. There's bound to be a lot of lunch.


It is fortunate that, as our progressive friends like to remind us.....there is never a need for a private citizen to own a gun because the police are no further away than the telephone.

Family repeatedly called 911 during rampage...

I find that....comforting!



Now here is a nice little story.



It seems to me that the smart money at this point is to avoid tying your future to large organizations generally. You can safely cede them to the Forces of Evil. Until it all collapses a younger person would be well advised to skirt the march through the institutions, unless they want to be ground ever so finely.


Posted by: scenes | 02 May 2023 at 07:25 AM

...the allegations first attracted attention after Zyahna Bryant, a 19-year-old UVA student and social justice activist.

... and social justice activist.

Because they are the most scrupulously honest reporters out there......



lol. Here's the person that the local libruls want to put in charge of you.


You know, maybe the right answer is to do just that. Find a bunch of young social justice activists and simply put them fully in charge for a while. Lay in a bunch of canned goods. Watch the excitement. At least we'd get to the likely endgame a lot quicker, I'd like to live long enough to see what happens.


Life Goes On In Portland.

"Elementary school counselor in @PPSConnect is holding a drag show for students in school.

The counselor advertises that the event will feature BIPOC drag queens and be “centered around the exploration of gender.”"


One man's junk is another man's treasure I guess.


Posted by: scenes | 02 May 2023 at 08:06 AM

One man's junk is another man's treasure I guess.

Good line....!

I'm sure one of the "regulars" will be by shortly to accuse us of transphobia and explain why a fat, unpleasant to look at middle aged white guy (although this one is billed as featuring fat, unpleasant to look at middle aged non-white guys) shaking his penis at elementary school children is an unalloyed benefit to society.


"I'm sure one of the "regulars" will be by shortly to accuse us of transphobia"

To be fair, I'm not sure that that's happened. It's mostly Nazi this and that and psul crowing about some famous (D) victory somewhere.

Maybe it's just the men-in-dresses aren't so strong in the League of Super Victims 'round these parts, although there is a Drag Queen Bingo at the National Hotel on a regular basis (God knows what first prize is).

Luckily, the King Queen is named 'Cloaca' (https://www.facebook.com/heycloaca/) which made me laugh and laugh. It can't be a coincidence. Steer clear from the kids and we're cool.


Well inasmuch as the "regulars" are probably Porkloin and KKKeachie bravely leading their army of of sock puppets.... it has happened! As recently as last week actually!

psul....a separate case....the senile "true believer"! To paraphrase George C. Scott as Patton...."God I love him so"!

Bill Tozer

Conservative Supreme Court justice hit pieces: We are being lectured on ethics by scoundrels



I don't know why "The Fat Girl Gazette" even bothers staffing the place......if this is acceptable to them!

Being Cisgender: What It Means, Where the Word Comes From, and the Privilege That Comes With It

.....Teen Vogue? Really?! No wonder Sac Bee crayon jockey Jack Ohman is still drawing a check.

If they'll run this they'll run anything.

AUTO LINK Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/entertainment/living/article274976076.html#storylink=cpy

D.Pecker, Enquirer

Mayorkas is often chased by yipping dogs like MTG and BoBo Boebert but seems like a reasonable guy constrained by a do-nothing Congress and the state of the legal system.

From Meet the Press last Sunday,

A few things, Chuck. First of all, this is a really tough challenge and has been, as we all recognize, for years and years. We are seeing a level of migration not just at our southern border, but throughout the hemisphere, that is unprecedented. It is, I think, the greatest migration in our hemisphere since World War II. The president on day one delivered a solution. He delivered immigration reform legislation that we had hoped Congress would act on swiftly. They haven't. Within the constraints of a broken immigration system, we are doing so much. Our approach is to build lawful pathways, cut out the ruthless smugglers, deliver lawful pathways so people can access humanitarian relief without having to take the dangerous journey from their home countries. And at the same time, if they arrive at our southern border in between ports of entry, we will deliver consequences.
So we will exercise our enforcement authorities in a traditional immigration context. Remember, Title 42 is a public health authority, not an immigration authority that was delivered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When that ends on May 11th, we will use our immigration authorities under Title 8 of the United States code. That family will be placed in immigration enforcement proceedings, removal proceedings. They will make a claim -- if they make a claim for relief, we will adjudicate that claim for relief swiftly.
So it could be days or weeks. It is not going to be months and months.
Because we've seen that in New York, migrants are getting court dates in 2033. How does that happen?
So, we are -- what we have done now is we are going to be able to exercise our immigration enforcement authorities. We've been precluded from doing so by a court. We sought to end Title 42 long ago.
Title 42 does not deliver an immigration consequence. Title 8 of the United States code does. If an individual is removed under Title 8, they will encounter an at least five-year bar on readmission to the United States.
Here's a question I have, there are two million asylum cases in the backlog right now. What happens to new asylum claims on May 12th? Do they get put in line behind these two million cases? Do they get -- this is why the quick adjudication, I get it in theory. How is it going to work in practice when we're sitting on two million -- a two million case backlog?
So we're going to focus on recent border crossers. But the point, the fundamental point, is we have more than two million cases in an immigration backlog that has been building year over year over year. What a powerful example of a completely broken immigration system. We have got to fix it. We need legislative reform.

More at,

C. Blocker

I imagine his backlog would be reduced considerably if congress just legalized everyone. Cheap labor lobby is happy. The Demotards get a brand new army of gimme dats voters. It’s all good!

Solid take Fudge.

D.Pecker, Enquirer

C. Blocker, from your lips to God's ear

C. Blocker, Perspirer

Yeah, you might be able to get laid then.

Scott O

Hilarious! Chuck Todd lobs softballs, and Mayorkas lies.

These folks just might know better - Pecker won't bother to watch and learn.


Scott O

This sheriff says the cartels best friends are in Washington DC.
Interesting on-location tour.

Don Bessee

The crazy has spread deep -



Don Bessee

Another one bites the dust in the shithole formerly known as SF -

Nordstrom to Close Both San Francisco Stores amid Rampant Crime



Don Bessee

The wokesters are getting real push back even when they are as big as this -

As an example, the AGs said the National Committee for Religious Freedom (NCRF) was "de-banked" last year without explanation.

NCRF is a "nonpartisan, faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to defending the right of everyone in America to live one’s faith freely." According to the letter, NCRF's National Advisory Board includes Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim members.

Three weeks after NCRF opened a Chase checking account last year, Chase sent NCRF a letter indicating that the bank had "end[ed] their relationship." When NCRF inquired about the closure, Chase never gave an explanation but eventually said it would reopen the account but only if NCRF provided the bank a list of its donors, political candidates they intended to support and criteria for its endorsements.

"The bank’s brazen attempt to condition critical services on a customer passing some unarticulated religious or political litmus test flies in the face of Chase’s anti- discrimination policies," the AGs wrote.

The AGs also said a credit card processor owned by Chase shut down the account of a conservative pro-life organization for being "high risk." That same year, a company called WePay, which is also owned by Chase, refused service to a conservative group because WePay equated conservative views with "hate, violence, racial intolerance, [and] terrorism[.]"

Chase reversed that decision only after intense pressure from the Treasurer of Missouri, according to the letter.

The AGs also said a credit card processor owned by Chase shut down the account of a conservative pro-life organization for being "high risk." That same year, a company called WePay, which is also owned by Chase, refused service to a conservative group because WePay equated conservative views with "hate, violence, racial intolerance, [and] terrorism[.]"

Chase reversed that decision only after intense pressure from the Treasurer of Missouri, according to the letter.



Don Bessee

Boy they sure hate patriotism -

People standing for national anthem horrifies progressives in viral video: 'This feels so dystopian'
One person said scene looked like one out of horror movie



Bill Tozer

Due to the Hollywood writers strike, the late night comedy shows—that serve as Trump and Republican hating extensions of CNN and MSNBC—might have to resort to telling jokes.

Larry Elder

Scott O

How does the Babylon Bee stay in business?

"US Navy hires activy-duty drag queen to be face of recruitment drive"

They learn nothing.


Cereal Liar

Wow Scott! Terrible! A fat ass redneck sheriff with a Wilford Brimley stash is driving around showing us the well used paths that cross the border.

If the dumbass would post someone there they could just load them all up into the paddy wagon and deport them.

No doubt Scott has been sold by Tucker Carlson that there was no illegal immigration until Biden was elected, and there were never any drugs being smuggled in the country before Trump lost the last election.

Cartels best friends are those who hire illegals and swill the drugs they are peddling.
He is partly right though. The anti-cannabis MAGA industrial complex makes a market for all the cartel grows.

Don Bessee

Talk about wallowing in ignorance @ 1005 LOL



"Cartels best friends are those who hire illegals"

lol. Remember all the fuss every time there's an attempt to raid employers? Lotsa well meaning people with signs, the occasional riot, pontificating by the usual media suspects, because...reasons.

I'm fine with simply applying existing law. Illegally entering the country is illegal, illegally working in the country is illegal, illegal living in the country is illegal. It's a great big ol' tautology.

Guess who bitches when the law is applied? A combination of meat packers and Team Blue. Don't look at me.

To their credit, folks from south of the border, at least the first generation, appear to be useful. I expect that, statistically, people from Asia are useful. Maybe the way to go is to be selective about host country in terms of whether the law is followed.


"A fat ass redneck sheriff with a Wilford Brimley stash"

What video is that? There's some averagely heavy guy, downright skinny by California white guy standards, with no mustache. Methinks you watched 0% of the video. It's actually worth a watch just to get the lay of the land from the view of an overworked bureaucrat.

Cochise County AZ really can be a war zone. Maybe they could send our useless VP to help out.

Bill Tozer

Joe Biden is the cartels best friend.

Scott O

Cee Liar 10:05 - "No doubt Scott has been sold by Tucker Carlson that there was no illegal immigration until Biden was elected, and there were never any drugs being smuggled in the country before Trump lost the last election."

Is that the best you can do? Show up here with a stupid shit-eating lie?

Of course you lead with a display of complete ignorance - "If the dumbass would post someone there they could just load them all up into the paddy wagon and deport them."
Yeah Skippy, you do that. Good Lord you are one ignorant maroon. Just for starters - a sheriff CAN'T deport them.
"...just post someone there..."
Clearly you didn't watch the videos.


On a completely different matter...

Could someone do me a favor and read this and give a short summary?


Unusually, I can't make it through the article as my nictitating membrane keeps closing up and I have to stop.

Don Bessee

Society is upside down in the shitholes -

NYC alleged shoplifter hits Walgreens security guard on video – guard arrested on assault charge



Scott O

Don 4:47 - That link then led to me finding this:
It's the car companies fault for people stealing cars.

Scott O

scenes 4:12 - Sounds like a lively crew to be mixed up with:


There's probably a lot of truth in that crowd mixed up with a heaping helping of paranoia and smug self-righteousness.

And no - I didn't read the article past the first few sentences.
Maybe some one else?

Don Bessee

Now that fing halarious considering the source -

Barack Obama lectures about 'widespread disinformation' on World Press Freedom Day: 'Truth matters'
The Obama administration spied on journalists and seized their records



Don Bessee

Now that fing halarious considering the source -

Barack Obama lectures about 'widespread disinformation' on World Press Freedom Day: 'Truth matters'
The Obama administration spied on journalists and seized their records



Scott O

Don 9:02 - Obama is nothing more than dog manure. He is a highly trained barking seal with no morals beyond taking care of his own. He is worse than Biden because Biden hasn't the wit (he never did) to realize what a stupid hypocrite and blowhard he is. Obama knows exactly what the game is and knows how it's played. Being a skilled hypocrite is what Obama strives for. He figures that if the majority of the populace are idiots, then they need a class above them to play them and extract power from them.
The Obamas do play the game well. After achieving the highest levels of power they blubber to no end about how badly they have been mistreated.
Despite their professed love of the "people" they actually fear the guillotine more than anything. No wonder that class of shits want to disarm the populace.


Scotto: "There's probably a lot of truth in that crowd mixed up with a heaping helping of paranoia and smug self-righteousness."

Well, that's the thing. To be accepted, you have to buy into the whole kit and kaboodle.

Obviously the medical world is filled with equal parts grift, bullshit, well-meaning, and unreproducible results. The alternative medical world even more so.

COVID shows what happens when you give that community political power, hilarity ensues. 'Because-I-told-you-so' makes piss-poor policy.

I think a Constitutional amendment is in order, the Right to Mock.


Scotto: "It's the car companies fault for people stealing cars."

Naturally. It's like how Toyota is at fault for making their catalytic converters easy to steal. The raping is deserved because their skirts are too short.

When you build a constituency on a coalition of public unions, the homeless-industrial complex and other 'non-profits', and a vote-selling cadre of the non-gainfully employed you are going to represent their interests. The Lamprey Party will always vote for the fish to keep supporting them.

Until the system itself collapses, which could take some time, I expect that you'll continue to see a movement to the hinterland by the responsible, followed by a pursuit by their dependents. To keep The Machine going, you either have to find some way to extract wealth from the escapees, move your people into their areas, or make it impossible to live outside urban centers. You can organically see all those policies starting to ramp up, no central control is needed.

Cereal Liar

Scott is suffering from the MAGA mind virus.

Obama spoke about disinformation, you know like Tucker Carlson,
but Don B. goes to surveillance and record seizures to prove the point which doesn't make sense. Now that we have seen Tucker's records we see what a lying asshole he is.

Scott still continues to promote disinformation and lies about gun control, 80% of Fox viewers support gun control regulations. Scott appears to be aligned with Ruby Ridge/Waco crowd.

MAGist propaganda.


Posted by: Cereal Liar | 04 May 2023 at 08:13 AM

It's like dugsKKKi actually crawled inside jeffy....


" It's like dugsKKKi actually crawled inside jeffy...."

The turducken of posters.

There has to be an AI out there, let's call it GPT-L, that generates librul shibboleths. Next up will be 'vile', 'Trumpster', or some variation on 'MAGot'.

You have to admit that ensuring the rights of men to expose themselves in the girl's locker room is a helluva hill do die on.


Posted by: scenes | 04 May 2023 at 09:45 AM

Might be fun to watch GPT-C vs GPT-L for a years worth of comment iterations! Take summer 2023 through summer 24 off and reconvene later.

Bill Tozer

Biggest story no one is talking about. Joe Biden bribing foreign national as VP. All we seek is the unclassified document in seven days.

FBI has document alleging pay-to-play scheme involving Joe Biden, lawmakers allege


Latest evidence in Hunter Biden probe turns attention to Joe Biden, informant claim of bribery



"Scott still continues to promote disinformation and lies about gun control, 80% of Fox viewers support gun control regulations."
-Cerial lyre

So Cerial, you believe that husbands, wanting to gift their wife with a gun, should take it to a gun shop to run the "mother may I?" check and hold it for the requisite time, to be picked up by his wife? Same thing with sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins?


"Biggest story no one is talking about."

To be fair, I've been watching that play out in MSM for a day or two, although (as usual) it popped first in places like 4chan.



I'm just assuming that a)the Bidens are dirty as all get-out, but always have been and b)nothing will happen since he is still protected by the Big Machine. Expect the 'conspiracy theory' phrase or some invented Trump hullaballoo to fire up as damage control of course.

Now, the moment that they've gotten someone as malleable as Biden that can actually win an election, Katy bar the door. Team Blue has the problem that essentially none of their mainstream talking heads have an ounce of charisma. Maybe Don Lemon can take up the mantle.


"80% of Fox viewers support gun control regulations."

I'm never even sure what that means.

Maybe they are saying that you need NFA paperwork to own an M134.


(jeesh, imagine the money feeding into that thing.)

Scott O

Serial Liar - "Scott still continues to promote disinformation and lies about gun control."

Hilarious - is posting absurd BS all you are capable of? It sure is odd that you can never demonstrate a single fact to back your inane accusations.

"80% of Fox viewers support gun control regulations."
That's a nothing statement - that can simply mean 80% support the regs already on the books and 20% don't support all or some of them.
Now then - if you want to talk about gun control, there's that FTR form 1140 sec B, sub sec 21G. And we all know that a certain drug addict son of a certain president made a "mistake" there when he filled it out. I'm sure that being the smartest man Biden knows doesn't preclude Hunter from having a bad day and just inadvertently overlooking that check box. Black males go to prison for making that oopsie. But we're not worried about Hunter going off to the Gray Bar Hotel.
So - come back again soon, Liar, and keep the jokes coming. You are an amusing little whine.

Scott O

BT 10:49 - Funny about the timing of these "whistle blowers". It could be they wanted to see if the Rs in the House could be trusted, or it could be that Joe (Jill, actually) has decided to run again. I'm sure that Garland is trying to figure out what piddly charge he can come up with to hit the Biden family with so he can do his "no one is above the law" routine and then have it all pled down to a very minor misdemeanor and then they all go to the seashore.

Don Bessee

I am sure the pakis are so grateful -




lol. You know, there's just no point in pretending that I live in the same country with Team Blue.

"A final version of the resolution that was passed states that "CEA believes that capitalism requires exploitation of children, public schools, land, labor, and/or resources. Capitalism is in opposition to fully addressing systemic racism (the school to prison pipeline), climate change, patriarchy, (gender and LGBTQ disparities), education inequality, and income inequality.

However, a screenshot captures an earlier draft of the resolution that included a call to replace capitalism with a "new equitable economic system." "


Why any sane person would send their kids to a public school, given any choice at all, is beyond me. Soon enough, it'll become a matter of an equitable split of the country's resources vs. something kinetic.

Don Bessee

Chuckie gets caught lying again -

Schumer roasted for saying 'nobody is taking away your gas stove' just months before NY banned gas stoves



Bill Tozer

scenes and Scott re “Biggest story no one is talking about."

No one will go to jail. No one. No one will be held accountable.

Other big stories no one is taking about is the 51 former Intel guys lying to help Biden win an election.

The Biggest Environmental Disaster No One Is Talking about is the US blew up the Nordstream Pipeline, populating of our NATO Allies in Europe.

Scott O

How does the Babylon Bee stay in business...

"Kamala Harris Named ‘AI Czar’ to Save Us from Artificial Intelligence"


Don Bessee

The rat flees before the trap snaps shut -

An embattled George Soros-bankrolled prosecutor in St. Louis resigned Thursday amid a legal effort by Missouri's attorney general to fire her for allegedly neglecting her duties.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, the city's top prosecutor, is stepping down following repeated, bipartisan calls for her resignation from officials across Missouri.




re: Scotto@3:39PM

That's genius. She's perfect for the job.


It's a business that needs lots and lots of new rules written by wise men. What we'll do is have the large company players show up, beg for some regulations that let them keep their competitive advantage, maybe a few donations for the upcoming elections (just a taste, mind you). With a steel-trap mind like Harris, it should all work out fine.


One less biology student on the loose in Davis.

Scott O

scenes 4:07 - From the news release by the WH:
"Vice President Harris and senior Administration officials will meet today with CEOs of four American companies at the forefront of AI innovation—Alphabet, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI..."

Yeah, those 4 have our best interests at heart. Can they be any more blatant about creating a monopoly and colluding with the fed govt?

I'd pay good money to hear Harris's opening remarks.

Don Bessee

Another example of the wokesters who run the WH and tell creepy grampa joe what to do are suffering a fatal case of self-talk -

The Washington Post’s Jeff Stein reports that the White House has been surprised that business groups and budget hawks that it thought would be in its corner in this fight are instead siding with Republicans.

Stein cites a range of groups, from the Business Roundtable and Chamber of Commerce to the Bipartisan Policy Center and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, all of which have come out in favor of negotiations between the administration and House Republicans. None have pushed for the clean debt limit increase that Biden is seeking.

“Rather than join Biden in urging the GOP to simply raise the borrowing limit — as many administration officials had hoped — these groups have called for bipartisan budget negotiations, implicitly endorsing McCarthy’s position and rejecting Biden’s opposition to talks” about the debt limit, Stein writes.

He adds that administration officials were “stunned” by a statement from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget calling the House Republican debt limit bill a “realistic and extremely welcome first step.” Biden officials reportedly saw that as encouraging further brinkmanship over the debt limit. “We were livid,” one told the Post.

We should add here that much of the media is taking a similar approach to those outside groups. We’ve noticed television news anchors and reporters asking Democrats why they don’t just try to find a middle ground with Republicans, questioning whether Biden’s position is sustainable or asserting outright that it isn’t.



Scott O

Here's a fun read:
"The Biden administration wants to impose a 30 percent tax on the electricity used by cryptocurrency mining operations..."
Because -
"It explained that it wants to tax cryptomining firms, because they aren't paying for the "full cost they impose on others," which include environmental pollution and high energy prices."
Worse -
"...and the pollution it generates "falls disproportionately on low-income neighborhoods and communities of color."
So - using electricity harms the environment. And POCs.
And these same people want our society to vastly increase our use of electricity.
To save the planet.


re: Scotto@8:17PM

Hang on, I thought that solar was the cheapest power.

Having said that, a quick google shows quite a few co-located solar/mining farms. Dunno how the people running the Biden administration will deal with that, although there must be a way to work POC and men-in-dresses into some kind of solar tax.

It's all a natural side effect of increased centralization of control of the economy. A great big scramble for grift and status, meeting rooms full of people with 'good ideas', directing money to FOB (friends of Biden) and away from your class enemies. The Road to Hell is papered with PowerPoint charts.

It's worth considering how single-sourcing energy sources and distribution to a few quasi-government organizations, one big gubmint grid, furthers the cause of control. Add that to central banking and an upcoming digital money, government-issued mortgages, goverment-controlled credit, and the trap is complete. Maybe de-electrifying will become a thing like de-banking is.


..brilliant idea.

Given that the Great State of California is going to force everyone to use electric furnaces and hot water heaters, why not design one or the other so they also serve as a crypto engine.

I like the idea of a Bitcoin Water Heater. A bunch of NVIDIA gpus with a water jacket, doing God's work mining cryptocurrency, grinding through AI problems. GPT-5 can run on a network of home appliances who use it's waste heat.


Before crypto there was the idea that cannabis should only be grown indoors under lights.

Good thing modular nuke reactors are on the horizon.
I imagine these are somewhat similar to those found on some naval vessels.


Scott O

scenes - Yes. Your bit-miner identifies as a water heater! Sounds 'progressive'.
I'm still working out how the electrons from a crypto-mine know how to go after the poor and POCs. But the ones from the Walmart car charging station do only the Lord's work.
I suppose it's like the exhaust from Kerry's and Gore's private jets clean the air, while your weed eater after just 15 minutes have caused most all of the black kids 500 hundred miles away to have asthma.


"I imagine these are somewhat similar to those found on some naval vessels."

I expect there are as many engineering differences as similarities between land-based and something stuffed into a ship/boat, but there does appear to be some announcements recently in the 50-200MW range. Maybe the NR-1 had some alien technology.

Just imagine the political hoo-haw though. Scads of well-meaning people with signs outside your construction fence. Drag queens hollerin' slogans for POC in one great big fandango of fun.

Scott O

lil missy 7:52 - "Good thing modular nuke reactors are on the horizon."

Ah, yes. Neighborhood nukes. Coming soon to absolutely nowhere near anyone who plans to site them. Naval vessels usually are found in a gigantic cooling pond called 'the ocean'. Remember all the brown lawns in CA just months ago?
Let's be honest here. The govt is mandating electrical demand long before the power companies have the delivery capacity. Say - how's that solar powered choo choo train the lefty morons promised years ago coming along?


The Fresno Bee editorial board is every bit as stupid as the Sac Bee editorial board...!

Speaker McCarthy, don’t take America to the brink of default. Stop the posturing, raise the debt ceiling, then have the honest budget debate the nation needs.

They are right about the posturing though....McCarthy is no more interested in resolving the debt issue than Schumer!

Read more at: https://www.fresnobee.com/opinion/editorials/article275036501.html#storylink=cpy



If you believe this you're not just regular stupid ....you're industrial grade Punchy™ brand (ask for it by name!) stupid !


Good picture of the Brainstem in Chief looking like an extra from The Walking Dead at Drudgereport though!

Bill Tozer

‘Young men at highest risk of schizophrenia linked with cannabis use disorder’

“Researchers found strong evidence of an association between cannabis use disorder and schizophrenia among men and women, though the association was much stronger among young men. Using statistical models, the study authors estimated that as many as 30% of cases of schizophrenia among men aged 21-30 might have been prevented by averting cannabis use disorder.”


Scott O

fish 9:03 - Ah, yes - the great debt ceiling panic. "Taking America to the brink of default"!!!
Expect this non-event to go completely overboard with hysteria and melodramatics.

I do love how they want the Rs to just cave and THEN the Dems pinky-promise to have a 'debate'.
Well - they have rolled them before...


"the honest budget debate the nation needs."


The 'debate' will be between a small handful of Congressfolk who are stridently anti-gubmint spending vs. everyone else. It's an incantation before you simply throw some more numbers into the accounts.


I mean, who'll pay for the Department of Education, the F-35, and the Michelle Obama Trail if we don't keep on borrowing? Not to mention defacto control of government over industry via regulation.

It was always bound to happen, probably starting in the 1930's. The government budgets are simply applying a number to zombies fighting over a carcass. The trick is to get your money while it's still worth something. Any collapse will be quick and unexpected, until after the fact.

I can see a trend as well as anyone, but what I'd like to see is some metrics showing the overall spending in things-that-are-useless. Economic overhead, banking/insurance/finance, surveillance capitalism (we'll all get rich on that one!!) and the rest are simply cruft in the system.



federal debt to public as percent of GDP (per CBO)


A genuine question to the multitudes of readers.

How do you sell bonds at that point? How did the Japanese pull it off? Just keep bumping up the interest rate as needed? or something trickier?


Posted by: scenes | 05 May 2023 at 09:55 AM

How do you sell bonds at that point? How did the Japanese pull it off? Just keep bumping up the interest rate as needed? or something trickier?

Well.....if you believe progressive political scientists, We owe it to ourselves.....! I guess if I hold treasuries I could just write myself a check!

How did the Japanese pull it off? They didn't! Their efficiency and ....for a long time work ethic....allowed them to defer consequences much longer than anyone expected! They're as fucked as we are and expecting a collapse in population of around 20 million before 2050. From 125M to around 100M.....the entire island is going to be a laboratory for geriatric science?

There's always something trickier! What that is....I have no idea....not being a progressive! They'll find a way to steal you blind during the slow collapse....they always do! Think of it as a psul Emery Dirty Hippy Dine and Dash writ country sized!


"2023-05-04 07:00 by Karl Denninger

Oh Countrywide, Is That Your Ghost?

[Comments enabled]

Bear Stearns is not the banking system -- it is contained.

Subprime is contained.

"We're gonna OWN subprime lending -- Mozilo"

Uh huh.

Who remembers me over on the Countrywide Yahoo finance forums back in 2007 before it all blew -- when I was shorting into price ramps on that stock because from where I sat they were a zero. They were a zero. It was a nice trade.

Who remembers me calling out WaMu in early 2007 when they were paying dividends with money they didn't have, and regulators did nothing? That article is still here, if you look for it. They were also a zero.

But First Republic is isolated, just like SVB. Uh huh. Sure it is.

How's PacWest doing?

Oh, not so good. Let's see...oh, looks sort of like an impending zero.

But wait -- First Republic was it, right?

Sure it was.

There's no real problem here, right? The TNX was down a full percent yesterday because..... the Fed will save it all, right?

No they won't.

Not because they don't want to.

They can't this time.

Oh, you think not eh? How's your homeowner's insurance premium? Your car insurance? Your food bill? You know, all that stuff you have to buy? Yeah, you're reading this and you're probably middle class or better. You're doing mostly ok. You're on the right side of the bell curve, right?

Half the people are on the left, and they're not ok. For them that 20% increase means they are taking payday loans to buy food, effectively and sometimes literally.

That ends the game folks.

If The Fed tries it we get government and social collapse.

The ramp in asset prices can't just stop: It has to come back out. All of it. And yes, that will mean lots of firms -- and people -- blow up.

This is not fixable with any sort of deposit guarantee. That's not the problem. The problem is that the banks loaned out a lot of money at 2% and thus can't pay 4% or so or they will go broke. But other, equally safe or more-so investments do pay that 4-5%; for example, a government money-market fund that has daily liquidity equal to that of a bank and only holds US Treasuries.

Having made those loans at uneconomic rates in the first place there isn't anything they can do about it now. As was the case in 2006-2007 and which I pointed out in Leverage losses are made when bad loans are originated; they are often not recognized at that time but the loss has been incurred. What's left to argue over is who is going to eat it, and unlike the 2008 blow-up trying to force the general public to eat it will not work because they are already under the inflationary pressure from the BS run during the pandemic that led to the problem and trying to force the rest of it on the public will cause enough of them to starve that a revolt is quite likely."


Bill Tozer

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The New Ugly Americans


Bill Tozer

fish @ 10:34 am

I remember when the gossip from the realtors was that Countrywide would never go under. “As Countrywide goes, there goes the nation,” was the standard quote at the time before things began to unravel.

When Biden proposed penalizing potential home buyers with good credit to subsidize folks with crap credit in the mortgage industry, I thought of Countrywide and Freddie and bundled mortgages sold to pension funds and suckers worldwide.

Gotta tear apart the safety net to have mass revolution in the streets to burn it all down. Then, from the ashes arises the fundamental change of America as we know it. Beyond 1984.

Scott O

fish 10:34 - "The ramp in asset prices can't just stop: It has to come back out. All of it. And yes, that will mean lots of firms -- and people -- blow up."

Too true and it isn't just asset prices. People expect to be paid not according to their actual economic worth, but some inflated "social justice" amount.

Of course, actions like this will save the day:
"New Fed Bank Backstop Has Scope to Inject as Much as $2 Trillion"
Love the term "inject". Just like a junkie that solves the addiction problem by finding more dope to inject.


re: The Scenes from the Apocalypse Bit Mining Hot Water Heater Company.

Another product occurs to me.



some smart person needs to tie together AI training with crypto currency. Some sort of proof-of-work concept that produces both a form of digital money and does GPU/TPU training for machine learning.

This will give us Microsoft Tay 2 more quickly while allowing a person to buy a Big Mac in Lagos using AI-coin.


just wanted to repeat Sr. fish's quote:

"This is not fixable with any sort of deposit guarantee. That's not the problem. The problem is that the banks loaned out a lot of money at 2% and thus can't pay 4% or so or they will go broke. But other, equally safe or more-so investments do pay that 4-5%; for example, a government money-market fund that has daily liquidity equal to that of a bank and only holds US Treasuries."
btw: looked up Japanese .gov debt. It's 70% owned by the Bank of Japan, which is mostly owned by the government (100% of voting shares). Plus they are the largest owner of Japanese stocks.

There's yer answer, and a tidy one it is.

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