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25 May 2023


Paul Emery

All these statements are just an opinion of one person and do not in any way attempt to present any factual basis for these conclusions. As I have stated many times in the past Victor Davis Hanson was a notorious neo-can and a big supporter of our invasion of Iraq and that disqualifies his opinions from further consideration without at least some factual basis of support. Here he presents around 40 opinions with no documentation.

Paul Emery

sp. Neo-Con

The function derived from another function 🐠

Posted by: psul Emery | 25 May 2023 at 12:26 PM

Thanks Mr. RawSewage.com

Scott O

Paul 12:26 - "and that disqualifies his opinions from further consideration without at least some factual basis of support. Here he presents around 40 opinions with no documentation."

If Hanson said the sun rises in the east, Paul would not believe it.

"...with no documentation"
The Durham report is NOT documentation??
Bud Light sales have collapsed - needs documentation??
Try reading the news, Paul - it's all well documented.
You just can't admit reality.

Maybe Paul doesn't believe the Hispanics in SoCal are heavily Catholic.
Maybe Paul can be specific about which fact in Hanson's opinion piece in wrong?
Or is he suddenly bizzy, bizzy, bizzy?

Paul Emery

There is zero documentation Scott. Only one persons opinion.

Don Bessee

Here is a gift that the ponytail of ignorance can wail about all weekend -



Paul Emery


Even the website that published the piece does not necessarily stand behind the opinions. Direct quote

"The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com."

Scott O

Paul is slow - I'll ask again:

"Paul - what specific item mentioned in the opinion piece is not correct?"

If this question is too hard for you, maybe I can type in a bigger font?

Paul Emery

That's great news for the Dems Don. The good news for the Dems is that the biggest political loser since the 1800's will likely be the Repubs choice for Pres in '24. Go Trump I say.



In ...3....2....1 the Topic At Hand becomes not about the essay and it's actual contents but about Paul Emery.

It's in the nature of minstrels to become the center of attention but it becomes damned tiresome. Scotto, you know that he won't bother to argue a case. It would requiring freeing up the other hand to help run the keyboard.

re: Disney and AB InBev, it is peculiar that they've decided to become activist organizations and push money-making to the side to some extent, but I guess that large organizations always become enslaved to the C-suite at some point. What'll stop it isn't so much political backlash from government, that just gives them a chance for more virtue signalling, but a good hard shareholder lawsuit. Of course, that implies that BlackRock isn't the majority shareholder.

As an aside, you can argue that a place like BlackRock, if actively managing funds, should be subject to anti-trust law. They are large enough to produce the same anti-market force that a monopoly does. (should a monopsony fall into that category also?).

In general, I'd say that any company willing to spend a boatload of money on DEI efforts probably is in a non-competitive market. Something is broken if they have the dosh to spend on nonsense like that.


(C) 2023 Tribune Content Agency, LLC. is the copyright given in the place where I picked it up early this morning, at RealClearPolitics.com

Punchy is all punched out.

VDH has gotten it... it is an American Maoist cultural revolution that is underway, and a key to stopping it is to call it out.

Paul Emery

Don was the one bragging about his guy Trump rising in the polls. I agreed with im that it's good news because he's such a loser the Dems will surelywin in '24.


from psul:

"As I have stated many times in the past Victor Davis Hanson was a notorious neo-con and a big supporter of our invasion of Iraq and that disqualifies his opinions from further consideration without at least some factual basis of support."

from wikipedia:

"Ad hominem (Latin for 'to the person'), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a term that refers to several types of arguments, most of which are fallacious. Typically this term refers to a rhetorical strategy where the speaker attacks the character, motive, or some other attribute of the person making an argument rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself. This avoids genuine debate by creating a diversion to some irrelevant but often highly charged issue. The most common form of this fallacy is "A makes a claim x, B asserts that A holds a property that is unwelcome, and hence B concludes that argument x is wrong"."

oddly enough, a quote from psul in April 2018 said: "I agree with Victor Davis Hanson when he writes:". Go figger.

Paul Emery

Who is psul scenes? My name is Paul Emery

Scott O

"My name is Paul Emery"

That's just an opinion - I saw no documentation.


I could have sworn his name is "Punchy".

Scott O

Getting back to the topic - I'm wondering how far the crazy will go?
As we see from one "correspondent" there is no crazy at all. It's all just a made up opinion. And it's not going crazy evenly. Some areas aren't too bad, but Chicago just doubled down on crazy. It simply wasn't crazy enough. The big place where it counts is DC and a lot of them can't hurl themselves over the edge fast enough.
Living here in Cozy Town I still have a hard time really believing the utter disaster DC has become. It's as if the Dems raided the rehab centers, old folks homes, intensive care units and freak shows for their 'leaders'. It was bad enough they elected a person so stupid he actually thought an island would tip over if there were too many people on it. Then we get a SCOTUS justice that can't tell us what a woman is.
"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad"
Looks like it.

Paul Emery

What does "O" stand for Scott? Looks like you're another one who is embarrassed to use your real name. Very fish like.

Don Bessee

We know oh great ponytail of ignorance, dont you? Ah yes the memory issue again. @551


Scott O

Paul's back to form - he loses the argument, so he starts in with an unrelated peeve.

I did explain why I no longer use my full last name not too long ago, Paul. Look it up.
I'm retired and couldn't care less what folks think of my opinions.
I'm fully capable of embarrassing my kids in oh so many other ways.


"It was bad enough they elected a person so stupid he actually thought an island would tip over "

That is a beautiful thing.

I haven't seen it for some time and thought it worth a watch again. It never grows old.


Naturally, he's still in office. https://hankjohnson.house.gov/
I'd say it's fairly likely he's the most intelligent man in his district.


Scott O

scenes - The best part for my money is the military guy keeping a somewhat straight face and coming up with "uh, we don't anticipate that..."
My reaction would have been a jaw-dropped stare and maybe after awhile: "whiskey tango foxtrot".

And when that came out, I was naive enough to think the Dems had actually struck the bottom. I now think they don't have one.


Posted by: Scott O | 25 May 2023 at 06:33 PM

Another classic from psul “memory issues” Emery.

Paul Emery

There are vast times I don't follow this site Scott so I likely missed it (the "O" question)h owever it's obvious you are a solid Trumper therefore you would support pardons for those Proud Boys convicted of Seditious Conspiracy on Jan 6 as Trump has promised he would do.

Don Bessee

Wheres the dark lord of liberal lament land when you need a punctuation shrew?! @735 LOL


Scott O

Paul - "it's obvious you are a solid Trumper"
Really? Is that your opinion? Where is your documentation?
And this has what to do with the topic?

Paul Emery

All you've got to say Scott is that you wouldn't support pardons for the Proud Boys convicted of Seditious Conspiracy as Trump promised. So would you support pardons by Trump or not?


Posted by: psul Emery | 25 May 2023 at 07:35 PM

..:.. There are vast times I don't follow this site Scott so I likely missed it (the "O" question)h owever

Given your history you didn’t “miss it” you forgot it.

You really should take notes psul! It would cut down on this sort of thing….the constant repetition of questions, the litany of unsupported assertions, and the clearly incorrect conclusions that you constantly make.

Vast times indeed.


"There are vast times I don't follow this site Scott so I likely missed it (the "O" question)h owever it's obvious you are a solid Trumper therefore you would support pardons for those Proud Boys" -psul

'Vast' = 'about two weeks'.

Proud Boys are sort of non-existent outside of the imagination of the Chattering TV Left, but there are a bunch of people he should let out.

- Julian Assange (not in US custody, but in the custody of those who dance to the 17 intelligence agency's tunes).
- Shut down Guantanamo Bay. Either put them in US jail with US legal protection or kick them out to some Arab country. The whole thing is utterly grotesque at this point, it's as if the intelligence people are run by executives with a sadism fetish.
- https://www.foxnews.com/politics/arkansas-man-feet-nancy-pelosis-desk-during-capitol-protest-sentenced-prison plus a bunch of others held in what is basically political prison.
- heck, I'll throw in Matthew Coulter.

OTOH, burning buildings, throwing bombs at federal courthouses, organized shoplifting (while a POC), and assault/kidnapping ( https://www.cnn.com/2023/04/07/us/former-ncaa-swimmer-riley-gaines-assault-san-francisco-state-university/index.html ) is A-OK if done by the bureaucrat's street army.

It's hard to escape the opinion that the legal system is arbitrary and largely run by ego and inertia. At this point in history, I'd say that neither Biden or Trump is in charge, but a great big machine that they serve at the sufferance of is. The *deep* state is kind of a silly description as it's simply The State.


From Punchy:
"As I have stated many times in the past Victor Davis Hanson was a notorious neo-con and a big supporter of our invasion of Iraq and that disqualifies his opinions from further consideration without at least some factual basis of support."

A notorious neo-con who agreed with most folk over Iraq. A neo-con is a newly minted conservative, changing their Democratic spots to match conservatives. What did he write? Let's look:

"Special-counsel John Durham just issued his final report on wrongdoing within the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Justice.

The summary confirms that our premier investigatory and intelligence agencies interfered in the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns.

Directors and high-ranking FBI officials lied under oath. They misled Congress. They altered court documents and deceived federal judges.

The FBI hired a foreign national to gather dirt on Donald Trump's 2016 campaign - while he was being paid by the rival Hillary Clinton campaign."

Looks correct to me, not strictly opinion but a factual accounting of the Durham report. Good so far?


Scotto: 'scenes - The best part for my money is the military guy keeping a somewhat straight face and coming up with "uh, we don't anticipate that..."'

That's how you get to be a flag officer. I just assume that any rank over about O-6, in peacetime, requires the ability to schmooze and listen to idiots without laughing. The system for choosing a Congressman certainly isn't a meritocracy and one has to keep the funds flowing and the career trending ever upward. The result ends up being as expected and nothing new.

Nothing is as stupid as all of us together. Luckily, there are plenty who want to grow the government in an ever-expanding swirl of stupid. How else would so many funny things happen?

(I've probably quoted this before. From the 'Viktor Suvorov' book on the Soviet Army)

"Before the arrival in Severodvinsk of Marshal of the Soviet Union
Grechko, the high command of the Northern Fleet decided to paint the
shore-line cliffs grey. In all, over twenty kilometres of coastline were
painted. The sailors of two whole divisions and the men of a marines
regiment laboured over this titanic work for several weeks and, in the
process, used up the whole allocation of anti-corrosion paint supplied to
the entire fleet for a whole year. The Minister liked the colour of the
rocks, and from that time forth the painting of rocks before the arrival of
a high-ranking commander became one of the more remarkable traditions
of our Fleet. "

Scott O

Paul 11:30 - "All you've got to say Scott is that you wouldn't support..."

First of all, Paul, this has nothing to do with the topic and secondly I've told you before I don't have to say shit.
You tried to post on the actual topic and put your foot in your ass and when called on it, you revert to whining about my name and then it's off to Trump-land.

The Estonian Fox

scenes at 02:25 PM-

Monopsony also applies to the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force as well, especially for many contractors with only that single customer. Since they have pledged allegiance to the U.S., I will grant them a special forgiveness, though not so much many of the command elements in them. How many generals can be fir- retired in a year?

Paul Emery


The Durham report is ALL about Trump. Thought you knew that.


Since you are an expert on the report can you tell me what indictments does the Durham report recommend? Also did you read the report to document Sansons allegations?

Scott O

Paul - "The Durham report is ALL about Trump."

Totally wrong, Paul.
Maybe you should actually read the report.


EF: "How many generals can be fir- retired in a year?"

You know, it's a problem that's existed since a)people started living so long and b)there was such a thing as a military pension/inactive duty. The Royal Navy ended up with scads of 'Yellow Admirals' on half pay forever. No doubt any culture that goes in and out of war on a regular basis ends up with a top-heavy officer class.

Thank God that the defense contractors need so many salesmen, or these people would be as bored as you can imagine.

It's an interesting thing to think about. How do you optimize flag officers, Presidents, CEOs for age? There'll be a few older ones that are tolerably competent, but even Eisenhower, Kesselring, etc. weren't all that old. Maybe MacArthur was as close as you might get to an outlier. Naturally, practically any serious war starts with your existing commanders, who then get fired and replaced by the more high-functioning (or lucky) colonels and the like. It's an age-old cycle.

Paul Emery

This is the final product of the Durham report Gregory

"Though Durham had broader powers than the Justice Department's watchdog, he pursued prosecutions of just three people, two of whom were acquitted. The third, a former FBI lawyer, pleaded guilty."


Scott O

More news on America's suicide - The trouble at Target:
The backlash from the backlash. How many times are these stupid companies going to try "woke-ism" before they learn that once they start down that road, they're screwed no matter what they do.
Most laughable quote:
"Many Target employees believe the company pulled Pride products in order to salvage sales, worker-advocacy group says"
Yeah - who needs "sales"?
Companies operate on "feelz" doncha know.


"worker-advocacy group says"

lol. Why does a 'worker-advocacy' group give a damn about rainbow-color underwear with that amazing 'tuck feature'?

You'd think they'd be for, well, the workers. Like wages or hours or something.

Maybe there's a Leonard Cohen song about all this.

Come over to the window, my little darling,
I'd like to try to read your palm.
I used to think I was some kind of nancy-boy
But then I'd tuck my groin
Now so long, Marianne, it's time that we began
to laugh and cry and forget that I was a man


Imagine a reality where your jury pool was as flawed as the District of Columbia's.

I sat on the jury for a DUI trial in Nevada City. The accused was obviously drunk at the time and drove through Grass Valley during the height of the feeding time for cops... about 2AM. The accused was also a USAF ossifer, a pilot of one of those long range, very high altitude single engine taildragges that are based down the hill.

It hurt to vote guilty, but I did my sworn duty, knowing it probably put him out of a job.

Now, how many DC jurors would do that to a Deep Stater who they've seen on MSNBC? The two acquitals, test cases by Durham, were as guilty as the pilot I condemned to being on the ground.

Paul Emery

Your opinion Gregory. The FACTS are Durhams total products were three prosecutions two of which were acquittals and one guilty plea. That came at a cost to taxpayers of 6.5 million dollars.



Punchy 115p

OJ Simpson... in reality... guilty or not guilty?


So, in Paul's tiny world... is it a FACT that OJ Simpson didn't grusomely kill a woman and a friend of hers with a big f'ing knife, and the Not Guilty verdict forever erased what happened and freed OJ to search for his ex wife's killer on golf courses wherever he roamed, as long as he was able to stay out of jail on other charges?


Punchy 115p

OJ Simpson... in reality... guilty or not guilty?


Clapper and Brennan... did or didn't lie to Congress while under oath?


Adam Schiff... did he lie to the American people about testimony he said he knew about?








Now, the nearly stolen 2016 election, the hobbling of the Trump administration and the stolen (by the FBI and CIA actions) 2020 election cost us all HOW MUCH PAUL?

Scott O

Paul 1:15 - "The FACTS are Durhams total products were three prosecutions two of which were acquittals and one guilty plea."

No, Paul - that was not the total product. There is the information in the Durham report that you won't read.
The Justice Dept is corrupt. The Obama admin was corrupt. The current admin is corrupt.
These people are selling our country's interests for cash to put into their own bank accounts. They are framing innocent people. They are subverting justice. They are subverting the democratic process. They are lying to the American public.
Those are facts but you have decided to look at who has been convicted or not as the sole marker of our times.
You do realize that by that reasoning all the blacks falsely imprisoned or hung in the Jim Crow era was OK by you. Cause no crooked white judge or jury or sheriff was convicted back then. No convictions for corrupt officials equals a nothing burger to Paul Emery.
Good to know where we stand.

Paul Emery


What does O.J have to do with the failure of the the Durham report to find virtually no wrongdoing worth further inquiry? One conviction!!! What a waste of money-6.5 million.

Scott O

Gregory 12:50 - "Now, how many DC jurors would do that to a Deep Stater who they've seen on MSNBC?"
It wouldn't matter who was on trial. The defense would simply have to pound into the jury that a vote for conviction was a vote for Trump.

"We can make sure if you vote for a conviction, that information will be made available on social media along side your name, photo, and home address".

Scott O

Paul 3:33 - Your basic logic skills are sadly lacking. He actually has explained that to you. And so did I. Maybe ask the bartender where you are to explain it.


There you are, Punch.

The connection you are desperate not to see is the effect of corrupt juries on the criminal justice system.

Cereal Liar

...but Hunter Biden's laptop would have won the election for Trump...





Jeffie! Was wondering when you'd come up for air.

The infamous laptop was dangerous enough for 50 former intelligence orificers to sign a statement that it sure looooked like Russian disinformation to them. Before the election. And they shut down the NY Post's twit feed to shut them up before the election, thanks to their care and feeding of the corrupt Twits at Twitter.

But in the end... your guy won in 2020. Good for you! Corruption pays.

Paul Emery


Being a Libertarian you should appreciate this conclusion that the Libertarian website reason.com came to after reading the report:

" For libertarians, there's something psychically satisfying about seeing anyone in power criticize the FBI. And certainly, the hype over Trump-Russia collusion was misguided, as were a lot of government antics surrounding it. However after four years of investigation and more than $6.5 million in taxpayer money spent, Durham failed to uncover any evidence of major wrongdoing.

The only successful criminal charges were against an FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, who pleaded guilty to altering an email used to get a surveillance warrant on Trump campaign aide Carter Page and wound up sentenced to 12 months of probation.

The two criminal trials his investigation yielded—against Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann and Trump-Russia dossier source Igor Danchenko—both ended with not-guilty findings.

The conclusion of the investigation did not yield any new charges. Quote from the report as cited by reason.com:

"The evidence gathered was not sufficient to prove at trial that any FBI personnel intentionally violated any criminal statutes in relation to the transmittal of the Steele reports" nor that "any FBI personnel intentionally lied during their interviews," Durham writes at one point in the new report. The investigation "was unable to establish that any government officials acted with a criminal intent to violate the law, as opposed to mere negligence or recklessness," he states at another.



Reason.com isn't a Libertarian website, Punch, it's a small-l generally leaning libertarian website, and the reporter Elisabeth Nolan Brown isn't the best Libertarian there.

There was nothing in the report that someone like YOU, Punch, couldn't ignore by closing your eyes, cupping your ears with your hands while shaking your head and repeating nanananana I can't hear you.


Posted by: Cereal Liar | 26 May 2023 at 03:47 PM

Hey cereal…..you never answered as to why you were so adamant that adult men should have the right to shake their genitalia at children.

Any idea when we are going to have an answer from you?

Scott O

From the Reason article:
"And certainly, the hype over Trump-Russia collusion was misguided, as were a lot of government antics surrounding it."

The 'hype' about Trump-Russian collusion wasn't misguided, it was total fabricated BS.
And the author knows that.
For a writer on Reason mag to call justice dept corruption "antics" is breathtaking.
They are not libertarian in any sense of the word. Shills of the govt is what they are.


Checking, the Reason story Paul rattled in our faces was posted less than a day after the Durham report was released. I'd guess the reporter wrote most of it before it surfaced.

Not time to read it even without thinking... just turning pages...


Scotto 437p, there are Never Trumpers at Reason. More than you can shake a stick at.

Scott O

More weaponizing of the IRS:
They open a case on Saturday Christmas Eve?

Scott O

Gregory 4:52 - "there are Never Trumpers at Reason"
You know, it's really sad when some one is so far gone at hating a person they sell out their own principles. Her article was straight from the DNC.
You can be a never-Trumper but still want to hold your govt accountable no matter who is in power.
For her to call justice dept corruption "antics" is waaaay beyond Never-Trumper-Land.
That is flat out "I have a DNC dick up my ass and I like it" attitude.

Paul Emery

Here are the harsh realities of the Durham fiasco:

6.5 millions spent for one conviction and two losing trials. What a pathetic losing effort. The Dems are laughing their heads off and the Repubs are looking for excuses. Four years and 6.5 million taxpayer dollars and this is all they get. What a joke.

So for Gregory it's back to O.J.Simpson for something to taqlk about.


So, this is the nth time Punchy punches out the 6.5million dollar number, forgetting the Mueller expenditure of many times that.

Punchy, you're the one looking at jury trial verdicts being the end all. DC is 99 44/100% partisan Democrat and there won't be any political trials held there anytime soon.

You didn't actually answer any of my questions regarding the OJ trial. Did it settle who killed Nicole Simpson for you, or did that have to wait for the civil trial that found OJ liable for damages payable to the Goldman family?


Posted by: psul Emery | 26 May 2023 at 05:52 PM

Here are the harsh realities of the Durham fiasco:

Harsh realities…? Funny!

Frankly I’m surprised that Gregory has bothered to waste his time discussing the matter with you psul except as a kindness. Anyone who thought Imperial Washington was going to prosecute those who harassed the previous administration is a bigger idiot than you are.

Scott O

Paul - "6.5 millions spent for one conviction and two losing trials."

And -
A report that Paul won't read.
Information some times costs money. I'm surprised it only cost that much.
It at least provided a good look at just how rotten things have gotten in DC.
Not that the lefty bobble heads care.

Scott O

Gregory 6:12 - "You didn't actually answer any of my questions regarding the OJ trial."

C'mon - Paul hasn't answered a single question of mine for years, yet continues to demand I answer his.
He's a miserable little low-information troll posting lies and BS.
Earlier today at 10:55 he claimed: "The Durham report is ALL about Trump."
He's never even read the report - he just posts bull shit.
He IS a good indication of why George's current post is so true. People like Serial Liar and Paul are lying on the rail road track waiting for the train because Trump said it's not a good idea to lie on the tracks. I guess for them, hating Trump tops working for the good of our country.

Don Bessee

And we thought that scarry poppins was bad enough and the fbis bs is epically bad but this is off the charts by team lefty -



Scott O

Don 9:06 - here's a great line from the article:
"to centralize and analyze information pertaining to domestic terrorists as well."

Yeah, those housewives that won't shop at Target.
Newsom warned us about them!

Newsom - "This isn’t just a couple stores in the South. There is a systematic attack on the gay community happening across the country,” Newsom tweeted. “Wake up America. This doesn’t stop here. You’re black? You’re Asian? You’re Jewish? You’re a woman? You’re next.”

First they came for the Target Stores but I didn't care because I don't shop there or own any of their stock...


Pretty soon the women will come for the women? What drug is Newsom on?
You lefties do provide humor.
I certainly hope that Counter Terrorism Center protects me from myself!
What if I turn myself in - do I still get the reward?

Paul Emery


Sorry, I assumed you knew this but I was wrong.

The Duram report is "all about Trump" because it's purpose was, for four years under Special Counsel John Durham, to examined the origins of the FBI's investigation of links between Russian officials and Donald Trump. All they got was one conviction and two trial loses. It was, to coin a phrase a flop and a waste of taxpayers money.

How do you explain only one conviction?

Don Bessee

The left not only coddles mental illness but causes it with the crazy high drama we are going to die crap for the last over 50 years and yes vergina there are still polar bears -

A 35-year-old woman was recently caught sexting and providing alcohol and drugs to teens. She was subsequently arrested. After being taken into custody, Amanda Dorrough, better known as “Taz” to her underaged friends, allegedly told Washington state officials that she identified as a 15-year-old boy.



Scott O

from Paul Emery - "The Duram (sic) report is "all about Trump"

No Paul - Here's ABC news (just one example) telling you what the Durham report is about:
"An investigation into the origins of the FBI’s probe into ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign has finally been concluded"


Have you ever diagrammed sentences, Paul?
"An investigation into the origins of the FBI’s probe..."

Durham was investigating the FBI, not Trump. His investigation looked into the actions of the FBI, not Trump's.
And they found a lot more that went beyond the FBI - but you wouldn't know because you didn't read the report.
It's real simple, Paul - just because you saw the word Trump doesn't mean this is, as you state - "ALL about Trump". It's about fed govt corruption and they found plenty.
Sorry Paul - you're an idiot. And you post bull shit.


re: [email protected]:53PM

I had to check out her pics. Some contained here.


lol. Perfect. Definitely not a Trump voter.



"Sorry Paul - you're an idiot. And you post bull shit."

Hey, it's tough being an 80 year-old drama queen. I probably won't even live to that, so you have to give him credit there. There's a real art to shitposting.

Dunno how you police the police, be it IRS, CIA, FBI, or some other TLA. They'll always seize control of the animal they are lampreying onto. Every gubmint agency will produce it's own private army with special privileges and then they fight it out, no doubt Putin's Russia or the UK are well along the same path. It's never permanent, but it seems that way in the lifetime of an individual.

Occasionally an Akhenaten, Trump, or Napoleon shows up to throw a wrench in the works, but they never last. Real change always seems to involve starting from scratch, be it starting campfires in the ruins of a capitol city or taking over a large piece of land.

Cereal Liar

Hey fish! Please post the links of the videos of the weenie wagging that you are so interested in looking at? I think we would all like to know more about your interests in this area.


The Royal We again at the assumed Peeline's Playhouse.

What a shame your own blogsite is so dead.

Cereal Liar

On second thought, Fishoe's comment came on the heels of my Hunter Biden Laptop comment. Perhaps he is feeling defensive about Hunter and he would rather be watching Hunter's videos. We know Gymboy Jordan is obsessed with Hunter. I guess it's a MAGA thing.

I still haven't figured out what the obsession is with Hunter biden's laptop. "10% to the big guy", that's it? Or is it the salacious sex and drug videos that Hunter liked to make?

Cereal Liar

We do know that Kiddie Beauty Pageants are big in MAGA land, perhaps this is where Fishoe's interests lie. More proof of the Jim Jonesing of America.





Cerial Misdirection...

Hunter is the smartest person President Puddingcup knows.

You helped elect him, you own it.


Hunter Biden is another guy that makes me laugh.


Remember what a fuss there was because Jimmy Carter's brother did a bit of public urination? Guess he didn't get a pass like LBJ, but it's all a tiny matter by modern standards.

Along with Ashley 'showers w/my dad' Biden and the rest of the crew, it's the First Family the country deserves at the moment. I figure that a history of the era will have Tony Podesta's art collection on the cover with a foreward by Sam Brinton. The title will be 'Fiery, But Mostly Peaceful'.


Posted by: Cereal Liar | 27 May 2023 at 07:05 AM

A charming but feeble attempt at deflection. Around a week ago you were absolutely incensed that there was resistance to the notion that adult ….”men”…could freely shake their penises at young children. Why were you so upset about that? I mean if Gregory is correct and “Cereal Liar” is Pelline then I get it….a little…I mean you haven’t seen your gear since what….the early 90’s. I could well see you, your chubby mitts clenched in rage bellowing at Mother Nature……”WHY!?!?” That might be enough for you to make common cause with the clown show that is Drag Queen Story Time.

Just answer the question.


Enough with the deflections. Just answer the question Cereal.

You were livid that young children might not have the opportunity to see fat, middle aged mostly white men painted up like “Mimi” from the old “Drew Carey Show” dance suggestively before them.

Something the “Old Pirate” wants to get off his chest?


"Something the “Old Pirate” wants to get off his chest?"

You know, it could simply be fear that the hivemind will punish you.

I was thinking about that for a sec.

It's pretty easy to counter any grotesque behavior by Democrats by finding the Republican doing a misdeed. I guarantee there's some Buford T. Justice character out there who wears a women's underwear to the office when he's feeling particularly frisky.

The really big difference is that perviness appears to be built into modern Progressive philosophy, and the 'Progressives' run the DNC currently. Maybe it's simply the energy of youth. A Republican would find it all shameful, especially if caught.

Thought experiment. What would FDR, JFK, LBJ, maybe even Carter make of this photograph?


or this?


Not only are you supposed to think it normal, but to consider it a desirable state. Disagreement results in censure, firing, hectoring in many companies, most schools, or government. I expect it's the fastest way in the world to not get a military promotion currently.

Normalization of kink, of mental illness is not a good look for a country. I'm sorry.


”We do know that Kiddie Beauty Pageants are big in MAGA land, perhaps this is where Fishoe's interests lie. More proof of the Jim Jonesing of America.”

Never seen one…..you on the other hand are on the record as defending “Drag Queen” antics of various flavors!

Does the missus know yet?

Cereal Liar

fishandchips, equal opportunity broski, equal opportunity.

You could take much from the list the blogmaster generated and file it under MAGA narratives they are throwing at the wall to see what sticks in an effort to defeat the Dems next election.

Drag shows are blown way out of proportion. But Cap'n Chips is hooked.


re: fishanthrope (piscithrope?)@9:05AM

Oh well. It isn't like the children are crying out for men-in-dresses to read to them.


Which reminds me..

"A transgender four year old is like a vegan cat. We all know who's making the lifestyle choices."

I don't know how you produce non-crazy children when their parents are crazy. Maybe people are more resilient than you might think.


Posted by: Cereal Liar | 27 May 2023 at 09:14 AM

Still deflecting. Still defending.

Are you dressed and made up now?

The Estonian Fox

Follow-up on the doings of the Jordan Neely family, who is now a black non-activist-

"(Christopher) Neely (after 70 arrest warrants) – described by his attorney as a married professional chess player from Harlem – was released under supervision. He’s due back in court May 26."

Never saw that coming! Or maybe I should have? Not the 70 arrests, but the pro chess player part.

Good news though - Mr. Neely received a congratulatory message from Garry Kasparov, who formerly held the previous arrest record by a pro chess player at 2 (thanks to V. Putin).

What a great world this is!


Posted by: The Estonian Fox | 27 May 2023 at 10:00 AM

Good news though - Mr. Neely received a congratulatory message from Garry Kasparov, who formerly held the previous arrest record by a pro chess player at 2 (thanks to V. Putin).

Thanks for making me spit my coffee….!

Scott O

Serial Liar 7:31 - "I still haven't figured out what the obsession is with Hunter biden's laptop."

You could ask yourself why did the FBI have the laptop for months and then go to great lengths to try to cover up its existence.

Biden knew it was real and yet at the debate with Trump he pulled out the letter signed by the 51 liars claiming the laptop was just Russian disinfo.

Why the need to cover up and lie?
The emails found on the laptop combined with the testimony of Tony B combined with bank records show a web of payoffs, lies and corruption by the Biden family.
It also shows us an FBI that is helping to cover up the scandal.


I had to look up The Neelys.

"Prosecutors said Neely was arrested 20 times since June 2022, while on probation, on charges of either grand larceny or criminal possession of stolen property for allegedly stealing people’s bags and wallets, then using their credit cards."

No doubt there are law suits in the works, although they'd better work on GoFundMes and somehow blaming some gubmint/subway for the really big bux.

Hah, I got the GoFundMe sitch wrong. A quick google shows:

https://www.gofundme.com/f/jordan-neely-we-love-you vs.

I doubt that GoFundMe would work for Mr. Penny since it's a Woke Corporation(tm). At least there are alternatives for that one. He's gonna need it since the full force of the DA will be brought agin' him.

Scott O

Serial Liar 9:14 - "Drag shows are blown way out of proportion."

Because Mr Liar is an idiot, he needs to have it explained to him that when drag shows were an adult entertainment item, no one gave a shit.
It was when they became events for perverts to expose children to simulated sex acts, handing out sex toys and generally acting in unseemly ways, that the normal folks demanded an end to it.

Scott O

scenes - "I doubt that GoFundMe would work for Mr. Penny..."

Yeah - ask Kyle Rittenhouse. He was branded as a murderer even before the trial had started.


"when drag shows were an adult entertainment item, no one gave a shit."

I'd also say that hardly anyone went. It wasn't much of a draw and didn't come up much. If anything, being in 'womanface' has normally been a comic act. For some reason, British comics found it irresistible.

I wonder to what extent the crazy mommies take their poor kids to this 'entertainment' purely to stick it to Trump. That'll show him By Gawd.

It ranks right up there with making your child an activist-in-training by loading them up with a protest sign and parading down the street. It's been done before in other places, but never with good results. Two or three years ago it was just another snake cult, now...they're everywhere.

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