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10 May 2023



It's clear my alma mater has also gone full woke. At the Alumni Weekend a week+ ago, Mudd was on full display. Applause at the announcement that the incoming class of 2027 was 50% men and 50% women but not cluing us into whether they think that's because they were carefully not putting their thumbs on the scales or because they were.

One alum asked outgoing President Ms. Klawe about global warming (mentioning Judith Curry by name) and she handed it off to a male professor who made a hard authortarian pronouncment that there was no sympathy for such views in the faculty there.

There were banners hanging around the campus, describing the Mudd community with smiling faces, and of one sequence of 12, there was one (1) white guy (guessing his gender as it was "assigned at birth") despite white guys being the single most common alumnus and student.


re: H. Mudd

They appear to be pro-female and pro-Hispanic.


..although I'm not sure if there's a Robotics for Mexicans program.

Female appears to be the flavor of the day...

so, a question. Given the gender tendencies towards certain majors, to what extent do engineering-heavy schools need to change their programs in order to achieve 'proper' mix? Does it imply growth in health sciences? biology? 'humanities'? It seems to me that thumbs onna scale only goes so far.

One thing I like to do is to use the archive.org wayback machine to look at earlier versions of the websites. They're usually worth a laugh and sometimes surprise you.


"Yet now the regime is telling us its legitimacy will have to rest on reclaiming Taiwan because, with the prosperity machine sputtering, the ruling Communists have no other good answers for why they still rule.”

You know, I don't get that impression so much.

My best guess is that the Chinese are finally feeling themselves in a strong enough position to disengage with the West. It was always going to happen, it's just a matter of when. Taiwan doesn't represent a political challenge so much as a piece of property and people they think of themselves as owning (a hivemind pride thing) with the burr in the saddle of TSMC. The economic war is a two-way street as the US controls protectorate countries' trade policies.

I'd say that EVs will be the next shot fired. Cheap ones coming out of China, Japanese car sales to China falling precipitously, trade protectionism from the US as the legacy car makers are saddled with shitty executives, legacy expenses, lack of sufficient infrastructure and research spending. 1/2 the auto companies in the world won't make it through the storm.

But I'm not comfortable in any opinion. It's a big ol' complicated thing with it's own logic.


scenes, Mudd added two majors since I emmaculated... Computer Science and Biology. CS volk were originally part of the math department, and green wigglies weren't anywhere. A premed at Mudd (with the lack of grade inflation, that took huevos grande no matter the gender assigned at birth) would typically be chemistry and would take their green wiggly classes on the south end of the Claremont complex, Pomona College.

They deleted one key class from the lower division common core curriculum... physical chemistry. Classic thermodynamics. Dreaded by most. It was painful, as a physics major, to do physics as chemists are wont to do.

My son majored in it at Berzerkely, and got his Havahhd PhD in chemical physics, a more quantum mechanics treatment.

Scott O

re Scott Gerber being fired - from 2 years ago:
A tenured professor was fired with zero due process. "jus cuz we can!"


Regarding debt ceiling shenanigans, there will be this balancing act until the GOP lets it go to default.

The Dems know the press will be on their side. Most of it.

I'd be blaming the Dems if it goes that far.

Cereal Liar

Lol! Far right partisans await the Comer clown show results.

"Politico, meanwhile, reported that Comer’s failed presentation “raised fresh questions” about Republicans’ ability “to ultimately capture their white whale: the president himself.

Why does all of this matter? In part because of the degree to which the Oversight Committee chairman has proven the opposite of his intended point: Comer and his team set out to make the president look like a criminal, and by failing spectacularly, Biden has effectively been given a clean bill of political health by a group of far-right partisans."


Bill Tozer

Levin on the Biden Crime Family


Scott O

Serial Liar - "Biden has effectively been given a clean bill of political health by a group of far-right partisans."

I'm sure if you tell yourself that constantly you might begin to believe it yourself.
You might want to watch the video of Biden bragging about how he got the prosecutor in the Ukraine fired for trying to investigate Burisma. Total coincidence that Burisma was paying Hunter millions for absolutely nothing except getting the law off their tail.
If anyone doubts this - ask yourself why the State Dept would care about a Ukrainian prosecutor trying to investigate a Ukrainian corp?
Gotta love how the American left has become the advocates for govt and corporate corruption.

Cereal Liar

Scott 907pm Some of that good old Trump propaganda - so satisfying.

"Trump and his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani claim Biden did this to quash Shokin's investigation into Ukraine's largest gas company, Burisma Holdings, and its owner, oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky."

See 3 links,




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