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11 May 2023


Cereal Liar

No mention of Trump's CNN town hall?

Scott O

Serial Liar - We were counting on you Trump fanatics for that.
The dude is living in your head, rent free. Enjoy!

Scott O

"The Biden administration proposed new limits Thursday on greenhouse gas emissions from coal- and gas-fired power plants,"
Hooray! More expensive electrical power!
Just in time for all the folks buying electric cars.

Best quote:
"The plan would not only “improve air quality nationwide, but it will bring substantial health benefits to communities all across the country, especially our frontline communities ... that have unjustly borne the burden of pollution for decades,'' Regan said in a speech at the University of Maryland."

OK - what in hell is a "front line" community?

""This administration is committed to meeting the urgency of the climate crisis and taking the necessary actions required,'' EPA Administrator Michael Regan said during Thursday's announcement."
Ah - the "climate crisis"! Covid crisis is over - on to the next crisis.


from prior sandbox from Mr. Fish: "A US Default Would Lead To Clearinghouse Collapse And Shockwave Of Catastrophic Treasury Margin Calls"

Well jeesh, how could it not happen. When you combine things like machine trading and super-derivative magic being swapped, I can't see how it's avoidable.

Naturally, the important thing for Wise Men to do with their PowerPoint charts is to make an impossibly complex thing even more complex with more and more rules. After those are cleverly sidestepped, you need even more rules.

It's in the nature of statists. You at least partly cause a problem and then you make more by thinking you understand it. Using impossibly odd and somewhat arbitrary rules for energy production and consumption is another. Making children have widespread mental health issues and then think you can solve the problem by doing more of the same in yer average modern school is another. Everyone is stupid concerning complex systems, but a bureaucrat is stupider still.


"Trump fanatics"

Oh well. It'll mostly turn into a giant argument between people who want to legislate government-funded late-term abortions vs. those who want to legislate against child mutilation.

I guess it really is all about the children.

Scott O

scenes 12:08 - A default would be a net plus. Maybe if a lot of people stop buying US debt we could sorta maybe start to live within our means? Sure, a few cities might burn but after a certain community realizes they've been played yet again by the Dems and there won't be millions of dollars and a mule those cities will be torched anyway.
I'm thinking the Rs just might hold the line this time, but I'm sure not holding my breath.


You can't tell if they're putting together the "Enemies List" because they're supremely confident or pissing themselves in terror.

DHS Producing Videos Teaching Citizens How To Identify "Radicalized" Conservatives



And now for something completely different... earthquakes. 15 minutes or so ago a text message popped up on my phone... earthquake coming. It hit moments later.

That was moderately spooky... my first forwarning of an earthquake.

Apparently a ~5.4 centered in Plumas County near Chester.


Posted by: Gregory | 11 May 2023 at 04:36 PM

Yeah! First one I’ve been conscious of in 30 years.

Paul Emery


Can you provide links to the surveys you refer to?


George, please let Punchy find them hisself.

Don Bessee

As if the ponytail of ignorance actually reads anything much less understands it!


Don Bessee

The invasion is in full swing and no one knows who the f they are -






Paul Emery


It's pretty basic protocol to provide links for bold statements. I know you're having a rough time right now after your guy Trumps pitiful performance last night. Besides it was George I requested the links from anyway.

Don Bessee

Thats got to count as abuse of students -

Harris 1st woman to deliver West Point commencement speech



Don Bessee

Well the ponytail of ignorance ignores the fact that cnn had its biggest ratings in a decade. LOL Lets see creepy grampa joe do an hour of live questions from a hostile host. Never gonna happen. But seriously, is there really a ponytail anymore, asking for a friend.


Don Bessee

Thank God -

A federal judge on Thursday evening blocked the Biden administration from implementing a policy that allows for the release of migrants without court dates – just hours away from the end of the Title 42 public health order.

Judge T. Kent Wetherell II imposed a two-week restraining order on the Biden administration policy with would see migrants released on "parole with conditions."

The policy was outlined in a Border Patrol memo, which says that migrants can be allowed into the country on parole — a process typically reserved for "urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit" — if Customs and Border Protection (CBP) faces overcrowding. The memo calls the practice "parole with conditions" as migrants are required to make an appointment with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or request a Notice to Appear by mail.



Scott O

Paul - "...after your guy Trumps pitiful performance last night."
Gee Paul - do you have any facts to rebut anything Trump said?
Talk about 'pitiful'.

Paul Emery


Here's an example of Trumps lies:

Trump said the war in Ukraine would be over in a day once he became President. Do you believe that? He provided no factual evidence.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 12 May 2023 at 03:51 AM

Do you believe that......?

Much like jeffy.....or Porkanthrope as he is more correctly addressed....it’s good to see those “fake newsman” instincts are still sharp.


"It's pretty basic protocol to provide links for bold statements."

It's not that bold a statement, Punch. I've seen it before. I'd guess a Pew or Gallup poll report.

"I know you're having a rough time right now after your guy Trumps pitiful performance last night."

I didn't see the CNN 'townhall', live or by Memorex, and once again, Trump isn't "my guy". That reminds me, I owe you a throwing to the curb for a similar past mendacity of yours.

"Besides it was George I requested the links from anyway."
And it is an uncanny coincidence that I was writing to George, not you. So, STFU.


"Lets see creepy grampa joe do an hour of live questions from a hostile host."

Well, that's the thing isn't it? President Potato is basically driven via remote control with everyone holding their breath when he goes off script. My guess is that no one commenting here has seen the town hall, so it's all just the typical psul bullshit now that he's decided to escape the Trump Derangement thread with his nonsense.

Joe Rogan:

re: DHS

I did like this document, and you can see where they are headed.


It could be that trusting the 17 intelligence agencies to run the world wasn't a smart move, but what do I know?


"According to recent surveys 49% of Americans find socialism to be an acceptable way to organize society, including the United States"

Paul is justified in his question.

Define what the pollsters meant by "socialism".

Samuel Jackson argued that socialism has been "used as a pejorative term, without any clear definition, by conservatives and right-libertarians to taint liberal and progressive policies, proposals and public figures.[10] The term socialization has been mistakenly used to refer to any state or government-operated industry or service (the proper term for such being either municipalization or nationalization)." Wikileaks


White nationalism is a type of racial nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white racial and national identity. Many of its proponents identify with and are attached to the concept of a white nation, or a "white ethnostate". Wikipedia

Tommy Tuberville does not even know who he is.


Posted by: Fishanthrope | 12 May 2023 at 07:31 AM

Fishanthrope......I rather like that!

Anyway psul isn't, "justified in his question" as he has admitted on numerous occasions that he never reads the links provided. Something about being simply too bizzy!

But a lack of links does give him an opportunity to indulge in his second favorite activity after his Trump obsession which is complaining that.... "you people really need to do my homework for me"! It's the "Dirty Hippy instinct maannnnn!

Anyway....if you're so determined to make psul happy, you can dig up and post links for him over at your cemetery blog.....plenty of open space over there...no posts since when? January maybe?


"Define what the pollsters meant by "socialism"."

Doesn't matter so much as what the pollees think it means and that it's consistent.

Since political theory is just so much word salad to 99% of humanity (and maybe should be to 100%) my own guess is that the term meant two things to them..

. A slogan, a kind of branding for a 'good' or 'bad' thing.
. They personally benefit somehow, ie. the Free Shit Army

I think that increasing ownership/control of the economy by .gov was always baked into the cake as the population became more urbanized and less self-employed. Triple bonus points for increasing diversity as social glue disappears. Really, what's the difference between working for Walmart or the US government? They're both filled with bastards that scrabble their way up through the system for status and money. They're both filled with rules. They'll have inter and intra department wars. Give Walmart guns and jails and the ability to arbitrarily incarcerate and kill and there's no difference to speak of.

Paul Emery


Once again why don't you share with readers the reason you won't use your real name. Is it because you will embarrass friends and family or jeopardize your job if you have one? Perhaps are a paid harasser. It will just take a couple of sentences so why not give it a go. If you have done this and I missed it run it again for new readers.

By the way I do follow links if they are from credible sources. I respect Georges opinion and i'm curious as to where his information comes from.


Scotto: "A default would be a net plus. "

I admit that budget impasses are fun to watch.

They're usually of no value in the sense that government shucks off the useless parts. That never happens. Typically there seems to be a combination of randomness of shutdown, due to the budget system itself, plus highly targeted shutdowns intended to punish the voters..who then are expected to put pressure on the badthinker elected officials.

It isn't like the Department of Education shuts it's doors, it'll be national parks.

You can argue that any whirlwind of adventurous closures are a good thing. If you just keep building the levee higher and higher, the flood will be worse. Breakdowns in systems force people to think about getting their personal lives in order, build in a little resilliance.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 12 May 2023 at 08:07 AM

How on earth did you find the time to post that? I mean.....busy, so busy.....busy, bizzy, busy, bizay?

If you have done this and I missed it run it again for new readers.

Yeah....I'll send you a link!

By the way I do follow links if they are from credible sources.

Says the man who covers himself in baby oil and rolls around on a rubber sheet while perusing raw story.com....

Credible links indeed!


Here's a link psul....and from a dispassionate and credible source!

Biden Expects Chaos at the Border, He's Finally Right About Something



Posted by: scenes | 12 May 2023 at 08:11 AM

Someone will make a call. McCarthy will fold. After all that is his role in this!


Speaking of 'credible' sources:
"Reality has become so elastic in America now that it stretches to a cosmic event horizon deep in the Twilight Zone where everything is magically transformed into its opposite. Note The New York Times report on Thursday saying that the House Oversight Committee showed “no proof” in its disclosures of the Biden Family’s international money laundering and racketeering operations.

In fact, the committee outlined a shit-ton of documentation in the form of bank records detailing exactly how gobs of money from foreign lands were washed and rinsed through a dozen shell companies and disbursed to everyone in the immediate Biden family down to the president’s grandchildren. The committee’s preliminary report was precise as to the money’s exact origins, its journey through the laundering apparatus, and the owners of the bank accounts it landed in. Thus: “No evidence of wrongdoing.”

Meanwhile, another whistleblower from the FBI emerged claiming that an unclassified FBI document called an FD-1023 report exists detailing the Biden Family moneygrubbing scheme. Rep James Comer (R-KY) formally requested it from FBI Director Chris Wray, who has declined to furnish it on the grounds that the doc contains info from a “confidential human source” (CHS), and the bureau can’t compromise an investigation, blah blah….



Scott O

Paul 3:51 - " He provided no factual evidence."

Well - was there a war in the Ukraine when he was prez?

And where is Paul's 'evidence' that Trump is lying?
Would love to see Paul in a courtroom trying to convince a judge that someone is lying.
"He's lying, yer honor, and the proof is I don't believe him..."

Scott O

scenes 8:01 - "They personally benefit somehow, ie. the Free Shit Army"

That's pretty much it.
"I have a RIGHT to stuff and some one else will have to figure out how to pay for it."

Probably not one person in a hundred in this country understands the way our federal govt was set up and what its proper duties are.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship."

- some old dead white guy

Paul Emery


Do you believe Trump when he says he will end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours if he is elected President? I know you're a Trump supporter so you must have some information.


Scotto: "And where is Paul's 'evidence' that Trump is lying?"

Is this about the claim that he can end the war in Ukraine on the first day?

First off, English seems to be a second language to a lot of people. 'Lie' would mean to knowingly say something is not true, not:

a) Say something that is false that you believe is true .or.
b) Say something about the future.

but by golly, it sure sounds more punchy than saying someone is making an improbably claim.

That done, I find a statement like that reasonably credible. Simply look at the Iranian hostage situation. Lots of pre-election deal cutting, and then something that looks like magic occurs. There's certainly a greater than zero chance that the Trump people could stop the war, or some reasonable facsimile of stopping, in 'one day' at the start of a term.

Simply replacing the War Party with some other organization has got to be worth something, but the entrenched bureaucracy shows how difficult the War Party is to actually remove. The politicization of the 17 intelligence agencies and much of the Executive Branch seems to be complete.

tl;dr It's possible, not likely. People who claim things are 'lies' are either fools or propagandists.

Scott O

Paul 8:58 - You offered Trump's assessment of his handling the war as an example of him lying and I pointed out that wasn't proof of a lie.
My beliefs are not germane to the question.
I take it you actually can't refute anything Trump said at the CNN town hall event.


In case anyone wants to see the Trump town hall thingie. Most of youtube is idiots talking about what they think about the thing they didn't watch.


It strikes me as a pretty good idea. Any publicity is good publicity and it's super easy to find a network and 'interviewer' who has an uglier soul than any politician. It essentially becomes a campaign 'debate' with someone from the Psul News Network scrabbling about nothing that matters.

I don't doubt that that's a much more effective venue for Trump than something like a Joe Rogan or Lex Fridman (or C-SPANs Brian Lamb back in the day) might be as it plays to a superpower that he has.

You'll probably see Biden in a similar stage with the same (CNN) interviewers asking 'what is your favorite ice cream' and 'what are the high points of your administration' while the diaper wallah rushes in with replacements during commercial breaks.


Scenes 8:01, Yes, that is the problem with poll questions. The pollsters don’t define the buzzwords like Socialism, and we don’t know who they polled and what the pollees were thinking when they said they liked Socialism.

But far right partisans lap that stuff up.

George Rebane

re fishonarope 1052am - the requirement to explicitly define commonly used/understood words like 'socialism' and 'woke' before using them will effectively stop the discussion without such definitions. Even providing the needed definition doesn't always work, since both parties may not agree to accept the other's meaning for the word. In discussing more complex notions here on RR I have resorted to a personal glossary that will inform the reader the sense in which I use a term. And even that does not guarantee that a productive discussion will ensue - 'Well, it depends what you mean by "is".'


Roped fish 1052a

Define "far right partisans".


"Define "far right partisans"."

Something to do with 'hard right' I'll bet.

Basically, 'things everybody thought not so long ago'. 'Far right' would include Bill Clinton while 'Superduper Far Right' would be 1980s Joe Biden and Strom Thurmond.


Nirvana Silly's own El Gordo Loco used to have two categories for political persuasions... "moderate" for him and his fellow travelers, and "far right" for anyone to his right.

What has happened to Jeff Pelline? Any sightings in town?


coulda sworn I posted a comment circa 1230p


“White Supremacy”……far left dunderheads lap that stuff up.


George Rebane 11:33, Thanks, but Socialism is not a clearly defined term in many minds. Maybe if we see your sources and can dig into the polls we would know more. I hear people, memes, confusing Socialism with Communism and I think many low information voters are in this group. That is my point about an out of the blue poll question regarding Socialism. Everyone polled might have had a different idea in their mind about what it means to be a Socialist, or about Socialism;

or about “far right”, Gregory.

Not sure why Clinton or Biden would have fit the far right label.


"white nationalist" is even more food for far left dunderheads.

Have you ever participated in a US flag raising ceremony?

Scott O

fish-on-dope 1:52 "Not sure why Clinton or Biden would have fit the far right label."

Because either you've 'conveniently' forgotten all the things Clinton and Biden ran on, or you never even paid attention.

Even Obama ran on a campaign of being against gay marriage.


"Not sure why Clinton or Biden would have fit the far right label."

I put up some links, and then thought better.

It allowed me to go down the rabbit hole of Biden legislation in the Senate. Scads and scads of drug bills, crime bills, help the credit card company bills. It's a combination of old-school jail 'em all law and plain old grift. Congress.gov has them all, sortable by date and name of sponsor.

God knows what his politics are now, given the mental degradation.

To be fair, an LBJ or JFK would look at the modern Democrats and be appalled. OTOH, given that both of them would fuck anything that moved, usually with the wife out of the room, they might well have been pro M to F transgender as it provides more opportunities.


re: Scotto@2:31PM

plus there's all the Clinton/Obama/Biden immigration talk and legislation.

Don Bessee

Here is another link the ponytail of ignorance will ignore -



Scott O

Unclear on reality:
"Oakland’s public school teachers went on strike last week not only for increased wages, but also for a variety of other demands, including environmental change and reparations."
Why not throw in a demand for a declaration of war on Russia?

Don Bessee

Great use of taxpayers money creepy grampa joe, ya screw the vets and homeless citizens and thats just 1 city -

The Big Apple reportedly offered to secure 1,025 hotel rooms for migrants on a daily basis for 36 months at the rate of $200

The cost to New Yorkers, some of the most tax-burdened Americans, would be $225 million over the course of three years.




Jeff Pelline (ropedfish) 152p

"Everyone polled might have had a different idea in their mind about what it means to be a Socialist, or about Socialism; about “far right”, Gregory."

I don't know anyone here who is "far right" and Jeff Pelline doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I remain a centrist classical liberal (libertarian, given the theft of "liberal" by the hard left).

Most of the folks here are unapologetic Republican. That isn't me but unapologetic Republicans value freedom of speech and that's good enough for me.


……you fucked up……you trusted us!

Related: ‘We need to be taken care of first!’ Chicago community where 97% voted for Biden react furiously after finding out 500 migrants are heading their way – as some claim they have been bumped off housing waiting lists.

You are obsolete as a Dem constituency. You’re being replaced.



NC Gov. Cooper schools far right authoritarian anti-abortionist religious cultists.


Posted by: fishondope | 13 May 2023 at 08:13 AM

Hi jeffy. Good to see Shannon is letting you have more internet time you can use the aerobic exercise.

Bill Tozer

While Joe Biden may not face legal actions for his crime syndicate with Garland as AG, our current President has more than crossed the ethical line. With E-mails, bank records (which do not lie), and witnesses, Joe Biden is the most corrupt President since US Grant and his cronies selling whiskey. Sickening.

Bill Tozer

It boggles the mind to consider as big as New York City is, it only took 10,000 illegals filing false amnesty claims to bring the city to her knees. Imagine what 100,000 more would do.

‘NYC Mayor Adams considers abandoned prison, asks property owners to house influx of migrants’



re: BillT@8:48AM


I can't say there's anything shocking here. There's always going to be some sort of hierarchy, it's just that they-who-must-be-obeyed have cooked up a new one in the last 25 years or so. Purely practical means for choosing (citizens over non-citizens, test scores, 'blind' auditions, etc.) get booted to the curb pretty quickly as the natural human tendency to rank takes hold again.

I also can't blame anyone for taking advantage of the situation.

What makes it seem kind of unfair I guess is that this hierarchy wasn't really organic, it was achieved by taking control of existing organizations. You get a lot of bang for your buck by conquering a large non-profit (Pew for instance), a teachers' union, or a district attorney's office. It isn't like the population as a whole voted for mass immigration in the mid 1960s, it was set in place by a few people in a position to do so. By the time anyone notices, it's too late.


re: The health-industrial complex at work.


I wonder sometimes if it'll take 100 years for the truths about the way COVID was handled to come out.

I expect that the reality is that scads of organizations will work overtime to burn or erase their records.


Jeff Pellne (ropedfish) 152p

"Everyone polled might have had a different idea in their mind about what it means to be a Socialist, or about Socialism; about “far right”, Gregory."

I don't know anyone here who is "far right" and Jeff Pellne doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I remain a centrist classical liberal (libertarian, given the theft of "liberal" by the hard left).

Most of the folks here are unapologetic Republican. That isn't me but unapologetic Republicans value freedom of speech and that's good enough for me.


A proper name was misspelled twice in my post above. The post was blocked, several times, with the name spelled correctly.


Jeff Pellne doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

You can tell by noting that the "hole in the ground" is considerably smaller.

George Rebane

Gregory 1032am - I saw your multiple attempts in the spam folder to post the 943am comment. Deleting the others, I have posted your first attempt, believing it to be the correct version. Apologies for Typepad's errata.

Psulimon the Magnificent

Bill 8:42

So you say, what are you referring to?
No comment on Trump or Clarence Thomas?
Got your ethics blinders on?


Got your ethics blinders on?

Well you certainly do!

Paul Emery


If you support Social Security and Medicare does that make you a socialist in your interpretation?

Scott O

PM 10:58 - "No comment on Trump or Clarence Thomas?"

Wouldn't that be your job?
Apparently you can show the bank records of Thomas and Trump getting millions from China and spreading the money out into shell corps?
We're all ears!

Scott O

Paul - SS isn't socialism, it's a fed govt mandated Ponzi scheme. The only people that support it are freeloaders and idiots. SS expenditures already exceed income from FICA taxes. In less than 10 years even the phony "investments" will be gone.
No wonder the feds want more inflation.

Paul Emery

So you are opposed to it Scott. How would you mane the transition to eliminating both of those?

Bill Tozer

More on South Shore High School (30 seconds)


The face of White Privilege is the Martha’s Vineyard Neighborhood Watch.


"SS isn't socialism, it's a fed govt mandated Ponzi scheme."

I believe that at the lower end of the scale, both SS and Medicare are simply a form of alms for the poor. Especially in the case of Medicare, those folks put far less money in than they will take out on average. Dunno if either one is 'socialist' since variants have always existed. Imperial Germany had public pensions and Imperial Rome had public food. My gut feeling is that most words ending with 'ist' are mostly sophistry (which at least has it's 'ist' in the middle).

Typically, if someone says 'I'm a XXXXist', it's bullshit. Whether you're a Nevada City minstrel or do something useful for a living, it's always more complicated than that.

Bill Tozer

From Dr. Rebane’s Glossary of Terms, aka, the Idiots’ Guide to Accepted Definitions

Socialism, socialist
➢ A collectivist form of governance that seeks as its endgame the state ownership of the means of production and distribution which it executes through a centralized process of planning and control. Socialism teaches that it can be achieved through a bit by piece transformation of capitalism, there need be no sudden overturn of the existing system or “basic character of the state”. A socialist is defined in ‘Who is a socialist?’ a related piece linked below.

http://rebaneruminations.typepad.com/rebanes_ruminations/2010/07/who-is-a- socialist.html


"If you support Social Security and Medicare does that make you a socialist in your interpretation?"

I'll even be polite even though you don't deserve it.

I'd say that 'socialism' is not defined by transfer payments, it's more defined as common/public ownership of productive assets.

To me, the more interesting case is one of control vs ownership as you can have the first without the second. Perhaps there's a name for that but I lack a good reliable symbol set for defining organization. Is PG&E a 'socialist' organization is a better question than thinking about Medicare.

Bill Tozer

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” W. Churchill

Ain’t that the truth. The Gospel of Envy and philosophy of Failure. Loser. Lou Lou loser.

More from Ruminations, May 10, 2023, updated.

Biden crime family.” PJ Media report (here) that this latest trove of “bombshell evidence” was to be released today by Rep James Comer chair of the House Oversight Committee investigating the source of all the Biden family millions. But it appears that this bombshell was just another in the long line of evidentiary duds as the sun sets tonight and all is quiet on the lamestream media front, not even a fizzle of it in the New York Post.


Paul Emery

Thank you scenes for your reasonable explanation of socialism as you interpret it.


Punchy, where have I sang the praises of Social Security and Mediscare?

It will go away when the Congress thinks they can save their own asses by modifying the old cruddy deal. I suppose means testing will be tried.

The FDR's New Deal Democrats installed SS by lying to Americans... they had to be convinced they'd only be getting their own money back.

Bill Tozer

‘Democrats Hold Glaring Double Standards On SCOTUS Financial Disclosures’

Democrats have spent weeks going after Clarence Thomas for financial disclosures but turn a blind eye to leftist justices’ ethical slip-ups


Scott O

Paul - "How would you mane (manage?) the transition to eliminating both of those?"

The govt would first have to admit they made a big mistake in setting up these systems. And we know that's not going to happen.
The sad fact is we are stuck with them and a majority of the public that wants free stuff no matter what. We are in a destructive spiral where way too many people in the world have no clue how to make or pay for their expected standard of living. Spain lived way beyond their means by way of plundering silver and gold from the Americas. Our country is simply printing money and going into debt that we absolutely will not be able to pay for.


re: psul@12:51

Well, me and Merriam-Webster.

" any of various egalitarian economic and political theories or movements advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods"

Psulimon the Magnificant

Bill 12:46, thanks for posting that for Scott O. Maybe he will realize that his propaganda network is failing to give him factual information.
HunterGate is just another witch-hunt gone bad.

Trump on the other hand is dancing like a chicken on a hot plate for all his moral, ethical, and legal transgressions.

The SCOTUS Thomases have shown themselves to be devoid of ethics.

Hunter was involved in some business dealings. So what? Jared Kushner is making out like a bandit peddling influence.

Paul Emery


So in your view the same things were happening whey Trump was President including the two years the Republicans controlled the House and Senate so why didn't the Repubs take the same measures thyy are proposing now by proposing massive cuts in spending by setting a debt ceiling. Is not the situation the same as it was under Trump?


"Is not the situation the same as it was under Trump?"

Hey, I'll take that one.

Yes it is. The same people run the government now as then. They want to go to war with Russia, let in unlimited immigrants, give money to defense contractors and drug companies. Generally, a Republican Congressman is mostly indistinguishable from a Democrat and the place where the rubber hits the road, the bureaucracy, they're practically all Democrats.

That's why you need to throw a grenade into the system now and then, Trump being an example, and hope for the best. Biden is simply one more stoker on the Train to Hell.


Punchy 126p is just punching.

During the first two years where the GOP had a bare majority in both houses, Trump was being tormented by the media with false claims of collusion with Russia, an invention of the Hilary campaign.


simplified: "Trump was being tormented by the media"

I wonder if there was another case where a new President was simply not given a chance from the get-go? It's almost like the immune system in Washington all went crazy at once.

It's funny how man who is well-liked by a sizeable fraction of the country can cause such a violent reaction by the bureaucrats, MSM, and corporate executives. It's almost like they don't share an interest with the common man. Go figger.


Posted by: scenes | 13 May 2023 at 01:43 PM

Hey, I'll take that one.

Now scenes....we talked about doing psul's homework for him. How is he ever going to learn unless you let him noodle it through himself (Yes....I know it's getting a little late in the game for that but hey let's be positive! Maybe he'll surprise us with an original thought one of these days!)


"Punchy 126p is just punching."

Oh, I know. He asks questions like an overly smug Young Republican.

I'd say that the Trump situation will only be written about in 100+ years with any accuracy. In the meantime, we'll have the priesthood chiseling Akhenaten's face off of all the statues.

Whether that history will be written in Mandarin or AI-only accessible data remains to be seen.


"we talked about doing psul's homework for him."

Obviously, my own thinking is muddled and grey. It's hard for a single mote to understand the cloud.

psul has the additional problem of thinking and believing only in headlines. Perhaps it's the extra-big type.

Don Bessee

Team creepy grampa joe really hate citizens -



Psulimon the Magnificent

Chatbot 3.5 to the rescue on why socialism is good for America,

Socialism is a political and economic system that seeks to promote equality and shared ownership of resources and means of production. While some people view socialism as a negative force that stifles economic growth and personal freedom, there are compelling arguments for why socialism could be good for America.

One of the primary benefits of socialism is its potential to reduce income inequality. In capitalist societies, wealth tends to be concentrated in the hands of a small percentage of the population, leading to widespread poverty and social unrest. Socialism, on the other hand, seeks to redistribute wealth and resources more equitably, ensuring that all members of society have access to basic necessities like food, healthcare, and education.

Another advantage of socialism is its potential to promote social cohesion and reduce conflict. By promoting the idea of shared ownership and collective responsibility, socialism can help foster a sense of community and common purpose. This can lead to greater social harmony and cooperation, which in turn can help to reduce crime, improve public health, and promote overall well-being.

Finally, socialism could be good for America because it could help address some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet. By promoting sustainable practices and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, socialism could help to mitigate climate change and protect the natural world for future generations.

Of course, there are also potential downsides to socialism, including the risk of stifling innovation and economic growth. However, by carefully balancing the benefits and drawbacks of socialism, it is possible to create a system that promotes both economic prosperity and social justice.

Paul Emery

So Scenes do you see Trump as the answer to the budget problems that you claim will lead to our downfall.


Punchy can't think, only punches.


However, by carefully balancing the benefits and drawbacks of socialism, it is possible to create a system that promotes both economic prosperity and social justice.

....and the widespread distribution of Greek Fisherman's caps to the populace.

Scott O

Paul - not Trump nor any POTUS will save us from ourselves. The debt problem started back in the 30's and despite the smart folks pointing out what was coming, the problem was never really addressed. If Trump had really tried to do something actually meaningful to try to head off the coming disaster, you would have been screaming your head off about how evil he was. There's blame all over. But now even if the current politicians running DC were to magically wake up honest and enlightened, and really tried to pass laws to rein in the out of control spending, at least 30% of Americans would be out in the streets causing mayhem and violence like you've never seen.
Look at France. The left and the right are out in the streets cursing the govt because the cupboard is bare and France can't simply print dough like we can. And pretty soon we won't be able to either. Then what?


"So Scenes do you see Trump as the answer to the budget problems that you claim will lead to our downfall."

I can see a financial collapse, some sort of bond apocalypse, happening. Downfall? Perhaps a change in the type of government. The name might stay the same. What is a downfall? The Democrats and Old School Republicans seem determined to have WWIII, so perhaps it doesn't matter.

About the only power that Trump might have would be to enable economic expansion. If the economy, the valuable part of the economy, grows fast enough, you can put off the inevitable. Some combination of easing of regulations, more resource extraction, pro-growth trade policy, encouragement of useful work, encouragement of useful education, all things a President could do by turning knobs on The Machine.

For instance, let's say that student loans were only available for STEM programs. It's insane to subsidize BlackWimmenAsianQueer Studies or law degrees.

Remember that a lot of the spending is unnegotiable.

A few money wasting things need the axe, the Deep State's need for fighting Russia, the Deep State's DEI religion.

All of this needs to be done via the Executive Department, so there's only so much wiggle room.

Any real change comes with a ready-made assortment of super-villains to scotch the deal. A kind of anti-destination league. If not Trump, another uniquely retail-politics man who will be hated by the usual suspects.

Naturally, the likely outcome is a slow motion disaster. The zombie apocalypse moves slowly and surely.

tl;dr Sure, why not? Maybe not. Any man doing what needs doing will be torn down also.


from the popo blotter. The Karen Department is always listening and watching.



"However, by carefully balancing the benefits and drawbacks of socialism, it is possible to create a system that promotes both economic prosperity and social justice."

Only with real socialism.


Gregory: "Punchy can't think, only punches."

I admit that it's like talking to an ELIZA program.

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