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15 June 2023



Perhaps more descriptive titles would help... for example, call "Gender Queer", "My First Gay Blowjob" instead.

"Woke" was used enthusiastically by the Left until the Right and Center and Center-Left caught on and started laughing.

Scott O

Yeah - the Dems are up to their old BS. The only way they can deal with DeSantis is to lie about him. He isn't attacking gays and trannies, just protecting children. Joy Reid came up with quite a whopper - claimed DeSantis won't allow black history to be taught.
At my high school library we could read several different magazines, but Playboy was never among them. Gasp! Censorship! I don't recall any Dems screaming that Playboy mag was being "banned" in California.
The way to shut down the left's BS is to simply call their bluff. When ever you hear some one claim Florida is banning books, ask them for the name of a title of a book that you can't buy in Florida because of DeSantis. Then ask if Amazon will carry all titles currently being published. Oops.

Don Bessee


Crenshaw grills Dem witness over failure to name one study citing benefits of surgeries for trans kids
'Name one study,' Crenshaw told Yale School of Medicine assistant professor Meredithe McNamara

"Totally agree," the Texas congressman told McNamara. "It's good to look at systematic reviews, right? That's the gold standard of evidence when you're trying to understand whether something works or it doesn't. The British Journal of Medicine looked at 61 systematic reviews with the conclusion that, quote, ‘There is great uncertainty about the effects of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries in young people.’ The Journal of the Endocrine Society came up with the same conclusion, even the American Academy of Pediatrics. They all cite the lack of evidence."

"If you're doing a therapy, and it's, you know, temporary, fine, whatever, maybe let's try it and see if it works," he continued. "But when you're talking about permanent physiological changes, do you not agree, just from an ethical standpoint, that you might want extremely strong evidence of the benefits? There's no systematic review that states that there's strong evidence of benefits."


D. Pecker, Enquirer

Question: did Terry McLaughlin travel to Florida to verify her claims?


Scotto: 'Then ask if Amazon will carry all titles currently being published."

My proxy for Amazon (and other online bookstore) censorship is Alexander Dugin books.

The State seems to have decided that those are verboten, although finding books *about* him is easy-peasy.

To be fair, it could simply be that publishers are not allowed to actually print them, but that shouldn't stop the Kindle biz.


re: censorship in the era of the book-selling oligopolies.

There's probably a newsletter that could be made out of this. My bet is that you don't only see the results of the currently-dominant Leftist hivemind at work, but also other special interest groups.

As a political concept, the natural countermove is to compare Amazon/B&N/Powell's with K-12 libraries and the war over deshelving (or upshelving to older classrooms) books on gay (never straight) sex. They aren't comparable situations, but that never stopped anybody.

Scott O

Speaking of books you aren't supposed to read -
For that reason alone, I'm ordering it.
It's available on Alibris.
Lord only knows what reason Amazon has for banning the book from its system.

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