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28 July 2023


The Estonian Fox

Not to worry. When PISA starts to tally the many vagaries of new gender-related dictionary words, the US will shoot to the top.

Those new genderisms will solve our productivity 'troubles' also. Who says that entering 'zie' into the CNC controls of a machine tool won't produce all of the sheet metal and steering wheels for the EV onslaught we are in. So take THAT, Carl Friedrich Gauss.


I've never sat for the PISA, my son has never sat for the PISA. Congrats to little Estonia for the remarkable showing.

A good result does little to nothing for the person taking the test.


I wish elementary school teachers in the USA could stop saying they're bad at math... but it's true.

If principals had to release the SAT-M and SAT-V of their teachers, in aggregate, those scores would climb.

The Estonian Fox

I didn't notice this before, but #39 is out of place.

Is that Columbia, South Carolina? Or Columbia from one of the other 20+ cities named Columbia in the U.S.?

Or is it the country of Col"O"mbia, in South America? Shame on them for the missspelllinng.

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