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03 July 2023



Harris is a piece of work... a nasty stacked ad hominem.

I've been thinking of writing a Union piece, but for now, I'm wondering what he was doing for the 20 years missing from his linkedin resume, 1980 to 2000:

Mr. Harris... if you're reading this... what were you doing between being an airman in Iceland and working in the 'frisco and Oakland schools?


He also wrote, "Proud to have served, though my criticism of American political choices is fierce and unbending."

No doubt of that.

Scott O

Harris is an idiot. He wants free and fair debate. Except of course in all the cases where his side actually states there will be no debate. He is either a liar or just astoundingly ignorant of reality. The left is increasingly doing its best to make sure only their views are in the schools, the govt, and the public square. Differing views are labeled as "misinformation" or simply "dangerous". People who express views at odds with left-wing orthodoxy are often fired for just that reason.
I'm currently reading 'The Plague Of Models' by Kenneth P Green. Other titles by him are available on Amazon but I had read this one would not be. It would be interesting for Amazon to explain why they will not carry it.
Maybe Zir Harris can explain it.


re: Donn K. Harris.

Some more words here.


...and obviously yet another writer of Emily Litella columns for The Union. At least the price is right.

I tend to give these guys something of a break since a)I can't blame them for taking advantage of a system and b)these kinds of gigs require constant selling of oneself as they're far outside of any real marketplace of valuable doings. It really isn't dissimilar to being a professional entertainer. Self-belief is of paramount importance of course.

If nothing else, maybe it's just the overhead of a rich society. In ancient Egypt, the various groups of priests skimmed off a lot of the hard-earned output of farmers while following the forms and rituals that kept the universe on an even keel. Those incantations ain't gonna chant themselves.


George, *prepare* for war?

Too late, the American Cultural Revolution is already in full swing. It arguably started in 1937 and was rolling forward by 1968 with cries of "Marx, Mao


"Marx! Mao! Marcuse!"

Ignited in 2020 with George Floyd's death (whether you think it was a choking or a fentanyl overdose), it has been in the works for decades.


JHK pens a missive with a bit of hope for Independence Day, but you have to dig a bit.


Scott O

scenes 3:15 - re the Kunstler piece - I'm surprised he's that hopeful. Note this line:
"Soon, all the lying, including the lying about our money, will bring on events that’ll deprive the Blob of its nourishment."
The Blob is statism. And various incarnations of that sort of governance have done quite well (for themselves) for decades with almost no money at all. Venezuela and Cuba come quickly to mind. "Money" for the state and the idiots that the state "educates" is paper from a printing press or even just numbers that appear in one's bank account.
They can do that forever.
Well - "what about the USSR?"
And I say - "look at China".
The Soviets blew it because they got too far over their skis. They wanted to be a world super power with a space program and all the bells and whistles. The Chi-Coms saw they needed to first build an economy on actual value and use their labor base to become really useful for the rest of the world.
Not that China hasn't got issues. They have. Too much legacy govt control and corruption. I keep thinking our nation's best hope is that China wrong-foots it and sinks into a mire just as our country is doing with bad monetary decisions.
Yeh - I'm rooting for us to be the best of the worst. Sad.
But as long as "civilization" veers towards the insane notion that everyone has a right to have all of the free shit they want, it won't go well for us all.


China is expected to shrink by about 100,000,000 folk this year.

The kids just won't procreate like they used to.

Scott O

Gregory 5:17 - "The kids just won't procreate like they used to."

You know it's not just China. This is a thing in Japan, Europe and among most Euro/Anglos in this country.

Let's re-visit the experiment:

The Estonian Fox

Scott O 10:14 PM

I liked this line from the write-up:
"Moral decay could arise “not from density, but from excessive social interaction,” Ramsden says. “Not all of Calhoun’s rats had gone berserk. Those who managed to control space led relatively normal lives." So are the red states and rural areas far enough removed from the blue cities? Gee, and where did we get this "excessive social interaction" concept from? Used to be 2-5% of the population were excessive social interacters, now it seems in the 50% area.

Then also- "Another researcher, Jonathan Freedman, turned to studying actual people — they were just high school and university students, but definitely human." We might want to question Mr. Freedman's judgment about the human part when you examine today's universities.


"Moral decay could arise “not from density, but from excessive social interaction,”

It's interesting to think about how you might measure that. Physical location of people, number of words uttered per day, number of words typed per day?

You can partly test your red v. blue notion here, but there's bound to be a bunch of confounding issues besides density.


It's worth considering the birth rate in Nigeria. My bet is that it's pretty likely that people there are hypersocial compared to anything I'm used to.

Another angle might be the growth of The State in control over children's upbringing, birth control, ability of women to have independent economic lives (largely due to growth of bureaucracy I would wager). In a world where responsible married couples are actively discouraged, you might guess a lack of interest in having children by women, they can always find some dude in a bar after all. But...


I wouldn't expect those to match so well.

In any case, Demographics Is Destiny as they say. If you simply follow current trends, the whole Earth will consist of sub-Saharan African subsistence farmers at some point (again), but that's bound to change for some reason or another.

For all I know, the only hope for humanity to exist in the future will either consist of birthing tanks or devolution to a pre-industrial state.

Don Bessee

A little rebalance of freedoms -

Federal judge blocks Biden administration officials from communicating with social media companies




Ben & Jerry's celebrates the 4th in high style.


What in the hell is wrong with these people? Is absolutely everything seen through the lens of their politics? Naturally, they're owned by a giant conglomerate (Unilever).

What it boils down to is that Antifa and BLM are the street armies of the corporate West. Even the fixation on Trump by local concert promoters has it's part to play in the Giant Machine.

Don Bessee

So firing chaplains and massive nonduty woke classes with an overlay of drag queens has a predictable outcome when your military were traditionally American Patriots so when you disrespect their values you get this -

A recent WSJ article outlined another alarming trend: the children of military families, who typically make up 80 percent of US Army recruits, are telling their children not to serve, especially those from the South.

The Army, Air Force and Navy are on track to miss recruiting goals this year. The U.S. military has typically met annual recruitment goals since 1973. The U.S. Army missed its recruiting goals by 25% last year.



The Estonian Fox

From the Daily Caller 7/5-
"WHITE HOUSE RECORDS: Biden Personally Met With SPLC Staff 6 Times, Foreshadowing Renewed Attacks on Parent Groups".

"White House records show that members of the SPLC have visited the White House at least 11 times over the short span of three years. These meetings mostly involved Biden himself, and typically featured officials from his Cabinet."

Why would the SPLC have to meet with any president that often? My guess is each meeting took 30 to 60 minutes with the pres. & Cabinet staff. Time that could have been spent solving an actual problem or two. Why were these meetings not dismissed out-of-hand as a waste of time? The pres. or his staff must consider them really important, and show where his priorities are focused.



EF@4:46AM: "Collaboration between the federal government and the SPLC should alarm Americans as the federal government ramps its weaponization of domestic law enforcement and intelligence agencies. "

It looks to me like it works both ways.

Given that the SPLC is a great big protection racket (SURE HATE TO SEE YOUR COMPANY ON OUR BADTHINKER LIST), I'd say that the SPLC is also part of The State's outsourcing of authoritarian measures.

MSM does a perfectly good job as a Ministry of Truth, BLM/Antifa/college-kids-with-signs/teachers-with-little-kids-with-signs provide an enforcement apparatus for varying situations, the FBI can strong-arm social media into a censorship service, large banks and financial services companies can enforce unofficial government policy by denying access, internet oligopolies can not sell your book/product/video.

Heck, even the Nuremberg Rally flags for the month of June down in Nevada City were privately provided.

Really, this whole situation is a lot further along than anyone would care to admit. Really, it's all a genius move to sidestep the Constitution while using a tool of the Right against them (DON'T YOU THINK COMPANIES CAN CHOOSE WHO THEY SELL TO??). Naturally, the polite middle-class white people will just sit and take it.

It's all good.

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