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06 July 2023



My....how perfectly progressive.

Bill DeBlasio And Wife Chirlane McCray To Separate, Date Other People While Still Living Together

"De Blasio went on to acknowledge that McCray had been calling herself a lesbian when they first met..."

With judgement like this I can't fathom why DeBlasio couldn't make any headway on New York's problems.



Philadelphia Shooting Perp Says He Opened Fire to Help the City Do Something About ‘Gun Violence’

Inspired no doubt by Homer Simpson's marketing methods!




Here's an analysis of Justice Jackson's failed math example, from the Volokh Conspiracy hosted by Reason:

David Bernstein, University Professor and the Executive Director of the Liberty & Law Center at the Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University.

Don Bessee

Go woke go broke -



Don Bessee

It begs the question what degree did she pay 250k for that she has 4 nothing jobs?!? -

'Pack a sandwich': This woman worked 4 jobs — and still couldn't keep up with her $250K in student debt. Here's the advice she got from a popular finance YouTuber




The debt youngsters will take on to get nothing degrees from nothing colleges is a crime.


"I am a graduate of Baylor University, with a Bachelor's of Science in Child and Family Studies. I enjoy working with people, especially children and families."

Ouch. 250K?


Posted by: Gregory | 06 July 2023 at 07:14 PM


She’s going to have to work at the daycare center for ten thousand years….

Don Bessee

Perhaps the time has come to put a governor on student loans to limit them to careers that have a reasonable chance of the loan being paid back. Ya think?


Scott O

If you read the article, there are a couple of issues they gloss over that seem to indicate that there is way more to be explored. I'd love to know how much of that debt was for tuition and books and fees and how much was for "living expenses". Was she working at a job on spring break or out partying?
Is this a crime?
It is the result of a crime.
K - 12th govt education in this country is largely worthless.
Any 18 year old that is accepted for higher ed should have the brains and common sense to understand the debt they are getting into vs the payoff from whatever degree they are after. This poor woman has made a series of very poor choices and she will have to pay for it. Trying to remember the last time I went crying for someone else to pay off my mistakes.
I feel sorry for her, but if she is bailed out, she will blunder right back into another financial mess.


"Perhaps the time has come to put a governor on student loans"

Simply allow people to bankruptcy their way out of them.

"K - 12th govt education in this country is largely worthless."

Maybe extend that to K - 16th.

There's more than a few STEM jobs I can think of that would be well suited to an apprentice system. Of course, the modern push to be an Activist! leads people down a rabbit hole to the truly useless 'degrees'. There simply aren't that many gubmint jobs or gigs in Woke Corporate HR to accept the inflow.

I guess it all depends on the point of post-secondary education. Trade school? Great Books program? Political indoctrination? Maybe it would help to break them up by goal.



Speaking of which, did this ever happen?


Seems rather like a dead link to me.

I can see the problem in setting up a thing like this. You have to run new organizations of that type at a serious deficit for some time before it breaks even, and there's always going to be money problems. Brave words in a meeting room somewhere don't always equate to strength on the ground.


so 1009p

"This poor woman has made a series of very poor choices and she will have to pay for it. Trying to remember the last time I went crying for someone else to pay off my mistakes"

The folks who sold her on the loans got the money, and has a $2b endowment. It's their mistake, too.

Scott O

"The folks who sold her on the loans got the money, and has a $2b endowment. It's their mistake, too."

Maybe. Exactly what did they "sell" her? What did they promise?
Are we going to shut down all the new and used car sales?
If they lied or made material misrepresentations, then she can sue.
She is a black woman with a degree. She shouldn't have any problem making an easy 100K plus in govt.
I do feel bad for her. But once you're 18 you get to screw your life up all on your own.
Ask all the folks in prison.
Tired of this group and that group all clamoring to the govt to bail them out financially. Once you remove the idea of moral hazard, all you will get is more problems and "mistakes".
I totally agree that non-STEM higher ed has become a racket, but they did it all right in front of us and legally to boot. Good luck trying to untangle the mess. You're dealing with big money that the left counts on as life blood. The idea that not everyone should go to college or university is as popular as messing with SS. Good luck.


lol. Well, this had to suck for somebody.



Scotto: "You're dealing with big money that the left counts on as life blood. "

true dat. It's a 'gift' to particular groups, especially the 'maybe we'll forgive it' carrot that gets hung out there. You jam plenty of people through an indoctrination system. Part 2 is to expand the ever-useful HR and bureaucracy sector for your good friends.

Maybe it's similar to the metastasizing of semi-useless gubmint desk jobs. You never can take them away because 'IT WILL HARM A VULNERABLE POPULATION!!!'. Given their physical attributes, maybe the thing to do is to sit all of those folks on pedal electric generators at the office. Everyone would benefit. We'll call them Equity Bikes.

Don Bessee

Well that did not take long for folks to get zucked -

Mark Zuckerberg ‘Twitter killer’ Threads enrages users over mass data collection: 'Near zero privacy'
The new app from Meta collects info related to a user's credit score, religious affiliation and sexual orientation

"Mark Zuckerberg says he’s not thinking about monetization of users on his Twitter clone, Threads, but that’s a lie. His business model is selling our data to advertisers," he tweeted Thursday.

"If you are looking to have your speech censored and your data pillaged, then Mark Zuckerberg has an app for you."

"Zuckerberg’s Threads app looks interesting," The Babylon Bee Managing Editor Joel Berry tweeted. "They mine you for data and will probably censor you, but the upside is that you can read the political opinions of Instagram yoga pants influencers."

Think seriously for one second about how @elonmusk bringing back banned accounts from old Twitter was a bigger and much longer discussed controversy in the media then Instagram actually serving as a network for pedophiles to find child porn.

According to the "Data Linked to You" page found on Apple devices, the following information may be collected by Threads and linked to your identity:

Location: Approximate location and precise location

Personal Info: Name, email, user IDs, address, phone number, political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation and other info

Financial: User payment info, purchase history, credit score and other financial info

Health and Fitness information

Messages: Emails, SMS or MMS, other in-app messages

Photos and Videos

Audio: Voice or sound recordings, music files and other audio files

Files and documents, calendar events, contacts, web browsing history and devices.

App activity: App interactions, in-app search history, installed apps, other user-generated content and other actions

App info and performance: Crash logs, diagnostics and other app performance data

Twitter, in comparison, does not ask users to fork over health and fitness data, financial information, sensitive information and "other data."




Mr Kunstler tells it like it is:

"Consider for a moment, and be grateful for, how perfect “Joe Biden” is as president of this foundering republic. He and his family project the rectified essence of every depravity now driving the life of our nation to some murky bottom, where it may be forced to assess its sorry state, repent, and perhaps recover (or just give up and die). There he stands, without ambiguity or conscience: “Joe Biden,” the personification of a failed state..."


Don Bessee

Ah yes newspeak and all its perversions. -

The district's website explains restorative justice on its website.

Restorative justice is a re-education of students and gaining control over a situation based on the perceived wrongs they committed.

"If you could smash one thing… what would you smash?"

"Describe the ideal family."




re: DonB@6:01PM

I see that the person identifying as a woman doing the Restorative Justice (RJ) assignments is also mentioned here...


lol. It's all just madness. Anyone who keeps their kids in a California K-12 public school is either poor or crazy. Poor is an acceptable excuse, crazy not so much.



I had to look up her salary to see if I heard right.


Excellent. She's probably worth 10x as much I bet.


Coleman Hughes on SCOTUS and affirmative action.


Sometimes you just have to laugh at the world the 'Progressives' want to set up for everyone. These sorts of crazy quasi-religious things often end up with labor camps or machetes used against badthinkers, but maybe we'll be spared that either due to exhaustion or a lack of competently aggressive males in Team Blue.


Perfect news story for the 2020s.

"Indigenous Chief Wants To Take Back Ben & Jerry's HQ Built on 'Stolen' Land"


Don Bessee

While the peoples republic of portland burns and you cant walk the streets but they have their priorities don't they -




I can't help but notice Stephen Frisch, of the wretchedly misnamed Sierra Business Council (it isn't a Council of businesses), hasn't been around for awhile.

His Modus operandi of coming around to rub salt into wounds hasn't had many opportunities as of late.

Punchy, o punchy, where are you?

Scott O

It turns out that George's (and others') thoughts on the claims about black infant mortality rates are based on their "confusion".

"In a letter Friday filed to the Supreme Court docket, Norton Rose Fulbright wrote that the argument cited by Jackson in her opinion "warrants clarification" and sought to clear up any "confusion."


One thing we are not confused about is the pathetic performance of Biden's racist, illegal choice for the SCOTUS. Would you want similarly chosen people to be the crew of your airline flight?
Actually - a full analysis of the Florida study showed that since more black babies needed specialists for survival, and a much higher percentage of specialists are white, the whole idea of black babies having a higher chance to live if their doctor is black doesn't even make sense statistically.


Oooh…..more copium from the left!



Listening to KJP speak is almost …..almost….as much fun as listening to Kamala.

White House Spox Defends Admissions Discrimination As 'Important Constitutional Right'


Scott O

re 4:26 - Vanity Fair article.
Remember when the left went on and on about the Gini index?
And you never hear about it anymore?
That's because Kali is totally under Dem control and Kali has the worst (and growing even more so) Gini index of all the states.
I tried to read that article awhile ago and as a 3rd gen native, I just had to stop.
You didn't expect a Vanity Fair writer to seek out schlubs born and raised there to talk to, did you?
The funniest part was Nancy saying that they need to get the "mentally ill" off the streets. What in hell has she ever actually done to move the authorities in that direction? Just like Biden - too busy slurping ice cream to actually make an intelligent comment.
Interesting that she spews the common lefty Kali line about how that once-golden state is a bell-weather for the rest of the country. You mean losing so much population that they lost a House seat? Ha ha.
Now - being broke and having a liar for the top executive spot certainly speaks to our national situation. She has that correct.

Scott O

Hey - how's that "investigation" of the bag of blow at the WH coming along?
Like they say - "it can't be Hunter's - his dose is all of it".
One thing is certain - the idiot that found it should have kept it on the QT so the bag could have been quietly taken care of.
Now they have to figure out how to claim they can't know who left it there and not appear to be completely incompetent.
Although after the Epstein debacle, it would appear they don't actually care.
All those poor young girls taken advantage of by dozens of horny old white rich men and the authorities have absolutely no idea who those men were.
No idea whatever.
Even though many of the girls (women, now) are willing to testify.


"What in hell has she ever actually done to move the authorities in that direction?"

Oh, probably something now and again.

Like anyone in one of her many pairs of shoes, her primary focus is going to be accumulation and maintenance of power. Close friends, relatives get a ride. Members of the same social class, religion, general tribe get dragged along. Nothing new here.

It's a bummer that folks manage to leverage rule sets and mass opinion to scarf up resources without producing anything of value, but it's really no different than convincing the plebes in Rome that you should be important. Fake it until you make it.

To me, what makes modern times interesting is groups that actively work against their own self-interest. It breaks the inherent balance of the system. The moment that you saw white libruls, including professional LEOs, physically kneeling to Saint Floyd and BLM, it became obvious that there was a new Snake Cult in the land. These Jihads can cause a lot of damage before they (always) devolve into fights over the spoils.

Scott O

" These Jihads can cause a lot of damage before they (always) devolve into fights over the spoils."

Yeah - after ginning up so much fuss about "reparations", the Dems have to figure out a way to blame the Rs for the fact that it was just another 20 acres and a mule promise.
I'm guessing that despite all the high profile blacks in the news licking their lips over the latest million dollar promise, the average black knew all along it would never happen.
We'll see.

Scott O

"9 injured in mass shooting in Cleveland; Mayor Bibb blames Republicans as police search for the suspect"
"The suspect is a black male who may have had a gold grill in his mouth, Chief Drummond said, adding that officials do have some leads."

Yeah, definitely a MAGA Republican for sure.

"“I’m sick and tired of Republicans … blaming us as mayors for violent crime … It’s important that we hold them accountable for passing dangerous gun laws in our state that make it hard to keep our communities safe and secure.”"
He's got a point - the Dems worked hard in the Jim Crow era to not sell guns to blacks. Now those rascally Rs are undoing all the Klan's efforts.

Don Bessee

When you lose the gangster rappers you know you have gone crazy -



Scott O

re zero bail policy article:
""The County is also working with the court and other stakeholders to explore ways to reduce the number of people held before arraignment because they can't afford bail and to provide the Sheriff greater release options to safely reduce the jail population, while always prioritizing public safety.""

"...always prioritizing public safety"


You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

The Estonian Fox

Wayback machine - fish 11/17/22 7:19AM-

Karen Bass - newly elected mayor of Los Angeles:
To the people of our city, my message is this: We are going to solve homelessness.
We are going to prevent and respond urgently to crime. Our city is no longer going to be unaffordable for working families.
And know this — that work has already begun.

I’ll take “No we’re not, no we’re not, yes it will, and no it hasn’t” for $800 Alex!
"Los Angeles initiative to house the homeless behind schedule and over budget"

"LA is finished watch how bad it gets out there.SMH [shaking my head]" the "Candy Shop" rapper (50 Cent) wrote on Instagram.

Don Bessee

The chi coms have bought and paid for the creepy grampa joe admin. Exhibit 3849 -

'Never, ever, ever…an American official does not bow': Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is slammed for BOWING multiple times to China's vice-premier and giving Beijing 'optics that they love'




Soon an entire staff for post ruling sanitation.

Justice Ketanji Jackson's faulty claim in affirmative action case takes another hit as lawyers 'clarify' brief



Scotto@5:09, EF@6:35, 🐠@7:11PM

The common theme here is that of producing a public policy based on feelz.

Any kind of hard logic based on results will never see the light of day. The cutting edge version will be all the front-end censorship and back-end filtering of training data you'll see on AIs. DEI-AI will be a huge growth industry.

Kind of a pity really since you could always run experiments on geographically distinct areas. More punishment results in outrage and burning buildings, more benefits results in the usual suspects waltzing in and carting off most of the lucre as little actually makes it to the ground. The smart money simply steers clear of dysfunctional places.


re: Ivy League affirmative action.

It just occurred to me that a person could bet good money that the primary result goes as follows.

. AA student gets accepted, has normal expectations of what they will study.
. Arrives at school, finds themselves unable to keep up, completely overwhelmed
. Leaves or switches to EZ major, puts chip on shoulder
. EZ major grad w/chip on shoulder gets gubmint or 'non-profit' gig, fights for more AA
. Wash,rinse,repeat.

A pretty slick feedback loop to be sure.

Potential solution. Harvard Community College. Run your Ivy low achievers through that first. Specialize in remedial education with reasonable standards for graduation. Those who meet standards get Ivy League slot.


RULE OF LAW: Biden White House Attacks Supreme Court, Bizarrely Claiming Affirmative Action Is a ‘Constitutional Right.’

"Everything Democrats want is a constitutional right. Everything they oppose is unconstitutional. If their wants and opposition change, so does the Constitution. It’s a magic wish-fulfillment tool!"

Truer words.......


Paul Emery

This direct quote from Trump shows how pathetic and desperate he has became.
"Was Crooked Joe Biden on Cocaine when he instructed the FBI/DOJ to illegally invade my home, Mar-a-Lago, in complete and total violation of my 4th Amendment Rights?"



Posted by: psul Emery | 10 July 2023 at 11:45 AM

This direct quote from Trump shows how pathetic and desperate he has became.

Trump to psul…..

I am the wellspring from which you flow.

He truly is your only reason to go on living isn’t he psul?

Paul Emery

Your response fishhole shows how pathetic and desperate you have become. Hmmm-just like you hero and role model Trump.


Ooooh…..sick burn psul.


punch 1145a

" This direct quote from Trump shows how pathetic and desperate he has became(very sic)"

Punch... English, mfker, do you speak it?

Paul Emery

Once again Gregory is showing what loyal Trumper he is. Nothing new from our resident fake libertarian.


That's another purely slanderous taunt from Punchy.

Scott O

scenes 6:45 - "The common theme here is that of producing a public policy based on feelz."

No shite. Have you read Justice Jackson's dissent in the UNC affirmative action case?
The woman has no clue whatever how American jurisprudence should be conducted. She goes off on a history lesson of the poor treatment of blacks taken from Africa in chains and their time as slaves as well as their lack of equal treatment under the law after they were freed from bondage. I'm surprised she didn't include the lyrics to Ol' Man River.
All of which is largely true, but it has no bearing on the actual case at hand. She even manages to insert the snark that race is only "one" of many other considerations in the admittance process. As if she would be happy if Deputy Dan threw her in the back of the patrol car and told her that her skin color was only one of the reasons he was arresting her! Yeah, that would be just swell.
The dissent certainly does reflect the "modern" idea that we can just ignore the Constitution and conduct a judicial reasoning from how badly we all FEEL about past injustices. It does appear the poor woman is capable of nothing better. If this country ends up with a SCOTUS majority of this type of jr high school cluck clucks, we are screwed.

Paul Emery

Gregory-Ha Sue me.

Don Bessee

Wait! What? Concern for the little people of acolytes of global warming -

UK climate envoy calls rapid green transition 'idiotic' during meetings with John Kerry
Top British climate official says moving too quickly to green energy will 'simply impoverish people'




Punchy, you'll just have to sue me after, I throw you to the curb.

Scott O

Gregory - "... I throw you to the curb."

Careful, Gregory - those kinky types tend to like the rough stuff.


fish: "I am the wellspring from which you flow.

He truly is your only reason to go on living isn’t he psul?"

lol. Exactly.

"When I am gone, you will have never been. What would your world be, without me? My son."

re: Scotto@4:01PM

You can't blame her (Jackson). She obviously was put into place to please a racial voting bloc and is doing exactly what you would expect in terms of looking out for their specific interests. Diversity without some kind of overriding civic duty is a helluva thing but results in a more-common-than-not fight over resources as we all ride the roller coaster to oblivion.


Posted by: scenes | 11 July 2023 at 06:08 AM



🐠 @6:23AM

Next up will be GPT-generated psulposts. God knows they'd be easy enough to generate.

Speaking of which, soon we will be even more awash in infinite nonsense as AI sweeps through the kipple industry.


It seems to me that the music biz is also low-hanging fruit here. Anything so filled with tropes has to be vulnerable.

Scott O

"Next up will be GPT-generated psulposts."

We'll know, because the spelling will improve!


Posted by: scenes | 11 July 2023 at 06:32 AM

I've suspected for a couple of years now that we've been psulbotted. Much easier to program when you have a central theme.

It's not like it requires any real thought.

Scott O

I think Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth is gunning for moron of the year:

""It's the impact honestly on the employees that weighs the most on me," he said.
Whitworth called on people not to punish the workforce but rather to attribute blame to him."

So, he wants blame, but no punishment. He could resign or give his salary to the workers he claims to be so concerned about.

"Whitworth confirmed that the company will maintain its partnerships without making any changes."

So - "we screwed up, but we're going to continue our mistake."

"While Whitworth admits that dealing with the boycott has caused him stress, he remains devoted to Anheuser-Busch, describing it as an "institution" closely tied to the American flag."

Yeah - that's the way! That American Flag sarong looks absolutely fabulous on you, dear!


Posted by: Scott O | 11 July 2023 at 07:41 AM

Too much good beer out there to worry about Brendans barely palatable carbonated urine beer product.

If he has a problem I'm sure the agency would take him back.

Scott O

"Too much good beer out there to worry about Brendans barely palatable carbonated urine beer product."
Hah - not worried a bit. Never went for a brew that let you see through to the bottom of the stein.
I'm looking at this new phenomena of large corps willing to blow billions in order to hold the line on our "great reset".
It used to be a given that if a company made a marketing faux pas, heads rolled PDQ and the brand would humble itself to the public. Now they wring their hands over fake concerns for "the workers" and blame the buying public.



It's the water...



It's the water...



Posted by: scenes | 11 July 2023 at 10:23 AM

That will haunt me forever.

Paul Emery


Gregory threatening me with a physical assault on the streets or sidewalks of Nevada City is a joke just like him claiming to be a libertarian. He's too fat and slow to cause me any harm. He's full of shit just like his hero Trump. Besides lawyers would love to represent me with such a well documented threat.


Punchy, you keep lobbing malicious slanders my way knowing you don't have enough stuff to be worth siccing a lawyer on. Yes, I'm fat and slow at the moment, but you don't have eyes on the back of your head.

Trump isn't my "hero". I've never voted for him. You slander me, over and over, because I don't dogpile on Trump on command.


Now, Punchy, if you were still associate with KVMR I could approach their management but they canned your ass long ago.

Paul Emery

OK Gregory, here's an easy one:

Do you believe that Biden won the election fair and square and that he our rightfully elected President not Trump?


....and speaking of psulbot....I think Gregory's spat earlier reset him.

Do you believe that Biden won the election fair and square and that he our rightfully elected President not Trump?

He went to the beginning of his query list.


" Do you believe that Biden won the election fair and square and that he our rightfully elected President not Trump?"

So, you think the election was run fairly and squarely? Even with the CIA/FBI/NSA in the background shutting down, for example, the online presence of the New York Post? Stopping Twits from sharing a Post editorial and investigative reporting about Hunter Biden's laptop?

Biden was elected by the process in place. Biden is the current president of the USA.

You, being a fake human, can't even ask a fair question.


fishanthrope 1246p

Punchy has his shibboleths.



Do you believe Hunter Biden's laptop *is* Hunter Biden's laptop?



Do you think Hunter Biden's 4 year old daughter is Joe Biden's granddaughter?



How did Biden amass millions of dollars on a legislator's salary? Did his son(s) sell access to him to, for example, the CCP or Burisma?

Paul Emery

Can you document how each of your 12:46 allegations effected votes in the election and how many? By the way I was not "canned" at KVMR. Where did you get that idea? Can you provide details or did you make it up. After 14 years as News Director and Producer and being 76 it was my choice to move on to other things.

Paul Emery


They all get rich as President Gregory. Thought you knew that. Look at Obama, Clinton, both Bushes and Reagan for examples. By the way how did Kushner get a 2 Billion dollar investment deal from the Saudi's? Do you think he would have got that if he wasn't Trumps son in law?


They all get rich as President Gregory.

You been holding out on us Gregory? Are you rich and president?


Please everyone, note the *former* news director of KVMR thinks every President is crooked, on the take.

I suppose that means he thinks everyone just roots for their team and a'gin the others. That explains his lack of concern for the "big guy" getting his 10% off the top.


Punch 230p

So, you have proof you didn't get canned? That's not what I heard.


Please everyone, note the *former* news director of KVMR thinks every President is crooked, on the take.

On balance I agree with him.

But with Trump it seemed to bother him.....wonder why? Not a single mention of the Senator from MBNA and his 50 year grift.

I guess Punch felt cheated when Trump wedged his way in and deprived him of four years of Crooked Hillary.

Perhaps Trumps greatest achievement was keeping that menopausal Illinois grifter from her place in history. For that alone he rendered the United States a great service!

Enjoy a little Charles Cooke...

At Axios, Alex Thompson reports the apparently surprising news that Biden “has such a quick-trigger temper that some aides try to avoid meeting alone with him.” Among the president’s favorite admonitions are: “God dammit, how the f**k don’t you know this?!,” “Don’t f**king bullsh*t me!,” and “Get the f**k out of here!” Per Thompson, these revelations are important because, like his refusal to acknowledge his own granddaughter, they threaten to damage Biden’s “carefully cultivated image as a kindly uncle.” But that image is for cretins and sycophants. Joe Biden has never been a “kindly uncle” — or anything approaching one. For his whole life, Joe Biden has been a plodding mediocrity with a Delaware-sized chip on his shoulder. What about him, I wonder, would not lead him to shout stupidly at people? He’s a bully. Check. He’s insecure. Check. He’s senile. Check. He is hostage to his precarious record of lies. Check. His anger is as inevitable as the sunset.

We don’t need Axios to tell us about it. In 1987, during his first run for president, Biden was in spiffing form. Asked by a voter in New Hampshire about his academic record, Biden grew unhinged. “I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do,” he said, before rattling off a sequence of falsehoods that ought by rights to have ended his career. He said that he graduated in the top half of his law-school class. He did not. He said that he went to that law school on a “full academic scholarship.” He did not. He said that he “won the international moot-court competition,” “was the outstanding student in the political science department,” and “graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school.” None of that was true. In closing, Biden betrayed what the exchange was really about. “I’d be delighted to sit back and compare my IQ to yours if you’d like,” he jabbed. Mr. Dunning-Kruger, your table is ready.

Character matters. Biden has none. As president, the man spends his days considering how he can mislead voters about his record, how he can get around the Constitution, and how he can demagogue the other branches. All that talk in 2020 about “the soul of America”? That was guff. Flotsam. Malarkey. There is nothing the man won’t lie about. He lies about inflation. He lies about gas prices. He lies about the deficit. He lies about the border. He lies about having been arrested for his civil-rights activism, and about having been raised by Puerto Ricans and Greeks and Jews, and about having traveled to Afghanistan to pin a Silver Star on a Navy hero, and about his son’s death, and about the crash that killed his first wife and baby daughter, and about the small kitchen fire that he had 15 years ago, which, in his inimitable style, he has managed to transmute into “having had a house burn down with my wife in it.” In 1987, he plagiarized a speech by the British politician Neil Kinnock that contained a completely different backstory from his own. In 2012, he accused Mitt Romney of wanting to put African Americans “back in chains.” Push a pin into a history book, and you’ll find Joe Biden lying about something.

You can see Biden being an asshole as early as this 1974 profile by Kitty Kelley:

In his office in the New Senate Office Building surrounded by more than 35 pictures of his late wife*, Biden launched into a three-hour reminiscence. It wasn’t maudlin—he seemed to enjoy remembering aloud. He was the handsome football hero. She was the beautiful homecoming queen. Their marriage was perfect. Their children were beautiful. And they almost lived happily ever after. “Neilia was my very best friend, my greatest ally, my sensuous lover. The longer we lived together the more we enjoyed everything from sex to sports. Most guys don’t really know what I lost because they never knew what I had. Our marriage was sensational. It was exceptional, and now that I look around at my friends and my colleagues, I know more than ever how phenomenal it really was. When you lose something like that, you lose a part of yourself that you never get back again.

“My wife was the brains behind my campaign. I would never have made it here without her. It’s hard to imagine ever going through another campaign without her. She was the most intelligent human being I have ever known. She was absolutely brilliant. I’m smart but Neilia was ten times smarter. And she had the best political sense of anybody in the world. She always knew the right thing to do.

“Let me show you my favorite picture of her,” he says, holding up a snapshot of Neilia in a bikini. “She had the best body of any woman I ever saw. She looks better than a Playboy bunny, doesn’t she?

“My beautiful millionaire wife was a conservative Republican before she met me. But she changed her registration. At first she didn’t want me to run for the Senate—we had such a beautiful thing going, and we knew all those stories about what politics can do to a marriage. She didn’t want that to happen. At first she stayed at home with the kids while I campaigned but that didn’t work out because I’d come back too tired to talk to her. I might satisfy her in bed but I didn’t have much time for anything else. That’s when she started campaigning with me and that’s when I started winning. You know, the people of Delaware really elected her,” he says, “but they got me.”

* UPDATE (From Ed): For years, Biden lied about both Neilia Biden’s death, and claimed the truck driver involved in the accident was drunk: Joe Biden’s false claim about drunken driver draws renewed scrutiny. “Now-retired Delaware Superior Court Judge Jerome O. Herlihy, who oversaw the investigation as chief deputy attorney general, told Politico, ‘She had a stop sign. The truck driver did not.’ In 2008, he told [the Newark (Delaware) Post] that rumors about alcohol playing a role in the accident were ‘incorrect.’” As one person tweeted in 2019, “This is awful. Did you know for years [Biden] told people his wife and 13-month-old daughter were killed by a drunk driver, when in fact the accident was tragically her fault. The truck driver was haunted by the accident until he died.”

Read the whole thing with links....not that psul would ever read one....over at instapundit.

Don Bessee

Note to the ponytail of ignorance, the Bushes and Saint Ronnie were rich long before they were president. DUH!


Paul Emery

The Clintons were the masters of bib time grift. These are their before and after numbers: Before: $1.3 million

After: $241.5 million. I didn't vote for either of them fishhole.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 11 July 2023 at 06:57 PM

“bib time” huh? Something with which I’m sure you’re well acquainted.

Don Bessee

Looks like creepy gampa joe found out they were not serving pudding cups! LOL



Don Bessee

You know its hit rock bottom when -

Honduran Drug Dealers Praise San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policy: ‘You Go to Jail and You Come Out’



Paul Emery

"big time" fishhole thanks for the correction. Did you vote for Trump?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 11 July 2023 at 08:41 PM

Did you vote for Trump?

The second time. Felt I owed it to him for keeping Hillary out of the Oval Office.


" Did you vote for Trump?"

When the alternatives were the likes of Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, what does that matter?

I didn't but that doesn't keep you from intimating otherwise.

Don Bessee

The religion of global warming hates humans and is totally racist! -



The Estonian Fox

With how the NATO membership is increasing to counteract the Russian threat, we may have to request that the progressives re-do some world geography. Then the North Atlantic can include countries that border the Taiwan Strait - on either side. So when China invades Siberia to mine gold, coal, uranium, rare-earth etc. deposits, Russia won't have anyone to turn to.


Of course she’s a member of the socialist workers party.

Watch: Virtue-Signalling Spanish Environmental Minister Bikes To Climate Conference With Escort Of Gas Cars

At least she had the decency to not call herself a green libertarian.



re: DB@9:53

Too many African and Indian babies.

Well, duh. Just wait until sub-Saharan Africa not only maxes out it's population, but increases the standard of living there. I guess it'll just show up in the fossil record like all the other mass extinctions, maybe with plastics instead of iridium.

The thing is, humans are hard on the environment. Too successful. Per Michael Boulter (big-data paleobiologist in Jolly Olde England) Africa saw a 50% decrease in types of larger animals after people started spreading around, the Americas saw a 70% decrease after the Bering land bridge did it's thing. Folks who think of indigenous Americans as a group of matriarchal, peace-loving, diversity-accepting, stewards of the land should consider that for a moment.


EF: "With how the NATO membership is increasing to counteract the Russian threat,..."

Ah well, what could go wrong?

The hoi polloi are in an expansionist mood on both sides, and I certainly think it's worthwhile to risk nuclear armageddon to fly a Pride Flag over the Kremlin.

The Nevada City 420th and a brigade of men-in-dresses can march to Moscow while two indistinguishable groups of Russian-speakers make the rubble bounce while providing a diversionary war.

It'll make the 100% off days at Walgreens look like nothin'.


Posted by: scenes | 12 July 2023 at 06:58 AM

Folks who think of indigenous Americans as a group of matriarchal, peace-loving, diversity-accepting, stewards of the land should consider that for a moment.

You left out Slaving and Mass Genociding......well as much genociding as a bunch of guys on horses with hunting and winter prep can manage.

I suggested a few of the more delicate visitors here read Empire of the Summer Moon to recalibrate their thinking after watching too much Dances with Wolves. I don't recall that my suggestion was met with a great deal of enthusiasm....makes me think that a couple of them had already stumbled across it.


re: fishA@7:32AM

For those who don't read links (or books), this wasn't a bad overview I thought.

"Apache Terror | The Comanche “War of Extermination” that DESTROYED the Apache"

It's funny how common the model of nomads vs. farmers is, but this looks to have been an interesting variant. Nomad hunters vs. quasi-farmers who themselves raided other people.

Ignoring all of this in favor of the White Man Bad narrative is kind of boring. It's like the hyper-simplistic versions of Cortes in Mexico you hear, which always seem to ignore the religious activities of Aztecs combined with a whole passel of pissed-off subject nations who joined the revolt.

Maybe modern Progressives simply enjoy the self-flagellation. We live in an era of kink.

Scott O

scenes - "Ignoring all of this in favor of the White Man Bad narrative is kind of boring."

Leftists aren't capable of much other than assigning all blame to one group and all victimhood to another.

"white Euro man and everything he does is bad - dark, non-Euro man and all he does is vibrant and culturally enriching".

Along with an inability to grasp subtlety, nuance and frames of reference that shift with time they are astoundingly ignorant of world history.
Combine that with the lefts' racist view of non-Euro duskies as simple-minded children lacking agency and guile - you end up with, well - California!



Looks like phones were called and pressure was felt! Can't dare run risk that the senile puppet in the Oval Office might be dislodged and spoil progressivisms plans.


"Leftists aren't capable of much other than assigning all blame to one group and all victimhood to another."

Sometimes that even works. Depends on the group. If you view the past as either...

1) Constructed from a web of truth, lies, and storytelling favoring the in-group. .or.
2) Hard-nosed laying out of provable facts, minus the whoppers historians love to tell .or.
3) Constructed from a web of truth, lies, and storytelling opposing the in-group.

It's pretty obvious that (1) can result in societal glue, (2) is rare, and (3) is something rather new to the world. You'd have to dig around a bit to find the unusual case where a group of people blame themselves for all ills. Even flagellants were probably pro-Western civilization to the extent that they thought of it as a distinct group.

You do have to wonder what future chroniclers, probably writing in Mandarin, will think. A self-destructive religion with a Man-Who-Died-For-Your-Sins (G. Floyd), The Devil (D. Trump), sinners (K. Rittenhouse), saints (G. Thunberg), and unruly groups of fat women with blue hair and other riffraff following the symbol of The Shoe or The Gourd.

An amazing time to be alive, I tell ya.



Do you believe Hunter Biden's laptop *is* Hunter Biden's laptop?

This is truly an easy slam dunk. Say yes, Punch.

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