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26 October 2023


Don Bessee

Are creepy grampa joes marxists enabling this they did lift sanctions on them buying their dirty oil instead of US production -

Nicaragua is allowing hundreds of flights from Haiti, Cuba in push to use immigration against US, expert say
Nicaragua's charter flights account for 60% of Haitian migrants at the US border since August



Don Bessee

A good little leftie following the party line -

California man breaks into Jewish family's home, threatens to kill them, yells 'Free Palestine'



The Estonian Fox

George, I couldn't find anything on this in Bob Livingston Alerts or his Letters, in Google or DuckDuckGo. I found it on Alt-Market.us. Do you have the website for the Alerts?


George Rebane

EFox 810am - Here's one of many links to Livingston.

Individual Juan

Kind of ridiculous. The Left are pro-Islam because some Great Divider in Alt-landia says so?

Has there been some pushback against far-right wannabe autocrat Net-an-yahoo who has now destroyed or damaged 25% of the buildings in North Gaza - yes.

Have there been calls for a longer ceasefire to allow now homeless, possibly wounded, hungry "Islamist" civilians to find shelter somewhere? - yes.

What I find interesting is that in many of the media discussions about allowing aid to flow into Gaza they refer to the pre-invasion amount of (call it aid) that was delivered. Apparantly 500 trucks per day have been delivering supplies to the Gazans for years. Is this NGO aid that has been delivered to Gaza because of the way Israel was controlling Gaza?


Have all the kidnapped hostages been released?

If not, Hamas isn't ready for a cease fire.


The very definition of pointless......other than trying to get Punch to discuss something other than Trump!

Biden Briefed On China's Plans For First Military Base In The Middle East



Crap....meant for new sandbox!

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