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06 November 2023



“When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”
-Golda Meir

Not yet, unfortunately.

Don Bessee

Another fine example of how rock stupid the wokesters are and the lies they have faith in -

Left-wing activist 'shocked' in viral video after failing to recruit pro-Palestinian Muslim support for LGBTQ
'You identify as s--t, my bro,' a woman said



Don Bessee

The predictable result of 0's and creepy grampa joes open borders a massive increase in the presence of jihadis here -

PHOTOS – Anti-Israel Protesters Desecrate Monuments to American Revolution Near White House: ‘Death to the USA’



Don Bessee

The poster boy for entitled leftist POS's, who cares how many billion he stole its bad for humanity. ROFLOL -

Sam Bankman-Fried speaks on potential life sentence, causing ‘net harm to the world’




The very definition of pointless......other than trying to get Punch to discuss something other than Trump!

Biden Briefed On China's Plans For First Military Base In The Middle East



Crap....we're barely hanging on to number 10 in the "Top Ten Binge Drinking Countries"!

What a bunch of effete Pellines we've become!



Don Bessee

The germans have become such pussies. Its now a pattern of making all the wrong choices for their citizens. As if no one saw that importing a jillion jihadi goat herders was going to be a problem. -

The “Anne Frank” daycare center in Tangerhütte, which has been operating for generations, is set to undergo a name change. The decision to rename the daycare center, named after the most famous Jewish girl, has sparked controversy.

The idea of changing of name of Frank, who tragically died in a concentration camp at the age of 15, has come from migrant parents, according to the daycare center’s director. “It is reported that parents with migrant backgrounds feel uncertain about the name and find it challenging to explain to their children,” the report said.

If you were to ask me to name the world’s least controversial icons, Anne Frank would be at the top of that list. After two terrifying years of hiding in an attic, she was a child, a mere 15 years old, when the Nazis murdered her in Auschwitz, the most notorious of the Third Reich’s death camps. Anne Frank was the purest of victims at the hands of one of the purest evils the world has ever seen. But…

Some German migrants “find it challenging to explain” Anne Frank “to their children?”



Scott O

re DB 9:53 - On 9/11 some people did something.


No…..can’t be!!

New York abandons electric snow plows


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is so good at turning off the base -



Scott O

fish emoji 9:25 - Just a temporary pause. Once they suck a few billion more of fed money to "do it right", they'll try again. Remember that Biden has promised an end to fossil fuels. Possibly the electric snow plows can be tethered to generators powered by treadmills manned (peopled?, personed?) by green libertarians?

BTW - did Israel file any kind of environmental impact report before proceeding in Gaza?
Paul wants to know.


It would take a heart of stone not to laugh......

Kendi’s ‘Antiracist’ center mostly fired black and Latino employees

Must have been that "Racist Baby" Henry's always on the lookout for!? He's nothing but a troublemaker that kid....



Well this is tragic......

Jezebel Shutting Down, Parent Company G/O Media Laying Off 23 Staffers



What a shame......such a responsible pol

Manchin won’t seek reelection in West Virginia



Yeah....she's ridiculous and good lord but he's a greasy weasel (plus he lies so we know Punch won't be voting for him) but apparently you have to pick one.....

Adam Schiff, Katie Porter poised for top-two finish in California Senate primary, new poll says

Guess I'm a Porter Supporter!


Don Bessee

One less wokester megaphone LOL -

Jezebel, the punchy feminist blog with an outsized influence on internet culture, will suspend operations and lay off its staff effective immediately, its parent company G/O Media said Thursday as it announced broader restructuring in its portfolio of digital news outlets.

Jim Spanfeller, chief executive of G/O Media, said in a memo to staff obtained by CNN that the company had tried to sell the publication, but that after talks with two dozen potential buyers, “we could not find Jez a new home.”

“As of this week we are making the very, very difficult decision to suspend publication of Jezebel,” Spanfeller said.



The Estonian Fox

I guess I participate in the non-Jezebel part of the internet culture, since I've never heard of them.

I used to be in the non-Palestinian part of the internet, but for some reason they're everywhere now. So it drew a fence around me. Am trying to dig a few tunnels to get out of the fenced area.


Posted by: The Estonian Fox | 10 November 2023 at 12:27 PM

I guess I participate in the non-Jezebel part of the internet culture, since I've never heard of them.

You've missed nothing...


Another Medici pope sits in Rome....

Pope Removes Conservative Texas Bishop in Rare Move...

Vatican takes 'step' towards trans Catholics...


Scott O

Gotta love it:
"They're clearing out the homeless people': San Francisco gets ready for arrival of world leaders."
Could have done this for the taxpayers that live and work there years ago.
But hey - these are the IMPORTANT people.
Are you leftists even starting to get a clue?

Scott O

"Eric Adams had cellphones, iPad seized by FBI as part of corruption investigation"

Comment in article:
“The manner in which he had his phones taken away in public seems targeted against the mayor in response to his stance on the immigration crisis,” another person with knowledge of the investigation told The Post."

Well - that was my first thought when I had heard the news last night.



But emoluments....what about the emoluments...???

The Biden-Du Pont Nexus: From A Prestigious Golf Club To A Controversial Child Rape Plea Deal

To quote a local Nevada City idiot, "check it out". Yes check it out.... if for no other reason than catching Shotgun Joey in another unintentionally hysterical photograph!

In this one....looking very much like Ed Gein...noted serial killer and inspiration for dozens of horrible slasher/cannibal movies!



Really....you can't blame them....progressives turn everything they touch to complete shit!

Chicago is so unpleasant migrants are fleeing BACK to Venezuela


Scott O

Here's an interesting essay on what Biden needs to do to win:
Filled with an amazing number of curious statements but the gist of it is that Biden's biggest problem is that he hasn't been able to convince the voters of how good a president he is.
Perhaps it's because the voters all know that everything was so much better when Trump was in office.
No matter if they hate him or not.


Posted by: Scott O | 13 November 2023 at 09:19 AM

Ol' Cotton Head Joe....the gift that just keeps giving for the democrat party.

Don Bessee

When will the left stop projecting values on the jihadis that they do not have -



Don Bessee

So many lies from the eco nuts are being found out yet creepy grampa joe wants to take away your stove, water heater and car based on lies and willful idiots. -

SNP ministers have quietly downgraded their claim that Scotland has a quarter of Europe’s offshore wind potential to just seven per cent, in a major blow to their economic case for independence.

Neil Gray, the Scottish energy secretary, wrote to a Holyrood committee with the revised estimate after SNP ministers were forced to admit that the 25 per cent figure they had used for years was false.

But they agreed to hush up the seven per cent estimate, saying: “No proactive communications are recommended.” This meant that no press release was issued or announcement made when he wrote to Holyrood’s net zero and energy committee in September.

Internal Scottish Government correspondence showed an official warned that it had “never, to my knowledge, been properly sourced”.

In January 2021, another civil servant warned that “we did recycle those figures quite robotically without really checking them”.

Responding to the updated estimate, Liam Kerr, a Scottish Tory MSP, said: “The SNP have been caught out yet again playing fast and loose with Scotland’s offshore energy potential.

“Ministers must be open and honest about giving accurate figures – secrecy and cover-up does the renewables sector no favours. This is yet another example of a government that thinks it can get away with anything.”

But Mr Taylor said this was also misleading as it excluded capacity in the rest of the UK. If the latter was included, Scotland’s 2030 share would fall to 6.8 per cent.

Mr Taylor noted that this calculation also omitted capacity in Norway, which is not in the EU, which would “push Scotland’s share of a genuinely European total down towards six per cent”.




Two weeks ago, 15 black kids stomped a white kid at a Las Vegas magnet high school; the white kid had intervened when a smaller kid was being picked on. There is video. One week ago, the white kid died as a direct result. As of today, no one has even been arrested despite video being available.

Imagine how 15 white kids stomping to death a black kid would be treated by the news industry.


a link...



Trump’s incendiary ‘vermin’ remarks prompt backlash

Indeed….were I a roach or a rodent I would be livid at being compared to a progressive…..or dare I say, Green Libertarian!

Don Bessee

Get woke go broke -



Don Bessee

How about some real foreign interference in elections -

"These new documents show yet again that the Sixteen Thirty Fund was the most prolific backer of radical candidates and causes in the 2022 midterm election cycle," Caitlin Sutherland, the executive director of Americans for Public Trust, told Fox News Digital.

"It also appears that foreign national Hansjorg Wyss remains one of their largest single donors, driving a dump truck of cash through the foreign influence loophole and into battleground states across the country," Sutherland said. "This foreshadows the massive foreign-funded leftwing dark money operation we expect will play an outsized role in supporting liberal candidates and causes in 2024."

Arabella Advisors, meanwhile, remained the Sixteen Thirty Fund's top contractor. According to the tax forms, the nonprofit paid Arabella $4.26 million for administrative and operational support.

In addition to the Sixteen Thirty Fund, Arabella Advisors manages several other nonprofits that host dozens of liberal groups, including one that works with the Biden administration on policy. Together, the groups make up America's most prominent dark money network.

The network's web of groups also sits under the New Venture Fund, Windward Fund and Hopewell Fund. A fifth, the North Fund, has also been linked to the network. Each fund is a fiscal sponsor to other nonprofits by providing their tax and legal status to those housed beneath them.

This configuration allows the fiscally-sponsored groups to avoid filing tax records to the IRS, effectively masking their financials and other information. The Arabella-managed nonprofits also do not reveal donor information on their own tax forms, keeping the public in the dark to the full extent of who uses the network as a conduit to fund left-wing initiatives.

In recent years, billions of dollars have flowed through the network to progressive causes nationwide.

Financiers such as Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss and George Soros have funneled cash to groups in the network. The Democracy Alliance, the left's premiere big-money secretive donor club, has also included its funds in past confidential documents regarding where to wire money for specific initiatives

Major Dem dark money nonprofit poured $150 million into progressive causes in 2022, tax forms show



Don Bessee

You can put lipstick on a violent pig but it is still a violent pig -

A Czech television news crew was robbed while covering the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco, according to reports.

Journalist Bohumil Vostal told the San Francisco Chronicle he was getting a shot of City Lights Bookstore "when three masked assailants approached with guns pointed."

"They were heading at my camera man, aiming a gun at his stomach, and one at my head," Vostal said. He added the incident happened around 5 p.m. Sunday.




Eight arrested


Don Bessee

The spawn of soros the ny ag is suing a company because of uncooth customers who litter right out of the hucksters playbook ala sharpton and jessie jackson ROFLOL -



Don Bessee

Get the ponytail of ignorance to his fainting couch no traction on keeping the orange tornado off the ballot anywhere. LOL



Don Bessee

Hey look they are trying to slime us with someone as ignorant and as ruined as the sad ol ponytail of ignorance. SAS and it is who they are in the feds. YUCKO but but but is that the next ignoracy from the socialist dems. LOL

Biden judicial nominee appears stumped by basic legal terms: 'I'm not sure'
Biden's nominee struggled to define what 'stay,' 'injunction' orders mean in federal court




Wealthy enclave indeed.....I heard Punchy pledged an entire 3/8" of the guitar case change to Bidens re-election campaign!

Cal Berkeley mega-donors host pricey Atherton fundraiser for Biden campaign

And Coin Operated President does anything "The Bringer of Pudding Cups" tells him to do I imagine!


Don Bessee

Anyone suprised that it was a collage professor? -

A college professor was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter over the death of a Jewish man who clashed with a pro-Palestinian protester in California, police said Thursday.

Loay Alnaji was arrested early Thursday over the death of Paul Kessler at a rally near Los Angeles earlier this month, and his bail will be set at $1 million, a Ventura County sheriff's statement said.



Scott O

"Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s love child, Navy Joan, has publicly asked for privacy as the president’s son attempts to build a bond with his daughter."

"...bond with his daughter"

Ala Joe Biden and his daughter?

Scott O

So a man attacked another man with a megaphone hitting him in the head and causing him to fall and the CNN lede is:

"arrest made in death of Jewish protester who fell and hit his head"

They know their audience.

If the attacker had shot the other man it would be:

"arrest made in death of man who fell over and bled out."

Don Bessee

The death of the work ethic thanks to teachers unions -




Nevada City's favorite Crayon jockey is scared of you George.....thinks you look like a troublemaker! A congressional troublemaker!

Michael R. Kesti

fishanthrope 16 November 2023 at 07:33 PM

I figure his head is so big from his retrospective show that he must be having a difficult time coming up with something to draw.

Scott O

Rampant Racism:
"Boston pays $2.6M to Black police officers who alleged racial bias in hair tests for drug use"

Never proven - just alleged.

"In 2014, the court agreed that the hair test fell disproportionately on Black officers."

That simply means the black officers failed more often that whitey.
Zero evidence was ever offered that the test was not accurate or that black hair somehow will display a positive result more often than white boy hair after the same amount of illegal drug use.

Gee - a lawsuit by white hoopsters against the NBA should be a "slam dunk"!
See what I did there?

I'll be here all week -
don't forget to tip the waiter.


Swedish progressives aren't jus as stupid as American progressives.....who knew?

'Child soldiers' and blood feuds: Sweden's out-of-control gang wars

....and all this just so some of the uglier women in Swedish Civil service could get laid once and a while.



As long as Cotton Head Joe keeps doing what he's told .....not just an endless supply of pudding cups but absolution for what for anyone else would draw felony charges!

Outrage Ensues After No Charges Likely In Biden Classified Document Scandal

If only Trump had had the foresight to buy a 60's era Corvette to use as a Classified Materials Repository all of this could have been avoided.



While I have no position in the matter and in general wouldn't watch Piers Morgan if you held me at gunpoint I kind of wish I'd seen this in real time!

Piers Morgan Debate on War Descends Into Chaos Over Sex and Dildos..

Best line goes to....the Muslim!

“This man is being more slippery than the lubricants that he sells in his daughter’s sex shop,” Hijab said of Shmuley. “And that’s the reality of the situation.”

Truly "Must See" TV!



Yes....under Progressive Thermodynamics it's much better to turn hydrocarbons into electricity and then turn the electricity back into heat....

Heating Homes With Natural Gas Is More Than 40% Cheaper Than Electricity: US EIA

Follow the science!



I can't wait until he's welcomed into the Democratic Party.....

THE END OF THE FABULIST: New resolution filed to expel Santos from Congress..

All of this folderol could have been avoided it he'd just been a "war hero" like Senator Blumenthal or perhaps set his political sights a little lower and run for the New York City council like that "Central Park Five" chap!


Individual Juan....err...I mean jeff pelline hardest hit!

Trans Activist Owner Of Miss Universe Pageant Goes Bankrupt One Year After Purchase


Scott O

This shit just gets worse and worse. I remember reading about how the local authorities had stumbled onto this illegal biolab in Reedley CA. I wondered what the heck was going on and heard no more about it until I saw this article. As Gomer Pyle would say:
"surprise, surprise, surprise!"
So the CCP has their people "helping" us in the CDC.
Just remember - there is no deep state.

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