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01 December 2023



I vaguely recall stories from the not too distant past of Kalifornians moving (perhaps it was Arizona) professing dislike of Kali's politics but voting Kali-lite in local elections.

Scott O

I've heard general rumors of ex-Kalis not being treated well in Idaho, but my wife and I have personally never actually encountered any of it, nor have I heard anyone say they had an unpleasant experience related to coming from CA. You are advised by RE agents to ditch the CA plates as soon as possible. I really don't think much of the R party here in general. There are some good ones, but Simpson is just a Romney-type of mushy conservative. He loves fed money anytime it will advance his ability to hold onto his seat. Also he was a big supporter of Larry Craig even after Craig was found to be using campaign funds to try to overturn his conviction. It's a conservative state, but there are a lot of Mormons here and I see now why Utah elected Romney. Being "nice" seems to trump being conservative if it comes down to one or the other.
Still - living here comes with the knowledge that your tax money isn't being lit on fire to amuse the Dems or flushed down the latest left-wing insanity toilet.
Here's a related article from yesterday in the news:

Hans Inderschmitten

As long as you drive a pickup with 2nd Amendment and Trump 2020 bumper stickers you will be fine. A big American flag stuck in a stake pocket of the bed won't hurt either 😂

Scott O

re HI 7:07 - I'm always amused by people commenting on an area they know little or nothing about.
A co-worker of mine was fretting about his wife flying to Dallas to pick up a car he had bought off of e-bay. She was Samoan/Black. He was worried about the KKK or a red neck trooper accosting her. Needless to say, he "knew" all about the South from CNN and the NYTs. I assured him that she wouldn't find the KKK even if she went looking for it and if she was pulled over (she was, by his own admission, a lead foot) there was a good chance he or she would be Black.
My co-worker was clearly astonished at such news. Wasn't he being told on a daily basis that race relations from the 60s hadn't improved at all?

Hans Inderschmitten

re SO 0807

Yes, that is probably so. I think Germany and Germans suffer from the same negative perceptions.

Nazis, Holocaust, Fascism. These were in the past, not anywhere near as prevalent today as some headlines make out.

For over a half a century I have heard from people of states other than California complaining about rich Californians buying up trophy ranch properties that the local people wished they could own someday but could not afford at the time some Hollywood actor decided they wanted to play cowboy or be a good old country boy.

The American Red Indians probably felt the same why when all the refugees from the Continent started washing up on their shores.

Recently I saw a preview of a new book about why blacks should consider moving to the South. The author spoke about how back in the 60s the hippies moved into Vermont (as well as Oregon, NorCal, etc.) and changed the political make up of those formerly conservative regions.
There are many blacks in big cities in the North and West who would upset the political balance if they brought their "shithole values" to the southern states.


Scott O

"For over a half a century I have heard from people of states other than California complaining about rich Californians buying up trophy ranch properties that the local people wished they could own someday..."

I've heard the green-eyed whiners complain about people who have more money than they do all my adult life no matter where they live.
Did the locals who SOLD the property for more money than they ever dreamed of complain?

More hilarity:
"There are many blacks in big cities in the North and West who would upset the political balance if they brought their "shithole values" to the southern states."

Most all of the problem cities in the southern states are run by Dems and Blacks. The "shithole" values are already there. Example: businesses are moving out of downtown Dallas to the suburbs and places like Plano nearby because they're trying to get away from the Dems and the left.

Hrothgar Hrothgarssen

Hans Inderschmitten sure sounds like Jeffie.

Hans Inderschmitten

I wonder if George R got his inspiration from RL Crabb's latest drop, "Native Son"?

Scott O

HI 11:59 - You could ask him.

BTW - Hans will soon be getting an angry retort from our own Miss Manners (Paul Emery) about using a fictitious name. Paul is highly principled (just ask him) and will always equally apply his venom against sinning on this blog absolutely no matter whether he agrees with the politics of the sinner or not.
You've been warned!

Don Bessee

Tru dat -

Maher: Trump Is Right that Schools Teach Kids to Hate America, That’s Why Dem Staffers Are Protesting for Hamas



Don Bessee

So the wokester dei faculty are propaganda apratchinicks that stalin would have loved and now -



Scott O

Did Newsom brag about this during his stand-up comedy routine the other night?


From Matt Drudge's boyfriends website-

Santos sharpens attacks after expulsion: 'To hell with this place'...

Threatens to spill dirt on ex-colleagues...

Finally doing some good in congress.....!


"The San Francisco Chronicle will unveil a new, faster operating platform for its article pages this weekend and will end the practice of allowing comments on the vast majority of stories."

Even though the majority of comments regarding any newspaper article is little more than Pelline level dreck, it is interesting to see how the media moves to suppress opinion that runs counter to the approved narrative. Now without any care or reservation at all.

The towering media figure instituting this change....

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Chronicle said it plainly:“Objectivity has got to go.”

So the next time you see anything in the newspaper or see it on the Idiot Box.....have a care.



.....spam folder George.

Individual Juan

Don B,

Bill Mahar is a die hard Jewish state supporter.

Look at an historical map of the Middle East.

The Allied countries created a reservation for homeless Jews after WW2. Where is the country of Palestine?


Individual Juan

The Jews are still fighting religious wars centuries after they killed Jesus.

Bibi wants to deport all Palestinians from what he thinks is his property.

Get off my lawn!


Individual Jeffie blows it big time.

The original modern state of Israel in 1947 was partitioned between Jewish and Palestinians. Jews primarily owned the Jewish areas.

The outrage of their Moslem neighbors was signaled by a call to arms and Moslems within the boundaries of Israel were told to evacuate Israel so the wrath could be complete... we'll push the Jews into the sea.

Bad move. In peace talks afterwards, they wanted to go back to the original plan, which has been the call after just about every war since.

Palestine or Gaza was theirs entirely, and they chose Hamas to rule over them nearly 20 years ago. Another Bad Move. Neither Jordan nor Egypt want the Gazans whose options appear limited if they can't figure out how to live in Gaza without occasional raiding parties into Israel for babes to gang rape.

There is a large minority of moslems living legally and peacefully in Israel now, Jeff. There is no movement to deport them.

Individual Juan

Thanks Greggie,

By deport I mean bombing the people of Gaza into homelessness and now wanting to push the refugees out of where they are now, preferably into another country.


How could you confuse "deport" with "bombing", Jeff? Is that how you won all those awards in journalism that we hear about?

The Gazans could end the problems NOW by stopping the hostilities NOW. Returning all hostages. Surrendering. Behaving.

There were lots of Nazis in Dresden, too.

Scott O

re fishy 6:43 - See the results of the modern news system in the 3 recent posts by Lonely Juanita. Israel is a "reservation for homeless Jews"? Good grief.
Even better - "The Jews are still fighting religious wars centuries after they killed Jesus."
If Jesus came back today in this country, the feds would kill him.


Posted by: Scott O | 04 December 2023 at 12:19 PM

I suppose. Going after jeffy in any of his various posting guises used to be entertaining. Now its just sad!


I didn't see my 1112a as going after Jeff P... it was about correcting the record on Israel and Gaza.


Posted by: Gregory | 04 December 2023 at 01:38 PM

I didn't see my 1112a as going after Jeff P... it was about correcting the record on Israel and Gaza.

Leading with, “Individual Jeffie blows it big time” made that abundantly clear*.

*Or does sarcasm elude me yet again?


If Jeffie hadn't blown it big time, there would have been nothing to correct.

The Estonian Fox

One step closer to justice. Hope he pays out a ton of money for lawyers. And gets all 5 felony counts for his next Oscar or Emmy.

Jussie Smollett loses appeal:

Hate crime hoaxing actor Jussie Smollett on Friday lost the appeal of his guilty verdict for staging an infamous hate crime back in the winter of 2019. During his 2021 trial and in the face of evidence and witness testimony that showed otherwise, Smollett maintained that “there was no hoax.” A jury found Smollett guilty on five felony counts of disorderly conduct, for which he was sentenced to 150 days in jail, 30 months probation, ordered to pay $120,106 in restitution for police resources spent on the faux crime, and a $25,000 fine.

Smollett’s legal team promised to appeal the decision to the state’s supreme court.


Scott O

further re fishy 6:43 - My wife and I complete the WaPo crossword almost daily and I notice the little click-bait blurbs off to the right on the screen.
Example for today:
"Opinion: A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending."
"Analysis: The fear of a looming Trump dictatorship."

That's right - 2 distinct items both declaring a "Trump Dictatorship" as an actual fact.

I think the left and the Dems are pretty near jumping the shark (politically speaking) if they haven't already. Their audience is so brain-dead, it's hard to know what would jolt them awake to the fact that the news media is frantically blowing spittle as they spew the most ridiculous nonsense ever. Ever. Nothing in our country's political history comes close to this.

Now I really want a Trump victory - just for the sole reason of watching heads explode on the left. Really don't care what he does in office. He couldn't possibly screw things up worse than the Obama Admin Redux via President Brainstem.

Scott O

E Fox 4:57 - "One step closer to justice."
Well - yes.
Although it's the absolute tiniest nano-step imaginable.
Once the 2 paid stooges fessed up, there wasn't anyone in the world except Jussie that believed the story. The fact that an actual judge allowed to sit on the bench made it a 2 for 3 decision when all 3 judges should have just told his lawyers to go waste someone else' time, is quite disturbing.


Posted by: Scott O | 04 December 2023 at 05:03 PM

Example for today:

"Opinion: A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending."


"Analysis: The fear of a looming Trump dictatorship."

When I think about what Trump has done for the left I'm floored.....all those CNN talking heads got to keep making mortgage payments for four more years, Dems got to fundraise like fiends.....won't you give generously to help rid us of the Orange Menace?....and in our own back yard a frightened little old man found the strength to go on...and on...and on...!

Trump is there nothing he can't do?

Scott O

fh 5:22 - "Trump is there nothing he can't do?"
He's even got the RINO never-Trumpers in on the madcaps!
Liz Cheney:
"there’s no question’ Trump would refuse to leave office if elected again"
Wait - she's just getting her fear-freak on:
"...a vote for him "may mean the last election that you ever get to vote in."
EVER!! - Not even the local school board election!
Pretty soon they'll be telling us the earth will stop rotating if Trump is elected.

Trump! Is there nothing he can't do??!!

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