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26 March 2024



Wheee! Clean litterbox!

Global warming, universal requirements for vaccinations. Pride giving children access to genital vivisectioning.


fish ole'

I'll take Desperately Mentally Ill for $800 Alex.....

Trans man transitioned, detransitioned then transitioned again...



In an earlier time, that fellow would be a happy butch lesbian without an addiction to 'script testosterone.

Don Bessee

The reality checks keep pilling up -



Don Bessee

Another day in creepy grampa joe land -


Biden claims he took train over Francis Scott Key Bridge 'many, many times' - despite there being no rail lines.mp4
President Biden falsely claimed he had taken a commuter rail over the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland "many many times" even though it did not have any rail lines.



Don Bessee

Screw the citizens, they never did this for vets or other Americans &$)@&$ that gov, spend the money on deportations -

On Tuesday, commentator Howie Carr posted a long list of freebies that the state is handing to illegals. His list is extensive and includes costs for housing, food, clothing, rent, and many more expenditures.

Carr’s list includes $150 per day for each illegal staying in a free hotel room, $64 per day in meal costs per person, free medical care, dry cleaning, housekeeping, free Ipads, cell phones, chargers, clothing, diapers, baby supplies, car seats, education, legal services, and many, many other line items.

Hochul is suffering from a transparency problem, though. The questions over where all the money is going is a serious one. Recently, the Boston Herald asked the state to supply a full accounting of where all the money is going.



Gregory from previous sandbox: "Regarding the upcoming Pride daze... how many Nevada City parents are proud for their children to undergo sterilization as a teenager? As a young adult?"

I want a new drug
One that won't give me fits
It'll grow me long blonde hair
Make me grow, great big tits

I want a new drug
One that makes me a chick
One that won't make my hair fall out
Or make my waist too thick

One that won't make me crazy
Wondering what to do
One that makes my pronouns change to something that's brand new.
When I'm alone with you

Individual Juan

A politician who is in court partly because he cheated on his wife while she was pregnant and was also accused of groping and grabbing a woman by her pussy in a store and then defaming her is now hawking the "God Bless the USA" edition Holy Bible for profit and to pay lawyer fees for those who are defending him against his sins.

Of course MAGA loons will lap this swill up.

You cannot make this stuff up.

Individual Juan

George, it's a free country and businesses can do what they want as far as hiring or firing their employees.
Why would a mainstream news network like NBC consider hiring an election denier who shills for Donald Trump in his attempts to steal the election like Ronna McDaniels?
She obviously doesn't have a problem repeating conspiracy theories and fake news.
She calls it taking one for the team.

NBC should have a variety of voices of different political persuasions on their shows, just not a lying MAGA shill.

Any so-called RINO Republican who is despised by Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gates, Josh Hawley, and the freedom caucus would be acceptable in my book.

fish ole'

Posted by: Individual Juan | 27 March 2024 at 07:33 AM

You cannot make this stuff up.

I heard Joe Biden took Amtrak across the Francis Scott Key Bridge every day for a decade. Did you know his son Beau died on that bridge?

Scott O

"George, it's a free country and businesses can do what they want as far as hiring or firing their employees."

Sure - ask anyone in HR. They can do whatever they want.

Actually - that wasn't even George's point, but whatever lie you can think of to try to deflect from the issue is quite amusing.

fish ole'

Talk about not being able to make this stuff up......

Biden Vows To Fight Ban On Pride Flags At US Embassies After Signing It

Joe Biden was apparently fooled into signing into law a ban on flying gay pride flags at American embassies, with his administration vowing to fight the measure despite his signature approving it.

Did you know that his son Beau died fighting for the Pride flag.....?



NBC did hire lying CIA assholes to spread BS to throw an election. And Jeff lapped that up.

BSNBC has been running a brainwashing operation for years.

Scott O

re the provision in the spending bill to authorize US embassies to only fly the American flag:

It is immediately viewed by the left as an "attack" against the alphabet people.
"You agree with me or you're attacking me!"
Childish twaddle.

Scott O

I think the US military will end up killing more civilians than the IDF.
This is our vaunted military who will protect us from our enemies!
"Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh has noted there have been recent instances of parachute malfunctions when delivering the aid."
Yes - but...
Were the pronouns correct?


"She obviously doesn't have a problem repeating conspiracy theories and fake news."


You got quotes backing that up?


I was reading Der Union this morning and laughing about the front page. Lotsa non-profit talk and general useless handwaving by county government.

Also, I was reading a science article about butterflies let loose on an island that had parasitic wasps that had parasitic wasps

This gives me a can't-miss idea. A useless non-profit that gets grants from useless non-profits.

I mean, seriously, this is a good plan.

Individual Juan

GOPMAGA includes what is important to them in the spending bill... banning pride flags is much more important than balancing the budget, funding Ukraine or passing a border bill.


jeffie...and putting meat on the bones of your claims is not important to you. Got it.

I didn't expect you'd rise to the occasion.


Now that Jeff is here... perhaps he'd expound on his son's preparation at the Gates high school in town. I was concerned that the last two years of his class were shortchanged by Gidotti. Were they?

fish ole'

Todays phrase that pays......!

Houston Mayor John Whitmire says city is 'broke' after decades of overspending that has stopped them from being able to pay firefighters

'I think we can all agree that we're broke,' Whitmire said, before proposing the planned cuts.

Not to worry....I'm sure President Brainstem will be right there to bail them out like he did earlier with Illinois!



In the case of Houston, I would suggest a temporary sales tax increase to pay for _fill_in_the_blank_.

Yer tax dollars at work is always a fun topic anyhow.




Individual Juan

"Famed pilot Charles Lindbergh argued strongly for isolationism as a leading member of the America First Committee in 1940 and 1941. Other prominent Americans, such as former President Herbert Hoover, were also proponents of isolationism. One of the largest anti-war organizations in U.S. history, the committee dissolved 3 days after the Japanese attack in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941."

"America First", sound quite MAGA

And we were bombed at Pearl Harbor.




Indy Jeff

You just can't stand still and answer rational questions, can you?

Scott O


"And we were bombed at Pearl Harbor."

Idiot Juanita just found out.


It hasn't been covered by MSNBC recently.

Don Bessee

The dark lord of the former liberal lament land needs an editor -

sound quite MAGA should be sounds quite MAGA ROFLOL -


Don Bessee

Still not ready for prime time -



fish ole'

Posted by: Individual Juan | 27 March 2024 at 04:06 PM

And we were bombed at Pearl Harbor.

Did you know that his son Beau died fighting at Pearl Harbor.....?

The Estonian Fox

scenes @ 03:39 PM

Looking at the Nevada County salaries/benefits - I thought that women were only paid 80% of men's salaries. Half of the 36 highest paid folks are women. Or have women's names. A shame the 80% rule doesn't apply to Cali/Nevada - might save some money.

If there were only some way to get competition to the county govt.- maybe salaries would come down.

fish ole'

....and in Gregory news!

Stanford Professor Behind California's New Equity-Focused Math Curriculum Accused of Bogus Citations

That's so gay.....Claudine Gay specifically....that is!



Jo Boaler is a mathematical ZERO.

Don Bessee

Kiss their ass and they will come and gobble up a ton of money, after the nonprof exec directors get their cuts. DUH




EF@5:30 "Looking at the Nevada County salaries/benefits - I thought that women were only paid 80% of men's salaries. Half of the 36 highest paid folks are women. "

Judging from local radio, every single manager and talking head from county .gov is female. I'd have to guess that their hiring and advancement has been predicated on gender for some time. I admit that I'd probably prefer an emergency services exec to be a grizzled old dude who has seen it all instead of County Barbie with uptalk, but it's mostly about meetings and reports and stakeholders and whatnot anyway. The money in a grant-based world has to go somewhere and it might as well be the current recipients.

Dunno if government will be the last holdout of humanity, including make-work, or if GPT-GOV will be a thing real soon.


EF: "If there were only some way to get competition to the county govt.- maybe salaries would come down."

There's always been outsourcing, but you just end up with the office in charge of outsourcing spending as much money as the outsourcing itself, plus the outsourcing goes to your special friends. Twas always thus.

Over time, I can't imagine a government that doesn't become wealthy on the backs of it's citizens. The combination of monopoly and threat of force will, over time, always lead to the same results, good deeds or not. There's a reason the GULAG camp commanders could live in luxury, Venetian Doges had good art collections, the Clinton are sittin' pretty, and it wasn't from running a successful plumbing supply business.

I've always admired the local government wage ratchet that has happened in my lifetime. (1) We need job guarantees because we don't make much. (2) We need better benefits because we don't make much. (3) We need good wage-based pensions because we don't make much and we are selfless servants (4) We need high wages to attract 'talent' (which brings up the pensions, naturally). On the Left there's the knee-jerk reaction to the goodness of anything 'union', on the Right a certain amount of automatic praise of anything public safety oriented.

It's all good.


re: DB@9:40PM Sacramento government + Homeless = disaster.

Oh well. Now that they are a Transgender Sanctuary City


all will be good. Surgery and drugs for kids is the hobby of 'health' officials and hobbyist crazy moms (and, like they say, 'A transgender 4 year old is like a vegan cat. We all know who's making the lifestyle choices') and the effect on society certainly can't be any worse than the Black Plague or an asteroid strike.

I'm rather hoping for a full-on Pride Parade locally. There's something missing in any California polis that lacks men in chaps, activist 6th grade teachers leading their class with signs, overweight drag queens with prosthetic breasts, and cheering mommies holding up their children to watch the show. There really isn't enough absurdity in life, so I'm all for more of it.

fish ole'

So disappointed in our resident C-lyin....

Dem special election blowout in ALABAMA!
MAGA loses again...
Underscores abortion threat...
ANOTHER house seat flips...

There's all this on Drudge and he can't be bothered to drop by and gloat?

.....not a world I want to live in!

fish ole'

A bit of edifying sanity re Baltimore......

"This deserves a bit more because frankly, I'm getting tired of the nuts.

Indeed this might get added to my FAQ here (go see the section on "Troofers" for what happens if you run that garbage on my forum, whether in the comment section or otherwise) because it is getting about that stupid.

Let's talk a bit about boat handling, especially single-screw vessels. Most props (unless you have twins) are what are called "right hand" screws. When going ahead the torque effect and the rotation of the water column coming off the screw tend to move the stern of the ship to starboard, and since the vessel only has applied moment (force) at the stern this means if the stern goes starboard the bow goes to port. Each vessel has an "effective" pivot center; exactly where it is varies, but it is not in the center of the vessel length-wise. With an outboard it is often at or right near the transom, which can make close-quarter handling quite a mess in snotty conditions at low speed. Gigabite, which was a Hatteras 45' Sportfish, pivoted at around her engine locations, which was roughly 10-15' or so from the transom (she had twin Detroit diesels.)

A twin engine vessel has one RH and one LH screw, and with both engaged she will track more or less straight because the two torque and rotation of the water columns cancel each other out. But a single-screw vessel does not. The other factor is that as way increases the water flow over the keel tends to keep her going in a straight line.

Further, the rudder gets most of its authority -- that is, the ability to steer -- from the blast of the prop which is directly in front of it, and at lower speeds through the water it has almost zero authority without the screw turning. Note that the speed over ground does not account for current and the current is almost-never exactly aligned with your direction of travel, so it always, when it is present, attempts to destabilize the path of your vessel. In harbors and similar tidal flow is the primary cause of said currents and of course they shift depending on whether you have a rising or falling tide and exactly where you are. In some cases this can be quite-treacherous, especially if you get other than straight on with or against it; someone who was a dockmate of mine with a sailboat attempted to abort running Destin Pass with friends on board (that was stupid, by the way), got sideways and the boat was knocked down and dismasted. That was a 40 footer too -- not a little rowboat. Fortunately nobody was killed and the boat did not sink but two were ejected and had to swim to the jetties.

It is clear that the power went off on the vessel. Why it went off remains to be determined but that it did, and that the emergency generator started when it did, is known because you can see the power go off and then come back on. It then trips a second time, presumably due to an extreme demand (e.g. the skipper attempting a last-ditch use of the bow thruster at full power to keep off the piling.)

Until the power went down the ship was in the channel and on a stable heading. It would have had some starboard rudder dialed in -- in other words, it was not set dead straight forward -- because the normal "walk" of the screw ahead would be to induce a port turn if it was dead straight. When the power goes down that torque and rotational effect disappears and the rudder is now going to try to turn the ship slightly to starboard, and it is locked there with power off. Add to this any current impact if the flow is in any way other than head-on (and as noted it almost never is straight on) and the impact of wind and that the ship began to yaw is not surprising, nor is it surprising it went to starboard.

Without power you now are riding on 100,000 tons of metal (and cargo) traveling at whatever velocity you were at underway which is subject to external forces you cannot counteract. By the time the power comes back up it is likely there was nothing that could be done to prevent the collision but you can bet they tried -- the second power failure made those attempts irrelevant. As you can see from the video when the power comes back again they're within seconds of impact.

Older machinery was not reliant on electrical power to work. My boat had two mechanical diesels operated with cables from the bridge to the engines and transmissions; the transmissions (large ships are typically straight-shaft with no gearbox) were hydraulically operated by a pump driven from the engine. Once started so long as they had fuel, air and lubricating oil they run. The steering gear on my boat was hydraulic but with no booster so again, as long as the hoses and lines were intact and it had fluid in it you could steer but without the screws turning you had very little rudder authority. I also had twin screws so at low speed I could steer without the rudder at all, and frequently did, since I could put one screw in forward and one in reverse, along with varying their speed. I did have, during my time owning Gigabite, an electrical failure. It was not a big deal as it occurred during daytime (at night you obviously have no running lights which is serious); we made port without incident and I fixed it.

Modern emissions requirements make no-electric-required operation impossible. On a modern vessel without electrical power its engine shuts down because it is electronically controlled and the fuel pumps, conditioning equipment for the fuel, any after-treatment of the exhaust and various other required elements all require it, along with mechanical control being insufficiently precise to meet modern emissions standards. While I could operate with no electrical power at all provided the engines were running before the failure occurred this is not true for modern vessels and engines....."

Worth a few minutes of your day!


fish ole'

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Says "I'm Sorry" Ahead Of Fraud Sentencing

It always worked with mommy. Why wouldn't it work with the judge.

....and then we went for ice cream.


fish ole'

Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years for multi-billion dollar FTX fraud

Well...uh okay....probably no ice cream then....

The Estonian Fox

fish ole' @ 09:01 AM

To put SBF in perspective - Joey B is (over)spending $2T+ annually. What if he were only overspending by multi-billions? We'd be treating him to his favorite ice cream cone for having such restraint and consideration for his fellow Americans.

Remember, Beau died defending Ben & Jerry's from the anti-BLT folks.

fish ole'

Posted by: The Estonian Fox | 28 March 2024 at 09:36 AM

Remember, Beau died defending Ben & Jerry's from the anti-BLT folks.

God bless him for his service! I hate anti-BLT folks......after all who doesn't enjoy a delicious BLT?!

fish ole'

FALL FROM GRACE Crypto kingpin Sam Bankman-Fried jailed for 25 years over historic $10bn FTX fraud as he admits ‘my useful life is over’

If by useful you mean shoveling money into the democrat party's maw I'd have to agree!



"Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years for multi-billion dollar FTX fraud"

A separate issue, but I have mixed feelings about prisons for financial fraud. It always seemed to me that there was something more appropriate for punishment.

Truth is, I'll bet you could mostly empty the places by doing something like:

. Let everyone out for use and possession (personal amounts) of drugs. I certainly don't care.
. Public caning/lashing for certain violent crimes rather than jail. I'll bet it would work better. Maybe add in multiple DUI, some drug dealing etc.
. Financial crimes are met with financial penalties. Force people to be poor in perpetuity if appropriate.
. Genuine violent crime goes to jail. As much to keep people off the street as it is punishment.

perhaps alternatives I'm not listing.

I realize how hard it would be (and probably then don't appreciate the magnitude) to redesign something that has organically grown for 100s of years, but use of prisons sure has metastasized.

As a side note, if you have capital punishment, it's on live TV. Nothing creepier than behind-the-scenes official state killing.

fish ole'

Wonder why they'd do this......

Philadelphia Fed Admits US Payrolls Overstated By At Least 800,000

Wonder, wonder, wonder.......?



The rimshot from @12:49PM is a thing I've read elsewhere.

"... but there has been zero job-creation for native born workers since June 2018!"

Aside from Grand Admiral Levine and the men-in-dog-suits-buggerin' luggage-stealin' lipstick-wearin' Energy Department Secretary Brinton, that's really the Biden Administration in a nutshell.



Brinton was never Sec'y. Don't work there no mo.


deputy assistant secretary, I realize that, but too much typing.

Don Bessee

No magnets, nothing to see here move along, MOVE ALONG!

NYC officials defend prepaid debit card program for illegal immigrants: 'There is no free money



Scott O

"There is no free money..."

No sir - ya gotta break federal laws first!

Say - what laws can I break and demand the govt hand me stuff?
Asking for a friend.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe would rather hang out with lizo instead of commiserating with the widow who was killed by 21 time recidivist empowered by soros drone alvin bragg -

Biden skips slain officer's wake for fundraiser where pic with him, Obama and Clinton costs $100K



fish ole'

Here we go again.....

From your local fishwrap....err....newshole!

Lack of affordable housing is the major cause of our homeless crisis.

Capitalism is the major cause of our lack of affordable housing.

Why? Because there is no profit in affordable housing.

I suppose it's inevitable that a guy like Durkin would light in your neck of the woods .....plenty of places to get and be high....not many people around to complain if you are colorful. No "Street Sheet" to sell and certainly very few buyers in "Quainty Town" so the locals see to it that you get to blather in the local rag! I'm guessing that Tom much like our own C-Lyin is oblivious to the scandalous ....ahem ...upcharges associated with government sponsored housing construction. Not sure why Capitalism comes in for a kicking? Tom has probably never seen it in his lifetime! To be sure much like defense contracts there's plenty of "profit" in GovShak projects, it's just spread around a little differently but much of it still finds its way back to the "right" people!*

And for the love of god if you want to be taken even semi-seriously...(can't believe I'm saying this)....lose the headband and get a fucking haircut! It was a stupid look 50 years ago! Now you just look like a fucking retard (I know because I still get to cringe when I see old photos of myself)!

* https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/08/20/homeless-people-los-angeles-la-builds-pricey-koreatown-apartments/1984064001/




Oh well, the homeless industrial complex can be a tough dollar for it's practitioners and needs rather constant PR.

Besides profit opportunities, it also seems to be a source of strong opinions by the least experienced. A tolerably practical person, even given unlimited money, would probably fail at an attempt to 'correct' something like that...and there's probably as many reasons for living on the street as there are people.

No doubt you could try experiments and see if they work.

My own shot at the problem would be to encourage/subsidize the production of trailer parks, there ain't nothin' as cheap to build as that. I'd place them at the Rude Center, adjacent to social services/the sheriff/the jail, and deal with the problem of water in/shit out which any civilized society finds as it's Prime Directive.

If that miserably fails, you just end up with a gravel lot and some hook-ups. No harm, no foul (or not much hopefully).

fish ole'

A discussion on "Happiness"....from the woman whose photo is immediately adjacent to the definition of "Crazy Cat Lady" in the dictionary.

Is it government’s job to make you happy? Some California lawmakers are going to try | Opinion

Stephanie never looks happy!**

And hasn't California gone down this road before when it wanted everybody to feel just dandy about themselves?*

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-esteem

** Crazy Cat Lady: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/708088015277547520/mUU_tVFD_400x400.jpg

Read more at: https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/article287149355.html#storylink=cpy


bwahahaha. That's a beautiful thing. As mentioned earlier on these pages, NC is spending the money where money needs to be spended.


"‘Taking the temperature of the community’: Nevada City approves contract to help identify consensus on war in Gaza"

...and it won't cost a dollar more than $30k ($29,999?). Such a deal.

They appear to have squared the financial circle as the activist 'non-profit' economy continues to heat up.

. Working poor are nailed by ever-increasing sales taxes and inflation.
. Activist city councils are pushed by activist people-with-signs to hire activist non-profit which won't do a lick of good.
. Activist non-profit collects tithe, goes to restaurant in celebration, hangs out at coffee shop with MacBook air, gets nails done.
. Working poor at restaurant, coffee shop, nail salon make a little money. Turn it over to government.

It's the great cycle of life, although you could do a fair amount of fire abatement with the same money.

fish ole'

Improvement Of US-Russia Relations 'Impossible' Under Biden, Ambassador Says

Well sure....not during "Fundraising Season"!*


* https://www.zerohedge.com/political/biden-slammed-partying-lizzo-while-trump-attends-wake-slain-nypd-officer

fish ole'

Well the Nigerians are "just mailing it in" now!

My most recent email....

Do you want to join ILLUMINATI For Riches, Fame, Power, Connections, Influence E.T.C? Contact us now for you to be initiated to become a full member of the IllUMINATI. If you want to know more send us a message now to get your illuminati benefits as a new member……Contact us now REPLY VIA, [email protected]

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5. Influence your brand/business worldwide
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7.A total Lifestyle change
8.Access to Bohemian Grove
9. Booked Appointment with Top Leaders and Top Celebrities in your country.

REPLY VIA, [email protected]
WhatsApp Number: +393509106178

And who the hell uses Hotmail these days?



Team Blue news o' the day.

Duke University researchers help transgender woman, 50, breastfeed her GRANDCHILD using experimental hormone drugs so she could feel what it's like to be a real mom - but critics call it 'frankly disturbing'

. Patient asked docs to help her lactate so she could experience breastfeeding
. Moved to tears by experience which had added benefit of making breasts bigger


When mental health is outlawed, only outlaws will have mental health.

Individual Juan

New HBO movie on how MAGA/QAnon heros are made,




fish ole'

Godspeed Louis Gossett Jr!

Scott O

Idiot Juanita 8:23 - Hilarious! Never listened to Jones, but I'll take your word for it since you seem to know all about it.
Maybe Juanita can show us on the doll where Alex Jones hurt her?

Scott O

fishy 6:12 - "Social Justice As An Art Form"

That means we have to allow for a lot of -
Artistic License!


I've also never bothered with Alex Jones... essentially, Rachel Madnow in drag.

Jeff P, have you ever sat down to watch Maddow? How did you stand it?


A bummer about Lou Gossett. My favorite movie with him starring was Enemy Mine, an offbeat SciFi where he was a pregnant alien reptillian who had to cooperate with Dennis Quaid to survive on an unfriendly planet.

fish ole’

Posted by: Gregory | 29 March 2024 at 12:22 PM

One of those movies I always mean to get to but never do! Maybe this will be the trigger!


It, umm, wasn't very popular. A hit in Russia.

fish ole’

Posted by: Gregory | 29 March 2024 at 12:40 PM

I’ll let you know….

Don Bessee

More woke bullshit from team creepy grampa joe you cannot cancel Easter idiots -



Scott O

fishy 6:42 So - mandated state happiness?

"For another, this is going to be based on real data — not on what Rendon has referred to as “new-age sloppiness.”"

Yessir - roving bands of paid experts will use solar powered happiness meters to get hard data on what makes Kali-proles happy.

What then?

fish ole'

Posted by: Scott O | 29 March 2024 at 04:55 PM

What then?

I can only assume that in a state with a 75 Billion dollar deficit that numerous grants will be written.

Scott O

DB 3:17 - Well, of course!

We can't have those children "establishing a state religion"!

Now - who's gonna be the judge of what constitutes a "religious theme"?


The Estonian Fox

fish ole’ @ 12:28 PM

I was intrigued by the book, then the movie. I started to read the book to my daughter at bedtime. (Did I mention she was 3 y.o.?) Not my brightest idea. Then when the movie came out, I took her there. She was 6. Some folks just don't learn.

Spoiler alert- One scene I liked was when Quaid ('dead', in a body bag, sent up to the mothership) commandeers a small space fighter. Tells the control center to open the bay doors because he's leaving, to go back to the surface. When they are slow to do so, he opens them himself with a shrapnel-overpressure door-opener.

The ending is poignant. Quaid had to recite the lineage, over 100 generations, of Gossett's son, now a small Drac, to be fully accepted into Drac culture.

fish ole'

Posted by: The Estonian Fox | 29 March 2024 at 05:57 PM

I'll see if I can dig it up on the TV that I have with a million channels that I really only use to watch baseball, Star Trek and Big Bang Theory reruns!

Don Bessee

A very bad optic to be rollin with the jillionairs and the likes of lizzo with mass protests and ignoring a casualty on their war on law enforcement and recidivist encouragement DAs -

Never Trumper Bill Kristol lamented the bad optics for Democrats as President Joe Biden chose to go to a multi-million dollar fundraiser in New York City hosted by Hollywood celebrities while former President Donald Trump attended a wake for a young New York City police officer killed on duty.

“An unfortunate day politically for the Democrats,” Kristol posted on X.

“Biden does a fancy NYC fundraiser in the midst of chaotic left-wing street protests–looks like limousine liberalism plus the breakdown of law and order,” he added, referring to mass protests outside of the fundraiser by activists opposing the Biden administration’s support for Israel.

Megyn Kelly noted that even before the fundraiser, Biden chose to spend time on a podcast hosted by another celebrity.

“This is what Joe Biden did today rather than honor Officer Diller at his wake. Before he headed to his $25m campaign fundraiser. You know, Biden the caring, “well-meaning” nice guy. Unlike the evil Trump who spent the day … at the officer’s wake, meeting with his widow & extending condolences to their now-fatherless baby,” she posted on X.



The Estonian Fox

Fresh from the White House news:
Children of the National Guard are prohibited from submitting religious Easter egg designs for the 2024 "Celebrating National Guard Families" art event at the White House.

The flyer for the contest states that an Easter egg design submission "must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements."

So the leftists have eliminated any reference to the most significant holyday of Christendom. Maybe they'll "make up" for it by having an Ilhan Omar Eid-roll the following week, to ensure Islam is not forgotten as one of the founding religions by our white, European country-founders.

Don Bessee

Well that explains creepy grampa joes hard base of 30 percent on varying subjects and the wokesters willingness to pretend that Easter is not a religious high holy day hence the Easter egg ban at the creepy grammpa joes shithouse. Peace and joy be upon you and yours. -

The Daily Signal, citing a Scott Rasmussen National Survey poll, reported Thursday that almost 70 percent of registered voters believe in Jesus’ bodily resurrection, while over 70 percent say they will be celebrating Easter on Sunday.

Respondents were asked whether a series of statements were true or false. They were asked to evaluate whether “the man known to history as Jesus Christ actually existed and walked the earth,” or not.

By a margin of 83% to 5%, voters said they believe that Jesus Christ did in fact exist and walked the earth.

The margin of error for the survey was plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, according to Rasmussen.

In 2023, a WSJ/NORC poll found that the happiest people residing in the United States place greater value on religious belief than those who are unhappy in life, per Breitbart News:

The highest correlation for people saying they are “very happy” is belief in God, with 68 percent of this group declaring belief in God to be “very important” to them. By contrast, among those who are not happy, fewer than half (42 percent) say faith in God is very important to them.

Along with belief in God, the “very happy” overwhelmingly value strong relationships, and about 67 percent say marriage is very important to them, independent of their own marital status, compared with 43 percent of respondents overall.




"The flyer for the contest states that an Easter egg design submission "must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements."

Well, of course not. Can't have that. I notice that the childrens' book authors all toe the party line, but that's probably nothing new for invitees. Can't have too many kid books on Rosa Parks or Ruth Bader Ginsburg or strong wimmen engineers.

My favorite part of the White House website on this Easter Egg 'non political' event is the memory holing going on. Per archive.org, the web page is fairly standardized. Up through the end of the Trump administration, all old event webpages, regardless of administration, are referenced via the web archive. When you hit the Biden administration, they only have links to the events up through Obama. It's as if Trump was never President.

I'll bet if Biden wins again, the official Trump portraits will disappear. It's like chiseling faces off of statues in ancient times.


I mean, seriously, this is genius.

"Biden Proclaims Easter Sunday ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’"

That Western Civilization ain't gonna tear down itself.


James Lindsay on the 'Transgender Day of Visibility'.

"I have a feeling this is going to go really badly for me, but it has to be said. The dynamic must be explained.

Yesterday, on Good Friday, one of the high holy days of the Christian faith, the Biden Administration proclaimed Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024 *specifically* to be a "trans day of visibility." The official White House press release page shows an Easter Bunny by the White House, indicating they are fully aware that they are making this proclamation specifically about Easter Sunday, even though Easter is not specifically mentioned in the proclamation.

This isn't just an insult to the Christian faith, and indeed an intolerable one that proclaims a form of embodied Gnostic theosophy that misleads and destroys kids. It is entirely consistent with Woke Theosophy, as I've discussed elsewhere and may attach here as a thread, but it is more than that. It is also a deliberate provocation against Christians that must be understood.




The target's reaction is your real action.

Co-opting Easter for a trans day disgusts me, and I'm not Christian. Shame on Biden and Company.


re: Gregory@1:10

Ah well. The counter-argument will be that the Transgender Day of Visibility was always on Mar 31 and that Easter isn't always. Naturally, it's all the Rethuglicans and MAGAts raisin' a ruckus.

Lotta trans days though.

Transgender Day of Visibility (Mar 31)
Transgender Empowerment Month (Nov)
Transgender Awareness Week (Nov 11 - 19)
Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov 20)
Transgender History Month (Aug)

and some other stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_LGBT_awareness_periods

fish ole’

Posted by: Gregory | 30 March 2024 at 01:10 PM

Shame on Biden and Company.

They possess no capacity for shame.

Don Bessee

Just one? -




All the transgender surgeries come at the expense of gays and lesbians, and folks signing up for them will be hooked on big pharma for the hormones their new sexual personae require until they die which will not be as long as they'd otherwise have on this Earth.

For shame.

Don Bessee

Nice to see team creepy grampa joe is in lockstep with their fellow travelers in cuba -



Don Bessee

Aw lookie monkey pox are back with a vengeance, so much for safe sex advisories in the gay world -



Don Bessee

And an army of useful idiot wokesters -



Don Bessee

The children at the white house could not keep creepy grampa joe away from his 19 inch sony -

The media coverage of polls that show President Biden lagging behind former President Trump appears to be getting under the president’s skin.



The Estonian Fox

The owners of the ill-fated bridge-destroyer ship DALI have said they will be hard pressed to meet the tuition payments for the rising-sophomore ship at the UC of LA. They have appealed to the president (I believe that's Joe Biden) to cover those costs.

He replied "Like hell I will". Whereupon KJP whispered "it's an election year". To which Joe immediately said "I'ze jus' be kiddin' folks. We gots plenty of cash to cover it."

It's all for the children.

Individual Juan

Trump is getting more and more "out there" with his rants, threats, personal attacks - kind of like Gregory.

I think he needs a psychiatric time out at the funny farm...
...but it could be a scheme to get himself thrown in jail.

That way when he loses, and he knows he will, he will have an excuse...

The Deep State did it!!!

fish ole'

Posted by: Gloria Zane | 01 April 2024 at 01:24 PM

Trump is getting more and more "out there" with his rants, threats, personal attacks - kind of like Gregory.

I think he needs a psychiatric time out at the funny farm...
...but it could be a scheme to get himself thrown in jail.

That way when he loses, and he knows he will, he will have an excuse...

The Deep State did it!!!

Sounds like you and Punchy need another Trump Tickle Party.


"Trump is getting more and more "out there" with his rants, threats, personal attacks - kind of like Gregory."

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff... calm down. It will all be over on Nov 6.

So, what are you doing to make money nowadays?

fish ole'

From Matt Drudges boyfriends website......

The Trump Trials: Calm Before Stormy...

I see references like "babe in arms" and "bonking" in our future.....!

fish ole'


California's Deficit Is $222 Billion And The State Is $1.6 Trillion In Debt

How could a "Straight Shooter" like Gavin J. Nepotism get California into such a pickle? I certainly hope this doesn't impact his aspirations for higher office!


Don Bessee

G man @ 251 well he does have whats left of the kids school fund to get by on....unless he blew that already.


Don Bessee

Come on ya gotta sign these before you get the pudding cup and your nap -

House Speaker Mike Johnson has doubts over whether President Biden fully understood what he was doing when he issued a proclamation declaring March 31, the same day as Easter this year, as Transgender Day of Visibility.

When asked during the White House Easter Egg Roll Monday about Johnson claiming on X that Biden – who is reputed devout Catholic – "betrayed" Easter tenets, the president accused the speaker of being "thoroughly uninformed" before retorting "I didn't do that."

However, the presidential document reads in part "I, Joseph R. Biden Jr… do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024 as Transgender Day of Visibility."

Johnson pointed out out the discrepancy in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity Monday and suggested the controversy is another indication of questions about the president's mental acuity.

"[I]t's highly possible that he doesn't even know what he's signing," he added. "[T]hat might be even more alarming."



fish ole’

"[I]t's highly possible that he doesn't even know what he's signing," he added. "[T]hat might be even more alarming."

Nahh….not more alarming….more entertaining. Like old M. A. S. H. reruns where Henry Blake signs whatever Radar put on the desk in front of him. In one episode he gave a lamb a discharge from the army so it wouldn’t end up as dinner!

A perfect thumbnail for progressivism.

(But I understand why Punchy likes him….)

fish ole

Godspeed Lou Conter!

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