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04 March 2024


Barry Pruett

She is not getting out. The swamp won’t let her.


re: Haley

I hope I can remember, in a year's time, to see what kind of job she gets as a pay-off.

The donors are a pretty obvious bunch. Reid Hoffman (Linked-in, a famously woke company), Charles Koch, buncha hedge fund managers, but it's unobvious how she benefits aside from the bit of ego-boost and the inevitable scoooop off of some money from the campaign into a bank account. There's gotta be a longer term deal that's been made.

Didn't she win DC? The momentum is real. Trump is doomed.

Personally, I figure that winning Washington DC as a Republican is the worst kind of black mark (wait, are you allowed to say that anymore?) against a person.

George Rebane

scenes 1121am - Yes, it's permitted since black marks matter.


re: GR@12:04PM

I'll keep an eye on it here.


Barry Pruett

Furthermore win or lose the swamp won’t let Trump be president again. This year is going to be crazy lit.


The swamp is fearful that Trump will win and sweep into orifice knowing where the levers of power are.

And they should be fearful.

Individual Juan

I don't think Haley needs to formally quit, just stand back and stand by...

Individual Juan

Stock up on your favorite popcorn, it's shaping up to be an entertaining year,

"Steve Bannon’s ‘We Build the Wall’ scheme trial set for May 2024"

Don Bessee

Not even those guys can hide the truth -





Landslide victory in Washington DC! 1274 votes! Rethuglican Trumpanzees Doomed!

BP: " the swamp won’t let Trump be president again"

While I'm lighting a candle for his Revenge Tour (TANNED, RESTED, READY!) I'd sure suggest the man stay clear of any Lincoln Continental convertibles.

Individual Juan

It's not lying about a BJ but it's still lying,

"Weisselberg conceded he knowingly misled investigators about his knowledge of the size of the Trump Tower triplex in order to obtain favorable loans, insurance rates and "other economic benefits," according to Gary Fishman, who presented the perjury case for the Manhattan district attorney's office"

"Ex-Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty to perjury charges"


Indy Jeff
"I don't think Haley needs to formally quit, just stand back and stand by..."

She won't need to stand by.

So, Jeff... is your boy graduating this Spring?

Don Bessee

The chi coms and friends of soros have the same agenda -

“While enjoying his affluent life and connections in Beijing, Singham has poured more than $100 million into organizations driving the protest movement in the United States,” Schweizer details. “According to the chief scientist at Thoughtworks, Martin Fowler, Singham sold the company so he could fund his ‘activist work’: radical pro–Communist Chinese causes.”

Schweizer, citing tax records, found that Singham’s largest financial commitment is to a New York project called The People’s Forum. Two co-executives of The People’s Forum, Claudia De La Cruz and Manolo De Los Santos, are members of the PSL (Party of Socialism and Liberation), whose leader once demanded that party members offer a “militant political defense of the Chinese government.”

Schweizer points out how the PSL uses the trans movement, along with many other Marxist, grievance-based movements to push the dismantling of western values.




A dear in the headlights experience...


She appears to me to be in need of a good cry.

Barry Pruett

"I don't think Haley needs to formally quit, just stand back and stand by..." Pretty sure that’s what the Romney and McCain and Bush/Cheney types are thinking. The vast majority of Republican voters realize that the Democrats were right and we all got played with weapons of mass destruction. It is time to stop these endless wars and global expansionism. Haley represents more wars. Bye Felicia.


Noooooo!!! Ukraine's leader has resigned.


I wonder what deviltry she'll be up to next. These people simply can't leave us alone.


BPruett: "Haley represents more wars."

Which means a lot of potential backing, although President Potato seems pretty good on that one already.

I don't know what the rules are for getting on the general election ballot. What are the chances that Haley is a third party candidate? at least in the few states that matter. Running her beyond expiration date in the Republican races might simply be a marketing move for something else.

As a spoiler for Trump, you could get basically unlimited funding from Woke Corporate America I would think. Stir in a bit of censorship from the internet monopolies, and Bob's yer uncle.


BPruett: "The vast majority of Republican voters realize that the Democrats were right"

I can't remember very many anti-war Democrats at the top of the party, but admit that working-class Republicans used to be the war party.

How times have changed. We'll fight to the last Ukrainian, and maybe even enlarge the situation, with backup from a street army of Saint Floyd's Day rioters, Krazy Kids in Black Outfits, and mentally ill cross-dressing elementary school teachers. It ain't Bill Clinton's party, but then he's been remarkably quiet after a few hundred million in 'talking fees' and whatnot.

fish ole’

This should end well…:

Doritos Just Hired A Self Described Pedophile As A 'Brand Ambassador'

Just glad to see Alissa Heinerscheid back on her feet in the marketing world so quickly!


The Estonian Fox

From a recent BBC review of possible VP choices for Trump-

Former Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has been on an eight-year political journey that took her from the Bernie Sanders left to Donald Trump's doorstep. Now she will be headlining a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser in March.

"This is a man who is a fighter," she said at her CPAC speech on Thursday evening. "His strength and resilience can only come from one place... his sincere love and concern for the future of our country." She also warned of a growing threat to American democracy - but the danger, she argued, came from the left's prosecution of Mr Trump.

The Estonian Fox

As Crocodile Dundee might say: "Now THIS is an insurrection."

"A mass escape from two large prisons. Gunfire exchanged at the central bank, main airport and national soccer stadium. A direct challenge from a powerful gang leader to an unpopular prime minister.

Haiti's long descending spiral of violence appeared to hit new lows in recent days as the country's powerful ("BLACK") gangs led a series of coordinated assaults in what seemed to be an effort to overthrow the authorities."

I'm pretty sure that the leftist Dems never used the word "seemed" to describe our own little attempt of a disagreement at the church social.



"Joe Biden's administration has admitted transporting migrants on secret flights into the U.S. and lawyers for its immigration agencies claim revealing the locations could create national security 'vulnerabilities'.

Customs and Border Protection has refused to disclose information about a program last year secretly arranging flights for thousands of undocumented immigrants from foreign airports directly to U.S. cities.

It means that while record numbers of migrants were flowing over the southern border last year, the Biden White House was also directly transporting them into the country."

Genius. I mean, you just gotta love Democrats.


re: Doritos.

I like the cut of 'Samantha Hudson's' jib, so to speak.

Every time one of our local 'progressives' types a bon mot here, this is essentially the voice I hear it in:


Including the poor dentistry.


What a timeline to be alive in. Nothing beats all this vibrant stuff.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 05 March 2024 at 12:04 PM

A TRIGGER WARNING would have been great for that second link!

Madre de dios!


on Google.


Don Bessee

Sorry creepy grampa joe you are not a dictator -

Afederal district court ruled against the Biden administration in a case involving the Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) and employees' rights to refuse to pay for transgender surgeries, according to a press release from Monday.

"In a victory for religious employers, a federal district court ruled Monday that the Biden administration cannot force non-profit and for-profit religious employers and healthcare providers to violate their religious beliefs by paying for and performing harmful ‘gender transition’ surgeries, procedures, counseling, and treatments,"



Don Bessee

Well that did not last long -

Doritos, a subsidiary of PepsiCo, fired transgender artist Samantha Hudson as a brand ambassador for Spain on Monday after being alerted to a disturbing tweet involving a 12-year-old.



fish ole'

Well I'm sure scenes is just as disappointed as I am regarding this latest development......

Michelle Obama's office says the former first lady 'will not be running for president' in 2024

Damn, damn, DAMN!!

Our quest for entertainment......well....it took a hit today!


Don Bessee

Its amazing the wokesters are surprised by this reality -



Don Bessee

There are reports of robust snowball fights in HELL! -


San Francisco voters are poised to approve ballot Propositions E and F, public safety measures authored by Mayor London Breed that would expand the powers of the San Francisco Police Department and require drug treatment for some welfare recipients.

In early returns, 63% of voters supported Proposition E and 65% supported Proposition F, with roughly 79,000 votes tallied.



Don Bessee

Whoda thunk -

Proposition E grants police greater leeway to pursue suspects in vehicles, authorizes the use of drones and surveillance cameras and reduces paperwork requirements, including in use-of-force cases. Proposition F makes drug treatment mandatory for adult welfare recipients if they use illicit substances, or else they can be denied cash assistance.



The Estonian Fox

George, go with 1)

from Reuters this morn: Nikki Haley is dropping out of the US presidential race following the Super Tuesday primaries.

fish ole’

Buh bye then….

Nikki Haley to drop out of 2024 race, ending challenge against Trump for GOP presidential nomination: sources



"Michelle Obama's office says the former first lady 'will not be running for president' in 2024"

Well, that *is* a bummer.

After all, she did write 'Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community', married a first-rate convincer-of-people, and did some other stuff that I'm not aware of.

Given the mafia that B. Obama is surrounded by, it would probably be the simplest way to go as the same people would keep running things.

It's worth considering the deep Democratic bench when the inevitable Biden shutdown occurs, at the very least he'll swoon from the scent of children. I go back and forth on the matter. Newsom? Grand Admiral Levine? Nuland? (fresh from her good work in the Ukraine). Judging from places like reddit, Olbermann might be just the 'man'.

It's all good. A solipsist would have to be proud of their ability to amuse themselves with this circus.

fish ole'

"White Christian Nationalism" when "Ultra MAGA" just isn't scary enough to rouse your torpid supporters to the polls!

Somebody needs to send the DNC Marketing Department a lovely bouquet of flowers.



Haley, we hardly knew ye.

All boosted on the backs of nothing but some donor fundage of course. It isn't like the woman has an ounce of stage presence.

To be fair, I'd say that the only modern politician with much in the way of an ability to work a crowd seems to be Trump, like him or hate him. He can go out there with a scrap of paper for notes (local football coach name?) and work the crowd for an hour. Amazing.

We've been treated with gracile non-entities for most of my adult life, nothing like the speechifiers of prior eras. Unless they possessed some super-power of backroom politics that I never saw, you have to wonder how a Bush (II especially), Obama, Carter, Biden ever got the gig. Naturally, reading a teleprompter to the camera lens allows you to run a dog for President, perhaps next up in the Age of AI.

If Biden wins again, I'll become convinced that 'Being There' was a documentary, not a movie and novel.


"White Christian Nationalism"

I've noticed that lately. Dunno if it's an organic fear or something that came down from on high.

Naturally, any SCARY stuff hits above it's weight on the internet. All it takes is one vidya and off you go. Pentecostal churches seemed to have peaked in political oomph in the the 1980's, what with Pat Robertson's run and lotsa healing on the tube and what not.

It seems to have peaked along with cable television, but is worth a resurrection as a political tool I guess. It's like how the bad guys are always Russians in modern action-adventure movies. Turn the right knobs and the population will do as you like.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 06 March 2024 at 06:55 AM

Dunno if it's an organic fear or something that came down from on high.

Clearly from "on high"......modern "Americans" are like veal calves......not even smart enough to know of what to be frightened.

.....and so easily distracted.

fish ole'

When all you have left is the pettiness...

MSNBC Cuts Off Trump Victory Speech; Claims It's "Irresponsible" To Broadcast

You'd think they'd want to broadcast it. Trump gets himself in trouble all the time with his mouth!



White Christian Nationalists.

I have yet to meet one. Where are they kept?

I do live in Nevada City, a local address would be good.

fish ole'

It seems America's loss is Italy's.....loss....

If Trump is reelected Americans planning to flee in droves

See psulbot....if you had done as I suggested and got that monkey worked into the act you could have dropped into Italy with a turnkey career. The Organ Grinder holds a dear place in Italian street theater!


Paul Emery

Yesterdays election was great news for the Dems. The Repubs have once again picked Trump for President. He is the biggest Presidential loser in over 100 years and they chose he AGAIN. What a gift to Biden and the Dems. They can cruise on this one cause Trump the loser will come through for them again.

Paul Emery

Yahoo!!!! Trumper Kari Lake is running for the Senate in Arizona.

Don Bessee

Talk about whistling past the graveyard above oh great ponytail of ignorance. Funny you dont want to be on the other thread where you were humiliated badly ROFLOL Thanks shif for brains -



Scott O

"He is the biggest Presidential loser in over 100 years and they chose he(sic) AGAIN."

Let's see - I recall the glee the Dems had the first time around with Trump. What a LOSER!
Boy - Hillary sure showed HE.

Scott O

Gregory 12:01 - "Where are they kept?"

Like all phantoms of the Dem fear machine - "they" are everywhere, incarnating as the outgrowth of the horrible MAGA - yet nowhere as well because to name one would reveal an actual person who is probably quite likable and innocuous.

Obama was a past master of the game. Constantly conjuring up "them". "They" would do and say all manner of racist and hateful deeds and words.
Some how the poor man could never seem to come up with an actual quote from an actual person.

It plays well with the idiots and the ill-informed.

Paul Emery

Hillary was his only win Scott. In just four years he lost the Presidency, House and Senate. Now that's a loser.

Paul Emery

Here's an examp;e of what a loser Trump is. Here's some quotes from his choice for Governor of North Carolina

"On Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson won the GOP primary to become his party’s nominee for North Carolina governor, presumably with the help of female voters.

But just four years ago, Robinson invoked a bizarre hypothetical in which he said he’d “absolutely” like to return to the days when the 19th Amendment didn’t exist ― when women didn’t have the right to vote.

“I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,” Robinson said in a newly resurfaced video of his remarks at a March 2020 event hosted by the Republican Women of Pitt County."



Paul Emery

Here's another quote from Trump about his choice for North Carolina Governor Mark Robinson:

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Former President Donald Trump likened North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson to Martin Luther King Jr. in an endorsement Saturday, despite the gubernatorial candidate’s long history of controversial comments about homosexuality, religion and victims of sexual abuse.

“This is Martin Luther King on steroids,” Trump said of Robinson at a pre-Super Tuesday rally in North Carolina.

“I told that to Mark. I said, I think you’re better than Martin Luther King. I think you are Martin Luther King times two,” he continued as he offered Robinson his endorsement in the Republican gubernatorial primary on Tuesday.


Don Bessee

The po ol ponytail of ignorance is such a good putin party parrot! ROFLOL


Don Bessee

Gotta love dat bienomics -

"You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until that $20 an hour minimum wage in California kicks in," another X user predicted.

Five Guys' prices sparks outrage after $24 receipt goes viral: 'Highway robbery'



Scott O

OK, Paul - you just keep chanting that over and over and over...

As you go to sleep each night and every morning as you wake up - Trump is a loser, Trump is a loser...

Paul thinks about Trump more of the time than all the rest of here combined - and then some.


Don Bessee

I am sure that the ponytail of ignorance agrees with this -

John Kerry says people would 'feel better' about the Ukraine war if Russia would reduce emissions
'I believe that Russia has the ability to be able to make enormous changes if it really wanted to'



fish ole’

Crazy cat lady writes a mostly happy article about the soon to be greasiest Senator….!



A bit of sanity from a California city. Go figure.

"Voters in Huntington Beach approved a measure this week that limits what flags can fly on city property.

Measure B passed with more than 58% of the vote following Tuesday’s polling, according to the Orange County Registrar of Voters election results.

Part of the measure states that only the United States flag, the State of California flag, the County of Orange flag, the City of Huntington Beach flag, the POW-MIA flag, the six Armed Forces flags and the Olympic flag during the Summer Olympic Games be displayed on City property."



Just in case Señor Crabb stops by to seethe at the MAGAts, I thought I'd drop this web article off. Interesting.


fish ole'

So what are we going for this evening during the State of the Union? Biden as heavily sedated John Gill behind the microphone from the old Star Trek series or a static photo of Joe Biden with a moving mouth superimposed ala the Conan O'Brien show?


to fishman.

Twitter can explain a lot.





At least I would hope they put Biden on a remotely-controlled Segway.

No need to move the mouth, they can fix it in post.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 07 March 2024 at 08:03 AM

At least I would hope they put Biden on a remotely-controlled Segway.

I usually hate playing the "oneupmanship" game but how about the Captain Pike (again TOS) in his "wheelchair"?

Too much?



"Too much?"

Beep beep.

Don Bessee

Still the truth -

State of the Union: Bill Clinton warned about immigration overwhelming 'every place' in America back in 1995
In 1995, Clinton said he would crack down on illegal crossings and deport migrants who have commited crimes



fish ole'

So if "Bidenomics" is so great why a reset....

EXCLUSIVE: Biden plans feisty economic reset...

"Feisty" or not?


Don Bessee

Clearance sale in denver FREE VENEZUALEN GANG BANGERS take 2 they are small -



Don Bessee

Excellent, one less hypocritical commie in congress. She had to resign congress to run for senator -

Katie Porter blames billionaires, campaign 'lies' in concession speech even though big donors backed her



Don Bessee

You go girl!



Don Bessee

The good thing is that they wont listen! -

CNN panelist hammers MSNBC hosts mocking voters' border concerns: 'In-kind contribution' to Trump
Doug Heye argued that if journalists think they can laugh off the border, they were in for four more years of Trump



fish ole'

Ugh...."Old Man Yelling at Cloud" on drudge all morning! Didn't watch.....like getting two hours of your life back!


fish ole'

Court scribe doing what court scribe does.....

Watch: MSNBC Declares America "Could Be A Dictatorship Next Year"

I have no doubt that when Biden is "re-elected" the government will be increasingly dictatorial.

Never trust a "historian" who fawns over politicians.


fish ole'

Indeed.....leaving the wax figure that is the "president" too long under the Klieg lights could really be embarrassing.....

Extreme efforts to make Biden look young during campaign could backfire...

He could wind up all melty.....Maxine Waters melty......the DNC doesn't need that!


fish ole'

Two words for Stormy......psul Emery....!

Stormy Daniels Documentary Revealed: 'I Hit Rock Bottom'...

He'd never give you up....never let you down....!



lol. Now this is a sweet happening.

"California proposes zero down, no payment home 'loans' for illegal immigrants"



Speaking of "sweet"....how bout some more of that sweet, sweet semiconductor fab shakedown grift....

DEI killed the CHIPS Act

Commentators have noted that CHIPS and Science Act money has been sluggish. What they haven’t noticed is that it’s because the CHIPS Act is so loaded with DEI pork that it can’t move.

The law contains 19 sections aimed at helping minority groups, including one creating a Chief Diversity Officer at the National Science Foundation, and several prioritizing scientific cooperation with what it calls “minority-serving institutions.” A section called “Opportunity and Inclusion” instructs the Department of Commerce to work with minority-owned businesses and make sure chipmakers “increase the participation of economically disadvantaged individuals in the semiconductor workforce.”

The department interprets that as license to diversify. Its factsheet asserts that diversity is “critical to strengthening the U.S. semiconductor ecosystem,” adding, “Critically, this must include significant investments to create opportunities for Americans from historically underserved communities.”

The department does not call speed critical, even though the impetus for the CHIPS Act is that 90 percent of the world’s advanced microchips are made in Taiwan, which China is preparing to annex by 2027, maybe even 2025.

Handouts abound. There’s plenty for the left—requirements that chipmakers submit detailed plans to educate, employ, and train lots of women and people of color, as well as “justice-involved individuals,” more commonly known as ex-cons. There’s plenty for the right—veterans and members of rural communities find their way into the typical DEI definition of minorities. There’s even plenty for the planet: Arizona Democrats just bragged they’ve won $15 million in CHIPS funding for an ASU project fighting climate change.

and ....

That project is going better for Arizona than the actual chips part of the CHIPS Act. Because equity is so critical, the makers of humanity’s most complex technology must rely on local labor and apprentices from all those underrepresented groups, as TSMC discovered to its dismay.
Tired of delays at its first fab, the company flew in 500 employees from Taiwan. This angered local workers, since the implication was that they weren’t skilled enough. With CHIPS grants at risk, TSMC caved in December, agreeing to rely on those workers and invest more in training them. A month later, it postponed its second Arizona fab.

Now TSMC has revealed plans to build a second fab in Japan. Its first, which broke ground in 2021, is about to begin production. TSMC has learned that when the Japanese promise money, they actually give it, and they allow it to use competent workers. TSMC is also sampling Germany’s chip subsidies, as is Intel.

....and the money quote....

Intel is also building fabs in Poland and Israel, which means it would rather risk Russian aggression and Hamas rockets over dealing with America’s DEI regime. Samsung is pivoting toward making its South Korean homeland the semiconductor superpower after Taiwan falls.

In short, the world’s best chipmakers are tired of being pawns in the CHIPS Act’s political games. They’ve quietly given up on America. Intel must know the coming grants are election-year stunts — mere statements of intent that will not be followed up. Even after due diligence and final agreements, the funds will only be released in dribs and drabs as recipients prove they’re jumping through the appropriate hoops.

For instance, chipmakers have to make sure they hire plenty of female construction workers, even though less than 10 percent of U.S. construction workers are women. They also have to ensure childcare for the female construction workers and engineers who don’t exist yet. They have to remove degree requirements and set “diverse hiring slate policies,” which sounds like code for quotas. They must create plans to do all this with “close and ongoing coordination with on-the-ground stakeholders.”


fish ole'

Yes, yes, yes.....!

Macron: West may need to save Ukraine if Russia makes breakthrough

On military and geopolitical matters I always defer to a guy with an annual $30,000 makeup budget!



re: fishola

Thanks for The Hill article. There's nothing like a bunch of DEI insanity to freshen up a Friday. It treated me to original sources like this:




which are both filled with right proper newspeak and many opportunities for profit. There is a Ferengi Rule of Acquisition or two built into these government policy documents.

Don Bessee

Can they get their fucking priorities in order, PLESAE GOD! =

Calls for developing the capability to reload VLS cells at sea is not new. And the attention of the secretary of the Navy dates back to a major speech given at Columbia University in December 2022. The secretary’s attention clearly underscores the importance placed on developing it. Yet progress seems stalled.

It’s time Congress steps in and gets answers to help the Navy get what it needs to develop this critical capability. Perhaps some of the needed money could be spared from the $114.7 million requested in the current defense budget for diversity, equity and inclusion activities.

The nation cannot afford to learn the importance of having VLS rearming at sea after a major war in Asia begins. As the secretary has stated, “history is forged in the crucible of action, not the comfort of hindsight.”



Don Bessee

Those MUTHA &&**((ers lay that one at the feet of creepy grampa joe and the socialist dems -



Scott O

"We're from the US govt and we're here to help"!

"Faulty US Aid Drop Kills At Least 5 Palestinians In Gaza City"

I'm sure at least ten times that number died being trampled on in the ensuing stampede.
Don't remember any of this when Trump was POTUS but at least the Palestinians don't have to put up with mean tweets.

fish ole'

The only "mourning" Shotgun Joey will be doing is when he finds out that he's not getting a bump in the polls from his hamfisted pandering!

Biden mourns nonbinary teen who 'just wanted to be accepted'...

But I get why Punchy likes him......


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