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24 March 2024



To even mention the Frankfurt School is to breathe life into Marx's otherwise lifeless corpse.


Note where Paolo Friere is listed... the very end. We all go to Frierien Schools now.


Individual Juan

So sad,

The Wall St. Journal is dying.


Everything alive is dying, except perhaps Indy Jeff.

Don Bessee

Mental illness seems to drive the most extreme sacred cows like global warming and trans idol worship -

The protocol claimed that the effects of puberty-blocking drugs given to children as young as 12 years old were reversible. Yet, the French report said that this was not trustworthy, given that it was only based on the observation of 54 patients and was funded, in part, by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a firm which produces puberty-blocking drugs.

Conversely, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom have all begun to restrict the use of puberty blockers given their side effects and often life-long impacts, which the report said indicated that the world is at a “turning point” on transgenderism.

Senator Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio, who led the study, went on to warn that there is “wokism in all of this,” telling Valleurs Actuelles on Friday: “When we realize that certain health professionals or researchers no longer talk about men and women, that they have completely appropriated the woke dialectic by talking about sex assigned at birth, it’s scary. I say to myself, we have to stop with these delusions.”

Concluding the report, the Les Républicains senator wrote: “Ultimately, there is every reason to believe that youth gender transition will be considered one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine. An ethical scandal approved by the medical profession, schools, universities, media and policies.”



Don Bessee

OH YA thats going to leave a mark and is a trend that is going to accelerate especially given the invasion at the southern front -




"Everything alive is dying, except perhaps Indy Jeff."

Fine with me (I assume that the reference is to the WSJ's declining web visits).

Journalism is essentially 100% feelz-based by online activists anymore, short-form writing by kids (or bots) in most cases, so it's fine that it dies. It's not like the institution has a particularly long history. The Penny Saver of the Foothills will just depend on puff pieces written by volunteers and those completely unbiased screed writers like Cheryl Cook.

What I should do is buy old magazines when they're available. Writers in the 1960s and before could actually be competent people. It always seemed to me that the downfall happened even before the mass market internet, perhaps sometime in the 1980s.

Lacking gatekeepers, maybe the opinion and news landscape will really improve over time, you just have to be picky. Youtube is an example where amateurs (turned professional sometimes) can produce programming superior to 'experts'.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 25 March 2024 at 07:05 AM

I think you're being rather too cavalier about this.....to receive "news' not curated by someone with at least a Masters Degree is simply too horrible to contemplate.



For all I know, part of a 'Masters' degree is to encourage you to actually go to city council meetings, talk to business owners, hassle police chiefs or NID execs, rather than power-eat snacks and type "TRUMP, OBESE HITLER OR RAPIST MUSSOLINI? YOU CHOOSE."

Scott O

"Lacking gatekeepers, maybe the opinion and news landscape will really improve over time..."

But wasn't that the whole point of what Musk exposed when he bought the Blue Bird? We found out the extent of what had been going on behind the scenes to set up a gate-keeping operation.
Sure - at the time it was somewhat limited and ad-hoc to protect the blob from the ooze that had seeped out under the tent via Hunter's laptop.
And, of course, the massive fraud of Operation Covid.
But a much better operation is currently in full swing in China - Canada and the UK are playing catch-up as fast as they can. It's more fragmented in this country as the major networks are not run (directly) by the feds but boy howdy, the cross pollination between the folks at the top in the networks and the fed govt is an amazing thing to see. There is already an open push to discredit the many independent journos on the interweb as "not serious" or "not credentialed" while at the same time we see a push for tax dollars to go directly to a few "approved" news outlets in order to "protect Democracy".
It's not going to stop and it's not going away. The Blob needs to have gate keepers and they'll make sure the plebes will "want" gatekeepers. Look at the attempts by the feds to set up a ministry of truth. Look at the open assaults on the first amendment. We now have a SC justice who openly posited that not allowing the govt to censor the news was "ham-stringing" the govt.
Any improvement you can find will be because you seek it out - it won't be on the evening news. And you will look back in a few years and realize that right now is probably as open and free as it's ever going to be.
The Blob is well-named. It is massive and will smother as it grows. The Blob is like a cancer or a fungal growth. It has no intent or morals. It just grows. Not to say bad operators with evil intent don't lurk within. Most of the folks in the Blob are just going to work every day being good happy brain-dead citizens.
Remember - it's for the children!


Physiognomy is Destiny.




The future of gatekeeping is LLM-driven AI.

Scott O

And as we see - AI ain't that 'artificial'.
And if it was actually intelligent it would know better than to show us black women popes.

Scott O

scenes 7:57 - That led me to this:
"...conservatives claim that the companies have engaged in a conspiracy to suppress their speech."
A true statement that should have been followed with:
"And they were absolutely correct".
For some strange reason, they forgot that part.
I know - 'edited for space'. Gee - they just can't get everything in.
Kate Harbath -
"When she was there, she says it was not unusual for the government to ask Facebook to remove content, which is proper, as long as the government is not coercing."
Sure - when the cop "asks" you to step out of the car, you can just tell him to get lost.
And just when were we told that the govt was "not coercing" Twitter and Facebook to remove content?
And it's all good because they did something they weren't supposed to do at all just a third of the time.


"And if it was actually intelligent it would know better than to show us black women popes."

My working theory on that, and it really isn't a thing I've looked into as I just automatically figured that Google employees are all on SJW jihad, is that they simply append 'good' things to the request.

'Draw a picture of a 16th C. pope' gets converted to 'Draw a picture of a 16th C. pope in a diverse world that's mostly made up of holy black people as white people, especially humans born with penises, are anathema.'

Kind of like Disney, BlackRock, or the US State Department.

I don't doubt that the training data is corrupted in weird ways, but that's a lot harder to control.

However, I don't doubt that they vastly downgrade anything written before 2010 or so. I rather like the idea of a superintelligence trained on the insane rantings of 'progressives' on Reddit and feelz-based research papers written by modern college DEI administrators.


"...conservatives claim that the companies have engaged in a conspiracy to suppress their speech."

C'est la vie. Regardless of the number of smoking guns, it'll be dubbed 'conspiracy theory' and that's that.

What we think of as traditional media is so firmly in Team Blue's camp, as Orange Hitler presents a threat worth telling any old whopper of a story, that it'll all end up in the same bin as Hunter's laptop. Activists will freely use their 'DISINFORMATION' stamp on anything that smacks of badthinking.

Besides Trump, the pure play here is COVID. So much money, political stand-taking, pontificating was used that you'll never know the truth about any of it, but internet search, MSM, and social media all lead you to the party line. I'm amused as hell by the complete absence now of masks and ventilators (remember those?) as issues, and practically no one got the 1/2 dozen booster boosters. Judging from Sweden, countermeasures made no difference, and you just had the typical run through the population of a new and improved flu with the inevitable deaths from the more vulnerable. The resulting charts would surprise no honest epidemiologists.


re: scotto@8:29PM

Every time I see this person, in their 60 Minutes of media fame, playing the role of Internet Karen, I just have to laugh.


As mentioned previous, there's an iron law that Physiognomy is Destiny.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 26 March 2024 at 06:46 AM

Looks like zhe could use a shave......


re: Internet Karen in action.


I did like this statement by Francis Fukuyama.

"With Kate’s question, you know, I agree with you that the level playing field and the marketplace of ideas are kind of 18th-century notions that have really been belied by a lot of what’s happened in recent decades. But, you know, the question then becomes how do you actually regulate content that you think is noxious, harmful and the like, and do it in a way that’s consistent with the First Amendment? You can push the boundaries a bit… but among liberal democracies our First Amendment law is among the most expansive of any developed democracy. And you could imagine a future world in which we kind of pull that back, and we say ‘no, we’re going to have a law closer to that of Germany, where we -the government can designate something as hate speech and prevent the dissemination of that,’ but the question then is, politically, how are you going to get there?"

The well-meaning theories to labor camp pipeline is always surprisingly strong out there.

Scott O

"...but the question then is, politically, how are you going to get there?"

Oh, you'd be surprised how easy it is.

Scott O

scenes 6:19
"However, I don't doubt that they vastly downgrade anything written before 2010 or so. I rather like the idea of a superintelligence trained on the insane rantings of 'progressives' on Reddit and feelz-based research papers written by modern college DEI administrators."

Yeah - that's the hilarious thing about AI "scouring" the internet to learn from all the collective world knowledge.
Does anyone think that a post by Horace D. Hick in Bumfart Kansas about govt regulations screwing up farming in America will ever be 'absorbed' by an AI machine? He might have posted something totally true and on point that would help to avert a catastrophe in our country's food supply chain, but he aint an approved expert and the user group he's with is just a bunch of flyover-country mouth breathers, so it's virtually invisible to the machine.
In other words - the AI machines will 'learn' in the same tiny bubble that the elites live in. After the sooper-dooper smarty-pants AI gets all trained up, we'll let it run things.
Should work out great.


re: George's OP.

I think a lot of this implies that it's an argument in good faith. That this is really all about tax rates and the fine points of abortion or gun law. Fact: There is no rational basis to the anti-Trump lawfare, it's all about results at any cost.

Thing is, this is who you are arguing with.


The only real answer is separation. Whether it's kinetic or not I can't tell you.


100% hat tip to somebody on Twitter. The video clip @12:28PM above is by:

"Quetzala Carson
Quetzala Carson is Mestizx from Mana ahuac, Nicaragua. The child of two special needs educators, pe spent per summers in Managua and winters in Amiskwaciwâskahikan. A professional musician from age 13, pe's current solo project is FRYZZ LYFE. For Quetzala, music is a platform from which to communally discuss and transmute trauma. Pe released an album this year titled Mecayotl Tlazohcamati Axcammochipa (thank you kin into perpetuity) availably at FRYZZLYFE.com Per last album was heavily influenced by Indigenous Studies and per times on the front lines. Quetzala studied Māori Studies at the University of Otago and is currently finishing per degree in Native Studies and Latin American at the University of Alberta. There Quetzala serves at the president of the Native Studies Students' Association where pe organizes with students towards decolonial futures."

roflmao. There is so much to love here. 'pe'. (laughs some more). I'll bet KVMR did a special show on this chick.

And the grift goes on
The grift goes on
The money keeps pounding a rhythm to the brain

(Once again with the Time Machine MF'er, with apologies to Gregory). I'd drop her off in any early Mesoamerican spot and watch the fun what with all the modern theorizing on matters. I guess the Aztecs could always stand another washerwoman slave, it gets the blood out of the priests' cloaks.

Scott O

Here's 12 min of her at that TED talk.
She's not creative in any way.
So formulaic - and lots of "y'all" thrown in to cement her bona-fides.

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