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06 March 2024



" and raising the state’s minimum wage to $20/hr, "

I was just thinking about that this morning. I wonder to what extent (some, not all) the push for punching up the minimum wage is to send a healthy shot of tax revenue from corporate to government pockets. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the marginal wages at that level are heavily taxed. Obamacare rates are an extreme case of that, but the gubmint probably likes the short-term shot of SS and Medicare tax.

'Why Black Voters are Ditching Democrats'

20+ point change, but you never know. The Team Blue hegemony is based on *highly* motivated subgroups who vote almost exclusively for Democrats, and not for free as they expect something back. Naturally, if White Voters had the same excited behavior, it would be viewed as some kind of proto-Nazi movement. BLM riots = good and just. Construction worker in an F250 with a flag = Hitler. It's a smart bit of branding.

George Boardman

AB5 has nothing to do with pay, but whether gig workers and other contractors are in fact employees of the business. Under the provisions of AB5, newspaper carriers would become employees of The Union, with all of the extra costs that entails. That's why the paper will now be delivered by mail.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 115am - a more careful reading of my post would reveal that I separated AB5 and the min wage items - note use of 'and'. And the post makes amply clear the reason for the upcoming mail delivery of the newspaper.

fish ole'

Well if you could only see my "Shocked Face" after this revelation....

Huge Percentage of Job Gains are Related to Taking Care of Immigrants



"That's why the paper will now be delivered by mail."

I heard that on the radio this morn. There's probably some cause to be found in the death of newspapers as a business model in addition to ever-more gubmint interference with employee-employer relationships. In days of yore, fast food and newspaper delivery were largely the domain of teenagers and younger. Now they've 'evolved' into employers of last resort, mostly for the less-employable elderly and recent 'immigrants'. With adults in those gigs now, you gotta have benefits and a livable wage. I'd say that the Laws of Intended Consequences will simply turn fast food into robot vending machines and either kill newspapers or drive them to an online-only presence. Well-meaning wage law is just one more nail in the coffin.

In any case, AIs will upend the apple cart in unknown ways and should be fun to watch. I was thinking this morning about how a supercharged IRS AI with full access to everyone's spending, banking and brokerage, location data, could really put the hurt on the 99% of the population who are tax cheats. That should be pretty wild. It's for the children.

George Boardman

I guess the following sentence confused me: "Because AB5 and $20/hr will 'restructure our ability to use carriers to deliver the newspaper.'"

The Estonian Fox

Today's Dan Bongino radio had a 90-second replay of some of Joe's words from last year's SOTU, which were identical to this year's. Dan introduced this as Joe plagiarizing Joe. Wouldn't be the first time though.

fish ole'

Posted by: The Estonian Fox | 08 March 2024 at 03:32 PM

Dan introduced this as Joe plagiarizing Joe. Wouldn't be the first time though.

That's just grampy telling the same stories over and over because he forgets that he's told them!

Don Bessee

God forbid you accurately describe the murderer as an illegal alien. -



Don Bessee

Now thats funny! Creepyg rampa joe thinks we are as dumb as the kakkler in chief -

Biden tackles inflation by targeting hidden fees. Will voters notice?



Individual Juan

E-stoner, as if Trump doesn't trot out the same thing year after year on a daily basis, lol!

Don Bessee

WOW thats some powerful rhetoric there @753 NOT ROFLOL!



"E-stoner, as if Trump doesn't trot out the same thing year after year on a daily basis, lol!"

Grow up, Jeff.


"God forbid you accurately describe the murderer as an illegal alien. -"

Undocumented Criminals?

"Grow up, Jeff."



A sotu review that gets a lot right imo...



Matt Taibbi on the internet.

The Internet, in other words, was being transformed from a system for exchanging forbidden or dissenting ideas, like Samizdat, to a system for imposing top-down control over information and narrative, a GozIzdat. Worse, while the Soviets had to rely on primitive surveillance technologies, like the mandatory registration of typewriters, the Internet offered breathtaking new surveillance capability, allowing authorities to detect thoughtcrime by algorithm and instantaneously disenfranchise those on the wrong side of the information paradigm, stripping them of the ability to raise money or conduct business or communicate at all.



It's worse.


California dems want an annual gun registration, with fees. A $1000 fine per gun if you don't.

It's driving a fundraiser by the CRPA.


re: Gregory@9:51AM

from the main dude's website:

"“Currently, we only have rough estimates on how many firearms are in California. This important step toward registration will also increase accountability and responsible gun ownership as we collectively endeavor to increase public safety.”"

lol. This is genius. It's for the children and safety and the public and 'common sense' and whatnot.

They probably should make the registration list publicly accessible, including addresses and phone numbers.

I was just starting to plow through Anne Applebaum's book on the GULAG system (certainly easier to pronounce than "Гла́вное управле́ние исправи́тельно-трудовы́х лагере́й") and was thinking about the strong need to govern other peoples' affairs that is baked into the cake of humanity. A person can disguise just about any removal of power from the individual and the assertion of control as for the 'greater good'.


"EXCLUSIVE: Public Schoolers Are Paid $1,400 a Pop to Become Social Justice Warriors
A California activist group is using taxpayer money to reward teens for learning how to fight for ‘racial justice.’"


I had seen this mentioned elsewhere but still like the idea.

Some of that sweet sweet crazymoney would be a nice thing to get. Maybe the trick is to brush up on one's grant-writing skills, hire some young women to run the K-Cup machines. (stop it, I'm talking coffee here).

Don Bessee

Not so fast creepy grampa joe -

Federal court blocks Biden admin from diverting funds from border wall
Biden shut down most wall projects upon entering office in 2021



Scott O

scenes 1:48 - from the article:

"...for implementing “restorative justice practices” across the district’s 84 schools..."

Have to give props to the folks that dream up this kind of bullshit. It means absolutely nothing, but has that aura of being hip, part of the 'in' crowd and being holier than your peers.
Might even be a useful tool in upscaling the desirability of a sexual partner.
And if a law enforcement officer has the temerity to arrest you for looting or arson, you can flash your "Social Justice Warrior" card.


"Have to give props to the folks that dream up this kind of bullshit. It means absolutely nothing, but has that aura of being hip, part of the 'in' crowd and being holier than your peers."

It's woke crap from hell.

Scott O

"It's woke crap from hell"

Well - of course. But could you string these words together? Personally, I'm way too literal, grounded and pragmatic to dream up such drivel. But they receive money from the gub-mint and I have to pay thousands. Seems they're ahead of me in that regard. We could go into the morality of such malarkey-speak, but I would just end up being pegged as a White, male, Christian Nationalist. Look - they're going to burn in hell for eternity, and I have a happy prosperous life.
It's clear how the majority of Americans want to go and it does little good to be grumpy about it. The only thing that constantly nags at me is the extreme tragedy of the thousands that died painfully in the mud so morons and leeches could end up running our nation into the ground. A very large number of Americans are now openly disdainful of our founders and their ideals. It is ever thus. It seems there is some latent fear of freedom in humans that is tied in with the natural connection those freedoms have with personal responsibility. After a while, agnostic and atheistic humans end up morally adrift and having no way to expunge their guilt give over to ruinous extremes of self-loathing and a desire to be enslaved like animals in a zoo.

Scott O

There was plenty more hilarity in that article that scenes posted the link to,

"Goldfischer, who is Jewish, said CFJ is not an inclusive group—pointing to its response to the Hamas invasion of Israel on October 7"

You have to just laugh at these lefty Yids.
"Oy Vey! those Hitler Yoots aren't nice!"

They never were, Goldfischer. They just hadn't come for you yet.
Remember the old saying about who the NAZIs came for and it wasn't me and so I didn't care?
The latest incarnation just had the order of who they came for a little different this time you idiots supported them as long as it was just some other group first. Now it's your turn to get into the box car.

Don Bessee

Lets not forget the teachers unions -

Blood Money’: Chinese Government Documents Reveal Detailed Plan to Subvert American Culture Using Tech and Hollywood to Target American Children

“The Chinese military and Communist Party officials have thought deeply and written extensively about waging ‘cognitive warfare’ on the United States. The CCP sees apps such as TikTok, video games, and movies as powerful weapons to wage psychological warfare against the West,” Schweizer writes. “…Unfortunately, they have found willing accomplices among some of the most powerful people in American politics and entertainment. Those national leaders continue to turn a blind eye to the challenge, refusing to acknowledge what Beijing is doing.”

In one of the restricted military journals detailed in Blood Money, Colonel Dai Xu, a professor at China’s top military academy, People’s Liberation Army (PLA) National Defense University (PLA-NDU), wrote that the real battle between the United States and China is “information-driven mental warfare” and compared apps such as TikTok and social media platforms to a “modern day Trojan Horse” for pro-CCP propaganda and values.

Zeng defines the “cognitive space” as “the area in which feelings, perception, understanding, beliefs, and values exist” and argues that this is where the battle can be won. To that end, he said, Beijing must use “information and popular spiritual and cultural products as weapons to influence people’s psychology, will, attitude, behavior and even change the ideology, values, cultural traditions and social systems.” According to Zeng, these cultural tools, including apps, video games, and films, should be used to “target individuals, groups, countries, and even people around the world.”

Zeng further argued that Beijing can win “mind superiority” through several means, including:

“Perception manipulation” via propaganda, by changing how people look at the present
“Cutting off historical memory” by warping their views of their own country’s past so people will be open to changing their values
“Changing the paradigm of thinking” by targeting people to change the way they view problems and thereby changing their beliefs
“Deconstructing symbols,” by getting people to reject certain traditional symbols and thereby modifying a nation’s identity
“The ultimate goal is to manipulate a country’s values and achieve strategic goals without an actual overt military battle,” Zeng added.

Schweizer also cites “Communicating Our Military’s Advanced Military Culture to the World” by Xu Sen, which states:

“With regard to Western audiences, we need to conscientiously filter the content of communication, finding more points of resonance and common ground . . . even in the case of positive propaganda we also need to be adept at “softening” the content. For example, using stories to convey things, “translating” viewpoints into stories, and concealing them in stories, . . . we should adopt open and emotional methods.”

Liu Liming, writing for the Chinese military’s psychological warfare publication, recommended that Beijing should “actively cultivate a group of media outlets and think tanks with small audiences that are ‘grey’ and peddle falsehoods, and establish a database of negative topics and conspiracy theories” to thwart one’s “adversary, with a special focus on targeting younger Western audiences’ distrust of mainstream media, politicians, and even values.”



Don Bessee

People across the world have had enough of this shit -

Ireland constitutional amendment to redefine family, woman's roles rejected: Prime Minster
Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has conceded defeat in the vote over two constitutional amendments



Don Bessee

Couldnt happen to a better commie congress critter -



Don Bessee

Ya sure follow the science they chortle until it works against them -

The article reported a claim by Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, who led a recent Royal Society study on future energy supply, that the CCC had privately admitted that it made a “mistake” when it only “looked at a single year” of data showing the number of windy days in a year when it made pronouncements on the extent to which the UK could rely on wind and solar farms to meet net zero targets.

The Telegraph put several questions to the CCC, including asking to what extent the 2019 recommendations - and the predicted cost of the 2050 target - would have been different had they relied on a greater amount of weather data.

In response, an official suggested to Mr Stark that the CCC simply reply stating that “we stand by the analysis” of its 2019 recommendations, adding of Sir Chris’s comments: “We welcome Sir Chris’s work, which considers other aspects of the energy challenge in 2050, under different assumptions about the future energy mix.”



Don Bessee

Rocking the casbah -



The Estonian Fox

Gregory @ 09 Mar @ 09:51 AM

The gun-registration-fee-bill says:
"annually pay a fee to be deposited into a special fund that is continuously appropriated to the department for the express purpose of carrying out the administration and enforcement of the firearm registry."

So setting up a supervisory group, funded by the new fee, for the purpose of the supervisory group's existence. Is there any need for that group's existence?

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient, what should not be done at all.” —Peter Drucker (1909-2005). Why not just follow Pete's logical advice?


article ""...for implementing “restorative justice practices” across the district’s 84 schools..."

scotto: "Have to give props to the folks that dream up this kind of bullshit. It means absolutely nothing,"

I'd say that it means quite a lot.

It means that you remove 10 dollars from one person, give 10 cents to another, the rest is wrapped up in money-stealing transfer fees. When you hear the word 'restorative', hang onto your wallet. It's all for a good cause as a Komsomol won't form itself.

In addition, you get the power play of forcing people to say things that you want them to say.

This second thing to me is the genius move as non-profit and public grifters have always existed, no doubt priests in Ancient Egypt got the best part of the sacrificial cattle after offering it up to the gods. Getting public school kids to partake in what is basically a program of religious instruction serves double duty in that you (once again) loosen the ties with traditional family structure and get the muscle memory of indoctrination really going. Triple bonus points for getting 12 year-olds to offer themselves up for drugs and surgery as mutilation seems to be on the modern 'progressive' menu.

I'm not saying anything the readers here don't already know, but it's odd how 'liberals' moved from 'people who want the government to help the poor' to what is essentially an evil snake cult. Maybe the opportunities for personal profit and status were too tempting.


EF: "So setting up a supervisory group, funded by the new fee, for the purpose of the supervisory group's existence. Is there any need for that group's existence?"

Besides the inevitable move towards confiscation? I guess nothing.

That Portantino dude seems to be hip-deep in the anti-gun world, so I was thinking of giving him a hand. Perhaps two related bits of legislation. (1) The 'Common Sense' Firearms Location Act of 2025. Everyone who owns a gun is required to install some sort of transponder software in their cell phone and has to carry their cell phone when outside of the house. (2) When '1' doesn't work, require all gun owners to wear an ankle monitor.

Naturally, all of these lists need to be kept on easily hacked gubmint databases. Prospective landlords, employers, lenders need to know this stuff.

Scott O

"It means absolutely nothing"

In the sense of how it is presented to mean something good for the community dressed up in this sort of word salad. Just ask some one who spouts this crap exactly what it means and all you will get is more of the same and it will literally mean nothing.

De facto, yes it's just another way to extract dough from producers and funnel it to non-producers on an industrial scale. Left-wing NGOs and our govts are merging into one blob of wealth transfer agents.
This is why the founders feared a pure democracy and wanted a strong constitution to put a check on spending by the fed govt.
We kissed that goodbye back in the 30s.

Scott O

re the proposed new firearms registration law:

Since it has been established that all off-highway power tools and machinery powered by internal combustion engines contribute in a large way to smog and other air quality degradations, why not establish a registration of all lawn mowers, rototillers, chain saws and such?
Then we could get a better idea of how many of these machines are in California and work towards cleaner air that we all want to breathe.
We'll go after "high-powered" audio equipment and needlessly large electrical appliances after that.

It is for the children.


"why not establish a registration of all lawn mowers, rototillers, chain saws and such?"

Think larger.

Annual inspections at a facility 100 miles from your house with a mile-long line. User licensing including testing. Engine-hour meters installed and fees based on use. Fuel must be special formulation bought only at California-registered facilities at $100/gallon. Bi-annual equipment safety inspections at a different facility.

It's for the children.

Scott O

Perhaps the California state govt can establish a commission to look into all the various categories of individually owned objects that could be subject to an annual registration fee. The knowledge of how many of such objects are in the state would certainly produce a safer and healthier life for all Californians!
All devices with an IP address would be low-hanging fruit. The registration process for all hand and power tools could be facilitated right at the check out stand at the hardware or home improvement store.
Those innocent-looking tools might be used to construct unauthorized alterations to an existing building or to construct unsafe structures in trees, leading to the injuries or deaths of our youth.
I ask you to join me in enacting these common-sense laws to enable a safer, more diverse and equitable future for the people of our great state!


re: scotto@10:02AM


Given the increasingly low price of IoT connectivity and microcontrollers generally, we're well on our way there. Universal government and commercial surveillance of cars fer sure will be a done deal soon enough. The pocket spy device most everyone carries is increasingly good at making sure you aren't unmutual, I'm always surprised at the new abilities people find in them (detecting and copying fingerprints by listening to screen swipes for one).

One big happy family of devices observed and manipulated by BlackrockGoogleFBIDisney, and whoever controls the Big Machine will be stamping on a human face forever. I honestly don't see how it's avoidable.


Sometimes Twitter can be quite the source of truth.



Once again, I just love this timeline.


Don Bessee




Individual Juan

Mike Johnson/Katie Britt 2028 for the Win!



Welcome to the future.

"Automakers Are Sharing Consumers’ Driving Behavior With Insurance Companies
LexisNexis, which generates consumer risk profiles for the insurers, knew about every trip G.M. drivers had taken in their cars, including when they sped, braked too hard or accelerated rapidly.



I mean sure.....he means well....and all he really wants is his own "belly warmer" (NTTAWWT) but who would have guessed he was simultaneously a tool of international mega-corporations!?

"In addition to efforts to influence elections and the Census through the influx of illegals, Democrats and their shadowy network of NGOs are pumping migrants to mega corporations, enabling the billionaires to exploit cheap labor.'

After doing whatever you and little Manuel like to do in your private moments enjoy a platter of delicious Tyson™ chicken fajitas with a heaping helpin side of Than Francithco Valuths" Juan"!


Linky (No need for you to concern yourself with this psul......we know that links are of no interest to you!)



Not a current fan of SNL but can't not see a Scarlett Johansson appearance.

Gorgeous. Did a good job with a lousy script.


fish ole'

Would you rather inherit this Biden economy or that crappy one from Trump?

Inflation Hot: Consumer Prices Hit New Record High, Up 19% Since 'Bidenomics' Began

.....and hey... thanks in advance for agreeing with me!


fish ole'

Hmmmm...Feb 2024.....This has to be Trumps doing! Somehow he is willing poor Joey "I like to make car noises during depositions" Fingers to do his dirty, dirty business!

US Spent More Than Double What It Collected In February, As 2024 Deficit Is Second Highest Ever... And Debt Explodes

And the punchline: on a cumulative basis, the budget deficit in fiscal 2024 which began on October 1, 2023 is now $828 billion, the second largest cumulative deficit through February on record, surpassed only by the peak covid year of 2021.

Now can we get back to the Herculean task before us.....complaining about Trump!


Paul Emery

Once again Trump is backing a loser. Trump has endorsed GOP candidate who once called for a Black attorney general's 'hanging.'

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Chattah, who was born in Israel, sent the message last year to a former friend who subsequently leaked it to sabotage her campaign.

“This guy should be hanging from a (expletive) crane,” Chattah wrote of Democratic opponent Aaron Ford. “He’s like the leader of (H)amas – making tons of money while the People in Gaza are starving.”


fish ole’

What up C-Lyin?


Biden didn't get a popularity bump with his SOTU address. Bummer.

Don Bessee

Whats the ponytail of ignorance having a dementia rant about now?


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