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11 March 2024


Don Bessee

You idiots just figuring that out &$#()&@(#$% thanks creepy grampa joe you did it own it -

FBI director warns of ‘very dangerous threats’ at border, smuggling network with 'ISIS ties'



Don Bessee




Don Bessee

So what did they think was going to happen when creepy grampa joe opened the floodgates to God knows who with no checing anything!?!? -

Two additional cases of measles have been reported inside a Chicago migrant shelter, bringing the total number of cases among shelter residents to four since Friday.




Don Bessee

So iran sends their proxies to attack the israilies and start a war and creepy grampa joe is going to stab our unsinkable aircraft carrier in israiel in the back mid war just appease the congressional jihadi caucus. What a muthua sucker.

Biden has been increasingly hostile to Netanyahu in his public remarks, recently saying that Netanyahu is “hurting” Israel more than he is helping it through his conduct of the war. (Netanyahu fired back, saying that Biden was “wrong.”)

Now, New York Magazine reports that the Biden Administration is actively looking for ways to force Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition, which has been remarkably unified, to fall apart, which would bring about early elections. It reported (original emphasis):

One Israeli expert frequently consulted by American officials says, “I have been asked by a serious administration figure what it is that will force the Netanyahu coalition to collapse. They were interested in the mechanics, what can we demand which will collapse his coalition.”

In the event the new American position over Netanyahu remained unclear, Vice-President Kamala Harris left no doubts in a Friday interview with CBS News, which asked “Are the Israelis at risk of losing U.S. aid if this continues?” Harris replied: “I think it’s important for us to distinguish or at least not conflate the Israeli government with the Israeli people.”




GR: "the right-of-center outlets barely use the appended ‘illegal immigrant’"

The weaponization of language really interests me. This whole business of pronouns, terminology, etc. is pure power play. The underlying logic is that *I* can make *you* use the words I choose, failure to do so results in job termination, social ostracizing, crazy aggression by the wounded party. Formerly accepted words like 'Oriental' (as opposed to 'Occidental' and for some time was basically anything right of Suez) now give you screeching people looking for apologies. I tend to think of it as a takeover by the gracile population.

You'd think that it would be as simple as so:

. Men are allowed to wear a dress in public.
. I'm allowed to laugh at them in public.

A win-win situation fer shure, but not current reality.

Speaking of the age-old civics argument about republics and democracies and whatnot, what is the rule set and/or practical outlook for a Presidential candidate that keels over at the last minute at election time? State-dependent? Votes thrown out? etc? Dunno.

While Trump is a helluva lot healthier than Biden, either could go at any moment. I suppose that Dead Biden would simply result in an air hose being stuck up his ass, the result being one of those used car lot figures, but the lawyers would scotch any Weekend At Joey's sort of situation.

It's all good. The Harris administration might result in as much fun as a Trump Revenge Tour 2025. For all I know, the vagaries of fate will give us President Gabbard in a couple of years. She seems both good-hearted and easy on the eyes so maybe it'll all turn out OK, a movie ending.


And to the democracy, for which it stands...

Barry Pruett

Democracy = Mob Rule = French Revolution. Pretty sure that we don't want to go down that path again.


The Jacobins are at the gate.

Barry Pruett

Indeed, democracy, in part, led to Nazi Germany as well. We do ourselves a disservice confusing democratic government and constitutional republicanism. Germany went legit mad in the 1930s. The reasons for this national madness are many and not as simple as just "the end of WW1 caused WW2 and the Holocaust." The Nazi Party and Joseph Goebbels advanced Hitler’s antisemitic ideology to the German mob through Nazi propaganda. During the 1932 German Presidential Election, the German people accepted the Nazi Party plan to irrevocably remove the Jewry from Germany when the nation awarded Hitler and his Nazi Party with more than 30% percent of the nationwide vote. That is democracy in action. Thank you for the democratic offer, but I will just keep my boring, 250-year-old republican government.

Scott O

"The Jacobins are at the gate."

I'd say many are already in.
Note the current hoo-ha in NY over a bit of heckling a Jacobin received at a public appearance.

"FDNY Commish Will 'Hunt Down' Firefighters Who Dared Boo Letitia James at Ceremony"

Wrong thinkers will receive their just deserts.
Be-headings are so old school.

My, the tyrants are becoming thin-skinned.


"Democracy = Mob Rule = French Revolution."

But you get the 10-hour day. Well worth the odd nipped-off head.

Honestly I'd say that the religious fervor which accompanies a lot of these 'progressive' shibboleths have that flavor already. How else do you get the insanity in Portland, going on for months and months, with defacto backing from local government?

I'd love to have a time machine to tell my parents that Western Civilization would be brought down by a consortium of kinky men in make-up and dresses, big-league financial management, the teachers' union, and the Walt Disney Corporation. I guess that cultural entropy is an easier thing to cause than order, especially when there's an emotional and profit motive.


Don't mess with the Mouse.

Unless you win.

I streamed all six episodes of the 1619 Project yesterday being a bachelor for the week... you had to be aware to see the clues that it was steered by Marxists. Angela Davis got her PhD under that Marxist theorist Marcuse. Transformational rhetoric was rampant.

For millenia, life for slaves sucked. Black slaves, white slaves, Judean slaves. For a lot of freemen, life isn't exactly wonderful either.


"Unless you win."

Doable I suppose. Maybe AI will either be the death or final victory of corporatism. No telling.

My thought for a primetime ad for the day.

This clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PQ6335puOc

followed by hard cut to 'TRUMP 2024' over 'that is good'.


I'd not waste a time machine on sharing a bit of life in the modern world with one's parents.

Better to send a hit squad to visit folk who deserve a shorter life. Currently, I think about offing Marx before he teamed up with Engels. Secondarily, offing Hegel would also be a boon.

Scott O

"Better to send a hit squad to visit folk who deserve a shorter life."

Isn't that what the good folks from Hamas just did?

Kinda depends on who gets to decide just who "deserves" a shorter life. Like the folks now that think they get to decide what "social justice" is. Marx and Engels killed no one. Humans have subjugated and slaughtered other humans since they knew how and that was waaaay before the 1800s AD. Modern tech just helped to up the numbers. If Marx and Engels had never existed, Mao and Lenin and Stalin and Pol Pot and Idi Amin would have landed on some other ginned up hokum to rally the true believers.
In the beginning, there were 2 parents and 2 sons and one of the sons killed the other. So we started off with a quarter of the human race murdered. I don't think we can blame Marx and Engels.
Yeah I know - when you question the ones that are complicit, all you hear is a variation of:
"I merely drove the truck".
Look at the current situation in Haiti - there's no Marx - there's no Engels.
There's just humans who have weapons and the others that don't.


scotto: "Kinda depends on who gets to decide just who "deserves" a shorter life. "

Just think of all the damage that Napoleon did. or any of the monotheist church founders (Akhenaten, Jesus, Mohammed all building on the last).

The 'Great Man' theory of history makes for a good story and I think that we all build models of some kind to try to grok the thing, famous people-based or not. It's the best you can do.

In the words of the great philosopher Roseanne Roseannadanna: "It just goes to show you, it's always something — if it ain't one thing, it's another."

Gregory: "For millenia, life for slaves sucked."

I'll say. Although it was one thing to be a high ranking Ottoman official and another to be a Roman quarry slave. My own personal theory is that slavery fizzled out in lockstep with improvements in technology, culminating in the Industrial Age. Very little to do with magic handwaving by Honest Abe or Czar Alexander II but more a matter of superseding of agricultural equipment. Cause and effect leaves faint tracks though, regardless of the plausible-sounding stories like 'Gun, Germs, and Steel' and works of that nature.

fish ole'

Well that's because that would be democracy not "Our Democracy™"

Two Thirds Of Liberals Would Dispute Election If Trump Wins; New Poll Finds

....and just think what building prison cells for all of them would do for the economy!


Don Bessee

The socialists are engrained in the system to destroy society -

Maryland city equity official says she wants US to burn to the ground: 'MY ideology can rise from the ashes'
The equity officer tasked with eliminating racism in College Park called to 'BURN IT ALL DOWN' but also says, 'I don't want to work'




"Two Thirds Of Liberals Would Dispute Election If Trump Wins; New Poll Finds"

lol. Cool. Just imagine the uproar. Naturally, it'll be 'honest common sense debate' and 'freedom of speech' rather than insurrection.


There is nothing the Orange Man Can't Do.

Scott O

scenes 7:10 - "My own personal theory is that slavery fizzled out in lockstep with improvements in technology..."

It might have fizzled out in the west, but the CCP know how to whistle 'Dixie'.




"It might have fizzled out in the west, but the CCP know how to whistle 'Dixie'."

Not dissimilar to Soviet labor camps in terms of economic benefits for The State. Naturally, the US prison system can have it's own mini-version of that sort of organizational bearing.

I always thought that 'slavery' needed a better definition. Does it include people forced to work by circumstances? are serfs slaves (ie. tied to land title, not so much an owner)? Is a coal miner tied to the company sto' a slave? Are the King's subjects slaves? What looks like freedom of movement often isn't, and humans still make pretty good assembly line robots. Dunno.

The Progressive Dictionary (h/t to Ambrose Bierce) will tell you that 'slavery' is exclusively the province of the Africa->US part of the slave trade triangle, with the English colonies receiving under 10% of the New World shipments of humans as a side note, but of course that's nonsense. It does make for good griftin' though, with overtones of threat (IF YOU DON'T BUY THIS MAGAZINE, WE'LL KILL THIS DOG).

Most of the forced funds transfer for Good Deeds will go to folks like Don B's link above, you should check out her linked-in page, but she'll simply transfer the money to various consumer goods and geegaws, so the economic engine continues. It's all good.


In which Mr Kunstler discusses a thing I like to ponder, the transitory nature of 'money'.

Likewise, the financial system we depend on is a gigantic apparatus grown extremely janky from over-elaboration and hyper-complexity — to the degree that all kinds of things denoted as having “moneyness” are simply hallucinations of the markets that trade them. How many quadrillions of dollars do “derivative” financial instruments represent on the landscape of “money” these days? Most of these things amount to little more than bets that some number — an interest rate, a currency, a revenue flow — will change either up or down. That is, they are figments.



....and from "The inmates running the asylum" files......

To reiterate, there is no hope for Illinois. If you live in the state, get the hell out.

If it weren't for The Art Institute of Chicago and Wrigley Field you could nuke it back to the Stone Age with no penalty! I mean it's headed there under progressive governance anyway but it would certainly be cleaner afterwards!


Stay tuned for Roberta Cross....err...Individual jeffy to criticize the source in three....two....one!


oooh, look what I ran into.


fish ole'

oooh, look what I ran into.

Me too......



"Isn't that what the good folks from Hamas just did?"

There are no good folks from Hamas.

RIP Mr. Cheeseface


Scott O

"There are no good folks from Hamas"

Well - I can certainly agree to that in the literal sense, but there's my point. Tens of millions in this world think quite highly of Hamas and see them as defenders of Allah. Once a person has it in their mind that the ends(fill in the blank) justify the means(it starts with lawfare and goes on down to complete hell for innocent people), then we have a problem.
The idea that (if it were possible) to travel back to the 1800s to murder 2 Germans for thought crimes would help our world is actually an example of the problem.


Offing Karl Marx (not Groucho, Chico, Harpo or Gummo) arguably would have saved 100 million souls from dying in the 20th century.

Time travel is science fiction. Deal with it.


One of those things you run into.

The Loony Left (Full Programme)



Great clips.

During the 60 Minutes broadcast was an announcement that Escape from Sobibor would follow 60M.

Escape from Sobibor (a Polish death camp) was a TV movie shown in 1987, starring Alan Arkin and Rutger Hauer.

Don Bessee

And they wonder why they fail to meet recruiting goals -



Scott O

"Offing Karl Marx....arguably would have saved 100 million souls from dying in the 20th century."
Really? I've read his stuff - it was a bit of truth with a mish-mash of BS mixed in. Afterwards I didn't get the urge to follow any of his crap or kill anyone.
Did you?
Some humans like power and will do anything to obtain it. Other people are perfectly happy to abandon societal norms and morals to "get even" with groups and other people that represent whatever it is they don't like. If it hadn't been for Marx, some other religion or ism would be found to rally the goobers and proles to slaughter their fellow man. I'm always amazed at how quickly civilization is thrown away in order to effect a path to a never-reached utopia.

"The human heart is desperately wicked"

A fact that humans have hated to hear for eons, yet it seems to hold true.

And as for:
"Time travel is science fiction. Deal with it."
Dear me - you've fallen to Psaul-level of reading comprehension.

Thinking that murdering 2 humans for thought crimes will solve a problem IS the problem.
Deal with that.


Did I get murderous?

Lenin did.
Stalin did.
Chairman Mao did.
Pol Pot did.

100 million dead in the 20th century, give or take 10 million or so.

Dear me... you've fallen to Psaul levels of reasoning.

Scott O

"Lenin did.
Stalin did.
Chairman Mao did.
Pol Pot did."

Sigh -
I don't see Marx or Engels in that list, but you expressed a wish to have "their lives shortened".
For their ideas.
Just like...
Pol Pot.

The principle is exactly the same - the only difference is you only want to have 2 men offed instead of millions. For having wrong thoughts.
You fight ideas with better ideas.
Or you can just kill people.

Don Bessee

Tru Dat -

Charlamagne tha God: When You Look at Joe Biden’s Approval Ratings, He’s Getting His Ass Kicked Everywhere




"Or you can just kill people."

It's simply a variation of the Trolley Car Problem.

Personally, I figger that either someone else jumps to the head of the wave of history, or in the case of a fairly obvious Great Man Situation (Alexander the Great?), something else of equal importance occurs which might be even bigger. In any case, I get uncomfortable with explaining the behavior of a mass of humanity with cause->effect stories, especially involving famous folks, but a lot of history is written that way and sometimes might be true.

Maybe AI will come up with a science of history beyond hand waving about 'cycles' and whatnot, but I suspect it'll mostly be used to produce pornography.

At least in the case of one Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., there's no fear of a 'great man' situation developing, although it's hard to tell how the future will view a half-bright apparatchik with special-interest backing.

fish ole'

Okay.....not my "shocked face"....but certainly my "not surprised" face...if only you could see it.

White House Walks Back Biden's 'Red Line' For Israel Statement

Calls were made.....! Grampy was locked back in the basement.

At least until the empty carcass is needed to yell at the camera again! Every day I understand more why psul really likes Biden. Grifty Joe makes millions from the Chinese and Ukrainians, psul fills the guitar case with change....kindred spirits!



I just had to laugh and laugh this morning while getting my daily dose o' KNCO.


A small part of the amusement is how absolutely every single last local gubmint official I hear on the radio is a white female of roughly the same age and likely educational level, accent, etc. Honestly, you can't tell them apart. Just to deal with the Real World for a minute, it's probably like Silicon Valley shops that are run by Indian nationals. Once the mafia moves in, every new hire and advancement is people like you. The world has always worked that way, so I should be fine with it.

I'll tie it in to George's democracy thingie in that a phrase from the interview which stuck in my head was 'polls are an important part of the process'.

Jaysus. You have to wonder if useful things of any size will ever be built again. On the pro Great Man side of things, occasionally an Elon Musk occurs, but it's pretty obvious that a large swathe of the Left wants to tear him down once D. Trump is made bankrupt.


"It's simply a variation of the Trolley Car Problem."

Give that man a kewpie doll.

It is very hard to murder someone who's been dead for nearly two centuries, but some folks can still feel moral outrage.

fish ole'

Posted by: scenes | 14 March 2024 at 07:41 AM

Jaysus. You have to wonder if useful things of any size will ever be built again. On the pro Great Man side of things, occasionally an Elon Musk occurs, but it's pretty obvious that a large swathe of the Left wants to tear him down once D. Trump is made bankrupt.

Well Musk did have some success this morning making history....again!

SpaceX's Starship Achieves Space, Hits New Milestones, Despite Reentry Loss

I can understand why those towering mediocrities of progressivism with their "Crab Pot" mentality would be so enthusiastic about dragging him back! I mean sure the whole "New Frontier of Space" thing....it's not on the same level as preparing "Climate Action Plans" but it's still something!


Scott O

Remember when the Dems pretended to be upset about a country "meddling" in 'Our Democracy'?

"Top Democrat Schumer calls for new elections in Israel, saying Netanyahu is an obstacle to peace"

Perhaps Biden can select the proper new leader for the Israelis to vote for.

"...saying he believes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has “lost his way” and is an obstacle to peace."

Maybe Netanyahu should follow the Biden doctrine and just run away and leave billions in military equipment for Hamas.




"Kristin leverages 25 years of experience in strategic planning, finance, operations, marketing, training, and business transformation to assist businesses in the Sierra thrive economically while understanding their environmental and social impact.

Kristin’s life work is focused on creating a more sustainable, equitable economy. Through her work with Cutting Edge Capital and Sustainametrics, she deeply engaged with mission driven clients to design alternative financing strategies and climate action plans for local governments and businesses. Previous experience includes Marketing Manager for Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, Lean Manufacturing Director for Hexcel Corporation, and Senior Manager at Andersen Consulting, where she specialized in financial and operational restructuring, strategic business planning, crisis mitigation, and advising businesses in their return to financial viability. Kristin is also a Professor of Sustainable Development and Implementation of Sustainable Business at Presidio Graduate School and dedicates time to her community by serving on the Boards of the Truckee Donner Parks and Recreation District and the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation.

More than anything in the world, Kristin loves spending time with her family, exploring, traveling, cooking, and just generally laughing. She finds her zen in the outdoors trail running, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and dipping into remote alpine lakes."

How special!
Personally, I find my zen looking out for what the sustainability gurus can't see, flying at right angles to their reality.

fish ole'

Remember when the Dems pretended to be upset about a country "meddling" in 'Our Democracy'?

Are you trying to get sued?

It's "Our Democracy™"!

fish ole'

Posted by: Gregory | 14 March 2024 at 08:45 AM

Every spot on the Business Newspeak™ bingo card filled.....and it only took the first three sentences!


I have to admit that that Twitter employee Tiktok thing is going to end up as the defining video of our era. It's the Apollo moon landing or Zapruder film of the 2020's.

Once more, with feeling, Day In The Life Of A Twitter Employee


fish ole'

So is there any foreign government that doesn't operate Joe Biden like a marionette?

Biden Grants Iran Billions In Sanctions Relief Amid Secret Talks Over Red Sea Attacks

Burkina Faso, Comoros, Lesotho ......inquiring minds and all.......?


Don Bessee

The natives revolt and now we know why they voted 2 to 1 for law and order -

Terrified residents of San Francisco's Tenderloin district sue for streets free of drugs, tents



Scott O

re the situation in the 'Loin:
"Susan Roe is elderly and uses a walker, but shopping carts and broken down bicycles block the sidewalk, forcing her to step out into the busy street, according to the complaint. She also has to navigate around “excrement, used syringes, vomit and garbage.”"

Golly - do you think the mayor or any of the board of supes has to put up with that?
Just how far into the toilet does a city have to go before the Dems admit they were wrong?

Don Bessee

Well thats interesting -

It is the first time the CIA’s role in the response to the events at the Capitol has been unearthed.

Judicial Watch’s Director of Research and Investigations, Chris Farrell, on Thursday told Salem News Channel’s America First, “We have the same questions you do. What is a national intelligence collection agency whose mission is overseas doing operating domestically with law enforcement at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th?”



Scott O

"We are a Republic, NOT a Democracy"

Well - damn near every day now it seems we are totally a "Banana Republic".

Turns out Eddie Scarry totally nailed the decision re Fannie and her boy-toy Prosecutor.

This was before the decision came out:
"Fani Willis Case’s Judge Is Probably Too Scared To Do The Right Thing"

Apparently the judge got good and plastered to gin up the courage to come up with this winner:
"Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee found District Attorney Fani Willis potentially lied, cast “racial aspersions” on a defendant, and had a “tremendous lapse in judgement,”"
One wonders at which point in time the 'potential' might find its final goal.
The whole world watched her, her boyfriend and her boyfriend's legal partner lie repeatedly under oath.
And they will totally skate.
Because the judge has an election coming up and probably the local folks are pleading with him not to make a ruling that will get the town burned and looted.


Fani Willis and the WSJ

"Fani Willis and ‘An Odor of Mendacity’ in Georgia
The Fulton County district attorney gets a reprieve from disqualification from the Trump prosecution, but her case is ethically tainted."


There is absolutely nothing new to this kind of thing, but I wonder if the whole DA system needs a rework. Those offices are so heavily politicized that maybe it's not an ideal way to run a railroad. Lawfare seems unavoidable.

It seems like a problem unique to the Left, but imagine that that's mostly a result of the takeover of urban areas by a consortium of POC and MID (Men In Dresses and their enablers) and thus became more obvious to moi.

Scott O

scenes - "Lawfare seems unavoidable"

It's up to the citizenry. During Jim Crow they didn't mind the blacks getting openly screwed over and now the majority think anything connected (or can be connected with) with MAGA/Bad Orange Man is fair game for judicial abuse.
In the end, no one will trust the system at all and the real fun begins.


"It's up to the citizenry."

Naturally, that's going on currently. I'd say the anti-Trump DAs represent the will of the majority of their constituents in addition to their real backers.

Generally, although some form of it is always necessary, the justice system has always been screwed up. One modern twist, which has happened before in other places and times, is that it has metastasized. If you become a student at all of the federal system, federal jails/crimes/terms of punishment, you'll be struck by how arbitrary it all is. The gubmint grinds slowly, but it grinds exceedingly fine, sometimes.

Just wait until the US government follows the lead of Canada or Germany in terms of 'hate crime' bills, including life terms for being a meanie online. The fact that it's all hard to define is a feature, not a bug. These have more than passing similarities to organizational 'codes of conduct' which allow the folks driving the bus to steer it in an ad hoc fashion.




CBS Chicago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amczel5yi3I

Real speech: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1769362828954132928

Scott O

scenes - Drudge is pushing it as well as the usual suspects.
"Trump Suggests "It's Gonna be a Bloodbath" if He is Not Elected in November"
I have a relative who posts all manner of left-wing bilge on facebook and I make sure to read all of them to get an idea of how far gone the left is these days.
He re-posted a scare-mongering corruption of what Trump was actually talking about maybe a few hours after Trump gave that speech. It's all they have now. Expect it to get worse as Nov approaches.
Speaking of the election - will we have a betting pool of the date for Biden's replacement to be announced?
Or even IF they replace him? Biden actually polls pretty well for a person described as too senile to be charged with a crime.


By golly, CNN isn't so bad.

"Former President Donald Trump warned Saturday that if he were to lose the 2024 election, it would be a “bloodbath” for the US auto industry and the country.

The remark came as Trump promised a “100% tariff” on cars made outside the US, arguing that domestic auto manufacturing would be protected only if he is elected.

“We’re going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going to be able to sell those guys if I get elected,” Trump said during a rally in Vandalia, Ohio. “Now, if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole – that’s gonna be the least of it. It’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That’ll be the least of it.”"


It's the kind of story that shows just which news machines are firmly in the pocket of the DNC.

Personally, I think the Chinese companies will wipe out US car manufacturing. They're probably 1/2 way there due to selling larger and larger subassemblies. On the third hand, between activist unions, EVs, China, and AI/robots, God knows what's going to happen.


as a side note, in a week or two, ol' psul is going to show up with "GEORGE, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT TRUMP CALLING FOR A BLOODBATH???!! ARE YOU IN FAVOR OF BLOODBATHS??!!!"

Individual Juan

Scenes, The Trump Spin Room really had to work overtime to try to explain that latest Trumpism.

fish ole'

This should rouse the C-Lyin from his torpid slumber....

From Matt Drudge's boyfriends website -


Reason to continue living for another day....


"Scenes, The Trump Spin Room really had to work overtime to try to explain that latest Trumpism."

Found the guy who didn't watch the speech.

In Progressive News, I liked this article on London.


Worth a read, as it's the direction your good liberal friends are taking us. I did see that Canada has decided to give people, potentially, life sentences in prison for 'hate speech'.

Gotta love modern times and modern people.


Gad Saad on Twitter:

"If Trump were to say “We are going to massacre them on Elections Night” in reference to the election results, the Democrats will argue that it is a direct incitement to violence.

If he says that “team A is going to murder team B” in reference to some sports event, the Democrats will argue that he is inciting mass murders.

If Trump says “I love my children to death” the Democrats will argue that he is conspiring to have his family killed.

The hysteric irrational lies defy human decency. One can dislike Trump without violating truth in every conceivable way."

I must say that I did enjoy all the vapors from Pelosi and from the Morning Joe people.

Of course, next up will be finding all the similar words used by Team Blue in other circumstances. It's like the hullaballoo with the Palin target thingie. US politics looks like primate war at the start of 2001.

Scott O

"The Trump Spin Room really had to work overtime to try to explain that latest Trumpism."

So Idiot Juanita actually thinks Trump is threatening car companies with a literal bloodbath?
Send his private army to the factory and start machine-gunning workers?
And don't forget Juanita also thinks that if Trump is elected, there will be no more elections.
Is there no lower limit to the stupid lies and nonsense that the Dems come up with against Trump?


Jeffie P 829a



scotto 159p

I sincerely doubt Jeff P's assertion that anyone worked overtime to 'explain' the remark.

It's just the Spring Hoax.

Scott O

Gregory 2:47 - Normally, I'd say you were correct, but lately the left have gone totally off the rails of reality. All of Juanita's fav news sources are pushing the "literal bloodbath" narrative.

Don Bessee

Who said it first? -

He Xiaopeng, the CEO of XPeng Motors, predicts a “bloodbath” against America’s auto industry with the help of cheap China-made electric vehicles (EVs).

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump was campaigning in Andalia, Ohio, when he warned that without fierce new United States tariffs on China-made EVs, the American auto industry will face “a bloodbath for the country” with jobs lost and industry offshored.

“We’re going to put a 100 percent tariff on every single car that comes across the line and you’re not going to be able to sell those cars if I get elected,” Trump said. “Now if I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole, that’s going to be the least of it, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the country, that’s going to be the least of it.”




scotto 503p

It's still just the Spring Hoax. They were primed and ready to pounce.

Scott O

Oh Lordy! Nuclear War if Trump is elected!

"Media Reports Trump Threatened Nuclear War After He Says, 'This Guacamole Is The Bomb!'"

I found this on the internet, so it must be true!

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