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13 April 2024



I was just considering dumbing-down of testing and teaching over time. Naturally, the Wine Karens running the country know what the problem is (and was), the white patriarchy, but ignoring them for a moment, I wonder how tied together it all is with this statistic:


My gut tells me that you have to simplify high school in order to achieve higher graduation rates. No doubt the Randi Weingartens of the world are using it all as a screen for achieving social/political ends...besides, you get the extra-special goodness of using the better kids to drag up the shitty kids (and ignoring the converse effect)...but if you reach for a metric, the Iron Laws of Unintended Consequences are bound to edge their way in.

As a side note, if you are going to triple the college graduation rate since 1980, you probably need to invent beaucoup bogus degrees with lower standards.


Statista is an interesting site:

Don Bessee

At every turn the chose wrong -

EXCLUSIVEAmerica's fight to save handwriting from extinction as IQs begin to fall for first time ever and teachers warn some 20-year-olds can't sign checks anymore
Americans reported they hadn't written a note or personal letter in five years
People are having a hard time reading their own and others' handwriting
Studies show writing can increase the brain's cognitive abilities




"Studies show writing can increase the brain's cognitive abilities"

There's been a lot of studies on that one for years.

It doesn't matter. Some teacher/administrator/school board somewhere is going to buy a shit-ton of laptops and single-handedly make that urban high school smarter and more well-behaved by having the youths make PowerPoint presentations. For one thing, it appears that school perfessionals got a bit of instant status by doing lots of handwaving about computers and kids and girls-who-code and whatnot.

It just occurred to me that you can tell just how much bullshit there is in an idea by looking at the growth of non-profits in that area. Outside of animal shelters, which naturally take advantage of the human tendency to view puppies and kittens as babies, it's probably not a bad approximation for nonsense. There's still work involved in non-useful work but then, pimpin' ain't easy.

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